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Doctor’s Day Join PCRMC in celebrating our physicians on March 30th. This is a day to show appreciation and to honor those who dedicate their lives for the well being of others. • To express gratitude to a caring physician. • To honor a skilled and dedicated healer. • To ensure that the Phelps County Regional Medical Center can continue to provide top quality, state-ofthe-art facilities and services to our patients and their doctors. To make a donation, please visit or mail to PO Box 261, Rolla, MO 65402


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Opening Thoughts

Tiny blessings; remembering Isabella and celebrating the lives of all babies.


Event Spotlight: Hooray for Hollywood


An evening filled with glitz and glamour raises over $65,000 to support the Delbert Day Cancer Institute and Joy of Caring Cancer Fund.


Fund Highlight: Baby Steps


Grief Recovery Outreach Program


2011 Donors

Sisters Fighting for a Cure

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Mark Your Calendars


PCRMC is taking steps to ensure all mothers receive the support and resources they need to create lasting memories.

This program will guide those who wish to resolve their loss issues and move beyond their grief to a richer quality of life.

A family honors two sisters and their fight against cancer

How one group and three local survivors are raising awareness to educate men and women about their cardiovascular health.

Taking a moment to recognize all of our generous donors whose contributions have changed local lives.

Highlighting PCRMC’s support groups and events for the upcoming year.


Keeping Kensley Close in Heart


How one family chose to redirect their grief into a way to help others cope with loss that comes too soon.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


opening thoughts

Isabella’s Story

“There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”

On Tuesday, December 21, 2010, my youngest sister learned her first child would be a girl. The excitement shared by our family was immense as we envisioned a pink nursery, a closet full of pink clothes and the joy of watching “our baby girl” grow to her full potential in life. This excitement turned to despair as my sister found herself at Phelps County Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) the next day with a ruptured membrane at 22 weeks gestation. Despite valiant efforts to maintain her pregnancy, my sister was transferred two days later to a St. Louis hospital equipped with a neonatal intensive care unit. Baby Isabella Simone was born December 25, at 12:42 a.m. and passed away in her daddy’s arms at 2:45 a.m. She was beautiful and perfect with her mommy’s long fingers and her daddy’s nose. I can’t completely express the trauma of watching a beautiful baby enter the world and waiting for the blessed cry to come, knowing we would never hear it. Or pleading for someone to “do something,” all the while knowing, even with all the medical technologies we have today, there was nothing doctors could do to save our precious Isabella. Amidst the whirlwind, we found ourselves struggling to comprehend the enormity and reality of what was happening. During this time, Isabella’s neonatologist sat with us and gave us knowing advice – while Isabella’s life may have been short, she still had a story and it needed to be told. As a family, we have continued to tell her story through the creation of Isabella’s Embrace that benefits the Baby Steps Fund at PCRMC. Isabella’s Embrace was birthed after watching my sister leave the maternity unit with empty arms. No mother should leave the hospital with the pain of empty arms after a loss. During their stay at PCRMC, Isabella’s Embrace provides a stuffed bear to the mother and a handmade outfit and blanket for the baby. While we know these items cannot take the place of a precious baby, and is not expected to, it can ease the pain of emptiness. As the annual giving coordinator for the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, I am privileged to be part of many wonderful programs at PCRMC. But one of the projects I am proudest to be involved with is the creation of the Baby Steps Fund and the inception of the Fetal Demise Committee. While this is a “clinical” term, this group knows there is nothing clinical about losing a child. As a group, this committee has worked hard to ensure that every parent is able to celebrate the birth of their child, despite the final outcome. They’ve endeavored to ease the trauma of losing a child by ensuring resources are available when they are needed the most. With this group’s hard work, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings are able to make memories that will last a lifetime and help ease the pain of their loss. They truly understand that every life, no matter how long or short, has a story to tell.

Donia Camarena, Annual Giving Coordinator

Foundation in Focus

Mission Statement

To serve as the philanthropic organization that facilitates charitable donations to support and assist the mission of PCRMC in providing for the health care needs of the communities it serves.

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation 2012 Board of Directors

Ted Day, R.Ph., President Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer Mary Graham, M.D., Secretary Pat Leaders John Park, Ph.D Mark Riefer Cindy Beger John Denbo, Ex-Officio Kathy Nickason, Ex-Officio

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Team

Lorrie Hartley, Executive Director Donia Camarena, Annual Giving Coordinator Lori Moss, Planned Giving Coordinator

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at Donate Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261 Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

golf 14th Annual

tournament 4-person scramble


Monday, June 4, 2012 (Rain Date - June 18th)

Registration Tee Time Location

1st Flight - 7am / 2nd Flight - 12pm 1st Flight - 8am / 2nd Flight - 1pm Oak Meadow Country Club  10700 County Road 3110 • Rolla, Missouri

Tournament proceeds will help support the Delbert Day Cancer Institute at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. The Delbert Day Cancer Institute provides comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and cutting edge cancer care.

Submit sponsor form and payment to: Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation PO Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402 • 573-458-7604 Foundation In Focus │ Winter 2011

Paying on-line is available at


fund highlight

Baby Steps Fund

by Amy Wilson

The Baby Steps Fund operated by the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation targets obstetric and pediatric department needs. It is through the generous donations of people like you that these projects are possible.

The fund has grown to include several components:

Lactation support Phelps County Regional Medical Center offers a Lactation Clinic that is staffed five days a week with a certified lactation consultant. Many of the nurses are also certified lactation consultants. Julie Conaway, lactation consultant, explained that the fund is set up to provide hospital-grade breast pumps at low cost based on income for working mothers or mothers who go to school at least on a part-time basis. “This helps tremendously because we want these moms to be able to continue to breastfeed in spite of having to go back to work or school,” Conaway said. “We also offer a free nursing bra.” Regardless of whether breastfeeding moms deliver at PCRMC or not, the Lactation Clinic services are available. “We want to provide ongoing support for breastfeeding moms,” said Katie Burdett, director of maternal child services. “The fund has allowed us to take our programs out to many more people, which helps to improve the number of babies able to breastfeed and the length of time they do it. If we can have more breastfed babies, we know we have healthy babies and families.”

Necessary supplies The fund provided swings and bouncer seats in the nursery so babies withdrawing from being exposed to narcotics and drugs while in the womb


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

can be comforted. Toys have also been upgraded in the pediatrics unit.

Fetal demise “We had several things in place, but we wanted to create a program for those dealing with miscarriage or fetal loss,” Burdett said. As part of the program, the department purchased educational materials to use when talking with parents. Perhaps the most important outcome was the purchase of a high quality camera. “The camera allows us to take pictures when appropriate and provide them to the family,” Burdett said. “We want to provide comfort and TLC for these families. The nurses are so dedicated to giving every mom, regardless of the situation, a great experience. Every loss is felt. We have had several nurses who have had fetal losses and they have given feedback about how to better approach the moms. We want to create a positive experience in a tragic situation.” The photos provide a way of creating memories. In addition, memory boxes have been purchased to store the photos and other keepsakes. “For many hospitals, a fetal loss is a very clinical experience and there is no remembrance of the child or pregnancy,” Burdett said. “For me, the memories are a very important part. I personally have lost two pregnancies and have no remembrance. This is a way of saying the baby is impor-

tant and that what the family is going through is real. It makes a huge difference.” The Fetal Demise Committee has been formed to develop a plan to ensure that parents can celebrate the birth of a child in spite of the outcome. “We want to be able to create memories for those families,” said Donia Camarena, annual giving coordinator. “It is a unique aspect of the services we provide, but whether the number is two or 20, we are going to give our patients what they need.” A resource binder has been created to educate parents about their options as they deal with the loss. “We have contacted several local funeral homes who have agreed to provide services for free or at cost,” Camarena said. “That is one less thing the parents have to worry about. We are also working on creating birth announcements. This is a big component because friends and family members may not be able to come to the hospital. The care that our nurses and this program provide makes a difference in how the family remembers the outcome.”

