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Newsletter of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception  Top: Fr. Steven Boguslawski, OP, and the priests of the Faculty gather around the altar during the Mass of the Holy Spirit, on the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist, opening our Academic Year Middle: From Left, Fr. Timothy Bellamah, OP, Fr. John Corbett, OP, and Fr. Brian Chrzastek, OP, process to the altar. Bottom: The Dominican Schola.

Fall 2011

PFIC Welcomes Largest Incoming Class The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception’s enrollment grew to 105 students, 50 of which are new students— making it our largest enrollemnt ever. The new Springtime of the Church has been happily felt in the Dominican Province of St. Joseph, where our vocations have steadily increased. This year, 16 Dominicans, after completing their novitiate and making their first profession, have begun their STB/MDiv studies here at the PFIC. (Thirteen men are in our Novitiate this year in Cincinnati.)

John the Baptist. Fr. Steven C. Boguslawski, the president of the PFIC, noted the fittingness of initiating the Academic year on that feast. Quoting the Venerable Bede, Fr. Steven said: “The opponents of John the Baptist did not demand that he deny the Christ, but only that he remain silent concerning the truth.” He continued, saying: “In our day, there are many who are indeed great and powerful. Some, like the Holy Father, direct us to greater love of God and of neighbor, living in the truth of who we were apart from God and who we are now in God. Others, who are seemingly great and powerful, will engage in crafty counsel together to keep the truth from being known; some may not be explicitly malevolent but indifferent to the truth of the Gospel and of the Christian faith. Still others will seek to intimidate us and coerce us to remain silent. Silent about the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death. Silent about the sanctity of marriage and family. Silent about economic injustice and war. Silent. Silent. There will come a time when we, who are dedicated to the study and pondering of sacred truth will be sent forth as witnesses.”

There will come a time when we, who are dedicated to the study and pondering of sacred truth will be sent forth as witnesses. - Fr. Steven

The Dominicans, however, make up about half the student population. In addition, 16 consecrated men and women and 18 lay men and women joined the PFIC for their theological education. There are men in formation from five different orders, including the Marians of the Immaculate Conception and the Order of St. Benedict, and the Franciscans. With a total of 31 lay men and women also enrolled at the PFIC, our student body is diverse and vibrant. The faculty and students gathered in the Chapel at the Dominican House of Studies for the begining of the Academic year on the feast of the Beheading of St.

Inside Spotlight: The Thomistic Institute. • In

Memoriam: Archbishop Pietro Sambi and Fr. Val LaFrance, OP. • Meet the Board: Dr. Allen Hunt fall 2011 | 1

Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine; et lux perpétua lúceat eis. Requiéscant in pace.

In Memoriam: Archbishop Pietro Sambi Archbishop Pietro Sambi, the Vatican’s Apostolic Nuncio to the United States since 2005, died July 27 at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore after complications from lung surgery. He was 73. Sambi was born June 27, 1938, in the central Italian town of Sogliano al Rubicone. He was ordained a priest in 1964 for the diocese of San-Marino-Montefeltro, and went on to earn doctorates in theology and canon law.

appointment of American bishops, and helped plan Pope Benedict’s 2008 apostolic visit. Admirers dubbed Sambi the “supernuncio.” Here at the PFIC we were privileged to know his warmth and generosity first hand. He presided over the blessing of our Academic Center in April, 2009. At the time he joined his well wishes with those of the Holy Father, reading a letter from Pope Benedict on that momentous occasion. He visited the PFIC again last May for our Commencement. In his address, he inspired our new graduates to stay faithful to the Truth of the Cross of Christ, saying: “How beautiful it will be if Christ says to each of us as he did to St. Thomas: “Well you have spoken of me.”

How beautiful it will be if Christ says to each of us as he did to St. Thomas: “Well you have spoken of me.”

