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Philip Goolkasian 2018 Portfolio Architecture


Philip Goolkasian pgoolkasian@gmail.com

Professional Experience Eko Head of Product, VP, San Francisco, May 2014-Present Gensler Designer, San Francisco, Summer 2014 Leo A Daly Junior Designer, Washington DC, May 2012 - August 2013 Darden Architects Designer, Fresno CA, May 2012 - August 2013

Education M. Architecture U.C. Berkeley - Summa Cum Laude B.S. Architecture and B. Structural Engineering The Catholic University of America - Valedictorian

Software Autodesk CAD, Revit, DataCAD, Ecotect, Vasari, Sketchup, Rhino, Grasshopper, ArchGIS, 3D Studio Max, Solidworks, Vray, Maxwell, Adobe Creative Suite

A corporate headquarters that satisfies developers and community UC Berkeley, 2015 Number 8 Washington Street is a prime development site along San Francisco’s embarcadero. However, past efforts to build on the site have been halted due to concerns that a new building would jeopardize multi-million dollar views and access to natural light. This project began by extruding the maximum developable area of the land, then carving the final form using parametric design tools. The result is a building that optimises square footage while preserving existing sight lines and light paths. The project combines theoretical parametric design research and existing knowledge of corporate/commercial design.

Max Volume


The largest developable area is extruded from the site plan.

Sun and view parameters carve the final form using Grasshopper modeling.



A central core and parametric branching structural elements ensure stability.

Curtain walls, green roof, and solar screen clad the exterior.

Central Lobby

Urban Model · 60cm x 90cm · Basswood and Acrylic

Exoskeleton Vertical Structure Envelope

Flow Net Vertical Structure Lateral Structure

Greenspace Greenspace Workspaces

Layout Greenspace Workstations

Public and Private Public Private

Circulation Core

5th Floor Plan and Analysis


An office, a retail space, and occasionally an international arts exhibit. UC Berkeley, 2014 The project proposes a new headquarters for an arts and culture non-profit in New Orleans. The 45,000 squarefoot mixed-use/commercial headquarters is centered in a neighborhood with robust industrial history and burgeoning artistic culture, and is framed by ideas of flexible workplace design, adaptable gallery and exhibition space, and smart facade detailing. This project encouraged comprehensive design thinking including zoning analysis, structural engineering, egress, ADA access, security, HVAC and systems integration, material detailing, ROI optimization, ground-floor retail impact, environmental design and sustainability.

Bar and Box

Public and Private

The program is divided into two major volumes framing an exterior park.

Ground floor program is designed with exhibition galleries and gathering spaces.



Independent structural systems combine modern and vernacular construction.

A ceramic screen adds visual identity and solar protection.

Prominent Intersection

Neutral Ground Terminus

Neighborhood Connection

Local Trees

Wind and Sun Summer Winter

Primary Circulation Tchopitoulas Street

Public Plaza Neutral Ground Improvement

Bar and Box Prospect Other

Public and Private Public Private

Plaza Development


Building Height

Entrance Plaza

Split Gallery Auditorium

Schematic Model · 30cm x 16cm x 15cm · Basswood and Acrylic


Example Tenant Fit Out · 4th Floor




A full-scope renovation for a growing tech startup

Eko, 2015 Eko’s renovated 4,000 square foot workplace magnifies the company’s industrial design principles on an architectural scale. Sleek and modern, it’s a space that encourages startup collaboration, with breakout spaces for deep thinking. The materials evolved from the product itself – layering white oak, aluminum, and glass with vibrant swaths of greenery. An angled staircase anchors the space and reinforces the brand’s health and wellness initiatives. As project designer, I led workplace strategy, predesign, interior architecture, branding, environmental & experiential design, and construction administration.



A new aquisition on the lower level opened new opportunities for Eko’s expansion.

A new entrance on the lower level provides street access and north-facing light.



