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Pets Magazine

Cavaliers’ Choices... Premium pet products, destinations & activities for you & your pet chosen by Sophie Nell and Rufus, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, assisted by Marie.

Pet Products With a Cause! The RSPCA’s online shop does a great range of stylish but practical pet products, including these lovely Mason Cash pet bowls available in pink, grey and cream, priced at £3 for the cat saucer up to £13 for the 200cm dog bowl. These are available from the RSPCA online shop. 

Tasty & Healthy Food Webbox has a great range of wet and dry food for both cats and dogs and its Natural range is suitable even for pets with more sensitive stomachs. The food contains only natural ingredients and no wheat gluten. Each wet food tray contains a massive 60% of fresh meat, along with fresh vegetables and brown rice, to produce a tasty meal that your dog is sure to enjoy. With natural antioxidants and a prebiotic, the Webbox Natural range is suitable for dogs with food allergies and those with sensitive tummies. Our taste testers, gave both the wet and dry food versions as well as the tasty treats, a five-star paws up! To find out more, visit Webbox.


Pets Magazine

Cavaliers’ Choices...

Adventures in Petlandia! Pets Magazine’s Nell has become the star of her very own storybook, and your beloved pooch, cat or other pet can be too! This is a great gift idea from Mind Candy, creators of kids’ gaming phenomenon Moshi Monsters. The idea is simple - Petlandia enables anybody to create an impossibly cute caricature of their real-life pet in just a few clicks. You can start now at or via the Petlandia Emoji App, available now on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Once you’ve created a virtual version of your furry friend, you can drop it into a unique storybook, or use the app to send emojis and photos starring your pet. You can even get your paws on personalised T-shirts emblazoned with your four-legged companions (dogs, cats and even rabbits!). With 36 gorgeously illustrated personalised pages and a charming rhyming story, Adventures in Petlandia is a good bet for a kid’s (including those only young at heart!) Christmas present! To find out more, visit:

PS/ We’re always looking for premium products & services to review for both pets and people! Please get in touch with the boss at Love,


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Sophie, Nell & Rufus



Pets Magazine

Give Dogs their Space too!

Tony Knight, an internationally-acclaimed Dog Listener and trainer, responds to a reader question on why parents should always ask before allowing children to pet dogs...


Pets Magazine

Tony Knight, an internationallyacclaimed Dog Listener and trainer, on why parents should always ask before allowing children to approach strange dogs...and cats...

It seems that a terrible story of a child being badly bitten by a dog is never far from the headlines. So often, the culprit is a family dog rather than a random attack by an unknown assailant, leading to the inevitable death of aforementioned family pet. I regularly receive inquiries from people asking me how to guarantee that their dogs will be wellbehaved around children. My reply is Dog expert - Tony Knight not always well received, but I make bent down and shoved his baby – head first I might add no apologies for it.

Once, while attempting to enjoy a coffee at a seaside coffee in Australia, I witnessed an unprovoked dog attack. Two Chihuahuas were tied up outside café, minding their own business. – right into the faces of the Suddenly, from nowhere a man holding what was clearly a recently hatched baby spotted them.

“Personal space is a big issue for

“Oh look,” he said to the baby, apparently under the mistaken belief that the baby understood him, “two cute little doggies!” I virtually spat out my mouthful of latte as he proceeded to walk right up to the tethered twosome,


dogs...” dogs. Fortunately, the chihuahuas did not react to this attack, but it could easily have been a different story.

Pets Magazine

When you study dogs, you quickly see that personal space is a big issue for them. Dogs are mostly very tolerant with puppies, allowing them to climb all over them and grab their tails. However, there is a limit to what they will put up with. Sometimes a puppy will go over the top with their playful pestering and receive a sideways

