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Newsletter of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology of the Immaculate Conception  Summer 2011

Cardinal Burke Receives Honorary Degree from PFIC On May 11th, in the midst of the PFIC final exams, the faculty, administration and students gathered in Aquin Hall for a very special lecture. Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and former Archbishop of St. Louis, gave a lecture on the “TheoCentric Character of the Catholic Liturgy.” Cardinal Burke was invited by Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, to present this lucid and engaging lecture on the nature of the Liturgy for the Thomistic Institute. The Cardinal began his lecture saying, “Because of the high esteem I hold for the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, and because of the importance of the subject matter, I was most happy to accept the invitation.” Following the lecture, Cardinal Burke presided at Solemn Vespers in the chapel at the Dominican House of Studies. At the conclusion of vespers he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theology,

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PFIC Celebrates with 27 New Graduates Gathering in the Chapel of the Dominican House of Studies, the PFIC faculty, administration, students and alumni celebrated the graduation of our Class of 2011. The twenty-seven graduates received their degrees from Fr. Brian Mulcahy, OP, the Vice Chancellor of the PFIC and Prior Provincial, following a solemn vespers service, presided over by Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America. This is the largest graduating class since the PFIC began admitting non-Dominican students in the late nineteen-seventies.

are waiting for you to go and accomplish your mission within the Church and in life.” Following this address, Fr. Mulcahy and Fr. Boguslawski conferred the following degrees to the twenty-seven graduates: eleven Masters of Arts in Theology; twelve Masters of Divinity; six Bachelors of Sacred Theology; and five Licentiates of Sacred Theology. The Bachelor of Sacred Theology and Licentiate of Sacred Theology are Pontifical Degrees, granted in the name of and by the authority of the Holy See.

How beautiful it will be if Christ says to each of us as he did to St. Thomas: “Well you have spoken of me.”

In his address to the graduates, Archbishop Sambi quoted the invitation to “work in service of truth” given by our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI when he visited Washington DC in 2008. “The degrees [you receive today] are not a simple piece of paper but a great mission in service of the Church and of humanity—if tied to the person of Christ.” He continued, “Young people—we

The graduating class was consisted of seven Dominican Student Brothers, five Josephites, three Marians of the Immaculate Conception, four Dominican Sisters, one member of the Priestly of the Fraternity of St. Peter, and one diocesean priest and six lay men and women. Many of the S.T.B. graduates will continue their studies at the PFIC in 2011, pursuing an S.T.L.

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(cont.) PFIC Awards Raymond Cardinal Burke Honorary Doctorate Honoris Causa by the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception. The degree was presented by Very Rev. Brian Mulchahy, OP, Prior Provincial of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph and Vice-Chancellor of the Pontifical Faculty. This award was a surprise to his Eminence, and he was grateful for the honor.

it necessary to address the God-centered nature of the Sacred Liturgy?”

He then explored the nature of liturgy as the “relation between God and His creation…Sacred Liturgy is the highest and most perfect expression of the relationship between God and man.” Turning to Sacred Scripture, he connected the first three After dinner with the community, Cardinal Commandments of the Old Covenant with Burke had the chance to thank the PFIC for the Beatitudes of the New Covenant, saying: this honorary degree. Also, he reflected on “Only by knowing, loving, and serving God his fondness for the DHS and PFIC which in this life as He commands will man find his dates back to his days as a seminarian next happiness and perfection.” at Theological College. He said he used to escape to the Dominican Having explicated the House to use the library, to teaching of Sacred Scripture, get a little peace and quiet. He Cardinal Burke turned his congratulated us on the fine attention to the discussion new facilities of our Academic of liturgical norms in the Center (and especially the Catechism, the writings library). Cardinal Burke was of St. Thomas Aquinas on very touched by the award. the virtue of religion, the mandates of canon law, The Cardinal’s lecture the Vatican Council, and, dwelt on the true nature of Sacred Liturgy. finally, the writings of Blessed John Paul II, He asked: “Why is it necessary to devote concerned with the Liturgy. Those writings, attention to the truth that the sacred liturgy Cardinal Burke said, “took on a certain sense is centered in God? That it is in fact the action of urgency” towards the end of his life. of God the Son incarnate, seated in glory at the right hand of the Father, and at the The PFIC and Thomistic Institute were same time active in the Church on our behalf greatly honored to host His Eminence and on behalf of the salvation of the World? Raymond Cardinal Burke for this occasion. What has happened in our time that makes

There is no place from which I am more honored to receive an honorary degree.

Photos by Carlos Molina

To listen to and view the lecture visit our website:

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Clockwise from Top: The Cardinal addresses students and faculty • Fr. Giles Dimmock (prior) questions Cardinal Burke following the lecture • The Cardinal greets Rt. Rev. Archimandrite Joseph Lee, PFIC professor of Patrology • Students, faculty, and invited guests gathered in Aquin Hall for the lecture • The framed Honorary Doctorate • PFIC professor of Moral Theology, Fr. John Corbett, OP, chats with Dr. John Garvey, President of The Catholic University of America

PFIC to Offer Summer Philosophy Courses A precursor to our summer MA program, launching next year.