Left: Katie Burdett, Director of Maternal Child Services welcomes a new baby to the world. Right: Julie Conaway, RN Lactation Consultant, holds one of the breast pumps she shows new mothers to use.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


Keeping Kensley Close in Heart

by Amy Wilson


fter nine months of waiting and planning, expectant mothers and fathers eagerly await a trip to the hospital where they can finally greet the newest member of their family. On discharge day, the excitement level is high as the new baby is dressed in a special outfit selected for that very moment, nestled carefully in an infant car seat and taken home. It’s a time for celebration and joy.

But not for everyone “With Kerrick and Kirsten, there was a baby,” said Melissa Grayson. “This time…” Completing her sentence, Melissa’s husband Keith said, “There was a baby.” “Not to bring home,” Melissa replied. ••• ••• ••• ••• Melissa and Keith Grayson of Rolla are no strangers to Phelps County Regional Medical Center. Melissa works as a sonographer and Keith is a paramedic. The couple has four children, with the oldest two from Melissa’s first marriage. The younger children, Kerrick, 5, and Kirsten, 4, were both born at PCRMC via C-section. Early in 2011, the couple was surprised, but very pleased, by a positive pregnancy test. They began making plans for the new baby, selecting names, looking at ideas for a nursery, and preparing the siblings. This pregnancy was much different than her others, Melissa explained, with seemingly “exaggerated” pregnancy symptoms and spotting every other week during the early months, which had never occurred during any of her previous pregnancies. At the 20-week ultrasound, they discovered that their


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

child was a girl. But Melissa noticed much more. “I knew something was different,” she said. “She was less than the third percentile in growth and my fluid level was low.” More unsettling was the finding of echogenic bowel, which is an irregularity in the appearance of a fetus’s bowel. In some cases it can resolve before birth, but it could also be a marker for a range of syndromes that result in abnormalities or even mortality. “All I knew was that I had never seen it in practice before.” Melissa said. “I felt I needed to prepare myself, I tried to stay calm, but feared the worst. I wanted to know what was wrong and why, and as soon as possible.” Later that afternoon, the Graysons received a phone call from Dr. Karrie Cunningham. The doctor asked how sure they were about their dates since the baby was measuring a bit small. She expressed her concern for the low amniotic fluid and mentioned the finding of placenta previa, a complication of pregnancy in which the placenta grows in the lowest part of the womb (uterus) and covers all or part of the cervix. The doctor had already determined a Level II ultrasound and specialist consult was needed. This appoint-

ment was scheduled for May 11. “So we went through the week,” Melissa said. “I felt so sick and drained of energy.” On May 4, Melissa recalls feeling the baby move. “I hadn’t really felt her for sure,” Melissa said. “But I know I felt her on that Wednesday night.” On May 6, Melissa felt better, and was no longer plagued with the nausea or vomiting from the previous day. Keith got off work and arrived home about 10 a.m. They ate lunch and promised to take the younger kids to the park. “The first sharp pelvic pain occurred at lunch,” Melissa said. “But the kids still wanted to go to the park and I insisted that we keep our word to them. After the park, we ran several errands. At our last stop Keith ran inside and I stayed in the car with the kids. At that point I just wanted to go home and lie down.” They had just returned home when they remembered one more errand. While they were out, Keith managed to convince Melissa that they could make a quick trip to the hospital to get checked or at least hear the baby’s heartbeat and then head home. “That was the plan,” Melissa said. “We hadn’t brought

anything with us and I hadn’t even brought my cell phone with me.” ••• ••• ••• ••• That’s not what happened, though. “Since Melissa was past 20 weeks, I knew that the OB department could check her,” Keith said. “Since she hadn’t felt the baby move since that Wednesday night and the pelvic pains were reoccurring, we just wanted to make sure everything was fine. We registered and then went up to the OB floor.” After failed attempts to find the baby’s heartbeat, Dr. Nathaniel Ratchford came in to meet with the Graysons and discuss ultrasound results. “He looked at the results and started explaining different options,” Keith said.

Melissa and Keith Grayson

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


Because of previous C-sections a vaginal delivery would have been risky but with the factor of placenta previa it wasn’t even a possibility. The Graysons were adamant that they wanted to have a “whole” baby, which meant that the best option would be for Melissa to undergo a C-section. “The doctor said he could do it that night or he could do it the next day so we could spend another night with the baby,” Keith said. “We opted for the next day.” On May 7, 2011, Kensley Addison Grayson was delivered stillborn at 22 weeks gestation. She weighed 9.7 ounces and was 9 inches long. ••• ••• ••• ••• “I went into the operating room with Melissa,” Keith said. “They went through the whole thing like they normally do.” “We stayed on the OB floor,” Melissa said. “That was important to me because it validated our experience that we had just had a baby. I didn’t want to go to a medical floor. I wanted to see her,” Melissa said. “Keith was hesitant, but I had to be able to see her. “Angie (OB nurse) brought Kensley to me,” Melissa said. “I didn’t know what to do. The nurses had cleaned her, dressed her and they took pictures. She had every feature of a live newborn.” Keith emphasized that their nurses were great, but Angie was “probably the biggest godsend.” “She explained the various options and encouraged us to hold the baby and interact with Kensley,” he said. “She talked about different funeral homes. Null & Sons offers a cremation option at no charge for people who have just lost babies.” Through the Baby Steps program, the obstetrics nurses took photos and had them developed for the Graysons. They also provided a grievance guide, keepsake box, crocheted blanket and a gown for Kensley. “They also gave us a children’s book titled, ‘We Were


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead,’” Melissa said. “This was very helpful to bring home to Kensley’s siblings.” Weeks later the results came back from the placental testing and a definitive answer was not revealed. Melissa recalls being devastated all over again. “There was no answer for me to have lost our baby. I thought I had to know an answer to ‘Why?’ but, what I know now is that to know ‘why’ would not change the fact that Kensley is gone.” ••• ••• ••• ••• Melissa and Keith can recall a number of conversations they had once Melissa was discharged from the hospital, and there was a common theme. “First and foremost, we knew we needed to put God first and find a church family,” Melissa said. Then Keith added, “And what can we do to make it more bearable for the next mother or family? We are very aware now that these losses happen. Whatever we can do to help them, we want to make it easier.” Melissa, who is an avid scrapbooker, incorporated the photos taken by the nurses into a small keepsake album. Melissa is working with the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation to provide an album for other mothers who do not have a baby to bring home from the hospital. Each album bears the message, “Handmade from the Heart: Inspired by Kensley,” on the back. In addition, the Graysons are planning to donate several copies of the book, “I’ll Hold You in Heaven” by Jack Hayford, to the hospital. “We could look at it as a tragedy, but losing Kensley was a waking-up moment for our family,” Keith said. “She had a big impact on our family. We started going to church and got our kids involved. The experience has really opened our eyes and made us appreciate a lot.” “And not take anything for granted,” Melissa added.

Grief Recovery® Outreach Program Grief is one of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society.


the normal and natural reaction to loss.