Sambi entered the Holy See diplomatic corps in 1969, and would serve in posts all around the globe, including Cameroon, Cuba, Algeria, Nicaragua, Indonesia, and Burundi. He was consecrated as a bishop in 1986. In 1998 he was given a triple assignment: representing the Vatican to Cyprus, Israel, and Palestine, all difficult and sensitive assignments. During his tenure, he played a large role in coordinating Bl. John Paul II’s visit to the Holy Land.

As the Vatican’s representative to the U.S., he coordinated relations with the Bush and Obama administrations, oversaw the

While Archbishop Sambi’s funeral was held in his hometown in Italy, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, celebrated a memorial Mass for Archbishop Sambi on September 14, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. He was

In Memoriam:Val LaFrance, OP One month shy of his 90th birthday, Fr. Val LaFrance, OP, passed away. Fr. Val was a Dominican priest for 59 years, serving primarily as an itinerant preacher, who travelled around the country preaching parish missions and proclaiming the Word of God. Fr. Val was a late vocation to the priesthood. After studying drama in college, Fr. Val served in World War II, and was an international stage actor. At the age of 38 he was ordained a Dominican priest. Fr. Val had experienced the message of Christ’s love himself. As a recovered alcoholic, his candid preaching transparently proclaimed Jesus Christ’s tangible love and mercy. In his eulogy, Fr. Bruce Williams, OP, recalled his own novitiate, when Fr. Val served as the

2 | Th e 4 8 7 C o r r e s p o n d e n t

Archbishop Pietro Sambi gave the commencement address to the Class of 2011, in the chapel at the Dominican House of Studies, May 2011.

joined by the 8 US Cardinals, and over 70 fellow bishops. “But we acclaim today that what is of far more profound meaning and of everlasting consequence in [Archbishop Sambi’s] life was that the cross of Christ, triumphant over sin, Satan, and death, was on his heart… In lumine tuo, “in your light” he chose as his motto, professing the light of Easter morning, the triumph of the cross, after the darkness of Good Friday.” Assistant Novice Master: “Sure enough, Val drove us hard, because he himself was driven hard by his sense of urgent imperative to glorify God with his gifts, utilizing his considerable talents as so many tools in preaching the Word of God and forming us novices into preachers of the Word using our own particular gifts. …The spiritual challenge Val put before me in the novitiate was …nothing other than the challenge of recognizing and responding appropriately to the gifts God has given each of us.” It was Fr. Val’s great wish to have a dedicated space in which to teach the mechanics and art of preaching to Dominican Student Brothers. In May, 2010, that dream was fulfilled when the PFIC opened the St. Thomas Chapel and Preaching Studio. It was dedicated in his honor.

The Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception President: Steven C. Boguslawski, OP Vice President & Academic Dean: Gabriel O’Donnell, OP Librarian: John Mar tin Ruiz, OP Director of Facilities: Gerard Thayer, OP Board of Overseers: Julian Heron Allen Hunt Mary Moran Godfrey Mosley Patrick O’Meara William Yeomans

Fr. Steven Boguslawski celebrates the Mass of the Holy Spirit, officially opening the 2011 academic year.

Letter from the President Dear Friends, Alumni, and Benefactors, We began this academic year with an abundance of new students: Dominican student brothers, other religious, and laity alike. Indeed, this Fall we received the largest number of students ever: 105! (And, I should add, we admitted many more students of exceptional quality, but financial constraints—theirs and ours—required them to defer admission, much to our regret.)

Join us for the celebration of Christmas

I am convinced that the efforts of the Faculty and Administration to focus upon a dynamic “open-Thomism” is the most likely reason that the Pontifical Faculty of Theology has met with such measurable success. And, unlike previous decades, the PFIC now has more cross-registrations into our school from other graduate institutions of the Washington Theological Consortium (of which the DHS was a founding member), than cross-registrations of our students to these other institutions.