For the first time in our history the PFIC is proudly offering summer classes in Philosophy for the first time this summer. Taught by Fr. James Brent, OP, Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, and Mr. Brian Carl, these intensive classes present the basics of philosophy for those studying theology. This summer’s program will offer courses in Logic and Epistemology, Anthroplogy, Metaphysics, and Ethics. This summer’s courses are the first step toward introducing a summer program leading to a Masters of Arts in Theology, which the PFIC hopes to offer starting in 2012. We will offer additional information about this program in the coming months. The PFIC is also offering for the second time intensive Latin and Greek courses during the summer. The courses are open to the public. They are offered in conjunction with the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family at The Catholic University of America.

Announcing: the Marie Jackie Brunetta Burse During May’s commencement exercises, the PFIC was proud to inaugurate the Marie Jackie Brunetta Burse. Established in memory of the mother of Fr. Juan Diego Brunetta, OP, the burse will be given annually to a Dominican Brother already ordained to the diaconate, who demonstrates either consistent “excellence” or “marked-improvement” in liturgical preaching. The Marie Jackie Brunetta Burse was established by the loving support of the Boisvert and Brunetta families. The first recipient, Br. Austin Dominic Litke, OP, was ordained to the priesthood one week after receiving the award (see page 10). He said “I was very humbled to receive the award. It is a great testimony to the Boisvert and Brunetta families that they would wish to honor Mrs. Brunetta by supporting the preaching mission of the Order. I only hope that I can continue to improve in my preaching abilities as I enter priestly ministry.”

Letter from the President Dear Friends, Alumni and Benefactors, On June 9, 2011 I shall have completed four years of service as President of the Pontifical Faculty and, at the request of the Prior Provincial (with the confirmation of the Master of the Order) I will remain in the Office of President until June 9, 2013…Lord willing! It seems appropriate to pause for a moment and to give thanks for these past years, filled with so many significant achievements for the PFIC.

His Eminence Raymond Cardinal Burke with Fr. Steven Boguslawski, May 2011

Each year we have prepared ever-increasing numbers of Dominican student Brothers and other religious seminarians for the vowed life and for priestly ordination. Each year we have educated highly motivated laity for ecclesial service in parishes, Catholic colleges and seminaries, diocesan administration, and the international missions. Each year the total complement of full time, highly credentialed faculty increased. Each year interest in our brand of an “open-Thomism,” (i.e., Aquinas in dialogue with contemporary schools of philosophy and theology) has grown. Each year the Thomistic Institute increased the number of conferences with scholars of international reputation. Each year our library holdings developed carefully, bringing resource depth to research efforts. Each year the number of our friends and benefactors grew dramatically—as did their generosity—urging the PFIC on to the pursuit of excellence in the work of comprehensive intellectual and ministerial formation. So much so, that, for the first time since our foundation 106 years ago, contributions to the school exceeded $1M. There is a profound satisfaction in seeing the “rising generation” prosper in service to the Church and to the Order of Preachers. It is fitting to pause and to give thanks, pressing on but always recalling: “if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor.” (Ps 127) May you have a blessed, restful summer. Sincerely yours in the Lord, Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, OP President, PFIC

The Pontifical Faculty of Theology of the Immaculate Conception President: Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, OP Vice President and Academic Dean: Rev. Gabriel O’Donnell, OP Vice President for Advancement: Rev. Joseph Fox, OP

Spring 2011 | 3

Thomistic Institute Symposium: St. Thomas and Ecclesiology On April 29 – 30, 2011, the PFIC hosted a two-day conference sponsored by the Thomistic Institute entitled “St. Thomas Aquinas and the Church: Theo-Centric Ecclesiology.” Papers were presented by each of the following scholars: Fr. Charles Morerod, OP (Angelicum, Rome), Fr. Jonathan Robinson (Oratory of Saint Philip Neri, Toronto), Fr. Benoît-Dominique de la Soujeole, OP (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), and Fr. Guy Mansini, OSB. (Saint Meinrad Archabbey, Indiana). Fr. Charles Morerod, OP, opened the symposium with a lecture on the controversial doctrine “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” (“outside the Church there is no salvation”). A renowned theologian, Fr. Morerod is the rector of the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome and the Secretary of the International Theological Commission. His lecture offered an insightful synthesis of the Church’s teaching on this topic from Pope Boniface VIII to the Second Vatican Council, with a particular emphasis on the importance of the theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Jonathan Robinson, founder of the Toronto Oratory, gave the second talk of the conference entitled “Changing the Subject: The Liturgy as an Object of Experience.” Fr. Robinson’s paper investigated the dangers associated with depreciating objectivity and misunderstanding subjectivity in the Mass. He explained that the liturgy is the action of Christ in the Church and articulated how this results in liturgical action being both personal and public. Fr. Benoît-Dominique de la Soujeole, OP, professor of Theology at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland), spoke on “The Economy of Salvation: Entitative Sacramentality and Operative Sacramentality.” Fr. de la Soujeole examined the importance of Christ’s humanity as an instrument of salvation in the Church and in the sacraments. Building upon this, Fr. Guy Mansini, OSB, a monk and theologian of St. Meinrad Archabbey, delivered a moving lecture entitled “Christ Acts in the Church’s Action; Christ Speaks in the Church’s Speaking.” Fr. Mansini explored the theological basis for

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the confidence we can have in the Church as a trustworthy mediator of God. Because of the deep unity between Christ and the Church, the Church acts and speaks not as a separate entity which manufactures a message on its own, but rather in union with Christ, the Head. Thus, “if we want to listen to Christ, and be sure it is Christ we are listening to, we must listen to the Church; and if we want Christ to touch us and be sure it is Him, we must let the Church touch us through the sacraments.” The event was well attended with a diverse audience of faculty and students from a variety of institutions. The question-answer sessions and lively conversation following each presentation facilitated an atmosphere of active thought and reflection. Over the past two years the Thomistic Institute has hosted a number of lectures and conferences. These events promote scholarly research into the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas on behalf of the Church today. The The Institute has grown and will be co-hosting several conferences this summer with other leading theological institutions. Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, Director of the Institute, reflected on the past two years saying: “We have been fortunate to have many excellent and faithful theologians and philosophers participate in these events to present ideas to our students and seminarians. The events are open to the public and are quite popular. What is apparent is that there is a revitalized interest in the study of St. Thomas’ theology among young people today and we are trying to be at the service of that renewal of interest, for the sake of the larger Church.”

