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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation • Spring 2011

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TheraSphere, created by Delbert Day, is a form of cancer treatment that directly treats tumors in the liver using small, radioactive glass beads, measuring one-third the diameter of a strand of human hair. Microspheres emit radiation, killing the cancer cells in the tumor.

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Hope. Help. Access.

Announcing a new name in the battle against cancer:

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute

PO Box 261 │ Rolla, Missouri │ 65402 │ Telephone: 573-458-7946 │ Email │

Opening Thoughts On September 2, 2010 my sister, Carman came to the ER with severe back pain. After running some initial tests it was determined that she needed to be admitted to PCRMC for further testing. It was not unusual for her back to be hurting, none of us really thought anything too serious. But over the course of two years my sister shared with me that she was unable to run and couldn’t stand for very long and was in a lot of pain. I remember being in the hospital room with her and my mom when Dr. James came in and said “there is a tumor in your chest the size of a grapefruit.” My sister’s first response was, “Well, I didn’t expect that.” Over the next 24 hours there was a biopsy of the tumor, bone marrow test, a lot of blood tests, and more words none of us understood. We still didn’t have a for sure diagnoses, but we knew it was not good. It was downright scary. Towards the end of day two, my sister at the age of 41 had been diagnosed with lung cancer. YIKES! I remember thinking this can’t be happening to her. What about her family, she still has a son in high school. She hasn’t got to see her grandbaby grow up. She is just getting started on her journey. I was utterly devastated for her. I had yet to learn that a cancer diagnoses means you are about to enter into a battle and it takes a team of people to fight. From caregivers, to clinical staff, to loving family members, to dieticians, pharmacists, social workers, financial institutions, government, etc. My sister on the other hand was and is brave, strong and took it in stride. She was reassuring our family that she was going to be fine. She started with concurrent radiation and chemotherapy. The chemotherapy made her very sick, but she didn’t quit. Initially she received 35 radiation treatments over a 7 week period. Dr. Graham is the radiation oncologist who continues to treat my sister. Dr. Graham has been an encourager and has offered hope each time during treatment. Dr. Graham said, “You never take away someone’s hope.” That has resonated with me and if I start to feel discouraged I remember her words that there is hope after a cancer diagnoses. The transportation van service picked her up each day at her home in Edgar Springs. Jack was and is the driver that picks her up and brings her to each treatment. What a blessing Jack has been to my sister and to our family. One time after my sister received chemotherapy treatment she was so ill, Jack took her and bought her a mocha shake from Arbys (my sister’s favorite). Jack also observed that my sister loves flowers, he and his wife dug up flowers and gave them to my sister to plant in her yard. In December my sister had the upper left lobe of her lung removed at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. Dr. Graham coordinated the care between our hospital and theirs. The surgery was hard on my sister, but they were able to remove the entire tumor. In January my sister went for a follow-up appointment and it appeared that the cancer was gone and her blood work came back good. We were all so excited. Again, with the coordination of care between the two hospitals my sister was sent back to Dr. Graham for all follow-up cancer care. In February my sister was in agonizing pain and she called Dr. James her primary care physician and he admitted her to the hospital to run tests. After two MRI’s it showed that a new tumor was growing and pressing on the nerves that was causing so much pain. I think hearing that the cancer has returned was just as devastating and shocking as the first time. Currently Carman is receiving 15 radiation treatments and she will work with the oncology team to get a comprehensive care plan in her battle against cancer. We are hopeful.

Lorrie Hartley,

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Director

Foundation in Focus

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation 2011 Board of Directors Ted Day, R.Ph., President Frank Lazzaro, Vice President Tina Pridgeon, Secretary Debbie Schuetz, Treasurer Jo Ann Brand-Hoertel Yvonne Dawdy Mary Graham, M.D. Pat Leaders John Park, Ph.D Mark Riefer John Denbo, Ex-Officio

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation Team

Lorrie Hartley, Director Donia Camarena, Annual Giving Coordinator Lori Moss, Planned Giving Coordinator

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at Donate/ Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261 Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

Announcing a new name in the battle against cancer:


The Delbert Day Cancer Institute

Creating the Delbert Day Cancer Institute is not just a name. It represents innovation, know-how, curiosity, strength, courage, faith, endurance and hard work that pays off—in short, everything we need to beat cancer.