Vision and hard work have come together in the faculty’s Thomistic Institute, under the direction of Fr.Thomas Joseph White, OP. Other lay and Dominican faculty assist Fr. Thomas Joseph in designing and successfully executing the programming sponsored by the Institute, which now draws both national and international attention through its Thomistic Circles Symposia. Offered three or four times per year, the theological heritage entrusted to the Dominicans through our “elder brother” Saint Thomas Aquinas is brought into lively dialogue with contemporary theologians, philosophical trends, and pressing cultural issues. for full schedule

These programmatic contributions of our own faculty evidence an esprit de corps and a settled conviction that the methodology and teachings of Aquinas are “ever new” and “ever relevant.” All of the PFIC’s degree programs embody this conviction. Our institutional data indicate that the PFIC has revitalized and updated its “Thomistic niche” in the marketplace of graduate theological education and in service to the Church; after examining this issue of the 487 Correspondent, I trust you’ll agree.

DC Frassati Fellowship Young adults, following in the footsteps of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, seek to bring the whole person to Christ through adoration, study, community, charitable activity, and love of the outdoors.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support. Sincerely yours in the Lord, Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, OP President, PFIC fall 2011 | 3

Spotlight on The Thomistic Institute When the Thomistic Institute was founded in the fall of 2009, it was conceived as a means of fostering a renewal of intellectual interest in Thomas Aquinas. Understood as a living wisdom, authentic Thomism approaches contemporary questions from within the Christian contemplative life and the context of the Thomist tradition. The Thomistic Institute has sought to further these ends in a number of ways. In addition to offering degrees in Thomistic Studies in conjunction with the Pontifical Faculty, the Institute has held a regular series of lectures and conferences that have attracted professional intellectuals and nonspecialists alike.

In addition to our regular offerings during the academic year, we began two new projects this summer in cooperation with other institutions. In conjunction with Princeton Theological Seminary, the Thomistic Institute organized a conference on the thought of St. Thomas and Protestant theologian Karl Barth. This conference took place on the campus of

order to provide a regular forum for graduate students studying philosophy and theology, to deepen their own knowledge of Thomism by meeting others with similar interests and interacting with experts currently working in the field. The early success of the Thomistic Institute has been very encouraging for everyone involved, and we look forward to expanding our programming in the coming years. This autumn we have already hosted a conference on the Sacrament of Marriage here at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, and we are looking forward to hosting Professor Jean Bethke Elshtain (of the University of Chicago) in December. For the Spring, we are planning a conference on creation and modern science which will bring together scholars from different disciplines to speak about the compatibility of science and divine revelation. Thanks are due to all who have taken an interest in the Pontifical Faculty and the Thomistic Institute; we are grateful for your support, and hope that the work of the Institute can continue to be of use to the Church for years to come.

The intellectual tradition that maintains and develops the profound intuitions of St. Thomas Aquinas is a treasure not only of the Dominican Order, and also not only of the Catholic Church. It has a mission towards the entire academy. —Rev. Wojciech Giertych, OP Theologian of the Papal Household

In the past two years, the Institute has hosted academic conferences on topics such as: “Secularism and the Natural Desire to Know God,” “Thomism and the Renewal of Contemporary Theology,”and “St. Thomas on the Church.” The Institute has also been privileged to host a number of independent speakers such as Remi Brague (of the Sorbonne and the University of Munich), Alasdair MacIntyre (of the University of Notre Dame) and Raymond Cardinal Burke (Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura).

Princeton Theological Seminary and attracted both Protestant and Catholic theologians. About a month after the Barth conference, the Institute sponsored a workshop with the Catholic and Dominican Institute at Mount Saint Mary’s College, on ‘Thomas Aquinas and Contemporary Philosophy.’ This conference aimed to serve as a resource for scholars and graduate students interested in Thomism and its role in contemporary philosophical discussions. It is hoped that this workshop can be offered again in future summers, in

— Br. Reginald Mary Lynch, OP

To listen to and view past Thomistic Circles events, visit our website:

4 | Th e 4 8 7 C o r r e s p o n d e n t

Comining up at the

Thomistic Institute

Augustinian Reflection on Modern Public Culture Tuesday, December 1, 2012 Featuring: Jean Bethke Elshtain