Fr. Jonathan Robinson, of Toronto University, discusses the Liturgy with the faculty, students, and members of the Washington DC community at the Thomistic Circles symposium, April 30, 2011.

Summer 2011

Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth: Unofficial Catholic-Protestant Dialogue Princeton, New Jersey June 19-22 2011

Featuring: John Bowlin • Holly Taylor Coolman • Robert Jenson • Keith Johnson • Guy Mansini, OSB • Bruce McCormack • Amy Marga • Richard Schenk • Joseph Wawrykow • Thomas Joseph White, OP Co-Sponsor: Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary

Thomas Aquinas & Contemporary Philosophy Newburgh, New York June 23-26 2011

Featuring: Charles Morerod, OP • James Brent, OP • Lawrence Dewan, OP • Dr. Alfred J. Freddoso • Dr. Joshua Hochschild • Dr. Gyula Klima • Joseph Koterski, S.J. • Dr. John O’Callaghan • Thomas Joseph White, OP Co-Sponsor: The Catholic and Dominican Institute at Mount Saint Mary College Visit our website to register:

We especially acknowledge those memorialized or honored by gifts to the PFIC. Please keep these men and women in your prayers. H onoring

I n Memoriam

Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, OP Rev. James Brent, OP Rev. Br. Justin Marie Brophy, OP Br. Matthew Carroll, OP Mr. Kendall & Mrs. Mary Ann Cason Rev. Brian Chrzastek, OP Rev. Br. Michael Connor, OP Rev. Hyacinth Marie Cordell, OP Br. Clement Dickie, OP Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Diggins Most Rev. J. Augustine DiNoia, OP Dominican Chaplains of Teams of Our Lady Rev. Hugh Vincent Dyer, OP Rev. Thomas Jordan Ertle, OP Rev. John Martin Egan, OP Rev. Joseph Fox, OP George Washington University Catholics Rev. Anthony Giambrone, OP Mr. Daniel Hilburn Rev. John Hinnebusch, OP Rev. Andrew Hofer, OP Rev. Austin Dominic Litke, OP Br. Ambrose Little, OP The Mosley Family Rev. Gabriel O’Donnell, OP Mr. Joseph J. Reid Rev. Br. Augustine Reisenauer, OP Rev. Gabriel Schnakenberg, OP Rev. Ignatius Schweitzer, OP Fr. Luke Tancrell, OP Br. Bernard Timothy, OP Rev. Raymond Vandegrift, OP Rev. Thomas Joseph White, OP Rev. Br. Jerome Zeiler, OP

Ms. Joy Amisano Rev. Milton Ballor, C.PP.S. Ms. Eleanor Bosnick Mrs. Marie Jackie Brunetta Rev. Joseph Cassidy, OP Mr. John L. Colonna, Sr. Rev. Pierre Conway, OP Mrs. Margaret Corbett Mr. Newton & Mrs. Irene Cox Mr. Felix diPaola Mr. Robert DuFour, OP Revs. Mark, Thomas & Walter Heath, OP Rev. William Hill, OP Mr. Neil Katchen Br. Pascal Kelly, OSF Mr. Paul T. Kirkham Ms. Irene Loland Ms. Alice Coyle MacDonald Rev. John McGovern, OP Mr. Clematis Machaz Ms. Rita Hammer Mahlberg Rev. George G. Maley, OP Mr. Hermitt Mosley, Sr. Ms. Dorothy Murphy Mr. Thomas C. O’Brien Mr. Craig Pritzl Rev. Kurt Pritzl, OP Rev. Dominic Rover, OP Mr. John Ryan Rev. Ferrer E. Smith, OP Mr. Arthur Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Carroll, Sr. Ms. Mary Colford Hayes

To set up online giving for the PFIC please visit our portal at Faith Direct, the leading faith-based online donation site in the US:

Washington Theological Consortium Celebrates 40th Anniversary On April 11, 2011, the Washington Theological Consortium celebrated the 40thAnniversary of its founding. Gathering at the Dominican House of Studies, which has been the home of the Consortium since it’s founding, close to 150 friends and representatives of the seventeen Consortium institutions celebrated the many years of service and the great ecumenical spirit fostered by the Consortium. Fr. John Crossin, OSFS, was also honored. He has served as the head of the WTC for the last thirteen years. Fr. Crossin was awarded the Consortium Service Award by the Chair of the WTC Board, Ambassador Clyde Taylor. The Washington Theological Consortium has been the hub of ecumenical academic work amongst the greater D.C. Christian theological schools and seminaries. Looking back on 40 years, Fr. John Crossin remarked in his brief history of the Consortium: “All in all, the member institutions continue to collaborate to enhance theological education for all students; to provide resources for faculty and administrators; to serve the churches; and to promote ecumenical relationships and interreligious dialogue. Jesus prayed ‘that all may be one.’ The Consortium continues to take this prayer most seriously.” Replacing Fr. Crossin as the Director of the Washington Theological Consortium is Rev. Dr. Larry Golemon of Alexandria, Virginia. A graduate of Yale Divinity School, Dr. Golemon recently concluded a twoyear research project on strengthening ecumenical dimensions of the Virginia Theological Seminary. Fr. Crossin plans to engage in teaching and writing, and will continue his long-standing simultaneous involvement in parish ministry. As we bid a fond farewell to Fr. Crossin, the PFIC happily welcomes Dr. Golemon, and wishes him every success in his work for the Consortium! Organization code: DC365