Whether your loss is from: • Death of a loved one • Divorce or end of a relationship • Loss of a career • Loss of a substance dependency • Loss of trust • Loss of dreams • Loss of security • Loss of health Grief will continue to affect our lives and the lives of those around us adversely when we are forced to accept the many myths about grief which include the following: Time heals all wounds Replace the loss Grieve alone Be strong for others Bury your feelings

Phil Cox

The Outreach program will guide those who wish to resolve their loss issues and move beyond their grief to a richer quality of life. As a result of participating in this program your life may become more enriched, more alive and more fulfilled than ever before. This 12-week program will be conducted by Phil Cox, Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist. The program is affiliated with and endorsed by the Grief Recovery Institute. This format has been developed by Russell P. Friedman, Executive Director, and John W. James, Founder of the Grief Recovery Institute, and authors of The Grief Recovery Handbook – The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce and Other Losses

For more information on this 12 week program at Phelps County Regional Medical Center, please contact Phil Cox at 573-458-7935 Grief

Recovery® is a registered trademark of the Grief Recovery Institute

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


Sisters Fighting for a

Cure by Somer Overshon


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

A Family History

Jane Black found out the terrifying news that she had breast cancer February 25, 2011. Surrounded by the love of her family and friends, Jane underwent a double mastectomy in March of 2011 and received chemotherapy treatments until June. For Jane, a cancer diagnosis was scary enough in itself, but the whole situation seemed eerily familiar; you see, Jane’s sister had also fought breast cancer several years earlier. Jane’s sister, Renee Joy Heavin, learned she had breast cancer in May 1992, the same month that her husband lost his job of 21 years due to a plant closing. In addition to losing his job, the family also lost their health benefits. Joy and her family were consumed with worry and stress about how to pay the medical, household and family expenses. Joy realized that other cancer patients must experience the same worries and stress, and she was inspired to find a way to help others like her. Joy’s vision of having resources available for cancer patients became a reality when she was hired by the PCRMC Bond Clinic as their first Cancer Care Coordinator in 1995. Through the Bond Clinic’s support, Joy started the “Joy of Caring Foundation” in 1995 to support local cancer patients. Sadly, Joy lost her battle with cancer in 1996, but her mission of caring lives on in all the cancer patients who still benefit from her hard work, dedication and compassion. Joy once said, “Along with my family, the Joy of

Joy Heavin and Jane Black, along with their families are proof that love transcends all Caring Fund is an accomplishment I’m most proud of.”

A Family Idea

In November 2011, Jane’s family decided to throw a party to celebrate and honor three events: the end of Jane’s treatments and her remission; Jane’s birthday; and to remember Joy’s life and the contributions she made to ensure others with cancer would always have the help they needed. Jane’s family, including her husband, Bob, son Brandon and his girlfriend Hillary and daughter Brooke and her husband Dwayne, along with grandchildren Nathaniel, Kyler, and Cooper wanted the party to be a surprise for Jane, but they also wanted to do something more. “We wanted to raise money for cancer, and at the same time honor my mother and Aunt Joy,” says Brooke. “The natural choice was to raise money to donate to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund in mom’s name.” And so, invitations were sent out to attend a surprise party to honor Jane and Joy on November 19, 2011 at the Greentree Christian Church in Rolla. The theme for the celebration was “Sisters Fighting for a Cure.” Before the party, Jane’s family sold 55 shirts and had more orders after the party was over. “The event became bigger than we even imagined,” says Brooke. “Our original goal was to raise $100, but we far exceeded that number.”

A Family Celebration

The day of the party, Jane’s son, Brandon gave a speech to the attendees, and on behalf of the family, Brooke and Hillary, presented Jane with a check for a donation to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Jane also received a pink breast cancer Rawlings bat with her name inscribed on it. Another gift for Jane was a sweatshirt with the “Sisters Fighting for a Cure” theme on it; also printed on the sweatshirt was the word that meant so much to Jane and her family: “Survivor.” The celebration was a huge success, and people as far away as New Mexico, Indiana, Illinois and Oklahoma came to honor two sisters who had shared so much. By the time the celebration/ fundraiser was over, Jane and Joy’s families had raised $650 to put towards the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Joy Heavin and Jane Black, along with their families are proof that love transcends all. Their lives are a testimony that cancer cannot take away the most important things, and that average, everyday people can leave a legacy—one that is committed to helping others in need.

How You Can Give

Top: A happy photo from childhood of Joy and Jane. Bottom: Front row, left to right: Jane Black, Brooke Bell and Cooper Bell. Back row, left to right: Hillary Bleckman, Brandon Black, Nathaniel Black, Bob Black, Dwayne Bell and Kyler Bell

If you would like to learn how you can give to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund, please contact Donia Camarena at 573-458-7604 for more details.

The families of Joy Heavin and Jane Black would like to thank everyone who attended the “Sisters Fighting for a Cure” event, donated to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund and made the party such a successful and memorable occasion. If you would like to purchase a “Sisters Fighting for a Cure” shirt, please contact Donia Camarena at 573-458-7604. The shirts are $15 and all proceeds go to the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund in Jane Black’s name.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


event spotlight

Hooray for Hollywood!

27th annual Cancer Gala raises more than $65,000 to help patients and fund research

Photos by The Rolla Daily News

Top: Attendees were announced and greeted upon arrival. Top Right: Anita Lynch of Rolla dyed her hair pink in honor of the event. Lynch is currently undergoing cancer treatments. Bottom Right: Susan Benson, Lori Jones, Misty Monterroza and Dusti Badillo hit the dance floor at the 27th annual Cancer Gala.


Look past the glitz and glamour of the red carpet affair, and you found a targeted commitment to supporting area cancer patients, their families and cutting edge research. As part of the “Hooray for Hollywood” theme of the 27th annual Cancer Gala, the 400 guests who entered the Havener Center on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus in February were welcomed with chilled glasses of champagne and interviewed by “reporters” from Fidelity Communications, which broadcast the arrivals live on a large screen in the St. Pat’s Ballroom. Auction items donated by individuals and businesses included original pieces by local artists, tickets for the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, and box seats and suites for St. Louis Cardinals games. Guests who entered a raffle sponsored by Kent Jewelry had the chance to win either a stunning original pendant or a $1,000 customdesigned piece. Guests who paid $25 for one of 27 wine corks— each representing one of the years that the cancer fundraiser has been held in Rolla—received a bottle of 2008 Norton Reserve from St. James Winery, and also were entered into a drawing for $100 cash. “For 27 years, this Cancer Gala event has been committed to fighting the battle against cancer, knowing

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Cancer Gala Committee 2012 • Annie Bass • Caroleen Ferrell • Carrolyn Bolin • Cindy Beger • Dawn Smith • Jamie Maddux • Dr. Janece Martin • Jeanne Cavender • Jeanne Jenks • Jennifer Gillies • Judy Cavender • Lana VanDoren • Lonna Sowers • Maria Grant • Rhoda Parker • Robin Kordes • Sue Eudaly • Dr. Susan Bowles • Susie Baldwin

that in some small way, we’re making a difference,” said gala committee member Lonna Sowers. “Proceeds from this year’s event will stay local. We want to support the needed services to cancer patients and their families who live in our own backyard.” This year’s event raised more than $65,000 for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund, which helps those with cancer afford essential everyday expenses that often can be out of reach during treatment, and for research at the Delbert Day Cancer Institute. “We have several gala committee members who would not be alive today without cutting-edge, experimental drugs and research studies,” Sowers pointed out. “Now area residents can receive the treatment and drug trials right here, without having to travel great distances.”

“For 27 years, this Cancer Gala event has been committed to fighting the battle against cancer, knowing that in some small way, we’re making a difference.” – Lonna Sowers

Over 400 people attended the 2012 Cancer Gala.

Giving Has Never Been Easier!

With just a few keystrokes on our secure website, your gift helps PCRMC provide quality healthcare to your friends and family in the communities we serve. Go to and under the “Giving” pull-down menu, select “How to Give.”

27th Annual Cancer Gala Sponsor $1,000 or more • John & Cindy Beger • Citizens Bank of Newburg • Jenks-Long Insurance • Legends Bank • Mercy Clinic • Phelps County Bank • PCRMC/Bond Clinic • PCRMC/Radiation Oncology • Realty Executives Ferrell Associates • Ed and Marilyn Schmidt • St. James Winery • Town & Country Bank • Dr. Tom & Lana Van Doren • Don Walker Family

$2,000 or more • Gingerbread House in Memory of Sheila Dotson • Esterly, Schneider & Associates • PCRMC/Administration $3,000 or more • Ted & Kim Day • Mitch & Terisa Esquibel $5,000 • Dr. Mary and Mr. Jim Graham

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012



Presents “Home for the Holidays” Luncheon Heart-2-Heart Committee Members

• Annette Wells • Julie Rodgers • Shawn Hodges • Libby Niles • Sarah Wilson • Somer Overshon • Jessica Beucler • Hilary Smith • Rita Wilson • Evelyn Bennish • Barb Smith • Rhoda Parker • Fredi Zobrist • Karen Richards • Gerry Martin • Wanda Davis

The Heart-2-Heart committee hosted a “Home for the Holidays” luncheon on December 2, 2011 at Matt’s Steakhouse. The Heart-2-Heart committee is made up of a group of individuals who volunteer their time to inform other women about the dangers of cardiovascular disease. The Heart-2-Heart Fund provides free community lunchand-learns, heart health screenings, patient assistance, education and other heart health needs. The programs and education offered are funded 100% by you, our generous donors. The goal of the Heart-2-Heart Fund is to provide men and women with cardiovascular disease education and assistance in order to make them knowledgeable about the prevention, symptoms and risk factors of heart disease. All of the contributions to the Heart-2-Heart Fund remain in the surrounding and local communities. The “Home for the Holidays” luncheon began at 10:00 a.m. with registration, a silent auction and raffle.


