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Improving Sustainability Through Innovation and Collaboration Official Congress Stakeholders:

Aberdeen set to welcome international delegations A Message from Lord Provost George Adam Aberdeen is looking forward to welcoming the World Heavy Oil Congress in September. The city is a world leader in the energy market and has enjoyed a long relationship with countries around the globe across all sectors of the industry.

Lord Provost George Adam City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen is extremely well placed to host this prestigious event, thanks to its position as a global energy hub and the presence of nearly 1,000 energy companies in the city and surrounding area. The Granite City is the global centre of excellence for the subsea industry, with very high productivity levels. It is home to a potent combination of leading-edge technology development and a highly skilled workforce. This city is the UK’s most

competitive after London, one of its top three regions in terms of knowledge-based industries and one of five most likely to experience high economic growth over the next five years. The theme for 2012, Improving Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration, is particularly apt as this is something Aberdeen is constantly working towards. A record level of presentation submissions were received for this year’s event – more than 140 from a business and technical perspective have been selected from more than 400 submissions from 25 countries. This high level of interest shows the increasingly high regard the Congress is held in.


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IN THIS ISSUE: See Who Is Attending Suncor Energy - Explore Your Options Short Courses on SAGD, Flow Measurement, Oil Sands Business Conference Technical Programme Special Events

The Congress provides a fantastic opportunity to conduct international business, network, and meet face-to-face with clients. It also provides a platform to: identify new commercial opportunities; source technologies and suppliers; forge global partnerships; gain insight into industry advancements; and understand the challenges and opportunities facing heavy oil.

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I look forward to seeing you there.

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SDI offer companies chance to connect

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Who’s Attending World Heavy Oil Congress?                                                  

Aberdeen City Council Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures Alfa Laval Altamira Information AMEC American University Of Sharjah / Uae Ancap Baker Hughes Bashkir State University Borden Ladner Gervais Llp BP Business Gateway Caledonian Flow Systems Cameron Mars Productions Systems Cameron Process Systems Canadian High Commission Cenovus Energy C-Fer Technologies Champion Technologies Chevron China National Offshore Oil Corp. (Cnooc) Clariant Oil Services Cnrl Connacher Oil And Gas Limited Conocophillips Conrad COSIA Department Of Energy And Climate Change Devon Canada Corporation Devonian International Dinkkiia Limited Dover Operating Corp. Drill. & Prod. Tech. Institute Of Liaohe Ecopetrol S.A. Eni E&P Division Equion Energia Limited Ergon Oil Purchasing Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company Eztek Foreign Affairs And Inter. Trade Canada Gaffney, Cline & Associates GDS GE Energy Gubkin Russian State University Of O&G Gushor Inc. Halliburton Harris Corporation Hart Energy Heriot Watt University Hitachi Power Systems Canada Ltd.

                                                 

Hocol Sa Husky Energy Imperial Resources Inha University Institute Of Petroleum Engineering Inverdt ITF Ivanhoe Energy Kalium Research Korea Institute Of Energy Research Kuwait Oil Company Maamaar Internationall (Pvt) Ltd. Mansarovar Energy Colombia Ltd. Marathon Oil Maxoil Solutions Ltd. MEG Energy Met Office Nanjing Lanyan Petro. Storage & Trans.Co National Hydrocarbons Commission National Research Council National University Of Colombia Natural Resources Canada Nautical Petroleum Nexen Inc. Nynas Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. Oil Sands Leadership Initiative

                          

Schlumberger Sercel Inc. Shell Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Sinopec Sproule International Limited SPT Group Staatsolie Statoil Sudanese Petroleum Corporation Suncor Energy Sya-Sea Limited Tarblaster As Tatnipineft The Silvacom Group The University Of Manchester Thimm Petroleum Technologies Inc. Total Tsinghua University University Of Aberdeen University Of Alberta University Of Birmingham University Of Calgary University Of Saskatchewan Wika Instruments Canada Ltd. Xcite Energy Resources Zero – Co2, Llc

Oil Sands Tailings Consortium Oilfield Chemical Technology Limited Oilflow Solutions Inc. Olympus Industrial Osum Oil Sands Corporation PCM Pdvsa Petrocedeno Sa

Get connected Before you arrive at the Congress, get connected with other industry professionals from around the globe via LinkedIn. Join the conversation on the following groups:

Pemex Petrobras Petrochina Petrofac Metering

Energy Innovation by Statoil

Petroleum Technology Research Centre Photon Control Inc. Pinnacle – A Halliburton Service Pinsent Masons Llp Proexposervice Llc

Heavy Oil

R.I., China National Offshore Oil Corp. Repsol Research & Technology, Alberta Energy Riped Petrochina RN – Sakhnipi Saacke Marine Systems Saudi Aramco

SPE Aberdeen Section

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Go Ahead. Expect Success.