There was a time when central Missourians with cancer had to travel to distant cities for care. Cancer diagnoses meant long car rides, separation from family, lost income, disruption of daily life and extra suffering at a time of terrible weakness, anxiety and vulnerability. Since the 1980’s, PCRMC has quietly acquired the equipment, personnel and services of a major regional cancer center. Now, with a remarkable donation from Ted and Kim Day, the PCRMC cancer institute has a name and a future, The Delbert Day Cancer Institute. The donation was the single largest in PCRMC’s history. The Days donated on behalf of Ted’s father, Dr. Delbert Day, a man known for his technical achievements and contributions to the glass industry. Delbert is the former Chairman and President of MO-SCI Corp., a company he helped found in Rolla, MO, that manufactures special purpose glasses for healthcare, electronics, transportation, aerospace, chemical and sporting good industries. “We wanted to honor Dad’s efforts and work in the medical community,” Ted said. “He had always been “Dad” to me until I came to work at MO-SCI with

him. It was a humbling experience to find out how extensive and groundbreaking his achievements are. We are very proud of his accomplishments, and we felt this donation was a wonderful way to honor him.” The Day name is already closely tied to cancer care because of Delbert’s groundbreaking role in the development of selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT).

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute

SIRT increases tumor targeting, reduces side effects and treats tumors inaccessible by surgery. He co-invented special purpose glass microspheres, TheraSphere™, which is now being used at over 100 sites to treat patients with inoperable liver cancer. TheraSphere is a form of cancer treatment that directly treats tumors in the liver using small,


radioactive glass beads, measuring one-third the diameter of a strand of human hair. Microspheres emit radiation, killing the cancer cells in the tumor. The donation was announced on January 12, 2011 at a press conference and VIP event during which Delbert addressed the hospital. “I want to congratulate the trustees and the staff of the medical center for the foresight of establishing a cancer institute,” Delbert said. “It’s often difficult to visualize the importance of a decision like this at the time it is made. “ He discussed three different ways the institute would impact the community. “The first will be an expansion of the outstanding services and cutting edge procedures that are already being used here to treat patients,” Delbert said. “The second will be a major increase in the local and national recognition of the medical center -- this will improve the overall healthcare available to our residents and make our region more attractive to physicians and medical specialists. And finally, the cancer institute and the hospital in general can be an even larger engine for economic growth in this area.”

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011


Delbert’s Story Delbert Day has achieved much as a researcher and professor, and he says it all started back in high school in front of a soda machine. “I was fortunate enough to be behind a young woman who was having trouble getting a coke out of the coke machine,” Day said. “That’s how I met my wife, Shirley.” As Delbert completed high school, he considered becoming a draftsman, but Shirley had other ideas for him. “She wanted me to go to college, but it wasn’t in my plans,” Day said. “She convinced me, and I went to what is now called Missouri S&T. I ended up at a “smoker” for the ceramics department and was intrigued by the high temperatures and the firing process. There’s a lot of luck and happenstance in that, and that’s been a


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

theme in my life.” With the help of his wife and a recruitment BBQ, Delbert found his calling. He continued on to graduate school at Pennsylvania State and then came back to Rolla as a professor after earning his doctoral degree in Ceramic Engineering. “I didn’t interview at a lot of places during my lifetime,” Day said. “We liked that Rolla was a small town, and I knew I wanted to go into teaching. As an undergraduate I had been a tutor in chemistry, physics and math, and at Penn State I tutored the football players.” Day went on several sabbaticals during his career at Missouri S&T. The first was to Holland, and the second was to Sandea in Albuqurque, New Mexico. After returning from Sandea, Day received a call from

Dr. Gary Earhardt that planted the seed for their partnership on the research that would eventually develop a special glass microsphere that could treat inoperable liver cancer. The project was originally supported by a Weldon Springs Research Grant. This grant supported the initial work performed at the University which led to the invention and product now known as TheraSphere. When the project moved into the production stage, no company could be found that was interested in only making a couple of pounds of beads annually. The decision was made by Day to start a small company that could be used to make not only TheraSpheres, but also meet the needs of other companies that required specialized glass/ materials services that weren’t currently being met. Mo-Sci was started as a spinoff company from the research originally performed at the University. In its early years, Mo-Sci survived on SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grants from proposals that Mo-Sci employees wrote. Mo-Sci kept its overhead expenses low by renting equipment and space from the University. The University was also

