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MARCH 2022 | VOLUME 60 | ISSUE 2

Installers have a big part to play Ģł ƩėĞŶ ÖėÖĢłŭŶ āłāũėƘ ĢłƪÖŶĢŋł Industry bodies have called for a national ]P_]Zʭ_ NLX[LTRY to help address the problem of rising energy costs and encourage investment in low carbon technologies With Ofgem having confirmed a ˞˝% rise on the energy price cap from this April, there is widespread concern that many more UK households will be driven into fuel poverty. Estimates before the energy price cap increase had already put fuel poverty at around ˚˜% of households in England, ˛˞% in Scotland, ˚˛% in Wales and ˚ˡ% in Northern Ireland, while a recent report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation predicts that households who spend the highest proportion of their budgets on energy will find already tight budgets further squeezed. The issue has been addressed by the CIPHE, with the Chartered Institute highlighting the central role that the plumbing and heating industry can play in helping to alleviate some of the hardship faced by UK households. “Combined with tax and interest rate rises, soaring food costs and inflation hitting a ˜˙-year high means we are entering the perfect storm,” says CEO Kevin Wellman. “The figures I’ve seen quoted estimate some ˟̍˜˛ million households in Britain - that’s more than ˚˞ million people - will be living in fuel poverty this year. “To help pull families out of fuel poverty we need to make homes,

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heating and hot water systems as efficient as possible. Our industry will be central to helping consumers make good choices when it comes to both using and upgrading their systems. Whether that’s improving existing efficiencies by fitting controls and TRVs, or replacing old and inefficient boilers with the latest boiler technology or renewables, the installer has an important role to play. Who else is better placed to tell their clients how to get the best from their systems and make them more energy aware?”

Retrofit campaign The dramatic surge in energy prices has also spurred the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) to call for a national programme of building retrofits. “Millions of people are now facing real hardship as a result of the soaring cost of gas and electricity, but we do not have a comprehensive plan for addressing a major contributory factor – the poor energy efficiency of our buildings,”

says BESA’s head of technical Graeme Fox. “The price of energy has never had a higher profile, but most of the talk about possible solutions either refers to short-term financial measures and adjustments to the tax regime or very expensive technical fixes like renewables and hydrogen. Yet, we can fix energy efficiency relatively quickly and cost-effectively through renovation and refurbishment.” BESA has welcomed a new report from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Select Committee, which has urged the government to invest more heavily in the decarbonisation of heating. The Association argues that many of the recommendations in the report would have a positive impact on long-term energy consumption and help to lower bills. The committee’s report has called for a replacement of the ill-fated Green Homes Grant and a national consumer awareness campaign that would explain the importance of

energy efficiency measures to make low carbon heating technologies, like heat pumps, achieve their full potential. It is suggested that funding should be aimed at the lowest income homes to directly support those most likely to suffer most from rising energy costs. “Any new low carbon heating incentives would be launching into a much more receptive marketplace now because of the growing alarm over rising energy bills,” adds Fox. “We must work together to develop a national low carbon heating training programme to ensure we have the skills to deliver solutions on a scale that can both help tackle climate change and give consumers protection from rising bills.”

Inside this issue Energy Matters Hydrogen hybrid system on trial See page 13

Training Update The latest learning opportunities See page 15

Recruitment drive Ministers should launch a national campaign to recruit an army of plumbers and heating installers as ‘Climate Heroes’, according to a new report from the non-partisan think-tank body, The Social Market Foundation (SMF). Cutting the use of fossil fuel heating will reduce Britain’s dependence on imported gas, making the country less vulnerable to disruption on international markets that is driving up energy bills, says the SMF report. But the current generation of plumbers lacks incentives to take up training for heat pumps, and not enough new recruits are being drawn into heat installation work. It is argued that ‘a national charm offensive’ is needed that will encourage more people to train as heating installers by showing the national importance of the work. !ŋłŶĢłŽāù ŋł ťÖėā ˝̍​̍​̍


Win a DeWalt drill kit! See page ˝˞

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Inside this issue 3 MARCH 2022 VOLUME 60 ISSUE 2

Editor’s Viewpoint by Chris Jones

Your country needs you Recent traumatic events in Eastern Europe have cast a shadow over our times, putting into perspective other issues which might not so clearly threaten lives and livelihoods, but a country’s defence of its national borders perhaps helps to demonstrate what might be achieved when forces are mobilised and united behind a common goal. Responding to the challenge of rising energy costs may not be much of a rallying call, but professional heating and plumbing installers are likely to be in the frontline when an increasing number of UK households are confronted by hefty heating bills. This month’s cover story highlights the crucial part that the nation’s army of installers and service engineers can play in helping their customers to avoid falling into fuel poverty. The Social Market Foundation has suggested that plumbers and heating installers should be acclaimed as ‘Climate Heroes’ in a ‘your country needs you’ bid to make Britain’s homes cleaner and greener and less dependent on imported fossil fuels. The SMF argues that installers should be better incentivsed to invest TY SPL_ [`X[ _]LTYTYR MPQZ]P PYRLRTYR TY L YL_TZYLW Pʬ Z]_ _Z reduce the country’s carbon footprint. While recognising the need to embrace new energy saving technologies, it should also be acknowledged that there is still much that can be done to reduce bills by simply replacing TYPʯ NTPY_ MZTWP]^ LYO ZWO NZY_]ZW^ bT_S _SP WL_P^_ XZOPW^ ?SP soaring cost of gas and electricity has led to calls for a national ]P_]Zʭ _ NLX[LTRY bSTNS bZ`WO ^SZb bSL_ NZ`WO MP LNSTPaPO Md some relatively cost-Pʬ PN_TaP ]PYZaL_TZY LYO ]PQ`]MT^SXPY_ projects. There might not be any end in sight in the battle against spiralling energy costs, but a co-ordinated programme of heating upgrades would at least prove that this industry is not about to ]LT^P _SP bST_P ʮ LR

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News Review One respondent said: “Finding skilled personnel is almost impossible”, and another added that “all experienced trades are in short supply.”

ŽũƑāƘ Ʃ łùŭ recruitment issues a drag on growth According to the quarterly Building Engineering Business Survey, finding and retaining skilled tradespeople is the biggest concern for employers across the building engineering services sector. The survey, carried out by the trade bodies BESA, ECA, SELECT and SNIPEF, found that while companies remain largely optimistic about business prospects for the rest of the year, the skills shortage continues to present a challenge. Just under half (˝ˠ%) of respondents said that “attracting the

Installers can be climate heroes ...continued from front cover The SMF says that more needs to be done to show plumbers the financial and environmental advantages of training for heat pumps, and policymakers need to address the barriers to re-training, such as high costs, inconsistent standards, and lack of a robust plan for the industry. BT_S NZYNP]Y^ _SL_ YZ_ PYZ`RS young recruits are being drawn into an industry that will need a large expansion to meet the challenge of installing millions of heat pumps, the SMF argues that plumbers should be celebrated as key workers leading the green revolution in home heating. Other key recommendations to policymakers include: • Stimulate consumer demand by MZZ^_TYR _SP -ZTWP] @[R]LOP >NSPXP • Launch a clear national information campaign on the phasing out of fossil fuel heating for installers and consumers alike

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Rłƪ ÖŶĢŋł óŋłóāũłŭ

right calibre of people to the business” was their biggest worry, while ˝˚% said their top concern was to “retain existing staff”. ,WXZ^_ SLWQ ZQ ʭ ]X^ ^LTO _SPd SLO aLNLYNTP^ _SPd NZ`WO YZ_ ʭ WW

• Consider providing tax relief for sole trader and selfemployed installers when they’re re-training • Set out clear training standards and certification for all heat pump installers Amy Norman, the SMF’s senior researcher, comments: “Plumbers and heat installers are going to be absolutely vital to the huge national effort to get the carbon out of our home heating. But right now, they don’t have the clarity or incentives they need to get training in fitting heat pumps. ɭBP YPPO L O]LXL_TN NLWW Q]ZX government to call up a generation of climate heroes who will take the carbon out of our homes. The message is clear: your country needs you to get trained to fit the heat pumps that will help make Britain’s homes cleaner, greener and less dependent on expensive imported gas. “Ministers should use the government’s messaging power to celebrate plumbers and heat installers as Climate Heroes playing a vital role in delivering a greener future.”

Inflation is another key concern with ˛˞% of firms citing the OTʯ N`W_d ZQ QZ]PNL^_TYR _SP ]L_P ZQ price rises as a major drag on M`^TYP^^ NZYʭ OPYNP BT_S XL_P]TLW and labour rates already priced into many contracts, contractors are ^_]`RRWTYR _Z XLVP L []Zʭ _ >ZXP respondents said they were spending more time trying to renegotiate rates on existing projects than looking for new work. Meanwhile, ˡˡ% of business leaders surveyed said they expected their turnover for the first three months of this year to be the same or higher than the same time last year. Almost seven in ˚˙ said their

turnover stayed the same or TYN]PL^PO TY _SP ʭ YLW \`L]_P] ZQ WL^_ year compared to the previous three months. “As usual, building engineering ʭ ]X^ L]P ^SZbTYR ]P^TWTPYNP TY _SP face of a range of major challenges,” said BESA’s director of legal and commercial Debbie Petford. “However, the skills issue is a worry as it could become a serious drag on future growth and slow down current projects. “The country’s ageing population and workforce means our industry is in a tough competition for talent. This makes it more important than ever that we focus on recruiting from a much wider demographic than we do currently. There is also a pressing need for a wider range of skills and for us to improve our productivity as we gear up for a big push towards the country’s net zero goals.”

Firms urged to take heed of changes to Part F regulations

Air quality specialist Bureau Veritas has welcomed recent updates to Approved Document F as a step in the right direction for indoor ventilation LYO SL^ NLWWPO QZ] M`^TYP^^P^ _Z XLYLRP LT] ʮ Zb _Z PY^`]P NZX[WTLYNP “There are a number of simple steps businesses can take to drive towards greater fresh air ventilation, by opening windows or utilising air handling units – both of which Covid shone a spotlight on. However, the introduction of Part F places strict technical requirements on what must be achieved through ventilation,” says Joe Marais, occupational hygiene manager at Bureau Veritas. “The pandemic highlighted that ventilation is a vital component for all buildings, placing a requirement on businesses and building managers to monitor indoor air quality. Covid measures temporarily enhanced standards, with many employers having invested in improved mechanical ventilation and air circulation services to support employee health and wellbeing. However, these temporary standards must become permanent if businesses hope to comply to new Part F rulings.”

Demand for plumbers continues unabated

The cost of hiring self-employed plumbers during the seasonally slow start to the new year increased by ˚̍ˢ%, according to payroll provider Hudson Contract. Plumbing contractors earned an average of £ˢ˞˟ per week in January, compared to £ˢ˜ˡ during the same period in ˛˙˛˚. Monthon-month earnings usually decline in January as sites begin to reopen after the festive break. This year, they decreased by ˚˛̍ˠ% against December ˛˙˛˚. MD Ian Anfield says: “A yearon-year ˚̍ˢ% rise in earnings for plumbing contractors is consistent with general high demand and high rates for self-employed tradespeople. Our clients are saying they are still busy but more than one or two are also telling us it’s YZ_ L^ OTʯ N`W_ _Z ʭ YO ^VTWWPO WLMZ`] and that the ˛˙˛˚ flood of tender documents coming through has settled to a steady stream this year.” ?SP ZaP]LWW ʭ YOTYR^ L]P TY WTYP with the latest Bank of England monetary policy report which found that construction output growth had weakened due to shortages in material and labour, while increased costs had weighed on demand in a few cases. The Construction Products Association YZ_PO _SL_ LYY`LW TYʮ L_TZY TY @6 construction materials reached ˛˚̍˞% in December.

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News Review

1 óŋłĕāũāłóā ˛˙˛˛ ?SP -`TWOTYR 0YRTYPP]TYR >P]aTNP^ ,^^ZNTL_TZY -0>, 9L_TZYLW Conference is set to take place on ˛˙th :N_ZMP] L_ _SP 9ZaZ_PW Hammersmith hotel in London. The Conference, which is returning to an ‘in person’ format after two years online, will include plenary sessions, workshops and a technical stream that will focus on some of the key technology areas. The programme will be built around the Association’s technical agenda and the industry’s growing focus on competence and compliance. The one-day event will feature a wide range of speakers from the building services sector, with Mitsubishi Electric as headline ^[ZY^Z] ZQ _SP .ZYQP]PYNP LYO _SP ,^^ZNTL_TZYɪ^ 9L_TZYLW ,bL]O^ gala dinner, which will take place on the evening of the .ZYQP]PYNP 1Z] `[OL_P^ LMZ`_ _SP -0>, 9L_TZYLW .ZYQP]PYNP and how to become a delegate, use the online link below. ͻ˜˛˛̓˙˞

Confusion a barrier to recycling site waste 8Z]P _SLY QZ`] TY ʭ aP ˡ˜%) UK tradespeople say they could recycle more of their work waste, but don’t because _SPd L]PYɪ_ NZYʭ OPY_ ZY _SP ]`WP^ LYO ]PR`WL_TZY^ YPb research has found. The study by IronmongeryDirect QZ`YO _SL_ LWXZ^_ YTYP TY _PY ˡˠ%) tradespeople feel uncertain about waste management laws. In fact, the vast XLUZ]T_d ˡ˙%) of workers don’t know where their local recycling facilities are located. However, the same survey suggests that there is a strong appetite to address the issue. Almost a quarter ˛˝%) of tradespeople say they are actively trying to ]PO`NP _SP LXZ`Y_ ZQ PcNP^^ _SPd ^PYO _Z WLYOʭ WW LYO L ^TXTWL] Y`XMP] ˛ˡ%) would like more support from local L`_SZ]T_TP^ _Z MP LMWP _Z ]PNdNWP XZ]P 1`]_SP]XZ]P L ʭ Q_S ˛˙%) try to reuse any materials leftover from jobs and LWXZ^_ ZYP TY ^Tc ˚˟%) donate spare parts to good causes. Plumbers recycle the most often, with almost three\`L]_P]^ ˠ˜%) saying they do so either always or most of the time, while young tradespeople are far more likely _Z ^PYO bL^_P _Z WLYOʭ WW _SLY _SPT] ZWOP] NZ`Y_P][L]_^ ,WXZ^_ L _ST]O ˜˚ ZQ XTWWPYYTLW^ ˛˞-˜˝s) say their

excess materials go straight to the tip, which is more than OZ`MWP _SP ʭ R`]P QZ] ˝˞ to ˞˞-year-olds and over ˞˞s MZ_S ˚˛%). Dominick Sandford, MD at IronmongeryDirect, says: “It’s clear that there’s a real willingness to be as green as possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with waste management experts to explain the rules tradespeople need to follow and give advice on how to dispose of each material.” For expert advice on how to dispose of site waste, visit: ͻ˜˛˛̓˙˟

!Öķķ Ŷŋ ıŋĢł Žť ƑāłŶĢķÖŶĢŋł ƒĢŶĞ āłāũėƘ āƧ óĢāłóƘ ,SPLO ZQ 9Pb -`TWOTYR =PR`WL_TZY^ on ventilation coming into force this summer, BEAMA has launched its updated ˛˙˛˛ Ventilation White Paper. The dossier sets out a fourstep policy pathway for the future _Z OPWTaP] Pʬ PN_TaP aPY_TWL_TZY LYO improved indoor air quality inside homes in order to help protect health and wellbeing. The White Paper advocates a ‘Ventilate when you Insulate’ approach, ensuring that energy Pʯ NTPYNd LYO aPY_TWL_TZY RZ SLYOin-hand. The document covers the impacts of poor indoor air quality, _SP [Z^T_TaP Pʬ PN_ ZQ aPY_TWL_TZY ZY health, and the challenges faced.

BEAMA argues that the push towards energy efficiency has led to increasing air tightness, but this has not been matched by ventilation improvements, resulting in the increased risk of poor indoor air quality compromising the health and wellbeing of occupants. It calls for a concrete plan to address the need to improve ventilation and mitigate the risks of poor indoor air quality. To download the ˛˙˛˛ edition of the BEAMA Ventilation White Paper for free, use the online link below: ͻ˜˛˛̓˙ˠ

Numbers in favour of more apprentices 9Pb ]P^PL]NS Q]ZX >N]Pbʭ c SL^ QZ`YO that nine in ˚˙ tradespeople say that apprentices are vital to the future of the industry, but only ˚ˡ% currently hire one, and ˜˚% said they would never hire one. These results suggest a huge shortage of future tradespeople having a chance to learn a trade. Key barriers sited by those surveyed TYNW`OP YZ_ MPTYR LMWP _Z Lʬ Z]O Pc_]L costs such as insurance and pensions ˚ˢ%), and not having enough support Q]ZX R]LY_^ ˚˜%). Other reasons included not having time to train an apprentice, and not knowing how to even go about recruiting one. However, of the ˚ˡ% who currently hire an apprentice, ˠ˜% say they would hire another in the future, recognising the added value young tradespeople can bring to a company. The survey suggested that businesses employ apprentices to create a sustainable talent pipeline, to pass skills on to a new generation, and to give people an opportunity to start out. Tradespeople cited that to be successful in the trade, the key skills

6.indd 1

Commercial UFH service

YPPOPO TYNW`OP MPTYR SZYP^_ ˡˢ%), MPTYR LOL[_LMWP ˡˡ%), and being a good _TXPVPP[P] ˡ˛ -PTYR ^VTWWPO ˠˢ%) and being a people-[P]^ZY ˟˟%) were also essential to doing well. The research has been published as >N]Pbʭ c NL]]TP^ Z`_ T_^ LYY`LW >N]Pbʭ c Trade Apprentice competition, with a prize package said to be worth £˚˙̇˙˙˙̍ Last year’s winner was Kaiden Ashun [TN_`]PO Q]ZX .L]OTʬ

Bauserv, which represents an evolution of the long-established Tailored Heat Supplies, is now an integrated member of the Exeterbased Ridgespear Group in a move to better serve the requirements of heating professionals working on WL]RP ^NLWP []ZUPN_^ ^`NS L^ Zʯ NP^ hotels, healthcare, or HMOs. The company provides underfloor heating and renewable energy systems for the commercial ^PN_Z] Zʬ P]TYR ^[PNTʭ P]^ L OP^TRY and manufacturing service which can respond to individual requirements on energy saving and performance, including varying outputs, flow rates, pressure and other criteria. Bauserv’s John Trenell says: “It is on large-scale schemes where Bauserv comes into its own, as we can design and deliver on very exacting and complex requirements from professional NWTPY_^ bZ]VTYR ZY Zʯ NP^ SZ_PW^ healthcare or multi-residential builds.” ͻ˜˛˛̓˙ˡ

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News Review

World Plumbing Day shows the way Plumbers across the land will be celebrated on World Plumbing Day (˚˚ March), with groups like the CIPHE using the event to promote the vital role plumbing and heating engineers play in keeping the health and wealth of the nation safe. Initiated by the World Plumbing Council (WPC), the PaPY_ SL^ MPPY L ʭc_`]P ZY _SP calendar since ˛˙˚˙ and is aimed at highlighting the link between good quality plumbing, health, environmental sustainability and, increasingly, economic prosperity. Kevin Wellman, CEO of the CIPHE and WPC PcPN`_TaP MZL]O OT]PN_Z] ^Ld^% ɭ;W`XMTYR LYO heating engineers are working at the very heart of the biggest issues we face today, but sadly this often goes unrecognised. Globally, plumbing and plumbers are the reason people have clean drinking water, safe sanitation, heating, and hot water. Closer to home,

not only is our industry vital to the transition to a carbon neutral economy, but it has a leading role in cutting water waste, to save our most precious of resources, fresh water.” Wellman also points out that the ongoing energy crisis means installers will be more valuable than ever in helping people use their heating and hot water ^d^_PX^ XZ]P PʯNTPY_Wd ɭ4_ bTWW be those designing and installing new systems, or servicing and upgrading those already in use, who make a personal impact when it comes to their client’s bills and sustainability,” he says. ɭBP ^SZ`WO LWW MP TXXPY^PWd []Z`O ZQ SZb _SP industry responded during the pandemic. There is far too little recognition for the professional, sterling work engineers provide day-in-day-out. Those in the industry should rightly be celebrated for all they do this World Plumbing Day.”

Change of hands AKW Holdings Group has announced the acquisition of Elfreed Ltd, including Contour Showers and H2O Pumps. The acquisition complements the Group’s Medicare business, which delivers accessible shower room, bathroom and kitchen products. Commenting on the deal, 9TNV ;L]^ZY^ NSTPQ PcPN`_TaP ZʯNP] ZQ ,6B 3ZWOTYR^ 2]Z`[ ^Ld^% ɭ?SP LN\`T^T_TZY ZQ Contour Showers adds yet more Pc[P]_T^P _Z _SP 2]Z`[ LYO Pc[LYO^ _SP ]PLNS LYO OTaP]^T_d of our products, offering greater choice, availability and an increasing number of product solutions into our markets.”

