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Step off the market rollercoaster and onto the firm financial footing of an Andover annuity. Andover annuities offer you fixed income—and rates have just increased! In addition to enhanced income, Andover annuities offer an immediate charitable income tax deduction, tax advantaged income, and membership in the Samuel Phillips & Sarah Abbot Society. A sample of Andover’s new annuity rates: Age(s) 75 80 85 80 & 75 85 & 80

Rate Sample Gift Deduction* Effective Rate** 6.5% $10,000 $3,839 10.6% 7.5% $10,000 $4,447 12.7% 8.4% $10,000 $5,285 14.9% 5.9% $10,000 $3,323 9.4% 6.7% $10,000 $4,002 11.1%

*Available in October 2011. Subsequent months may generate higher or lower deductions based on the monthly IRS discount rate. **Based on contributions from those in the maximum federal tax bracket who fund Andover annuities with cash; also takes into account tax savings of charitable income tax deduction.

To learn about the specific rates available to you, please visit our online gift calculator at or contact the Gift Planning Office at 978-749-4297 or

180 Main Street Andover MA 01810-4161

2011 Gift Planning Postcard  
2011 Gift Planning Postcard  

2011 Gift Planning Postcard