Go ahead. Expect success. Build a career where your contribution is valued and where you’re working with some of the biggest equipment in the world, with leading edge technology, and where you are learning and growing every day. Join a respected group of people who are proud to work for Canada’s largest energy company — one with a solid track record of growth, a focus on safety and sustainability and tremendous potential for the future. As our business evolves, so do our employment opportunities — in oil sands mining, production and upgrading, natural gas production, refining, wind power, marketing and retail. Suncor hires people in areas such as:         

Operations and maintenance Mining, mechanical, electrical, process engineers Project management Skilled Trades Supply chain Human resources Environment Health and safety Marketing and business development

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Opportunities Spotlight Seminar Economic Elements of Heavy Oil Development and the Growing Economy of Alberta, Canada Monday, 10 September, 2012 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm


Crombie Suite B, Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre FREE TO ATTEND if you are a Congress Delegate. RSVP your participation.


Presented by Government of Alberta Focusing on the economic elements of heavy oil development and the growing economy of Alberta, Canada, this session aims to provide an introduction to the Alberta Oil Sands. The workshop will highlight supply opportunities, investment, technology, employment outlook and the environmental aspects of Alberta’s heavy oil industry. Alberta is a major energy producer with enormous untapped potential. See how the Oil Sands contribute in making Alberta an attractive place to live, work and invest. Presenters: Patrick Mattern, Director, Trade & Investment, Environment and Energy International and Intergovernmental Relations Natalie Tsan, Senior Strategic Relations Advisor, Strategic Relations, Energy Heather Carmichael, Manager, Energy Efficiency, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Jerry MacPherson, Team Lead, Energy and Value Added Development (EVAD), Enterprise and Advanced Education

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Short Courses provide advances in heavy oil recovery Heavy Oil and SAGD Technologies Monday, 10 September 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


About the Course There have been lots of advances in heavy oil recovery techniques in the past twenty years, especially in Alberta, where conventional oil production has been declining. The advancement in horizontal well drilling and the invention of SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) process have resulted in the commercial development of horizontal CSS and many SAGD projects. Emerging recovery technologies are also developing in order to reduce the capital costs, operating costs and environmental impact. This one-day short course will provide a general overview of current and emerging heavy oil recovery methods, with emphasis on field experiences in Alberta and on SAGD.

KC Yeung, Director, Oil Sands Technology and Chair, WHOC Technical Conference Committee, instructs the Heavy Oil and SAGD Technologies Short Course.

Course Outline              

Commercial Recovery Processes CHOPS, Steamflood , CSS, SAGD Emerging Recovery Techniques SAGD Derivatives (Cross-SAGD, Fast SAGD, HSAGD, JAGD, Wedge Wells) Steam Solvent Hybrid (LASER, ES-SAGD, SAP, SCI, SA-SAGD, SC-SAGD, SLPSAGD) Cold and Thermal Solvent (VAPEX , N-Solv) Air Injection (THAI, COGD) Electric Heating (ET-DSP) Electric Heating & Solvent (ESEIEH) SAGD Field Practices Drilling & Completion Operation Phases Reservoir Monitoring Facilities

The Instructor: K. C. Yeung, M.Sc., P.Eng., is Director of Oil Sands Technology at Dover Operating Corp. He joined Dover in May 2012. Prior to this KC was Manager, Oil Sands Technology at Husky Energy which he joined in May 2008 after spending close to 30 years at Suncor Energy Inc. He has been working in the heavy oil industry for 35 years, primarily in the area of reservoir development and R&D, and has been involved in various in-situ projects including cyclic steam stimulation (CSS), steamflood, in-situ combustion, cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS), and steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). K.C. was a Distinguished Lecturer in the 2003-2004 Distinguished Lecturers Program of the Petroleum Society of CIM. He has submitted papers and made presentations on heavy oil recovery at various conferences, seminars and workshops. For the past few years, He has been giving lectures and short courses on Heavy Oil Recovery Methods in Canada, China, Middle East and South America to promote Canada’s in-situ heavy oil technology. K.C. holds B.Sc.(with Distinction) and M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, both from the University of Hawaii. He was the President of the Canadian Heavy Oil Association (CHOA) for 2005/2006 and the Chairman of the Petroleum Society of CIM for 2007. He currently serves on the Board of directors of SPE Canada and of the Foundation CMG. He has been the Technical Conference Chairman for the World Heavy Oil Congress (WHOC) since 2006.

