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Seniors Day all set for BCNE THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 2019


Sports icons Tom Masich and Dick Voneugen collaborated to make things happen in Prince George that changed Canadian history. They’ve known each other for more than 40 years. Together and apart, they have played key parts in growing the sports culture of Prince George. Masich started the Prince George Track and Field Club in 1973 after the last one closed in 1967. The first event where Masich and Voneugen met was the Corporate Cup Track and Field event that took place in 1979 that saw big business bring their finest athletes to test their mettle. “At one time we had 52 corporations that brought teams to the event,” Masich said.  There were 250 competitors in its first year. Masich was an organizer and Voneugen, a long-distance runner, was on a team called The Strays because his place of work was too small to put a team together so he gathered an assortment of athletes to create a team. “Dick and I were involved with the Corporate Cup for several years and then aligned ourselves again for Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion tour around the world,” Masich, a sprinter and long-jumper, said of the event that began in 1985. Voneugen explained they coordinated a busload of local volunteers who followed Hansen from Prince George to Crescent Spur, near McBride. “Every kilometre another person would come out of the bus to run with Rick,” Voneugen said.   Hansen knew Masich and Voneugen previously when he participated in the 1979 Prince George to Boston Marathon, which was also the run Terry Fox did as he considered the possibility of running his Marathon of Hope, which took him across the country to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. After the Prince George test run, Fox called his

97/16 photo by James Doyle

Tom Masich, left, and Dick Voneugen, right, go through scrapbooks dating back to 1955 that detail their impact on the sporting community in Prince George. mother to tell her he was going to do the massive run across the country. During the original Prince George to Boston marathon, runners were transported to the Salmon River bridge and they would run into town but it wasn’t especially safe so organizers Masich and Voneugen decided to make it a loop around town instead. “That’s where the distance came from – 17 miles from the bridge to Spruceland,” Voneugen said. “Then we developed a circuit in town – eight and a half miles and then if you wanted to do the 17 miles you’d do it twice.” There was a very special reason the race was called Prince George to

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Boston Marathon. “I wanted to give the overall winner a free trip to the Boston Marathon the following spring,” Masich said. Trans-Canada Air Lines sponsored the flights and the track club raised funds to cover the hotel stay and meals, Masich added. When the Prince George Road Runners took over the race they switched the name to the Labour Day Classic and kept the race intact at two loops of eight and a half miles. The chair that Terry Fox sat in while visiting with Tom and wife Anne has been kept in the Masich family as a precious keepsake. Those who visit the downtown statue

of Terry Fox can take note that on Terry’s singlet is the number 192 that he wore during the 1979 Prince George to Boston Marathon. The singlet on the statue marks the significance of the impact Prince George had on the Marathon of Hope. As Masich and Voneugen took a moment to reflect on those events, Voneugen got a little sentimental. “And in all these years, I don’t think we ever had a cross word, did we, Tom?” Dick asked. “No, I don’t do those kinds of puzzles, Dick,” Tom deadpanned. Then it was back to business. Continued on page 2

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97/16 file photo

Dick Voneugen and his famous race horn in this 2012 file photo.

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“For a number of years Dick and I went to the elementary schools on their Terry Fox Run day and we spoke of Terry being here - and we called it the Tom, Dick and Terry get together,” Masich smiled. “We spoke to the kids to inspire them to do a good run at their schools.” Voneugen talked about his infamous horn that started many races throughout the community and still does to this day. Making noise to encourage athletes is a custom well known throughout the world and when Voneugen took it up it started with his brother using a piece of conduit, then Voneugen found a broken off logging truck’s airhorn. “Then I believe it was someone at the Citizen who wrote ‘we now have a permanent starter for racing road running events with a horn’,” Voneugen laughed. One year a young lady from UNBC gifted him with a vuvuzela from South Africa after watching Voneugen blowing his horn in disrepair to start one of the many road races held in Prince George. “And I always keep it with me, in fact I have my horn in the car,” Voneugen said.  Masich talked about how he and Voneugen helped organize parts of the B.C. Senior Games when Prince George hosted in 2002 and 2008. “We worked together in putting together the track portion of the games,” Masich said. Reminiscing about the good old days, Voneugen couldn’t help talk about his appreciation. “It’s been a marvelous time,” he said.

“From Corporate Cup, P.G. to Boston Marathon - Labour Day Classic, Terry Fox Run, Rick Hansen, Senior Games (55+ B.C. Games), and now we’re here.” Masich and Voneugen still volunteer throughout the community. Right now they are guiding the North Central Zone 9 athletes who will participate in Track and Field at the 55+ B.C. Games in Kelowna from Sept. 10 to 14. “I think Dick and I were cut from the same cloth,” Masich said. “We get an idea, we see a purpose of the idea and we carry the idea through and we get along without an argument. It really makes a big difference when you’re organizing something.” Masich makes those he coaches comfortable and confident, while he is able to dissect an athlete’s technique down to the little details that make all the difference. Throughout his lifetime, Masich coached thousands of children in Prince George. Dozens of those athletes have grown up to excel in their sport and then pursued coaching as their chosen career. “Tom is not only a super organizer, but he also has all the skills to be the perfect coach,” Voneugen said. “We always found a way to work together and we’re still doing that for the 55+ Games.” (Editor’s Note: Christine Hinzmann is being coached by Tom Masich as she prepares for the upcoming 55+ B.C. Games next month in Kelowna. In her age category, she is the defending provincial champion in discus and shot put. She’s also looking to improve upon her 2018 silver medals in javelin and hammer throw.



THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 2019 | 3

97/16 photo by Brent Braaten

Artist Kendall Lipsett shows her work on display at Cafe Voltaire.


Catalysts for change come in many forms and the one that impacted a local artist was cancer. A most unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer in 2017 was the jolt the now 32-year-old Kendall Lipsett needed to move toward art making, which is her true passion. Lipsett’s art is on the walls at Cafe Voltaire within Books & Co. until Aug. 15 and it features all things Game of Thrones. Lipsett’s compelling work is mostly acrylic on canvas with some watercolour pieces and the crowning glory of the artistic display is a piece depicting the three dragons featured near the end of the popular HBO television series. She’s created book covers and is presently working on illustrations for a children’s book about therapy dogs, while showcasing her fantasy genre based work at Books & Co. A cancer diagnosis for anyone brings about strong emotions. “If you think of just cancer by itself that’s terrifying,” Lipsett said. “That’s a scary diagnosis and it’s still connected

with a whole lot of fear and thoughts that it’s a death sentence, right? So fair enough, it brings up a lot. It was a shock and a surprise and it’s terrible to go through but it’s also - if you let it - one of the best experiences for waking you up and making sure you pay attention. You have this life every day and every day this is all that you have and how lucky are we?” Lipsett said, like most people, she got stuck in her day-to-day routine and took life for granted. “So I have a lot of positive connections to cancer,” Lipsett said. “So it was actually the big catalyst that helped me decide that I love this and I have loved doing art but I pushed it aside and I needed to bring it back because I have to feel alive in what I do and I have to enjoy everything that I can do and I love doing this.” The Game of Thrones fan art project has been a year in the making, but artistic endeavors started as a child and her interests were perhaps a little unusual. “Things with sharp teeth, animals and nature and fantasy,” Lipsett listed her favourites. “When I was five I drew a giraffe and my parents still have it - it was pretty good.”

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She’d always had plenty of encouragement throughout her childhood but when it came to making art for a living she moved away from it because there didn’t seem to be a way to make it happen. She didn’t return to her creative ways until last year. “An ah-ha moment came going through cancer treatment and it rekindled that – it made me decide that I have to do this – it feels so good – it’s meditative and it’s invigorating and I just love being able to put what’s in my imagination on to paper and share it,” Lipsett said. “I can’t live without it and now I have to figure out how to make a living with it.” For Lipsett, creating the exhibit on the walls of Cafe Voltaire took some serious consideration before moving forward with it. There are copyright issues and guidelines for pieces which she has honoured. “It has affected what I might do in the future,” she said. “I think I might just like to do my own complete original works so I don’t have to worry about that gray area.” Lipsett is hoping that fans of the genre will experience her work with joy. “Joy for the characters, joy for the

story,” she said. “I would also like to generate curiosity about my own story and get people thinking that maybe anything is possible. You know, you can have a set plan for your life and things may change and they may become better. So I would encourage people to ask about me, ask me how I came to this, where I’m going from this, that kind of thing and how that might inspire them in whatever they love and bring to their lives to create their own passions.” Lipsett has two commissioned pieces she will soon be working on, one in the fantasy genre and the other one featuring nature and it’s exciting. “It’s interesting when you start on a path, you begin with the thoughts ‘I have no idea how to do this or where this will lead me or if it will even work’ but if you can work with that and trust it anyways and keep going, it’s like these things start unfolding one by one and I’ve been so grateful - I just can’t even handle how amazing this is.” For more information about Lipsett and her artwork email kendalllipsett@ or drop in to Cafe Voltaire and see her work first hand.