Modern Thomism on the Social Character of Human Existence Featuring: Russel Hittinger Tuesday, January 26, 2012

Symposium: Creation & Modern Science Saturday, April 14, 2012 Featuring: Nicanor Austriaco, OP, William E. Carroll & Edward Feser

Visit our website to register: Sign up for TI email updates:

Opposite Page: Guy Mansini, OSB, presents at this summer’s Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth Conference, Princeton • Francis Cardinal George examines the “Natural desire to Know God” Clockwise from above: Ralph Macintyre, from University of Notre Dame, gave the inaugural Thomistic Institute address, September, 2009 • Raymond Cardinal Burke addresses the TheoCentric Character of the Catholic Liturgy, April 2010 • The conferences have been drawn audiences from all around the DC metro area and beyond • French scholar Remi Brague discussed the nature of a secular society, December 2010

Summer Conferences of the TI The first conference, Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth: An Unofficial ProtestantCatholic Dialogue, was co-sponsored by the Thomistic Center for Barth Studies at Princeton (above). Ten scholars, including, Holly Taylor Coolman (Providence College), Keith Johnson (Wheaton College), Bruce L. McCormack (Princeton Theological Seminary), and Richard Schenk, OP (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology) joined TI director, Thomas Joseph White, OP for a four day discussion of the theology of the Swiss Reformed theologian Karl Barth, and St. Thomas Aquinas. Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP, who attended the conference, described it, saying: “The dialogue between Protestants and Catholics was not an exchange of information between opposed camps for a practical purpose: it was a coming-together of brothers and sisters in Christ meant to foster divine wisdom. To put it another way, it was a series of Christian conversations held for the sake of communion.” Turning to the question of Aquinas and Contemporary Philosophy, the Thomistic Institute joined the Catholic and Dominican Institute of Mount Saint Mary College. Catholic scholars such as John O’Callaghan and Alfred Freddoso (University of Notre Dame), and Gyula Klima and Joseph Koterski, SJ (Fordham University) and Joshua Hochschield (Mount Saint Mary’s) joined James Brent, OP, Thomas Joseph White, OP, and the rector of the Angelicum in Rome, Charles Morerod, OP. The papers discussed important and various topics such as the relationship between faith and philosophy, modern analytic philosophy in dialogue with Aquinas’ moral philosophy, contemporary philosophy’s question of “the mind,” and an in-depth analysis of the five philosophical proofs of God’s existence, as given by Aquinas.

fall 2011 | 5

We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have generously contributed to the PFIC between September 2008 and September 2011. S t . D ominic de G uzman ($250,000+) Anonymous (2) S t . A lber t the G reat ($50,000 —$99,999) Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Sean Fieler

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Meet the Board: Dr. Allen Hunt

Library Update This semester, as Fr. John Martin Ruiz, OP, takes helm as the PFIC Librarian, the entire library staff has begun the monumental task of creating an accurate inventory of the Library. This laborious task is crucial to maintain the records and accesibility of our Collection.

Dr. Allen Hunt, who has served on the Board of Overseers since March, 2008, hails from Alpharetta, Georgia, where he produces a weekly syndicated radio show, The Allen Hunt Show, and is the Vice President of Strategy at the Dynamic Catholic Institute. Dr. Hunt came to know the Dominicans when he was pursuing a Ph.D. in New Testament and Ancient Christian Origins at Yale university in the early 1990s. He was in class with PFIC president Fr. Steven Boguslawski, OP. They hit it off and became good friends, and one day Fr. Steven brought Dr. Hunt to visit the cloistered Dominican nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady of Grace, in North Gulliford, Connecticut. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Hunt returned to Georgia, where he served as a Methodist pastor for nearly 20 years. For eight of those years, he served an Atlanta mega-church with over 8,000 parishioners. In 2005, he began The Allen Hunt Show as part of his ministry. “I chose mainstream talk radio to reach a wider audience; I wanted to have conversations that otherwise we wouldn’t have.” Broadcasting every Saturday and Sunday, The Allen Hunt Show quickly became a full time ministry. (It now broadcasts on Sundays only on Atlanta’s talk radio station, WSB.) Through those years, Dr. Hunt stayed in touch with Fr. Steven and the Dominican Nuns. In fact, he credits his own conversion to the prayers of the nuns. “I am so grateful to the Dominicans. Through their prayers, I was brought home to the Church. They are remarkable women.” He was received

