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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Todays Highlights

Nigeria is Open for More Investment and More Production

• SPE Heavy Oil Conference–Canada, 7:15 am – 5:00 pm, Stampede Park, Palomino Rooms

The International Market Theatre hosted a Nigerian presentation yesterday, with an invitation to Western companies, especially Canadian and Albertan corporations to consider investing in that country’s emerging energy industry. “Canadian expertise and technology is highly sought in Nigeria,” says Jean Gauthier, Deputy High Commissioner of Canada to Nigeria. “A few years ago it was a major stumbling block to have to Canadians foot the financing. A few Canadian companies are investing in Nigeria, but we’re always looking for more.” He states that the Nigerian government is focused on creating success for indigenous companies operating on their own and with international juniors. The opportunities can not only lead to potential profits in an emerging middle class economy, but also open the door to other African countries such as Ghana, Guinea, Lagos, and Sierra Leone. Emeka Ene, CEO of Olidata Energy Group and Xenergi says the oil and gas value chain in Nigeria has a large economic and commercial footprint. “Local content can be leveraged to be a magnet for FDI growth. That translates into GDP growth and ultimately stability for investors,” Ene says. “Nigeria is second to South Africa for growth. We focus on the three C’s…capacity building, capitalization, and convergence of policies and laws has positioned us as a place to invest.” The challenges too, are also obvious: The Petroleum Industrial Bill. The push is on to have the latest version of the bill submitted to the national assembly shortly. Delay could cause problems for investors. The Niger Delta Crisis and Amnesty Program. These have created problems for the Canadian Trade Commission Service. The goal is to create jobs for youth to help with socio-political stability. Eliminating corruption, boosting safety. The Nigerian and Canadian governments are working to vet companies for their track record,

• International Energy Leaders Forum, 8:00 am – 10:00 am, The Fairmont Palliser, Crystal Ballroom • Exhibition – Day 2, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Stampede Park • International Energy Marketplace, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Stampede Park, Corral Concourse • Global Business Development Theatre, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm, Boyce Theatre Foyer • International Market Presentations, 10:30 am – 5:00 pm, Boyce Theatre • Innovation Presentation Theatre, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Stampede Park, Hall F • European Union – Canada Business Forum, 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Stampede Park, Arabian Rooms • Outdoor Rodeo, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm, Stampede Park, Outdoor Area Wale Tinubu speaking at the International Market Theatre

accounting and performance before the ink is dry. The most stable companies are the ones who have followed regulatory and training compliances, and have good relationships with international companies. Long contract award and decision making processes. Decision making is slowed, but the Nigerian government is working to fast track processes and get projects moving. Despite delays and social issues, Wale Tinubu, group chief executive, Oando PLC, says it’s quite clear that the nation is doing very well with a GDP approaching 400B barrels a day. “We have a low debt to GDP ratio, which is rare for developing countries. There is plenty of scope for capital to come into the country. There is so much growth and prosperity but very little resource. When indigenous companies get together with foreign companies, the growth is phenomenal.” Continues on page 5

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SCADA Systems Were on the Menu Tuesday at the Innovation Presentation Theatre ABB offered insight into their SCADAvantage ABB is one of the largest power and process automation companies in the world, with head office in Zurich, and three locations in Calgary. Calvin Vaas, manager of business development for Canada, says the SCADA system is produced in Calgary, and as one of the top four suppliers in the industry, there are over 500 systems already deployed mostly in downstream. Continues on page 5

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Drilling Rig and Parts Top Drives Mud Pumps * Rotary Tables Master & Kelly Bushings Wire Rope * Sandline Drill Pipe, Kelly & HW Safety Clamps Drill Pipe Slips Drill Collars & Casing Slips

China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation

• Official Industry Party, 6:30 pm, Cowboys Casino, Stampede Park

GPS 2012

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China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation (CPTDC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), is the largest supplier of Chinese Petroleum and Petrochemical Materials and Equipment in the world, CPTDC’s operation principle is “Based on Service, Striving for Excellence”. CPTDC commits itself to introducing more petroleum equipment and technology into the world market. June 13th, 2012


Now there’s a permanent name for portable power:

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Oil Production and Prices Rising

