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Clipboard NOTES Keeping students and alumni informed and engaged with Pfeiffer health programs


On May  11,  Pfeiffer  University  will  graduate  its  first  class  of  nursing  students.     The  twelve  soon-­‐to-­‐be  graduates  began  their  journey  in  nursing  several  years  ago.  Two  of  the seniors,  Hayley  Rogers  and  Micah  Bortner  actually  began  as  freshmen  in  the  fall  of  2009  as  the first  pre-­‐nursing  students.  Some  of  students  were  already  enrolled  at  Pfeiffer  in  another  major; others  came  in  as  transfer  students  with  previous  degrees,  families,  and  jobs.   The  cohort  began  upper  division  nursing  courses  in  fall  of  2011.  In  September,  the  students  received their  white  lab  coats  embroidered  with  the  Pfeiffer  nursing  logo  in  an  impressive  ceremony,  which signified   their   transiAon   from   theory   to   nursing   pracAce.     A   special   senior   banquet   is   planned   for   May 7th  followed  by  the  Nursing  Pinning  Ceremony  on  May  8  in  Henry  Pfeiffer  Chapel.   The  first  graduaAng  class  in  Pfeiffer’s  128  year  history  reflects  some  interesAng  and  diverse  demographics. There   are   ten   females   and   two   males   who   come   from   Stanly,   Davidson,   Burke,   Randolph   and   Cabarrus Coun>es;  one  student  is  from  Pennsylvania  and  one  from  Canada.    Their  ages  range  from  21-­‐50.    They  are Continued on page 2


First Nursing  Class  to  Graduate ....................142 From  the  Dean’s  Desk......................................3 Save  The  Date:  IntegraAng  the   Principles  of  PaAent  Centered  Care ..............4 Scholarship  Money  Available  ........................5 AHEC  Weight  Loss  Center   ............................6 Triangle  Healthcare  ExecuAve  Forum ..........7 RTP  Campus  Welcomes   New  MFT  Site4Director ............................7

Pfeiffer NCAMFT  Awards ..................................8 Commencement................................................8 ComparaAve  InternaAonal   Health  Travel  and  Study ....................................8 Thank  You  Faculty..............................................9 Pfeiffer  Students  Pursue   Doctoral  Studies  at  MUSC ..............................10 Deploying  in  June ............................................11 Career  Readiness ............................................12 Our  Spring  Faculty ..........................................13

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single, single  parents  and  some  married  with  families.    Two  have  previous  degrees  from  Pfeiffer,  one  in English  and  one  in  Accoun>ng.    One  Pfeiffer  graduate,  who  has  a  previous  degree  in  English,  has  also been  employed  by  the  University  for  16  years.    One  student  has  two  previous  Associate  Degrees  in  Arts and  Science.    One  has  a  Business  and  Economic  degree.    One  entered  the  program  as  an  LPN  and  five are  first  genera>on  college  students. Their  areas  of  nursing  interests  include  community  public  health,  emergency  nursing,  flight  nurse, cardiac,  mental  health,  pediatrics,  medical-­‐surgical  nursing,  and  women’s  health.  All  twelve  students plan  to  conAnue  their  educaAon  in  graduate  school  in  the  areas  of  nurse  educaAon,  nurse  pracAAoner or  anesthesia. This  year,  Pfeiffer's  spring  commencement  falls  during  NaAonal  Nurses  Week,  May  6-­‐12.  According to  the  American  Nurses  AssociaAon,  this  week  is  devoted  to  highlighAng  needs  of  American  society (ANA,  2013).   "There  is  truly  no  beier  Ame  for  Pfeiffer's  first  class  of  nursing  students  to  graduate,"  said  Pfeiffer President  Mike  Miller.  