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Entertainment was provided by “Just Blessed” a vocal group comprised of Richard Vickers, Tammy Vickers and Jannece Sutterfield. Dr. Keith Frederick, a practicing orthopedic surgeon at PCRMC and member of the Missouri House of Representatives (District 149), presented the welcoming remarks and then lunch was served: a hearthealthy menu consisting of a mixed green salad, turkey breast, mashed cauliflower, baked zucchini and cranberry apple crisp. The featured speaker for the luncheon was Dr. Alan Zajarias, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, Washington University School of Medicine. The year’s featured survivors were Cindy Stevenson, Misty Beck and Patty Pickup. These three local women told their stories in the hopes that they could help educate other women to recognize the warning signs of heart disease. The survivor stories were recorded on video and shown at the luncheon.

Heart Survivors Misty Beck

Patty Pickup

Cindy Stevenson

Misty Beck’s heart story began with the birth of her daughter. During her cesarean section, Misty began feeling pressure in her chest. After she was discharged, she had not been home for 24 hours when she could not breathe and would start gurgling when she went to lie down. Misty called her physician and he told her to go to the ER immediately. Misty’s lungs were full of fluid, and as the doctors worked to stabilize her, she aspirated and was in a coma for two weeks. She was taken to Missouri Baptist in St. Louis, and when she woke up she discovered she had suffered brain damage and a stroke. Misty could no longer use the right side of her body and she was in physical therapy for three more weeks. Today, Misty is grateful for the tremendous support of her family: her parents, her husband Chris and her two children, Cole and Layla. Misty says her family encourages her and helps her get through each day. She would like to tell other women to watch their blood pressure, exercise every day and maintain a healthy weight. Also, Misty says that tight feelings in the lungs, shortness of breath or pain down the arms are all warning signs that women should pay attention to.

Patty Pickup did not have a heart condition until she was pregnant with her twin daughters in 2011. Towards the end of her pregnancy, Patty says she was short of breath, and had a difficult time doing simple tasks, like walking and folding laundry. After going home with her girls, Jasmine and Jaiden, and trying to care for them as well as their big brother, Nate, Patty was so short of breath that she could not do anything except nurse the twins and go to bed. Patty says she was also very swollen, but thought it was a sideeffect of preeclampsia. The next night, Patty could not breathe and went to the ER. She learned that she had suffered irreversible heart damage due to cardiomyopathy and also had congestive heart failure at the age of 39. Patty had a lot of family support, and they helped her take care of her children when she was too weak. Today, Patty is learning to live with her heart condition, since the heart damage she sustained to her heart will never heal. She is able to keep her condition under control with medication, and is currently looking and feeling good. Patty says that women always need to be their own biggest advocate; women know their bodies better than anyone else, and if they think there is a problem, they need to be persistent in getting treatment.

Cindy Stevenson’s heart story began last year, in May 2010. Upon arriving to work one morning, she felt nauseous, light-headed and exhausted. Mistaking her symptoms for the flu, Cindy continued her day, and even went out to dinner with her husband and friends that evening. She woke up around 11:30 p.m. that night with pain radiating down her arm, in her shoulder and up in her jaw. Cindy went to work again the next day, believing she was experiencing problems from high blood pressure. When she had another attack at work, she finally went to the ER. There, she was directly sent to Barnes in St. Louis for immediate surgery. Cindy had a 95% blockage; the doctors ballooned her artery and put in two stents. She was fine for a year, but in June 2011 she experienced pressure in her neck, chest and ear. Once again, she needed surgery and had two more stents put in. Just recently, Cindy was experiencing chest pain and pressure. After having her symptoms checked out, she fortunately did not have a blockage. Cindy feels blessed to have the opportunity to recover; she no longer ignores her symptoms or misses seeing her doctor.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


2011 Donors

Friends of Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Donations received from January 2011 through December 2011

Joe Abbott Denise Abernathy David Ackiss Barbara Adair Donald and Tonya Adams Bonnie Adams Advanced Marketing Rebecca Aegan Merle and Lisa Alderson Randal and Angela Alexander John and Helen Allen Ron and Gi Allerheiligen Kathy Ames Christy Amos Nancy Anderson Mark and Debbie Anderson Anderson Foot Clinic Shirley Andrews Prabhu Angajala Bassem and Gery Armaly Dianna Armstrong Juanita Arthur George and Joan Arthur Shannon Arthur-Baker Millie Asher Ed and Eva Atkisson Patti Azar Daniel and Carol Babcock Peter and Henriette Bachle Greg Bacon Catherine Bade Jimmy Badillo Kent and Lindsay Bagnall Thomas and Mary Bahr Gail Bailey Allison Baker Kimberly Baker Brandy Baker Merl and Emily Baker


Rosemary Baker Christopher and Susie Baldwin Cookie Bales Chris Balestreri Bank Of America Bank Of America/ Merrill Lynch Emily Barnes Christina Barnes George and Elizabeth Barnitz Norma “Keke” Barrett Teresa Barrows Susan Bartlett James and Annie Bass Patricia Bassett Leona Bauer Robin Bayer Beacon Partners, Inc. Anita Beasley Shirley Beck Lawrence and Virgene Becker Paulette Beechner John and Cindy Beger Beger, Bushie & Scheiderer, LLC Illa Bell Jimmy Bell Marsha Belvo Anacleto Benito Theresa Benney Harold and Evelyn Bennish Ethel Benton S.J. and Jeannie Bergholdt Roger and Kathryn Berkbuegler Gwendolyn Berkelman Stacey Berry Gary and Barbara Bertrand

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Carl and Christine Besemer Maxine Best Rievon Betts Jessica Beucler Bill and Ina Bicknell Brownie Binkley Julie Birdsall Sonja Birdsong John and Peggy Bisbee BKD LLC Bob and Jane Black Cappie Blackwell William Blain John Blanton Melissa Blanton Hillary Bleckman Rabel Bledsoe Joan Boeding Carrolyn Bolin Albert and Sherrell Bolon Donna Bond Genevieve Bono Vernon and Pat Booker Charles and Mary Boone Jack and Glynna Boone Rhonda Borders Boston Scientific Jody Boswell Julie Bourland Lorie Bourne Janet Bowles Terry Boyce Boys & Girls Town of Missouri Joe and Gina Boze Jean Bradshaw Sarah Brady Scott and Patricia Brake Rodney and Sharon Bramlett Joann Brand-Hoertel

Sharon Brandhorst Ashley Brandt Jennifer A. Branson Joann Bratcher Ron and Mary Bray Terry and Paula Brewer Denny Brinkley Karen Britton Patricia Broaddus Traci Brookshire Ann Brown Craig Brown Barbara Brown Dan and Kathy Brown Don and Vickie Brown Brown Veterinary Edward Bruington Elaine Brumett Melissa Bruno Tucker Bruno Pamela Brush BSA Lifestructures, Inc. BTS Group, Inc. Robert Bucher Joseph Buese Susan Buhr Bonita Buhr Sally Bullock Gary and Debbie Bullock Lesa Bulman Nancy Bumler Katherine Bunn James and Katie Burdett Suzanne Burke John Burke Mary Ann Burst Carolyn Buschjost Cindy Butler Tobey Butler Beef and Patricia Butler Jennie Byers