This summer a new heating/AC system was installed in the James and Mary McKeen Patton Rare Book Room (above). This system allows for full control of humidity and temperature, so that the extremely fragile and rare manuscripts do not deteriorate. Dr. Hunt addressing the PFIC class of 2009.

into the Roman Catholic Church in Atlanta, in January, 2008. Dr. Hunt wrote about his conversion in the book Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church. His new ministry, the Dynamic Catholic Institute, seeks to invigorate the faith of Catholics in parishes across the US, and awaken a spirit of evangelization. “Our goal is to project and share our Faith in creative ways, reaching out to non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics, and to engage the people of our time in a conversation about Catholicism.” Speaking of the PFIC, he said: “I believe strongly in what we’re doing at the Dominican House because the Church and culture need preachers more than ever before. We have a unique mission thanks to the great Dominican tradition of preaching.” Dr. Hunt lives in Alpharetta, Geogia, a suburb of Atlanta, with his wife Anita, and their two daughters SarahAnn and Griffin.

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Nine Students Make Solemn Profession On August 13, nine Dominican student Brothers made their Solemn Profession within the Order of Preachers. Eight of the Brothers, Br. Mario Aquinas Calabrese, OP, Br. Leo Checkai, OP, Br. Albert Duggan, OP, Br. Joseph-Mary Hertzog, OP, Br. Ambrose Mary Little, OP, Br. Reginald Mary Lynch, OP, Br. Peter Totleben, OP, and Br. Peter Martyr Joseph Yungwith, OP, will continue their studies for the priesthood. Meanwhile Br. Paul Kennedy, OP, a Cooperator Brother, continues his formation and his education in the culinary arts. Please pray for these men who bravely committed themselves to a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience as Dominicans.

The newly professed brethren with Fr. Giles Dimock, OP, (left), Prior, Fr. John Langois, OP (center), Socius, and Fr. Joseph Alobaidi, OP (right), Student Master.

DOMINICANA Journal of the Dominican Students of the Province of St. Joseph

Dominicana seeks to provide commentary on a wide array of topics from a Dominican, contemplative perspective.


The Dominicana print edition features original opinion pieces, spiritual reflections, debates, interviews, short fiction, poetry, and more. Online and Print editions are available, $15.


The Dominicana Blog features daily articles written by Dominican student brothers. To subscribe, or learn more, visit:

We especially acknowledge those memorialized or honored by gifts to the PFIC. Please keep these men and women in your prayers. H onoring Very Rev. Steven C. Boguslawski, OP Rev. James Brent, OP Rev. Br. Justin Marie Brophy, OP Br. Matthew Carroll, OP Mr. Kendall & Mrs. Mary Ann Cason Br. Leo Chekai, OP Rev. Brian Chrzastek, OP Mr. Joseph S. Cole Rev. Br. Michael Connor, OP Rev. Hyacinth Marie Cordell, OP Br. Cajetan Cuddy, OP Br. Clement Dickie, OP Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Diggins Most Rev. J. Augustine DiNoia, OP Dominican Chaplains of Teams of Our Lady Rev. Hugh Vincent Dyer, OP Rev. Thomas Jordan Ertle, OP Rev. John Martin Egan, OP Br. Raphael Forbing, OP Rev. Joseph Fox, OP George Washington University Catholics Rev. Anthony Giambrone, OP Mr. Daniel Hilburn Rev. John Hinnebusch, OP Rev. Andrew Hofer, OP Rev. Jonathan Kalish Rev. Austin Dominic Litke, OP Br. Ambrose Little, OP The Mosley Family Rev. Gabriel O’Donnell, OP Br. Philip Neri Reese, OP Mr. Joseph J. Reid Rev. Br. Augustine Reisenauer, OP Rev. Gabriel Schnakenberg, OP Rev. Ignatius Schweitzer, OP Rev. Luke Tancrell, OP Br. Bernard Timothy, OP Rev. Raymond Vandegrift, OP Rev. Thomas Joseph White, OP Rev. Br. Jerome Zeiler, OP