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A STUDY IN CONTRASTS I have been thinking about how much Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be a Canadian-style Trump, or Trumplite. I can’t cover all aspects where I think they are like the other, so only briefly, I ask you to bear with me, polite Canadian. Stereotypes are handy for this comparison: Americans are brash, egotistical, and aggressive; Trump is brash, rarely apologizes, doesn’t care what people think, loves to pick a fight, and attacks people when he thinks it will fit his purposes. Canadians are polite, apologetic, and like to be “the good guys�; Trudeau tries to be warm, apologizes tearfully and is eager to be seen as correct and important in the world. The differences above, if you reread them, are mostly personality, not character. I think both men share a number of character traits.  Trudeau campaigned on his feminism. Nice words. Sounded good. What we actually got was someone who sees himself as God’s gift to women, and superior to them, similar to the charges against Trump:  1. His wife gazing adoringly at him on International Woman’s Day. Sweet. However, to accurately demonstrate woman’s equality, the photo should have been him admiring her. But, that’s just one photo, and it’s not fair to judge him by one poorly planned photo.


2. In his gender-balanced cabinet his two most qualified women got booted out of caucus for standing up to him, for daring to believe that the female empowerment he campaigned on would actually be part of the government’s modus operandi. (This point could also fit into the next category). 3. A recording of Trudeau yelling at a female Junior MP, berating her for not being thankful for what he had done for her. 4. A past groping incident is made public, and Trudeau declares that the woman “experienced it differently.�  Trudeau promised sunny ways. I discovered a word that seems to describe him perfectly: “sententious.� It means “given to moralizing in a pompous or affected manner.� Trump doesn’t pretend to be nice or moral. What we got by electing Trudeau was: 1. Spreads division by saying that anyone who doesn’t agree with his particular view, on immigration policy, on abortion, free speech, etc., is backward, racist, hateful, etc. 2. Former ambassadors get a call from

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Lucien LeBlanc, on June his Hamelin, Jesse and Erick. pastor may be the age Gerard Society Deserosier Mathias made to In lieu of flowers, of 55. Mel 5, 2016 at QUEEN LeBlanc, Village The Good by his VONDA is survived Ave., Penticton, By The nephews, (Louis). As wellLeBlanc (Lori), Yvonne January Samaritan Station, daughter son Myles 12, as numerous cousins, BC V2A Condolenc 270 Hastings Laurent and June 13, 1927 family Megan 2V6. Victor Melenka. nieces, was mother With heavy 2016 and www.provides may be sent Marie, parentspre-deceased in-law, and friends. Mel also and father Eileen his (Donna), to the family encefunera the passing hearts we announce 1774 leaves his Juliette LeBlanc,Michel and by his loving wife and through of Eleanor (Francis), sisters Brenda brother Perry Ropchan. Rita (Barry), Bazinet. 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Joyce grew up George Prince George. 1970 when the love College and son/dog Prince, his step-son for 11 years of his life the Lync, most of and spent and retired She worked at family Shanda, Lane Prince, grandmoth his working Jordan and in-laws-Alphonse, Woolco when er in 1985. career The wake Joyce’s spirituality niece Brielle, at Northwood A woman she became Mandy, will be Pulp. a and Chewie. of Catholic personal family. With held at shaped by his father his house and mother, Gerard is predeceas 16, 2016 friends, and family-from took time a generous and strengthen faith, Left to for ed her and caring Elroy and to make ed pm. The at 5:00 pm to Saturday, Thursday, close special. 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As Robinson time and nephews. well as many she was fishing, hunting family, Joyce The family never one loved and aunts, game. our hearts, wishes to thank, to turn down gardening, Joyce travelled a card or and highlight that cared all of the doctors,from the bottom for Gerard of she and was the August extensively, and board nurses and particular, during his one staff their 50thRichard took with 2009 Alaskan Dr. Fibich, Dr. Ducharme, illness. cruise the family anniversar In life will and Dr. Dr. Valev, Dr. Dr. York, Dr. Kraima, to celebrate y. A be K. Immaculate Saturday, Junecelebration of Joyce’s unit. WeYu, as well as the Wilson, Dr. L. Wilson 18 at 2:00 Ave. Prince Conception Church, love and have a special nurses at the p.m. at cancer George, 3285 Cathedral declines volunteers appreciation for acknowledgement BC. the nursing at the of made to flowers, however, Her family gratefully We love staff and the Prince you dearly Prince George donations Joyce’s Hospice Gerard’s and may can be physical George Hospice House. her family Society. presence Cathedral funeral will take God bless you all. will be place at the beauty takes comfort 18, 2016 (887 Patricia Blvd.) missed, Sacred in on Saturday Heart Arrangeme and peace in whichher eternal soul but presiding. at 11:00 am nts in care with Fr. and June she In lieu Home. 'RQҋWWDNH\ donations John Garden of Grace now resides. of RXUPXVFOHV Memorial IRUJUDQWHG or the BC to the Prince flowers, kindly  Funeral George 2YHU Cancer Association Hospice make &DQDGLDQVZ Grace Memorial  House . 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Trudeau, in Canadian fashion, has been gentler, kinder, in how he manages to bring about the kind of PMO controlled governance he favours: 1. He maintains a Liberal-partyapproved judge appointment list, and doesn’t apologize for it.  2. He publicly commented on the certainty that second-in-command ViceAdmiral Mark Norman would face trial for misconduct. After spending a great deal of his own money on legal support, which unlike most in his position, was denied him, the charges were dropped. But the damage to Norman’s reputation was done, he couldn’t return to his poisoned workplace, so he received a buyout.  3. The case of SNC Lavalin. Judicial interference at the highest level of government. He continues to say “We respect the rule of law.� Which law, Mr. Trudeau, the law of what the PMO says, goes? I could go on, but my word count is already high. In summary, personality is like the icing on the cake. Character is what we actually do, not how we do it. Trudeau may appear nicer than Trump. Trudeau is more attractive than Trump. We can and should expect more than that, and we shouldn’t be fooled twice. Genetic good looks and fancy socks are not enough.


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the PMO “encouraging� them to keep their remarks in synch with what the PMO is saying. 3. Instead of working together in a respectable, non-partisan way, he publicly berates the premiers of provinces who don’t share his views. Trudeau campaigned on openness and respect for the media. We see Trump publicly embarrass a reporter by dismissing him, and suspends him from White House Briefings. Trump frequently accuses the media of not doing their job, and reporting fake news.  In Canada, we like to think we are not so crass. We consider such ill-mannered behavior beneath our dignity. We hold the press in high regard. Trudeau has given us:  1. “Encouragement� to read the “correct� government-appointed-panel-approved media by offering tax breaks for subscribing to “approved� media. 2. He is “managing� our errant media by using the above-mentioned, government appointed panel to approve only some media for government funding. This is government control of the media, nothing less! Actual control, not just Twitter blasts.  As that “nasty orange man� speaks unkindly about and fires staffers and high-ranking officials seemingly at will and often for no reason at all, we watch in horror and increasing pity for our southern neighbours. 

think it is a northern thing: the busy summer. It all relates to whether or not you live in a climate where you have nice warm days. I only have my life in Victoria to compare it to but I remember that on mild days, we would sit on our deck with some drinks and maybe some friends would come over and we would laugh and have an impromptu party.  It was relaxing.  Not here. I have never examined pending weather reports as frequently as I do in the summer months while living in Prince George.   Everyone cares about the weather.  The weather is an elephant waiting to step on your tender little outdoor gathering.  The weather is determined to have all the nice days mid-week when you are working and rain, hail or snow on the weekends.  The weather makes you nervous if it’s too nice out because forest fires might erupt around us and the whole province might have to evacuate.  So, as a result of all this, the summers are a pending surprise of “what are we going to do? It’s nice out. We can’t do nothing. Let’s go the lake. Let’s go on holiday. Let’s garden. Let’s set up the sprinkler. Oops, it’s raining, never mind.� Perhaps it is not climate related, this stressy summer but instead related to whether or not you have children. I didn’t have kids in Victoria but I do in Prince



George so maybe that’s the golden ticket. I want my kids to have the best summer.  I want them to have summers like I remember, going camping and swimming and having fun the entire time.  Except I probably didn’t have fun the entire summer.  Some days were probably boring, some days were bad and some days, I likely did not do much of anything at all. I think my memories have all been made fuzzy through a nostalgic filter and I should probably stop worrying about it. Even workplaces get into it – the idea that you can get a lot of projects done in the summer when it’s quiet. Except that everyone is on holidays and it is never quiet and the summer is never a very good time to get extra things done, only barely catch up on your regular work.  But maybe it’s just me. Regardless, summers are fun and busy and remarkably ordinary in the best way.   Everything sparkles and I feel sometimes, looking out from the bowl in Prince George, that the city is getting a big, green hug from the trees; a friendly, little squeeze from a friend telling you to relax and enjoy the summer because it will be gone before we know it.



THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 2019 | 5

97/16 photo by James Doyle

Neda Jalali and Navaz perform at Cafe Voltaire during Friday Night Mics last month.

Hart Community Night Market

Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Hart Shopping Centre, 3815 West Austin Rd., this event brings the community, local businesses and artisans together for a fun evening of shopping, eating, music and more. Contact: 778-415-9799  |

Storytime Every Thursday at the Prince George Public Library in the Knowledge Garden children can gather for a good yarn and a song or two. Storytime runs for 30 minutes at 10:15 a.m., free of charge. It is geared for children up to five or six years old. This event is the companion to the indoor storytime at the downtown library every Tuesday at the same time. Contact: 250-563-9251  |  ask@ 

Wordplay Open Stage Night Third Thursday of every month, Aug. 15, Books & Co., 1685 Third Ave., hosts Wordplay Open Stage Night in Cafe Voltaire from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. This event is geared for poets and storytellers, aspiring, published or professional. Bring original work, take the stage and share with a creative reading.

Board Game Social Friday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Nechako branch of the Prince George Public Library, 6547 Hart Highway and Monday, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Bob Harkins branch library, 888 Canada Games Way, kick back, eat snacks, and play board games at this evening social

for 19 to 30 year olds. Drop in. Contact: 250-563-9251  |

Foodie Fridays Every Friday until Sept. 6 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., 808 Canada Games Way, hungry residents and visitors are invited to come downtown for Foodie Fridays. Tantalize your tastebuds at a variety of licensed sidewalk and food truck vendors and listen to live music throughout the lunch hour. For more information call 250-614-7880.

Friday Night Mics Every Friday at 7 p.m. Books & Co., 1685 Third Ave., in Cafe Voltaire, hosts an open mic night for all musicians local or just passing through. The weekly event features great music, audience engagement, tasty beverages and treats while intermission finds people browsing through book shelves filled with contributions from local authors as well as best sellers. For more information visit

Composting 101 Saturday, August 10, from 2 to 3 p.m. there is a workshop to learn to compost, which is the ultimate in recycling. Learn to take items meant for the garbage banana peels, apple cores, fall leaves, weeds, and animal bedding - and turn it into something that will literally transform a garden. While there are some rules to follow when learning how to compost, rest assured that they’re pretty basic, and that, in the end, no matter how many “mistakes” you make, compost just happens. Contact:  250561-7327  | 

Hudson’s Bay Wetland Tansy Cleanup Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon the Prince George Naturalists Club is hosting the cleanup of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland. Bring a tool for cutting off flowers and seed heads or a shovel for digging tansy. There’s work for all levels of ability and suitable for adults and teens. This event is open to members and non-members. Contact: Sandra at  | 250-963-8381 and text 250-617-8381.

Free Yoga in the Park Every Sunday until Aug. 25 from 10 to 11 a.m. join Chinook Yoga at Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park bandshell all summer long for free Yoga in the Park. Bring a mat or do yoga in the grass. Bring a water bottle and grab a friend or two, all ages welcome. Contact: 250-564-9642  | www.

Scrabble Sundays Every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. at Books & Co., 1685 Third Ave., in Cafe Voltaire there is Scrabble Sunday every weekend. Bring friends, family or yourself and your scrabble board. Contact: 250-563-6637  |

Walking Tours Tuesdays and Thursdays until Aug. 22 from 11 a.m. to noon take a free interesting trip through the city’s core provided by the Prince George Public Library. Meet in the main lobby of the Bob Harkins Branch for a guided tour of Prince George’s fascinating historic sites. Done in partnership with The

Heritage Commission and The Exploration Place. Contact: 250-563-9251  | 

Summer camp Every Wednesday until Aug. 21 from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at Studio 2880, 2880 15th Ave., Art Monkey summer kids art classes are geared for children ages six to 11. Cost is $45. Call 250-563-2880 or register online at

Family Fun Day Aug. 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Central B.C. Railway and Forestry Museum, 850 River Rd., is hosting Family Fun Day where admission is by donation to the SPCA or Two Bunnies Rescue. All activities are geared for the whole famContinued on page 6



Thurs., August 8th at 6:30pm Featuring a great selection of cars, ALSO trucks, vans & suv’s from major fleet SELLING lease, bank repossessions, dealer

and private consigners. If you have a unit for this sale, it must be on the grounds by Tuesday, th August 6 , 2019 before 12 noon, space permitting.



AUCTIONS LTD. 4174 Cowart Rd.







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97/16 file photo

Emmett McCullough, 2, sits between his aunt, Brittney McCullough, left, and his grandmother, Kathleen McCullough, right, on one of the train cars during the 2015 Family Fun Day at the Railway and Forestry Museum. This summer’s family fun day is set for Aug. 26.

AROUND TOWN Continued from page 5

Red Green

ily, including a giant lawn chess game, big checkers game, lots of toys for the younger set, blacksmithing demonstrations and Huggleberry the clown will make balloon animals from 3 to 4 p.m. Mini rail rides and concession items are available for purchase. For more information call 250-563-7351 or visit www.

He’s colourful in name and deed. Red Green is the bumbling but pleasantly practical TV fix-it man, the clown prince of duct tape, the sage of the man-shed. This Canadian comedy icon is coming to Vanier Hall Sept. 26 on his Red GreenThis Could Be It Tour. His P.G. shows are always a sell-out. Get tickets at the TicketsNorth website/box office.  

Queer Cafe

Patrick, Scott & Tessa

Thursday, Aug. 28 Books & Co., 1685 Third Ave., host the Queer Cafe from 5 to 6:30 p.m. where where LGBTQ individuals and allies can come together and meet members of the community and make new friends every month. Small craft projects and icebreaker cards will be available for conversation starting purposes. Feel free to bring your own projects or sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee with the friendly queer community.

During last year’s sold out Thank You Canada tour, it was clear to figure skating superstars, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir and Patrick Chan, that they were far from done creating and developing a new style of skating entertainment. They and some special guest performers come back to CN Centre Oct. 12 to show the Prince George fans what they’ve come up with next. Rock The Rink is the first edition of an annual tour that focuses on being more than a figure

skating show. Combining the highest level of on-ice superstar talent with an ever-evolving touring production, Rock The Rink will produce the highest value of entertainment in the figure skating realm. This year – along with upgrades to lighting, video and interactive technology – live music will be introduced to the show, with featured special musical guest, Birds of Bellwoods.

Burton, Live Canada’s piano man, the Guess Who’s epic vocalist, the only artist inducted into the nation’s music Hall of Fame for both his band and his solo career, the incomparable Burton Cummings is coming to PG Oct. 18. He was the power voice propelling American Woman, These Eyes, No Time, Clap For The Wolfman and many other hits of the groundbreaking band The Guess Who, but then when he went solo he continued the multi-platinum success with I Will Sing A Rhapsody, Stand Tall, My Own Way To

Rock, Fine State Of Affairs, You Saved My Soul, Break It To Them Gently, and more besides. Cummings will be solo at the piano at Vanier Hall. Tickets are on sale now through all TicketsNorth platforms. 