Gregory Byington Sidney and Maella Byington Thomas and Luella Call Imogene Callahan Loretta F. Callahan Karla Callahan Donia Camarena John Camp Irene Campbell Ralph and Edeltraud Cantrell Colleen Carl Tara Carlisle Robin Carmen John Carney Maria Carroll William Carson Sean and Kimberly Cartwright Carol Carver Roni Carver Melissa Casey Bessie Casto Richard and Jeanne Cavender Daniel and Heather Cavender Susan Centner Central Federal Savings & Loan Centurytel, Inc. Alicia Chambers Roberta Charles Goron and Shirley Cherry Sharon Chilton Angela Christesen Christian Life Center David Christianson Church of God Cintas Corporation Citizen Bank of Newburg City of Rolla Vincent and Cindy Clapp Christina Clardy Noel and Helen Clark Walter and Debra Clark Justin and Mary Kay Clarkin

Diane Classen Edward and Sharon Clayton Richard and Jeannette Clemans Jerry and Donna Clements Betty Cleveland Don Clift John and Ruby Clouse Karen Clover Pam Clovis Stuart and Anna Coats Pecos Coble Richard and Hilda Cockriel Katie Coffect Bud and Naoma Coffman Gerald and Brigitte Cohen Lisa Collins Thomas and Nancy Comerford Commerce Bank Community Blood Center of The Ozarks Deborah Cook Mary Beth Cook Billie Cook Jana Cook Jamie Cooper Charles Corbett Sonja Cosco William and Pamela Cottingham Country Mart Cowtown USA, Inc. Sherma Cox Leah Cox Cathy Cox Katherine Cox Philip Cox Dwayne Crabtree Jim and Linda Craft Kent Craighead Danny and Vicki Crain Mary Cravens Carol Creighton Terry Cremer Ivan Crews Diane Crider Lowell and Sondra Crow

2011 Donors Continued

Lindsey Crump Lugene Crump Gail Crump Shelley Culp Madison and Mary Daily Caitlynn Dalton Arlene Dalton Charles and Jane Dare Sharon Daughton Carol Davis Cynthia Davis Lowell and Eunice Davis Kent Davis Sally Davis Denise F. Davis Theresa Davis Bob and Wanda Davis Richard and Ursula Davis David and Yvonne Dawdy Marian Dawson Dora Day Delbert and Shirley Day Ted and Kim Day Carrie Dean Bud and Linda Dean David and Susan Dearth Richard and Janet Debroff Mary Decker Leslie Declue Michael and Sylvia Dees Louise Deivny Jody DeLuca John and Pam Denbo Denny Ford-Lincoln Mercury Faith Derennaux Rickey and Brigitte Desherlia Jill Devault Louise Dewing Toni Diamantini Walter Dickens Dietzmann Development Vickie and Mark Dixon Sharon Dolisi Stephen and Bette Douglass Alice Dowler Edward and Aileen Downey

DrFirst John and Sally Droste Carolyn Duenas Nancy Duncan Tami Dunn Gary and Rita Duvall Michele Dvorak Roger and Sue Eastman Loretta Eaton Jeff Eaton Robert Eck Betty Eckhardt Ecolab Econo Lodge Edward Jones E.E. and Z.A. Eliason Robert and Marcia Ellerbusch Lisa Elliott Donald Elliott Robert Ellis Shanna Elmer Tammy Elrod Thomas Elrod Paul Embry Dennis Enloe Esquibel Oral Surgery Inc. Esterly, Schneider & Associates, Inc. Mike and Deborah Estey Susan Eudaly Elizabeth Eversman Patricia Ewers Fairground Chevrolet, Inc. Shannon Fane Ronald and Sharon Fann Dennis Farmer Elizabeth Farrar Steven and Kaye Faulkner Pam Feeler Roberta Feeler Feeler Scheer Architects, LLC Stephen and Suzanne Femmer Fidelity Communications Victoria L. Fiebelman Harold and Joyce Fiebelman

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


2011 Donors Continued Joan Filiaux Louise Fink First Baptist Church Of Edgar Springs First Community National Bank Tracy J. Flowers Jack and Betty Forbes Patsy Fore Forest City Family Practice FormFast, Inc. David Fortune Forum Dental Sarah Fox Katherine Frahm Tiffany M. Francis Shelley Frazee John and Linda Frederick Keith and Marilyn Frederick Wilson and Marjorie Freeze Jerry and Eunice French Elaine Fritchey Douglas and Kathy Fry Sandra Fuller Loreita Fulton G2N Bonnie Gabel Jesse and Mildred Gahr May Gale Melissa Gale Jill Garnett Stephen and Gini Gaunt Shannon Gehlert Bonnie Gehlert Judith Gentry Cynthia George Lawrence and Catherine George George and Eileen Gering Robert and Charlotte Gerson Bill and Erika Gerth Gene and Linda Gill James and Debbie Gilliam Jennifer Gillies Fred Ginther Arnold and Jane Gleason George and Dawn Glick


Paul Goddard Riley and Mabel Godfrey Ronald Godi James Goes Lucy Gollahon Ray and Shirley Gollhofer Don and Bev Good Kathleen Goodman Joe and Sara Gorman Robert and Rachelle Gorrell Virginia Govier George and Judith Grady Jama Graham James and Mary Graham Grainger Neal and Lynn Grannemann Steven and Maria Grant Donna Graves Jami Gray Katrina Gray Katherine Gray Blanche Gray Keith and Melissa Grayson Fred and Linda Grecian Earl and Judy Green Stacy and Danielle Green Lisa Green Susann Green Kenneth and Ellen Greer Mary Gregory Lavern and Doris Greig Jean Grillo Christine Grissom Barbara Grommet Annabelle Grover Angela Groves Dwight Groves Cheryl Grubbs Kelly Gruenberg Mechelle Grumney Joy Gunter Bud Haas Davis and Kim Haas Daniel and E. Jeanne Hackett Don and Judith Hagen Thomas and Sally Haines

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Ed and Barbara Hale Chris Hale Deborah Halinar Margaret Hall Gene and Marcia Hamilton Greg and Cara Hanlin Rick Hanrahan Linda Hardwick James and Deloris Harmon Harold G. Butzer, Inc. Cynthia Harris William and Norma Jean Harris Willie Harris Leonard and Robin Harris Erica Harrison Michelle Harrison Rae Jean Hart Robert and Lorrie Hartley Daniel and Jane Haskell Erma Jean Hass Kathleen Hastings Stephen and Patsy Hausner Ellis and Lisa Hawkins Mona Hawks Hayes Manufactured Homes, LLC Steve Hazen Yi-Yong and Ping He Jeannine Headrick Phillip and Judith Headrick Lori A. Heavin Keri Heavin Brenna Heavin Kevin and Rosita Hebl Fred and Margaret Heeren Paul and Carolyn Hefley Rowe Heflin Kay Hegler Carey Heitman Heitman Land and Cattle, LLC Charles and Peggy Hell Laura Hellweg Alice Helms Gary and Peggy Henderson James T. Henningsen Brenda Henry Walter Henry

Youn Joo Heo Peter and Anna Herman Cassandra Hermann Michael and Pat Hewitt Glenn and Jane Hibbler Barbara Hickey Debbie Hines Carleen Hinson Elinor Hobart Albert and Barbara Hobart Larry and Amber Hobbs Connie Hobbs Cheryl Hoerr Laura E. Hoff Herbert Hoffmann Rhonda Hofherr Dennis and Linda Holdeman Birchard Holden Wenbin Hong Megan Hood Robert and Susan Hooper Richard and Dena Hope James Horn John J. Horrell Joseph and Angelina Horvatin Joyce Hoss Barbara House Jacqueline Howard HP Products Bob and Brenda Hribar Gerald and Audrey Huddleson Margie Hufham Billie and Janice Hughes Brenda Hughes James Hunter Susan G. Huss Fay Hussey Ed and Ruth Husted Obi Ibanga IKON Office Solutions Mary Imboden Edward and Liz Inman Investment Realty ISG Technology Inc. Toby Iten J.P. Everhart & Company

