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What if you need a way to consistently calm and ground yourself? I offer a digital guided journey called Awaken the Gift of Animal Communication on my website. It contains a deep, Nature based meditation that engages the part of your brain which usually wanders during such exercises. If you do this meditation a few times, you’ll be able to quickly put yourself in the grounded, relaxed zone which connects you with your companion. All my best to you in the show ring, the vet’s office and at home with your beloved companion. Copyright 2013 Reisa Stone Printed with the permission of Reisa Stone

Circle Tips by Mimi Busk-Downey Q: What is a good circle? A: A good circle is round, the right size for the size of horse, and performed with the horse’s body curved in the direction of the circle. Q: How do I teach my horse to do a better circle? A: The first thing to teach your horse is to stay between the reins, which is the same concept whether you are using one hand or two hands. You do this by rewarding the horse for the good behavior. When he does a correct turn, be sure to pat him and speak to him. If he is pushing outside the two reins or not responding, he may need more time in Bozal or the rider may need to examine his body cues to make sure he is giving a clear message. Trouble Shooting: If your horse is fading outside on turns, (making the circle bigger than you want) then you need to use your body to help him understand his parameters. If a horse is leaning to the inside on the turn, dropping the inside shoulder or cutting the corner, it is usually because this is the “path of least resistance”. The horse knows that the turn is coming and is anticipating it, wanting to get there as quickly as possible. The rider and the horse must be in balance. If the rider leans into the turn, the horse is more likely to drop the should and fade to the inside. If the rider concentrates on staying more upright, the horse will be in a better position to complete the turn in balance and keep weight on the outside rear leg. Keeping your cues consistent is the best way to help the horse. If you are unsure of how you are riding, have someone take a video of you and watch it carefully to see what you are doing that may be affecting your horse’s performance. To keep the horse in balance, the rider can practice large circles and encourage the horse to stay balanced by using the inside knee to reinforce the rein and body position. Remember that this work should only be done for a limited time. When the horse shows he is getting the idea, reward him with a nice ride out in the field so his mind will stay fresh and his performance relaxed. 





Message from the President Dear exhibitor and Guest Thank you for your attendance here with us this weekend to celebrate the 34th annual Canadian National Show of the Peruvian Horse in Canada. If you are a breeder or a seasoned veteran, thank you for your on-going support in promoting the Peruvian horse in Canada and our Association. Please have a close look at the premium list, as the changes are many; especially as they pertain to the Performance and Pleasure division. We believe these changes will enhance our show and broaden participation. If you are a guest and new to the Peruvian horse in Canada, welcome to our show. You are amongst friends. The Peruvian Horse, as its name implies is from Peru, where it has a history of nearly 500 years. It was introduced by General Pizzaro, was bred and refined over the centuries as a light and agile riding horse, for the sole purpose of transporting its owner over long distances in comfort and style. Its four beat lateral gait makes it the indisputable smoothest and most comfortable riding mount in the world today. The Peruvian Horse has had a following in Canada for over 40 years. Today, we have approximately 1500 Peruvian horses in Canada; most of these are pure bred, registered and owned by the 100+ members of the PHAC. Our show this weekend will last 3 days, Sep 20, 21 and 22. If you cannot be with us all weekend, make sure you come back on Sunday to see the championship classes, where you will see only the best of the best of the Peruvian horse in Canada. Thank you and enjoy the Show Ben Sawatzky President PHAC

PERCENTAGES & JUDGING CRITERIA FOR BASIS OF JUDGE’S DECISIONS: “The percentages for judging which follow are set down with the intention of advertising exhibitors of the qualities being evaluated by the Judge as well as the relative importance attached to each quality. All percentages, rules and procedures which are to be considered as guidelines and are not to provide any sort of technicality which might force a judge to award a prize on any basis other than merit.” (Percentages Rule VII Section 8) Halter Classes – 2 & 3 year olds Conformation and Condition 50% Brio and Collection 20% Gait 30%

Halter Classes – 4 yrs & over Conformation and Condition 40% Brio and Collection 20% Gait 40%