Green partnership Promotion chasing Forest Green Rovers, said to be the world’s greenest football club, has a new community partner in water treatment specialist ADEY, which has pledged its support for FGR Community. The Gloucestershire club is _SP ʭ]^_ LYO ZYWd aPRLY football club and has also been certified as carbon neutral by the United Nations. The new partnership aims to liaise with schools, community groups and vulnerable people to not only raise awareness of the impact of climate change, but other social issues too, such as mental health and loneliness. ADEY says it will be working closely '1È̪ŭ !1z mÖŶŶĞāƒ Âāððāũ with the club to deliver ƒĢŶĞ ĿÖłùÖ ũũŋƒŭĿĢŶĞ̇ ùĢũāóŶŋũ ŋĕ óŋũťŋũÖŶā ŭāũƑĢóāŭ and support some of their initiatives, whether that’s through volunteering or helping spread the message about how anyone can contribute. 8L__SPb BPMMP] ,/0Dɪ^ .0: ^Ld^% ɭ?SP bSZWP _PLX at ADEY is looking forward to working with the Club and getting involved as much as possible.”

8.indd 1


ͻ The Mirror reports that a plumber whose boss told him to cut his hair or lose his job has had the last laugh after he quit on the spot and found another job just down the road from the site he was working on. In the two weeks he’d been working for the company, the unnamed plumber had his hair tucked under a hat, but when the boss saw the long hair he gave him LY `W_TXL_`X% N`_ Z] \`T_ ɭ?ST^ is a worker’s market,” the longSLT]PO [W`XMP] ^LTO ɭ/Z YZ_ WP_ companies control your every waking moment. Everywhere is hiring.” ͻ A tribunal has awarded ͎˛˞̇˙˙˙ Ŷŋ ťķŽĿðāũ 'ÖƑĢù ŋðŭŋł ĕŋũ Öėā ùĢŭóũĢĿĢłÖŶĢŋł Öłù ŽłĕÖĢũ ùĢŭĿĢŭŭÖķ̍ 'ÖƑĢù̇ łŋƒ ˠ˚̇ ƒÖŭ ˟ˢ ƒĞāł ĞĢŭ óŋĿťÖłƘ ŭÖóĴāù ĞĢĿ ÖĕŶāũ ŭóŋũĢłė ķŋƒ ŋł ĢŶŭ āĿťķŋƘāā ťŋĢłŶŭ ũÖŶĢłė ŭƘŭŶāĿ̇ ƒĞĢóĞ Ŷ Ğā ŶũĢðŽłÖ ķ ĕŋŽłù ̨łŋ ıŽŭŶĢĕĢóÖŶĢŋł̪ ĕŋũ̍ Dŋũ ƘāÖũŭ̇ ĿÖłÖėāĿāłŶ Öłù óŋķķāÖėŽāŭ ĞÖù óÖķķāù ĞĢĿ ̨NÖķĕ-dead 'ÖƑā̪̇ ķāÖƑĢłė ĞĢĿ ùĢŭŶũāŭŭāù Öłù āĿðÖũũÖŭŭāù̇ ƒĞĢóĞ ķāù ŶĞā ŶũĢðŽłÖķ Ŷŋ ũŽķā ŶĞÖŶ ĞĢŭ Öėā ĞÖù ĢłƪŽāłóāù ŶĞāĢũ ùāóĢŭĢŋł̍

Roll up for a taste of the Installer Life Heating professionals are invited to meet the Danfoss team as it travels around Britain on the ˛˙˛˛ UK ‘Installer Life’ tour. The tour will stop at participating wholesalers, bringing new products and know-how direct to installers in an eye-catching tour bus. Installers will be able to chat to the Danfoss team and get hands-on with the latest heating NZY_]ZW^ LYO _PNS WTVP _SP ɩYPb ʭ_ LYO QZ]RP_ɪ RAS-B2 TRV, designed to make system balancing both quick and easy. There will also be a chance to take part in training.

Danfoss says installers can look forward to a series of seasonally themed events during the tour, as well as brand new product launches. ?SP _Z`] T^ VTNVTYR Zʬ bT_S L ɩ;W`XMTYR bT_S Pride’ theme, tackling subjects like hydronic balancing and the new Part L. Throughout ˛˙˛˛, Danfoss will engage with installers across social media with ‘spot the van’ competitions, virtual tours, and livestreams direct from the vehicle. Find out more using the online link below. ͻ ťĞÖĿłāƒŭ̍óŋ̍ŽĴ̓˜˛˛̓˙ˢ

ͻ ,WPc 7`VP L RL^ LYO [W`XMing engineer in Ottershaw, YPL] 9PbNL^_WP XTRS_ ʭYO T_ harder to do his job after being banned from the roads for ˚ˡ months. Having twice been pulled over by police within a month’s time, the ˛˜-year-old was found to be over the limit for the breakdown products of both cannabis and cocaine. He pleaded guilty and was ʭYPO n˜˙˙ and ordered to pay nˡ˞ NZ^_^ LYO L n˜˝ victim surcharge.

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News Review


NŋĿā ŽťėũÖùā ĕŽłù ķÖŽłóĞāŭ ĕŋũ ķŋóÖķ ÖŽŶĞŋũĢŶĢāŭ The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) SL^ LYYZ`YNPO _SP ʭ]^_ _]LYNSP ZQ funding under the £ˢ˞˙m Home Upgrade Grant (HUG), with £˟ˠm going to local authorities across England to help low-TYNZXP Zʬgas grid households. Grants will pay for energy PʯNTPYNd XPL^`]P^ ^`NS L^ bLWW and roof insulation, as well as new low carbon heating systems,

thermostats and room heating controls. Works are expected to be completed by the end of March next year. ?ST^ ʭ]^_ ]Z`YO ZQ Q`YOTYR bTWW go to ˛˛ local authorities in England and the worst performing homes, ranging from Energy Performance

Certificate Bands ‘D’ to ‘G’, are eligible to receive efficiency upgrades under HUG. BEIS says up to ˝˜˙˙ low-income SZXP^ bTWW MPYPʭ_ Q]ZX _ST^ ]Z`YO of funding, and it expects them to see their fuel bills cut by up to £˛˙˙ a year.

ÂĢłłāũ ùũĢƑāŭ ŋƦ ƒĢŶĞ Ö ƑÖł Öłù Ö ŭĿĢķā Doug Pope of Stockton-on-Tees based Doug Pope Heating Services is the lucky winner of a brand new Nissan e-NV˛˙˙ thanks to a promotion by Wolseley and Baxi. The prize was up for grabs to one customer who bought a Baxi boiler from the ˛˙˙̇ ˝˙˙̇ ˟˙˙̇ ˡ˙˙ and Platinum Plus ranges, either in branch or online, directly from Wolseley – and the winning name drawn out of the hat was the north-east of England installer. Collecting his prize from the local branch in Stockton, Doug Pope said: “We have installed Baxi boilers and have been an account holder at Wolseley Stockton for a long time. Baxi boilers are easy to install and service. Of course, winning the van today is a huge perk!”

9.indd 1

1ƗťÖłŭĢŋł Ģł pŋũŶĞ ÂāŭŶ Home assistance businesses, HomeServe, has acquired Merseysidebased John Wilkinson Heating Services Ltd, as it continues to expand into the domestic gas boiler service market. Currently employing ˛˙ staff, John Wilkinson Heating was founded ˜˙ years ago and, as an established brand in the North West, will retain its name under HomeServe and continue to operate without any major change. Richard Shepherd, HomeServe’s MD of installations, comments: “HomeServe is continuing to build its portfolio of local, domestic heating firms that have a great customer base. As with our earlier acquisitions of APG and Aqua Plumbing and Heating, John Wilkinson’s values and way of doing business, led by excellent customer service, reliability and efficiency, absolutely complement HomeServe and we are keen to see that continue. I’m confident John Wilkinson will prove to be a great addition to our growing stable.” John Wilkinson, MD of the acquired business, adds: “I’m looking forward to being part of HomeServe under our own successful brand. We have built a strong and profitable local business in John Wilkinson with a fantastic team and brilliant, loyal customers. Becoming part of HomeServe gives us long-term stability and a broader opportunity to grow.”

Showroom opening

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People on the Move Plastics specialist Fränkische UK has appointed Ian Caygill as national specifications manager. Ian joins Fränkische from Durapipe and will be responsible for specifying the alpex MLCP and profi-air MVHR ranges with consultants and contractors. He has also worked for Airflow Developments as specification manager.

The Hansgrohe Group has announced the appointment of Tina Robinson as its new product and market manager. Tina joins the team from Ideal Standard where she was the European product manager, designing and managing its luxury sanitary portfolio. Prior to that, she worked at Bristan Group for six years as head of product management for Heritage Bathrooms.

Vaillant has announced the appointment of John Bailey to the role of system sales and design director. With more than 15 years experience at Vaillant, John will lead the company’s expanded Design Service Team to ensure its specifier customers can get the support they need for all installs pre, during and post-sale.

The sales team at Grant UK has welcomed Stuart Thompson as the new area sales manager for Wales and the West of England. Stuart will assist heating engineers and merchants with sales and technical support on all of Grant’s boilers, renewable products and services. He has been working in the plumbing and heating sector for 17 years.

Lyndon Davis has joined Lord Combustion Services as contracts engineer for the commercial heating specialist firm. Lyndon brings more than 30 years experience to the role, having worked in technical roles for engineering companies. He will draw upon his knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering to support clients.

Specialist renewables distributor Secon has further strengthened its support team with the appointment of Nick Eastwood as technical manager – heat pumps. Nick has worked in the heating sector for 17 years, initially with a national heating company and, more recently, in the commercial installation and servicing sector.

The new regional sales manager at Neomitis is Paul Mellor. In his new role, Paul will cover the East and West Midlands promoting the company’s range of controls and heating products for residential and small office applications. Previous to this job, he was area sales manager at Di-Log Test Equipment.

The head of marketing and technical at Rehau Building Solutions has been named President of the British Plastics Federation’s Pipes Group. Steve Richmond was previously the group’s vice president, where he was responsible for chairing the organisation’s strategy group and its response to ongoing industry challenges such as Brexit and Covid-19.

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Merchant & Distributor News 11 Wolseley acquires Ideal Bathrooms Wolseley UK has announced a formal exchange of c o n t r a c t s with Saint -G ob ain for th e acquisition of Ideal Bathrooms. The deal will affect the employment of nearly ˛˙˙ people and follows Wolseley’s recent acquisition of Neville Lumb, DHS, and Bassetts, also from SaintGobain. As with the previous acquisitions, the merchant group says it will be a seamless transition, with the Ideal Bathrooms business

operating as normal, and there will be no change for customers. Simon Oakland, CEO at Wolseley, comments: “The acquisition of Ideal Bathrooms is very exciting news for Wolseley, our customers and employees. Growing our business is central to Wolseley UK’s strategy as we continue to build on our ability to provide local, personal service and expertise to our customers each and every day.”

Big funds raised for local food banks More than £˜˞̇˙˙˙ has been raised for food banks across the UK thanks to a joint initiative between Vaillant and UK Plumbing Supplies. Over a period of four months, every purchase of a Vaillant ecoTEC plus boiler from the merchant group’s outlets – HPS, Willbond, Plumbcity, Plumbstop, Plumbstore, UKPS, MDS, Plumbase, Gas Centre or Michael Pavis branches – were matched with a donation to a local food bank, chosen by the contributing branch. Further funds were raised when Vaillant’s regional business managers partnered with local branches to host a number of fundraising events and activities. Steve Wimbledon, commercial director at UK Plumbing Supplies, comments: “The donations made to food banks across the UK will go a long way to helping families in need at this time of year. We’ve had such a great turn out from our loyal customers,

11.indd 1

Landmark anniversary

who’ve not only been able make a donation through a purchase of an ecoTEC plus, but have also donated from their own pockets getting involved in branch ]LʰP^ Z] NZX[P_T_TZY^ bSTNS T^ QLY_L^_TN ɮ Spencer Clark, commercial director at Vaillant, adds: “I’m sure the £˜˞̇˙˙˙ will really help support these local communities in which our installers are working each and every day.”

This year will mark the ˚˚˙_S LYYTaP]^L]d ZQ 0YʭPWO-based TG Lynes, a major supplier of heating, plumbing and air movement materials to trade professionals. The company is planning a series of celebratory events throughout the year, taking the opportunity to engage with local communities, colleagues, customers and suppliers. MD Martin Hastings says: “Everyone connected with the business is Pc_]PXPWd []Z`O ZQ Z`] WZYRPaT_d LYO bP L]P ʭ]XWd QZN`^PO ZY WLdTYR further foundations to continue serving the trade for many years to come. Our success is built on outstanding customer service, a huge range of stock and excellent technical, industry and distribution knowledge.” TG Lynes has an ambitious sustainability programme and is fully committed to achieving Net Zero. The company recently installed a ˚˚˙VB ^ZWL] ^d^_PX ZY _SP ]ZZQ ZQ T_^ 0YʭPWO SPLO\`L]_P]^ _Z RPYP]L_P its own electricity, and ˢ˙ ZQ T_^ NZX[LYd aPSTNWP ʮPP_ T^ PT_SP] Q`WWd electric or hybrid. Martin adds: “We have already made great strides on our sustainability journey and we have many more exciting and innovative plans for the next ˚˛ months and beyond.”

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Point of View

Has water treatment got a dirty secret? Water treatment has become a common practice in the industry, and for many heating equipment manufacturers it is required to keep the warranty valid. Here, David Sevier explains how adhering to BS 5793:2019 on water treatment could be in conflict with water regulations.


am sure all of us are familiar with card houses where a card is moved, and everything falls apart. Regrettably, our industry is about to have a similar moment. The water treatment industry has a dark secret that is now going to be brought into the light. What will follow will affect everyone –from installers to equipment manufacturers. I believe we are about to enter a situation where the basis of most equipment warranties is about to be unpicked. For heating and chilled water systems to operate properly, they need to be cleaned properly and they need to be treated with corrosion and scale inhibitors. Everyone who has any experience in this industry knows this. BS 5793:2019 is the British Standard for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling water systems. Manufacturer warranty conditions refer to the requirement to follow this standard.

Conflict of interest

Installers and plumbers will be surprised to learn that in many regions, it is impossible to comply with this standard and not violate the law if you use the current water treatment products and equipment on the market. This has big implications for manufacturer warranties. Few in our industry are familiar with the waste discharge regulations. Below are some of Thames Water’s standard limits which are placed on heating and chilled water discharges compared against discharges after cleaning or treating systems:

Aqueous Logic MD

Installers will be surprised to learn that in many regions, it is impossible to comply with BS 5793:2019 and not violate the law if you use the current water treatment products on the market

Thames Water rules cover Greater London. Their rules are not untypical. The discharge from cleaning and treating closed loop systems massively breaks the rules. In many cases, it is hundreds of times more than the limits. For ions like copper, which is a heavy metal, the release of copper ions is unavoidable if any meaningful cleaning is done. It is fundamental to the cleaning. Most high performance corrosion inhibitors contain levels of molybdenum many times greater than the discharge limit. Equally, many system cleaners, while not containing phosphates, often contain significant amounts of phosphorus and break the rules. Some people may be saying at this point that the discharge from cleaning a typical household is relatively small, at about 1000 litres total discharge, and is small enough to not be concerned about. Regretfully, when the wastewater is so polluted, it is like discharging a large volume of polluted water.

More than you think

For some households, flushing out a system after a chemical cleaning will be like discharging 40,000 litres of water at the discharge limit. Equally the millions of systems that are discharged mean that this is not a trivial issue. I calculate that across both the larger commercial and smaller (but much more numerous) domestic systems, that our industry is the largest source of copper to the sewage system. When sewage treatment plants are operating correctly, the copper largely ends up in the sewage sludge (which causes disposal problems). When the plants overflow, which happens far too regularly, the copper ends up in our rivers and seas where it causes problems. Copper is bad for fish. I estimate that discharge from treating and cleaning closed loop systems across Europe creates

Thames Water’s Standard Limits

Actual peak levels during flushing

Suspended solids 2000ppm Settleable solids 1000ppm Rapidly Settleable solids 100ppm Iron 50ppm Total Phosphorous 13ppm

Can be 50 times above limit Can be 100 times above limit Can be 500 times above limit Can be 10 to 50 times above limit Systems treated with most chemical cleaners and non-nitrite corrosion inhibitors can be 10 to 20 times above limit Can be over 100 times over limit (inhibitor products) Can be 200 times above limit Can be 10’s of times above limit

Molybdenum 1ppm Copper 3ppm Zinc 3ppm

12.indd 1

David Sevier

Heavy metal

about 0.5 cubic kilometres of wastewater. Our industry has a large and negative environmental impact.

Discharge rules

Our industry has two water treatment problems that must be urgently addressed: 1) The violation of discharge rules caused by the draining down of systems treated with corrosion inhibitors. 2) The violation of discharge rules caused by the draining and flushing of systems after chemical cleaning. These two problems make complying with warranties that require following BS5793:2019 impossible without violating discharge rules (for most regions). I struggle to see how any warranty requirement that requires you to break a law is enforceable, but I would stress that I am not a solicitor, and I am not giving legal advice. I expect that I have now unleashed quite the hurricane. However, I have suggestions for a way out of this mess.

Way forward

The commercial water treatment industry is already facing exactly the same problems I have outlined, but we have developed ways to clean even heavily rusted systems without any discharge. Systems are cleaned exactly as you clean them now, but instead of discharging the water to drain and putting fresh water into the system, the dirty water passes into equipment that removes all of the released muck and dissolved metals and returns clean water back to the system. There is no discharge and outstanding cleaning results can be achieved. Interestingly, most of the corrosion inhibitor elements such as molybdenum survive and cycle in the new cleaning process and are never lost. In

the long run, this cuts costs and saves valuable resources like molybdenum. If the methods developed by the commercial water treatment industry are followed, systems can be treated and cleaned while still complying with discharge rules. These methods would enable the continued compliance with BS 5793: 2019 and leave manufacturer warranties intact. The thing that changes is the formulations used to treat and clean systems, and the equipment used to clean the systems.

Making a difference

Wastewater discharge when it does occur is clean and a small fraction of the previous volume. To give some perspective, on a recent commercial clean that I was involved in, traditional cleaning would have required 150,000 litres of dirty discharge on a 15,000 litre system. Using newer methods, this was reduced to approximately 200 litres of clean water. The smaller system water treatment product formulators need to look to the commercial market and how we are dealing with our dirty secret. There they will find a path away from dark filthy secrets to a bright cleaner future for all of us. It is time for our industry to come clean and sort ourselves out. ◼

ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Sevier has been formulating water treatment products since 1984. He is one of the co-inventors of the aerosol can dosing system, widely used for domestic water treatment projects. His company, Aqueous Logic, now provides a range of chemical water treatment products for the commercial market.

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Energy Matters 13 Trial of hydrogen hybrid heating system A hydrogen hybrid heating system – combining a hydrogen-fuelled boiler with an air source heat pump alongside smart control technology – has been has been on trial in a project in Pembrokeshire. The trial was conducted in a commercial building at the Port of Milford Haven, the UK’s largest energy Port, and has involved a collaboration of partners – Port of Milford Haven, Passiv UK, Wales & West Utilities, Kiwa UK, Worcester Bosch, :ʬ^SZ]P =PYPbLMWP 0YP]Rd .L_L[`W_ LYO ;PXM]ZVP^ST]P .Z`Y_d .Z`YNTW 3dM]TO SPL_TYR ^d^_PX^ NLY ʮPcTMWd switch between using renewable electricity when it’s available, and green gases like hydrogen at other times. It is argued that such systems represent a less disruptive alternative to a standalone heat pump system while enabling the full decarbonisation of heat. In this demonstration, Kiwa UK delivered bottled hydrogen to a Worcester Bosch boiler to simulate periods when renewable electricity was unavailable to run the heat pump, or when a temperature boost was required. The smart controls were designed by Passiv UK and were set to automatically switch between the air source heat pump and _SP SdO]ZRPY MZTWP] 0aP]d _bZ XTY`_P^ _SP system assesses the GB energy generation XTc LYO ]PYPbLMWP PWPN_]TNT_d LaLTWLMTWT_d ZY the local grid, and requests the boiler to run on hydrogen when unavailable. ?SP 8TWQZ]O 3LaPY% 0YP]Rd 6TYROZX

project is one of the detailed design projects within the Prospering Q]ZX _SP 0YP]Rd =PaZW`_TZY []ZR]LXXP ZQ bZ]V^ Q`YOPO Md @6 =P^PL]NS LYO 4YYZaL_TZY L^ [L]_ ZQ _SPT] 4YO`^_]TLW >_]L_PRd .SLWWPYRP 1`YO ?SP []ZUPN_ SL^ ^P_ Z`_ _Z OP^TRY L MW`P[]TY_ for smart local energy systems fuelled by renewable energy and SdO]ZRPY LYO XZ]P ^[PNTʭNLWWd SZb _Z N]PL_P OPXLYO LYO XLVP _SP OT^_]TM`_TZY LYO `^P ZQ R]PPY SdO]ZRPY ʭYLYNTLWWd aTLMWP bT_STY buildings, industry, power and transport. Matt Hindle, head of Net Zero and sustainability for Wales & West Utilities, comments: “Hybrid heating systems can be easily ]P_]Zʭ__PO _Z PcT^_TYR SZ`^TYR ^_ZNV bT_SZ`_ NZ^_Wd NSLYRP^ _Z radiators or internal pipework, keeping disruption to homes and communities to a minimum. This trial has demonstrated how they can work with hydrogen in place of natural gas. “The ˛˙˛˙s must be a decade of delivery for Net Zero and we’d urge government and policymakers to include hybrids in incentives and support schemes.”