World Curling The event may be in 2020 but the plans are underway now and the tickets are on sale for this Prince George groundbreaker, which starts March 14. P.G. goes global as the host of the World Women’s Curling Championships starting. Get your tickets now, and spread the word to friends and family everywhere that this is the time to come spend some Prince George time, and get a close, personal view of the world-class action the rest of the winter sports community will only get to see on TV. Oh yeah, and there’s also the great social side of curling – there’ll be no bigger party in Canada. Contact Tickets North for tickets and info. 

ABOUT US • Colleen Sparrow, publisher and GM • Neil Godbout, editor-in-chief

• Shawn Cornell, director of advertising • Call us at: 250-562-2441 or 250-562-3301

• Find us at: 505 Fourth Avenue, Prince George, B.C. V2L 3H2 • Follow us on Facebook, by going online to:

• Visit to find the location nearest you to pick up extra copies of 97/16.



THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 2019 | 7

SUPERHEROES FAIL CAREFUL ANALYSIS R olling Stones guitarist Keith Richards once said, “I don’t think rock n’ roll should be analyzed or even thought about deeply.” As much as I admire Richards as a musician, I can’t say that I agree with him. In fact as I developed my own thoughts, I found myself listening to his band less and less. I just didn’t like the message in the music, I found it inconsistent with my worldview and I didn’t like how it made me feel. In a similar way to the rock ‘n roll music of my generation, superhero movies have become quite a cultural phenomenon in recent years. They are among the highest-grossing films and have spawned the sale of large quantities of  paraphernalia.  I often hear, “It’s just entertainment. These films are not meant to be analyzed.” History is filled with myths of heroes who protect their people. These served the purpose of helping to create social identity and inspiring us to live by higher-order ideals. They modeled wisdom, physical and moral strength, empathy and self-sacrifice. They were larger than life, and they inspired those who learned about them to be their best selves. Yet today’s superheroes fall far short of teaching us principles which will make our world better. It can even be argued that they present a myth which is simply not true and even one that can be destructive to the well-being of humanity.


First of all, far from affirming that each of us is a superhero in our own way, many current films tell us that to be great, we have to have incredible physical strength, powerful weapons and we need to embrace violence. Even today’s action figures model body types which could never be achieved by a healthy human being. Yet we are telling children, our boys especially, that being great means being a muscle-bound weapons specialist.  We are idealizing things which should never be ideals, and we need to ask what impact this is having on our young people, both physically and emotionally. Secondly, many of the films fail to acknowledge a very important truth about the vast majority of people. Psychiatrist and Nazi concentration camp survivor Viktor Frankl pointed out, “Human kindness can be found in all groups, even those which as a whole it would be easy to condemn.”    There are no “good guys” and “bad guys” in real life. There are despotic rulers, there are people who are narcissistic and even pathological, but they are few and far between. The reality is that though people can be convinced

Ave Maria Specialties is excited to introduce one of Prince George’s first

Marvel Studios handout image

Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in Avengers: Endgame. to do bad things, especially when they are in desperate situations, people are good and deserve to be treated with dignity. If we treat them this way, they will respond in kind. We don’t need to blow people up to make the world a safer place. The third point is related to the second. Superhero movies tell us that that crime is reduced by beating up or shooting up villains. While effective law enforcement is important, criminologists consistently conclude that effective social and educational programs are the most important tools we have in promoting long-term public safety.  The vast majority of people who populate our prisons are people who had very difficult childhoods and have made poor

decisions as a result. There is indeed something very appealing about action movies, as there is with rock n’ roll. The fact remains, however, that we really do become what we think about, whether we do so mindfully or not. There is therefore great wisdom in simply asking the question, “Is partaking in this entertainment helping me to become the kind of person I want to be?” In other words, entertainment does need to be analyzed and thought about deeply if we are truly interested in saving the world. Gerry Chidiac is a champion for social enlightenment, inspiring others to find their greatness in making the world a better place. For more of his writings, go to

2019 Livestock Auction Saturday August 17 at 6:00pm at the BCNE.

U-Fill StationS! Furthering zero waste practices for your everyday life!

Refill stations are an easy , economical way to reuse your bottles, a great way to reduce your carbon foot print and cut down on single use plastics! Our station will include: Oneka’s fragrance free Shampoo & Conditioner and body wash, Canadian made Biovert, gentle, fragrance free HE Laundry Soap and Dish soap and Dr.Bronners, Multi Purpose, hard surface cleaner!

Oneka Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Body Wash

Get your bottles now so you can refill them again and again and again at the re-fill station! Certified organic ingredients, no harsh detergents or chemical fragrances, 100% natural, vegan and biodegradable. No animal testing…ever!

20% off

Natural Factors Total Body Collagen

CeruminRich Double strength Theracurcumin

Hydrolyzed collagen alongside synergistic nutrients to promote healthy skin and connective tissues, reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, and support lean muscle growth and recovery after a workout. 500g various flavors or 180 tablets

60 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin powder, ensuring a therapeutically effective level in the blood. Reduce inflammation, provide antioxidant protection to cells, and reduce risk factors for chronic degenerative diseases. 60 vegicaps

RegulaR $59.99

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SALE FROM AuguSt 8 - 27

Ave Maria Specialties 1638 – 20th Ave. • 250-563-6388

Mother Maria’s Market 115-4488 Hwy 16 W. • 250-964-6686

All 4-H animals are grain fed with no added hormones. Beef, Goats, Poultry, Sheep and Swine. 4-H Open House / Registration 3pm - 6pm. You have helped make this program the success it is! Thank you to our past buyers.

Bill Coulthard Rivers Edge Excavating Lakewood Electric NPHL Ron & Darlene Shelke Cheiftain Auto Parts Full Moon Cont. Ltd. Darren & Sherry Milligan GH Equipment Ltd Lake Creek Ranch James Steidle Kandice Vanleeuwen NAPP Enterprises Harvey’s Muffler Chelton Specialty Nation Meats Lodgewood Enterprises KC Carmichael Trucking Ave Maria Ridgeline Roofing

Nick & Jess Henry Sob Lake Logging Stacey Raper Kawano Farms Pathfinder Ltd Rayner Farm Finning Glenbirnam Farm East Fraser Fiber Vector Resources Inc. G.A.P Custom Mfg James Western Star Canaccord Genuity Dean Corbin Taba Enterprises Taba Creek Nelson Schneider Edgewater Holdings Prince Sheet Metal

Come Out and Support our future farmers!


Come refill or find in bulk all the best of your daily necessities here - soaps, shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, ingredients to DIY - all available together, in one convenient location. Bring your own refillable containers, and check out ours while you’re here!

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Prince George’s best, as recognized by the people of Prince George VOTING CLOSES AUGUST 10TH!


THURSDAY, AUGUST 8, 2019 | 9

ENTRY FORM Name:___________________________________________________ PhoNe:__________________________________________________ email:___________________________________________________ minimum_of_10_categories_must_be_voted_on._1_ballot_per_person.

Cast your votes by telling us the name of your #1 choice in at least 10 categories to be entered to win great prizes!

VOTING OPEN JULY 11 - AUGUST 10, 2019 FOOD, BEVERAGE & ENTERTAINMENT APPETIZERS _____________________________________________

CHILDRENSWEAR STORE ____________________________________ COLD BEER & WINE STORE __________________________________

AUTO REPAIRS ___________________________________________ AUTOBODY SHOP _________________________________________

PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC ____________________________________ PIERCING STUDIO _________________________________________

BAKERY ________________________________________________ BREAKFAST RESTAURANT ___________________________________

COMPUTER STORE ________________________________________ CONCRETE SUPPLIER/PRODUCER _____________________________

BANK/FINANCIAL INSTITUTION _______________________________ BARBER SHOP ___________________________________________

PLUMBING/HEATING/AC ____________________________________ REAL ESTATE COMPANY ____________________________________

BREW PUB ______________________________________________ BURGERS _______________________________________________ CHICKEN WINGS __________________________________________

CONVENIENCE STORE ______________________________________ FARM EQUIPMENT_________________________________________

BOAT SERVICE ___________________________________________ CABINET MAKING _________________________________________

ROOFING CONTRACTOR ____________________________________ SECURITY COMPANY _______________________________________

FLOORING STORE _________________________________________

CAR WASH ______________________________________________

SPA ___________________________________________________

CHINESE RESTAURANT _____________________________________ CUSTOMER SERVICE (FOOD & BEVERAGE) _______________________

FLOWER SHOP ___________________________________________ FURNITURE STORE ________________________________________ GARDEN CENTRE _________________________________________ GROCERY STORE _________________________________________ HARDWARE STORE ________________________________________