Bit Classes – Breeding & Luxury Conformation and Condition 35% Gait 35% Smoothness 20% Advance and Overstep 9% Termino 6% Brio and Collection 30% Elegance 12% Energy 12% Manners 6%

Bozal Classes Conformation and Condition Gait Smoothness Advance and Overstep Termino Brio and Collection Elegance Energy Manners

40% 40% 20% 10% 10% 20% 8% 8% 4%

Performance Classes Brio, Collection, Maneuvers, and 60% Manners Gait 25% Smoothness 10% Advance 5% Thread 5% Termino 5% Conformation and Condition 15%

Pleasure Classes Maneuvers & Manners


Gait Smoothness Advance Thread Termino Conformation and Condition Brio and Collection

30% 10% 10% 5% 5% 15% 15%

Gait Classes Gait Smoothness Advance & Overstep Timing Termino Overstep & Thread Conformation

95% 50% 15% 10% 10% 10% 5%

-----------------------------------------------------AWARDS & CLASSES--------------------------------JUNIOR DIVISON – All Junior riders 12 years of age and under must wear approved riding helmets. Helmets are optional for the 13 years of age and older. Leadline will be exempt from helmets provided there is a person leading and a person spotting the rider. PLEASURE DIVISION – Classes and Championships are divided by horse gender The Pleasure Division is open to amateur riders only. Please reference page 15 for definition of an amateur and page 23 for changes to the Pleasure Division as defined in our PHAC Show Rules.

****************************************************************************************** PERFORMANCE DIVISION – Classes and Championships are divided by horse gender The Performance Division is open to all riders, distinguishing it from the Pleasure Division that is NOT open to professionals. Please reference page 24 of the PHAC Show Rules for the change in the Show Rules for Performance.

********************************************************************************************* NOVICE DIVISION – Classes 5, 21, 38, 47, 62 The Novice Division is open to all riders who had not yet accumulated 150 points in the Junior or Novice Divisions in approved shows, or won a Champion of Champion, as of January 1, 2009. If you start the beginning of the year as a Novice, you will finish the year as a Novice even if you surpass the 150 accumulated points in the course of the year. A distinctive award for High Point Novice will be presented at this show. The cumulative award for National High Point Novice will also be presented at this show. **Shoes are allowed for horses entering the Novice Division but may not enter any other classes that are for Peruvian horses.** NOVICE CLASSES ARE NOT OPEN TO JUNIORS. Points are awarded: 1st place – 6 points, 2nd place 5, 3rd place 4, 4th place 3, 5th place 2, participating 1 point. ********************************************************************************************* HIGH POINT AMATEUR AWARD – Classes 8, 34, 45, 46, 48, 50, 51, 52 The High Point Amateur Award is open to all riders with amateur status. YOU MUST REGISTER (no charge) AT THE OFFICE IN ORDER TO COMPETE FOR THIS AWARD. High points will be calculated from the top 5 places in the above listed classes. Ties will be broken by ride off judged on equitation & performance. *************************************************************************************

HIGH POINT PROFESSIONAL AWARD – TROPHY BELT BUCKLE DONATED BY HIGH COUNTRY PERUVIANS The High Point Professional Award is for professionals only – i.e. those who do not qualify for amateur status. YOU MUST REGISTER (no charge) AT THE OFFICE IN ORDER TO COMPETE FOR THIS AWARD. Points will be calculated from best placing in one class in each division as follows: Best placing in a Halter Class – from Classes 4, 6, 9, 11 Best placing in Breeding or Luxury Class – from Classes 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25 Best Placing in a Bozal Class – from Classes 30, 35, 37 Best Placing in a Gait Class – from Classes 32, 39, 40, 54 Best Placing in a Performance Class – from Classes 15, 29, 41 TIE will be broken by best placing in performance. *********************************************************************************************

HIGH POINT AND RESERVE VERSATILITY HORSE This award is being offered to promote breed versatility and encourage thorough and well rounded training of the Peruvian Horse. Points will be awarded 1 6 in each class (1 for participation, 6 for 1st place). The entry with the highest number of points based on the top five placings in their best classes will be the High Point, second highest will be the Reserve High Point. Ties will be broken, first, by the number of firsts & seconds; and if there is still a tie, then by the placing in the Eng/Western/Aust Perf class. Classes are: 10, 14, 24 or 27 or 49, 26, 28, 36, 43

English/Western/Australian Performance (bit or bozal) Class will be judged as a performance class with appropriate English, Western or Australian attire for horse and rider.