a good resource for manpower too, and several graduate students were hired directly after graduation. After the TheraSphere technology was licensed to a Canadian company (MDS Nordion), Mo-Sci began manufacturing small quantities of beads for trials and additional testing while seeking FDA approval. “We thought it would take three to five years for FDA approval,” Day said. “We didn’t get it until 2000, but I didn’t get discouraged. I was having a lot of fun at the university - I was heavily involved with NASA research and then iron phosphate research.” MO-SCI continued to innovate as Therasphere was made available for cancer treatment. The company is currently studying the effects of a special purpose fiber glass that helps heal chronic wounds that otherwise would have required amputation. Day continues to be involved at Missouri S&T as a Curators’ Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and Senior Investigator of the Graduate Center for Materials Research, as well as continuing his involvement at MOSCI, where his son, Ted, serves as CEO and Chairman.

Row 1 left to right: Kim Day, Ted Day, Delbert Day & Shirley Day. Row 2 left to right: Jerry Davis, Karen Davis, Brett Day, Christine Day, Lynn Soleta, Don Soleta & Robert Baird.

Delbert Day’s Professional Bio Delbert E. Day is Curators’ Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering and Senior Investigator (formerly Director) of the Graduate Center for Materials Research at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. During his career, he has published more than 365 technical papers dealing with the structure, properties and uses of glass; edited three books and has been granted 53 US and foreign patents. His patents include glass microspheres for medical (radiation therapy) and dental applications, bioactive glasses for wound and bone repair, chemically durable glasses for vitrifying nuclear waste, optically transparent composites and high temperature ceramics. He conducted the first US glass melting experiments in micro-gravity on NASA’s Space Shuttle and is coinventor of special purpose glass microspheres, TheraSphere™, which are now being used at more than 100 sites worldwide to treat patients with inoperable liver cancer. He is a co-inventor of “Glasphalt,” which recycles waste glass by using it as part of the aggregate in asphalt paving. Dr. Day’s numerous honors and awards include election to the National Academy of Engineering, Distinguished Life Member (and past president) of the American Ceramic Society, The Presidential Award for Research and Creativity and the Presidential Citation for Alumni Service Award (University of Missouri), selection as the Nation’s Outstanding Young Ceramic Engineer (Pace Award) by the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers, the Hosler Alumni Scholar Medal for Scientific Achievement (Pennsylvania State

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Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

golf 13th Annual

tournament 4-person scramble Date

Monday, May 23, 2011 (Rain Date - June 27th)

Registration Tee Time Location

1st Flight - 7am / 2nd Flight - 12pm 1st Flight - 8am / 2nd Flight - 1pm Oak Meadow Country Club 10700 County Road 3110 • Rolla, Missouri

Tournament proceeds will help support PCRMC’s “OB Renovation Project.” This ultimate transformation of the obstetrics department includes life monitoring equipment, allowing physicians and nurses the ability to perform their clinical duties with greater effectiveness.

Submit sponsor form and payment to: Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation PO Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402 • 573-458-7946

Paying on-line is available at

Ted & Kim Day:

Leaving a Legacy

Delbert Day’s Professional Bio Continued University), the Chancellor’s Medal and Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa (University of Missouri), and the Outstanding Educator Award from the American Ceramic Society. He is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, the Society of Glass Technology (United Kingdom) and the National Institute of Ceramic Engineers. In 2009, he received the Toledo Glass & Ceramics award for his “Achievements in Education and Industry,” and in 2010 he was awarded the Phoenix Award and named “Glass Person of the Year” for his technical achievements and contributions to the glass industry. Dr. Day is the former Chairman and President of MO-SCI Corporation in Rolla, a company he co-founded to manufacture special purpose glasses for healthcare, electronics, transportation, aerospace, chemical and sporting goods industries. He continues work as an educator, researcher, entrepreneur, consultant and multi-engine commercial pilot/ flight instructor.