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Short Courses cont’d Heavy Oil Flow Measurement Monday, 10 September 9:30 am – 4:30 pm


About the Course Exploitation of the world’s viscous oil deposits is growing rapidly, buoyed by occasional high oil prices and an increasing demand for security of energy supply.

Chris Mills, instructor of the Heavy Oil Flow Measurement Short Course at WHOC, is a technical consultant at TUV SUD NEL in Scotland.

As such, there exists a growing requirement for accurate flow measurement of heavy crude oils and other viscous products. Unfortunately, the performance of conventional flow meters when applied to viscous fluids remains relatively poorly known. However, a number of technical challenges are immediately identifiable. These include the higher viscous friction of the fluid being metered, the increased pressure losses incurred across internal bends and restrictions, the possibility of extreme or varying velocity profiles, and the increased susceptibility of viscous liquids to entrain secondary components such as solids or gas. It is reasonable to predict that different metering devices will be affected by these phenomena in different ways, but to date the most appropriate technologies for viscous flow measurement are not yet well defined. This one day short course will provide a general overview of current and emerging flow measurement technologies when applied to heavy oils.

Course Outline         

Introduction to Heavy Oil Technical Challenges Lecture to discuss the physical properties, production and separation issues Introduction to Flow Measurement Lecture to discuss flow measurement of light conventional oils. A good introduction for beginners to flow measurement techniques and technologies. Flow Measurement of Heavy Oils The challenges of flow measurement of single phase and multiphase Heavy Oils Heavy Oil Research Discuss research being carried out into flow measurement of Heavy Oils.

Instructor: Chris Mills, BEng (Honours) is a technical consultant at TUV SUD NEL in Scotland. Chris currently works predominately in R&D and consultancy engineering work and specialises in high viscosity flow measurement. His other areas of interest include two phase flow, multiphase flow, sampling of complex fluids, fluctuating flow, turbine, positive displacement, ultrasonic and Coriolis flowmeters. Chris has published several technical reports through the UK Engineering & Flow Programme and the Energy Institute. He was also the technical lead for a high value Heavy Oil Joint Industry Project at NEL. He also recently completed the upgrade of the UK National Standards for Oil Flow to incorporate high viscosity fluids. Chris has presented several technical papers at conferences throughout the world. He is also a committee member for the UK Oil & Gas Focus Group. Other knowledge transfer activities include delivering lectures for NEL’s training courses also delivering lectures to university students about the importance of correct measurement.

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Short Courses cont’d The Canadian Oil Sands: A Technology Primer About the Course Both the conventional oil technical community and the general public are often poorly informed about the state of the art in technology development in the Canadian oil sands industry. Often the debate around both economic and environmentally sustainable development of this resource is informed by the popular press, or sometimes more disturbingly, an industry or government response to articles in the popular press. Notwithstanding the industry’s relatively slow response to some important reclamation concerns, there is also a relatively impressive record of important technology developments that have moved what years ago would be considered to be a frontier development into a truly world class oil reserve. This short course outlines the evolution of the current bitumen extraction technologies and the history of the associated tailings and water management strategies in the development of the Canadian oil sands resource.

Dr. Randy Mikula is the former team leader of Natural Resources Canada’s Oil Sands Extraction and Tailings research group.

This one day short course will appeal to anyone (technical experts or otherwise) who is interested in coming up to speed with the history and current state of the art in the Canadian oil sands industry from both a developmental and environmental perspective.

Course Outline                

An Introduction to Alberta’s Oil Sands The resource and reserve: Surface mining and in-situ (the short course focus is on surface mining) Historical technology development: From tar and pitch to transportation fuels Advances in Bitumen Extraction Water and energy use in the last 50 years Tailings Management, past, present, and future Water requirements and water availability Environmental Issues and the Pace of Development: Energy and water use improvements/reductions in the last 20 years: technology improvements Energy and water use increases in the last 20 years: production increases New tailings treatment options that will reduce tailings ponds The Regulatory Environment New regulations mandating how tailings are managed (Directive 74) Tailings Pond Science and Politics Dirty Oil and other Oil Sands Environmental Issues Oil Sands in the News and wrap up discussion