But concern remains for heavy crude pricing and pipeline capacity For the oil industry, the results being experienced this year are what many have been waiting for. With first quarter results showing a positive increase for many companies, it appears that 2012 holds promise for much potential. Oilsands giant Suncor Energy recorded first quarter 2012 net earnings of $1.457 billion, compared to net earnings of $1.028 billion for the first quarter of 2011. Cenovus Energy’s cash flow for the quarter saw an increase of 30 per cent when compared with the same period a year earlier. Cash flow benefited from increased oil production and higher oil prices, as well as increased refining throughput and strong refining margins. Yet oilsands companies are still hoping to see a correction in the price they receive for their oil versus the benchmark price. “While oil prices are high, Canadian heavy crude is still priced at a discount,” said Brian Ferguson, Cenovus President and Chief Executive Officer. Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., the largest shareholder in Syncrude, says it faces a growing gap between the price it receives for its oil compared to the North American benchmark. The company is forecasting that this year its product will sell for about $10 a barrel less than West Texas Intermediate crude. Additional pipeline capacity is another issue many companies are hoping to see addressed in 2012. The need for expansion of existing oil pipeline capacity is at the forefront of challenges the oilsands industry is facing today, says the Canadian Energy Research Institute in its Oilsands Supply Costs and Development Projects report. “It is also important to stress how some excess capacity is crucial to be able to manage pipeline maintenance times and to provide flexibility for new market development,” the report says. Since the Keystone XL is in limbo and the Northern Gateway tied up in public hearings, 2012 promises to be the year of change and transformation for producers and shippers, the report outlines. With so much is going on, the Net Employment Outlook from Manpower Canada shows that the oil industry plans to beef up employment numbers. “Strengthened by an active outlook in the mining industry sector where efforts are underway in Alberta to develop the largest oil field outside the Middle East, the Net Employment Outlook for the upcoming quarter indicates a respectable hiring climate for the April to June time frame,” says Janis Sugar, Director of Marketing for Manpower Canada. According to BMO Economics, exploration activity continues to be strong, particularly in the Bakken light oil formation, bringing the possibility of record oil drilling in 2012.

CASING RUNNING TOP TO BOTTOM innovation is our edge


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Continues from cover page Beyond infrastructure investments, Tinubu says training facilities are also a great opportunity. “There is a big demand for training and certification within the country, so from an investment point of view there is a big opportunity. The goal is to get international certification in the country.” Continues from cover page Formed out of a joint venture of ABB and Encana, the software was created to target three pillars: Performance, affordability, and scalability. “The system uses a Polyhedra database which is 10 times faster than a typical SCADA database which depends on memory linked lists,” he says. “The ABB system based on event-driven updates, so the only data that is only transferred is what actually changes. Clients end up using less bandwidth, and the transfer quicker and more efficient, no matter what the size of system.” Cost is always a factor, especially for small companies that require the program, but not the scale. No problem, says Vaas. “The open software allows clients to upload around their needs,” he adds. “As business grows, the sys- Calvin Vaas of ABB Inc., presented a real-time tem grows with you. It’s very effective Very effective SCADA system at GPS which cuts down on maintenance, manpower, and boosts data speed. because with our real time database, you can add redundant and replicated servers and it doesn’t slow down.” In the event of a failover, Vaas says competitive systems could take over an hour to recover information. With SCADAvantage, a redundant server is being fed with the data at the same time, so recovery is within a matter of minutes. With several tiers of replication, data can also be fed into specific departments for immediate access including corporate servers. The budget is also reduced due to fewer people required to run the system and lower maintenance requirements. The plug and play model starts at around $40,000 without customization. “We find that most small clients are pretty satisfied with the comprehensiveness of the program,” Vaas says. “We can customize as needed including input and output telemetry, devices, security privileges, trend tracking, communication technology as well as tailored call out alarms.” Licensing and upgrading is easier too, with one protocol often loaded on unlimited devices. That means fewer servers to buy a centralized shared system. “Clients can add hundreds of devices in mere seconds, and the system can be upgraded by plugging in a disc, depending on the customization.”

HydroFORM™ • Robust, smooth profile, rigid centralizers • Excellent window exiting characteristics • All steel, 1-piece design • Casing Sizes: 41/2 ” – 13 3/8 ”

4110 - 56 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB Canada T6B 3R8 +1.780.490.5185

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June 13th, 2012


Platts Roundtable Table Talk Brings up the Demand for Resources in Asia A recent round table at the Platts Oil Forum garnered some stunning revelations of the demand for resources in Asia, and some possible scenarios for the next three years. Platts editors John Kingston, Esa Ramasamy, Samantha Santa Maria from Platts, joined Greg Stringham, CAPP vice president, markets & oil sands, and Wenran Jiang, a senior advisor for Alberta Energy, to discuss a variety of issues—tolls, rail trends, and tight oil. But attention turned quickly to China, with stunning insights and projections from Jiang. When asked about China’s energy growth rate and how steep the slowdown really is, Jiang pointed toward trends in the past decade. “Oil has been very volatile,” he said. “Overall, the trend is going up 30 to 40 per cent of global demand of oil and growth coming from China and India is significant. What we don’t know is the micro-economics inside the country. We’re still seeing growing another 10 per cent. China has to sustain 7 to 8 per cent of growth and we are at a crisis already.” With 70 per cent of energy dependency coming from coal, 30 per cent from oil and only three per cent from natural gas, conditions are pointing to Canada for investment. The Keystone and Northern Gateway pipelines are under the watchful eye of the Chinese, who are eager to get involved. “The Chinese are watching this very closely,” stated Jiang, remarking on the pending go-ahead decisions from both Canadian and American governments, which is creating some compelling discussion. “They don’t want to take advantage of the wedge between Canada and the US. They just want to see the infrastructure being built and a speeding up or sustained commitment from either or both pipelines. If there are real options, what are they?” Since China is not a Canadian customer yet, but can be down the line, investments in infrastructure Powered by:

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Recruiting Tomorrow’s Energy

June 13 & 14

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre @MyEnergyCareer | #GECE12 Major Exhibition Sponsors


and production are moving at a steady pace. Jiang said it’s proactive planning for the country’s future. “We’ve got seven million undergraduates, 12 million graduate students coming into the market every year. We have to keep them working, but infrastructure building is a problem for China. It’s not sustainable. They want balanced approach to development. The government would rather see an unbalanced recovery than a balanced recession.” With 400 million Chinese citizens still living in rural areas, and a predicted 50 per cent of those moving into urban spaces in the next 20 years, middle class consumption will skyrocket, demanding everything from automobiles and appliances to air conditioning units and televisions. China’s technology and manufacturing sectors are also feeling the pinch. “What we have is an energy incentive,” Jiang cited. “China produces anywhere from 35 to 75 per cent of major home appliances around the world for the purpose of export. Our energy is a peak issue, but I don’t see one at all. By 2020, 50% of energy will have to come from alternative energy and fossil fuels. We’ll go into 2030 and still there will be no ceiling.” Stimulus versus infrastructure—the catch-22 of the industry, is a persistent subject. While China produces its own gas, and is moving into its own shale recovery, demand outweighs output hands down. “The question is that the terminals and plants are not moving fast enough. We have all the workers, but we lack the management and know-how.” Kingston posed the question of the perceived challenge of matching two different types of business practices between Asia and North America, especially if China comes to our backyard to play. “They do things differently with a different set of metrics and parameters,” suggested Kingston. Jiang agreed that the concerns and suspicions are understandable but cannot be backed by reality. “It’s a historical situation we are facing—China’s reforming and opening up,” he says. “When they come to Canada, they follow the rules here. It’s not that we have one monolithic China that operates under one state arm.” Alternatives to moving oil and gas to Asian markets are always on the table. Stringham said the slowdown of activity and Imperial Oil’s consideration in turning of the Dartmouth refinery into a terminal on Canada’s East Coast could add a challenge to shipping East. He cited the best alternative is probably Montreal, but after that the fine details make it more complicated. “Beyond that you have to build pipe or use rail or other things,” he says. “The easy part is the 300-400,000 barrels per day if you take a look at the Excel pipeline. If you have to look beyond that, you’ll have to look at the West Coast, which stretches your low hanging fruit.” The panel heralded Canadian gas producers for their speed of shutting in or curtailing wells quickly and efficiently, more so than their U.S. counterparts. Samantha Santa Maria noted there could be two potential reasons. “It could be due to the drilling commitments, but I would have to say one would be time lag, and I also wonder if it’s the old boy, ‘Wild West” mentality–very wildcatter,” she said. “Many of the people I’ve talked to think that the curtailing is just a blip in the road and they can weather the storm. On the subject of working within confines of infrastructure and competition, Stringham voiced the practical aspects of growth. “When it comes to competing, you know how the economics work,” he said. “You go into the empty capacity, then expansion, rather than building from the grassroots.” Whether product is refined locally or shipped down a line to domestic or foreign facilities is a persistent debate. Jiang mentioned that China, Japan and Korea could potentially purchase existing and stagnant refineries in Canada for transport, instead of shipping and ultimately refining it themselves. “If we have a good free trade agreement and the tariffs for upgrading are good, then we can have China’s private sector, who want to come to North America or Canada, buy them and have upstream supply for downstream feed. Buy or build, they are doing feasibility studies, but it’s not possible yet.” Stringham commented that this may work and that refining locally may not be the right answer, due to the variances of state/provincial and national environmental and industrial specifications, depending on the country. “One of the real keys is if you make gas that matches the specifications for certain places, you might find all of a sudden, they don’t need that specific diesel, and then you have to look to other areas to sell it. If you’re looking at moving into China, do you look at moving refined products? There is a balance on how local or international you can be. I don’t think there is a clear answer on that.”



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Experience our solution first hand at the 2012 Global Petroleum Show, booth 7604 and 3875.