Trail Class Description of trail class: Enter arena and salute judge, in gait clockwise around direction of arena to barrel,.Pick up sack, drag to second barrel, stand 10 seconds, walk over bridge, walk over poles. Walk into L, stop and back out, Proceed to pole, remove jacket and put it on, proceed to barrel and remove jacket and place on barrel. Side pass over poles both directions, stop and stand 15 seconds, proceed to serpentine, serpentine through cones, stop, back 10 steps, salute judge, leave arena. The diagram will be posted and distributed at the show. After two refusals of an obstacle, you must proceed to the next obstacle. Premium points may be added on a confident, smooth, and relaxed performance. Points may be taken away for excessive speed.

Performance Pairs To be judged on performance 50% and matching or complimentary appearance and attire 50%. Any gear allowed provided that a saddle and bridle is used on each horse. Attire is at discretion of riders but should be modest and riders must wear shoes or boots. Maneuvers will be called at the judge’s discretion, including but not limited to circles, stops, backing, figure eights and reverses.


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Las Do単as Award. This award was adopted to reward the one horse that the judge assesses to be the closest to breed standards by totaling placings in: conformation, breeding and gait . Do単a(s)-courtesy title placed before the name of an older woman in this case 4 women over 50 after 2 Pisco sours!!!!`

* Breed Standard - Conformation:

The Peruvian Horse should have an appearance of energy, grace and refinement. Horses should have a well developed muscular appearance without exaggerations. Size ranges from 14 to 15 hands, with an occasional individual over or under. The head is of medium size with a straight or slightly concave or convex profile; a small muzzle; oblong nostrils which extend easily; dark skin; dark expressive eyes set well apart (glass and/or blue eyes shall be penalized in breeding classes); moderately marked jowls: medium length ears with fine tips curved slightly inward. The neck is of medium length with a graceful firm arch to the crest; it is slightly heavier in proportion to the body than with most light saddle breeds. The back is medium to short in length, strong and rounded. Loins broad and well muscled over kidney area. Croup long and wide, fairly muscular, with moderate slope and nicely rounded. Tail is set low and viewed from the rear is carried straight, quietly and held close to the buttocks. Chest is wide with moderate muscling. Girth should be deep, with the length of leg and depth of body approximately equal. Rib cage well sprung and deep. The barrel is deep. Flanks are moderately short, full and deep. Quarters should be strong, of medium roundness and width. Shoulders are long, very well inclined and well-muscled. Bones of the lower limbs should be well-aligned and well articulated so that the long bones line up with each other correctly above and below the joints with the skin tight against the bone and strong, prominent tendons. Ideal pasterns are short to medium in length and flexible, but not showing weakness. Any horse whose angle of the pastern is below horizontal (i.e. the fetlock is level with or below the level of the coronet) is not acceptable. Hooves should be well- shaped and balanced in size with the size of the horse. Heel should be wide and open to allow expansion and contraction. Hoof should appear strong and durable and correctly centered on the bone above it. Hooves should not toe in or be splayed.

Breed Standard - Gait. a) Qualifying Gaits: 1) Paso llano: Equally spaced, four beat gait. Timing and footfall: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4; LH - LF - RH - RF 2) Sobreandando: Usually faster, slightly more lateral than the Paso llano. Timing and footfall: 1-2 3-4;LH-LFRH-RF 3) Walk: The walk should be a relaxed, four beat movement. The horse may be on the bit, but the contact will be light. The walk should exhibit a free, loose movement. A horse should be penalized if it does not cap or does not walk.