CARPET CLEANING ________________________________________ CATERING COMPANY ______________________________________ CELL PHONE DEALER ______________________________________ CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE _____________________________________ DANCE STUDIO ___________________________________________

STORAGE FACILITY ________________________________________ TANNING SALON__________________________________________ TATTOO STUDIO __________________________________________ TOWING _______________________________________________ TRANSMISSION SERVICE/REPAIR ______________________________

FAST FOOD RESTAURANT ___________________________________

HEALTH FOOD STORE ______________________________________ HOME ELECTRONICS STORE _________________________________

DAYCARE _______________________________________________ DENTAL CLINIC ___________________________________________

TRAVEL AGENCY _________________________________________ U-BREW _______________________________________________

HEALTHY MENU __________________________________________ ITALIAN RESTAURANT ______________________________________ MEXICAN RESTAURANT _____________________________________

HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE _________________________________ HOT TUB & SPA DEALER ____________________________________ JEWELRY STORE _________________________________________

DOG TRAINING CENTRE_____________________________________ DRIVER TRAINING FACILITY __________________________________ ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR __________________________________

VETERINARY CLINIC _______________________________________ YOGA STUDIO ___________________________________________

PATIO _________________________________________________ PIZZA _________________________________________________

LADIES WEAR STORE ______________________________________ LIGHTING STORE__________________________________________

FINANCIAL PLANNING ______________________________________ FITNESS CLUB ___________________________________________


PUB ___________________________________________________ SEAFOOD RESTAURANT ____________________________________ SPECIALTY COFFEE________________________________________

LINGERIE STORE __________________________________________ MENSWEAR STORE ________________________________________ MOTORCYCLE SHOP _______________________________________

FUNERAL HOME __________________________________________ GLASS REPAIR/REPLACEMENT ________________________________ HAIR SALON _____________________________________________

PROMOTER OF PRINCE GEORGE _______________________________ MOST COMMUNITY MINDED RETAILER ___________________________ MOST COMMUNITY MINDED __________________________________

STEAK RESTAURANT _______________________________________ SUSHI RESTAURANT _______________________________________

NEW CAR DEALERSHIP _____________________________________ OPTICAL STORE __________________________________________

HOLISTIC HEALTH _________________________________________ HOME INSPECTION ________________________________________

COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS ___________________________ BEST ANNUAL EVENT ______________________________________

VEGETARIAN FOOD _______________________________________ WINE LIST ______________________________________________ GOLF COURSE ___________________________________________ MOST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT _______________________________ BEST PLACE TO PROPOSE ___________________________________

PAINT STORE ____________________________________________ PET STORE ______________________________________________ RV DEALERSHIP __________________________________________

HOTEL/MOTEL ___________________________________________ INSURANCE FIRM _________________________________________ JANITORIAL/HOUSECLEANING ________________________________

LOCAL CELEBRITY ________________________________________ FAVORITE LOCAL SPORTS TEAM_______________________________ FAVORITE HIKING TRAIL ____________________________________

SHOPPING CENTRE ________________________________________ SNOWMOBILE SHOP _______________________________________

KENNEL/PET BOARDING ____________________________________ LANDSCAPING COMPANY ___________________________________

FAVORITE FIRST DATE LOCATION ______________________________ FAVORITE LOCAL ATTRACTION _______________________________

BEST VALUE/BANG FOR YOUR BUCK ___________________________

SPECIALTY MEAT/BUTCHER __________________________________ SPORTING GOODS STORE ___________________________________ THRIFT SHOP ____________________________________________

LAW FIRM ______________________________________________ LAWN MAINTENANCE ______________________________________ MAKEUP ARTIST __________________________________________

FAVORITE RADIO STATION ___________________________________ FAVORITE RADIO PERSONALITY _______________________________ FAVORITE REALTOR _______________________________________

TIRE SHOP ______________________________________________ USED CAR DEALERSHIP _____________________________________

MORTGAGE COMPANY______________________________________ MOVING COMPANY ________________________________________

FAVORITE LOCAL BAND ____________________________________ FAVORITE LOCAL SINGER/PERFORMER __________________________

ATV DEALER ____________________________________________

MOST UNIQUE RETAILER ____________________________________

AUTO PARTS STORE _______________________________________ BICYCLE SHOP ___________________________________________ BOAT DEALERSHIP ________________________________________ BOOKSTORE ____________________________________________

SERVICES (BUSINESS NAME) ACCOUNTING FIRM ________________________________________

MUSIC LESSONS __________________________________________ NAIL SALON _____________________________________________ OIL CHANGE/LUBE SHOP ____________________________________

FAVORITE RECREATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT ______________________ FAVORITE SOURCE FOR LOCAL NEWS) __________________________ FAVORITE PAINTING CONTRACTOR _____________________________

DESSERT _______________________________________________ DRINK MENU ____________________________________________ EAST INDIAN RESTAURANT __________________________________ FAMILY RESTAURANT ______________________________________

RETAIL APPLIANCE STORE ________________________________________ ARTS & CRAFTS STORE _____________________________________

BUILDING SUPPLY STORE ____________________________________

APPLIANCE REPAIR ________________________________________ AUTO DETAILING _________________________________________

PET GROOMING __________________________________________ PHARMACY _____________________________________________ PHOTOGRAPHER _________________________________________

This is your chance to tell your favourite local businesses that they are the best. Use this ad as your ballot and drop off at the Citizen, 505 4th Ave. by August 10th or vote online at:



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What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a passenger do on a plane? If you said, “Change into pajamas midflight,” then maybe you were on my red-eye from Orlando to Frankfurt, Germany, during which a passenger disappeared into the restroom and emerged in a nightgown. It happens more often than you’d think. John Gray, who owns a company that sells gift baskets in London, admits to changing into his jammies on long flights.“I like to wear my Pikachu onesie,” he says. “It’s super comfy and helps me get a good night’s sleep on long-haul flights. I usually get a smile from everybody who sees me and nobody has ever said something weird.” Brave man, John. There’s a subset of airline passengers such as Gray who take hitting 30,000 feet as an invitation to make themselves at home. And then some. “Children in pajamas on a plane are one thing,” says Barbara Warrington, a retired occupational therapist from Incline Village, Nev. “Grown-ups are quite another - and, I would suggest, a no-no.” But wait. Isn’t there a waiver for firstclass passengers in those lie-flat seats? Yes, suggests Lauren Guilfoyle of Emirates Airline. Her air carrier hands out

sleepwear with “moisturizing” qualities to first-class passengers. “The natural ingredients of shea butter and argan oil are released as you move, so your skin stays moisturized and protected,” she explains. Well, if you have $12,000 to spend on an airline ticket, I suppose you can wear anything. For the rest of us, April Masini, an etiquette expert based in New York, has the following advice: “Adults should not wear pajamas on a plane.” They are, she says, “exhibitionists looking for attention,” and you should probably expect more and stranger behavior from them, especially if the flight is long.” (For the record, Gray says that other than wearing his jammies, he’s never done anything unusual on a plane.) Whatever it is that causes some air passengers to put on their pajamas prompts others to take off their shoes – and even their socks. This is a strange thing, because on land, these people wouldn’t dare place their shoeless feet on, say, a restaurant table. It can also turn ugly when those same passengers feel it’s acceptable to rest their feet on the seat backs or armrests in front of them. “It’s a personal-space invasion,” says Lori Geoffroy, a frequent air traveler from San Francisco who channeled her

4 lines • 5 days Only


distaste for this type of behavior into her business. Her company, Ickerz, sells a line of novelty stationery products featuring cartoon animals stuck in (I’m not making this up) “smelly situations.” “It’s annoying,” Geoffroy says, “when people put their feet on the armrest of the passenger in front of them – and it’s even worse if they’re shoeless.” Todd Brown remembers a recent flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul. A man across the aisle calmly removed his shoes and socks and began clipping his toenails. “After finishing his toenails and fingernails, he then got a bottle of clear nail polish and proceeded to start painting his nails,” recalls Brown, a sales manager from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. So what can you do if you find yourself getting a very close look at a fellow passenger’s pedicure? From my experience of mediating travel disputes, both in the air and on the ground, your options are limited. Dirty looks only ratchet up the tension. Your best move is to move. Find an empty seat or ask a flight attendant to reseat you. Don’t make a scene. If another seat isn’t available, try hanging out in the galley in the back of the plane. You may have to take your seat if you hit turbulence, and a crew member might shoo you back to your seat during meal service. But it’s prefer-


97/16 file photo

Val Weed, Kathi Hughes and Sue Bond at the Caladonia Nordic Ski Club booth during the Seniors Fair at the 2017 BCNE.