Aquatech Introduces SMARTMOD™ Modular Evaporator Technology for Oil Sands Market Aquatech, a leader in water purification technology for the industrial and infrastructure markets, will unveil its SMARTMOD™ modular evaporator technology for the Oil Sands market at Booth # 7007, Halls D, E. Modular, flexible and redeployable, SMARTMOD is the lowest CAPEX and life cycle cost evaporator system available today. It utilizes vertical tube falling film evaporator design, a proven technology for treating difficult produced water sources. Benefits of SMARTMOD over conventional evaporator systems include 10% lower power consumption. Its multiple section design ensures ASME distillate quality, and on-line washing allows for continuous distillate production at >70% of design capacity during washing. SMARTMOD is also engineered to minimize field installation labor and costs. With its dramatically reduced center of mass and evaporator weight, the SMARTMOD module and vessels eliminate the need for building a large evaporator building or expensive foundation labor and materials. Its innovative design also reduces freight costs for transportation of the complete system to site. “Aquatech is pleased to introduce this new evaporator design, which adds to our industry-leading portfolio of solutions for oil & gas producers and provides our clients with a unique solution to treat and reuse their produced water. We see a bright future with SMARTMODT in the Oil Sands market and believe that this technology will further expand our already successful global footprint in produced water treatment,” said Alan R. Daza, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for Aquatech. SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) is an enhanced oil recovery (EOR) technology for producing heavy crude oil and bitumen. It is an advanced form of steam stimulation where high pressure steam is injected into the formation, heating the bitumen in the formation, which lowers its viscosity and allows the mixture of bitumen and water from condensed steam to be pumped out. The liquid that is pumped to the surface is a mixture of oil and water. The mixture is separated to a predominantly oil and water fractions in the de-oiling process. The water fraction (or Produced Water) is sent to the Aquatech system for treatment and reuse in the facility. In addition to the evaporator technology, Aquatech has supplied conventional systems that include Walnut Shell Filters, Warm Lime Softening, Afterfilters and Ion Exchange softening. Once purified, the produced water is used as feed to the boiler for steam generation and injected into the formation, and the cycle continues.

“Aquatech’s evaporator systems like SMARTMOD are an excellent fit for the Oil Sands market. Whether it’s for Produced Water or Boiler Blowdown treatment, the SMARTMOD provides high distillate purity, high continuous distillate production availability and significant reduction in field installation costs of approximately 75%,” Daza noted.

June 13th, 2012


The Newest Low Ground Pressure PRIZE DRAWS! Vehicle That Goes Where You Work and Works Where You Go!

Global Petroleum Show 2012 features the newly created Hall F, sponsored by Aggreko, which houses the US and China Pavilions as well as, the Prize Draw Centre powered by Visit Hall F to enter in the following great prize draws:

The new Panther T8 operates in off-road and weather conditions you cannot even imagine. Efficiently, reliably, cost-effectively. The Panther offers exceptional performance and versatility, in mining, construction, oil and gas as well as electric utility. The Panther’s widened chassis accepts virtually all implements without any modifications.

New iPad Drawn Every Hour! Visit the Prize Draw Centre in Hall F at Booth #8062. • • • • •

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With its two-person cab, large deck space as well as ease of implement installation, the Panther is locked and loaded to perform without fail in the mining, electric and utility, oil and gas sectors. From construction to ROW (right-of-way) maintenance, in the middle of nowhere or within city limits, the Panther has the toughness, tenacity and reliability you need in a crawler. PRINOTH is a competent partner for your sector. We know that your work require specialized maintenance and equipment to keep facilities and infrastructures both operational and safe. That is where the Panther comes in. It tracks into hard-to-reach worksites all year round with all the implements necessary for site preparation. From building access roads to exploratory drilling and pipeline installation, the Panther gets it done. Quickly, safely, economically. With the ability to employ just about any implement, it is one very capable platform from which to work. All standard implements can be affixed to the Panther’s 860 mm (34 in.) truck-inspired chassis with little to no modifications. This makes installation simpler and easier, and gives you one less thing to sweat over.

Outdoor Area at Global Petroleum Show Today’s oil and gas industry requires a symphony of technical disciplines, all operating in harmony – rigs, drives, casings, muds, fracturing and perforating, downhole measurement, to name just a few. Explore the equipment in the Global Petroleum Show Outdoor Area and be at the forefront of the latest equipment, tools, technologies and processes in oil and gas. Visit the Outdoor Area, rain or shine.

Outdoor Rodeo Come rain, hail or shine, the Outdoor Area at GPS offers an array of networking festivities that connect attendees and exhibitors. Get up close and personal with the toughest sport on dirt! We’ve added true Calgary hospitality to the Outdoor Exhibits “where cowboys enter, and legends leave.” See live bareback riding, mutton-busting, wild ponies, saddle bronc riding, and the toughest sport on dirt – bull riding.

8 Official Show Daily 2012

Visit Corporate Traveller in Hall F at Booth #8105. Bring the experts on board. Corporate Traveller offers a unique combination of expert advice, local personal service and global negotiating strength to maximise your travel cost savings. The Corporate Traveller team is the best in the business. Our travel experts are highly experienced and have exceptional product knowledge to deliver airfare and accommodation options that will have an immediate and positive impact on your bottom line. Our flexible business model is shaped to match the distinctive needs of SMEs, enabling us to better understand your travel requirements, offer tailored solutions and build long-term partnerships. You don’t need to be a multi-national company to get the lowest possible travel rates – you just need to bring an expert on board. Details: • To Enter, drop off your business card at Booth #8105 in Hall F • Draw for $1,000 Credit will be held at 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 14 • Prize is a credit, and of no cash value • Valid until July, 2013 • Visit Corporate Traveler at Courtesy of:

Win a 4 day/3 night trip for 2 Visit West Coast Resorts in Hall F at Booth #8312. West Coast Resorts offers you a choice of five distinctly different fishing resorts, each delivering an unforgettable and rewarding experience for all levels of ability. Each unique and each have their own set of devoted fans. West Coast Resorts has developed into one of Western Canada’s most sought after remote angling experience. With five operations located on the Central Coast, Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii (formerly The Queen Charlottes) we are known for our excellence, attention to detail and incredible “West Coast” service; qualities we bring to all of our ventures. Enter to win the Package, which includes: • 4 day/3 night trip for 2 to any one of our five lodges located in BC • Round trip airfare from Vancouver/lodge • Deluxe accommodations – double occupancy • All meals, snacks and soft beverages • Five hours per day of guided fishing • Unlimited fishing time – Dawn to Dusk • Fully equipped boats – Mercury O/B, depthsounder, GPS, VHF radio, electric downriggers • All fishing equipment and bait • All weather gear, boots and Helly Hansen floatation collar • Cleaning, portioning, vacuum packing, flash freezing and boxing of your catch Courtesy of:

For over 30 years, Tervita has worked to develop unique, industry-leading technologies that help oil sands producers overcome the challenges posed by unconventional oil and gas production. We’re a leader in developing new techniques for the processing of sludge, for instance, and are using that expertise to bring unique solutions to mine and tailings management. And working with academic, scientific and industry partners, we’re helping to advance the research and development of practices which maximize oil sands extraction while minimizing environmental impact. From coring services to well servicing to integrated on-site waste management solutions and specialized services like metal recycling, we support the industry by providing new technologies, more efficient processes and reduced costs. All while offering the utmost in environmental protection. Now that’s unique. Visit or call 1-855-TERVITA today.

A N o r t h A m e r i c A N L e A d e r i N e N v i r o N m e N tA L A N d e N e r g y s e r v i c e s Copyright Tervita Corporation 2012. EARTH MATTERS and the TERVITA logo are the trademarks of Tervita Corporation. All rights reserved.

110200727_PhsIII_OGNSG_OILSands_v2.indd 1

12-05-31 6:41 PM

Tools, Tablets and Software Applications Built for Field Use The oil and gas industry manages operations that predominantly take place in the field, away from central headquarters or satellite offices. Streamlining costs, improving field efficiencies and providing improved customer service and support relies heavily on the ability of the industry to integrate field and office operations. Efficiency in field operations is achieved through integrated connectivity – connecting field sites and office locations to field equipment and workers. “Our customers, are frequently requesting tools for use directly in the field that are easy to deploy and can be integrated into their existing networks. The abundance of software applications available today – from signature capture and electronic forms to customized industry solutions for compliance – has definitely increased the popularity of tablets in the field,” says Chris Reagan, Data Solutions Manager for Western Canada, with Rogers Communications Inc.

Connecting equipment, machines and people to an organization’s network and business systems is precisely what Rogers Communications Machine-to-Machine solutions division specializes in. Wireless networks are being utilized today to connect more than just phones and simple data devices. Equipment, tools, trucks, people and machines are being connected to wireless networks through simple hardware and software solutions that help the industry mange costs, streamline operations and improve overall field efficiency. Rogers will be featuring some of their field service automation solutions, including tablets with software applications, as well as displaying Rogers Control Centre, an exclusive platform offering for managing and deploying Machine-to-Machine solutions, at the upcoming GPS 2012. Visit Rogers Communications: BMO Centre (Hall A,B,C) Booth# 1868


Editorial David Coll, Seema Dhawan, Joni Evans, Donna Gray Design/Production Millstone Communications Photographers Chris Bolin & Andy Nichols – Chris Bolin Photography Advertising Sales John Robertsen For Advertising Inquires: Please visit us at booth 1816 E. Oil & Gas Network Suite 300, 840 6th Ave SW Calgary AB T2P 3E5 The publisher of GPS Official Show Daily is not responsible for errors or emissions printed, and retains the right to edit all copy. Opinions expressed in the editorial content of GPS Official Show Daily do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or GPS Official Show Daily. Printed in Canada by Calgary Colorpress

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Hot Oiling Volume Fluid Heating High Pressure Pumping Chemical - Acid Pumping


Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions

It’s time to solve this! Remote monitoring and control for gas production and distribution Safe, reliable and secure operations Certified for use in difficult environments, our solution addresses challenges relating to remote assets communicating over disparate media.

Improve operations Easily turn remote operational efficiency data into valuable business information with secure and easy connectivity to business and IT systems.

Field to Enterprise

Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions ClearSCADA

Open, scalable and integrated SCADA software for telemetry applications


Versatile and flexible long range smart data radios

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Quickly develop and maximise production asset performance to extend well lifetime and increase production.