I n Memoriam Ms. Joy Amisano Rev. Milton Ballor, CPPS Ms. Eleanor Bosnick Mrs. Marie Jackie Brunetta Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Carroll, Sr. Rev. Joseph Cassidy, OP Mr. John L. Colonna, Sr. Rev. Pierre Conway, OP Mrs. Margaret Corbett Mr. Newton & Mrs. Irene Cox Mr. Felix diPaola Mr. Robert DuFour, OP Ms. Charlotte Endorf Ms. Adele Dillon Harvey Ms. Mary Colford Hayes Revs. Mark, Thomas & Walter Heath, OP Rev. William Hill, OP Mr. Neil Katchen Br. Pascal Kelly, OSF Mr. Paul T. Kirkham Rev. Val La France, OP Ms. Irene Loland Ms. Leona Beatrice McClain Ms. Alice Coyle MacDonald Rev. John McGovern, OP Mr. Clematis Machaz Ms. Rita Hammer Mahlberg Rev. George G. Maley, OP Mr. Hermitt Mosley, Sr. Ms. Dorothy Murphy Mr. Thomas C. O’Brien Mr. Craig Pritzl Rev. Kurt Pritzl, OP Rev. Dominic Rover, OP Mr. John Ryan Ms. Elizabeth Sanborn Rev. Ferrer E. Smith, OP Rev. Raymond Smith, OP Mr. Arthur Taylor Mr. Patrick Vaccaro

St. Thomas’s Prayer Before Study: Grant , O merciful God, that I may ardently desire, prudently examine, truthfully acknowledge, and perfectly accomplish what is pleasing to You, for the praise and glory of Your name. Amen. fall 2011 | 9

Alumni and Faculty News, Appointments, and Publications Rev. Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, OP, (STL ’05) will present a paper entitled “Will The Advancement of Life Sciences Change Our Vision of Man?” in a conference at the Vatican on Adult Stem Cells, hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture. Dr. Kelly Bowring (STL ‘99) is the new Academic Dean of Religious Studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. His book The Secrets, Chastisement, & Triumph of the Two Hearts of Mary was published in Nov. 2010, with imprimatur from Cardinal Vidal. He and his wife, Diana, live in Philadelphia and have 8 children. Rev. Frederick Bellamah, OP, (STL ‘99, Instructor, Systematic Theology) published his book-length study of William of Aton, OP, The Bibilical Interpretation of William of Alton, with Oxford University Press as part of the Oxford Studies in Historical Theology series in June. “Bellamah reveals the mind of an independent and critical medieval scholar” says David d’Avray, University College London. Rev. Peter John Cameron, OP, (STL ‘87) the editor of Magnificat Magazine celebrated his Silver Jubilee in May, 2011. In his homily at the celebratory Mass, Rev. Romanus Cessario, OP, (STL ‘72) spoke of Fr. Cameron’s priestly life: “The Catholic priest mediates ‘the truth of man.’ Are we surprised that the playwright Pope captures the imagination of the playwright Dominican? I should think not. Because of a certain connatural instinct for discovering the dramatic in human affairs, Peter John Cameron has brought to his priestly ministry the playwright’s talent for resolution.” Rev. John Corbett, OP, (STL ‘81, Assistant Professor, Moral Theology) had his essay “The Gifts of the Holy Spirit” published in Josephinum Vol. 17.2.