For more information about the Washington Theological Consortium and its associate institutions please visit:

Spring 2011 | 5

Honor Circles of Donors to the PFIC (Cumula When St. Dominic founded his Order in 1216, he envisioned a band of preachers that relied on the generosity of others for their sustenance so that they might be free to preach and teach the Gospel. In 2010, we still rely on the generosity of others to further our mission of preaching Jesus Christ. For our benefactors, we offer our prayers and call upon the intercession of great Dominican saints, especially the patrons of our Honor Circles, for their needs and requests. We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have generously contributed to the PFIC between May 2008 and May 2011.

St . D ominic


G uzman

(1170-1221) Priest, preacher, ascetic, and founder of the Order of Preachers. Feast August 8. ($250,000+) Anonymous (2)

St . A lbert



(1206-1280) Bishop, theologian, philosopher, and scientist. Universal Doctor. Feast November 15. ($50,000 —$99,999) Mr. & Mrs. Sean Fieler

St . C atherine


S iena

(1347-1380) Virgin, mystic, ascetic, papal advisor, and stigmatist. Doctor of the Church. Feast April 29. ($20,000 —$49,999) Anonymous (3) Mr. Sean Brady Ms. Dorothy J. Cunningham HMP Foundation Mr. Josef Neusser & Dr. Susan Timoney

St . V incent Ferrer (1350-1419) Priest, itinerant preacher, worker of miracles, and ascetic. Memorial May 5. ($10,000—$19,999) Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Crall Mrs. Theresa Hanrahan Mr. & Mrs. James M. Haselden Mr. Paul J. Hill Kirwan Family Foundation Mercyworks Foundation Ms. Florence O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Reisenauer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Roti Schaller Corporation Mr. & Mrs. Albert Schaller Weingartz Family Foundation Mr. Harold Ziegler

Mr. Peter C. Krause Ms. Bernadette Lane Ms. Caitlin Long Rev. Frederick L. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Rainey Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schaller Mr. & Mrs. Randal Schmidt Mr. Robert Joseph Schwenk

St . Hyacinth (1187-1257) Priest, first Polish friar, missionary to the Slavic people. Memorial August 17.

& Dr. Claudia Bungaro Ms. Susan A. Reeves Fr. Christopher Saliga, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. D. Edward Schweitzer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Vaghi III Dr. & Mrs. Francisco Yao

St . A ntoninus (1389-1459) Archbishop of Florence, moral theologian, and reformer. Memorial May 10. ($500—$999)

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Barry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brisken Rev. Charles P. Connor Amisano Memorial Trust Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. Conti Anonymous (5) Raymond M. & Jane E. Cracchiolo Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Bevelock Foundation Most Rev. Leonard P. Blair Rev. John W. Crossin, OSFS Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Boland Capt. R. F. DiPalma USN (Ret.) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brent Monastery of Our Lady of Grace St . Peter M artyr Mrs. Paula Brock Rev. Msgr. John J. Enzler & Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brophy Blessed Sacrament (1206-1252) Priest and protoKeany Produce Dr. & Mrs. John Brown Rev. Paul Keller, O.P. martyr of the Order of Preachers. Mr. Craig Bruney Knights of Columbus Memorial June 4. Mr. Robert Capone Legatus of Morris County Mr. Gregory Curtin Mr. James Little ($5,000—$9,999) Mr. & Mrs. James Deal Mr. & Mrs. Walter E. Little Mrs. Vivian A. Decker Mrs. Zena Martin Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Demcsak Mr. & Mrs. Ralph McDonough Dr. & Mrs. William Brown Rev. Adrian Dionne, O.P. Ms. Marlene B. McGinnis Cardin Ms. Therese Errigo Dominican Formation Committee Mr. & Mrs. Brian T. McGuire Fr. Joseph Fox, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dougherty Mr. Charles F. Meixner Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Genthe Mr. James Edwards Mr. Edward Misey Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Gilluly Mr. William J. Morris, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Edwards Msgr. Godfrey Mosley Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Melancon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Farguson Mr. & Mrs. Matthew P. Mullan Ms. T. C. Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D. Ford St. Procopius Abbey Mr. Patrick G. Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Richard Garvey Fr. James A. Nicolicchia, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. Ken Zeiler Mr. & Mrs. Albert Giambrone Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Giambrone Msgr. Thomas Olszyk Dr. Eugene Giannini Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Pellegrino St . R aymond Peñafort Portsmouth Abbey Mr. Luis E. Perez Vincent W. Kyle Revocable Trust Mr. & Mrs. William Raaths (1175-1275) Priest, canon lawyer, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lawless Ms. Gloria Radosevich and third Master of the Order. Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Link Mr. & Mrs. Michael Reinsel Memorial January 7. Mr. Guy Lombardo Mr. & Mrs. Reev Rohter Mr. & Mrs. Roy Rohter Mr. & Mrs. Mark Machuga Mr. & Mrs. Gus Russo ($2,500—$4,999) Mr. John J. Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Chetan Sanghvi Anonymous (3) Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Maier Mr. Robert M. Schulte Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Anthony Bert Mr. Colin Moran Ms. Karen E. Servidea Ms. Barbara Anne Block Dr. Mary E. Moran Ms. Elissa Speckmann Mr. & Mrs. Mario Brunetta Mr. Wiley Mossy St. Dominic’s Priory Ms. Laura L. Connell The Catholic University of America Mrs. Amberly Tarantina Ms. Rose Folsom Mr. Mark O’Donnell Rev. Tam Xuan Tran Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hofer Mr. John Ogden Rev. Raymond Vandegrift, O.P. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kirchner Dr. Christopher Rapcewicz Mr. & Mrs. John Weisgerber