Instructor: Randy Mikula Randy Mikula is the former team leader of Natural Resources Canada’s Oil Sands Extraction and Tailings research group. With 25 years of research experience in oil sands, including extensive collaborations with academia and industry, Dr. Mikula offers a unique perspective on the environmental impact of oil sands development in Alberta. Randy has experience as the instructor for a variety of short courses for the Chemical Institute of Canada, Keyano College, and as speaker on oil sands issues at several university, industry, and non-governmental forums. Dr. Mikula has an informal style that is ideally suited to communicate this timely topic to an audience of both technical and nontechnical participants.

business conference programme Tuesday 11th September 2012 Striving for Excellence in Heavy Oil: Improving Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration 8:30 – 8:35

Conference Chairman Introduction by Wes Scott, Executive Vice President - dmg events

8:35 – 8:45

The Challenge to the Delegates Jack STEVENSON, Heavy Oil R&D Portfolio Manager, Chevron & Business Congress Chair, WHOC 2012

8:45 – 9:05

Opening Keynote Address: Technology and Innovation to Improve Sustainability and Profitability in Heavy Oil Karl Johnny HERSVIK, Senior Vice President, R&D, Statoil, Congress Co-Chair, WHOC 2012

9:05 – 10:15

Session I: The Global Market Today – Fundamental Changes

Topic 1.1:

Leading the Oil Industry for a Sustainable Development of Heavy Crude  Determine the key implications for the future of the global energy supply and markets  Evaluating the foundation for the sustainability of the energy supply as an integral part of the world future  Challenges and successes of the oil industry, focusing on the development pace of unconventional reserves and challenging reservoirs due to ecological and technical considerations  Country-by-country analysis  Assessing international and continental demand for oil sands products  Outlook for short/medium and long term projects  Disposition, export volumes and infrastructure by region  Impact of heavy crude on global supplies John RHIND, Vice President, Heavy Oil Operations, Shell Javier MARTINEZ, Executive Director, ALE Topic 1.2: The Development of Heavy Oil fields on the UK Continental Shelf: Past, Present and Future  Historically, most UKCS production has been of light oil, 30° API and above  However, a number of UKCS heavy oil fields have been brought on production  This talk review the history of UKCS heavy oil, the challenges overcome to bring these fields to development, and the future outlook Andrew CARR, Head of Field Development and Production, NNS and WoS, Department of Energy and Climate Chang (DECC) Oil and Gas Office

10:15 – 10:45

Networking Break—Sponsored by

10:45 – 12:00

Session II: Defining the New Playing Field: Evolving Environmental Policy and Impacts on Heavy Oil – Gearing up to meet global challenges

Topic 2.1:

Critical Issues for Heavy Oil Operators in a Changing Regulatory Environment for Onshore and Offshore Heavy Oil development  Navigating the global regulatory landscape – a review of recent changes globally including:  Environmental review and climate change legislation  Evolution of public interest regulation: recent decisions  Environmental challenges with offshore heavy oil production – evaluating the technological excellence and environmental performance  How do environmental changes impact current and future operations and investment opportunities worldwide?  Upgrading challenges with changing regulations  Can we create a “standardization” of management techniques to accurately measure and manage environmental strategies globally? Robert RUDDIMAN, Partner, Sector Head, Energy & Natural Resources, Pinsent Masons LLP

business conference programme 12:00 – 12:30

Networking on Exhibition Floor

12:30 – 1:45

Keynote Address & Luncheon Sponsored by Shell John RHIND, Vice President, Heavy Oil Operations, Shell

1:45 - 3:00

Session III: Technology Development and Maturation Moderator: Jonathan Matthews, Vice President, Heavy Oil Technology Centre, Statoil

Topic 3.1:

Collaboration Trends: The de-risking of large investment in technology  The speed of technology development and understanding the economic challenges  Evaluating the challenges of maturing technologies  Collaboration and Intellectual Property: What are the issues? Is this a big barrier to real collaboration?  How do we get technology transferred to industry?  Successful collaboration models: lessons learned, good practices, barriers to success  R&D investment: who has the lead?  Collaboration models including academia and governments – how do we collaborate?  New business models: parts of the value chain are different and need different approaches

Keynote Luncheon Sponsored by:

John MYER, Vice President Oil Sands, Husky Energy Karl Johnny HERSVIK, Senior Vice President, R&D, Statoil Neil POXON, Managing Director, ITF (The Industry Technology Facilitator) Dan WICKLUM, CEO, COSIA (Canada’s Oil Sands Industry Alliance) James CLELAND, Regional Leader Heavy Oil Solutions, Americas, GE Energy Topic 3.2:

Deploying Innovation in the Oil Sands Bob KING, Manager, Reservoir & Production, Suncor Energy

3:00 – 3:30

Networking Break on Exhibition Floor—Sponsored by

3:30 – 5:00

Session IV: Global Heavy Oil Projects: An Update on Projects Moderator: Donna Garbutt, President, Schlumberger Canada

Topic 4.1:

An Overview of Heavy Oil in the UK North Sea  The resource, the history  Technological developments  Seismic, Drilling & Production  Marketing/Commercial  Oil Sales, Taxation  New projects: Bressay, Mariner and Kraken Steve JENKINS, CEO, Nautical Petroleum

Topic 4.2:

Developments in Venezuela Eulogio DEL PINO, Vice President, Exploration and Development, PDVSA

Topic 4.3:

Update on Heavy Oil Developments in the Middle East Rick PENNEY, Global Development Planning Director & EOR Chief, Schlumberger

5:00 – 5:20

Closing Keynote Address Chen Bi, Executive Vice President, CNOOC Limited, Congress Co-Chair, WHOC12

5:20 – 5:30

Closing Remarks Jack STEVENSON, Heavy Oil R&D Portfolio Manager, Chevron & Business Congress Chair, WHOC 2012

5:30 - 9:30

Opening Ceremonies (Boyd Orr Hall)

business conference programme Wednesday 12th September 2012 8:30 – 8:40

Opening Remarks Jack STEVENSON, Heavy Oil R&D Portfolio Manager, Chevron & Business Congress Chair, WHOC 2012

8.40 – 10.00

Session V: Global Heavy Oil Projects: An Update on Projects Continued Moderator: David Brown, Manager, Heavy Oil Technology, ConocoPhillips

Topic 5.1:

The Appraisal and Upcoming Development of the North Sea Bentley Field  The history of the Bentley Field  Xcite Energy Resources background  The context of heavy oil in the North Sea  The development process  Technical issues of developing heavy oil in an offshore environment  The business drivers leading to development  The regulatory framework  Confidence in the commerciality of the project  Economics of heavy oil  Xcite’s journey with the Bentley so far Steve KEW, Exploration and Development Director, Xcite Energy Resources

Topic 5.2:

SIPC Canada Projects: Introduction, Strategy and Advantages in Developing Heavy Oil in Canada Pengfei YIN, President, Sinopec International Exploration and Production Canada Petroleum

10:00 – 10:30

Networking Break on Exhibition Floor - Sponsored by

10:30 – 12.30

Session VI: Social License to Operate, Geo Political and Socio Political Challenges

Topic 6.1:

Social License to Operate: Stakeholder Engagement and Communication  Keeping supporters as supporters  Working with various stakeholders in order to communicate the benefits and developments within the heavy oil community Damien Bates, Editor, Press & Journal

Topic 6.2:

Heavy Oil in a Socio-Economic and Global Political Context 

  

Energy policies around the world: Energy is the lifeblood of every economy and society around the world. All forms of energy have some environmental impact – understanding the changes for industry and governments to design and implement the policy trade-offs that will render energy development and environmental stewardship mutually reinforcing objectives Global politics – how limiting can this be to certain heavy oil markets? NIMBY Keystone Pipeline What differences are there around the globe?

Kent CAMPBELL, Deputy Minister, Energy and Resources, Government of Saskatchewan José Serrano LOZANO, Vice President of Production, Northeast Offshore Region, PEMEX Michael COHEN, Senior Oil Market Analyst, Oil Industry and Markets Division, IEA 12:30 – 1:30

Networking Luncheon

business conference programme 1:30 – 3:00

Session VII: Manpower – Heavy Oil Sector Labour Supply and Demand Outlook Moderator: Joanna DESJARDINS, Reservoir Engineer, ConocoPhillips and Director & Conference Chair, World Petroleum Council Youth Committee

Topic 7.1:

Global Workforce Mobility: Think Global While Acting Local  Building the required expertise from indigenous communities  What does a global heavy oil workforce look like  Retraining the current industry to meet the unique needs of heavy oil  Mentoring  Where does the workforce come from and how do you get it to where it’s needed?  Do governments have a role to play  Are there lessons to be learned from other sectors or industries  Comparisons and Similarities around the World of Manpower Challenges and Opportunities David LENG, Head of Schools and Educational Establishments, Aberdeen City Council Stephanie Ryan, Director, Talent Acquisition, Suncor Paul Paynter, Business Development Manager, Energy, Calgary Economic Development