Book your Classified ad

Starting at only $1.00 a Day Advertise your items In PrInt & ($100 - $1000) for onlIne! 5 Days for only $5


call 250-562-6666 or email #201-1777 3rd Ave | pgcitizen.cA | 250.562.2441 | @pgcitizen

Find us on Facebook by going online to:

able to the alternative. At best, the bizarre behaviors of other passengers can make your summer vacation memorable. Amy Bloomer, a professional organizer who lives in Baltimore, recalls an overnight flight from Washington to Zurich during which she sat next to the oddest passenger ever. “She got up to go to the bathroom and then emerged with a full head of hot rollers,” Bloomer says. “I marveled at how she was able to sleep so easily with a head full of plastic.” In the morning, she asked if Bloomer would be bothered if she removed the rollers in her seat. “I said that would be fine,” she recalls. “She told me she had a photo shoot shortly after we were due to land and she wanted her hair to be perfectly coifed.” OK, then. Maybe it’s best to take the oddness in stride. Flights don’t last forever, and most of the unusual behavior isn’t offensive but may be photo-worthy. Of course, there’s an Instagram account for that: @passengershaming, which is run by Shawn Kathleen Howard, a former flight attendant. But you should probably wait until after you land to share your image of the barefoot passenger or the seatmate in rollers.

97/16 STAFF

Everything you ever wanted to know about being a senior citizen and where to find what you need to do it right will be provided as the Prince George Council of Seniors presents the Seniors’ Fair on Aug. 15 in Kin 3 during the B.C. Northern Exhibition. Admission to the BCNE is a toonie for seniors’ on Pioneer Day, which makes the Seniors’ Fair accessible for everyone. The local council of seniors non-profit organization has offered this event since 2007, so this is lucky number 13, said Lola-Dawn Fennell, general manager of P.G. Council of Seniors . Information booths, the Old Boot Cafe, carpet bowling demonstrations, and draws for lots of freebies is once again on the agenda. “So seniors will find the usual round up of local organizations and businesses with services and products that would be of interest to seniors or their caregivers,” Fennell said.  New to the Seniors’ Fair is a booth where seniors will find representatives from Revenue Canada. 

“So if people have questions about things like income splitting, or disability benefits or credits they will be there to answer their questions,” Fennell said. “We’ve also got Northern Health Community Services on tap this year.” The Prince George Elks’ Lodge has taken over the Moose Hall, 663 Douglas St., and is looking to promote it as an events venue since it’s been refurbished. The Prince George & District Elizabeth Fry Society will be there to talk about housing options. There is also a business called Active Health Solutions that offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness by incorporating functional fitness with good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. The cafe will offer a light lunch and refreshments and is a great place to take a break at any time during the very busy fair day. “As usual the Hart Pioneer Centre folks will be on hand to demonstrate carpet bowling and people always enjoy that,” Fennell said. “There will be lots of free draws and many different activities at the information tables.”



T H U R S D A Y , A U G U S T 8 , 2 0 1 9 | 11


An icebox cake, for the unfamiliar, is an easy summer dessert that comes together in the chilly confines of your refrigerator. The oven plays no role in the making of an icebox cake - and that’s a good thing when temperatures are high and something cool, creamy and sweet seems like just about the perfect warm weather antidote. I love an old-fashioned icebox cake, as is evidenced by the fact that I wrote a book about them, and I’m eager to spread the word about just how marvelous these versatile desserts can be. Semifreddos and no-churn ice-cream get a lot of the no-bake-dessert attention, but a retro icebox cake is equally deserving and delicious. In its simplest form, an icebox cake is a layered dessert of crispy cookies and fluffy whipped cream. But it is one that transforms into something truly magical and complex when placed in the fridge to firm up, as the cookies absorb the cream, softening into something downright caky and luscious. The recipe for the original icebox cake, still printed on the back of the yellow Nabisco Chocolate Wafer Cookie package, does not even require a pan for assembly: Instead, you stack cookies, nestled with dollops of whipped cream, vertically (domino-style as it were), and form a free-standing log on your serving platter. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to icebox cakes, both in terms of staple ingredients and preparation, and I love them for that. But I also appreciate an icebox cake’s infinite riffability - swap graham crackers for cookies, pudding for whipped cream, add caramel or ganache, and assemble it in a variety of vessels. Thus, the following how-to tips and tricks will not only guide you in creating the easiest of these desserts but also offer suggestions for composing them playfully.



DIYing: Assembling an icebox cake can be nearly effortless, but if making homemade crispy, thin cookies (or graham crackers or ladyfingers) is your thing, by all means, go for it. An icebox cake made with homemade caky layers is undoubtedly something special, as is one made with homemade pudding, caramel or jam. Seasonality: There is no question that an ice-cold icebox cake is the perfect summer entertaining dessert. I mean, parties need cake, and who wants to turn on the oven when the kitchen is already beyond toasty? It can also serve as the ideal showcase for your latest haul from the farmers market, via layers of fresh strawberries or tiny chunks of juicy black plums or nectarines. But icebox cakes are truly fantastic any time of the year - think ginger-chai for Thanksgiving, peppermint-chocolate for Christmas, or Black Forest for Valentine’s Day. Making ahead and freezing: If its ease and flexibility haven’t persuaded you to join Team Icebox Cake, perhaps this will: not only do icebox cakes have to be made ahead - ideal for that barbecue next Wednesday night, the potluck this weekend and for those hosts among us (um, me) who like to have as much of the meal and all of the dessert finished before her guests’ arrival - but they freeze beautifully. Follow the tips for wrapping and refrigerating your cake, and after 24 hours, cover it in aluminum foil and freeze for up to a month. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator before serving the next day. PEACH MELBA ICEBOX CAKE

30 minutes, plus at least 6 hours chilling 12 servings Peach melba (poached peaches drizzled with raspberry sauce and served with scoops of vanilla ice cream) is what summer icebox cake dreams are made of - seasonal and perfect to fight the sweltering heat. Here, peach jam is folded into almond-flavored whipped cream, which is studded with chunks of ripe peaches. The cream is layered with fresh raspberries and thin, crispy almond wafers, then topped with a toasted almond slices for flavor and texture. Peaches are lovely when paired with

almond extract, but feel free to flavor your cream with vanilla extract instead, and to substitute a different flavored cookie for the almond ones. In place of nuts, garnish the cake with crushed cookies. The author prefers Bonne Maman peach jam. You may want to add more jam, depending on the sweetness of your peaches. Recipe notes: The cake will keep loosely covered with plastic wrap in the refrigerator for up to 3 days, or frozen, after it has set up in the refrigerator, tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and aluminum foil, for up to 1 month. Defrost the cake in the refrigerator overnight before you plan to serve it. Once you cut the cake, leftovers can be wrapped in plastic wrap and refrigerated, and are best within a day. Ultrathin Anna’s Swedish Thins are available in grocery stores nationwide. If using a different brand of crispy almond cookies, keep in mind that you will need the same number of cookies, but they will weigh more. Toast the almonds in a small dry skillet over medium heat until fragrant and lightly browned, shaking the pan to avoid scorching. Cool completely before using. INGREDIENTS

2 cups heavy cream 1/2 cup (185 grams) peach jam, or more as needed 1/3 cup (80 grams) sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon almond extract 2 medium peaches, halved, pitted and roughly chopped into 1/2-inch pieces (about 140 grams) 5 cups (595 grams) fresh raspberries

25 (120 grams) crisp, thin almond wafer cookies, such as Anna’s Swedish Thins, or 70 (285 grams) vanilla wafers or 20 sheets (285 grams) graham crackers Toasted almond slices, for garnish STEPS

Add the cream to the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Whisk on medium to medium-high speed, 2 to 3 minutes, until the cream begins to thicken. Add the jam, sugar, vanilla extract and almond extract, to taste, and continue to whisk on medium to medium-high speed for about 3 more minutes, until stiff peaks form. Use a rubber spatula to gently fold the peaches into the cream. Use a small offset spatula or the back of a spoon to spread a layer of cream, about 1 1/2 cups, on the bottom of an 8-inch square pan. Cover the cream with a layer of raspberries and then a layer of almond cookies, filling any gaps with broken cookies (breaking them yourself, if necessary). The pieces should touch; the goal is a solid layer of cookies. Continue with additional layers of whipped cream, raspberries and cookies, ending with a layer of whipped cream. Gently cover the pan with plastic wrap. Refrigerate the cake for 6 to 8 hours, or preferably overnight. Peel off the plastic wrap. Garnish the top of the cake with the toasted almonds. Cut the cake into slices while in the pan and serve. Nutrition | Calories: 330; Total Fat: 16 g; Saturated Fat: 10 g; Cholesterol: 55 mg; Sodium: 160 mg; Carbohydrates: 42 g; Dietary Fiber: 4 g; Sugars: 25 g; Protein: 2 g.