New labels will identify boiler hydrogen status A new series of labels that will clearly identify a boiler’s ability to run on hydrogen has been agreed by the Heating and Hotwater Industry .Z`YNTW 334. LYO L[[WTLYNP XLY`QLN_`]P]^ The new labels will show three distinct categories of hydrogen appliances: • Hydrogen Blend compatible – capable of running on a blend of up to ˛˙% hydrogen in the gas network. · Hydrogen-=PLOd L[[WTLYNP^ ɧ NL[LMWP of running on a ˛˙% blend, but with the capability of being converted to run on a ˚˙˙% hydrogen gas network. · ˚˙˙% Hydrogen Boiler – an appliance built ^[PNTʭNLWWd _Z ]`Y ZY SdO]ZRPY bT_SZ`_ _SP need for conversion. As it stands, the government is aiming to inject a blend up to ˛˙% hydrogen into gas networks across the country from ˛˙˛˜, with a decision in ˛˙˛˟ about the future conversion towards a ˚˙˙% hydrogen gas network. >_PbL]_ .WPXPY_^ OT]PN_Z] ZQ 334. ^Ld^% “These labels bring clarity to consumers and installers. As we go on the journey towards decarbonising the gas networks, industry needs to be absolutely transparent on what appliances can and can’t do. “The labelling will help communicate the changes that will take place in UK homes, as we work towards achieving net zero.”

!Öķķ ĕŋũ Öł āłāũėƘ ķāƑāķ ťķÖƘĢłė Ʃāķù On the back of the recently announced rise to the energy price cap rise, Kensa Group – the UK manufacturer of ground source heat pumps – is calling on the government to level out the current bias in levies causing electricity to be four times L^ Pc[PY^TaP L^ RL^ At a time when people are looking to make as many savings as possible on their heating bills, Kensa believes addressing this distortion will ensure that homeowners installing low carbon heat [`X[^ NLY QPPW _SP ʭYLYNTLW MPYPʭ_^ ZQ _SP _PNSYZWZRdɪ^ PʯNTPYNTP^ ?PNSYTNLW OT]PN_Z] 2`d .L^SXZ]P Pc[WLTY^% ɭ?SP RZaP]YXPY_ SL^ [`_ SPLad

levies on electricity, however this is at odds with their aims to decarbonise homes and M`TWOTYR^ _S]Z`RS _SP PWPN_]TʭNL_TZY ZQ heat. It also causes people to lose out on a percentage of the running cost savings that could be gained from installing ground source heat pumps – the most carbonPʯNTPY_ SPL_TYR _PNSYZWZRd LaLTWLMWP “Policymakers have recognised this is wrong but, as yet, nothing has been done to correct this distortion. Now is the time to act to protect those who have already made environmentally friendly electric heating choices, and encourage more people to make the switch from fossil fuels.”

Clean air scheme for woodburning appliances In line with on-going government strategies _Z []ZXZ_P NWPLYP] LT] 30?,> SL^ WL`YNSPO L ɩ.WPLYP] .SZTNPɪ TYT_TL_TaP QZ] @6 MTZXL^^ and solid fuel products. The aim is to reform the currently ]PNZRYT^PO 30?,> ;]ZO`N_ ,[[]ZaLW >NSPXP and better promote cleaner burning and PʯNTPY_ MTZXL^^ L[[WTLYNP^ ?SP 30?,> .WPLYP] .SZTNP ,[[]ZaLW Scheme is a third party independent and TX[L]_TLW NP]_TʭNL_TZY MZOd _SL_ bTWW NSPNV _SL_ PLNS L[[WTLYNP XPP_^ LYO PcNPPO^ some of the most stringent limits set by tested standards and test methods. While focused on particulate emissions, it will also provide the consumer and installer assurance that the appliance listed meets all the relevant regulations in the UK, including safety and performance requirements.

13.indd 1

.LWaTY 8Ld 30?,> SPLO ZQ _PNSYTNLW ^P]aTNP^ ^Ld^% ɭ.ZYNP]Y^ LMZ`_ OZXP^_TN woodburning in the UK and its impact on air quality are very much front of mind for many, and ultimately we all breathe the same air, so as an organisation we are dedicated to doing all we can to help push consumer choices towards cleaner burning technologies.” ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˚˚

25/02/2022 12:27



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Not a big enough incentive

Continuing his regular column, Neil Hope from NIBE Energy Systems explains why hot water storage could be critical to the UK meeting its Net Zero target.

I want to share my views on the government’s heat pump incentive (the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme). It’s £5000 they are offering, but the average installation can be between 10k and 15k as you need to have a site for it, and run pipes to it, in particular in the case of a property with four bedrooms and above, as you may need two heat pumps to cope with demand. As far as I can see, it’s unlikely to be a big enough incentive. I have a few customers who have had heat pumps installed, but I think little is known about them. For example, I came across one recently that was installed into a heating system but was not connected to a hot water cylinder. The underfloor heating set-up was actually very good, as the system runs at 55°C, which is of course ideal for an air to water heat pump. But the installer hadn’t connected the pipes to the cylinder so the homeowners had to have the immersion on. Crazy! No wonder the customer’s bills were high. They are excellent units, but if heat pumps are ever to become mainstream, we need better government incentives and more money invested in installer training and providing a better understanding of the technology.


here has been much talk over the last few years on the role that heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar thermal technology and similar sources of low carbon heat will play in reaching our Net Zero aspirations. Less has been said on the role that the more inconspicuous hot water cylinder plays in supporting the efficient operation of such renewable heating technologies. With their huge potential to act as thermal storage and domestic batteries, they are a necessity to the decarbonisation of the UK housing stock that is often overlooked and hidden away. Despite once being a staple of UK homes, the rise of the combi boiler has seen a coinciding drop in the number of installed hot water cylinders. New data from the Hot Water Association shows that less than 45% of homes currently contain a hot water cylinder - a significant drop from 77% of homes in 2001. In short, only 9m households have retained a hot water cylinder. While this is not a negligible amount, it is predicted that this figure will need to double to 18m in order for the UK to meet Net Zero by 2050. At present, there are noticeable gaps in government policy in regards to achieving this. For example, despite hot water cylinders twinning with heat pump technologies in many installs, the government has only made targets to deploy heat pumps. Indeed, 600,000 heat pumps are to be installed annually by 2028. If such a target is to realised, the installation of hot water cylinders must also become part of the conversation.

Andrew Smith Via email

The cost of going the extra mile On a recent job we drove 10 miles to look at a dripping tap and then had to drive another 10 miles to return to the merchant to purchase an obscure part before returning back to the property to fit it – so 40 miles in total. What would you charge? Are you fair to yourself or the client? We send out these cards to customers which I think help to make the point! I would be interested to know what other readers think.

Making space

Steve Palmer Banbury

Letters to the editor... Address your letters to: The Editor, PHAM News 1b Station Square Flitwick, Bedfordshire, MK45 1DP or email to:

14.indd 1

Cylinders set to play a crucial role

The re-installation of millions of hot water cylinders must be encouraged by the government. In doing so, the issue of space requirements for cylinders must also be addressed. With many households choosing to renovate areas previously allocated to cylinders into bathrooms and additional storage, asking for a reversion of such domestic transformations will be a challenge. Fortunately, new space-saving solutions are being developed which will allow cylinders to be stored in less commonly used areas, including lofts and garages. This is where new build regulations could help. We have called on the government to ensure that new homes

Neil Hope

Head of technical services at NIBE are heat pump ready. This means, among other things, providing space for a hot water tank to be installed later, if not at the point of development. This provision will make it easier and more cost effective to deploy heat pumps in homes built before 2025, when the Future Homes Standard comes into force.

Holistic solution At NIBE, we understand the importance of having high quality hot water cylinders which offer both safety and optimal performance. Our highly efficient cylinders are specifically designed to work alongside our heat pump range to minimise heat loss. They can also be paired with solar panels or other heating solutions to provide a holistic solution. As part of our NIBE Pro Installer programme, we offer technical support and training when it comes to the sizing and selection of hot water cylinders. Many other industry bodies have also developed training courses in preparation for the necessary resurgence in hot water cylinder installations. Two notable examples are the Heat Pump Association and the CIPHE, which offer low temperature heating and hot water design courses. The humble hot water tank will be an integral part of our domestic heating set-up. Playing an important role in our future energy system, hot water cylinders will offer system balancing and allow consumers to use energy when it is cheapest and most sustainable. Next time you discuss your low carbon solutions with your clients, don’t forget to mention the advantages of installing one! Find out more by visiting:

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Training Update


Chat about system protection Mitsubishi CPD guide

, Y`XMP] ZQ WTaP bPMNSL_^ L]P MPTYR SZ^_PO Md >[T]Z_PNS bSTNS ZʬP] installers and system designers the opportunity to engage with the NZX[LYdɪ^ Pc[P]_^ ZY SZb _Z XLcTXT^P _SP [P]QZ]XLYNP ZQ SPL_TYR LYO NZZWTYR ^d^_PX^ ?SP ^P^^TZY^ L]P MPTYR ^_LRPO ZY _SP NZX[LYdɪ^ YPb SpiroCademy platform, created to showcase regular training courses and educational webinars, enabling the system water quality specialist to share its technical expertise with more installers, engineers and _SZ^P TYaZWaPO TY _SP ^[PNTʭNL_TZY []ZNP^^ ɭ?SP bPMNSL_^ L]P Q]PP LYO bTWW WZZV L_ ^[PNTʭN []ZMWPX^ LYO solutions, with lots of interaction and space for discussion and education,” says UK business director Rob Jacques. ?SP ʭ]^_ TY _SP ^P]TP^ _ZZV [WLNP TY 1PM]`L]d LYO Pc[WZ]PO T^^`P^ L]Z`YO OPLP]L_TZY LYO OPRL^^TYR TYNW`OTYR aLN``X OPRL^^TYR 1`_`]P webchats will include ‘Understanding VDI ˛˙˜˞ɪ ɩ;]P^^`]T^L_TZYɪ LYO ɩ>d^_PX bL_P] LYLWd^T^ LYO LOaTNPɪ OL_P^ _Z MP NZYʭ]XPO bSTWP _Z[TN^ QZ] WL_P] TY _SP dPL] TYNW`OP ɩ.ZYOT_TZYTYR .SPXTNLW^ɪ ɩ;L]_TNWP LYO ^W`ORP ^P[L]L_TZYɪ ɩ3PL_ [`X[^ɪ LYO ɩ3dO]ZYTN MLWLYNTYRɪ To join in any of the sessions, you can register by visiting the link: ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˚˛

15.indd 1

Designed to provide clear TYQZ]XL_TZY ZY ^ZXP ZQ _SP @6ɪ^ most pressing building challenges, L YPb .;/ R`TOP SL^ MPPY T^^`PO by Mitsubishi Electric – ‘Multi =P^TOPY_TLW -`TWOTYR^% 3PL_TYR 3Z_ BL_P] LYO APY_TWL_TZYɪ The guide considers how to meet targets such as low-carbon construction and operation, while ensuring occupants have adequate ventilation and protection from overheating. It discusses the importance of heat networks and heat pump technology and also covers the growing focus on building occupant health. ɭBPɪ]P ^PPTYR L WL]RP ]T^P TY the number of multi-residential properties being built,” says Graham Temple, marketing XLYLRP] ɭBT_S _SP^P YPb developments happening under tight regulation and NL]MZY ]P^_]TN_TZY^ T_ɪ^ _TXP developers looked towards new technologies that can help them overcome building challenges in a sustainable manner.” To download the guide, visit: ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˚˜

Investing in the future A new training facility for apprentices in Birmingham has been launched by JTL following a £˝X TYaP^_XPY_ :ʯNTLWWd Z[PYPO Md _SP NT_dɪ^ 7Z]O Mayor, Muhammad Afzal, the Aston-based centre is the ˚˙th dedicated training facility operated by the training provider and is set to deliver a aL]TP_d ZQ \`LWTʭNL_TZY^ Set within buildings on a site of roughly two acres, the ˜˙̇˙˙˙ ft2 centre consists of several modern classrooms and fully equipped electrical and plumbing workshops, as well as a refectory area. Speaking after the opening day, Jon Graham, chief executive at JTL (pictured above, left), said: “It was wonderful to spend the day with local PX[WZdP]^ N`]]PY_ L[[]PY_TNP^ LYO 5?7 ^_Lʬ LYO _Z Q`WWd ^PP ʭ]^_-hand the excitement and enthusiasm everyone feels about this opening and the amazing opportunities it will bring to individuals within the local area.” ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˚˝

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CIPHE Viewpoint

Business Matters

Time to put a stop Guarantees to stand out in the crowd to rogue traders With rogue traders continuing to pose a risk to the British public, Richard Soper CBE, director of development at the CIPHE, explores ways to promote professionalism in the plumbing and heating industry.

In the first of a new regular column offering business advice to plumbing and heating contractors, Aaron McLeish explains the benefits of offering customers warranties and guarantees.



n increase in home renovations has seen demand for plumbing and heating engineers on the up. Ultimately, this has created the perfect storm as rogue traders have poured onto various find-a-trader websites and social media platforms, enabling them to take advantage of many consumers. Rogue traders tend to prey on those most vulnerable, such as elderly people who are unfamiliar with online methods of researching reliable tradesmen. Our recent survey of British homeowners revealed that over three-quarters of them worry about inadvertently hiring a rogue trader over a competent professional. These concerns are not unfounded when you consider the safety implications of a poorly installed system and the financial cost of redoing unacceptable work. The average cost of additional work needed to remedy deficient installations or maintenance is almost £2000. The dangers of incompetent traders are evident, and homeowners looking to hire an engineer must seriously consider whether the risks are worth taking. This is obviously difficult when the services of a plumbing or heating engineer are so frequently sought in an emergency.

False economy While hiring someone without the proper credentials may appear to be an economical choice, most people end up paying more in the long run. This is because work needs to be redone or damage caused by the rogue trader needs to be repaired. Along with the financial risks, a poorly installed heating and hot water system can become a breeding ground for health hazards such legionella, the bacteria that causes the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease. Without correct installation and maintenance, the risk of scalds, burns, and CO poisoning severely increase as well. The CIPHE is campaigning to end the problem of rogue traders and the dangers they pose, by highlighting the importance of verifiable proficiency. For this reason, it is more important than ever for engineers to verify their professionalism, a notion that CIPHE member Roger Mawson, MD at South West Plumbing Services, supports: “Unfortunately, we often see the aftereffects of poor installation work, and spend time rectifying issues for customers who have lost trust in the previous person they employed,” he says. “We always try to educate our customers and explain to them

16.indd 1

how important it is to make sure whoever they employ is a professional and to not go on price alone. Being a member of the CIPHE is important to demonstrate our commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and quality plumbing and heating works. We are very vocal as a company about how we are proud to be a professional.”

Measuring Competence Homeowners are doing their best to find reliable tradespeople. In fact, the results from our survey show that people dedicate more than an hour to researching a plumbing and heating engineer. This shows the importance of verifiable professionalism that can be shared with customers. To support engineers with their continuing career development and skill building, the CIPHE offers as variety of training resources. Speaking about the importance of ongoing training, Paul Clark, bespoke heating engineer at Concept Plumbing & Heating, comments: “The point is that learning never really stops, it is important at every stage of your career. It is vital that you choose reputable courses, especially as there has been a surge in online qualifications due to the pandemic. In some cases, an online course may not be run by qualified trainers, especially if it promises too much or claims to provide qualifications over a very short timeframe.”

What Next? Continuous training, advice, and support are necessary to maintaining the high standards that quality work requires, and these are resources available to all who qualify for membership with the CIPHE. However, it’s key that engineers share evidence of CPDs and qualifications with existing and potential customers, to build confidence in their competency. The CIPHE continues to promote quality, professionalism, and proficiency to strengthen the trust between customers and the plumbing and heating industry. For more information about the CIPHE please contact the team via email: membership@ or call 01708 472791

et’s face it, • Installer 2 quoted the P&H £1700, the quote was industry is emailed over that a crowded evening with a few sector, options of what days with loads of firms all were convenient to competing for business. install. Installer 2 arrived In this climate, some to quote with a printed may seek to promote glossy brochure with a their business as simply FAQ section and 5-star testimonials. They a cheap local firm. But also offer a turn-up what if there is another guarantee, have an way? Let’s explore an extended manufacturer’s alternative business warranty on their boiler model which can be built installs, and promise on a good reputation, Aaron McLeish dust sheets are used backed up with Director at Together We Count throughout. clearly communicated You might find that warranties, guarantees many people would be willing to pay a bit and promises. extra for the increased guarantees and Warranties and guarantees can be used assurances offered by Installer 2. to make your firm stand out from the crowd by establishing it as a reputable, Promises you can keep trustworthy choice. If you offer sound What promises do your clients want to guarantees a customer may prefer you hear? If you don’t know, then ask them! over someone else, helping to improve You could post on social media or in a your quote conversion rates. community group, or you could ask as part Firstly, let’s make sure you of each satisfaction survey you send out. understand the difference between a They might respond with something like: warranty, guarantee and a promise: “I get frustrated that I’m left with a new Warranty: A written guarantee, central heating system and no idea how to issued to the purchaser of an article by use it”. its manufacturer, promising to repair Once you have the answers, what or replace it if necessary for a specified promises can you make to ease their period of time. frustrations? How about: “We promise Guarantee: A formal assurance to teach you how to use your new heating (typically in writing) that certain system and will provide telephone support conditions will be fulfilled, especially free for the first 30 days”. that a product will be repaired or When you have decided on your replaced if not of a specified quality. You promises, what systems do you need to may see businesses promoting a 100% have in place to make sure you can deliver satisfaction guarantee. on these? If you have a guarantee to do Promise: A declaration or assurance repairs within seven days, do you need a that one will do something or that dedicated service and repairs engineer to a particular thing will happen. An make that possible? Having written systems example would be to promise to turn up for all your team to see should mean you can in a set time frame. deliver on all your promises.

Guarantees that work

Besides the manufacturer’s warranty, you can offer your own guarantees to the customer. Given the choice, people would rather go with a company that offers enticing guarantees, and there are plenty of ways you can guarantee your work. It’s worth noting that you can charge a higher rate if you are providing guarantees. Let’s explore some scenarios for a standard combi boiler replacement: • Installer 1 quoted £1400 to replace a boiler via WhatsApp. They’re busy though and can’t book them in for three weeks, have no online reviews, and offer only the standard manufacturer’s warranty

Find out more As the director of Together We Count, Aaron McLeish is an accountant specialising in the plumbing and heating sector. Aaron is also author of The Quote Handbook. Visit the website here:


Aaron’s Quick Tip

Get into the habit of saving for taxes as you go. I recommend opening deposit accounts and regularly transfer funds to them.