3:00 – 3:30

Networking Break on Exhibition Floor - Sponsored by

3:30 – 5:00

Session VIII: The Future of Heavy Oil

Topic 8.1:

Current and Future State and the Impact of Offshore Heavy Oil Development  Assessing global demand for oil sands products  The rising global competition in the bitumen/heavy oil market  New heavy oil benchmark rates and exchange dynamics  Key economic indicators and potential risk elements for heavy oil offshore development projects Héctor Salgado CASTRO, Manager, Ayatsil-Tekel Development Project, PEMEX

Topic 8.2:

Heavy Oil – A Global Industry in a Global Spotlight: Continuing to Achieve Responsible Energy Development 

Evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the future Heavy Oil industry

Laura ATKINS, Director, Petroleum Research, Hart Energy 5:00 – 5:10

Closing Remarks Jack STEVENSON, Heavy Oil R&D Portfolio Manager, Chevron & Business Congress Chair, WHOC 2012

5:10 – 5:30

Networking at the Exhibition

5:30 - 9:30

2014 Congress Launch Party (Boyd Orr Hall)


technical conference programme Register online now

Technical presentations focus on offshore and onshore The theme for World Heavy Oil Congress in 2012 is Improving Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration. With this in mind, the technical streams have been chosen to focus on technology, processes and extraction methods both onshore and offshore.

Wednesday, September 12 8:00 am - 10: 00 am Production I

Drilling, Completion & Stimulation I

Emerging Technologies I

Thermal Processes I

Reservoir & Reserves I Photo 1

Networking Break: 10:00 am - 10:30 am Production I

Drilling, Completion & Stimulation I

Emerging Technologies I

Thermal Processes I

Reservoir & Reserves I

Location of the Heimdal reservoir in the North Sea, operated by Statoil and partners Eni and Nautical Petroleum. One of the technical presentations will focus on drainage strategy for the development.

Luncheon: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm Research I

Environmental Emerging Mining & Technology Technologies Surface II Facilities

Reservoir & Reserves II

Photo 2

Networking Break: 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Research I

Environmental Emerging Mining & Technology Technologies Surface II Facilities

2014 Congress Launch Party 5:30 pm at Boyd Orr Hall, Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre THURSDAY PROGRAMME CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

Reservoir & Reserves II

Thermal processes, such as the one shown above from (Schlumberger), will be explored in-depth in 3 separate sessions.


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Technical programme continued Countries Presenting Technical Papers

Thursday, September 13 8:30 am - 10: 00 am Production II Completion & Production Technologies

Non-Thermal Processes

Thermal Processes II

Reservoir Monitoring

Offshore Development I

Thermal Processes II

Reservoir Monitoring

Offshore Development I

Thermal Processes III

Reservoir & Reserves III

Offshore Development II

Thermal Processes III

Reservoir & Reserves III

Offshore Development II

Networking Break: 10:00 am - 10:30 am Production II Completion & Production Technologies

Non-Thermal Processes II

Luncheon: 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Research II

Fluid & Rock Properties

Naturally Fractured Reservoir

Networking Break: 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Research II

Fluid & Rock Properties

Naturally Fractured Reservoir

Brazil Canada China Colombia Egypt France India Italy Japan Kuwait Mexico Netherlands Nigeria Norway Russia Saudi Arabia Spain Suriname Sweden Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago UAE UK USA Venezuela

Closing Cocktails: 5:30 pm, Boyd Orr Hall Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre Photo 3

PDVSA will present a case study based on the Maracaibo Lake Basin, on how to develop an innovative workflow for getting a sound estimation of water saturation.

Photo 4

Kuwait Oil Company will present a case study on Practical downhole dielectric and diffusion-based NMR workflow for viscosity measurement in viscous shaly-sand reservoir using laboratory calibration

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Networking Events Opening Ceremonies & Gala Monday, 10 September 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Boyd Orr Hall | Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre £125.00 individual tickets, or included in full Congress registration fee


The City of Aberdeen is pleased to host the Opening Ceremonies & Gala. Connect with senior level government and industry officials at a cocktail reception with an Aberdonian twist.