Smart RTU for autonomous, secure and reliable control and monitoring Self-contained, battery-powered wireless instrumentation

Realflo To learn more about our Telemetry solutions for Oil & Gas Visit

Global Petroleum Show Booth #1324

Calgary, Alberta Phone : (403) 236-0580 Fax : (403) 279-6553 Toll Free: (800) 565-7431

Edmonton l Vancouver l Calgary

Flexible and scalable Flow measurement solution


Gas production optimisation solution

Make the most of your energy


Wednesday June 13th Innovation Presentation Theatre - Hall F - Free Exhibitor Presentations Time

Presenting Region


Presention Information

11:00 am – 11:30 am

Wavefront Reservoir Technologies

Fluid Pulse Technology to Improve Enhanced Oil Recovery and Well Stimulation

Tim Conn, Vice President Corporate Development

11:30 am – 12:00 pm

Evaluate Energy & CanOils

Evaluate Energy`s Key Perspectives on the Future of Global Oil & Gas

Nathan Hedley, Managing Director, CanOils

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Polycore Tubular Linings

Thermoplastic Lined Tubing, the Road to Better Recovery!

Mathew Davis, Senior Account Manager

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Canadian Society Unconventional Resources

Unconventional Resources in Canada - Emerging Opportunities & Challenges

Mike Dawson, President, Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Air Liquid Engineering

Air Liquide Engineering & Construction

Camille Lanctot-Downs, Business Development Specialist M@E

2:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Canadian Welding Board

An Overview of Welding Certification

Ken Pearce, Corporate Sales at CWB Group

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Spartan Controls Ltd

The Importance of Pneumatic Instrument Efficiency in the Upstream Oil & Gas

Brian Van Vliet, Technical Sales Specialist

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Mycelx Technologies Corporation

Oil Free Water from MyCelx: Reliable, Proven, Green Technology.

Andy Narayanan, Applications and Product Development Manager

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm


API “seal-less” Process Pump Technology for Reduced Costs and Environmental Risk, Enhanced Personell Safety

Dan Pelon, Sundyne Corporation, HMD Kontro Division

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

FrakJack international

The Frac Shack™

Todd van Vliet, Co-president

4:30 pm -5:00 pm

Invensys Operations Management

Global Automation and Information Technology

Trevor Cusworth, Vice President of Business Value Consulting

Increasing Worksite Safety with Conditioned Air Oil and Gas stakeholders are under increased pressure to improve safety and contractors working on these sites are looking for solutions. Air quality is one of those concerns. Take contaminated air and add high humidity and excessively high or low temperatures and you have a serious concern for the safety of those working in it. Properly conditioned and filtered air delivered to a workspace will: • allow longer exposure times. • keep the crew comfortable and allow them to focus on the task at hand. • increase productivity. • reduced eye injuries. • provide a healthier work environment. Visit booth #5507 to discover how simple a Cool Air solution can be.

No oNe has more experieNce iN the oil saNds. No oNe makes a better boiler. As the Oil Sands industry grows, Cleaver-Brooks is setting the standard for packaged boiler solutions specifically designed for Steam-Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) and mining. We can custom-design and manufacture a packaged boiler system built to your specs that will endure any substantial change in water quality, heat flux, and flow. And because every boiler system we make, from the fuel inlet to the stack outlet, is completely integrated and built using components designed to work together, you can be sure it will be the most efficient and costeffective solution for your needs. Learn more about Cleaver-Brooks Oil Sands solutions today. Visit or call 1.800.250.5883. ©2012 Cleaver-Brooks, Inc.

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5/30/2012 11:31:22 AM

June 13th, 2012


International Energy Marketplace

Wednesday June 13th International Market Presentations - Boyce Theatre Time 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Presenting Region Pennsylvania, USA

Presention Information Business Opportunities in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Speakers Mr. Jason Rose, Executive Director (Canada office) ,State of Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development Ms. Laura Lochman, Consul General of the United States in Calgary, Dave Yoxtheimer, Extension Associate, Penn State Marcellus Center for Outreach and Research Ms. Suzi Pegg, Vice President Global Marketing, Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, Mr. Brian Propp, Vice President Strategic Account Management, The Judge Group, Mr. Dwight Howes, Partner, Reed Smith, Calfrac Well Services


1:30 pm – 2:25 pm


Exploration and Investment Opportinities in Mexico


2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Republic of Indonesia

Indonesia’s Oil and Gas Challenges and Future Development

Dr. Ing. Evita Herawati Legowo, Director General of Oil & Gas Directorate General of Oil & Gas, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Republic of Indonesia

3:00 pm - 5:00pm


Exploration and Investment Opportunities in Colombia

Fernando Vargas, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Embassy in Colombia, Diego Penagos, Foreign Investment Specialist, ProExport, Canacol Luis Andres Rojas, Production Vice-president, Pacific Rubiales, Maria Alejandra Canosa, Strategic Procurement Unit, ECOPETROL

What are you doing at the GPS this year?

Luke Beaudy 3 Phase Power “I own a business here in Calgary. There has been a few things that have interested me, including the Chinese direct drive progressive cavity pump.”

