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The Changing Consumer


Internet Users in Canada (in millions) 24.7 (74.5%)


25.2 (75.2%)

25.7 (75.9%)

26.0 (76.5%)

26.4 (77.0%)





26.8 (77.5%)

27.1 (77.9%)




The GREAT Disconnect

77 percent of Canadians are online while only 45% of small businesses have an online presence

Source -


What Are People Doing Online?


Time spent per week on media activities (CDN Internet users/hours)




Canadians surveyed state they research online prior to a store purchase

Shopping Research Top 5 research items when searching online 100% 85% 70% 55% 40% 25% 10%


Personal Recommends


Reviews Details


Product w/best price


Retail store



58% 66% 56%

Shipping policies

Product Information

Nearest Stores

Which environment do you typically find most useful for completing each of the following activities?

Google + (Places)

Source: comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus 11

Google + (formerly known as Places) Google + provides your business with a PROFILE PAGE which is featured at the top of the SEARCH RESULTS!


Google + Profile Page Your Profile can and should include the following information: Street Address Phone Number Hours of Operation Photos Video Website URL Reviews


Google + Local Example


Google + Mobile Optimized Your Google Places Profile is also Mobile Optimized with 1 click directions and call!


If you are about to buy a $100 item at a store around the corner, how much farther are you willing to travel for a discount?

IAB Social Media Course April 2011

Ecommerce – – – – – –

– –

52% of Canadians made a purchase online in the last 12 months At least 25% in the last month Confidence is growing toward online purchases Young adults are leading online purchases But only 4% of all purchases are done online… All the indicators are telling us it’s a market that’s about to BOOM 72% of online shoppers consider themselves ‘very accomplished’ They like online shopping for: • • • •

24/7 convenience Pricing Free and fast delivery Wide range of products


Which of the following would encourage you to purchase more products online? 89%

Free shipping


Free returns


In store return option Faster shipping

44% 44%

In store pick up option


Better selection Easier site navigation More payment options Ability to chat live with a sales person Ability to shop online with my friends

20% 17% 13% 4%

Multi-channel shoppers more likely to be female & successful

Multi-channel shoppers overlap in other categories

(% of surveyed US respondents)

Always consider the HH Influencers: Women! Almost half read a daily newspaper yesterday 75% read a daily (print or online) in the last week 76% read a print community paper any of the last 4 issues

Substantial: 51% of the adult population

Online users: Top three activities: 76% connect with family & friends 73% read news 71% plan to shop for sales/compare prices

Influential: Control 80% of household purchases, And further influences 95%

Sources: NADbank 2009; Combase 2008/2009; Statistics Canada 2010;, “This Just in: Advertising Works on Women”, December 1, 2010, Unicast, “What Women want from Web Report”, Summer 2010


And‌..Boomers (45(45-65) 56% read a daily newspaper yesterday 81% read a daily (print or online) in the last week 79% read a print community paper any of the last 4 issues Substantial: Account for 41% of the population & 70% of Canada’s wealth Like Advertising: 80% indicates that newspapers (& flyers) have ads that are useful Online users: Top three activities: 93% email 73% read news 71% shop online

Center for Media Research, Nov 19, 2009; Statistics Canada; NADbank 2009, ages 50-64; ComBase 2008/2009 ages 50-64; Ipsos Reid 2008, 2010


Social Media 60% of Canadian internet users are on social networks.

58% read blogs

47% use Twitter

70% have a Facebook account Users view social media as their online home for communication, entertainment and information

IAB Social Media Course April 2011


Social Media Cont’d  Word-of-mouth between family and friends ranks among the highest influencers of product purchases.