6 | Th e 4 8 7 C o r r e s p o n d e n t


ative Gifts from May 2008 through May 2011) Mr. & Mrs. Robert Woods

St . M artin



(1579-1639) Cooperator brother, infirmarian, worker of miracles, and servant to the poor. Feast November 3. ($250—$499)

St . R ose


L ima

(1586-1617) Virgin, mystic, ascetic, and first canonized saint born in the Americas. Memorial August 23. (Up to $249)

Anonymous (12) All Saints Catholic School Anonymous (1) Mr. & Mrs. Melvyn Andrews Mr. G. Howard Bathon, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bacha Mr. William Becker Mr. & Mrs. Adam Bangert Mr. David Birtwistle Mrs. Cary Lee Barton Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Bosnick Ms. Jane Anne Beachner Rev. Michael Bransfield Mr. Donald F. Berens Rev. Joseph Callipare Mr. P. Bracy Bersnak Corpus Christi Monastery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bissmeyer Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Cox Mr. & Mrs. David Borchers Mr. & Mrs. Peter Denker Mr. & Mrs. Roger Borchers Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Bork Mr. & Mrs. Stephen DeVine Mr. & Mrs. Brandt Boyle Ms. Barbara M. Flaherty Mr. James Bailey Brislin Mr. David Giandomenico Ms. Dorothy Brocki Mr. Lawrence P. Hayes Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Brunetta Mr. & Mrs. Mark Henrie Mr. Steven Brust Mr. & Mrs. George Hicks Ms. Rosemary Burns Mrs. Mari Hobgood Mr. James P. Carley, Jr. Rev. John J. Hurley, Jr. Mr. Gregory M. Carr Ms. Kathleen Jarboe Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Carroll Mr. Barry Jones Mr. James P. Carty Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Michael Chellis Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chriss Mr. & Mrs. David Keppel Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Cole Ms. Patricia Kirkham Ms. Regina A. Connor Ms. Maria Kontak Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cordell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Loehr Ms. Mary Anne Corr Mr. & Mrs. Willis E. Lowery Mr. Richard H. Coyle Mr. Jeffrey D. Ludwig Mr. & Mrs. David Crenshaw Mr. John S. McCann Mr. & Mrs. Brian Crogan Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Morris Ms. Kathleen Curran George Washington University Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D’Amico Newman Center Mr. & Mrs. Donald Devine Deacon & Mrs. Andrew Mr. Raimondo DiBona Ms. Suzanne Dickie Nosacek, O.P. Ms. Mary J. Diggins Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Connor Rev. Joseph L. Dionne Mr. & Mrs. James T. O’Reilly Mr. & Mrs. William Peerenboom Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Dodd Dominican Nuns of Sumit, NJ Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Perry Dominican Nuns of West Dr. & Mrs. Robert Royal Springfield, MA Mrs. Patricia Sands Mr. John Downey Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Sands Ms. Minhhuong Duong Mr. & Mrs. John H. Schnakenberg Mr. Arthur Duran Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Skousgaard Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Eberstadt Mr. Richard T. Stewart Mr. John Enzmann Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Ericksen Mr. John C. Walker Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ewald Mr. Seigbert J. Weinberger Mr. & Mrs. Vagn Fausing Mr. David Winship Ms. Danielle Ferris Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Winters Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Feulner Dr. David Foster

Franciscan Friars of the Atonement Fr. John C. Fritz Mr. & Mrs. John Furlong Rev. Edward Gaffney, O.P. Mr. Mathieu D. Gallaugher Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gavin Mr. & Dr. Timothy Gavin Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gendron Mr. & Mrs. Harry Gieske Ms. Irene Gifford Dr. Harry Gildenhorn Mr. Thomas C. Goebel Mr. Bruce J. Hacker, O.P. Mrs. Margaret Anne Hilburn Mr. Joe Hinnebusch Ms. Matilda Hofacker Ms. Grenevere Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. John J. Houlihan Mr. Shenkuang Huang Mr. & Mrs. Walter Janero Ms. Ruth Jin Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Mr.& Mrs. Raymond Kalinoski Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Kane Mr. & Mrs. J. David Karam Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keating Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Kempf Mrs. Donna Kerrigan Rev. Michael King & Covenant of the Good Shepherd Parish Dr. & Mrs. William J. Klepczynski Ms. Carolyn B. Klunk Mr. & Mrs. Walter Knapik Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kocarek Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Konstanty Mrs. Frances G. Krenisky Mr. James Kruggel Ms. Angele Kuchukian Mr. Martin Leopold Ms. Lauren F. Liebrecht Mr. Stanley L. Lugerner Mr. Tri Dinh Luong Mr. Roberto Maass Moreno Mr. & Mrs. Peter Martin Mr. & Mrs. David Masterson Mr. Carl B. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Justin McClain Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. McCormack Mr. William P. McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Charles McKigney Ms. Margaret McManus Dr. & Mrs. Michel Mennesson Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Mericsko Ms. Patricia D. Metzger Mr. Edward J. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Jerald Mittelbach, O.P. Mr. Arnold R. Mozisek Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Mulholland Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Narduzzi Mr. Francis Xavier Noonan Ms. Mary Ann Novak Ms. Freda Oben Mr. & Mrs. J.P. O’Connor