Congress Reception Tuesday, 11 September 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Soul Bar | 333 Union Street, Aberdeen £95.00 individual tickets, or included in full Congress registration fee Join Congress delegates and VIP’s for an evening of networking. With a contemporary look and a relaxed atmosphere, Soul Bar is filled with all ages and all professions and is definitely

2014 Launch Party Wednesday, 12 September 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Boyd Orr Hall | Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre £95.00 individual tickets, or included in full Congress registration fee


Aberdeen Marketplace Take home a little bit of Scotland. Visit the Aberdeen Marketplace and source gifts from the following retailers:

Be one of the first to know the location of the World Heavy Oil Congress in 2014! Experience the sights and sounds of the new location while networking with Congress delegates and special guests.

Closing Cocktails Thursday, 13 September 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm | Boyd Orr Hall | Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre £50.00 individual tickets, or included in full Congress registration fee Close out World Heavy Oil Congress with a relaxed cocktail reception. Secure those lasting business relationships before you leave the beautiful city of Aberdeen.

Register for a Delegate Pass, or purchase individual tickets at:

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Arrange to Meet Scottish Companies with the skills and experience you need The oil and gas sector in Scotland has a strong record of achievement over 40 years. Many of the skills and services developed in this country can be found throughout the world. International sales for the year 2010-11 stood at £7.6bn, accounting for a record 46.4 per cent of total Scottish supply chain sales. Today over 2,000 companies operate the Scottish oil and gas supply chain, and the industry supports over 200,000 jobs. Scottish companies’ skills and expertise cover a range of areas including:    

Subsea engineering Drilling, downhole and well technology Production and process management Education and training

To pre-arrange meetings with Scottish companies who have strengths and experience in your area, please contact Daniel Crowe at or call +44(0)141 228 2793. Scottish Development International (SDI) supports Scottish Oil and Gas companies to do more business overseas by helping trade partners tap into the country’s vibrant Oil and Gas sector accessing its key strengths in knowledge, high level skills, technology and innovation. SDI also works to attract overseas investment into Scotland and to promote Scotland as a good place to live and work.

Scotland’s Oil & Gas Industry Overview: 

North Sea oil reserves stand at two billion tonnes of oil – as much has been produced over the last 25 years

Scotland’s gas fields contain a maximum remaining reserve of 1330 billion cubic metres

Scotland’s oil and gas companies are increasingly exporting their proven expertise to global markets

Scotland’s vast experience in subsea technology means Scottish technology is being used to discover new oil field across the world

Scotland’s oil and gas industry generated a record £15.4 billion in export sales from 2008 to 2009, an 8.3 percent increase More than 150,000 people (six percent of the working population) are employed by over 2000 companies in Scotland’s oil and gas sector

Scotland’s oil and gas workforce benefits from five training and research centres

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Aberdeen City Council—Stakeholder ALE Altamira Information Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. Baker Hughes /Baker Oil Tools Calgary Economic Development Champion Technologies China National Offshore Oil Corp. (CNOOC) - Stakeholder ConocoPhillips Specialty Products Inc. Croda Europe Ltd Edmonton Economic Development Corporation FMC Technologies Inc. Government of Alberta - Stakeholder Government of Saskatchewan - Stakeholder Grainger H.P. Well Screen B.V Halliburton Nautical Petroleum—Stakeholder Norseman Structures Inc. Nynas—Stakeholder Olympus Industrial PCM Pemex—Stakeholder Perupetro S.A Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A (PDVSA) - Stakeholder Petroleum Technology Research Centre Petrospec Engineering Ltd. Photon Control Inc. Scottish Development International Sproule International Limited Statoil (U.K.) Limited—Stakeholder Suncor Energy Inc. The Press & Journal and ENERGY Thermo Fisher Scientific Total SA Vista Projects Limited WIKA Instruments Canada Ltd.

The exhibition at the Congress is home to market-leading brands— a vibrant marketplace of heavy oil technology, research & development, leading international companies, unique products and services and world-class expertise. A must-attend for heavy oil professionals, the three-day exhibition features cutting-edge innovations and international products & services. Drawing upon an established international community built over six years —Brazil, China, Colombia, Canada, India, Norway, United States, United Kingdom and Venezuela—the unification of industry sectors on the exhibition floor has contributed to the strength of World Heavy Oil Congress.