Carl James Margaret James William and Arlene James Boris Jamison M. Ali Javed Margie Jella William and Jeanne Jenks Jenks/Long Insurance Inc. Cathie John John Henry Foster Company Linda Johns Angela Johnson Donald and Ardilla Johnson Janice Johnson Grover Johnson Tina Johnson Sandra Johnson Ronald and Betty Johnston April Jones Mary Jones Penny Jones Anna Jones Paulette Jones Twila Jones Nicholas Jones Steven Judge Kristen Jump Latricia E. Juneau Sheliah Kahl Jacob Kampschmidt Joan Kantor Michelle Karr George Karr Elizabeth Karr Ruth Karr David and Sandra Karr Pamela Karr Steven L. Kaster Jack and Julie Kearney Joe Kearse Christine Keeler Floyd and Helen Keeling Bobbie and Freda Kell Robb Kenna Kent Jewelry Jeff and Sandra Kerr Linda Kerr

Key Sport Shop Linda Keys Sayeeda Khatoon William and Myla Kickbusch Tyler Kiersz Jeremy and Pamela Kiersz Janet Kilian Chris and Sue Killian Emilee Kindel Patty Kindred Penny King Wenona King Nancee King Wendy King Roy and Kay King Peter and Betty Kinyon Kirgan Enterprises Stanley and Marilyn Kirkendall Kiwanis Club of Lake Weir Kiwanis Club of Rolla Marlene Kleeschulte Deborah Klesack Gary and Shelly Klossner Terry Knight Raymond Knotts Kathy Knudsen Albert and Kathleen Konter Julie Kosbar Marcia Kramm Katherine Kranz Betty Kraus Loretta Krewson Mary Kuelker Rita Kuerzinger Trevor Kuerzinger Shirley Kuntz Jung Kwon Roger and Karen Laboube Kimberly Lackey Lake Spring Community Building Bonita Lamb Tania Lambert Kurtis and Lois Lambiel Barbara Lane Paul and Dorothy Lane James and Jeanine Langlois

Susan LaPlante Meg Lass Robert and Linda Laudon Cynthia Lautenbach Mae Law Frank and Janet Lazzaro Cynthia Leach Bill and Pat Leaders Dana and Janet Leas Nona Lehman Julie Lenhardt Sharon Lenox H.T. and Sharron Lenox Ken and Joyce Lenox Cindy Leonard Mylisa Lepard Natalia Lepich Level Paths Investment Advisors Ronald and Kathy Levis Mary Lewis William and Barbara Lewis John and Judy Lewis Kathy Lewis James and Mary Lewis Don and Betty Light Monica Link Donna Lisenbe Andrea Litz Allen and Helen Litz Tamara Livesay Livewire Ramona Lizama Brittany L. Loll William and Sharon Long Paul and Martha Long John and Tammy Longcor Crystal Lorah Michael and Cyndra Lorey Harley and Marilyn Lovins Bob and Gwen Loyd Kasey Lucas Mark Luebbert Cheryl Luttrell Sheryl Lynch Dixie Lynn Brenda MacCash Jennifer A. MacDonald Paula Mace

2011 Donors Continued Jamie L. Maddux Don and Lina Madison Madison Investment Advisors, Inc. Zenia Madrid Louis and Nancy-Ellen Magdits Catherine Magnus Maid Rite Mainline Fire Protection Mainline Information Systems John and Linda Maledy Patricia Maledy Julie Malone Lee and Ruby Malone Eileen Malone Stephen and Leslie Malott Managed Care Partners, Inc. Richard and Emma Mann Barbara Jean Marseille Sandy Marshall Marjorie Marshall-Hardke Larry Marti Beverly Martin Arvin and Louise Martin Dale and Janece Martin Thomas and Gerry Martin Renata Martin Maria Martinez Muhammad and Dawn Marwali Mary’s Antiques Robert and Dorothy Masters Chad A. Mathis Rebecca Matthews Margaret Matthews Gene and Marla Maurer Jama Maxwell Robert and Carlene May Jack and Betty May Tony and Charlotte McCarty Joyce McBride Mylisa McCall McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


2011 Donors Continued Cheryl McClain Sara McClelland Maria McClure David McCoy Alta McDonald Marlena J. McGath Avella McGuirk Barbara McKee Donna McKeever Edward and Sandra McKiernan Annette McKnight Robert McKune Jeff McKune Deb McLucas Robert and Carol McMinn Donald and Patricia McMullin Barbara McNamara Basil and Velta McPheron Sonya Mead Mead O’Brien Incorporated Maria Means Gary and Pat Medlock William and Suzanne Meek Shaley Melchior Stephanie Melton E. Ward Merrell Dale and Candy Metcalf Meyer Electric Franco and Mary Miceli Frances Michael Mid America Bank & Trust Co. – Dixon Branch Mid America Bank & Trust Co. – Rolla Branch Jennifer Middleton Mid-Missouri Internal Medicine, Inc. Amanda Miller Sheri Miller Shirley Miller Anne Miller Scott and Laurie Miller Miller Glass Gordon and Gale Milne Bernard Minix Missouri S&T Athletics Agnes Mitchell


MMC Management Consultants, LLC A.W. and Marilynn Moehle Estelle Monje Jeannie Moore Cathy Moore Kreig Moore Rita Moore Bonny Moore Jackie Moore Joe and Bonita Moore Linda Moore William Moorkamp Don and Pam Morris Chad and Shelley Morris Mo-Sci Corporation Blanche Moseley Joe Moseley John and Jill Moseley Andrea Moshier Lori Moss Don and Micky Mowry Murphy Company James Mysch National Hospice Foundation Jamie Neal Billy and Peggy Neil Bennie Nelson Bernell Nelson Jermiah Nelson Tammy Nelson Ruth Ann Nevils Daniel Nevins Kenneth and Dee Niebling Alfred and Libby Niles Kim Norbury Ralph and Heidi Norris Samara Norris Kelly Nowak Null & Son Funeral Home Patrick and Patricia O’Brien Mary Ann O’Connor Tessa Oden Patricia Oglesby Jane O’Keefe Bruce Oliver Forrest and Alice O’Neal

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Esteban Ortiz John Ortlip Della Orton Richard and Jane Osa Mary Osbourne Don and Pat Oster Kenneth and Beverly Oster Somer Overshon Pam Owen Robyn Owens Owens-Minor/3M Elizabeth Oyadomari Ozarks Coca-Cola Bottling Company Leah Pagel Teresa Palermo James and Barbara Palmer Panera Bread Cheryl Pankey David Pankey Diana Pantaleo John and Dorcas Park Chasity L. Parker Kelly Parker Omega Parker Rhoda Parker-Sachs Tabitha Parks Lee Parks PART Angie Passig Warren Patt Gary and Barbara Patterson Barbara Paulsen Cathy Paulsmeyer Amelia Payne-Rulo PCRMC Auxiliary Charlotte Pendleton Amanda Penfield McDaniel Zane and Carmelleet Pennock Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of New Haven Rebecca Perkins Pershing Village Homeowner’s Assoc Dennis and Julie Peterman Bridget Peterson Diane Peterson Peterson Business Systems

Brad Pettijohn Joe and Betty Phelps Patti Phelps Phelps County Bank Phelps County Farm Bureau Phelps County Regional Medical Center Danny and Ginny Pherigo Philips & Company Willie and Diana Phillips Judith Piatt Kristin Pierre Gerald and Linda Pietsch Donald Pingleton Monique Pinkston Denise Pinson Jean Platt Darla Poe Dagmar Pogue Judy Polys Laura Ponzer George Ponzer Karen Porter Clyde and Gail Potter Mona Poucher Shamsher Prakash Pratt Design Studio, Ltd. Nancy Pratte Amos Pretzer George and Leah Prewett Garrett Pridgeon Tony and Tina Pridgeon Derek Prim Stephanie Pritchett John and Audrey Pritchett Bonita Prock Marian Pruitt Laura Pursel Lyle and Charlotte Pursell Pythian Sisters White Cross TE Quaker Maid Meats, Inc. Richard and Edith Quick Andro Radchenko Radiation Oncology Central, LLC Mindy R. Raetz Kellie Ragan