Ted Day was working at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in the 1990s when his father, Delbert, asked him to join MOSCI Corporation in 1998. Ted was persuaded, and eventually became the second CEO and Chairman of MO-SCI. He continues to support the hospital during his career with MO-SCI, and currently serves as the president of the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation. In addition, Ted and Kim have been generous supporters of the Foundation for many years. As the holiday season of 2010 approached, Ted and Kim made the decision to honor Delbert with a once-in-a-lifetime gift that would reflect his significant achievements in research and the medical community. The Days made the single largest donation the hospital has ever received to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation to establish The Delbert Day Cancer Institute at Phelps County Regional Medical Center. “We made this donation chiefly to honor Dad’s efforts and work in the medical community,” Ted said. “He has always been just Dad to me until I came to work with him

and learned the extent of all his accomplishments. It’s something we really wanted to honor.” Ted and Kim announced the news to Delbert and Shirley over the holidays, and plans for the institute began immediately in 2011. “I enjoy surprises, but I have to admit that when the three of them (Ted, Kim & Shirley) told me what was happening, I was extremely flattered,” Delbert said. “I’m pleased to help Rolla in this way, and I’m very appreciative of this gift.” The Day’s gift ensures that PCRMC will be able to offer superior coordination of care to cancer patients as they complete treatment, and it will pave the way for offering clinical trials and conducting medical research. “We will be able to move ahead with plans to expand our cancer services,” John Denbo, CEO of PCRMC, said. “We can establish the infrastructure needed to host clinical protocol trials in cancer research. We already provide stateof-the-art treatment, but this gift will allow us to provide cuttingedge treatment.”

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011


Delbert Day Cancer Institute: Physician Spotlight Mary Graham, M.D. Radiation Oncology

Mary Graham, M.D., is boardcertified in radiation oncology by the American Board of Radiology. She has served as the medical director of the radiation oncology team at PCRMC since 1998. Dr. Graham graduated from medical school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1985, completed an internship with Duke University in 1987 and a residency and fellowship from Washington University in 1991. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Graceland College in 1979. She worked as an assistant and associate professor at Washington University from 1991 to 1998. Dr. Graham has been honored as a “Top Doc” through St. Louis Magazine’s “Best Doctors in St. Louis List” in 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011. She was named in “The 318 Top Cancer Specialists for Women” article by Good Housekeeping magazine in 1999. Dr. Graham has published more than 36 articles in professional journals, written 8 chapters in oncology text books and made more than 25 presentations on oncology in 6 different countries.


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

Joseph C. Bond, D.O.

Ruth Ann Nevils, M.D.

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Dr. Joe Bond has been practicing Medical Oncology/Hematology in Rolla since 1981. He and his wife, Dr. Cathy Bond, established the PCRMC Bond Clinic in 1989. Dr. Bond served as an Army Officer in Vietnam, and then returned to complete his degree in Zoology from Southeast Missouri State University in 1972. He completed medical school at Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1976 and finished his internship and residency in Internal Medicine at Normandy Osteopathic Hospital in St. Louis. In 1981 he completed his fellowship in Hematology/Oncology at St. Louis University Medical Center. He is board certified in Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine. Dr. Bond established the Oncology Program at Phelps County Regional Medical Center in 1981. Since that time he served as the Director of the Oncology Program. He has also served as Chairman of the Cancer Care Committee at PCRMC. Dr. Bond currently serves as Medical Director of Hematology/ Oncology Outpatient Services at PCRMC and Medical Director of PCRMC Hospice.

Ruth Ann Nevils, M.D., is boardcertified in internal medicine and medical oncology. She obtained her medical degree from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University, and completed her oncology fellowship at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Dr. Nevils is serving as the 2011 PCRMC Cancer Committee chairperson. Dr. Nevils has 20 years of experience and has previously worked in Tennessee, North Carolina, Maine and Alaska.

How to Donate Visit PCRMC online at Mail a donation to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, P.O. Box 261 Rolla, MO 65402 Call the Foundation office 573-458-7946

Announcing a New Name in Cancer Treatment: The Delbert Day Cancer Institute Physicians associated with The Delbert Day Cancer Institute Include:

Yaqoob Ali, M.D.

Joseph C. Bond, D.O.



Oncology-Hematology St. John’s Clinic

Oncology-Hematology The Bond Clinic

Lowell Fisher, D.O.

Mary Graham, M.D.



General Surgery The Bond Clinic

Radiation Oncology PCRMC

Paul Cook, D.O.

Dwayne Crabtree, M.D.

James Davison, D.O.

Edward Downey, D.O.





Anatomic & Clinical Pathology Anatomic & Clinical Pathology PCRMC PCRMC

Syed Huq, M.D.

Oncology-Hematology St. John’s Clinic



JudyAnn Krenning, M.D. Ruth Ann Nevils, M.D. ENT The Bond Clinic


Oncology-Hematology The Bond Clinic


Radiology PCRMC

Sherry Phippen, M.D. Surgery St. John’s Clinic


PhelPs County Regional MediCal CenteR Vijay Sekhon, M.D.