glance, followed by a growl. restaurant. Another diner other day, I helped someone If they don’t take the hint started feeding the moggies in Toulouse with a dog that then, they are liable to (mission accomplished for had been given a Category 3 receive a reprimand in the the cats). He then made the status of aggression by vets form of a grab of the error of trying to pick one up and a behaviourist. The muzzle. This grab with the for a cuddle, whereupon we latter has visited the house mouth is a after the vet clear signal who was that they bitten have gone advised the too far and owner to get should leave an “expert” the other in. The one alone. behaviourist Sometimes, immediately the human went right members of up the dog the dog’s and started family can stroking its Most dogs are fine, but always ask permission from the owner before petting them! also be told head. When off for the dog all heard a bloodcurdling getting it wrong. Over 95% growled, it was branded a scream (well, there were of dog bites occur because menace. two actually – one from the people do not respect a cat as it was picked up, dog’s personal space. Have After a telephone session followed by another by the you ever heard the and a little online coaching man as the claws went into expression, “Let sleeping from yours truly, the owner his arm). The attitude of the dogs lie”? There is a good is now seeing a much restaurant manager typified reason for this sage advice… calmer dog in general, as our general response to a well as now knowing how to cat attack. “Yeah, don’t pick On a slightly different note educate people on how to them up”. (again an incident involving interact correctly with dogs. food and/or drink), I was When a cat clearly shows recently at a restaurant near The rule is so simple, it is that it wants to be left alone, my home in France. As we amazing that so many nobody says a word. When a sat outside, we were people get it so hopelessly dog does the same thing, it immediately the centre of wrong; if you want to say is accused of being attention of some stray cats hello to a dog, call the dog aggressive, categorised as that apparently lived in the to you. This way, the dog has “dangerous” and the usual hedge opposite the a choice at least. If it comes advice is to kill it. Only the


Pets Magazine

to you, it has done so of its own free will. If the dog doesn’t come, take that as a really clear signal that they are not ready yet. A student of mine in Sweden asked how she could stop people constantly coming up to pat her dog. Her dog does not like having their space invaded and despite putting a T-shirt Be gentle... on it telling people to give them space, nobody takes any notice. I advised her to buy a soft muzzle and put it on her dog. This has nothing to do with the dog being aggressive, but if people can’t read, they might think twice about approaching a dog wearing a muzzle. As I often say, training dogs is the easy part… I have visited schools before with a very tolerant dog called Alfie (I have been invited by the teachers I hasten to add – it would be weird if I just turned up outside the schoolyard) to


teach kids how to safely interact with dogs. The children line up on either side of me and the pooch,

and one by one they call him to them. Alfie gets lot of cuddles and the children learn a valuable lesson that could save them a lot of pain and anguish in the future.

happen, so being extra vigilant or keeping them apart from each other when in doubt is best.

I use the “Simon Says” game to help children understand the rules of engagement with dogs. There has to be an invitation before a fuss or cuddle can happen. Give a dog the chance to make their own decision to If a child is too young to approach when asked too understand the rules, they and the cuddle will be should always be supervised much happier – and safer when around dogs. It is for everyone. usually the case that a family dog attack has To find out more, visit: happened when everyone’s www.tonyknightdoglisten backs are turned for a moment. I do appreciate that it can only take a split second for something to Pets Magazine

THE VET On The Hill This month, we meet TV Vet SCOTT MILLER of ‘Vet on the Hill’ fame.


Pets Magazine

Scott with his Border Terrier Betty

This month, we meet TV Vet SCOTT

his wife Zöe. Scott is currently the

MILLER of ‘Vet on the Hill’ fame.

proud owner of three veterinary

A passionate animal

practices, located in Richmond Hill,

advocate, Scott was born in

St Margarets and Old Isleworth.

Brisbane, Australia to British

Scott’s skill and charisma caught the

parents. He graduated in 1997 from

eyes of producers and viewers when

the University of Queensland

he received a chance call-out to

Veterinary School and began his

attend a sick chicken on the first

career working at the RSPCA clinic in series of Big Brother. After this, he Sydney. After years of experience

began working regularly in the

working with animals, Scott moved

media, hosting Extinct for Meridian

to the UK and settled in London,

and regularly appearing on BBC

where he set up and ran a small

Breakfast News, GMTV, Blue

animal practice for over four years.