Mr. John O’Gorman Rev. James P. Olson Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pavlat Mr. & Mrs. S. J. Pawlowski Mr. & Mrs. Edward Pechalonis Mr. & Mrs. Romualdo Pelle Mr. & Mrs. Pendergraph Ms. Margaret Perry Ms. Daniela M. Petchik Mr. Mauro Pittaro, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Pollock Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration Mr. Christopher Reid Mr. James J. Reid Rev. John Rooney Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ross Mr. & Mrs. R. Rossi Ms. Jocelyn Rowe Mr. & Mrs. David Russell Ms. Mary E. Scanlan Mr. Svato Schutzner Mr. Russell Shaw Ms. Aislinn Sheehan Ms. Prudence Siemon Mr. & Mrs. Francis Slade Ms. Sheilah Slattery Mr. & Mrs. Tom Slovenkay Ms. Carol Lynn Smith Ms. Joanna J. Sobieski Mr. Michael R. Stibley Ms. Marah C. Stith Mr. & Mrs. Stovenour Ms. Armelle Tallec Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Tancrell III Mr. & Mrs. John L. Tierney Dr. & Mrs. Michael Tkacz Ms. Phyllis Tolliver Mr. & Mrs. Natale M.Torchia Mr. & Mrs. John Tracy Ms. Marilyn W. Trapp Ms. Juanita Vaccaro Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Van Doren Ms. Virginia Volz Mr. & Mrs. La Monte C. Walker Ms. Meredith K. Ward Ms. Dorothea A. West Ms. Maureen C. Wilkin Mr. & Mrs. Herman Will Ms. Mary Witt

We would also like to extend a special thanks to all those who have contributed to the PFIC through the Combined Federal Campaign for the National Capital Area (CFC# 48555). Since being enrolled in the program, we have recieved gifts totalling $16,318 through the Campaign.

Spring 2011 | 7



Dominican Pontifical Faculty


On the brisk, cheerful evening of March 26, the PFIC hosted its inaugural Dominican Pontifical Faculty Spring Gala. Drawing a crowd of over 300 friends, family, alumni, and benefactors of the PFIC, and raising over $70,000, the evening was a tremendous success. The festivites were held in the cloister walk and St. Joseph Hall of the Dominican House of Studies. These rooms, which were home to the PFIC library prior to the construction of our new Academic Center, rang with laughter and merriment. The Dominican student Brothers were joyful hosts— serving wine from Rappahanock Cellars in Virginia, and food, playing the piano, and entertaining our guests.

Photos by Carlos Molina

The Gala gave PFIC friends and benefactors a chance to share in a camaraderie with the Dominican Community of the DHS. For many guests it was their first time visiting the House. They were so joyful to be spending

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ala &

an evening with the young Dominicans who may, someday, be serving in their parishes. The food was prepared by our very own master chefs: a team of Dominican student Brothers, led by Rev. Br. Justin Brophy, OP. Each prepared a dish to serve. Br. Cassian Derbes, OP, a native of Louisiana, created two traditional New Orleans soups: a corn and crab bisque and a turtle soup. Rev. Br. Jordan Schmidt made “mini” beef Wellingtons, and Br. Justin, lamb meatballs; Br. Albert Duggan, OP, made chicken satay and Br. Joseph Fussner, OP, made spinach quiche. Br. Joseph and Br. Albert also created delicious desserts: profiteroles and scrumptious chocolate chip cookies. A lively silent auction focused on sacred art. It featured sculptures by Scott Sullivan, husband of PFIC faculty member Dr. Jem Sullivan. Other featured artists included Sr. Mary Grace Thul, OP, a Dominican painter and printmaker who living in Delaware, and Matthew Alderman, an illustrator who’s work

Silent Auction will be featured in the new Roman Missal. In addition to their artwork, there were theater tickets, antiques, sports packages, and many other items donated by friends of the PFIC. The most intesne bidding was for four half-cases of beer brewed in-house by the Dominican Student Brothers. Bonum Brewtile from “Blackfriars Brewery” raised over $800. The silent auction as a whole raised just under $10,000. The highlight of the evening was concluding with the night prayer of the Church. Everyone gathered in the chapel for this solemn prayer with the Dominican Friars, followed by a candlelight procession into the cloister chanting hymns to Mary and St. Dominic. It was a inspiring end to the festive evening. PFIC Board member Allen Hunt summed it up well when he said: “A great crowd, a great spirit, and a great God we serve.”