Dana Voight, M.D.

LeRoy Wombold, D.O.




Radiology PCRMC

General Surgery The Bond Clinic

General Surgery PCRMC

The Delbert Day Cancer Institute

573-458-8899 │ 1000 W. Tenth Street • Rolla, MO 65401 │

Comprehensive cancer services The Delbert Day Cancer Institute’s cancer services were first accredited by the American College of Surgeons in 2007 with 13 commendations for excellence. In 2009, the accreditation was renewed with additional commendations. As part of the establishment of The Delbert Day Cancer Institute, PCRMC will be able to create the infrastructure needed to participate in medical research and clinical trials, including the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP). This national program connects local patients and physicians with NCI-sponsored new treatments and clinical trials for drugs. Our patients will have access to the cutting edge therapy and treatment. Diagnostic Imaging 256-slice CT scanner and PET/CT Scanner Breast Center (all digital as of 2008) MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, bone density scanning and general radiology. Radiation Oncology The full complement of equipment and services for between 350 – 550 patients a year. Current facilities and equipment are state-of-the art, so local patients already have access to advanced therapies. Medical Oncology A 20-chair outpatient chemotherapy center located at Blues Lake Parkway, one mile from PCRMC. Five inpatient beds designated for oncology. Surgery Some 6,000 surgeries a year are conducted at PCRMC. A significant number are cancer related and include same


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

day procedures for cancer prevention, diagnoses or treatment as well as inpatient surgery for more complex procedures. Professional Oncology Staff Our PCRMC cancer team has worked together for many years. A radiation oncologist, two medical oncologists, radiation oncology technologist, oncology nurse manager and oncology nurses. Social workers and dieticians are available as excellent resources for Oncology patients. Screening and Early Detection On-site PAP testing, colonoscopies, and DRE/PSA prostate screenings, as well as the all digital mammography in the breast center. Cancer Rehabilitation Occupational, physical, speech, and exercise therapy, wound care, stomal care, lymph edema program, and fittings for wigs and other prosthetics. Tumor Board and Cancer Conference Weekly and quarterly meetings to review cases. Cancer Registry Full-time tumor registrar, who records, maintains and follows up on all cancer cases. More than 2,000 patients registered. Comprehensive tracking of 90 percent of all cancer patients treated at PCRMC in the last five years. Patient Support Services On-site cancer resource center, cancer support groups, pain therapy and palliative care, home care and hospice, cancer nutrition counseling, and the American Cancer Society’s Look Good, Feel Better and Reach to Recovery programs.

Cancer Prevention Programs Events for breast, colorectal, prostate and general cancer prevention, and programs for smoking cessation and smoking prevention for adolescents. Research/Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) Desired future participation in this National Cancer Institute program, which offers local patients and physicians the opportunity to participate in clinical trials for experimental therapies. Continuing Professional Education For physicians, nurses and all staff to learn about advancements in the treatment of cancer. Topics include Recent Shifts in the Treatment of BCell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Evolving Strategies in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Cancer Patient Transportation Patient transportation is offered free of charge to patients that live within a thirty mile radius of PCRMC. This provides transportation to patients receiving medical treatment and relieves their family members of the burden of sometimes making daily trips to the doctor. There are five vans that have covered more than a million miles since 1998, shuttling patients to and from PCRMC. The Joy of Cancer Caring Fund Financial assistance—for prescriptions, food supplements, prosthetics, heating/cooling repairs, travel expenses—to qualified patients who are struggling to maintain daily life while undergoing cancer treatment. Capital equipment needs as identified.

2010 Employee Giving Campaign: Joy of Caring Cancer Fund A cancer diagnosis is terrifying and unexpected to the person receiving the report: it places a large emotional weight on the patient and their family, and often brings unexpected financial burden. Many may feel unable to make a worth while contribution because cancer is vast and wide; from initial diagnosis, to an individualized treatment plan, to a comprehensive follow-up care plan. Many people wonder what they can do to help someone. While we can’t fight the battle for them, we can lend them our support. Even the smallest gesture can bring big relief to someone undergoing a cancer treatment. Many PCRMC employees answered the invitation to help someone dealing with cancer during the 2010 Employee Giving Campaign. The campaign focused on providing small necessities that make a big difference: nutritional shakes, gas cards for transportation to treatment, new wigs and one large but simple need: 20 new chemotherapy treatment recliners and two vital sign monitors for the chemotherapy treatment room at the PCRMC Bond Clinic. PCRMC employees contributed $32,709, and the community gave $62,376.