Micah Bortner

Lydia “Gina” Butler

Laura Chapman

Benjamin Gilliland

Karen Jaramillo

Lindsay Miles

Jo Ellen Newsome

Christian Parker

Terresa Parks

Hayley Rogers

Brittney Summers

Jackie Yang

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FROM T HE  D EAN’S  D ESK I’m  smiling  because,  together,  we  have  come  successfully through  another  academic  year,  and  there  is  indeed  much to  celebrate.     Pfeiffer  University's  department  of  nursing  will  graduate  its first   class   of   nurse   leaders   in   May.   Exercise   science   will implement  the  InsAtute  for  Clergy  Health  with  its  first  retreat this  summer.  The  Marriage  and  Family  Therapy  program's  new clinic  in  the  Raleigh-­‐Durham  area  is  making  a  dynamic  mark  in the  region  and  the  department  of  health  administraAon  revised both  undergraduate  and  graduate  curricula.  Alumni  conAnue  to  obtain  outstanding  employment. Faculty  in  all  departments  engage    in  exciAng  and  ground-­‐breaking  research  and  we  have  extended community  partnerships  across  the  region,  opening  doors  for  students  and  alumni  to  experience internships,  pracAcums  and  work  experiences  that  will  enhance  their  job  readiness  in  very  tangible and  producAve  ways.  This,  we  believe,  is  a  very  posiAve    report  card  for  our  division. This  issue  of  Clipboard  Notes is  packed  with  exciAng  end-­‐of-­‐year  informaAon.  I  am  grateful  for  the collegial  cooperaAon  the  directors  have  shown  as  they  worked  together  for  the  first  Ame  as  a Division  TEAM  (Together  Everyone  helps  to  Achieve  the  Mission).  I  also  want  to  thank  our graduate  assistants  who  provide  operaAonal  assistance  for  faculty,  their  classmates  and  my office  on  a  daily  basis.     All  seniors  are  encouraged  to  parAcipate  in  the  May  or  August  commencement  ceremonies. You   have   done   well   and   accomplished   much.   Please   give   faculty   the   pleasure   of   shaking your  hand  and  wishing  you  well.    Returning  students  are  asked  to  please  check  your Pfeiffer  email  oken  over  the  summer  for  advising  and  administraAve  updates. Best  wishes  for  a  safe  and  happy  summer.    

Vernease H. Miller, MHA, JD | Interim Dean for Health Programs 4701 Park Road | Charlotte, NC | 28209 Main: 704.521.9116 | Direct: 704.945.7313 | Fax: 704.463.1363 |

The Nature To Serve. The Knowledge To Lead

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The Greater Charlotte Healthcare Executive Group (GCHEG) would like you to




for an ACHE Face-to-Face Education Event

Integrating the Principles of Patient-Centered Care Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Registration/Networking 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Session

Moderator JAY SNYDER

VP of Healthcare Construction | Monteith Construction Corp

Panelists NEHEMIE GEORGES Director of CMC Mercy-Plaintree Designated| Carolinas Healthcare System CHRISTINA HUITT, RN, MSN, ACM Director of Quality | CaroMont Health BARBARA BURNES, RN, BS Principal Consultant | Press Ganey Associates, Inc

Location University of North Carolina Charlotte Campus 9201 University City Blvd Education Building, Room 010 Charlotte, NC 28223 Light Hors D’oeuvres will be provided.

Registration Fees GCHEG Member – $35.00 • GCHEG Non-Member – $45.00 Student Member - $20.00 • Student Non-Member - $25.00 Register Online at:

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The Department of Health Administration Memorial Award is given each year in recognition of a second year graduate health administration student who has demonstrated high academic achievement. It is a $500 tuition award. Students who wish to apply should contact Dr. Carol Vogt at

PFEIFFER ALUMNA RECEIVES NC AND NATIONAL NHA LICENSURE Amy E. Smith, a 2009 graduate the MBA-MHA program, was recently licensed as a nursing home administrator in the State of North Carolina. Amy successfully completed the state’s administrator in training program and passed the NC State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators’ national and state examinations. She completed the state-required internship training at The Pines at Davidson Continuing Care Retirement Community under the direction of Mr. Edgar Muller, CEO, who is a state approved preceptor and licensed nursing home administrator. Amy is employed as director of wellness activities and transportation with The Pines. She reports, “It was a lengthy process, but definitely a learning experience, even with 20 years in the industry.” Dr. Vernease Miller, one of Amy’s former professors, remembers her as a dedicated student. “I am particularly proud of Amy because she has remained engaged with our Charlotte campus programs after graduating several years ago. She is a great role model for students and a life long Pfeiffer friend. We congratulate her and wish her well in her new endeavors.”


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Dr. Fred Ingle, Dr. Carol Vogt, Assistant Professor Katrina King, MHA students Tiffany Wilson and Dane Moore attended the Triangle Healthcare Executive Forum at Durham Regional Medical Center on February 28. The topic was Leading Information Security: Planning for Data Privacy and Security.