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Business Matters 17 Prompt payment to sub-contractors getting better An apparent improvement in the payment habits of main contractors has been welcomed by The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). ,MZ`_ SLWQ ZQ WL]RP NZY^_]`N_TZY ʭ]X^ YZb NWLTX _Z be paying their sub-contractors within ˜˙ days or less, according to data from trade body BuildUK. While there are still a small number of poor performers, BuildUK says that the general improvement in average payment of invoices among the country’s top ˜˝ large contractors had allayed fears that the pandemic would prompt a return to MLO SLMT_^ >ZXP ʭ]X^ L]P [LdTYR TY `YOP] ˛˞ days. The survey shows that the average payment period has improved by four days in the last six months to ˜˙̍˝ days, which means sub-contractors are being paid on average ˚˞ days faster than when payment OL_L bL^ ʭ]^_ RL_SP]PO TY 5`Wd ˛˙˚ˡ. “Late payment has been a severe drain on cash ʮZb TY Z`] ^PN_Z] QZ]NTYR L Y`XMP] ZQ [P]QPN_Wd well run companies out of business,” says BESA’s director of legal and commercial, Debbie Petford. ɭ-`TWOTYR ^P]aTNP^ ʭ]X^ L]P QLNTYR NSLWWPYRTYR NZYOT_TZY^ N]PL_PO Md ]T^TYR TYʮL_TZY LYO ^`[[Wd T^^`P^ ^Z VPP[TYR _SP NL^S ʮZbTYR T^ XZ]P N]`NTLW than ever – particularly for smaller businesses.” According to BESA, the Reporting on Payment Practices and Performance regulations introduced by the government in ˛˙˚ˠ has played a crucial

17.indd 1

Demand for plumbers runs high in Belfast, says study

part in improving the situation but should now be updated to maintain progress. The Association contributed to a sector-wide response led by the umbrella body Actuate UK to a BEIS consultation on changes to the regulations, which revealed that some companies were now ‘gaming the system’. “The regulations have been transformative, but it is important that the reporting process is now `[OL_PO _Z ]PʮPN_ _SP aLW`P ZQ _SP [LdXPY_^ ɮ explains Petford. “Compliance by value is much more important than compliance by volume, [L]_TN`WL]Wd QZ] >80^ 4_ ^SZ`WO YZ_ MP OTʯN`W_ to update the reporting mechanism to achieve this, because the processes are largely automated. Without this change, the data will become increasing obsolete because high volumes of low value transactions can be used to distort the true picture and disguise the fact that large amounts of credit remain outstanding.”

Recent research from Yell Business has revealed that ˛˙˛˚ was a good year to establish a new plumbing business, and that Belfast was one of the best cities to do it in. Using data from Companies House, Yell found that ˜˚̇ˢˢˢ new businesses in the trades sector were founded in ˛˙˛˚, with ˛˙% (˟˛ˡ˚) of those based around plumbing, heating and air conditioning. New HVAC businesses bP]P ^PNZYO ZYWd _Z PWPN_]TNLW ʭ]X^ bSTNS LNNZ`Y_PO QZ] ˟˞ˢˡ new companies, or ˛˚% of trades started. DPWWɪ^ ]P^PL]NSP]^ LW^Z WZZVPO _Z 2ZZRWP 6PdbZ]O ;WLYYP] _Z ʭYO _SP cities with the best opportunities for the trades. They found that the key areas to operate a heating and plumbing business were in Belfast, Milton Keynes, and Salisbury. The Google data showed demand for plumbers in Belfast outstripped supply, with over ˜˚ ^PL]NSP^ [P] WT^_PO ʭ]X []ZaTOTYR an opportunity for a plumber looking to go it alone. Similarly, Milton 6PdYP^ LYO >LWT^M`]d LW^Z ^SZbPO ^TRYTʭNLY_Wd STRSP] OPXLYO _SLY supply for various trades services, making them ideal locations to open a new business. ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˚˞

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TO HELPING YOU DELIVER SUSTAINABLE HEATING SOLUTIONS As more and more homeowners choose air source heat pumps, now is the time to invest in your business and partner with Mitsubishi Electric for success.

Multi-award-winning range of air source heat pumps

Market-leading ultra quiet sound levels

Guaranteed low temperature operation

Smart control and remote monitoring via MELCloud App

The best thing about the support is your technical help guys. These guys are incredible! They’re the jewel in the Mitsubishi Electric crown.

Find out more on why Mitsubishi Electric and Ecodan are the best choice for your business

DAVID COOKE / Ecodan Installer

Expert training, after sales and technical support




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Heat Pumps 19

Heat pump incentive – don’t miss the BUS! The government-funded Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) – offering homeowners a significant contribution to the cost of investing in a heat pump – is set to be launched this April. But how can installers help their customers take advantage of the scheme? Ian Bevan from Daikin answers some of the key questions.


ith the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme coming to an end in March, the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) will be introduced in England and Wales from April 2022. Both schemes incentivise homeowners to consider more sustainable ways of heating their homes by providing grant payments for eligible installations. But the way they work is very different. It’s vital that installers have a good understanding of the incoming BUS, so they can continue to play their part in securing funding for new heat pump customers when the two incentives switch over. While the heat pump market has enjoyed steady growth, industry estimates predict that 17,000 new heat pump installers will be required in the next decade to deliver on the government’s ambitious target of 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028. Early adopters need support and encouragement over and above the financial incentives on offer, to help them enter the world of renewable home heating with confidence. And that comes down to having a highly trained, manufacturer-endorsed installer with a proven track record, who can walk them through the entire process – including funding – and who will get

Ian Bevan

Daikin commercial manager, heating & renewables

It’s vital that installers have a good understanding of the incoming BUS so they can continue to play their part in securing funding for new heat pump customers

the install and the associated paperwork right first time. This includes clearly explaining the energy efficiency and cost saving benefits homeowners will enjoy throughout their new system’s lifetime. To help installers understand how to use the BUS, Daikin recently hosted an installer webinar outlining all the details – and we will continue to support installers with training and membership of the Sustainable Home Network (see more below).

What is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)? The BUS is a UK government initiative launching in April 2022 to aid the decarbonisation of buildings. It will provide upfront capital grants of £5000 to support the installation of air source heat pumps, and £6000 for ground source heat pumps, in homes and some non-domestic buildings across England and Wales. Biomass boilers are also eligible for £5000 grants in some circumstances. The scheme will facilitate the installation of 90,000 heat pumps, and applications will be open from this spring for three years. Hybrid systems are not eligible. While the BUS will not be open to those in Scotland, homeowners will instead be able to apply for a Home Energy Scotland Cashback & Loan Scheme.

Who is responsible for administrating the payments? In October 2021, the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) named Ofgem as the intended administrator for the BUS scheme. As part of the process, Ofgem is responsible for assessing applications, fulfilling grant payments and carrying out audits and compliance public reporting.

What are my obligations? The BUS is an installer-led process, meaning the installer must apply to Ofgem for the

19.indd 1

grant after receiving instruction from a property owner to carry out the installation, and provide all the necessary information. Once Ofgem has completed the assessment, confirmed homeowner consent, and is satisfied with the application, a voucher will be issued to the installer. Once installation is complete, the installer can then apply to redeem the voucher and Ofgem will assess the redemption application before paying the grant to the installer. The £5000 should then be taken off the invoice sent to the homeowner.

What are the eligibility criteria? In order to be eligible for the BUS, installers must be MCScertified, and the commissioning date of the installation must be after 1st April 2022. Both domestic and non-domestic buildings are eligible, including custom builds, as long as the plant is new at the time of installation. The heat source replacing a fossil-fuelled system must be either an air or ground source heat pump with a minimum seasonal coefficient performance of 2.8. It must meet full space heating and hot water requirements and operate a 45kWh total capacity limit, including for shared ground loop systems. Biomass boilers are eligible only in rural areas, and in properties not fuelled by mains gas.

When will I receive payment? Installers will be required to create a BUS account before

applying for their first voucher. Once a voucher has been issued, the installer must submit a redemption application within the voucher validity period, in order to receive the grant amount. Ofgem intends to make payment to the installer within a week of receiving the successful application, and installer payment cycles will run on a weekly basis.

What other incentives are available to homeowners? In addition to the BUS, Daikin UK is offering homeowners £500 boiler scrappage cashback when switching old oil, LPG or solid fuel boilers for a Daikin heat pump. That’s effectively another 10% on top of the BUS grant – something we are promoting to homeowners to encourage them to work with a Daikin-accredited installer.

Join the club Membership of the Daikin Sustainable Home Network is free and installers who join can develop their heat pump installation and commissioning expertise by benefitting from free, hands-on-tools training at its industry-leading training centres around the UK. Other benefits of joining the network include dedicated technical support, sales ready leads, business support and special offers.

Find out more For more information on the BUS and Daikin’s boiler scrappage cashback scheme, please use the online link below. ◼

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Heat Pumps

On the right course to meet growth in heat pump demand

 Technical training manager Andy Cummings explains about the Alfea heat pump system and the coaxial heat exchanger (below)

side of the Alfea unit. Ideal offers a separate F-Gas course, which is also a week long, but Andy doesn’t recommend that installers look to combine the two courses. “It’s a hard course to do, very interesting, but again quite intense,” he explains. “We very much recommend it, but would not suggest that trainees try to do both courses together. It would be too much to take in. Also, not everybody want to do the F-Gas, of course. Some companies will have specialists to look after the refrigeration side of the installation, and others are happy to employ a third party.”

If you’re looking to become qualified to install air source heat pumps, which course should you sign up for? PHAM News recently attended a training session at Ideal Heating’s facility in Leeds to get a better understanding of what’s involved and how much there is to learn.


t’s widely acknowledged that many more installers need to be trained to fit and design heat pump systems before the market can grow to the level that the government hopes will see annual sales of 600,000 in just six years time. With most official training courses lasting four to five days, there is clearly a level of commitment required from installers before they can expect to come away with a recognised qualification, but many training centres around the country are reporting record levels of demand. The BPEC Heat Pumps Systems Training Course is designed to be taught over four days and is aimed at experienced heating engineers who wish to fit heat pumps in both domestic and commercial properties. The course meets national occupational standards and is recognised as a demonstration of competence for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Ideal Heating is one of several training providers to offer the course, but when it

Recent convert

comes to more detailed product knowledge, different facilities will focus on different types of systems and brands. The Ideal course provides an opportunity to gain some hands-on experience of the company’s recently launched range of Alfea air source heat pumps, a split system that features a patented coaxial heat exchanger to maximise performance.

Split system “It’s a BPEC course, but we put our own spin on it,” explains technical training manager Andy Cummings. “The course we run covers monobloc, split systems and ground source, but when it comes to the product side of it we are then talking about the split unit because that’s what we’ve got installed at the facility and that’s what we’re currently promoting.” The Ideal BPEC course has attracted a lot of interest because of its competitive price – just £250 at the time of going to press – and a discounted accommodation package at a Village Hotel, just minutes away from the training facility.

Installers who don’t already have qualifications covering Water Regulations and Energy Efficiency will be able to complete written assessments on the Monday of the training week. Both courses are covered by a distance learning programme, provided by Ideal at no extra charge, and installers will be expected to have studied the course material prior to attendance.

Intensive week There is clearly a lot that needs to be addressed during the week, but is the course long enough to touch on everything that needs to be covered? “It’s a busy week – probably one of the most intensive courses that I’ve been involved in – but there’s enough time to get done what we need to,” says Andy. The number of trainees is typically limited to six, which means that installers can be assured that they will be able to benefit from individual attention and an informal atmosphere. It also helps that those who attend are there because they really want to learn and want to make the most of the opportunity to gain a new qualification. “Most of the guys who come  Trainees take a closer look at out the Alfea outdoor unit installed at the Leeds training facility

20.indd 1

on the course are hungry for the knowledge and have a really positive attitude,” confirms Andy. “In contrast to some of the gas boiler training we do, when gas engineers might think that there is not much more for them to learn, these guys are keen to gain new skills and obviously believe that there’s a big future in heat pump technology.” While a fair proportion of the course is inevitably dominated by Powerpoint slides and paper exercises, there are plenty of opportunities to ask questions, and Andy acknowledges that the training continues to evolve in response to the questions asked and the feedback provided. “I learn a lot from some of the things that installers say to me,” he says. “It has made a difference to how the course is conducted, because often I’ll be able to anticipate some of the questions that might get asked from what has come up in previous training sessions. Often I might change the presentation slightly to make sure that we cover any points raised. In that sense, the course is constantly evolving.”

F-Gas registration Being a split system, installers will need to be F-Gas registered before they can make final pipework connections and commission the refrigeration

With over 30 years experience in the gas industry, 20 of which were spent on the tools with British Gas, Andy has been on his own learning curve when it comes to heat pumps. But having had a career steeped in gas, does he truly believe that electric heat pumps represent the future? “I certainly believe so,” he affirms. “And if I didn’t think that I think it would be very difficult for me to deliver this course. I have been running gas courses for quite a few years now and it’s good to have something new to learn about. Heat pumps are one of the most interesting things I’ve been involved in and I’m genuinely excited about the technology and what it has to offer.”

An installer’s view Andy is clearly enthused by the opportunity to gain a new level of expertise, but what of the installers who attended the course? Glen Brewer, director of AES Heating, who signed up for the course along with two colleagues, gives his verdict: “Andy was extremely knowledgeable and we all thought the course was really good. It was very in-depth and a bit mind-blowing at times, but very useful and good value for money. The only thing that I thought could be improved was for more time allocated to gaining hands-on experience with the units themselves. We only really had a day with them, and I feel more time spent with the equipment would have been beneficial.”

Find out more For more information or to register for the course, please use the online link below: ◼

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Heat Pumps

Responding to what the market needs Where can you go for reliable and informative advice on heat pumps? Bublshop, a Dorsetbased air source heat pump supplier and training provider, is confident it can provide an answer to most questions, as MD Richard Barras explains.


ust a few years ago, relatively few people outside of the heating industry knew a great deal about heat pumps. Fast forward to 2022, throw in the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy (designed to encourage the adoption of low carbon heating systems), and there can hardly be a person in the land that hasn’t heard about them. It might be a while before heat pumps are the mainstream source of heat and hot water in our private and commercial properties, but that’s definitely the plan. The widely publicised ambition is for the UK to be installing 600,000 heat pumps by 2028 (all part of the 2050 net zero target). That target brings enormous opportunities for heating engineers – but it brings challenges too. The need to embrace new technologies and new skills means there’s increased pressure on experienced and recently qualified heating engineers. The first few installations of any new product can be challenging and some installers are finding it hard to know where to turn for solid and reliable advice. Our mission from the outset was to offer specifiers and installers a place where they could source the whole air source heat pump package - from advice and products, to technical support and training. We began our heat pump journey back in 2013 and we committed, from the outset – as a result of our own experiences as MCS heat pump engineers - to support our installers from start to finish. The questions we’re asked by our customers have changed over the years as renewable technologies have evolved, but the queries cropping up at the moment are around three key areas: manufacturer choice, system design and commissioning, and grant applications.

22.indd 1

 Bublshop offers heat pump product training for installers at its facility in Gillingham, Dorset

Horses for courses

Richard Barras MD of Bublshop

We’re glad of the opportunity to share our experience and help installers to make the right decisions for their projects CUT TO THE CHASE  An increasing number of homeowners are interested in heat pumps but don’t know where to start  A correctly sized heat pump should be able to meet the needs of most properties

An installation in an exposed northerly environment will clearly have different requirements to one in a sheltered location in the south 

 Installers can benefit from Bublshop’s installation experience and detailed product knowledge  Bublshop will match property owners with its bank of trusted installers across the UK

At the moment, with so many newly skilled heat pump engineers sizing up and pricing new air source heat pump systems, we’re hearing from more and more installers who want general input about the suitability and benefits of particular manufacturer’s systems. Plus, although many installers have historically stuck with one or two preferred manufacturers that isn’t always proving possible, perhaps because the spec or capacity of the system doesn’t match the property’s needs, or just because of ongoing challenges around stock and supply issues. We’re glad of the opportunity to share our experience and help our installers make the right decisions for their projects. Working together means we can start to correct some of the myths circulating out there. An appropriately-sized heat pump, properly installed and commissioned, is more than capable of meeting most homeowner’s heating and hot water needs, regardless of the property’s size, age and location.

Design and Commissioning The number of calls coming in from installers wanting design and commissioning support is increasing fast. We always point new installers - or experienced engineers moving to a different brand – to manufacturer training courses. In most cases, it’s essential for warranty purposes, anyway.

We offer regular training on LG products so we know these courses are the best way to learn about each company’s products and their capabilities, plus gain some real-world installation insights. We also share technical information with our network of installers, saving them time flicking through masses of paperwork or searching online when they’re on site with an intermittent Wi-Fi signal. On top of that, we’re increasingly being called on to share some guidance based on our team’s own installation experience and detailed product knowledge. So, for example, we’re asked questions about the impact of variations in temperature and what that means for choosing and commissioning a heat pump. Clearly, an installation in an exposed northerly environment will have different requirements to one in a sheltered location on the south coast. For any installers wanting the reassurance of a system design service (including CoP calculations), we can offer that too.

Grant clarity Questions about grants and incentives crop up all the time. Installers need to understand the processes and they always appreciate our help in navigating this ever-changing minefield. We continue to lobby for positive change and value the feedback from our installer network as to what they most need. With the Renewable Heat Incentive at its end, our customers are keen to learn the benefits of the new Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

Where to start? Last, but not least, we are getting an increasing number of calls from homeowners across the UK. Most are generally conscious of the need to look to environmentally and financially sustainable alternatives but simply don’t know where to start. As with installers, getting the right information and advice specific to their individual requirements is key. This is especially important in a rapidly developing industry such as ours, where changes are coming thick and fast, and information can quickly become outdated.

Matchmakers We’ve always been asked to recommend suitably qualified heating engineers but we’re hearing from more and more homeowners who want to make the switch to an air source heat pump. We can help them to begin the process, explaining what qualifications they should look for, how they can find an MCS qualified engineer and how the grant application process works. We’re able to match property owners up with our bank of trusted engineers, based far and wide across the UK. There can be no doubt that there’s a massive opportunity here for our industry, and our network of installers are generally feeling really positive about the future. But we need to increase the number of qualified and competent engineers to best meet the opportunities ahead. Support for these engineers will be paramount to our industry’s success. ◼

27/02/2022 09:47

Installing best in class heat pumps brings its own rewards With the NIBE Pro rewards scheme, you earn points when you install NIBE heat pumps. These can be redeemed against branded tools and workwear, or marketing materials, and you’ll be first to know about special offers and competitions. As a NIBE Pro installer you’ll also have access to our new Pro portal, best in class technical support and training, plus a broad range of consumables and ancillaries.

Web Portal • eLearning • Web Shop • Rewards Points • Support & Training Consumables & Ancillaries Visit our website to find out more today.





Heat Pumps

Case study: air source in Cornwall When a builder received planning permission to develop a mixture of houses and flats in a small village in Cornwall, sustainability was a key requirement. PHAM News takes a look at the heat pump installations that will keep the new owners warm and comfortable with reliable heating.


he UK’s move to Net Zero, bolstered by the introduction of Clean Home Grants and new Building Regulations (coming into force in June) means heat pumps will become a more common heating solution. For the heating and plumbing industry, the next few years are expected to be a time of unprecedented change as we move away from fossil fuels. There are installers who have already embraced renewable technology and have moved their businesses away from fitting traditional fossil fuel heating systems towards renewables. A small development of new build properties completed near Helston in Cornwall is a prime

example of how heat pumps deliver on their promise of clean, dependable heat. It also shows what the UK’s move away from fossil fuels could bring to housing developments in the coming years.

Keeping it local The development of threebedroom houses and twobedroom flats has been built in Ruan Minor near Helston, Cornwall. The homes will be exclusively available to local people with long-standing associations with the area, and each one has renewable heating systems installed with Grant’s Aerona3 air source heat pumps and cylinders. The new build properties were


Grant Aerona3 6kW air source heat pump INSTALLATION COMPANY

Jonathan Bray of D & J Bray Plumbing and Heating Limited JOB LOCATION

Ruan Minor, near Helston in Cornwall NEW BUILD DEVELOPMENT

Mixture of three-bedroom houses and two-bedroom flats granted planning permission based on the homes being made available to people who are local or who have strong connections to the parish area. The ethos of the build was to create homes for the local community, homes that would be both affordable and sustainable; so to ensure that all the stipulations laid out in the permission were fulfilled, renewable heating systems were required.

Getting the experts in The developer appointed Jonathan Bray of D & J Bray Plumbing and Heating Limited, local G1 Installers, to design and install the heating systems at all six properties. Grant’s G1 Scheme is designed to provide installers with the tools they need to successfully fit and endorse the company’s products, from training through to marketing support. Working closely with Grant’s in-house Design Team, Jonathan carried out the heat loss calculations, completed the system design and specified the package of products needed to  Jonathan Bray designed and installed the heating systems at all six properties in Ruan Minor

24.indd 1

meet the heating and hot water demand of the homes. For each property, an Aerona3 6kW air source heat pump and a Grant 200 litre pre-plumbed cylinder with integrated buffer was specified and installed, to work alongside standard compact steel radiators. The Aerona3 6kW heat pump is the smallest unit in the range, combining a small footprint with an A+++ ErP rating. Its reliable performance alongside its compact design made it the ideal solution for both the houses and flats on this development.