Joy Heavin’s Vision

The Joy of Caring Cancer Fund

is named in memory of Renee Joy Heavin. Joy, an Edgar Springs resident, was a wife and mother of two daughters who was living a fulfilled and busy life when she received her cancer diagnosis. In May of 1992, Joy was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband lost his job of 21 years due to a plant closing. In addition to losing his job, the family also lost their health benefits. Joy and her family were consumed with worry and stress about how to pay the medical, household and family expenses. Joy realized that other cancer patients must experience the same worries and stress, and she was inspired to find a way to help others like her. Joy’s vision of having resources available for cancer patients became a reality when she was hired by the PCRMC Bond Clinic as their first Cancer Care Coordinator in 1995. Through the Bond Clinic’s support, Joy started the “Joy of Caring Foundation” in 1995 to support local cancer patients. Sadly, Joy lost her battle with cancer in 1996, but her mission of caring lives on in all the cancer patients who still benefit from her hard work, dedication and compassion. Joy once said, “Along with my family, the Joy of Caring Fund is an accomplishment I’m most proud of.”

The Joy of Caring Cancer Fund Today, the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund is managed by the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and strives to continue to provide relief to cancer patients in our community. The fund can provide financial assistance to patients who are currently undergoing cancer treatment and are having difficulty maintaining their activities of daily living. The Joy of Caring Cancer Fund can assist patients with: prescription medications, food supplements, wigs, mastectomy bras, heating/ cooling repairs to their home, travel expenses and other needs as identified. Patients may receive assistance after a social worker or health care professional completes an assessment of the patient’s qualifications and an application is completed and approved by Jason Sharp, Director of Radiation Oncology and Administrator over the disbursement of funds for the Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. Applications can be obtained from the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation or from a PCRMC health professional working directly with a patient.

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011



th Annual




Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

The 26th annual Cancer Gala was Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Havener Center on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus. This year a majority of the proceeds are staying in our local community to help people that have been diagnosed with cancer. All together the event raised a total of $44,000. $5,000 is being donated to the American Cancer Society and the remaining funds are going to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation, Joy of Caring Cancer Fund. The Foundation is very appreciative of the cancer gala committee members making us the charity of choice in the fight against cancer.

Grand Dad’s Kitchen

Rick Hanrahan, Director of Public Safety at PCRMC, spices up his weekends by making homemade jellies for his business Grand Dad’s Kitchen. The business started as a quest to find a good pepper jelly. “I learned to make jelly years ago from my mom – I grew up on a farm, and the kids worked in the garden and helped in the kitchen,” Hanrahan said. “My dad used to joke that we didn’t eat anything we hadn’t grown ourselves or weren’t on a first name basis with.” Hanrahan lost touch with making jelly as he grew up, but would look to buy pepper jelly from vendors at fairs. Last summer he couldn’t find any pepper jelly from his usual sources so he searched elsewhere. When he finally did find some jelly, it didn’t taste very good. “I thought shoot, I could do better than that,” Hanrahan said. “I tried to remember how my mom made jelly, but she never used recipes. So I just started piddling with it from memory. My mom didn’t make pepper jellies, just regular jelly, so I had to do some inventing as well.” Hanrahan ended up throwing out the first several batches, but he eventually created a winning recipe. He gave away most of that first successful batch to friends and family, and then started marketing and selling the jellies at last year’s Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation’s annual donor party. The jellies were a success, and Hanrahan had to work to keep up. He makes all of his products one batch at a time.

“I was really surprised,” Hanrahan said. “It grew faster than I could keep up with. We even just finished putting a kitchen in our basement so we could do this.” Not only is Hanrahan doing a hobby he loves, he’s also giving back to the community. He donates 25 cents to Phelps Regional Healthcare Foundation’s Joy of Caring Cancer Fund for each jar purchased. Hanrahan feels it is important to support area cancer patients with the daily costs of fighting their illness. “I lost my mom to cancer – it’s a small gesture, but it feels like I’m doing something,” Hanrahan said. Hanrahan makes several kinds of jellies and other products, but he gives each a kick. Flavors include:

• Jalapeno/Strawberry Jelly: Home-style heat • • • •

that’s strawberry sweet Habanera Grape Jelly: Hot, not for the faint of heart Pineapple Pepper Jelly Drizzling Sauce – A Pepper Syrup Hot Dill Pickles (Seasonal)

Looking toward the future, Hanrahan and his wife hope to have Grand Dad’s Kitchen jellies on the shelves of several local retailers. Hanrahan is also considering two new sizes: a 4 ounce jar for $4 and a 12 ounce jar for $8.