What are you doing at the GPS this year?

Fuad Abdullahi “It`s my first visit and it`s bigger than I imagined. I`m very excited. I`m looking to network with Western Canadian upstream companies.”

Caplugs Offers HU Series Caplugs’ HU Series is a less expensive threaded vinyl plug that protects the internal threads of hammer unions. Available in the industry’s most commonly used sizes, these high-durometer covers provide rigidity for optimum protection. Designed with an ergonomic, knurled knob for ease of installation and removal and a low-profile for easy stacking, this model provides full part functionality. Caplugs can also custom design and mold a piece to fit unique size and part specifications. For color-coding purposes, standard dimensions are available in a wide array of colors for figure (FIG) coding. For more information, visit to place orders online, request free samples or gather additional information. A team of knowledgeable sales representatives are available to assist with the selection process and ordering.

14 Official Show Daily 2012

Volant Casing Running Tool - External (CRTe) The 2012 Global Petroleum Show in Calgary will mark the product launch for Volant’s first fully mechanical external grip casing running tool (CRTe). The CRTe brings the advantages of our compact robust internal grip equipment to applications that require larger hoisting loads and torsional capacity than is currently available with our CRTi equipment. The initial product release will enable top drive-equipped rigs to engage 4 ½” to 5 ½” casing to apply hoisting loads up to 500 tons*, torsion up to 40,000 ft-lbs*, and compression up to 100 tons*. The CRTe’s modular architecture is scalable, allowing future hoist, torsion, and diameter capacity requirements to be driven by market demand. The CRTe is a fully mechanical tool, relying upon the same gripping technology used in Volant’s well-proven internal grip CRTi family of casing running tools. In less than four years since product launch, our internal grip tools have run more than 100 million feet of casing at locations around the world. The main difference between the CRTi and CRTe tools is that gripping force enabling hoisting, pull-down and torsion is applied externally rather than to the internal surface of the casing. Tool function, as experienced by the driller, remains identical set down and turn clockwise to engage; set down and turn counter clockwise to disengage. Volant’s efficient design philosophy has delivered another compact, lightweight tool. With substantial load capacity, length as short as 71 inches (180 cm), and weight as low as 1700 lbs (770 kg), the CRTe is positioned to become the industry standard for handling heavy strings in deep wells, even if rotation and circulation are not required. Compact size and modest weight delivers exceptional mobilization efficiency. The CRTe’s modular design maximizes tool utility for a wide range of applications. The ‘Drive Head’ module connects the top drive quill to the ‘Gripping Module’, activates gripping mechanism, and transfers hoist and torsion loads. The Gripping Module transfers load to the outside of the pipe and is configurable to grip a range of casing sizes limited only to a module-specific maximum. Options are available to accommodate a range of application requirements. The Drive Head can be ordered with 6 inches of axial ‘float’ to reduce the chance of casing thread damage during stabbing and make-up, or without float to minimize overall tool length. The Gripping Module can be specified with a maximum diameter to suit either 5 ½” or 7 ¾” casing and both can be fitted with dies and seal elements to accommodate casing sizes down to 4 ½”. Price and delivery information will be available during the product launch in Calgary at the Global Petroleum Show • *CRTe Design Capacities: • Hoisting 500 tons (or more) • Torque 40,000 ft-lb • Compression 100 tons • Approx. Weight 1,800 lbs – 2,500 lbs (depends on option setup and casing size) • Approx. Length 71 in – 90 in (depends on option setup) Field testing and design verification testing is ongoing. Certified capacities may differ from those described above, as final capacities are likely to be even greater. Interested parties are invited to speak with Volant Sales personnel to discuss the new CRTe and target applications.

Smart solutions.

Powerful products.

iPad giveaway.

All in a GPS day’s work. Join us at Halls D, E 7208

What are you doing at the GPS this year?

From the sea floor to the refinery, Forum gives you everything you need to succeed. And that goes far beyond our extensive line of oilfield products and services. Count on us to share our oilfield expertise to help you safely meet your next challenge. Any challenge.

Danielle Baudin and Jennifer Schmidt, National Oil Well Varco “We came to learn about our own company and we`ve talked to a lot of businesses to get to know more about the industry.”

Smart Solutions. Powerful Products.

To find the products to meet your challenges, visit

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5/31/12 4:06 PM

Wednesday June 13th Global Business Development Presentation Theatre PresentION



Presention Information

10:30 am – 11:00 am

CanadianTrade Commission

Considerations and Opportunities for Canadian Oil & Gas Investors and Suppliers

Lauren MacLellan, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Sydney

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

ASEAN (Southeast Asia)

ASEAN (Southeast Asian) Oil and Gas – What, Why, Who and How

Rudy Setiawan, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to Indonesia Ron Sirivanasandha, Trade Commissioner, The Embassy of Canada to Thailand, Sharon Fam, Trade Commissioner, The High Commission of Canada to Malaysia, Peter Chen, Trade Commissioner, The High Commission of Canada to Brunei Darussalam, Ngan Hoang, Trade Commissioner, The Consulate General of Canada to Vietnam