Brand loyalty “We always knew we were going to install Grant products for this project,” comments Jonathan. “We have worked with the company for many years, installing their oil boilers, and now we are actively involved in the renewables sector too. This project was very different to our usual work, and working with housing associations and tenants was a different experience compared to supplying a private buyer. Grant UK were on hand at all times, from design through to the commissioning, so the project ran smoothly from start to finish.” D & J Bray Plumbing and Heating wanted to select a reliable product. They also

 The installation team from D & J Bray Plumbing and Heating on site in Ruan Minor

needed the system to be userfriendly and easy to control for the end users. Aerona3 heat pumps are suitable for installation with S-Plan heating control systems, so they can be linked very easily to standard controls. “We paired the heat pumps with Honeywell controls, which many end users are familiar with,” continues Jonathan. “What’s more, the Aerona3 heat pump controller allows the installer to set parameters to control the unit’s operation, and this functionality was really important with this project – the systems are straightforward and simple for the homeowners to control and we, as installers, have the peace of mind of knowing that the parameters are in place which will ensure correct operation of the heat pump.”

Sustainable future The new owners of these six Cornish homes are starting to move in, so they will soon enjoy the comforts of their local life and community and have the assurance that their properties are being kept warm by a sustainable heating system. ◼

 Grant’s Aerona3 air source pumps have a compact footprint and low operational noise

27/02/2022 10:09

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Heat Pumps

Ground source project set to save on carbon Borehole drilling has been completed in readiness for the installation of four 230kW Viessmann heat pumps at St George’s College Weybridge, which will result in an estimated saving of 250 tonnes of CO2 per year.


nitial groundworks have been completed at a large heat pump installation at St George’s College Weybridge in Surrey. In total, 132 boreholes have been drilled in fields that will be returned to use as sports pitches and for outdoor events. Four 230kW Viessmann Vitocal 300-G Pro ground source heat pumps will now be installed, replacing the school’s previous gas heating system as the main heat generator in an adapted plant room. Once commissioned, the new heating system will save about 250 tonnes of CO2 per year. The main contractor for the project is ReEnergise – architects and enablers of net-zero plans and programmes specialising in schools and colleges. ReEnergise designed the solution in collaboration with St George’s College, in particular estate manager, Errol Minihan, who is spearheading a future-proof approach to reducing the

 Borehole drilling at St George’s College Weybridge  Four 230kW Viessmann Vitocal 300-G Pro ground source heat pumps in situ prior to installation at the adapted plant room

and return excess heat to the ground.” St George’s College Weybridge was founded in 1869 and is an independent Catholic co-educational day school for 11 to 18 year olds, with around 1000 students. school’s reliance on fossil fuels and introducing a sustainable technology solution.

Forward thinking Steve Faucherand, CEO of ReEnergise, says: “St George’s College Weybridge are always forward thinking and have been on the low-carbon journey for

some time. This is a major investment in zero-carbon technology that will give them options as they develop the College estate. We are already working with them to maximise the benefit of the system and increase its sustainability by utilising its capability to cool classrooms in the summer

Learning opportunity Headmistress Mrs Owens says students have been enthused by the new heating project: “Students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about renewable energy and how natural heat from the ground can be harnessed. We now can’t wait

to have our new ground source heat pumps operational, so that we can know heating the school and using hot water here is from energy generated in a completely renewable way.” The Viessmann heat pumps will be installed by Aston Cord Energy Services who have also prefabricated the distribution header into which the bore hole loops and the heat pumps will be connected. Doing this work offsite ensures high quality, minimises disruption and keeps logistics to a minimum. The bore hole drilling has been undertaken by Oxfordshirebased AW Synergy, with the rest of the groundworks being handled by K Watts Construction and the school’s dedicated grounds people. ◼

Taking control of energy use

More power for less Claimed to be one of the most energy efficient heat pumps on the UK market, the WPL-A Premium range from Stiebel Eltron has been designed for both heating and cooling in domestic buildings. The range consists of two inverter air source models – the WPL-A 07 and WPL-A 05 Premium – and each can achieve flow temperatures of 75°C, which means there is no need for a separate electric element to run regular hot cycles to remove bacterial growth. The WPL-A 07 Premium model has a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) rating of up to 4.21 at 45°C and uses flameretardant and explosion-proof R454C refrigerant, which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of less than 150. Both models are said to boast almost-silent operating systems and can be fully integrated into home networks and controlled via a smartphone. ◼

26.indd 1

New from Warmflow is the Zeno R32 air source heat pump range which boasts an ErP A++ rating and an advanced, intelligent design. It includes a number of market leading components, including a Panasonic EVI life, the heat pumps feature a compressor and a Grundfos In addition, all Zeno air ‘tube in shell’ heat exchanger circulating pump, and comes source heat pumps come with which had been designed to with an easy-to-use touch screen WarmLink, Warmflow’s easy controller and simple wiring maximise the lubrication of the remote control technology. centre to help reduce installation refrigerant circuit. WarmLink is a cloud-based technology which provides time. The units also include a number remote control technology for Consisting of three single phase of other energy-saving features, including an ‘intelligent defrost homeowners and engineers. models – 6, 11 and 17kW – each method’ calculates the allows users and control unit comes in a no is maintenance, WarmLink Warmflow’s cloud based which technology which provides It effortless, easyto tocontrol use remote anthracite grey most efficient time to perform monitor theirand Zeno air source weather-proof, technology for homeowners and engineers. WarmLink allows users to control monitor their casing Warmflow with a rangeZeno of accessories a defrost. addition, units heat of pump a smartphone, air source heat pump In remotely orthe from the comfort theirvia sofa. included as standard. For ease of feature a ‘quiet operation mode’ laptop or tablet. installation, accessories Warmflow also offers an Setting these up WarmLink access on your which further reduces the noise tablettray, or electronic device of the units leading to an almost includesmartphone, a heated drip Y in-house design team to advise couldn’t be easier with a simple to use and support engineers on strainer, flexi hoses, isolating silent operation. The quiet mode app available on google play or apple app planning their installation should valves,store. plusSimply additional fi ttings. is programmable and can be set download the app, connect that service be required. Said to enhance effi ciency at certain times of the day when your device and start enjoying the benefits of remote control access to your Zeno lower air ◼ levels and increase operational noise is required.


source heat pump.

All Warmflow Zeno air source heat pumps come with a communication module with built in SIM card which automatically connects to the cloud when the heat pump is activated. Simply scan

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Heat Pumps 27 For multi-residentials

Combining energy saving technology Available from Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (SAHP) is a range of energy saving heating solutions that combine solar assisted heat pump technology with an insulated stainless steel hot water cylinder. The SAHP ˚˜˙, ˛˙˙ and ˜˙˙ heat pump sits on top of the internal hot water cylinder to provide a packaged, allin-one heat pump water heater. The largest model of the three, the SAHP ˜˙˙̇ features a ˜˙˙ litre cylinder and is designed to meet the needs of larger homes and NZXXP]NTLW `YT_^ ?SP NZX[LYd LW^Z Zʬ P]^ L =P_]Zʭ _ ^ZW`_TZY bSTNS NLY MP ʭ __PO _Z PcT^_TYR SZ_ bL_P] cylinders. BT_S L XLY`QLN_`]TYR ML^P TY 8LWOZY 0^^Pc _SP company says it can boast over ˚˙̇˙˙˙ installations, with units distributed in several countries around the world, including the USA. ͻ˜˛˛̓˛˜

27.indd 1

Support with system design Designed to provide an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating and hot water systems, the Enviroair air source heat pumps from Firebird are available in single phase outputs from ˠ̍˞ to ˚˟kW. Featuring a single Monobloc unit which is installed outside the property, the range is said to provide a compact and space saving solution. To support installers, Firebird’s Technical Hub aims to make the design and installation

process of a heating system as simple and as trouble-free as [Z^^TMWP -L^PO L_ _SP NZX[LYdɪ^ UK headquarters in Plymouth, the Technical Hub provides a free design and technical support package for heating professionals. The service not only ensures that important warranty criteria are met, but in the case of renewable installations, provides valuable support in complying with MCS requirements. ͻ˜˛˛̓˛˝

:ʬ P]TYR L ^ZW`_TZY QZ] _SP X`W_T-residential market, the Ecodan Hydrodan from Mitsubishi Electric is a ‘plug & play’ water-to-bL_P] SPL_ [`X[ ^[PNTʭ NLWWd designed to provide heating and hot water for heat networks and residential apartments. It also operates with a low quantity of low-2B; =˜˛ refrigerant. “There are already renewable heating solutions for single homes, but this T^ ZYP ZQ _SP ʭ ]^_ truly low carbon options available for multi-residential apartments,” says ,WPc -LRYPWW []ZO`N_ manager for hydronics at Mitsubishi. Ecodan Hydrodan units can be installed in individual apartments to deliver DHW using an integrated storage tank, and low temperature hot water for heating. The units connect _Z L ʭ Q_S RPYP]L_TZY ambient temperature heat network deployed throughout the building, to deliver renewable heating and hot water. ͻ phamnews.˜˛˛̓˛˞

01/03/2022 18:33



Heat Pumps Record number of heat pumps in production

Online campaign To promote its heat pump products to consumers, LG has launched a new publicity campaign designed to raise awareness of heat pump technology and the role it plays in sustainability. Part of the campaign is a video made for social media sites which highlights how an LG Therma V heat pump can help a family look forward to a warm, sustainable future. #CareForWhereYouLive is the latest in an on-going series of LG initiatives presenting simple ways that everyone can help do their part to ensure a better tomorrow. “It’s a vital time to get the heat pump message across to the UK population and to educate the general public and the installer network about the substantial benefits that switching to a proven, renewable option offers,” says national sales manager Peter Spurway. Use the online link below to view the video and learn more about the campaign: ◼

28.indd 1

Kensa, the Cornwall-based manufacturer of ground source heat pumps, is reporting record production numbers, having doubled its output over the past 18 months and working towards a further twofold increase in capacity by 2023. The company estimates that over 1m tonnes of carbon will be saved as a result of its heat pump installations across social housing, new build developments, private retrofit homes, and businesses. Kensa Group CEO Simon Lomax comments: “We have passionately advocated for a long time that ground source heat pumps are best placed to deliver low carbon heat to the UK. There is a particularly welcome focus from government in ensuring a large proportion are manufactured here to boost our green economy. “In response, we are committed to scaling up production to meet increased demand and fulfil the government’s ambition to ‘build back greener’. Our mission is to connect thousands more people in homes and businesses across the country to cleaner, greener, affordable heat. In the midst of the challenges of a stretched

global supply chain, a labour shortage, and significantly increased volumes, Kensa celebrated the highest monthly turnover ever and continues to break records in UK heat pump production.”

Made for the UK The company has been manufacturing ground source heat pumps since 1999. With a product range designed for UK properties and a specialist installation division working on large-scale multiple occupancy projects, market share has grown steadily over the years to 50%, bolstered by the Group’s partnership with Legal & General in 2020. To match this rapid growth, the manufacturer has added over 60 jobs in the past year and continues to expand. To facilitate the widespread roll-

out of the technology, Kensa is urging government to focus efforts on streetby-street installations of networked heat pumps, rather than replacing gas boilers on a house-by-house basis. This, it is argued, would enable whole communities to simply switch their gas boilers to highly efficient ground source heat pumps when they are ready to transition, supported by a subsidy from the government. If entities such as utility companies and local authorities took ownership of this underground infrastructure, then consumers would simply pay a standing charge as they do in their gas bills for the supply to their boiler. To learn more about this solution through an augmented reality (AR) experience, please use the link below. ◼

01/03/2022 16:18

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Products in Action 29 Higher level of protection in school Leeds-based Elm Facilities Management (Elm FM) has chosen BoilerMag to []Z_PN_ _SP YPbWd TY^_LWWPO SPL_TYR ^d^_PX L_ >_ 5Z^P[Sɪ^ .L_SZWTN ;]TXL]d >NSZZW TY ?LONL^_P] North Yorkshire. It had LY LRPTYR SPL_TYR ^d^_PX that was long overdue for replacement. The project involved ]P[WLNTYR _SP PY_T]P PcT^_TYR SPL_TYR ^d^_PX TYNW`OTYR _SP OT^_]TM`_TZY pipework, heat emitters, and the boiler plant, with the school still operating as normal. The team had to plan and coordinate all elements in detail, and do much of the work out of hours. 4^LLN BTWVTY^ZY RPYP]LW XLYLRP] L_ 0WX 18 ^Ld^% ɭ>ZXP_STYR Z`] PYRTYPP]^ SLaP ^PPY WZ_^ ZQ ZaP] _SP dPL]^ L]P ^d^_PX^ TY^_LWWPO Md Z_SP]^ bSP]P _SP MZTWP]^ QLTW []PXL_`]PWd O`P _Z bL_P] \`LWT_d and corrosion of the boiler heat exchangers. We see heating water OT^NZWZ`]PO bT_S ^W`ORP LʬPN_TYR PʯNTPYNd LYO [P]QZ]XLYNP ZQ _SP ^d^_PX [`X[^ LYO Z] TY Pc_]PXP NL^P^ NL`^TYR [T[PbZ]V _Z NWZR `[ LYO ]LOTL_Z]^ _Z ^_Z[ SPL_TYR `[ []Z[P]Wd ,^ ^`NS bP ]PNZXXPYO L^ XLYd ^_LRP^ ZQ []Z_PN_TZY L^ [Z^^TMWP TYNW`OTYR `^TYR L -ZTWP]8LR QZ] _SL_ STRSP] WPaPW ZQ []Z_PN_TZY ɮ 8LY`QLN_`]PO Md >[PL] LYO 5LNV^ZY _SP -ZTWP]8LR ]LYRP T^ available from ˛ to ˚˛inches and operates at pressures up to 12 bar.˜˛˛/˛ˡ

29.indd 1

Warm and toasty farm ĞŋŽŭā ƪŋŋũ Northampton based JD Plumbing LYO 3PL_TYR SL^ ^[PNTʭPO .T]NZʮZ;]Z `YOP]ʮZZ] SPL_TYR in an old farmhouse at Brigstock in Northamptonshire. The home was being refurbished, and the .T]NZʮZ;]Z ^d^_PX bL^ `^PO _Z ]P[WLNP LY ZWO @13 ^d^_PX bSTNS had been underperforming. With a new ˝˙kW gas boiler LW]PLOd TY-situ, John Drew, director of JD Plumbing and 3PL_TYR TY^_LWWPO .T]NZʮZ;]Z ClipRail across the whole of the

]PNZYʭR`]PO R]Z`YO ʮZZ] 3P ^Ld^% ɭ?SP]P SLO MPPY LY T^^`P bT_S _SP ZWO ^d^_PX O`P _Z the depth of screed covering it, and the pipe sensors which had MPPY `^PO BP ʭ__PO _SP .WT[=LTW and pipe runs across ˚˙˙mm of Celotex, and the builder then

laid a conventional sand/cement screed. ɭ?SP TY^_LWWL_TZY bL^ NZX[WP_PO TY 5LY`L]d bT_S WTXP^_ZYP ʮZZ]TYR WLTO ZY _Z[ LYO _SP NWTPY_ T^ aP]d SL[[d bT_S _SP bLd T_ T^ LWW bZ]VTYR ɮ ͻ˜˛˛/˛ˢ

Bespoke panels highlight site’s marine heritage 7`c`]d RWLX[TYR ^T_P ?SP 7T__WP =P_]PL_ TY ;PXM]ZVP^ST]P SL^ ^[PNTʭPO MP^[ZVP >SZbP]bLWW [LYPW^ L^ L ^_dWT^S WZb-maintenance alternative to tiling for the bathrooms in the retreat’s wild food restaurant. 4Y VPP[TYR bT_S _SP NZL^_LW _SPXP >SZbP]bLWWɪ^ bespoke design service was used to create a ˛̍ˡm long landscape mural painting behind the bathroom ML^TY^ ]PʮPN_TYR _SP XL]TYP SP]T_LRP ZQ _SP L]PL ;L]_ ZQ >SZbP]bLWWɪ^ ,N]dWTN NZWWPN_TZY _SP MP^[ZVP [LYPW^ bP]P ^[PNTʭPO QZ] _SPT] SdRTPYP MPYPʭ_^ PL^d TY^_LWWL_TZY LYO ^ZWTO LN]dWTN NZ]P []TY_TYR ^P]aTNP _SL_ NLY MP `^PO _Z N]PL_P L `YT\`P bLWW [LYPW OP^TRY ͻ˜˛˛/˜˙

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Our new combi range packs powerful performance into our smallest-ever design. It’s the perfect fit for flats, off-grid homes and first-time buyers – or anywhere space and budget are tight. Available nationwide now Learn more at

Keeping Britain Glowing


Domestic Boilers


How to respond to consumer concerns How should you respond to customers who may be concerned that they may no longer be able to purchase a fossil fuel boiler in the near future? Martyn Bridges from Worcester Bosch provides a guide to the government’s current plans and the potential for hydrogen-ready options.


ith the net zero government proposals and potential policy changes coming to fruition, it is important to get the facts straight on what is happening in the heating and hot water industry. From talks on the reduction of gas boiler usage to the roll-out of hydrogen-ready technology, it is an exciting time for the industry and we look forward to moving towards the government’s net zero targets with the introduction of new technology and information.

Advising homeowners

Martyn Bridges

Director of technical communication and project management at Worcester Bosch

Fake news A common misconception from homeowners is the thinking that gas boilers will be ‘banned’ by 2025, which is down to erroneous headlines leading to consumers misunderstanding the government’s plans. There is no ban on gasfired boilers on the horizon. However, the government have stated that 2035 would be the last date they foresee a traditional gas-fired boiler in its present form to be installed. Separately, there is a proposed ban on oil-fired boilers scheduled for 2026, but

that is just a proposal and is yet to be made into policy. The misconception on the ban of gas-fired boilers really revolves around new build properties, where the energy efficiency requirements for a house built to the 2025 regulations will make it virtually impossible for you to fit a gas-fired boiler inside one. An actual ban of gas in new builds is unlikely, but it will be technically impossible to get a gas-fired boiler installed if the SAP ratings of a new build property are built to those regulations.

We have frequently been contacted by homeowners to the point where we have signposted a section of our website to explain this situation. I would suggest that installers reassure homeowners that there is no proposed ban on gas-fired boilers as we presently know until 2035. Even after that date, if homeowners did have a gas boiler, they would not have to turn their boiler off and stop using it– it is just that the purchase of a natural gas-fired boiler may not be possible after that date.


2025 The year regulations are set to prohibit the installation of gas boilers in new build houses

2026 There is a proposed ban on oilfired boilers by this date, but this has yet to be made into policy

2035 The government has expressed a determination to ban traditional natural gas boilers by this date

20% Most modern boilers are capable of running on a 20% hydrogen blend

10 years The minimum time most boiler manufacturers will provide spare parts for existing boilers

31.indd 1

p Like all boilers in Worcester’s range, the Greenstar 4000 Combi is able to run on a 20% hydrogen blend

What next? The likely outcome of these government proposals is that we will move to hydrogen gas, where the initial stage will use a blend of hydrogen from around 2023. This switch would not require any specific changes to appliances or a new appliance to be purchased. Any modern day boiler built from around 2000 to date is capable of being run on a 20% blend of hydrogen as shown by the Keele University trials and the ongoing trial at Winlaton in Gateshead, where 668 homes are presently running on this blend. Worcester, like many manufacturers, provide spare parts for boilers for at least 10 years after the last day of manufacturing that line, although its not uncommon for us to have spares for boilers much older than this. Installers can have full confidence in continuing to install gas-fired boilers in people’s properties for the foreseeable future.

Hydrogen-ready Looking ahead, we are expecting a consultation in the spring of this year on the feasibility of hydrogen ready boilers, cookers, fires and gas meters. We will get to see what comes out of the consultation and will

certainly be responding to these discussions. It is likely that recipients of the consultation will be asked about their views on whether this is feasible. We have proven that this is feasible, along with other manufacturers in the three or four trials that are running. More evidence will come from a larger trial, which is about to start in Scotland and then a village trial, which will be up and running by 2025. The government are consulting to decide if from 2026 onwards all boilers sold must be easily convertible to hydrogen. We are optimistic that this will take place – we have already committed to BEIS that the hydrogen-ready boiler will cost no more than a natural gas-boiler would so there is basically nothing to lose, as a hydrogen-ready boiler will be able to run all of its life on natural gas, if this happens. However, the environmental benefit should be that 100% hydrogen will become available, and then an hour of an engineer’s time will add a small number of inexpensive components to convert the boiler to run on 100% hydrogen. Gas has a long-term future, initially as natural gas then transferring to hydrogen, so it can be specified with confidence should any enquiries of that nature be received by an installer. ◼

25/02/2022 14:48



Domestic Boilers

Communication is key when it comes to service As an installer, you know what you need to do to keep boilers serviced and within warranty, but what do your customers know? Chris Riley from Baxi suggests that customers have a part to play in keeping their heating system in tip-top condition.


ny heating and plumbing professional will be well versed in the need to regularly service boilers and hot water cylinders. However, as part of best practice, it’s also important to communicate with homeowners about essential maintenance, to ensure a good level of awareness and understanding when it comes to safety and cost. A knowledge gap can certainly lead to systematic issues with appliances over time, including reduced efficiency or a complete breakdown of the system in the worst-case scenario.