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our generous Gala sponsors: His Eminence Donald Cardinal Wuerl and the Archdiocese of Washington, DC, in memory of Fr. Kurt Pritzl, OP • James and Pamela Deal • Archbishop Timothy Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York • Archbishop Dennis Schnurr and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati • Father William Byrne and the Parish of St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill • Bishop Frederick Campbell and the Diocese of Columbus • Patrick and Shelly Buchanan • Harold Ziegler, Jr. • Dr. Mary E. Moran • Rappahannock Cellars • Gregory and Susan Maier • Raymond and Marylynn Clark • James and Loretta Hofer • Steven and Bridgette Wagner • The Commissariat of the Holy Land for the USA • Red Coats Inc. • Michael and Gail Demcsak • The Mosley Family • Valid Electric Company • Kathryn Kelly, in memory of Fr. Kurt Pritzl, OP • St. Ann’s Parish, Washington, DC • Archbishop Joseph Kurtz and the Archdiocese of Louisville • Mike and Christina Reinsel • Clare O’Callaghan • Bishop Frank Dewane, and the Diocese of Venice, Fl • LegalWorks and WitnessWorks • Theresa Morrison • Dick and Jean Thompson • Washington Refrigeration Company, Inc • Datawatch Systems • Matthew and Jane Carroll • US Food Service • St. Albert House • Guadalupe Radio Network • Robert and Thelma Gerken • Francis J. Collins Funeral Home, Inc. • Jeanne Hicks • Kathy Smith • Maiselle Shortley Clockwise from top: Thomas Peters (STB ‘09) with guest • Br. Hyacinth enters the chapel for Solemn Compline • Br. Paul Marich, OP, offers guests delicious lamb meatballs • Guests pray Compline in the chapel • Rev. Br. Michael O’Connor, OP, entertains at the piano • Br. Albert Duggan, OP, finishes his famous profiteroles • Br. Raphael Forbing, OP works on the chicken satay • Br. Matthew Carroll, OP, serves Sr. Mary Kim, OP • Guests explore the silent auction offerings • Br. John Devaney, Br. Clement Dickie, and Rev. Br. Jerome Zeiler pose while tending bar • Guests mingle in St. Joseph’s Hall.

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Seven PFIC Students Ordained to Priesthood The PFIC is honored to share the news of the priestly ordinations of seven of our students and graduates! On Tuesday, May 24, Josephite Brothers, and recent graduates of the PFIC, Christopher C. Amadi, SSJ, Ugochukwu Jerome Cletus, SSJ, and Michael K. Okechukwu, SSJ were ordained at Holy ComforterSaint Cyprian Catholic Church in Washington, D.C., by Bishop Shelton J. Fabre, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. Three days later, on May 27, the newly ordained Josephites joined 70 concelebrating priests at St. Dominic’s Parish in Washington, DC, for the ordination of Dominican Friars Hyacinth Marie Cordell, OP, Ezra Sullivan, OP, Ignatius John Schweitzer, OP, and Austin Dominic Litke, OP, by Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. The following day, May 28, a Marian of the Immaculate Conception, James Cervantes, MIC, was ordained in Los Angeles by Bishop Oscar Solis, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Preaching on the nature of priestly ministry, Archbishop Broglio charged the ordinandi to identify always with the Truth. “[Today] the ability to proclaim the truth has never been such a difficult task… Depend on the Lord Jesus, who is the Truth.” Concluding he said: “Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord. The world awaits your ministry.” At Fr. James Cervates’ ordination, Bishop Solis recalled the invitation of Blessed John Paul II: “You are answering the call to follow Christ, to act in persona Christi, in the person of Christ. ... But do not be afraid.” Fr. James will return to his native Philippines to work in the missions of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception. In response to his ordination, Josephite Father Ugochukwu Jerome Cletus, SSJ, said “I am so happy to be a priest. It is a gift.” We join our joy with theirs and with the joy of their families, their brethren in religion, and the families and friends of all the ordinandi. We eagerly await their ministry! Top: Josephites Ugochukwu Jerome Cletus, SSJ, Christopher C. Amadi, SSJ, and Michael K. Okechukwu, SSJ at their ordination. Center: James Cervantes, MIC, prostrates himself before the altar during his ordination. Bottom: Archbishop Timothy Broglio, flanked by deacons Br. Michael O’Connor, OP, (l) and Br. Augustine Reisenauer, OP, (r) stands with the newly ordained, Fr. Ignatius Schweitzer, OP, Fr. Austin Litke, OP (l) and Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP, and Fr. Hyacinth Cordell, OP, (r) at their ordination.

St. Dominic Icon Honors Dean O’Donnell

Thanks to the generous support of anonymous donors, a specially commissioned icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary with St. Dominic now hangs in the vestibule of the PFIC Academic Center. Blessed by Archbishop Pietro Sambi following the 2011 Commencement Exercises, the icon is dedicated in honor of Fr. Gabriel O’Donnell, OP, dean of the PFIC, for the 40th Anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. Virginia based Iconographer, Ioana Belcea (pictured with Fr. O’Donnell and Archbishop Sambi, right), created this icon inspired by the vision of Mary giving the Rosary to St. Dominic. When approaching the subject, Ms. Belcea decided to represent the Virgin in the traditional Byzantine style, with sharp flat features, and rigid folds in her wine-colored gown. But St. Dominic is drawn in a more realistic style. Remarking on this difference in representation, Ms. Belcea said, “I wanted Mary to have the feeling of permanence, not of something that is passing.” Mary is looking not at St. Dominic, but at the viewer, because “Dominic’s vision is for us, not for him alone.” St. Dominic, likewise, represents those of us in the world now. His figure, reminiscent of El Greco, has “more motion, more energy, more timeliness flowing from his person. While Mary’s is a state of being that emanates light.” Ms. Belcea said that it was the largest icon she has ever created—taking her nearly 3 months to complete. The frame was made to her exact specifications and shipped from Peru. This is the second icon Ms. Belcea has created for the PFIC. Her Crucifixion hangs on the third floor of the Academic Center. She has been an iconographer for 9 years.