EXHIBITION HOURS Tuesday, 11 September Wednesday, 12 September Thursday, 13 September

12:00 pm—6:30 pm 10:00 am—6:30 pm 10:00 am—5:30 pm

BENEFITS OF ATTENDING The Congress provides attendees with a valuable forum to:

        

Conduct international business Meet face-to-face with operators, service/supply chain Identify new commercial opportunities Source technologies and suppliers Forge global partnerships Network with Congress delegates and exhibitors Find out about the latest industry advancements Find out about innovative products/technologies in the Presentation Theatre Understand the challenges & opportunities facing heavy oil


Leaders in heavy oil exploration, production and development exhibit to showcase current projects, technical expertise, innovations and future plans for exploration or development.

List as of August, 2012. Subject to change.


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Aberdeen - a

global hub for energy technology City provides energy expertise, skills and technology to drive industry Known as the Energy Capital of Europe, Aberdeen, Scotland is emerging as one of the world’s leading locations of the diverse interests of the modern energy industry. With significant investment being directed to infrastructure, technology and strategic projects, Aberdeen is poised to welcome the heavy oil community and share knowledge and expertise on recent advancements.

Book accommodations and flights today! Delegates are advised to arrive in Aberdeen on or before Monday, 10 September.  Book hotels directly with any of the six official Congress hotels, and take advantage of preferred rates and proximity to the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. Hotels book rapidly, so act now!  Book flights with our official Congress provider. Groups welcome!  Visas and letters of invitation may be required, depending on your country of residence.  Learn how to get to the Congress venue.  VAT refunds

Recently Aberdeen was named one of five cities which could help the UK climb its way out of the recession because of its high levels of employment and abundance of skilled workers. Aberdeen City and Shire was dubbed in the report by officials as the "one to watch" with its rapid growing economy, size and oil reserves. Brian Horsburgh, Managing Director of AECC states, “We are delighted with this prestigious conference win, which reinforces Aberdeen's status as a key location for international energy conferences.” In addition, Aberdeen is home to a rich cultural history and architecture significance, beautiful countryside and vibrant, friendly communities. While you are attending the World Heavy Oil Congress in September, be sure to enjoy all that Aberdeen has to offer!

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Aberdeen - epicenter of the UK oil and gas community

Congress newsletter ISSUE #3

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Full Schedule of Events Network with the global heavy oil industry World Heavy Oil Congress offers heavy oil professionals a unique opportunity to experience two world-class conference programmes with a four-day program of social networking activities and a prime occasion to meet and do business with the entire supply chain of the global heavy oil industry.


Sept. 10

Sept. 11

Sept. 12

Sept. 13

Technical Tours

Opening Keynote

Business Conference

Technical Conference: 6 Concurrent Sessions

Short Courses

Business Conference Opens

Technical Conference: 5 Concurrent Sessions

Exhibition opens 10:00 am

Exhibition opens 10:00 am




Exhibition opens 12:00 pm

Business Conference

Technical Conference Concurrent Sessions

Business Conference

Technical Conference Concurrent Sessions


Keynote Address & Luncheon

Luncheon 

Technical Conference: Concurrent Sessions

Technical Tours conclude

Business Conference

Business Conference

Short Courses conclude

Closing Keynote

Technical Conference: Concurrent Sessions

Exhibition closes 6:30 pm

Exhibition closes 6:30 pm

Exhibition closes 5:30 pm

Congress Reception

2014 Launch Party

Closing Cocktails

Opening Ceremony & Gala


Congress newsletter ISSUE #3

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About World Heavy Oil Congress Improving Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration Since its launch in 2006, World Heavy Oil Congress has been the leading event for the global heavy oil industry. The four-day Congress unites international professionals by providing business executives and technical experts a platform to foster relationships and advance heavy oil development. Technical conference sessions, business conference panels, keynote addresses, in-depth courses, technical tours, an exhibition, and social events promote education on innovative technology and responsible development, as well as provide an opportunity to network with colleagues from the community. The premier global heavy oil event, the last Congress delivered over 135 presentations and welcomed 1,000 delegates from 30 countries. The industry will come together again in Aberdeen, UK in 2012 – join us!



Congress History 2011


Total attendees, Edmonton 2011 Conference delegates

2,979 1,072



Total attendees, Venezuela 2009 Conference delegates

1,350 694



2012 Committees In the niche market sector of heavy oil, all the top countries and individual experts are represented at World Heavy Oil Congress. Click below to see the growing list of heavy oil professionals involved with WHOC:

Business Conference Committee Technical Conference Committee Stakeholders

Total attendees, Canada 2008 Conference delegates

1,808 788

2006 China

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Total attendees, China 2006 Conference delegates

1,126 650

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