*from Napha Rule book

Peruvian Horse Club of Alberta c/o 11003 Oakfield Drive S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2W 3H3 Please check out the new website at: President : Grant McKinney ph. 403-710-0805 email: Vice President: Chantelle Sawatzky ph. 780-963-3077 email: Secretary: Heather Neilson email:

ph. 403-281-1306

Treasurer: Lesa Steeves ph. 403-281-2114 email: lcsteeves Webmaster: Suzanne Brown email:

OPHA NEWSLETTER – August 2013 With our Ontario Summer in full swing, it is a good time to reflect on where our club has been this year and where we plan to go! We started in March with a successful FUNDRAISER – our Latin Dance Night. We had so much fun and also put significant dollars “in the bank” to finance other endeavours for our members. In April, 4 of our members – Betty Bassett, Roy Metcalfe, Stephanie and Arnie Thiessen- attended the Centre Wellington Equine Trade Show where our OPHA booth attracted much attention with many more people recognizing the Peruvian as a specific breed. Our posters, videos and tack brought many positive comments. The winner of our draw for a Greenhawk basket of equine supplies was Heather Klooster from Elmira.

Then our Board went to work planning for our participation in the SUMMER SIZZLER at the London Western Fair Agriplex Centre. For our second year, we joined forces with the Arabian Horse Association of Eastern Canada to create an International event! The weekend of June 1-2 is one that we can look back on with a smile!

Competitors began arriving Friday afternoon and that evening they had an opportunity to spend some quality time with our esteemed Judge, Hon. Annette Kart from Burbank, California who returned this year to guide and support us through our 15 classes. Words of welcome and encouragement were extended by our President, Luis Fiallos. The competitors enjoyed some social time hosted by Ontario participant, Angie Nadon and her daughter, Farrah, before calling it a night in order to return in a rested state for the following day. We were thrilled to have participants joining us from North Eastern Peruvian Horse Club (U.S.A.) which added to the competitive atmosphere and communal interaction. Sonja Wirth of “Phoenix Ranch” in New York was the first to arrive with her trainer, Felix Flores and his step-daughter, Paolo Figuroa as well as her granddaughter, Dominique Mero. Jackie and Bob Green and their son, Colin of “La Colina Verde”, Ohio arrived to attend their first Ontario show. They all told us that crossing the border was a breeze! They enjoyed a bit of Canadian “culture” by participating in a “Lucky Loonie Draw” with other Peruvian owners on Fri. evening. As well, they helped Betty celebrate a special birthday with a cake provided by her husband, Roy, By noon on Sat., we had completed our first class “Novice Equitation” with 9 participants. 1st place was won by our OPHA Past President, Betty Bassett riding her chestnut gelding, BAB Torbellino. The “Junior Equitation Class” (for riders 7-17 yrs.of age) was won by Dominique Mero riding PR Clara, a chestnut mare, owned by Robert Paolette of New York. “Pleasure Mares in Bit” was won by Leanne McCabe riding Beata De Santa Rosa owned by Angelika Nadon. “Pleasure Geldings and Stallions in Bit” was won by Betty Bassett riding BAB Torbellino “CHAMPION Pleasure in Bit” was won by Betty Bassett riding BAB Torbellino and the “RESERVE Championship” went to Colin Green Junior member from Ohio riding his chestnut gelding – SLK Chamaco Agredecido. “Open Gait Mares in Bit” was won by Felix Flores of Phoenix Ranch riding PR Olana, a palomino, owned by Leesa Gratkowski of Michigan.