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The caky layers give an icebox cake its structure and, well, cakey-ness. This element can take many forms, such as cookies, graham crackers or ladyfingers. Cookies should be thin and crispy, and are best layered with whipped cream. (Thicker cookies, such as biscotti and some shortbread, remain a bit too toothsome even after the requisite rest in the fridge.) Graham crackers and ladyfingers (either the soft or crispy variety) work well with both whipped cream and pudding. If you’re feeling frisky, layer your icebox cake with chocolate graham crackers or cinnamon ones, peanut butter cookies or even ginger snaps. The creamy layers soften the caky element and provide the icebox cake with its signature “creaminess.” Whipped cream, pudding and even pastry cream will work in an icebox cake, but whipped cream is best whisked until stiff peaks form - a bit longer than you would if topping a piece of pie - as the stiffer the peak, the more stable the finished cake. When sweetening whipped cream, I tend to add about 1 to 2 tablespoons of sugar to every cup of heavy cream. And if going a bit rogue, by adding zest, juice, booze, spice or fruity preserves to your cream or pudding, let your taste buds guide you. The playful element is where things really get fun. Not only can you choose from a variety of cookie flavors and infuse your cream or pudding with a little zip when assembling your icebox cake, but you can also add layers of lemon curd, salty caramel, dark chocolate ganache, fresh berries, marshmallow crème or rainbow sprinkles. The assembly When choosing a pan or shape for your icebox cake, the possibilities are deliciously

endless, provided you remember this: Cakes made with pudding or runny add-ins such as caramel or ganache, do best in vessels with sides to contain oozing and spillage. Can you attempt a cake with ganache in a springform pan and hope for the best upon removal of the pan’s sides? Of course. But to be safe, you should assemble those kinds of cakes in your prettiest pottery or a Pyrex dish. When layering, I always begin with the creamy element, as it anchors the cake to the serving dish or platter, followed by a caky layer and then, if using, I spread or sprinkle something playful. I like to keep my layers thin - just enough of the creamy element to completely cover the caky one, with no holes or gaps between cookies or crackers (this usually requires breaking them into pieces), and vice versa. Continue to assemble in this order until you reach the top of your pan or run out of an element, finishing the cake with something creamy. To ensure your cake properly sets up, I recommend chilling it in the refrigerator, lightly covered with plastic wrap, for at least 8 hours, and preferably overnight. Cakes made with very thin cookies may be ready in less time. After it has rested, decorating your cake with sparkling sugar, crushed candy, citrus zest, chocolate curls, sprinkles or toasted nuts is a lovely way not only to finish the cake but also to add texture.

*No cash value, must be 19+ years to participate. Winner must pick up their prize at the Prince George Citizen (505 4th Avenue). Prize must be accepted as awarded. Canadian residents only.

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Living in Space: International Space Station

Use the Kid Scoop Secret Decoder Ring to discover the name of this book by Susan E. Goodman, illustrated by Michael Slack, which is available at the library.

In 1984, the United States invited countries around the world to build an international space station. Now, with the participation of 18 countries, it has truly become a global cooperation project. The flags below represent the 18 countries participating in the International Space Station project. Unscramble the letters to discover the name of each country.

Want to blast into orbit? Walk on the moon? Snag a personal photo of a shooting star? Well your time is coming! And when it does, you're going to need this book. Grounded in the history of space travel and the planned future of space tourism, this guide book will start you daydreaming about space vacations! When completed in 2010, the ISS was longer than an American football field, has a living and working space the size of a 747 jumbo-jet, and is able to house up to seven astronauts. How does it get electricity? Hold this sentence up to a mirror:

!rewop ralos tcelloc slenap raloS Standards Link: Spelling: Spell grade-level appropriate words correctly. Economics: Students understand the effect that increasing international interdependence may have on countries.

When did the United States invite other countries to join in the building of the ISS?

The ISS was built, section by section, in space. Why not build it on earth and then take it to space? The completed station weighs a million pounds on Earth—too difficult and costly to attempt to take into space in one flight.

When was it completed? The answers can be found on this page.


The space station ______ humans to live and _________ for long periods in a “weightless” _____________. The space station provides an opportunity to study a world without gravity— and better understand gravity’s _______ on plants, animals, and humans.


Astronaut Ad


Lessons from past space RADIATORS travel show that living with little or no gravity ___________ bones and muscles. The space station allows scientists to understand these effects and find ______________ for long-term space travel.

These words floated away in zero gravity! Find where each one belongs.

Standards Link: Science: Know ways in which technology has increased our understanding of the universe.

Space Milestones

In which year did each of these events happen? Do the math to find out! Astronaut Neil Armstrong walks on the moon. (21 X 3) + 6

U.S. sends four monkeys into the stratosphere. (25 X 2) + 1

U.S.S.R. launches Sputnik 1 satellite into space. (25 X 2) + 7

John Glenn becomes first American to orbit the earth. (15 X 4) + 2 Standards Link: Number Sense: Use multiplication and addition to solve problems.

Write a Help Wanted Ad to find people who want to be astronauts on the ISS. Use the Help Wanted ads in the print or e-edition of your newspaper as examples.

To discover the name of this book, find the letter on the outer ring, then replace it with the letter below it on the inner ring.





This page was fun! I wonder what books the library might have about space? … wondering about and exploring our world and beyond.

Complete the grid by using all the letters in the word SPACE in each vertical and horizontal row. Each letter should only be used once in each row. Some spaces have been filled in for you.

Standards Link: Writing Applications: Write brief expository descriptions.

the words in the puzzle. ASTRONAUTS Find How many of them can you find on this page? SPACE STATION S H S N E I L G P A GRAVITY W T I O L C R C E S GLOBAL E R N I L A A N T G INVITE A A V O V A B P L A SOLAR K E I I I E R O S L WEAKENS E R T J K T N N L F WEIGH FLAGS N Y E A I G A T I G LONG S T U A N O R T S A EARTH O N A H G I E W S L NEIL Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recongized identical JET words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.

Explorer’s Journal Pretend you are exploring a country you have never visited. Where would you go? Write a journal entry. R0021655366



T H U R S D A Y , A U G U S T 8 , 2 0 1 9 | 13



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The worst part of a vacation is usually when it ends. Catching up at work and home can be a jarring switch from carefree lounging on the beach. Here’s how to contend with the worst parts of returning to daily life without losing that vacation glow. A SUITCASE FULL OF DIRTY CLOTHES

Unpacking after a long trip can be difficult, but experts say it’s best to get it out of the way as soon as possible and take small actions to make unpacking easier. The first thing Margarita Ibbott, an Ontario-based former professional organizer and travel writer, does is place her suitcase in her laundry room – never directly to her bedroom, she says, in case of bugs or dirt – to air before tossing her dirty clothes into the wash. She tries to do this within 24 hours of getting home. Before leaving for a trip, she does enough laundry to clear space for her posttrip loads and lightly tidies the house to avoid coming home to chaos. “I’m adamant about this,” she says. Rashelle Isip, a professional organizer and founder of the Order Expert, also recommends a gentle cleaning – enough to get rid of clutter on tables and countertops – to “give the eye a place to rest.” Sara Bereika, co-founder of Abundance Organizing, advises her clients to clear a space for their suitcase before they leave so there’s no excuse to not unpack. “I can’t tell you how many times people have left a suitcase out because they say they have nowhere to put it,” she says. To make organizing after the trip a little easier, Bereika,

who often helps clients pack before trips, advises people to buy small zipper pouches and storage bags for smaller items such as toiletries that can live in a designated spot in the bathroom or closet to make unpacking easier. When they return from a trip, all they have to do is place the pouch back in its designated spot before the next trip. SECURITY LAPSES

It’s understandable to worry about leaving your home or car unattended for an extended period. Before you leave, double-check that all windows and doors lock properly for both your house and car. Piles of unopened mail and packages are a sign nobody is home and could encourage thieves. Enlist a neighbor or friend to pick up mail and packages while you’re away, or have the the post office hold your mail or packages. You can also stop newspaper delivery while you’re away.