Keeping it clean As part of maintenance measures, appliances must meet current and upcoming legislative requirements. With uplifts to Part L of Building Regulations coming into force this June, new mandates will need to be considered. More specifically, changes to BS7593 – the code of practice for heating system maintenance. Originally a standalone best practice document, BS7593 will soon be integrated into Part L, making mandatory what were previously guidelines. The revised documentation includes requirements to install in-line filters, complete annual checks of water cleanliness and replace system inhibitors every five years. Installers not only need to ensure that their advice aligns with the latest regulations, but also emphasises the need for regular servicing in order to establish system compliance.

Warranty conditions Households may have become accustomed to disrupted and irregular appliance checks following Covid-19, so there is a pressing need to remind people that regular maintenance is essential for quality assurances.

32.indd 1

Chris Riley

National operations manager, Baxi

Coaching homeowners to spot the signs of a problem developing is another approach that can be taken to provide opportunities to fix any issues before they get worse

In particular, boilers must be serviced annually to remain within warranty, yet it is not uncommon for homeowners to be unaware of whether their boiler is under guarantee or not. If questions are raised regarding the validity of a boiler’s warranty, this can be confirmed with the manufacturer. Adhering to legislation is vital for meeting warranty conditions too. Referring back to BS7593, having a filter fitted with every boiler is a mandatory requirement of the 10-year warranty for the popular Baxi 800 range, which comes with an Adey Micro2 magnetic system filter in the box.

On the alert Coaching homeowners to spot the signs of a problem developing is another approach that can be taken to provide opportunities to fix any issues before they get worse. Carrying out visual checks of the boiler and hot water cylinder – as well as the surrounding areas – is a straightforward approach that can be suggested and explained to consumers during an annual service. Customers should keep an eye on their heating system and look for evidence of leaks, staining, scorching or a floppy yellow flame on gas fires or cookers. For further information on safety advice, heating engineers can also advise homeowners to visit the Gas Safety Register website. Promoting such a resource is equally beneficial for ensuring customers understand the  Talk with your customers to ensure they understand their part in keeping their boiler in good condition

 A filter must be fitted when installing Baxi’s 800 range to meet the requirements of the 10-year guarantee

importance of professional credentials among installers. In this way, potential problems can be communicated and resolved early on, helping to maximise safety and minimise financial risk for homeowners.

Staying informed Customers can also be advised on how to manage their heating properly for optimum efficiency. This is especially pertinent with the ongoing hike in fuel prices. It is always worth spending time with the homeowner to talk through controls and communicate the benefits of these components. By educating individuals on the use of thermostats and timers, for instance, this can help them to both reduce energy bills and achieve comfortable surroundings. As part of best practice, it’s always advisable to refer to the appropriate installation and service manuals for the type and model of appliance being dealt with. Detailed instructions and combustion performance figures can subsequently be understood for accurate servicing. It should be noted that product information is also freely available online for a range of models, which can prove particularly useful if the manual has been misplaced. By sharing knowledge with homeowners on how to spot issues as soon as they arise, and encouraging people to seek professional assistance, an extra layer of care can be added to the service mix that ultimately has everyone’s best interests at heart. ◼

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Domestic Boilers

Boilers are HVO ready Responding to demand for low carbon heating solutions, 2]LY_ @6 SL^ MPPY TYaZWaPO TY L Y`XMP] ZQ ʭPWO _]TLW^ researching the use of more sustainable liquid fuels like HVO LYO _P^_TYR _SP^P TY 2]LY_ AZ]_Pc MZTWP]^ _Z PYLMWP _SPX _Z MP biofuel compatible. At present, biofuels are not included in the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy, but Grant believes they do have a place on the road to Net Zero. It is estimated that the typical NZ^_ _Z NZYaP]_ LY PcT^_TYR ZTW-heated home to HVO is likely to be less than £˞˙˙ LYO T_ bTWW ZʬP] LY TXXPOTL_P ˡˡ% reduction in carbon emissions. To encourage the government to consider biofuels and their potential role in the transition to Net Zero, Grant UK is encouraging installers and engineers to write an open letter to their local MP or to BEIS directly, with a template letter which can be downloaded from its website. 2]LY_ AZ]_Pc ZTW MZTWP]^ L]P N`]]PY_Wd LaLTWLMWP TY TY_P]YLW Pc_P]YLW ʮZZ] ^_LYOTYR bLWW S`YR LYO NZXMT XZOPW^ bT_S outputs ranging from ˚˛ to ˠ˙kW. ͻ˜˛˛̓˜˜

33.indd 1


LPG model part of the Energy combi range

Optimum energy āƧóĢāłóƘ óĞŋĢóāŭ

The Energy range of boilers from Glow-worm includes an LPG model, available as a ˜˙kW combi. With cupboard-ʭ_ OTXPY^TZY^ L NSZTNP ZQ NZY_]ZW^ LYO quiet operation, the Energy LPG boiler is an option for the four million British homes that are not currently connected to the XLTY^ RL^ R]TO ?SP 0YP]Rd 7;2 T^ ^LTO _Z ZʬP] WZbP] ]`YYTYR NZ^_^ LYO STRSP] PʯNTPYNd _SLY LY ZTW MZTWP] LYO L WZbP] NL[T_LW Z`_WLd _SLY L SPL_ [`X[ ^`T_TYR T_ QZ] Zʬ-grid locations. Steve Keeton, technologies director, says: “Some ˚˞% of _SP @6 [Z[`WL_TZY L]P TY Zʬ-gas areas so it’s very important _Z MP LMWP _Z ZʬP] LY 7;2 MZTWP] ?SP 0YP]Rd 7;2 NZXMT XZOPW ZʬP]^ LWW ZQ _SP R]PL_ QPL_`]P^ Pc[PN_PO Q]ZX 0YP]Rd boilers, including a highquality automotive grade LW`XTYT`X SPL_ PcNSLYRP] and a modulating Grundfos [`X[ BP LW^Z ZʬP] L RZZO range of controls to choose from to complete the system to ensure compliance with Boiler Plus regulations.” The Energy LPG boiler is a dedicated LPG model that comes factory set with no adjustments required. 4_ LW^Z SL^ _SP MPYPʭ_ ZQ L free seven-year guarantee Z`_ ZQ _SP MZc bSPY _SP installation is registered through Glow -worm’s Club Energy. ͻ˜˛˛̓˜˝

With built-in Wi-Fi, Ariston’s Alteas ONE Net and Genus ONE Net are high performance gas condensing boilers. The Alteas ONE Net is ZʬP]PO bT_S L MWLNV ʭYT^S LYO Ultrasafe glass panel, while both boilers are supplied with Ariston’s Cube RF control, ready for connection to the Ariston Net smartphone app. Plus, using the boilers with the supplied controls also ensures they are ‘A+’ ErP rated for Z[_TX`X PYP]Rd PʯNTPYNd ?SP MZTWP]^ MPYPʭ_ Q]ZX the patented stainless steel, NZY_TY`Z`^ NZTW C_]L?PNS SPL_ PcNSLYRP] LWZYR^TOP WZb 9:c ]L_TYR^ Q]ZX ˜˜mg/kWh). In addition, all `YT_^ L]P ɩ-ZTWP] ;W`^ɪ ]PLOd ^_]LTRS_ Z`_ ZQ _SP MZc thanks to a number of features including built-in ‘Internet Weather’, ‘Auto’ and ‘Comfort’ functions. Alteas ONE Net and Genus ONE Net are WTRS_bPTRS_ LYO ZʬP] LNNP^^ Q]ZX _SP Q]ZY_ _Z LWW components. There is also more room inside the casing to aid with commissioning, servicing and repair. 1Z] Q`WW ʮPcTMTWT_d MZ_S SLaP L NZXM`^_TZY NZY_]ZW system, allowing the boilers to operate from either mains gas or LPG. The boilers are also supplied with a ˚˛-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. ͻ˜˛˛̓˜˞

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Domestic Boilers

Advanced combi boilers can meet hot water demand Modern living demands a plentiful supply of hot water, but how best to meet that demand? Sean Keleher from Navien explains how gas boilers have evolved to cope with the heating and hot water demands of larger domestic properties, while remaining highly efficient and futureproof.


s time goes on and people’s lifestyles change, so too do the homes in which they live. Indeed, the national UK average for a four-bedroom, three-bathroom dwelling is approximately 100–140m2. In addition, our own findings show 24% of UK properties are over 110m2 in size, with 41% of homes having three bedrooms. Furthermore, on average, houses usually have two bathrooms for every three bedrooms – a figure quoted by estate agents when referencing properties looking to maximise both value and desirability. With all these bathrooms being put to everyday use, there is clearly going to be a lot of demand for hot water. We know that every household in the UK uses an average of around 350 litres of water each day – and approximately 53% of an average annual combined energy bill is from heating the water for showers, baths and hot water from the tap. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this costs end users, on average, about £228 a year. So, what is the best method to utilise when catering for these increased levels of domestic hot water (DHW) demand, without compromising energy efficiency or causing a dramatic increase in fuel bills? Homeowners and installers should look no further than the latest generation of combi gas boilers. This suggestion may come as a surprise to some

34.indd 1

Sean Keleher

National technical manager, Navien


24% The number of UK homes that are over 110m2 in size

350 The average number of litres of water used by every household in the UK each day

2.5m Blending 20% hydrogen into the gas grid will reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of 2.5m cars a year

readers – after all, existing combi boilers are generally considered unsuitable for large properties with multiple (i.e. three or more) bedrooms and bathrooms. High demand for DHW has been known to weaken the flow pressure – and combi boilers can then struggle to maintain a strong and consistent supply of hot water to multiple outlets at the same time. In a typical scenario, the only option would be a system boiler with a cylinder. However, this is set to change!

Handling demand There are now combi gas boilers capable of handling the DHW and heating demands of larger properties without the need for any additional storage, while delivering water at up to 22 litres per minute (at 35°C temperature rise) – enough to feed three showers simultaneously and removing the need for a cylinder. This can be attributed to innovations such as the smart auto flow adjustment valve and auto mixing valve, which ensure water temperatures are at the perfect level for optimum DHW performance. At Navien, we have an exciting technological development in the pipeline which will allow our boilers to maximise recirculation of domestic hot water in applications where a dedicated return line is not available, significantly reducing water wastage. Embracing boiler technology with this function alongside other high quality components,

such as a durable stainless steel heat exchanger, will ensure a long lifespan, alongside exceptional levels of reliability and performance. The latest stainless steel heat exchangers are designed to maximise heat transfer efficiently, coping with a range of high temperatures and pressures – while producing ample amounts of hot water.

Turndown ratio Hot water generation is further improved when the boiler has a large turndown ratio (TDR). This figure is the ratio between a boiler’s maximum and minimum output; for example, a 5:1 ratio means the boiler’s minimum operating load is 20% of its full capacity. The higher the ratio, the more potential the unit has to run at longer cycles – which is better for both the boiler and an end user’s energy bills. When fitting a boiler with a high TDR of 15:1, domestic hot water can be heated rapidly, preventing anyone having to suffer a cold shower. For example, when fast flowing hot water (up to 55°C) is required, the boiler will use full power at 34-40kW to heat the water as it flows so fast past the burner. However, when running the tap slowly, only a small amount of heat is required, which could be as little as 5kW. If a boiler can only turn down to 10kW, then the water will get too hot, with the unit cutting on and off trying to keep the water at the desired temperature, consequently wasting heat and energy.

Hydrogen-ready Finally, what of using gas boiler technology in future, especially as the political and news agendas are currently full of talk of sustainability and renewable technologies? Well, all is not lost, as the latest boilers have been made ‘hydrogen-ready’, allowing them to operate using a mixture of hydrogen (20%) and natural gas (80%). This is significant, especially since the Energy Networks Association (ENA) published Britain’s Hydrogen Blending Delivery Plan earlier this year, outlining how gas grid companies can meet the target of ensuring the existing network will be ready to deliver 20% hydrogen from 2023. By ensuring the latest gas boilers are hydrogen-ready, when this new blend is eventually introduced to the grid, heating and hot water systems will still be able to function to their full potential without requiring any major changes or retrospective upgrades. Indeed, according to the ENA, blending 20% hydrogen into the gas grid will reduce carbon emissions by the equivalent of 2.5m cars a year, without any changes needed to be made to household boilers or heating systems.

Made to last So, as the UK’s properties have evolved, so too has the combi gas boiler. While originally overlooked for homes with multiple bathrooms, advances in heating and hot water technology now mean these stalwarts can be utilised in an even greater range of domestic applications. Not only are the latest models efficient, reliable and futureproof, they can also provide lashings of hot water for even the largest of families. Plus, they remove the need for a cumbersome cylinder, freeing up valuable space. As the saying goes, there’s still plenty of life in the old dog yet. ◼

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Inclusive Bathrooms 35

How to design a bathroom with dementia in mind The bathroom is one of the most challenging and dangerous places for a person with dementia, but there is much that can be done to ensure that it is a safer environment for those living with this condition, as Stuart Reynolds from AKW explains.


ementia affects many families here in the UK and across the world. In fact, you will probably be able to think of at least one person you know who has been diagnosed with the condition. With one in 14 aged over 65 and one in 6 aged 80+ living with dementia , there is an increasing need for guidance for installers on how to adapt existing bathroom designs to help those living with it. With this in mind, AKW has recently developed an updated guide with specialist dementia design advisers at the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), which offers guidance on creating more dementiafriendly bathrooms. What follows is some of the highlights from the guide.

Danger area The bathroom is one of the most challenging and dangerous places for a person with dementia. Dementia friendly design aims to compensate for the changes people experience when living with this condition. Importantly, a dementiafriendly bathroom doesn’t need to cost more than a standard bathroom adaptation, but the products and guidelines regarding colour, etc, need to be followed to ensure maximum safety and comfort. People with dementia are twice as likely to fall and these falls result in significantly higher mortality rates than for others in the same age group. In the standard bathroom layout, hazards are numerous and include trip points, slippery floors, hot water and confusing layouts. Here are some things to think about when designing an

35.indd 1

 Colour contrasts and the avoidance of sharp edges can help to make the bathroom a safer environment for dementia sufferers

on it. The safest solution is a wetroom that is fully tiled or floored in a single colour.

installation for use by someone with dementia:

Scald prevention

Colour contrasts

Stuart Reynolds

Head of product and marketing at AKW

People with dementia are twice as likely to fall and these falls result in significantly higher mortality rates than for others in the same age group CUT TO THE CHASE  A dementia-friendly bathroom doesn’t need to cost more than a standard bathroom adaptation  It’s important to use contrasting colours to clearly define the showering and toilet areas  Underfloor heating can help to avoid the risk of scalding and removes the chance of falling against a protruding radiator  Ensure any mirrors have a roller blind or can be covered when required

There are at least ten tonal considerations within a bathroom or shower room. These include the tonal contrast of surfaces and critical planes such as walls, floors, doors, skirtings, sanitaryware and toilet seats. It’s important to use contrasting colours to clearly define the showering and toilet areas. This can help dementia sufferers to safely locate and use them. To do this, establish the LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of the colours used – the minimum to achieve good contrast is 30 points of difference. Ensure that the shower curtain and any shower seat are a clearly contrasting colour to the wall behind them and that the sanitary fittings, toilet seat, toilet roll holder and grab rails are also suitably contrasting in colour to the surrounding floor and walls. Another tip is to ensure the floor is a single colour throughout and avoid the use of level access trays, as a person with dementia may assume that any colour change from floor to tray is a step up or down. This poses a fall risk. Also, flecked flooring and dark flooring can cause confusion, as they can potentially be mistaken for a dirty floor, or one with a hole in it, making the person with dementia reluctant to step

Someone with dementia may progressively lose safety awareness and, as a result, they will become more vulnerable to scalding. With this in mind, opt for thermostatic taps and showers and use low surface temperature radiators and underfloor heating if possible.

Fall protection Avoid sharp edges where possible in a dementia-friendly bathroom. To make the space as safe as possible think about installing a wetroom or level access shower area in the same colour as the floor instead of a bath. Fitting a shower seat is an easy way to provide an extra level of safety, while the use of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) shower screens instead of glass will mean that the screen won’t shatter in the event of a fall. It is also worth considering shower curtains made from a breathable fabric to prevent suffocation if a person falls. Installing underfloor heating provides another safety benefit, as there is no protruding radiator for a person to fall against.

Memory aids Short-term memory loss and forgetfulness are both symptoms of dementia. To help overcome these issues in the bathroom, opt for a shower with an automatic switch off, flood-proof plugs (or no plugs

at all) and choose retro-style taps and flush handles. Also ensure any mirrors have a roller blind or can be covered if needed.

All you need Choosing the right products can significantly help those living with dementia. That is why AKW has developed a range of products that are ideal for use in a dementia-friendly bathroom. From thermostatic care showers and contrasting toilet seats and grab rails, to non-slip flooring in a range of colours that will clearly contrast with the walls and task-specific lighting, we can offer a solution to meet a wide range of requirements.

For installers wanting to find out more, our ‘Guide to creating dementia-friendly bathrooms’ is available to download – for your own copy, simply type in the website address below in your browser. ◼

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Inclusive Bathrooms

Easier to install wetroom solutions Once a complicated and time consuming project, space-saving wetroom systems have evolved and are now much quicker and easier to install, says Nick Graville from Kudos Showers.


here is no doubt that a full wetroom, or a wet showering L]PL Zʬ P] `^P]^ _SP TWW`^TZY of more space and are a popular solution for multigenerational bathrooms. We are all aware that many of the []ZO`N_^ ʭ __PO TY _SP ML_S]ZZX L]P hidden, especially the components within a wetroom, and that makes the functionality and reliability of them even more important. No one wants a product _Z QLTW bSPY T_ɪ^ MPSTYO ʭ YT^SPO _TWTYR ʮ ZZ]MZL]O^ Z] bLWW [LYPW^ I believe that the suppliers to this market have really stepped up to not only solve some of the early teething problems associated with wetrooms – when the whole installation process could be very time-consuming and expensive – but to provide installers with a plethora of NSZTNP _Z Zʬ P] _SPT] N`^_ZXP]^ Today, many wetrooms display a glass ^N]PPY _Z ^_Z[ _SP bSZWP ʮ ZZ] LYO Z_SP] bathroom products becoming wet and TYNZ][Z]L_P `YOP]ʮ ZZ] SPL_TYR _Z O]d _SP room much quicker and avoid the need for space-consuming radiators.