Peter, The Paul O'Grady

In 2008, Scott set up a practice in

Show and CBBC. He appeared as an

Algarve, Portugal, where he married expert vet on BBC's coverage


Pets Magazine

of Crufts, and was the regular vet on This Morning for six years.

How does being a vet differ in Australia compared to UK?  

Later he featured on Sky 1's Pet Nation and became one of the lead presenters on children's programme, Who Let the Dogs Out

The Brits are truly wonderful animal lovers so allow us as a veterinary profession to flex our clinical muscles, going to great lengths to treat their animals.  I think this is because of

and About? for CBBC, and Vet on the the climate...In Australia the dog and cat live Hill on Channel 4. We speak to Scott mainly outside so in some cases the about why he became a vet.

relationship between owner and animal can be less strong. In the UK, we have a very

Why did you decide to be a vet?   close intimate bond with our pets because I was seven years old and camping in the middle of the Outback with my family.  I woke up first early one morning and crawled out of the tent.  I spotted a rabbit on the horizon and thought I'd try to see how close I

they spend so much time snuggling up to us during the long winter months and can also come along to the pub!

Do you enjoy being a ‘TV vet’?

could get to it...I got so close that it actually

Any downsides?  

sniffed my hand before scampering off. It

It's been an amazing opportunity, but can be

was a magical moment, just me and a wild

very challenging as sometimes our job can

animal, and from then on I knew I wanted to be extremely difficult and performing it be a vet and work with them for life. under the spotlight can make it even more so. But I feel it has been an honest portrayal

Has it lived up to your

of an every day practice, showing both the


highs and the lows, and hopefully allows the public to see the Veterinary profession in a

It’s been fantastic. It is incredibly challenging, emotionally exhausting and not particularly well paid for what we do, but it is incredibly rewarding, I love making friends

very positive light.

Do you have pets?

with the clients and you get to work with

We have an ark full of animals! All my kids

animals all day which makes up for it!

are animal mad, so each has their own pet


including an African pygmy hedgehog, a tortoise and fish. Then we have two dogs, a Pets Magazine

What do you think is the future of veterinary practices? I hope that there will always be a place for independent veterinary practices but I can see why we are moving towards a corporate world.  I like the quirkiness and individuality of independent practices and hope clients continue to support them as local

cat and some rescue chickens.


Do you have a good work-life balance and what would you change if anything?

What advice would you give a young person thinking of becoming a vet?

When filming, a long clinical day can be even Do lots of work experience and don't be shy longer, which can be pretty challenging to of hard work as there is a lot of it coming achieve a good work-life balance when our your way. And smile, enjoy what you are standard days are already 10hrs long.  But

when I am just doing the day job I am pretty

doing and who you are doing it with, because there is lots in our profession that is

efficient with 20 years experience behind me, sad, so you need to balance it out with some so I can enjoy it more and also get home to lightness and joy where you can, to stay my family on time...ish. mentally healthy and continue to enjoy  

practicing as a Veterinary Surgeon. Follow the Vet On The Hill on Facebook & Twitter.


Pets Magazine

Pet Horoscopes by Russell Grant

ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)

emotions run deep when

Begging, or worse yet,

you connect with a Pisces, so

behaving badly to get attention stay alert to who's in the won't get you the result you're

neighbourhood and keep

after, but appearing cute and

showing a level of

loveable leads more directly to

reďŹ nement.

demonstrations of aection.

You may not realise it, but if

enjoyed playing with or on may

you're on a quest for a

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st) be removed from the house as

sweetheart, you're currently in

The new season brings a fresh

your humans acquire new

quite a powerful position.

breeze of changes blowing in

things or just create more

Passions run high when you

and you must adjust to

space to move around in.

cross paths with an Aries and

accommodate them. Items you Instead of causing a fuss, do


Pets Magazine

your part by either staying out

healthy eating plan keeps you

and protecting them. You'll be

of the way when furniture is

fit as a fiddle and feeling

able to run around when

being rearranged or by helping

energetic. Exercise is also fun

you're with the youngsters,

to carry small items to the bin;

and keeps you aware of things

thereby getting a healthy

the new environment that's

happening in the local area

workout in your schedule.

created will please you.