Jeff Krepps, Ph.D., a North Carolina licensed marriage and family therapist, clinical fellow and approved supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, joined the Pfeiffer University faculty on Jan. 2 as assistant professor. Dr. Krepss, who has served as an adjunct professor since 2011, is the new site director for the Marriage and Family Therapy program on the Triangle campus. He served as an adjunct professor in the MFT program since 2011. The focus of his work is in the area of couple/marital therapy and education and parent/child relationships. Dr. Krepps has more than sixteen years of experience working with couples, families and individuals. He held a previous appointment as an assistant professor at a COAMFTE accredited MFT program as well as an appointment as an adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry at the Brody School of Medicine. Dr. Krepps is married. He and his wife, Cheyenne, have four daughters. Cheyenne is also a family therapist who directs the Cancer Patient Support Program at Duke University’s Cancer Center in Durham. In addition to balancing work and family, Dr. Krepps is the current president of the North Carolina Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and serves on its executive board. He states that he is enjoying his new position at Pfeiffer and looks forward to “building the MFT program in the Raleigh/Durham area and being a part of Pfeiffer University at is continues to grow.” He can be reached at or (919) 941-2920, x 2928.

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PFEIFFER NCAMFT AWARDS The North Carolina Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (NCAMFT) Graduate Student Research Award was presented to Sarah Alwran at the recent annual conference in March. The award recognizes “excellence in research focused on enhancing the practice of marriage and family therapy or the understanding of families.” This is the first time a Pfeiffer student has been recognized in this category. Dr. Pearl Wong received the Marriage and Family Therapy Training Award. Congratulations to Sarah and Dr. Wong.

COMMENCEMENT Undergraduate Programs Sat., May 11 Graduate Programs Sat., Aug. 10 All ceremonies will be held on the Misenheimer campus. Celebrate your success. Be there!


The Comparative International Health course has been divided into two separate courses. MHA 776 is the course for students who wish to travel. MHA 777 is the Comparative International Health Study course for students who prefer to write a research paper. Both courses will be offered in the fall and spring semesters. The planned international trips for 2013-14 are: London – MHA 776 M32 – Fall 2013 registration (January 2 – 14 2014) Canada – MHA 776 M32 – Spring 2014 registration (May 8 - 17) Austria – MHA 776 M34 – Spring 2014 registration (spring break March 1-8) Germany – MHA 776 M33 – Spring 2014 registration (May 10-17)

Please note that students who travel must pay course tuition and a trip surcharge fee. Details about trip leaders and the specific costs will be published in the August/September Clipboard Notes. Trips will be capped at 50 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

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THANK YOU A round of applause must be given to the division of health-related programs whose faculty and staff made this year such a success. The departments of exercise science, health administration, marriage and family therapy and nursing are all to be congratulated for professional and faithful teaching, mentoring, advising, committee and community service, scholarship and all the unseen you do to support our students and the University. We are most grateful for the service of the 2012-13 graduate assistants: • • • • • •

Bobbi Jo McKercher Christine DeLargy Traci Smitherman Laura Bertinetti Jeff Beaman Joseph Perez

• • • • • •

Rachel Fountain Joy Vollers Michelle Elizabeth Quine Kendra Miller Don Tillison Rob Evitts

• • • • • • •

Bryce Haynes Wileen Fontaine Paula Hennie-Roed Sandra Moore Jeffrey Gross Stacey Cuevas Queta Thomas

• • • • • • •

Carrie Ferguson Tim Markijohn Tina Schwebach Christian Cole Melvin Jessica Oneal Mary Beth Utsman Ankshika Punj

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MHA -MBA student Howard Beatty,

On Feb. 21, Assistant Professor Gwyndolan Swain traveled to her alma mater, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston. Traveling with her were former MHA students Sarah Jordan '12 and Nikki Hicks '12 as well as current student Howard Beatty, who will graduate in August with a joint MBAMHA. Each had expressed interest in pursuing a terminal degree. The group attended an information session offered by MUSC for the fall 2013 cohort in the doctor of health administration and leadership (DHA) degree program. They were given a private audience with administrative personnel who provided insight into the program and answered all their eager questions. In addition, they had the chance to view dissertation projects that were on display. Later they were joined by Dr. Jim Zoller, department chair, who led them on a guided tour. During that session, Sarah learned that she had been accepted into the program. Since returning from the trip all have received their acceptance letters.

Pfeiffer alumni Sarah Jordan and

Assistant Professor Swain says she is "bursting with pride that the students sought my advice and will follow my footsteps to MUSC." Gwyndolan Swain, and Sarah Jordan confirmed the value of the experience. “Dr. Swain talked Dr. Zoller, MUSC Doctor to me about the DHA program at MUSC so I knew their curriculum is my of Health Administration preferred style of learning. While at MUSC, we were met and treated with and Leadership Program such professionalism and profound respect by Meghan Hann, our student Department Chair support person, and Dr. Zoller, head of the DHA department, that there was no doubt that I want to enroll in the fall." Howard Beatty agrees. “I'm thankful that Pfeiffer University has professors like Dr. Swain, to not only encourage me to pursue a doctoral degree but also take take time to introduce us to the campus." Nikki Hicks sums the experience this way: “I thank Dr. Swain for recommending the MUSC CHP/DHA program and for taking the time to take me to her alma mater. I can now say I am LaTanya Nikole Hicks, doctor of health administration candidate at the Medical University of South Carolina class of 2016.” Nikki Hicks , Assistant Professor

“I am very proud of Gwyndolan,” said Dr. Miller. “This is what mentoring of students is all about; going beyond the call of duty to encourage the pursuit of excellence.” Congratulations to Sarah, Howard and Nikki. We will be watching your progress.