Very Rev. Giles Dimock, OP, (STL ’67), after serving a term of four years as Prior of the Dominican House of Studies, is now the chaplain of the Dominican Sisters of Mary the Mother of the Eucharist, in Ann Arbor, MI. He is on a leave of absence from the PFIC Faculty. The newly elected prior, Very Rev. Kenneth LeToile, OP, (STL ‘75), was installed in October. Fr. LeToile has been the Prior and Pastor of St. Pius V Parish in Providence, RI for the past three and a half years. Most Rev. J. Augustine DiNoia, OP, (STL ’71) secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, recently gave a talk at a symposium titled, “The Intellectual Tasks of the New Evangelization.” Invited by Washington’s Archbishop, Donald Cardinal Wuerl, this symposium provided a forum for 54 theologians from across the country to discuss matters of doctrine and education with Church leaders and prominent theologians. It was sponsored by the USCCB Comittee on Doctrine, on which Fr. Steven Boguslawski sits. Rev. Joseph Fox, OP, (STL ’75, Professor, Canon Law) has completed his four year term as Vice President for Advancement at the PFIC, and is on a year-long leave of absence from the PFIC. He continues his work in Canon Law for many different dioceses, as well as his chaplaincy for Legatus. He is also serving for a year as a chaplain at Christendom College, in Front Royal, Virginia. Rev. Andrew Hofer, OP, (STL ’02, Instructor, Patristics and Ancient Languages) has been invited to give days of recollection this fall to seminarians at the Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, MO and the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, OH. Rev. John Baptist Ku, OP, (STL ’00, Instructor, Systematic Theology) was awarded the annual St. Thomas Aquinas Dissertation Prize from Ave Maria University’s Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal. The

Prize is awarded to a successfully defended dissertation that best exemplifies the task of drawing upon the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas to engage constructively in contemporary theology, philosophy, and/ or biblical studies. Fr. Ku, pictured above with AMU professor Roger Nutt, visited AMU in October and delivered an address entitled “God the Father in the Theology of St Thomas Aquinas.” Additionally, Fr. Ku reviewed Emmanuel Durand’s Le Père, Alpha et Omega de la Vie Trinitaire in the most recent issue of The Thomist. Rev. Stephen Ryan, OP (STL ’94, Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture) published a review of Magno Sæbø, ed., Hebrew Bible / Old Testament: The History of Its Interpretation, II: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment in the most recent issue of The Thomist. Dr. Jem Sullivan (Adjunct Faculty Member) presented the lecture “The Beauty of Faith: Art and Literature in Life and Mission” at the opening of the year-long exhibition “Visual Prayers” at Caterina Benincasa Dominican Monastery in New Castle, DE. The exhibition is a celebration of the beauty of faith featuring Christian art and literary works by Dominican Nuns of the monasteries of the United States and Canada, and features the work of Sister Mary Grace Thul, OP, who also exhibited her work in our Dominican Spring Gala. Rev. Thomas Joseph White, OP, (STL ’08, Director, Thomistic Institute) and Rev. James Brent, OP, (STL ‘09) spoke at the popular Theology on Tap series for the Archdiocese of Washington and the Diocese of Arlington, respectively.

The 487 Correspondent We love to hear from all our alumni! Please send your news, recent publications, appointments and honors to Margaret E. Perry, of the Office of Advancement, at or (202) 495-3828

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New PFIC Professors

The Vigil of Dominic’s Daughters

Fr. J. Brian Bransfield, originally from the Philadelphia Archdiocese, was appointed Assistant General Secretary for Planning and Executive Director, Secretariat of Evangelization and Catechesis for the USCCB in the spring of 2008. Ordained a priest in 1994, Fr. Bransfield studied moral theology with a specialty in marriage and family at The Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Rome, and continued studies at its Washington campus, where he received his Licentiate in Sacred Theology in 2003, and the Doctorate in Sacred Theology in Moral Theology with a specialization in the theology of Marriage and Family in 2005. Prior to his appointment at the USCCB, he served on the faculty of Philadelphia’s St. Charles Borromeo Seminary (from 20052007). He is teaching Catholic Social and Sexual Teaching at the PFIC.