Once everyone is breathless and tired you can all unwind by cleaning up any areas you

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)

messed up and then having a

Though you might not enjoy

Some other pet might thinks it

tasty treat.

the types of activities or people grand no one is pressing them that start your month, after a

to do anything in particular so

few weeks pass you'll find

they can nap, gaze out the

LIBRA (September 24th-

yourself back in your comfort

window or rest in a cosy chair.

October 23rd)

zone. If you can get along not

But you like to be a centre of

You're very clear about your

getting some of the things you

attention and find the days

likes and dislikes this month.

want, you'll reach the good

unfulfilling if you're not part of

Normally, you prefer to go with

days without showing any signs some social interaction. With

the flow. Right now, however,

of wear and tear. By Mid

little currently happening the

you're quick to find fault with

September all you'll have to do

best thing to do is join your

everything your owner does.

is come into the room with a

housemate in the ease of

Maybe your dissatisfaction is

wistful expression on your face

watching their favourite TV

really a smokescreen for your

and your housemate will scoop show or curl up close to them

wounded pride. You need to

you up and bend to your

for comfort when they're

feel loved and appreciated.



When your human friends don't give you the affection you crave, you retaliate by acting

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd) VIRGO (August 24th-

out. The cure for your

You're busy providing much

September 23rd)

condition is obvious: hugs and

needed services around the

Though your month gets off to


house for your human friend.

a dreamy start, within a few

You are such a devoted helper

weeks you'll be swept into

SCORPIO (October 24th-

it's hard to imagine how

more high energy activities.

November 22nd)

anyone would get along

Spending time with giggling

You won't need a nudge to

without you. Don't forget to

children is a highlight for you

realise there's something

take care of yourself too! A

as you enjoy both playing with

bothering your


Pets Magazine

housemates or

an ordeal? It's not

neighbours. As these

fair to blame them

friends work on

for the way you're

sorting out their

behaving; they've

problems, you can

done nothing but

be a great comfort to

provide you with a

them. Because of

comfortable home,

your natural

fed you and seen to

sensitivity, you cue in

your every need! Go

to exactly what each

hide under a bed or

suffering soul needs and offer exactly what's needed in each

CAPRICORN (December 22nd- behind a curtain for a while till January 20th) you sort out your issues; once

situation. No surprise then that

you leave the crankiness

once the emotional storm has

You have a knack for bringing

behind, you can return to the

blown over, you'll be on the

joy to everyone you meet.

family fold with a better

receiving end of lots of treats

Unfortunately, humans have a


and affection. You deserve the

way of taking animal friends

very best!

for granted. That will change this month, when your owner

PISCES (February 20th-March

realises just how much joy you



bring to their life. You'll

Although you prefer staying

23rd-December 21st) You may have heard the

probably be less energetic than home this month, you're not usual, preferring quiet, adverse to going out for short

expression 'turnabout is fair

soothing surroundings to

periods of time. A little fresh air

play', well, you're about to

energetic social scenes. A

will perk you right up. If you're

experience it. Rather than you

contest of wills is slated for the

confined indoors, you may

trying to make things pleasant

weeks ahead. You'd rather be

enjoy sitting by the window

for everyone else, your friends,

coaxed, not ordered.

and watching the world go by.

both human and animal, are

Your human companion will

turning the tables on you by

have a tough time moving you

being at your beck and call!

AQUARIUS (January21st-

away from certain areas, as

Hop up on any lap and a back


you cling to favourite spots like

rub or other treat is instantly

Are you feeling irritable and

a limpet. Flashes of temper

yours. You feel more

taking it out on your human

need to be controlled over the

comfortable from not having to companions; why should you put pleasant people through stress so much.


Pets Magazine

weeks ahead.

Pets Magazine September 2018  

The September edition of Pets Magazines features top products for you and your pet, Pet Horosopes by celebrity Astrologer Russell Grant, dog...

Pets Magazine September 2018  

The September edition of Pets Magazines features top products for you and your pet, Pet Horosopes by celebrity Astrologer Russell Grant, dog...