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Pfeiffer MBA-­‐MHA  student,  U.S.  Navy  Commander Michael  LuSrell  will  be  deploying  in  June  to  Bahrain, United  Arab  Emirates  to  serve  as  the  Officer  in Charge  of  the  Medical  Treatment  Facility  (MTF)  at Isa  Air  Base.    In  addi>on  to  this  command  role,  he will  be  providing  clinical  pa>ent  care  as  a  nurse prac>>oner  and  will  work  closely  with  the  U.S. Navy  FiZh  Fleet  base  and  Central  Command (CENTCOM)  of  all  U.S.  forces  in  the  Middle  East region.    His  responsibili>es  will  also  include  the sustainment  of  coopera>ve  healthcare  service arrangements  with  health  service  organiza>ons-­‐-­‐ and  the  Kingdom  of  Bahrain  Ministry  of  Health-­‐-­‐for specialty  services  resourcing  for  U.S  service  members and  their  dependents.  Commander  LuSrell  carries with  him  our  best  wishes  for  a  successful  tour  of  duty and  safe  return.

Commander Michael Luttrell

U.S. Navy Commander Michael Luttrell

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Learn to stand out from your competition and find the right career opportunity in record time! Please join us Wednesday, April 24 from 6-8 p.m. to learn from the nation’s leading Career Readiness Speaker, Mr. Rick Sears, on how to find viable employment quickly in the Charlotte area. His presentation are designed to specifically demystify the complex hiring process by discussing what works and what doesn’t in finding a job. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!


Career Readiness Workshop from nation’s foremost expert Wednesday, April 24, from 6-8 p.m. Pfeiffer University Charlotte Campus - Room B139 All Pfeiffer students interested in finding a job the right way

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Vernease H. Miller, Interim Dean

Agir Kurmanj Caroline Hohensee Harold Griffin Edward Fuller Nur Onvural Nicole Childs Victoria Winstead

Vinson H. Sutlive, Professor and Department Chair

Bankole Olatosi Jimmy Atkins Fred Ingle Clayton Griffing Karen Doolittle Dan Marlowe



Blake Justice, Assistant Professor


Barnett R. Parker, Professor and Department Chair Joel Vickers, Professor

Administrative Assistant for Nursing Leslie Tucker: Direct: (704) 463-1363

Carol Vogt, Professor

Graduate Assistant for Health Administration Ankshika Punj 704 945 7310

Jamal Nahavandi, Associate Professor

Graduate Assistant for Marriage and Family Therapy Mary Beth Utsman 704 945 7310 Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy 704 945 7324 Pfeiffer University at Charlotte 4701 Park Road Charlotte, NC 28209 Phone 704 521 9116 Fax 704 945 7330 Pfeiffer University at the Triangle 2880 Slater Road, Suite 100 Morrisville, NC 27560 Phone 919 941 2920 Fax 919 941 2920 Pfeiffer University at Misenheimer 48380 U.S. Hwy 52 N Misenheimer, NC 28109 Phone 704 463-1360 Fax 704 463 1363

Clipboard Notes, a communication tool of Pfeiffer University's division of health-related programs, keeps students and alumni informed about and engaged in relevant program activities.

Gwyndolan L. Swain, Assistant Professor

James C. Leist, Professor Katrina Graham King, Assistant Professor Sanggon Nam, Assistant Professor

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY Susan Wilkie, Professor and Program Director George W. Bitar, Assistant Professor Laura Bryan, Assistant Professor and Clinic Director Pearl Wong, Assistant Professor Jenny Haines, Clinic Director Jeffrey Krepps, Assistant Professor and Site Director

NURSING Dianne Yow Daniels, Associate Professor of Nursing and Chair of Nursing Program, Rachel Cozort, Assistant Professor, Martha Bramlett, Assistant Professor, Dana Martin, Assistant Professor, Susan Furr, Assistant Professor,

Clipboard Notes April/May 2013  

Keeping students and alumni informed and engaged with Pfeiffer Health Programs.

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