Betty Rahner Royal and Merle Ranney Kelli Rau Charles and Katie Rauls Karen Ray Theresa Ray Katherine Ray Liberty Rea Realty Executives/ Ferrell Associates Lynn Reasons Charles and Louise Redburn Elizabeth V. Reddington John and Mary Redshaw Bonnie Reed Lucy Reed Ivy Reeves Rehab Care Group Matthew Reith Dottie Reno Results Radio Wanda Reveal Thomas and Debra Rice Margaret Rice Karen Richards Roberta Richards Steven and Joanne Richards Christine Richards Judy Richardson Michelle Richmond Beverly Ricker Donald Ridenhower Gloria Riefer Erin Rienks Sharon Riestis Matthew Rieth Charlene Rioux Donald Ripley Peggy Risbeck Bob and Janet Roach Kathleen Roberson Kent and Winona Roberts Kelly Robertson David and Ruth Robertson Ronald and Lucia Robertson Connie Robison Julie Rodgers

Ouita Rodman David and Carla Roedemeier Robert and Grace Rogers Richard Rogers Heather Rogers Rolla Junior Club Rolla Lioness Club Rolla Manor Care Center Rolla Ophthalmology Assoc. Inc. Edna Rolufs Lisa Rolufs Janna Roselius Amy Ross Allison Rowden Margot Rowlett Anna Roy Sandra Royal Ray Rucker Myrna Rueff Richard and Peggy Ruge Tim and Susie Rupp Christina Rush Donald and Mary Ellen Russell Harold Russell Robert and Judith Ryce Mary Ryker S & K Rental, LLC Francesca Sabia Safari Club International Brenda Safarik Salem Avenue Baptist Church Deborah Samons Ray and Chris Samson Don and Paula Sanders Jolina Sandidge Mary Sands Phyllis Sands Donald and Mary Lee Sands Cathy Sands Corie Sanford Rita Sansoucie Jodie Sapaugh Harry and Patricia Sauer Cynthia Scearce

Suzanne Schacher Larry and Shelley Schafer Barbara Scharnhorst Jana Scharnhorst Ray and Jane Scheidemantel Schindler Elevator Corporation Julie Schmidt Charles and Marilyn Schmidt Joy Schmit Schneider Electric Company Stanley Schockley Dennis and Charlotte Scholl Shannon E. Schroeder Anita Scott Ingeborg Scott Ruth Scrabeck Kim M. Scroggins Karolina Seibold Tambra Sellers Scott and Michelle Sellers Frank and Wrenae Shabel Bud and Sara Shadwick Larhonda Sharp Jason and Diana Sharp Dawn Shelton Sherrick Orthodontics Albert Shields Jan Shipley Stanley Shockley Jan and David Shore William and Edna Shy Jean Sidener Wendy Sidwell Ivan Sieber James and Anna Simpson Sherry Simpson Ronald and Michelle Simpson Henry and Betty Sineath Michael and Rebecca Singleton Marlie Sinnott Elaine J. Sitek Bobby Skaggs

2011 Donors Continued Mike and Judy Slone Amy Smith Dawn Smith Deborah Smith Grant Smith Hilary Smith Jewel Smith Kimberly Smith Lacey Smith Rebecca Smith Ronald Smith Tami Smith Teresa L. Smith Verla Smith Wanda Smith Wilma Smith Sherry Snelson Caroline Snider Dalton and Kay Snowden Lorri Snyder Ruth Soppe Miranda Southard Genevieve Southard Betty Southard Lonna Sowers Spring Hill Farms Jennifer Spurgeon SSM Health Care St. Johns Health System Jennifer A. Stacy Larue Staines Elizabeth Standfast Sandra Stanek Joe and Candace Stanley Amy Stark James and Rena Stark Julianna Stark State Farm Insurance State Of Missouri Office of Admin Judy D. Steele Sharon Steiner Rhonda Stephens Zachary and Lisa Stephenson Melissa Stephenson Steven D. Harrison D.D.S, M.S, P.C Sandra Stevens

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


2011 Donors Continued Casey Stevens Terry Stewart Paul and Mary Stigall Amanda Stites STL Communications Van and Ruth Stoecker Bill Stoltz Andy Stormes Eden Stovall Toni Strait Irene Stratman Alan and Shawn Stratman Ruth Strong Linda Strong Harold and Carol Strotheide Sherri Stubblefield Viswanathan Subbaratnam Fabien Suliin David and Barbara Summers Julia L. Suntrup Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Co., Inc. Lucy Sutcliffe Dale and Kristina Sutton Robin Swaim Robin Swarnes Harold Swarnes June Tackett Amy Taggart Darla Talbert Nancy Tallant Josette Taylor Peggie Taylor Linda Taylor Susan Taylor Rhonda Teague Leilani Tedtaotao Gina Tegart Jane Tennyson Julie Terry Gina Tetley The Seal-Gap Company Therapy Support, Inc. Jeremy Thomas Barbara Thomas Larry and Joyce Thomas Amy Thompson Janice Thompson


Lisa Thompson Helen Thomure Don and Barbara Thorpe Mick and Sharon Thrasher Cordes Thurm Carolyn Tilford John Timmerberg TKH, Inc. Tom Bahr for Hospital Board Committee Town and Country Bank Selden and Joyce Trimble Ashley Troutt Susan Trueblood Michael and Susan Tucker Mike Tummons Christine Tupper Diana Turner Nichole Turner Otis and Dorothy Ummel Patricia Unger Natasha Unger United Parcel Service Christopher Utley Carol Van Bibber Thomas and Lana Van Doren John and Eleanor Van Horn Amy Vandegriffe Judy Vankirk Helen Vaughn Judith Veach George Vella Ramona Venable Parrie Veo Villa Enterprises, Inc. Richard Vogeler James and Brenda Wagoner Lindsay M. Walden Robert Walden Dannielle Waldron Fred Waldrop Donald and Ruth Walker Penny Walker Mary Walker Kristeena Wallace Wallis Oil Company Wal-Mart Distribution Center 6069

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Walsh Insulation Services Carol Walter Dale and Sara Wands Stephanie Waneka Jackie Ward Susie Warnement Tina Warnol Scott Warren Washington University Heart Care Institute Shirley Waters Jeff Watkins Joe and Elaine Watskey Theresa Watson William Watson Gene Watson Kimberly Watts Kimberly Weaver Michelle Weaver Lueazer Webb Samantha Webb Suzanne Weckman Amy S. Weckman Terry Weidemann James and Bernadette Welch Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Peggy Welsch Charles and Robyn West Melissa Wheeler Amy Whitaker Dwane and Donna Whitaker Charlotte White Sandra White Carol A. White Ronald and Clarissa White Vickie White Henry and Regina Whitehead Rebecca Whittaker John and Susan Wiemann Bill and Lynn Wieties Jennifer Wigger Sarah Wiggins Charlotte Wiggins John and Melody Wiggins Wiggins Abstract Co. James Willen

Joan Williams Todd and Carrie Williams Brenda Williams Cecil and Velma Williams Vera Williams Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, PC Charlotte Williamson Deborah Willy Christy Wilson Donna Wilson Misti D. Wilson John and Sharon Wilson Betty Wilson Amy Wilson Tasha Wilson Staci Wilson Dennis and Lynn Wilson Wilson Mortuary Charlene Windsor Barbara Wirz Velma Wisdom Britney M. Witt Mike and Linda Woessner Dottye Wolf Kathie Wolfert Leroy Wombold Byron and Anne Wood Judith Woods Linda Woods Kim Woodson Darla Woolf Joan Wulfers Wendy L. Wyatt Jessica Yarbrough Era Neline Yates John and Kimberly Yess Margaret V. Yoakum Erma Young Gary and Wendy Young Ona Young Santiago Zacarias Syed Zahoor Ul Mueen George and Frieda Zobrist

In Memory Of:

2011 Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Donors • Memorials are a meaningful way to honor the memory of special friends and family. • The following list includes gifts made to the Phelps County Regional Medical Center Hospice Program in 2011.