by Br. Philip Neri Reese, OP

Fr. Michael F. Cusato, OFM is former director of the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University and dean of its School of Franciscan Studies (2004-2011). He is one of the foremost historians of medieval Franciscan history working in the United States today. Having received an M.A. degree in Franciscan Studies from the Franciscan Institute (1984), he went on to earn a doctorate in medieval Church History at the Université of Paris IV (Sorbonne) in 1991 under the direction of André Vauchez. Widely published, Fr. Cusato has written on the Crusades and Islam, the diaconate of Francis, Bonaventure’s reformulation of the Franciscan charism; and mysticism in the medieval Franciscan tradition. The first volume of his collected essays on medieval Franciscanism was published in Assisi in late 2009 with the title: The Early Franciscan Movement (1205-1239): History, Sources and Hermeneutics. He is teaching Early and Medieval Church History at the PFIC. Fr. Joseph d’Amécourt, OP, completed his Licentiate in Sacred Theology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in 1991 and his Ph.D. in philosophy at The Catholic University of America in 1999. He currently serves as Lecturer in Philosophy at the Pontificia Università San Tommaso (Angelicum) in Rome. During his one-month visit to the PFIC, he taught an intensive course on The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Thomas Aquinas’ Theology.

The friars and friends of the Order of Preachers are well acquainted with the vigils of Saint Dominic. Though exhausted, he would often pass the whole night in prayer. His vigils give us a precious glimpse into his inner life, for it was during one of these vigils that his famous, tearful prayer was overheard: “O Lord, what will become of sinners?” There, deep in the silent hours of night, we find apostolic zeal wedded to secret supplications and preaching strengthened in prayer. It was during these vigils that Dominic forged the forma vitae – the form of the life – that he was to hand on to his sons and daughters. This summer, I received the unique grace and privilege of living, praying, and working with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne. These beautiful daughters of Saint Dominic live out our forma vitae in a way uniquely suited to their demanding apostolate, which is to offer free care for the poor with incurable cancer. When Rose Hawthorne (the daughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne) converted to Catholicism and began to nurse cancer patients, the disease was thought to be contagious. Seeing the terrible plight of the poorest of the cancerous poor, she selflessly offered her whole life to their care, and her deep charity has sprung forth into a congregation that now runs free homes in New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Kisumu, Kenya. In their common life of prayer, adoration, and study, everything they do is for the sake of their guests. It is both demanding and beautiful. Each night, one sister remains with the patients until morning, tending to their needs and staying beside anyone who is dying. They call it “night watch.” Each night, as I stumbled, exhausted, towards my room and my pillow, I would see the sister on night watch and thank God for her. Partly because it was her and not

The Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, NY, Congregation of St. Rose of Lima, lead a Eucharistic procession on the Feast of Corpus Christi.

me. But there was something there much more profound for me to be thankful for. Each night, the daughters of Saint Dominic keep vigil with the Lord. For some, like the cloistered Dominican nuns, that vigil is kept sacramentally, in perpetual adoration, or spiritually, in the perpetual rosary. But the Lord Jesus is also present in the world mystically, in the members of His Body. And each night, it is with the poorest, most ill members of His Body that the Hawthorne Dominicans keep vigil. In the midst of terminal cancer, they look upon the face of Christ, and in the dark of night, they join Saint Dominic in prayer. By the grace of God, the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne are one answer to St. Dominic’s prayer, and to the prayer of Mother Alphonsa: What shall become of sinners? What shall become of the cancerous poor? “Behold, I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.” We should all thank God for the gift that He has given us – of Himself in the poor and the sick, and of his servants in the Hawthorne Dominicans. May He continue to send them the graces, vocations, and support that they need to continue this wonderful work of love.

Br. Philip Neri Reese, OP, is from Annapolis, Maryland and graduated from Dickinson College, where he double-majored in philosophy and religious studies. He is currently in his second year of theological studies. He spent his summer with the Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne, NY, Congregation of St. Rose of Lima. “Foundations” is the student column of The 487 Correspondent, where current students of the PFIC can share their thoughts on their work, faith, and ministires.

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