Nick Graville Kudos sales & marketing director

QLNTWT_L_P _SP _]PYO QZ] WZb []Zʭ WP _]Ld^ or tray decks that can be tiled. Wastes as low as ˜˞XX TY SPTRS_ Zʬ P] L STRS ʮ Zb to clear water from a powerful shower head quickly, and they are also available TY L NSZTNP ZQ ʭ YT^SP^

Ready for tiling ¦āÖĿ āƦ ŋũŶ This solution has only been made possible by product designers and manufacturers talking to installers and bZ]VTYR SL]O _ZRP_SP] _Z Zʬ P] XZ]P Pʬ PN_TaP ^ZW`_TZY^ 8PXM]LYP^ L]P YZb often replaced with CNC machined panels of extruded PVC, a material that’s totally waterproof and really quick to install. ?SP^P [LYPW^ NZXP TY OTʬ P]PY_ ^TeP^ LYO thicknesses (to help structural features like seating and shelving to be created) LYO bT_S ^SZbP] OPNV^ Zʬ P]TYR NPY_]P Z] PYO bL^_P Z[_TZY^ ?SPd NLY MP N`_ _Z ^TeP LYO MP ʭ __PO OT]PN_Wd _Z bZZOPY Z] ^ZWTO ʮ ZZ]^ Z] _Z L ]LT^PO [WTY_S L^ ]P\`T]PO In the case of the Aqua˝8L 0aZW`_TZY system from Kudos, the joints are solvent welded together with a solvent paste to provide a one-piece permanent waterproof barrier that’s guaranteed for life. And the decks can be used on their own within a showering area, or coupled bT_S ʮ ZZ] ^VT]_TYR LYO bLWW [LYPW^ _Z provide watertight room protection. Wastes have also been developed to

One of the key new features of our Aqua˝8L 0aZW`_TZY bP_]ZZX ^d^_PX is that it is suitable for immediate ʭ YT^STYR bT_S _TWP^ aTYdW Z] XTN]Zcement. The closed cell extruded PVC panels with solvent welding joints allow ʭ __TYR LYO _TWTYR bT_STY _SP OLd ?SP panels also allow tiles to be removed and replaced without compromising the water proof integrity of the system. If your customer is considering a fully _TWPO ML_S]ZZX ʮ ZZ] XLVP ^`]P TY dZ`] plan to provide ˚˛˙˙mm of protected showering space, and they’ll need at least ˚ˠ˙˙mm of space allocated in the bathroom so that the bather has plenty of access. ?SP _TWP ^TeP bTWW ZQ_PY OP_P]XTYP _SP suitability of creating an attractive tiled ʮ ZZ] TY _SP ^SZbP]TYR L]PL bT_SZ`_ excessive angled tile cuts and grout lines. Small tiles and mosaic make it easier for the tiles to follow the shape of the shower deck, and large tiles can be OTʯ N`W_ _Z N`_ _Z QZWWZb _SP QLWW^ M`TW_ into the shower deck. Whatever your customer decides, rest assured that suppliers in the enclosures, trays and wetroom market have worked hard to develop innovative and reliable products, that can be installed with NZYʭ OPYNP LWWZbTYR you to get creative in the showering space. ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˜ˡ

W ¦Ğā ŨŽÖ˝mÖ 1ƑŋķŽŶĢŋł Ʃ ŶŶāù ƒĢŶĞ ŶĢķāù ŭāÖŶ ŋťŶĢŋł

36.indd 1

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Inclusive Bathrooms Safe and easy to use hot water The Assist range from Mira Showers has been designed with bathroom inclusivity in mind, with a wide choice of accessible showers and accessories to increase utility for those with limited dexterity. Supporting those with reduced mobility with a safety-ʭ]^_ no-compromise approach to the showering experience, the range features showers with easy-to-grip assistive controls and ergonomic long lever handles. What’s XZ]P _SP ^P[L]L_P ʮZb LYO _PX[P]L_`]P controls feature highly visible graphics, SPW[TYR [PZ[WP _Z ʭYP _`YP _SPT] ^SZbP] .ZX[WP_P bT_S L QL^_ ʭc VT_ TYNW`OTYR ʭcTYR^ LYO _PX[WL_P^ QZ] L

straightforward and secure installation, every Assist mixer boasts patented CoolShield technology, meaning the valve remains cool to the touch, while the Mira Nano-T Cartridge has been designed to deliver precise thermostatic control. The range also includes the Mira Assist Bath Shower Mixer, with thermostatic control and maximum temperature stop, and the Mira Assist Bath Pillar, designed with both ease of access and quality of design in mind. Recent additions include the Mira Bath Filler+, which features a bi-directional TMV˛ valve to ensure the precise mixing of hot and cold water, regardless of any changes in water pressure from other appliances being used in the home. Available across the Mira React and Mira Assist ranges, the Bath Filler+ has MPPY OP^TRYPO ^[PNTʭNLWWd QZ] ^ZNTLW SZ`^TYR LWWZbTYR QZ] \`TNV LYO PL^d ?8A˛ XLTY_PYLYNP NSPNV^ ZʬP]TYR ^[PNTʭP]^ L hassle-free solution that reduces the time T_ _LVP^ _Z `YOP]_LVP LYY`LW XLTY_PYLYNP ͻ˜˛˛̓˜ˢ

Doc M packs for public use toilets

An ugraded Doc M sanitaryware range for public-use accessible toilets and washrooms has been revealed by AKW. To ensure that compliance is as straightforward as possible, the company has also launched a design advice guide alongside the range. There are ˚˙ ,6B /ZN 8 [LNV^ _Z NSZZ^P from, ranging from fully compliant Doc M washrooms (including hand dryers, soap dispensers, etc.), to individual toilet

38.indd 1

cubicles. As well as traditional styling, there L]P _bZ NZY_PX[Z]L]d [LNV^ _SL_ QPL_`]P ^_LTYWP^^ ^_PPW ]LTW^ _Z ʭ_ TY bT_S LYd XZOP]Y design aesthetic. An ergonomic, soft-close toilet seat and coloured grab rails are also available to enable high colour contrast between surfaces for those with visual impairments. The Doc M guide can be downloaded by `^TYR _SP ZYWTYP WTYV MPWZb% ͻ˜˛˛̓˝˙

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Inclusive Bathrooms Trays stop the slips and stumbles

With the aim of providing bathroom products that enhance safety in the bathroom while meeting the highest LP^_SP_TN ^_LYOL]O^ /`]LaT_ ZʬP]^ L range of items that can reduce the risk of slips, trips and stumbles. All Duravit acrylic shower trays come with an anti-slip coating to minimise the risk of slipping on a wet surface. In addition, all products in the company’s DuraSolid range meet anti-slip requirements even without an additional coating, while Stonetto shower trays come with the

Wash, clean and dry all in one unit The In-Wash Nova shower toilet from Roca provides complete cleaning, care and comfort. Its smart features and ease of use suit it for an accessible bathroom for vulnerable and elderly users. The remote control is quick to set up and intuitively designed so it can be easily understood and used by everyone. In-Wash Nova also features a side panel to regulate the basic cleaning and drying

DuraSolid Q surface texture guarantee for safety thanks to class B slip-resistance. >SZbP] _]Ld^ _SL_ ʭ_ ʮ`^S bT_S _SP ʮZZ] []ZaTOP PYSLYNPO ^LQP_d _Z `^P]^ as there is no danger of tripping. The ?PX[LYZ [TN_`]PO ZʬP]^ _SP Z[_TZY ZQ L ^_]LTRS_QZ]bL]O ʮ`^S-ʭ__TYR TY^_LWWL_TZY as the support frame comes in a preassembled format. Other Duravit products suitable for an accessible bathroom include a shower toilet and thermostatic taps and showers. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝˚

functions in a simple and easy way. The shower toilet uses water to provide front and rear cleaning, and the water can be heated for additional comfort. Water pressure is adjustable QZ] aL]dTYR bL_P] ʮZb OP[PYOPY_ ZY personal preference, along with the movement of the nozzle, which can be set to suit individual needs. An integrated dryer provides a pleasant drying experience after cleaning. In-Wash Nova has been designed to ʭ_ PL^TWd TY_Z _SP XZOP]Y ML_S]ZZX For this reason, its installation just requires a water outlet and a conventional power connection. It also has a presence sensor that blocks the cleaning and drying functions while the seat is free, and an LED light in its side panel can be programmed to stay on for up to eight hours. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝˛

Taking care of all generations Available from Triton is the Omnicare range – an inclusive shower solution that combines the principles of safety and simplicity and addresses the needs of all LRP^ LYO XZMTWT_d 4_ ZʬP]^ _SP]XZ^_L_TN temperature reassurance and can be equipped with a host of accessibility QPL_`]P^ ^`NS L^ ]PXZ_P ZY Zʬ NZY_]ZW^ audible feedback, and intuitive operation. The shower manufacturer has also put together a guide, ‘A Blueprint for Bathroom Safety’, which outlines the key bathroom safety considerations when designing a bathroom for homes spanning more than one generation. The guide includes a four-point checklist to aid in the provision of an appropriate solution and is free to download from the online link below: ͻ˜˛˛̓˝˜

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Tools & Workwear

Getting to grips with specialist pliers Investment in the right tools can help to save time on site and ensure that work is completed without complications. Here, David Barnes, marketing manager of Knipex UK, explains how specialist pliers can help you to get the job done.


hether you’re a plumber, heating engineer or ventilation specialist, installing and adjusting pipework, valves and connectors will play a huge role in every installation you work on. Your toolkit will therefore need to help you cope with the OTʬP]PY_ [T[P ^TeP^ aLWaP^ ^[LNP^ LYO situations presented to you. That is where specialist pliers can really help to get the job done, quickly and easily.

Water pump pliers Water pump pliers are well suited for gripping round and angular parts, even if they have large diameters. They play an important role in the area of sanitary installation, but are also used in many Z_SP] UZM^ ^`NS L^ aPY_TWL_TZY ?SP ʭYP] _SP adjustment of a pair of water pump pliers, the more precisely the pliers can be adapted

_Z _SP ^TeP ZQ _SP bZ]V[TPNP^ ɧ ^`NS L^ [T[P^ Knipex water pump pliers are characterised by the fact that their jaws are self-locking. Once set correctly, the pressure on the upper SLYOWP T^ ^`ʯNTPY_ _Z _`]Y _SP bZ]V[TPNP powerfully, while relieving much of the hard work. Another useful feature is that the teeth are induction hardened, which means they NLY ^_TWW R]T[ ʭ]XWd LYO ^PN`]PWd PaPY LQ_P] long, intensive use. BL_P] [`X[ [WTP]^ YZb NZXP TY OTʬP]PY_ ^SL[P^ LYO ^TeP^ LYO _SP aP]d MP^_ NZXP bT_S clever features which simplify tasks and can help to save a lot of physical energy and PʬZ]_ The Knipex Cobra QuickSet, for example, has a slide function for easier working in aP]d NZYʭYPO LYO TYLNNP^^TMWP [WLNP^ ?SP opening width can be set directly on the bZ]V[TPNP PWTXTYL_TYR LYd LYYZdTYR ʭOOWTYR around. Simply press the button, slide the pliers joint fully open, place the upper jaw

on the workpiece and push the lower jaw onto the workpiece. The pliers then clamp onto the component securely by itself thanks to the jaw geometry. This means the user can put all energy into the desired movement without pressing the pliers handle together and without energy loss.

Smart grip


CORDLESS INFLATOR: DMP181 & MP001 DMP181: Max Air Pressure 1,110kPa, Air Discharge Amount (at 1,100 kPa) 7 litres/min, Air Discharge Amount (at 700 kPa) 11 litres/min, Air Discharge Amount (at 200 kPa) 22 litres/min, Hose Length 65cm, Noise sound pressure 70 dB(A), Noise K factor 3 dB(A), Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec², Vibration 3.6 m/sec², Net weight 2.1-2.8kg. LED job light, Main switch (On/off), Protection from over-heating: Thermostat is activated to protect the machine when the pump temperature increases, Adapter holder, Auto-stop function at pre-set target pressure, Trigger switch, Easy-to-grip handle, 3x inflation modes (High speed, Low speed or Ball modes), Air release function: In case of over-inflation hold the air release button to release air. (Not available when you are using British adapter.), Digital pressure gauge, The high speed mode is suitable for Road Bike, Car, Truck, Tractor. ML001G: Max Air Pressure1,110 kPa, Air Discharge Amount (at 1,100 kPa) 7 litres/min, Air Discharge Amount (at 700 kPa)12 litres/min, Air Discharge Amount (at 200 kPa)24 litres/min, Net weight 2.2-3.5 kg. LED job light, Main switch (On/off), Protection from over-heating: Thermostat is activated to protect the machine when the pump temperature increases, Adapter holder, Auto-stop function at pre-set target pressure, Trigger switch, Easy-to-grip handle, Digital pressure gauge, 3x inflation modes (High speed, Low speed or Ball modes), The high speed mode is suitable for Road Bike, Car, Truck, Tractor, Air release function: In case of over-inflation hold the air release button to release air. (Not available when you are using British adapter.) PHAM News.indd 1

40.indd 1

Tool setting is even easier with our SmartGrip intelligent mechanism, which automatically adjusts the opening width. Simply place the pliers on the workpiece LYO []P^^ _SP SLYOWP^ _ZRP_SP] QZ] L ʭ]X and secure and grip. If you frequently bZ]V ZY OTʬP]PY_ bZ]V[TPNP ^TeP^ _ST^ will make the work even easier. The Cobra range gives heating and plumbing engineers a wide choice of ^TeP^ Q]ZX _SP aP]d NZZW ɩC>ɪ L_ ˚˙˙mm right up to ˞˟˙mm. The range also QPL_`]P^ LY 0c_]L >WTX ɩ0>ɪ aP]^TZY bSTNS is ideal for those tight spaces associated with work on pipes and valves, and VDE versions for safe working around electricity. Within our water pump pliers category, we also have the Alligator range. The adjustable slip joint is the major feature of these water pump pliers, enabling OTʬP]PY_ Z[PYTYR bTO_S^ ZQ _SP R]T[[TYR jaw (in order to avoid slipping, the jaws are usually toothed). After it is pressed, the Alligator holds onto pipes and nuts by itself. This selfWZNVTYR PʬPN_ T^ [Z^^TMWP _SLYV^ _Z _SP special jaw geometry. The user does not need to press the handles together, but can convert all their energy directly into _Z]\`P ?ST^ [Ld^ Zʬ TY [L]_TN`WL] bSPY loosening bolted connections that have become stuck. Work in the plumbing and heating ^PN_Z] T^ ZQ_PY NZYO`N_PO TY NZYʭYPO spaces. The arched adjustment slot and the slim head shape of the Alligator range ZʬP]^ LY LOaLY_LRP SP]P

Playing it safe Safety is also important when it comes to your pliers. Working at height is associated with increased risk and this was the reason why we initially developed

L ʮPcTMWP QLWW []Z_PN_TZY ^d^_PX ?SP ɩ?P_SP]PO ?ZZW^ɪ ]LYRP bSTNS TYNW`OP^ both the Cobra and Alligator pliers, brings safety and reassurance to users of tools working at height or in locations where falling tools could be a risk. If you work at height, for instance maintaining heating and ventilation systems in a commercial PYaT]ZYXPY_ _SPY ?P_SP]PO ?ZZW^ ZʬP] more protection from lost tools and accidents. Water pump pliers, pipe wrenches, pliers’ wrenches and a number of other specialist pliers have a number of similar features in terms of structure and mode of operation. A good example of this would be the siphon and connector pliers. Anyone who does not want to leave permanent traces on sensitive materials ɧ QZ] PcLX[WP Md `^TYR bL_P] [`X[ [WTP]^ ɧ T^ bPWW ^P]aPO bT_S _SP ^T[SZY NZYYPN_Z] pliers. Their design with gentle plastic jaws and surface contours adapted to the pipe loosen union screw connections on odour traps almost without a trace.

Protection and aftercare Steel can rust as soon as it comes into contact with water and oxygen. However, if it is covered with a waterproof layer, it can help prevent rust. Such layers can be, QZ] PcLX[WP LY ZTW ʭWX L WLN\`P] WLdP] or an electroplated layer made of a nonrusting material such as chrome. Changing temperatures can cause condensation which can result in corrosion if there is no rust protection. Therefore, we would advise that an ZTW ʭWX T^ _SP ^TX[WP^_ XP_SZO ZQ ]`^_ []Z_PN_TZY :TW ʭWX^ bPL] Z`_ LYO SLaP to be replaced regularly but any common industrial oil or motor oil is suitable for lubricating the pliers. In general, you should store your pliers in a dry place. If condensation or moisture (e.g. in a service vehicle or on site) cannot be prevented, it makes sense to use a chrome-plated version. Almost all our pliers are available chrome-plated. We also provide buttons as a spare part for the Cobra range should any issues arise, so you do not have to replace the whole tool. ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˝˝

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Tools & Workwear 41

Report on tools theft: the wheres and the hows Toolstation has released data from its latest study into tool theft - where it happens LYO SZb _STPaP^ ʭYO NSTYV^ TY _SP L]XZ`] ]PaPLWTYR ^ZXP TY_P]P^_TYR Y`XMP]^ LYO ZʬP]TYR LOaTNP ZY SZb MP__P] _Z []Z_PN_ dZ`] XZ^_ aLW`LMWP L^^P^_^


ew research from Toolstation has highlighted the problem of tool theft in the UK, looking at the worst areas for theft, as well as detailing the most common ways tools are stolen. In ˛˙˛˙ there were ˚˚̇˜˙˙ thefts reported, with drills being the most common tool stolen. A list of the top ˚˙ areas most impacted by tool theft reveals that Northumbria is highest on the chart, with ˚˜ˢˡ thefts reported in ˛˙˛˙, equating to an estimated loss of £˛̇˙ˡ˛̇ˢ˞˝. The study also reveals that ˝ˠ% of these thefts happen due to doors not being locked, while ˠ˜% of thefts happen on weekdays, suggesting that owners are not as wary during the week. Toolstation suggests that better security is the best deterrent, advising that it may be worth investing in extra vehicle security, or even home security such as CCTV to protect your vehicle when parked overnight.

* Driveway or garage connected to the home ** Garages or car parks not connected to the home

Security measures The company spoke to expert Lee Devlin, MD at Homecure Plumbers, to get his advice on preventing tool theft in the future. Here are his top tips: • Never leave your tools in your van or vehicle overnight if at all possible • Get a sticker - something saying ‘No tools left in this vehicle overnight’ really can help • Park your van close to the side of your SZ`^P L bLWW ZM^_LNWP NWZ^TYR Zʬ [Z_PY_TLW entry points • Park your van in a locked garage • Check your vehicle’s alarm regularly ɲ 3LaP LY TXXZMTWT^P] ʭ__PO • Use a good quality lock/padlock, especially on rear the doors • Stop thieves from looking in and reduce ^TRS_ WTYP^ bT_S MWLNVZ`_ _TY_^ ʭWX^ LYO even partitions • Keep tool bags and boxes close on public transport • Seek advice from employers and experts • Take out adequate insurance for both your vehicle and tools ͻ̓˜˛˛̓˝˞

Hooklock gets security stamp of approval The ULTILock Hooklock from Van Guard Accessories has been accredited by Secured by Design, a Police Preferred >[PNTʭNL_TZY >PN`]PO -d /P^TRY T^ ZbYPO Md _SP @6 ;ZWTNP Service with the aim to reduce crime and increase safety for businesses and individuals. It is currently the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for securityrelated products in the UK. ɭ-PNZXTYR L XPXMP] ZQ >PN`]PO Md /P^TRY demonstrates our commitment to designing and manufacturing products that meet the highest quality and ^PN`]T_d ^_LYOL]O^ ɮ ^Ld^ ,Xd -`__P]bZ]_S ALY 2`L]Oɪ^ marketing executive. The Hooklock is made in the UK and is available for most van models. It has also achieved Gold Standard Status Sold >PN`]P L @6 _P^_TYR LYO NP]_TʭNL_TZY SZ`^P QZ] ^PN`]T_d products. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝˟

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Tools & Workwear

Who’s the Boss?