To request product information or place an order, email Grand Dad’s Kitchen at

Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011


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Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

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Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

The Abby Darnell Fund

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Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

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Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011



Hospice is about

living every day to the fullest in comfort and dignity when dealing with a disease that cannot be cured. Hospice is not about giving up or losing hope - it is hope redirected to the: • hope of spending time with family and friends instead of repeated trips to the hospital • hope of restoring relationships • hope of finishing life tasks • hope of finding comfort and peace


Foundation In Focus │ Spring 2011

Monica and Aiden helped raise $2,837.80 for hospice by running the Chicago marathon

Monica and Aiden Galarza, a mother and daughter team, decided to tackle running a marathon last year while raising money for a good cause. Through the National Hospice Foundation’s “A Run to Remember” program, they chose the 2010 Chicago marathon as their challenge. They reached out to family, friends and the community to support their run. In total they raised $2,837.80. Half of their proceeds went to the National Hospice Foundation and the other half went to the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation’s Hospice Fund. They attached the names of their supporters loved ones who had benefitted from hospice on their jerseys, along with Monica’s mother’s name.

The Galarza’s went into the marathon with a common running injury, but they both finished together within two or three minutes of the allowed time to receive a completion medal. “The race gave us 6 hours and 30 minutes and we finished right around 6 hours and 28 minutes,” Monica said. “We used the newer trend of running and walking the marathon. When we finished, Aiden went straight for the medical tent and I went straight to the beverage tent.” The Galarza’s say they are not planning to run a second marathon this year, but Monica hopes to volunteer for the National Hospice Foundation.

Phelps Regional Homecare Phelps Regional Homecare serves patients in Phelps, Pulaski, Crawford and Maries counties, and portions of Dent, Gasconade and Texas counties. Hospice is for every age group, including children, adults, and the elderly. Hospice responds to the need for comfort, empowerment, self-directed care and supports the patient’s loved ones both during the illness and after death. The goal is to maintain the highest quality of life, as well as dignity for both patient and family. The patient, family and physician are all crucial hospice team members, along with Phelps Regional Homecare’s hospice staff, which includes: hospice medical director, nursing, social services, chaplains, homemaker/ bath aide, specialized therapies (OT,

PT, ST), volunteers, bereavement counselor (provides support for up to 13 months), medications, medical supplies and equipment, nutritionist. To qualify for hospice care, a patient must have a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness, which may include cancer, end-stage heart, lung, kidney or liver disease, dementia, neurological disease or general decline. The individual must be under the care of a physician, and both agree on palliative comfort care, rather than aggressive, curative treatment. For more information about Phelps Regional Homecare, visit or call (573) 364-2425.

National Doctor’s Day March 30th

I wish to honor the following physician: Physician’s First & Last Name:

_______________________________________________ Physician’s Specialty: _______________________________________________ Comments: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ Donor Information (please print) Name: __________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ City: _________________ State: ______ Zip: ___________ Telephone: ______________________________________ Email: __________________________________________

• To express gratitude to a caring physician • To honor a skilled and dedicated healer • To ensure that the Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation can continue to provide top-quality, stateof-the-art facilities for our patients and their doctors

Giving Options Online at Check payable to Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation in the amount of $____________ Please charge $__________ to my credit card ____MC ____VISA ____DISC ____AMEX Card # __________________________________________ Expiration: ______________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ To learn more about ways to donate to PCRMC, contact the Foundation staff by calling or writing to us at:

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation

PO Box 261 • Rolla, Missouri 65402 (573) 458-7946 or (573) 458-7604

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation and PCRMC are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. We do not rent, sell or trade donor lists. You can be removed from our mailing list at any time by calling (573) 458-7604.

Phelps Regional Health Care Foundation a subsidiary of Phelps County Regional Medical Center

1000 West Tenth Street • Rolla, Missouri 65401


PO Box 261 │ Rolla, Missouri │ 65402 │ Telephone: 573-458-7946 │ Email │

Spring 2011  

Delbert Day Cancer Institute

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