Billy G. McKinnon Byron and Anne Wood Carman Tyler Christopher and Susie Baldwin Chester Ware Ronald and Sharon Fann James and Debbie Gilliam Zane and Carmelleet Pennock Dave Arthur George and Joan Arthur Roger and Kathryn Berkbuegler William B. Moorkamp Thomas and Debra Rice Richard and Peggy Ruge Safari Club International David Finch Thomas and Mary Bahr George and Elizabeth Barnitz Leona Bauer Janet Bowles Gary and Debbie Bullock Stuart and Anna Coats Bob and Wanda Davis E.E. and Z.A. Eliason Bill and Erika Gerth George and Dawn Glick Lavern and Doris Greig Bud Haas Barbara Hickey William and Myla Kickbusch Lake Spring Community Building

Kurtis and Lois Lambiel Meg Lass Ken and Joyce Lenox John and Linda Maledy Patricia Maledy Lee and Ruby Malone Robert and Carlene May Phelps County Farm Bureau Pythian Sisters White Cross TE Tim and Susie Rupp Dennis and Charlotte Scholl Lucy H. Sutcliffe Ronald and Clarissa White

Del Turner Church of God Citizens Bank of Newburg Arnold and Jane Gleason Joyce Hoss Don and Betty Light Billy and Peggy Neil James and Barbara Palmer George and Leah Prewett Peggy Risbeck Bob and Janet Roach Delphus Turner S.J. and Jeannie Bergholdt Douglas and Kathy Fry James and Jeanine Langlois Phyllis Sands Dewey Riden Phelps County Farm Bureau Salem Avenue Baptist Church

Don Underwood Robert and Carol McMinn Ivan Sieber Genevieve Southard Dorothy Miller Kiwanis Club of Lake Weir Charles and Katie Rauls Salem Avenue Baptist Church Earnie Henson First Baptist Church of Edgar Springs Edna McKinney Michael and Sylvia Dees Richard and Edith Quick Elizabeth M. Huskey Illa Bell Christian Life Center Ken and Joyce Lenox Dalton and Kay Snowden Todd and Carrie Williams Elmer R. Jones Sharon Dolisi Geneva Brown Imogene Callahan Dana or Janet Leas Maid Rite Gordon Milne Gordon and Gale Milne

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


In Memory of Continued Heping Wang Delbert and Shirley Day Susan Eudaly Yi-yong and Ping He Youn Joo Heo Wenbin Hong Scott and Laurie Miller MO-Sci Corporation Kelly Nowak Gerald and Linda Pietsch John and Kimberly Yess

Jean Dunham Shirley Andrews Juanita Arthur Rodney and Sharon Bramlett Madison and Mary Daily Wilson and Marjorie Freeze Gerald and Audrey Huddleson William and Myla Kickbusch Eileen N. Malone Kenneth and Beverly Oster Royal and Merle Ranney Tim and Susie Rupp Paul and Mary Stigall Dottye Wolf Jean Henry Walter F. Henry Joe Morgan Julie Bourland William Carson Richard and Jeanne Cavender Mike and Deborah Estey Louise A. Fink Riley and Mabel Godfrey Gene and Marcia Hamilton Michael and Pat Hewitt Larry and Amber Hobbs Chris and Sue Killian Deborah Klesack Maid Rite Robert and Dorothy Masters William and Suzanne Meek Mary and Franco Miceli


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012

Don and Pam Morris Connie Robison Ray Rucker Tim and Susie Rupp Donald and Mary Ellen Russell Robert and Judith Ryce Barbara Thomas Joe and Elaine Watskey Dottye Wolf

Larry Morgan Linda Strong Linda Clift Don Clift Lois Appleby Greg and Cara Hanlin

Nathan Krueger Lyle and Charlotte Pursell Norma Withers Randal and Angela Alexander Stacy and Danielle Green Billie and Janice Hughes Otto Karr Ron and Mary Bray Elizabeth Karr Ruth Karr Henry and Regina Whitehead Betty Wilson Richard Cox Cathy Cox Katherine Cox

Mabel Bell Betty Cleveland Bud and Linda Dean Dennis and Linda Holdeman Gene Watson

Rosalie Lease Elinor Hobart

Margaret Babb Mary Ryker

Willa D. Turner State of Missouri - Office of Admin

Marlene Skaggs Goron and Shirley Cherry Noel and Helen Clark Katie Coffect Ray and Shirley Gollhofer Don and Bev Good Earl and Judy Green Jean Grillo Daniel and E. Jeanne Hackett Margaret Hall Phillip and Judith Headrick Glenn and Jane Hibbler Harley and Marilyn Lovins Barbara Scharnhorst Jana Scharnhorst

Shirley Crabtree John and Judy Lewis

Willard Duckworth Wilson Mortuary William Hunter Central Federal Savings & Loan Stuart and Anna Coats Arlene Dalton Richard and Janet DeBroff H.T. and Sharron Lenox Paul and Martha Long Pershing Village Homeowner’s Assoc Bill Stoltz

If you find an error in the spelling of any of the names listed in the previous pages, please contact Donia Camarena at 573-458-7604 or email

Support Groups Alzheimer’s Support Group

Support group provides vital links to other caregivers and an opportunity to learn more about Alzheimer’s Disease and ways to cope.

Location: Pulaski Room Time: 1:30-2:30 pm Date: First Thursday of month Contact: 573-364-6414 Breastfeeding Support Group

Support group provides opportunity for breastfeeding moms to meet and share information

Location: The Centre Time: Noon-1:30 pm Dates: Second and fourth Wednesday

of the month Contact: 573-458-7353

Cancer Support Group

Separate groups providing support for cancer patients and the families and caregiver.

Location: Radiation Oncology

reception room

Time: 5-7 pm Date: Every Wednesday Contact: 573-458-7500

Diabetes Support Group

Support group forms a bridge between formal health care and self-management. By gathering people with common concerns, goals and interests, members feel less isolated.

Location: Private Dining Rooms 1 & 2 Class time: 10 am-noon Date: First Saturday of month Contact: 573-458-7697 For a complete list of Support Groups, please visit

Mark Your Calendars


Oak Meadow Country Club 8:00 am and 1:00 pm tee times available Please call 573-458-7604 for more information and registration. Rain Date: June 18th

JUN 4th • 14th Annual Golf Tournament

JUN 16th • Poker Run

Supports Phelps Regional Homecare.

JUN 20th • First annual Legacy Circle Event

In honor of our donors who have remembered PCRMC in their estate planning.


Cupcakes for Cancer

Brenna Heavin will be baking away again this summer to help support the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Be watching for details on how you can order her homemade goodies.


OCT 4th • Comedy Uncorked

Annual Donor Recognition Event

OCT • Employee Giving Campaign

OCT • Breast Cancer Awareness Events

Panera - Pink Ribbon Bagels The Centre - Cardio for a Cure - Date TBD Key Sport Shop - In the Pink - specialty T-shirts


DEC 7th • Heart-2-Heart Luncheon

Supporting cardiac services

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2012


Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation a subsidiary of Phelps County Regional Medical Center

1000 West Tenth Street • Rolla, Missouri 65401


Change Someone’s Life

Every day patients at PCRMC receive the benefits of special programs and equipment that simply would not be available without the help of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. Thanks to the generosity of people just like you, lives are being saved, futures look brighter and hope is restored. For information on making a donation, log on to or call 573-458-7946.

Change someone’s life - it just might change your own 573-458-7946 • w w w . p c r m c . c o m / g i v i n g

Spring 2012  

Baby Steps, Sisters Fighting For a Cure, Isabella's Story

Spring 2012  

Baby Steps, Sisters Fighting For a Cure, Isabella's Story