!ķŋŶĞāŭ Öłù āŨŽĢťĿāłŶ ĕũŋĿ ŋłā ŋłķĢłā ŭŋŽũóā

Clipacore has unveiled the new Boss drill, with quick release adaptor for interchangeable core bits. It’s designed to cut through bricks, concrete blocks and much more, and is said to consistently deliver high cutting performance. , \`TNV-release adaptor allows for fast, interchangeable core bits without the need for tools when `^PO bT_S .WT[LNZ]P NZ]P LOL[_Z]^ ,Y Pc_PY^TZY ML] is supplied with the drill to ensure most wall depths can be fully penetrated, while soft start temperature control and current cut-off help to ensure user safety. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝ˠ

RłŭťāóŶĢŋł ķÖĿťŭ ŋƦāũ ũāÖķ ĢķķŽĿĢłÖŶĢŋł

The RIL˟˙˙˙ series of inspection lamps from Ring T^ [L]_ ZQ _SP 8,2ʮPc ]LYRP RTaTYR aP]^L_TWT_d LYO reliability to plumbing and heating engineers. ?SP 8,2ʮPc 8TYT ˛˞˙ ZʬP]^ L NZX[LN_ M`_

powerful lamp, with ˛˞˙ lumens, and it includes a ˚ˡ˙{ ʮPc ML^P ]L_NSP_ XPNSLYT^X _Z [Z^T_TZY _SP light as needed. Hook and magnets enable handsfree working, while a torch on top of the unit provides a focused directional light for detailed work. 1Z] L ^WTRS_Wd XZ]P [ZbP]Q`W Z[_TZY _SP 8,2ʮPc Max ˞˙˙ delivers ˞˙˙ W`XPY^ ,^ bPWW L^ SLaTYR L ˚ˡ˙{ ʮPc XPNSLYT^X _SP SPLO ZQ _SP WLX[ _bT^_^ ˜˟˙°. The torch on top is a UV torch to help with leak OP_PN_TZY , ɩ>WTXɪ aP]^TZY T^ LW^Z LaLTWLMWP bT_S L foldable design and ˛ˠ˙° twist. 1TYLWWd _SP 8,2ʮPc 3PLO_Z]NS ˛˞˙ ZʬP]^ SLYO^free option, as the rechargeable headtorch with an integrated motion sensor can simply be strapped to the head, providing a direct light source wherever it is required. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝ˡ

mŋũā ťŋƒāũĕŽķ ĞÖĿĿāũ ùũĢķķ

!ŋķķāóŶ ŶĞā ùŽŭŶ ĕŋũ Žŭāũ ŭÖĕāŶƘ The XGT ˝˙VMax range of machines from Makita has been expanded with the launch of the DX˚˞ ɩZY-tool’ dust collection system, plus a new flashlight. The DX˚˞ is designed to be used with Makita’s HR˙˙ˠGZ XGT rotary hammer. It can be used with drill bits up to ˛˟˙mm, and the depth gauge can be effortlessly adjusted. ?SLYV^ _Z _SP TYNW`^TZY ZQ L 30;, QTW_P] the DX˚˞ can capture even fine particles for maximum user safety – and the filter can be easily cleaned to ensure longevity. The XGT ˝˙VMax flashlight features ˚ˡ extra-bright LEDs that can deliver up to ˞˙˙ lumens. The specially designed light diffusing lens softens the LED light

42.indd 1

Online tool retailer, U-Pro, has LOOPO >N]`ʬ^ bZ]VbPL] _Z T_^ []ZO`N_ ZʬP]TYR ?SP Q`WW ]LYRP ZQ >N]`ʬ^ clothing is available, including the Trade Thermo Jacket, Worker Trousers, Pro Flex Plus 3ZW^_P] ?]Z`^P]^ >N]`ʬ^ BZ]VP] Softshell Jacket as well as its brand-new safety boots, the Switchback ˜. The Switchback ˜ boots feature a water-resistant upper and composite midplate for WTRS_bPTRS_ ʮPcTMWP []Z_PN_TZY from sole puncture; anti-static for prevention of electrostatic build-up; and they’re also slip-resistant for safe working. ,WZYR^TOP >N]`ʬ^ NWZ_STYR LYO Z_SP] bZ]VbPL] @-Pro provides a wide range of tools and materials for plumbers, heating engineers and installers. For example, the Ox Pro ultra-wide jaw adjustable wrench is perfect for tightly spaced, awkward jobs. The wrench has adjustable jaws that can expand up to 36mm in width. 4_ɪ^ LW^Z ^WTX ^Z T_ NLY ʭ_ TY_Z most narrow spaces, while the handle is soft and non-slip, which gives better control and versatility. Find out more about U-Pro’s range of tools and supplies online using the link below. ͻ˜˛˛̓˝ˢ

to prevent glare and provide widespread illumination. It offers ˡ˛ hours of NZY_TY`Z`^ TWW`XTYL_TZY bSPY `^PO TY low mode) and the flashlight head can be adjusted to ensure the work area is always WT_ , ML__P]d NL[LNT_d bL]YTYR ^d^_PX ensures users are not unexpectedly left in the dark. ͻ˜˛˛̓˞˙

Claiming to have the most powerful cordless SDS plus hammer on the market, Bosch Professional Tools has unveiled the GBH ˚ˡV˜˝ CF Professional. It’s part of the company’s range of BiTurbo brushless tools, which are powered by the Bosch ProCORE˚ˡV Professional Battery System. Tool control is ensured by a soft start function for precise chiselling during use, and three OTʬP]PY_ bZ]VTYR XZOP^ ,`_Z 1LaZ]T_P LYO Soft) provide the right setting for every job. The ˚ˡV-˜˝ CF is also a smart SDS plus hammer, displaying real-time tool status via a user interface and allowing for individual adjustments through Bluetooth connectivity to the Bosch Toolbox app. This tool is suitable for hammer drilling and chiselling in concrete, brick, and stone. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional ˚ˡA ML__P]TP^ LYO NSL]RP]^ ;]ZQP^^TZYLW ˚ˡV System), however, for maximum power, users can opt for the ProCORE ˚ˡA ʦ ˡ̍ˢ ,S ͻ˜˛˛̓˞˚

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Product News Designed for specifically for low temp systems New from Modutherm is the MTA Plus – a high performance heat interface unit (HIU) which has been specifically designed for use in 4th generation low temperature heat networks that utilise heat pumps or boilers. The launch follows the announcement of a partnership agreement with heat pump manufacturer Alpha Innotec. The MTA Plus is an indirect HIU featuring two high performance SWEP LAS heat exchangers. These allow the unit to deliver impressive outputs from a low temperature energy source, offering DHW up to 75kW and heating up to 10kW. The use of LAS heat exchangers also ensures return temperatures from the MTA Plus remain low and do not exceed 25°C. This helps to deliver high network efficiencies, while also conforming to the CIBSE CP1 2020 Heat Networks Code of Practice.

All internal components are easily accessed with minimal tools from the front of the unit. They are also mounted on a HydraBlok composite backplate, which reduces mechanical water connections and the potential for internal leaks. In addition, the MTA PLUS is supplied with bottom connections to keep water away from electrics and internal components. An optional top entry pipework kit is also available. A user-friendly touch screen interface provides simple access to the MTA Plus’s key settings and parameters and the unit can also be fitted with hard wired or wireless heat meters. Modutherm MD Ian Bradley says: “With boilers becoming less common, the industry needs to adapt to lower temperature energy sources, such as heat pumps. As a result, we have created the MTA Plus with these requirements in mind, offering all the convenience and benefits provided by a HIU, alongside the ability to still maintain comfort when primary circuit temperatures are lower. Ultimately, the unit is capable of satisfying a broad range of projects and property sizes.” ◼

Emergency plumbing campaign As part of a new campaign, Wolseley branches have increased their emergency plumbing parts inventory to ensure that stocks of essential plumbing repair products are always readily available. Such products include toilet repairs parts and accessories, traps and wastes, drainage, valves and fittings, plus macerators and shower pumps. Chris TaylorHone, national sales director at Wolseley P&P, says: “The campaign will ensure stocks of all of the universal emergency plumbing repair products in branch and online. This is

great news for our customers, as emergency parts will be readily available, allowing them to complete more jobs first time rather than chasing around for what they need.” In addition to increased availability of products, the campaign also offers improved online search capabilities and the merchant’s ‘click and collect’ service that promises delivery within 60 minutes. Wolseley adds that its branch staff are also highly trained and knowledgeable and will be on hand to provide expert insight into customer queries. ◼



Leak detection for ultimate protection

For further information about any of the products featured on this page, simply visit phamnews. followed by the relevant enquiry number.

The Reliance Valves MultiSafe Leak Detection System from RWC has been designed to constantly monitor water usage to safeguard plumbing and heating systems and identify potential failures that lead to costly leaks. With 43% of UK homes experiencing a leak, and 75% of those occurring in flats and apartments, solutions that protect properties from costly water damage are essential, says RWC. The product works by identifying leaks early to prevent water damage. It sends an alert when a leak is detected, and automatically shuts off the water supply. The system also monitors water usage and patterns, identifying potential areas for conservation, and can be connected with multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network to centrally control several devices in large buildings or apartments. The WRAS-approved system features MBSP union connections for ease of installation. It should be installed on the main cold-water line, before branches to appliances and after any other control valves. The system can be combined with the MultiSafe Floor Leak Sensor for additional leak detection in high-risk areas, or used as an independent solution. The leak detection system can be controlled using RWC’s free app, where alerts can be set up, real-time insights can be viewed, such as water usage, and settings can be adjusted using home and away modes. ◼

Mounting plate makes for secure, easy connections Plastics specialist Fränkische UK has enhanced its Alpex system with the addition of a new easy to use mounting plate. It is designed to be used with the company’s Alpex wall connection system when installing water pipes for sinks, showers and baths. Made from glass fibre reinforced plastic, the wallplate is lightweight but robust, offering the strength associated with metal products. The mounting plate comes with one multi-purpose bolt that offers three fixing options and includes large labeling for quick and easy installation. The wall mount elbows can be positioned flexibly thanks to the new 360° fixing option. The SiphonFix feature ensures variable drain mounting and is said to suit any installation situation, giving installers room for flexibility.

43.indd 1

Cast iron classics

An insulation thickness up to 13mm can be achieved for 16 and 20mm dimensions, and an insulation thickness up to 9mm can be achieved for 26mm dimensions. Alpex sealing also provides noise separation and sealing in one sleeve. This enables tightness of leadthroughs in wet areas and allows for a clear separation of the trades. ◼

The latest addition to the Stelrad Radiator Group portfolio is the new Cast Iron Column range. These floor standing models include built-in feet and are available with the added options of either Antique Brass or Brushed Nickel TRVs. They are available in two heights and a wide variety of widths – a total of twenty sizes available. “We’re pleased to be able to respond to customer demand and provide this excellent new range of cast iron radiators,” says Stelrad’s head of marketing, Chris Harvey. “The arrival of this new range confirms our position as a one-stop-shop for all things radiators.” ◼

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Product News Flue range to cover all possibilities

Full choice of bathroom products for a small budget

Now available from Mi Flues is the Burgerhout range of flue venting and ventilation products. Burgerhout is part of M&G Group, a name associated with flue ventilation and roofing accessories. Mi Flues will stock familiar flue venting products including PP Multiline Cascade Ø150 and 200mm, TwinSafe Concentric PP Ø80/125mm and Ø100/150mm and Twinline PP Ø80-200mm. The Mi-Flex stainless steel liners

Designed for customers planning a bathroom at an entry level price point, the new Duravit No.1 complete bathroom offers solutions for a minimalistic and contemporary setting. It is described as a compact and comprehensive product range that could appeal to a first time bathroom buyer, or to those in the hotel and project sector. The new range opens up a host of combination options, creating a foundation for a range of bathroom plans and designs. Customers can create a complete bathroom, with choices ranging from ceramicware and WCs to furniture, taps and mirrors. A highlight of the collection is the trapezoidal built-in bathtub (pictured) made of sanitary acrylic, available in three sizes. There is the option of a whirl function, so the bathtub enables a luxurious bathing experience, even on smaller floor plans. The toilet range offers Duravit’s Rimless flushing technology and comes with the company’s HygieneGlaze, a ceramic glaze that helps kill bacteria and germs. ◼

Lightening up with natural wood designs The original offering of premium natural wood surfaces from Keuco has been extended to include a distinctive range of wild white oak furniture. Each piece in the new series, part of the Edition Lignatur collection, features prominent dark knots. The entire surface is treated with a special formula that includes a natural white oil which helps to give the furniture its distinct appearance. The wild white oak joins the other premium real wood finishes, including ‘noble walnut’, ‘oak’ and ‘Venetian oak’. Each piece of Edition Lignatur solid wood has its own individual markings, making it one of a kind. ◼

5-year guarantee on Resideo products To support professional installers, Resideo has launched a five-year warranty on a wide range of Honeywell Home heating controls and Resideo Braukmann water products. Covering more than 2000 products, the five-year warranty is offered exclusively to Resideo’s direct trade distribution partners. Products covered by the warranty include (but are not limited to) 3 port and zone valves, installer packs, cylinder thermostats, room thermostats (e.g. Honeywell Home T3 and T4), plus many more. Martin Wilson, commercial leader UK, explains: “Installers and homeowners want products that are reliable. However, they also want to know that if something does go wrong, it doesn’t cost money as well as time to fix it. Our extended warranty gives them that reassurance, at the same time as showing

44.indd 1

the confidence we have in the reliability of our comfort solutions.” ◼

will be complemented with Burgerhout’s polypropylene Flexline system Ø80-130mm, including TwinFlex Concentric PP Ø80/130mm. Other products on offer from

Mi Flues include a range of Anjo cable entries, modular roof ventilation products and the Burgerhout EPS Insulated Ducting System. ◼

Elegance in grey Responding to the popularity of grey in bathroom design, PJH has introduced a new grey finish to its freestanding bath range in its Bathrooms to Love Collection. It is suitable for coordinating with the company’s bathroom furniture collections that come in a wide selection of grey tones and textures – such as matt graphite, onyx grey gloss, grey ash and pearl grey gloss. The new shade can be found on the contemporary Belmont bath (pictured) and the Harlesden freestanding bath. A 20-year quality guarantee accompanies the new grey freestanding bath range. ◼

Expanded choice of products and finishes Radiator and towel rail manufacturer, Supplies4Heat, has unveiled a number of new products and range extensions to coincide with the launch of its latest brochure. The company’s Tallis range is now stocked in a textured anthracite grey finish, which means installers can order it for quick delivery in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Supplies4Heat has also added two new finishes to the vertical range. Customers can choose between polished or brushed (pictured) steel, with one height and two widths (in single or double formats) available from stock for delivery within 48-72 hours. Providing a twist on the traditional towel rail, Supplies4Heat offers a new side loading model as part of the Chaucer collection. Available in two heights and two widths, it can be hung left or right-handed, and for orders in standard white RAL 9016, it can be delivered in 48-72 hours. This model can also be made to order in 25 RAL colours and eight special finishes. The Belsay TRV collection has also been enhanced with a new Pewter finish. This traditional style range has also been extended with the introduction of two corner options in Antique Brass (with a walnut wheelhead top) and Satin Nickel (with a black wheelhead top). All Supplies4Heat TRV pairs and TRV kits come with a five-year guarantee and a next day delivery option for standard angled models. ◼

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Product News Light duty pumps offer a sizable cost saving A new range of single phase pumps for lightduty applications has been launched by Armstrong Fluid Technology. The Design Envelope Permanent Magnet (DEPM) pumps use single-phase power (200-230V), with models available in sizes from 0.25 to 1.5kW. They can be installed in either horizontal or vertical piping. Compared to conventional ECM circulators or pumps with loose drives and standard induction motors, Armstrong’s new DEPM pumps are claimed to provide up to 30% operating cost savings, with increased variable speed efficiency, and the option of real-time performance monitoring and parallel pumping. The range is suitable for heating and water recirculation systems in commercial and residential buildings, groundwater loops and geothermal systems. Following the design standard for commercial pumps, they are built to last and can be easily and economically repaired. Design point and setpoints can be adjusted to match on-site conditions, with a quadratic pressure control curve for maximum efficiency in variable speed applications. The pumps also incorporate

a constant flow function, for maintaining a precise flow rate in recirculation applications. There is the added option for a 50:50 split of design flow, for redundancy and additional energy savings using embedded parallel sensorless pump control. Lastly, the new DEPM range incorporates intelligence and connectivity, for access to the subscription-based Pump Manager service. This service provides cloudbased analytics that support performance optimisation. Users can track pump status and performance from a desktop or mobile device with automatic alert notifications if key parameters are exceeded. ◼

A finish for every interior design Italian bathroom fixture company Ritmonio has added four new options to its Diametro35 series of taps and bathroom fixtures, with each design available in 16 different finishes. The Diametro35 S is said to offer a ‘smart, simple, surprising’ design with wide appeal, featuring innovative configurations and finishes. Meanwhile, the Impronte model (pictured) is described as having 3-D textures on the mixer control, with a choice of ridges (pictured, front), dots, lines or squares. Diametro35 Cross has a balanced and proportionate design with cross-shaped handles, while the Diametro35 Elegance offers stripped-down simplicity. ◼

Air quality devices offer protection Resideo has introduced two new air quality products to its home security portfolio: the Honeywell Home R100C-1 carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, and the Resideo R200C2-A carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor. With a 10-year warranty as standard, the new products give added peace of mind to both the installer and homeowner. The R100C-1 alarm has alarm sound levels linked to CO concentration, a sevenday alarm memory, easy touch button, end-of-life signal, visual alarm for the deaf or hearing-impaired, hush mode/mute, fault hush, ambient light sensor, and is tamper-proof. The R200C2-A CO2 monitor helps protect against the threat of carbon dioxide and features a clear LED reading, room temperature, humidity detection, alert system, voice notifications, backup battery, and wall mounting or freestanding

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Win an Ultimate Kit!

U-PRO Trade Supplies is offering PHAM News readers the chance to win a DeWalt Ultimate drill kit worth over £500

U-PRO Trade Supplies is a convenient, online supplier of high-quality trade equipment, tools and spares. As part of its mission to offer a hassle-free shopping experience for busy tradespeople, U-PRO’s subscription service U-SUBSCRIBE helps you save time and money. It allows you to schedule repeat deliveries for high use products such as tapes and abrasives, plus you get a discount on every order!

THE PRIZE U-PRO is giving away a DeWalt Ultimate Drill Kit: a perfect choice from a leading power tool brand known for delivering excellent power, durability, and performance with every product. The kit consists of:

• • • • • •

1 x DCH172D2-GB - 18v SDS Hammer Drill (bare) 1 x DCD709P1t-GB - 18v Combi Drill (bare) 2 x DCB184-XJ - 18v 5.0Ah Battery 1 x DCB183-XJ - 18v 2.0Ah Battery 1 x DT9701-QZ - Extreme 2 SDS+ 7 Piece Drilling Set 1 x DT5912-QZH - HSS-R 13 Piece Set

HOW TO ENTER: For your chance to win the DeWalt bundle, all you have to do is read the question below and send your answer to PHAM News. The winner will be selected from a draw of all the correct answers received. Only one entry is allowed per person.


What is the name of U-PRO’s subscription service? (a) U-Save (b) U-Supply (c) U-Subscribe

Email your answer to with ‘U-PRO’ in the subject line. Please make sure you include the following: placement options. It can be used in residential or commercial applications, such as schools, care homes and offices. In the current Covid pandemic the device can be a useful tool to indicate when ventilation needs to be improved. ◼

* Your name * Your company’s name * Contact telephone number * Please type ‘YES’ or 'NO' after your answer to indicate if you are happy to receive email offers from U-PRO Please email your entry before the closing date of 31st March 2022

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Directory Controls



Instruments for control, regulation & protection


0161 946 0088

Next Day Delivery Available on 100s of Controls Thermostats, Programmers, TRVs,Underfloor

The Copper King

Leak Detection


NEW push button filling device for Combi Boilers that prevents over pressurising the system and water wastage. Easy to fit & use, with 2 year guarantee Durable and tested to BS Specification Saves expensive callouts & time WRAS Approved VISIT THE WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO ORDER, PLUS OTHER EXCITING PRODUCTS!

Water Heaters

Email: Telephone: 07305 429544 Website:

Plumbpal Products

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Training & Assessments

Information Centre 47 Information Centre

GAS ENGINEERS & PLUMBERS NEED ACS ASSESSMENTS? AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP TRAINING & ASSESSMENT AVAILABLE NOW! We are now ready to deliver ASHP Training & Assessments to you. As always our prices are unbeatable! Last year we helped over 100 Plumbers get their Gas Qualifications. It`s not as difficult as you may think, give us a call and let us help you. You don`t necessarily need Plumbing Qualifications to do our PLUMBER TO GAS COURSE. ECS can help you, call us now 01226 741800 or visit o rt e be urs at um Co v Pl as 0 + G 200 £

If you want free friendly advice just call me, Graham Hawkes 07775 506124 anytime for an informal chat


ECS Gas Training 10 Market Street, Hoyland Barnsley S74 9QR

Tel: 01226 741800

Snickers Workwear to weatherproof your workday You can count on real comfort and protection from the rain with Snickers Workwear’s AllroundWork and FlexiWork Jackets for professional tradesmen and women. Stay dry, warm and comfortable by choosing from a range of water-repellent jackets that will keep you dry in light showers and deliver great breathability to ventilate your body when you’re active on site. But if you need 100% waterproofness for long periods, check out the GORE-TEX® jackets and the PU garments with welded seams. Visit or enter the code shown below.

PanelStyle launches new brochure & website

The PanelStyle PVC wall and ceiling panelling collection has launched a new brochure featuring two new ranges and a total of 13 new decors. It reflects the expansion of the PanelStyle collection which include the addition of a Premium design collection into Splashpanel and an extension of the popular Metro Tile designs and brand-new Textured mosaic decors within the Proplas range. Available to download or to order via the contact form at The range is available ex-stock from all IDS branches nationwide within 24-48 hours. Contact tel: 0845 023 0374, email, or enter the code shown below.

hotun’s website Relaunch Featuring all of the hotun dry trap tundishes with threaded connections, now comes complete with colour matched plastic compression nuts and olives at NO EXTRA COST! Check out the hotun 100 range - The original and ONLY dry trap tundish on the market with easy visible discharge even after the PRV has stopped dripping. Visit or enter the code shown below for the full product range and the world’s first in-tundish PRV water alarm unit hotun Detect.

Bemis Ultra-Fix® Doesn’t loosen! The Professional Toilet Seat Fixing System

Bemis Ultra-Fix® is a patented hinge fixing system that will actually keep your toilet seat tight. How does it work?

Bemis Ultra-Fix® is easy to install

First, a unique finned bushing flexes to provide a snug fit in any toilet pan mounting hole and prevents movement.


Secondly, the one-piece plastic nut provides superior clamping force, eliminates fumbling with individual nuts, rings and washers during seat installation, and resists corrosion. And third, the bottom of the nut snaps off at the optimum tightening torque, locking the seat down perfectly tight


Finned bushing provides a snug fit and prevents movement.


The one-piece plastic nut provides superior clamping force.

The bottom of the nut snaps off at the optimum tightening torque, locking the seat down perfectly tight.

The Result An easy to fit, secure seat. Saving you time and costly call outs! Toilet seats with the Bemis Ultra-Fix hinge system never loosen.

Professional Fixation in 3 easy steps. Scan the QR Code and watch the video.

*Formerly STA-TITE

+44 (0)1282 438 717

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