Zones on each floor embody areas of work, concentration, collaboration, and liesure.

An iconic staircase links the upper and lower levels, and frames work zones.






1st Level Floor Plan

A. Entrance

E. Bathroom (ADA Accessible)

B. R&D Workshop and Lounge, 8 Workstations

F. Phone Room 1

C. Collaboration Room 1

G. Collaboration Room 2

D. Kitchen

H. Engineering Zone, 6 Workstations






2nd Level Floor Plan

I. Entrance

L. Main Conference Room

J. Sales and Marketing Zone, 6 Workstations

M. Phone Room 2

K. Bullpen, 16 Workstations

N. Open to Below

Mood Board

Construction, 2015

Sales and Marketing Zone

Main Conference Room

Workspace Materials

1st Level Collaboration Room

A designer’s experience at Gensler, Leo A Daly, and Darden Architects Gensler, Summer 2014 I worked with the Core and Shell team preparing construction documents in Revit and assisting with graphics for multiple design proposals. Leo A Daly, 2012-2014 I worked with the Corporate/Commercial team preparing presentation documents in CAD, Illustrator, and InDesign for architectural and marketing initiatives. Darden Architects, Summer 2008-2011 I started as an in-house graphic designer, and later assisted in preparing schematic design and CAD documentation for a middle school amphitheater, a rural scout camp masterplan, and a low-income housing masterplan.

ONE Prize Competition Proposal, Gensler Participated with a team of interns to design a startup incubator space in New York. Led concept development for an adaptable build-work-exhibit space using a transforming wall-and-stair mechanism. Prepared key architectural detailing, submittal graphics and formatting (Sketchup, Rhino, Illustrator / InDesign) Crafted all renderings and visualizations (Vray / Rhino / Photoshop)

633 Folsom Street, Gensler Prepared zoning research to determine allowable FAR based on building code restrictions. Prepared multiple models to showcase compliant and variance-based design alternatives - including early structure and envelope recommendations. Built existing structures in Revit from scratch. Created submittal graphics and formatting (Illustrator / InDesign).




1700 M Street NW, Gensler Prepared stair, mullion, and millwork detailing within an existing team Revit model (75% Design Development). Edited redlines under the direction of the Project Architect. Optimized spaces within 3 underground parking levels to maximize vehicle access and service spaces.

ICC-B Competition Proposal, Leo A Daly Assisted the Design Lead in preparing schematic models, sustainability strategies, and illustrations. Participated in the full competition process from initial brief to final submission. Prepared submittal graphics and formatting (Illustrator / InDesign) Project completed 2017

Gaston Middle School, Darden Architects Led the schematic design of a central courtyard. Prepared multiple design concepts, taking into account the client’s need for mixed academic program spaces, easy maintenance, excellent circulation flow, and an integrated 2,000-person outdoor seating amphitheater. Drafted final concepts in SketchUp and prepared visualizations and illustrations for the client and landscape architect. Project completed 2016

Summer Camp Masterplan, Darden Architects Selected to lead program research, including direct client contact - based on an existing history with the site. Assisted the client in articulating a 20-year vision for existing and new construction. Drafted existing facilities in DataCAD and Revit. Wrote full program specifications for all facilities. Prepared schematic designs and renderings of a new administration center (Sketchup / Vray / Photoshop)

Philip Goolkasian is an award-winning designer, engineer, and product manager.





M. Architecture

Head of Product, VP • 2014-Present • San Francisco • Technology

U.C. Berkeley

Portfolio → Linkedin →

Summa Cum Laude • Grew Eko’s research, design, engineering, data science, QA/QS, and supply chain teams from 3 employees to 20.

B.S. Architecture

• Generated $4M+ revenue by developing 2 FDA-cleared medical devices, 4

The Catholic University

non-medical devices, and HIPAA-compliant diagnostic software.

of America

• Named inventor on 3 utility patents and 1 design patent.