After a tiring day of travel, the last thing most people want to do is trek to the grocery store. Before leaving, Ibbott stocks the pantry and freezer with food that could make an easy dinner or a snack upon her return, such as pasta and pasta sauce. And in the week before her trip, she makes sure to eat any leftovers and perishables in her refrigerator that could spoil. To ease back into meal prepping, Isip recommends buying prepared ingredients and restructuring your grocery list around staple items that can be used for multiple meals, so you have options when you return. Buying ingredients for your favorite dishes can be a nice perk when you return, too, she says. She also suggests scheduling grocery delivery the day after you get back

to save a trip to the store.


A little preparation before you leave can smooth your transition back to work, Isip says. If it’s possible, reserving a day at home to attend to tasks such as sorting mail, cleaning and laundry could be helpful. “It took time for you to unwind and it takes time to get back to your day-to-day affairs,” she says. If that’s not possible, she recommends returning in the middle or end of the week on a less stressful work day. Before leaving for vacation, reflect on what will help you enjoy the time off and manage your responsibilities when you return, says Charles Samenow, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at George Washington University’s medical school. He advises patients to decide which tasks need to be completed before they leave, which can be delegated and which can wait. Then make a plan to get those non-negotiables out of the way. Is it better for you to log off entirely and face it all upon your return, or would a periodic check-in help you enjoy your time more? If thinking about the email accumulating in your inbox will distract you from your trip, checking in could ease some stress. A frequent traveler himself, Samenow “is a checker” and sets aside about 30 minutes early in the morning to look through email and check in with his team before logging off completely. Samenow advises breaking down your post-vacation to-do list into manageable steps based on urgency. “It can really jolt your system to go from complete relaxation and focusing on loved ones and

activities to a high-pressure deadline that you’re not physically or mentally ready for,” he says. You probably won’t be your freshest after traveling, so saving highstress meetings or projects for later in the week could help. When you return to work, Isip recommends reserving about an hour of the morning to go through your inbox. When doing this, Isip recommends “looking at the big picture” and scanning for necessary emails that you’re mentioned in; sort by sender or mute long threads you’re not part of to minimize clutter and pinpoint tasks that warrant your attention. “You’re not going to sit and relive the last three weeks,” she says. In your personal inbox, she suggests bulk-deleting promotions and other emails that won’t be useful upon, such as missed editions of daily newsletters or offers for sales that expired while you were away. POST-VACATION LETDOWN

The “post-vacation blues” isn’t a scientific term or a recognized condition, but Samenow says the end of something joyous can sometimes bring about a sense of loss or even a low mood, irritability or sleeplessness. It’s normal to miss a pleasant experience, he says, and these feelings usually subside. To prevent them from impairing your ability to function, manage expectations and don’t hinge the entirety of your happiness and well-being on the vacation, Samenow says. “The expectation should not be that I’m going to come back from vacation a changed person, ready to hit the ground running and tackle everything on day one,” Samenow says. “Vacation is wonderful, but it’s not a cure-all.”

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Minivan sales keep falling but experts say they’ll live on

250.562.4151 R0011726645

AP photo

AP photo

Sisters Caroline, left, and Keiley play and older sister Georgianna, back, looks out a window as their mother, Melanie Matcheson drives their Chrysler Pacifica in Southington, Conn.

Melanie Matcheson, right, unloads her Chrysler Pacifica as her son Alexander and daughters Keiley, Caroline, and Georgianna head back into the house in Cheshire, Conn.


They were the suburban vehicle of choice in the 1990s and early 2000s, but ever since, minivans appeared to be riding the slow lane to extinction. The soccer moms who once made the boxy people-haulers ubiquitous have shunned them for car-based SUVs with three rows of seats. Many automakers have stopped selling them. In fact, Chrysler sold more minivans by itself in their heyday than the entire industry does today. But don’t turn in the van keys just yet. For the automakers that still make them - Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Kia the minivan business is still good because the competition has bailed, giving them a bigger piece of a shrinking pie. And they›re hoping that as more millennials, now ages 23 to 38, raise families, they›ll see the value of sliding doors, fold-flat seats, ample storage and easy access to the third row. Because of their people-hauling capabilities, minivans also hold promise as autonomous vehicles, meaning they may once again become popular - if people don’t have to be seen actually driving them. “There is nothing else that can compete with a minivan,” says Tim Kuniskis, head of passenger vehicles for Fiat Chrysler, which leads all automakers in sales with two minivans in the U.S. market. “From a carrying people and stuff perspective, nothing touches it.” Last year, minivan sales sank to 364,000, the lowest level in more than 30 years and only about one-quarter of the 1.33 million sold in 2000, the peak year, according to the auto website. Sales are down another 16% in the first half of this year, with no end to the decline in sight.

That›s a far cry from 1993 to 2005, when automakers sold more than 1 million of the vans every year. Also, minivan market share has slipped from 7.2% of U.S. new-vehicle sales in 2000 to 2.5% this year, according to the auto pricing site, which provides content to The Associated Press. Minivan sales generally follow birth rates, which have been falling for 32 years, said George Augustaitis, director of industry analytics for CarGurus, who predicts further declines. “It’s going to exist, but it’s never going to exist like it once had.” Yet for automakers that are still in, minivans are good business. The only large competitors left for Fiat Chrysler are the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna. Kia offers the Sedona, but sales are relatively small. Other market segments can boast over 1 million sales per year, but they also come with 20 or more competitors, Kuniskis said. In the early 2000s, just about every automaker had a minivan, with as many as 18 on sale in 2005, CarGurus said. As Ford, General Motors and others exited as sales tumbled, the number shrank to only five this year. Profit margins on the minivans are high, with a few options pushing the sticker price north of $40,000. “Balloons rain from the sky every time they sell an Odyssey,” said Jeremy Acevedo, senior manager of industry insights at Edmunds. That can be bad for young families who need the vans but can’t afford big price tags. Fiat Chrysler has realized this and in the fall will start selling a Chrysler Voyager, a Spartan version of the Pacifica, starting around $27,000. It likely will replace the



ancient Dodge Grand Caravan, which the company has been selling for about the same sticker price. The old van, unveiled in 2008 and last updated in 2011, is the topselling minivan in the country this year at around 72,000. For Melanie Matcheson, 44, who lives near Waterbury, Connecticut, no vehicle other than a minivan could efficiently haul her family of two adults and five children ages 2 to 22. She bought an eight-passenger silver Pacifica in mid-June for about $31,000, getting an $8,000 discount. She rented a Chevrolet Suburban big SUV but didn’t like the gas mileage, and she says smaller SUVs lacked trunk space. Matcheson doesn’t care that a minivan could have the stigma of a 1990s soccer mom. “I think the newer ones look very nice,” she said. Fiat Chrysler’s Kuniskis is hoping there are more people like Matcheson who see the vans’ practicality. He says millennials he has talked to liked the minivans they grew up with and they’re now having children. They’re expected to surpass baby boomers as the largest population segment, and that could boost sales. Also, at least one

autonomous vehicle company has found the vans optimal for its ride-hailing service. Google spinoff Waymo is buying up to 62,000 Pacificas from Fiat Chrysler and is using them to haul people and test selfdriving systems. CarGurus’ Augustaitis says the vans are appealing to Waymo because they are easy to enter and exit and can be used more like a living room or office when autonomous vehicles start carrying people in more places. “It could see something with autonomous because of how you can outfit them,” he said.

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All New!2020 Kia


V6, 10.25’ Screen, 8 passenger, Sunroof, Heated Seats, remote Start, Heated Steering Wheel Stk# pG11598

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2019 Kia Stinger aWD 20th anniverSary

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0% 183 Financing



2019 Kia SouL

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2019 Kia Forte




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auto, Heated Seats, Back-up Camera, Bluetooth®, aC, Cruise, pW, pL. Stk# pG11565

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BLoWout pricing!

2019 Kia Sportage LX aWD

2019 Kia Sorento aWD



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Gustafson’s Kia

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