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The 487 Correspondent loves to hear from all our alumni! Please send your news, recent publications, appointments and honors to Margaret E. Perry, Alumni & Friends Director or (202) 495-3828

Alumni and Faculty News, Appointments, and Publications In October, Fr. Joseph Alobaidi, OP, gave several talks: “The Jewish Origin of our Faith. Example: The Eucharist” St. Pius Parish, Providence, RI and “The Divinity of Christ: Truth or Church’s Invention” American University Catholic Student Center, Washington, DC. In April Fr. John Corbett, OP, presented a lecture “The Problem of Moral Action: How Do Words Control our Decisions?” at Mount de Sales Academy, Catonsville, MD, and preached the 40 Hours for Life Mission at St. John the Beloved Parish, in McLean, VA. Alumnus Kathy Pluth (STL ‘11) was interviewed about her hymn-writing in the March issue of The Catholic Life, a UK magazine of Catholic Arts & Culture. Fr. Stephen Ryan, OP gave a talk on Pope Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini, at Little Flower Parish in Bethesda, MD, in March and on “Scriptural Allusions in the New Missal Translation” at St Thomas à Becket Parish in Reston, VA, in April. Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP, published several articles including: “Seek First the Kingdom: A Reply to Germain Grisez’s Account of Man’s Ultimate End,” in Nova et Vetera, and a book review of “Good and Evil Actions: A Journey Through Saint Thomas Aquinas,” by Steven J. Jensen in the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly.

Distinctions: The First Years of Ministry For the past couple of years, I was a parochial vicar at St. Pius V Church in Providence, RI. I enjoyed the opportunity to serve at this parish. My overall experience was very rewarding. The highlight of each day was the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The public celebration of the Mass enriched my priestly identity and nurtured my disposition to priestly service. My pastoral duties also included, among others, celebrating weddings and baptisms, giving catechetical instruction, working with young adults, and helping individuals and families come to grips with the big questions of life and death. In any parish, of course, you go through many ordinary days and some challenging and demanding times as well. For example, sometimes people seek your help solving difficult moral problems and you are expected to diligently examine all circumstances and provide appropriate answers without delay. Every now and then you are confronted with complicated situations, involving intense and prolonged sufferings that are beyond your powers to solve; and such experiences can teach you both your strengths and your limits. But you have many grace-filled moments as you try to meet pastoral responsibilities and preach for the salvation of souls. First of all, everyday you are surrounded by good people: your Dominican community, the staff, and the parishioners. Moreover, often I was surprised to notice that without words or gestures, your priestly presence helps people of different walks of life facing different challenges. By and large, the people I served were very gracious. Also, being immersed in the daily sacramental and liturgical life of the parish, allowed me to take a closer look at the actions and aspirations of many ordinary men and women who were being moved to follow

Fr. John Martin Ruiz with classmate, Fr. Jonah Pollock, OP, and Bishop Christopher Cardone, OP, on the day of their Ordination to the Priesthood, May 2008.

the Lord more faithfully. It was a joy to sense the grace of God active in souls. And it was edifying and heartening to witness the expressions of faith of so many people. While I have much more to learn as a priest, this parish assignment gave me the opportunity to have a wide-ranging experience in pastoral work. Also, I must say that I have been blessed in so many ways by the formation and theological education I received at the Pontifical Faculty. You do not have to be in a parish very long before realizing that, at times, people consider you the primary source of knowledge about the faith. Parish work can be a steady learning experience as you meet new challenges and individuals to work with. Fortunately, my studies at the Pontifical Faculty equipped me to meet challenges with some degree of confidence. The formation I received was particularly helpful in the hearing of confessions. Now God is calling me to a new mission and I am excited to return to the Pontifical Faculty to serve as Librarian. I ask our friends to keep all priests in their prayers that God may give them wisdom and strength to continue their service to the Church.

Fr. John Martin Ruiz, OP, received his STL from the PFIC in 2009. He made his Solemn Profession in 2003 and was ordained in May of 2008. Fr. John Martin has spent the last two years working at St. Pius V Parish in Providence Rhode Island (across the street from Providence College.) Fr. John Martin has just joined the Faculty as the new director of the Dominican Theological Library. He will begin his studies in Library Science at The Catholic University of America in the fall. “Distinctions” is the alumni column of The 487 Correspondent, where graduates of the PFIC can share their thoughts on life after graduate school.

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Inside this issue of The 487 Correspondent: • Raymond Cardinal Burke visits the PFIC • 27 men and women graduate from the PFIC

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Jun 19-22 - Thomas Aquinas & Karl Barth: Un-official Catholic Protestant Dialogue Sponsored by the Thomistic Institute, and held at Princeton Theological Seminary. Jun 23-26 - Aquinas and Contemporary Philosophy Sponsored by the Thomistic Institute and held at Mount Saint Mary’s, Newburgh, NY (Visit for more information about TI confrences.) August 23 - Fall 2011 Semester Begins October 21-22 - Thomistic Circles Symposium: Christian Marriage: Nature and Sacrament October 31- All Saints Vigil, Dominican House of Studies, 7:30 pm

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The 487 Correspondent :: Summer 2011  

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