Facebook in Canada

Twitter (permission based stalking) • 1382% year-on-year growth • 7,000,000 unique visitors • Adults ages 35 – 49 had the largest representation with nearly 3 million unique visitors (nearly 42% of the site’s audience)

Sample Tweet @iabcanada this is a sample tweet about Social Media and Twitter. Have you seen: It rocks. Please RT. #iabsocialmedia That was 137 characters

Twitalyserbrand – check how brands are being talked about

Blogging • • • • • • • • •

Over 1 million blog postings every day 77% of active internet users read blogs Avg age of bloggers 59% are 35+ 26% single “I see no reason for a 56% employed full time Company not to blog – 74% college educated unless the company is sleazy. Every company 52% of blogs have advertising needs a feedback system, and the easiest way to do Avg # of months blogging 35 that is through a blog. It’s Avg HHI $75,000 USD almost a truth serum.” – Jackie Huba – Church of the Customer & Citizen Marketers

IAB Social Media Course April 2011

Do conversations Spike With Media In Fields?

Global Smartphone Penetration

Source: comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus


The Future of mobile (Business Insider) • • •

In 2011, the number of smart phones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold By 2014, the number of mobile smart mobile devices will DWARF the number of PCs And THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING How we shop, how we consume content, how we interact, how we LIVE!


What are consumers doing on their mobile? Mobile web will surpass desktop web by 2013 as the most common web access device to get on the internet Consuming information


Breaking news and location based services. Canada leads the US, Japan, and EU in mobile browser search at 53%.(1)

Comparison shopping, price checking, seeking referrals, location based services.

Communicating Texting, Social Networks, commenting, blogging.

Creating content & contributing to the news Sharing photos and video, blogging, polls, UGC, Community Newsroom


Top Mobile Activities

81% 76% 73% 68%

Accessing maps and directions Social Networking Accessing local information Reading News

Research Brief the Center for Media Research, “Mobile Web For Media and Entertainment, Apps For Social Media and Music� (Study by Adobe Systems) November 4, 2010


Locally Focused “64% of consumers expect a business distance to be within 25 kms� Many consumers searching on their mobile devices have local purchase intent.

Source: TMP Directional Marketing and 15 Miles, Local Search Usage Study September 2010

Glacier Media community newspapers delivers a hyper-local advertising solution. 34

Mobile Friendly? In 2011, only 8.2% of all SMEs indicated that they had a mobile-friendly website.

Source -

Why Mobile Optimized? Mobile Web Sites for Local Businesses Are Becoming a Must-Have A recent study from Google and Ipsos OTX shows that 95% of smartphone users conduct mobile searches, with 88% of those taking an action as a result within a day!

Source: Source -


Desktop Sites don’t work on mobile Desktop Version Designed for a 19” screen or larger

Mobile web Version Designed for the Mobile Viewer

POOR User Experience Load Time: 36secs

EXCELLENT User Experience Load Time:3-4secs

Objects don’t load

Content easy to find

User needs to “find” the content No context for mobile experience

Designed for a small screen Message adapted to mobile viewer


Mobile Friendly Example Automobile Dealers • Click To Call Set up an appointment with our sales/service Emergency Roadside Assistance • Contact Us / Find Us Address & Telephone Link to Google Maps Map Image • Hours of Operation •Inventory: Photos of vehicles w/ prices Extras: •QR codes placed on automobiles that give details about that specific car


Mobile Friendly Example Restaurants What to Include: • Menu • Daily/Weekly Specials/New Items • Contact Us / Find Us Location(s) + Map • Click To Call/Call-ahead Seating (or) Reservations/Link to Open Table • Hours of Operation • Social Media Integration Sharing Tools: Facebook, e-mail, Twitter Become a Fan /Like/Follow • Feeds: Twitter, Facebook, Blog Extras: QR codes for daily/weekly specials Experience on your smartphone at: 39

Summary • Extend Your Reach; be present where people search so you can be found/considered • Not enough to be in one place – think convenience • “Get Mobile” – 9 out of 10 users will take action as a result of a mobile search, be mobile friendly • Build a Search Profile – 20% of Google searches have local intent – it’s FREE! • If your naked – Get BUFF! Engage on Social Media or get out • Listen & monitor what is being said about you and your competition • Take care with CREATIVE – 4X more IMPACTFUL • It’s not enough to just make people aware you “are here”, give them a reason to COME.


Prince George Citizen Digital Presentation  
Prince George Citizen Digital Presentation  

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