• Reduced COGS by 45%, weight by 37%, and volume by 51% with DFM/DFX. • Brokered relationships with manufacturers to supply custom electronic

B.C.E. Structural

assemblies, cosmetic plastics and metals, and packaging.


• Wrote and implemented QA/QS specifications from scratch.

The Catholic University

• Led a $300K renovation of the 5,000 SF workplace - incorporating

of America

tech-focused design strategies and modular, flexible layout.


Gensler Designer • Summer 2014 • San Francisco • Core and Shell


• 633 Folsom Street, San Francisco Prepared a PPA submittal for a 70,000 SF expansion - including bulk zoning,

Rhino, Grasshopper,

feasibility, variances, POPOS, leasable space, floor plate analysis, and

Sketchup, Autodesk

multiple conceptual iterations for schematic and envelope design.

Revit, Solidworks,

• 1700 M Street NW, Washington DC

AutoCAD, DataCAD,

Drafted stair, mullion, and millwork detailing in a central Revit model.

Vasari, ArchGIS, 3D

• ONE Prize Smart Dock competition, Brooklyn Navy Yard

Studio Max, Vray,

Led concept development for an adaptable build-work-exhibit space -


including architectural detailing, visualizations, and submittal graphics. • Transbay Block 5, San Francisco

Adobe Creative Suite

Assisted with competition submittal graphics and visualizations.


Solar Decathlon - Team Berkeley Design Consultant • 2015 • Berkeley CA • Sustainability Consulted on environmental design strategies, schematic design,

References available on

competition logistics, and construction management.


Experience (cont.)


Leo A Daly


Junior Designer • 2012-2013 • Washington DC • Core and Shell

South Capitol Natatorium

• ICC-Bethesda, MD Collaborated in workplace planning and LEED-Silver sustainability

Branner Traveling

recommendations. Delivered competition graphics, diagrams, model


iterations, and presentation photography.

UC Berkeley

• Tower Library, Guangdong and Fujian, China Consolidated CAD models of various tower projects in Xiamen, Qingdao,

Trinity Dome Design

Beijing, and Shenzhen to a common drawing standard.

Competition Winner

• Misc. Projects

National Shrine of the

Contributed to marketing as a graphic designer and brand strategist on

Immaculate Conception

multiple projects, SOPs, RFQs, publications, and outreach materials. Centennial Logo Competition Winner Solar Decathlon - Team Capitol DC

Boy Scouts of America

Director of Design • 2011-2012 • Washington DC • Sustainability Eagle Scout Directed a 30-student architectural and structural engineering team

Boy Scouts of America

during Predesign and Schematic Design phases. Managed Revit models, groundbreaking sustainability technologies, and $1.2M budget.

Design work featured in TIME, The Washington Post, The New York

Darden Architects

Times, Forbes, and

Designer • 2008-2011 • Fresno CA • Academic and Non Profit

Business Insider

• Summer Camp, High Sierra CA Worked directly with the clients to prepare a 20-year masterplan including detailed quantitative program analyses, strategic development opportunities, and facilities documentation in Revit. • Link Care, Fresno CA Worked directly with the clients to prepare a 7-year masterplan - including zoning and building code research, detailed quantitative program analyses, and facilities documentation in Revit. • Rutherford B. Gaston Middle School, Fresno CA Crafted multiple iterations of a central courtyard with integrated amphitheater - including 3D visualizations and technical drawings.

Strategist and Design Consultant Freelance • 2008-2017

pgoolkasian@gmail.com 415.906.9073

Designer and consultant specializing in architectural design, branding, marketing and product development. Launched 20+ brands and identities.

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Profile for Philip Goolkasian

Philip Goolkasian 2018 Architecture Portfolio  

Academic and Professional Architectural Design Work, 2014-2018

Philip Goolkasian 2018 Architecture Portfolio  

Academic and Professional Architectural Design Work, 2014-2018