“Open Gait Geldings and Stallions in Bit” was won by Jackie Green from Ohio, riding her black stallion, CM Castizo. “Best Gaited Horse in Show” was won by Felix Flores of Phoenix Ranch riding PR Olana owned by Leesa Gratkowski. “Champagne Class” was won by Lyndsey Baker riding Primicia De Santa Rosa, a black mare owned by Angelika Nadon of Anfarra Farms, Bailieboro, Ont. “Breeding Mares in Bit” was won by Felix Flores riding PR Olana owned by Leesa Gratkowski. “Breeding Stallions in Bit” was won by Jackie Green riding CM Castizo. “CHAMPION Breeding/Luxury in Bit” was won by Jackie Green riding CM Castizo and “RESERVE Champion” was won by Felix Flores riding PR Olana. “Performance Mares in Bit” was won by Leanne McCabe riding Beata De Santa Rosa owned by Angelika Nadon. “Performance Geldings and Stallions in Bit” was won by Colin Green riding his SLK Chamaco Agredecido. “CHAMPION Performance in Bit” was won by Colin Green riding SLK Chamaco Agredecido and “RESERVE Champion” went to Colin’‛s Mum, Jackie Green riding her bay mare NSL Marquesa *(The complete results from the show will be sent to you in a separate mailing. Check out our website for photos!). All of our classes were sponsored and as a result, we were able to provide professional programs, attractive ribbons and prizes for those who placed first to fifth in each competition. Our Champagne Class drew much attention and we completed the show with the traditional Barrida. Our Judge, Annette rode the Betty Bassett’‛s gelding, BAB Torbellino for this finale. The Sizzler was a POINTS SHOW and the winners will be recognized by our National Peruvian Horse Association of Canada.

Several of our OPHA members attended the show as supportive audience and photographers – Luis Fiallos, Scott and Terri Stewart, Stephanie and Arnie Thiessen, Keith and Lois Worden. We also had people from the Latin American Community attending our event thanks to some excellent advertising. We received some very positive feedback about the Sizzler from our American visitors and our own membership. It would appear that some great groundwork has been established that we can build on for a repeat performance in 2014! Think about getting ALL our OPHA

members involved next year! Coming up is our 2nd Annual WINE TOUR ON HORSEBACK in Prince Edward County. Mark your calendars for Sat. Sept. 14, 2013 with more details to follow! We are interested in making this event a fundraiser for an equine related charity. Canadian National Championship Show at Armstrong Agriplex, Armstrong, B.C. promises to be an exciting show on Sept. 20-22, 2013. At least two of our members, Betty Bassett and Roy Metcalfe plan to attend! U.S. National Championship Show will be held at the Los Angeles Equestrian Centre in Burbank, California on Oct. 4-6, 2013 (*Personal note – Keith has mentioned that California might be a good place to celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary …maybe a wee trip coming up???) Royal Agricultural Winter Fair – Nov. 1-10, 2013 – no specific plans yet. Hopefully this event will provide an opportunity for us to showcase our Peruvian breed. Nov. 24, 2013 – OPHA Annual General Meeting – Details to follow. Think about

nominations and the role you would like to play in next year’‛s responsibilities. Our heart-felt condolences are extended to Valerie, Norman, Betty and Roy who said final goodbyes to beloved horses this year. Our congratulations go to Nancy Gibbons, Cobourg, who has acquired her very first Peruvian, “HCP Maximo”. We look forward to his presence in Ontario. We are sure it was hard for Don and Sue to let him go! We are a small but mighty club and your Board is hard at work to keep us “on the map”! Your continued involvement is encouraged and appreciated. Happy days in the Saddle, Lois Worden – Newsletter Editor – OPHA

Box 207, Armstrong BC V0E 1B0

PHCBC Board of Directors President:


Directors at Large:


Vice President:


Or Don Noltner


Here it is almost time for our Canadian National show Sept 20-22, at the Agriplex in Armstrong, BC. A bit of rest time for some horses and owners, then off to the US Nationals in Burbank California Oct 4-6 Congratulations to everyone at the Wild West Classic that brought home ribbons. To those who were volunteering, "We Thank You" Congratulations to Jan Sjodin, Lynn Moker & Cathie Taggart, for the dedication they put into their horses and themselves and being awarded Laureado’s in their qualifying divisions at the WWC & Monroe, Wash. There have not been a lot of club activities that I know of but trail riding is pretty popular this year as the weather has been nice, maybe a bit too hot but evenings are cool. Understand Alberta has had their fair share of active weather, just doesn’t seem fair. John McMillan and Jackie Evans & their horses enjoying a cool down or should I say a pawing competition in Skimikin Lake. It was a tie

Remember: always pass left shoulder to left shoulder. Ride Safe and Happy Trails!

Our versatile Peruvian horses… play with them or take them to the show ring Check our web page www.phcbc for any updates, (classifieds -- this page is for members who do not have access to their own website)