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm

Gran Tierra

Doing Business in Colombia

Doug Hamilton, VP Exploration, Gran Tierra

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to Mexico

Considerations and Opportunities for Canadian Oil & Gas Investors and Suppliers

Alexandre Cerat, First Secretary, Trade, Embassy of Canada to Mexico

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to India

Considerations and Opportunities for Canadian Oil & Gas Investors and Suppliers

Sachin Balpande, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Mumbai

3:30 pm -4:00 pm

Embassy of Canada to Russia & Kazakhstan

Considerations and Opportunities for Canadian Oil & Gas Investors and Suppliers

David Mallette - Counsellor (Commercial), Embassy of Canada to Russia

4:00pm - 4:30pm

Scottish Development International

Scotland - Supporting Your International Growth

Ian Ross, Senior International Business Executive, Scottish Development International

4:30pm - 5:00pm

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to USA

Considerations and Opportunities for Canadian Oil & Gas Investors and Suppliers

Stan Pence, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Canada in Denver

At a Glance - Wednesday, June 13th SPE Heavy Oil Conference–Canada

7:15 am – 5:00 pm

Stampede Park, Palomino Rooms

International Energy Leaders Forum

8:00 am – 10:00 am

The Fairmont Palliser, Crystal Ballroom

Exhibition – Day 2

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Stampede Park

International Energy Marketplace

10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Stampede Park, Corral Concourse

Global Business Development Theatre

10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Boyce Theatre Foyer

International Market Presentations

10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Boyce Theatre

Innovation Presentation Theatre

11:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Stampede Park, Hall F

European Union – Canada Business Forum

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Stampede Park, Arabian Rooms

Outdoor Rodeo

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Stampede Park, Outdoor Area

Official Industry Party

6:30 pm

Cowboys Dance Hall, Stampede Park

Hammer unions from Caplugs. More protection. Less expense.

Proud member of • 1-888-CAPLUGS

16 Official Show Daily 2012

Protect the internal threads of your hammer unions with Caplugs alternative threaded plugs (HU Series). Available in the industry’s most commonly used sizes, these high-durometer vinyl covers provide the rigidity needed for strong protection, but cost much less than composite or casted options. The HU Series is designed with an ergonomic, knurled knob for ease of installation and removal, and a low profile for easy stacking.

For unique sizes or designs, Caplugs can design and mold a custom part to meet your specifications. For colorcoding purposes, standard sizes are available in a wide array of colors for figure (FIG) coding. Caplugs’ team of knowledgeable sales representatives is available to assist you in the selection process or to place an order. Visit for more information, to order parts online or to request free samples.

See us at the Global Petroleum Show, Booth #8403

We have the challenge, the lifestyle, the energy. Do you?

Santos is an Australian energy pioneer operating highquality oil and gas exploration and production ventures across Australia and the Asia-Pacific. From a strong base as a leading supplier of natural gas to the Australian domestic market, Santos is undergoing a phase of transformational growth. We have interests in conventional and unconventional oil and gas, onshore and offshore, and a substantial development program with operated projects from smaller-scale field developments to mega-LNG projects. One of our exciting projects is the Santos GLNG Project, a multi-billion-dollar, world-leading CBM to LNG venture with partners PETRONAS, Total and KOGAS, exporting to Asia from the state of Queensland. We’re looking for experienced and enthusiastic geoscientists and subsurface, drilling and surface engineers to work in our CBD offices in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth – cities with excellent reputations for sun, surf, food and wine, art and music, sport, worldclass schools and universities. To find out more, visit us at Global Petroleum Show – Booth 8424 Global Energy Career Expo – Booth 1201

Moving the Wireless Wellhead from Monitoring to Monitoring and Control Over the past five years there has been a marked acceptance of the use of Wireless Sensor Networks to monitor wellheads and provide critical operations data to maintenance staff as well as data for performance analysis and reports. Over the same period many operators have been installing more and more valves at the wellhead for safety and emissions control. The missing link for many of these installations has been the ability to provide not only monitoring at these remote, often disparate, locations but to provide control capabilities, particularly of the sales valve, that would lead to increased operating efficiencies as well as improved diagnostics. One solution has been to provide control of the pneumatic valves through either line power or solar power on site. These solutions are often costly and difficult to maintain with many of them not meeting the hazardous certification requirements of the wellheads. There have been no products or solutions that could offer control capabilities in the remote locations that met the certification requirements at the same time as providing simple, continuous control. Figure 1 Accutech VC10 Valve Controller In a pointed effort to address this need Schneider Electric - Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions, designed and developed the Accutech VC10 Valve Controller. It is a wireless, battery-powered controller for pneumatic valves that is used to control gas flow or shut down wells. In trials, it has been used to shut down valves on a rod pump oil well, for motor valve control on intermitter gas wells or wells with plunger lift. It completely replaces the conventional systems of wireless I/O radios located in enclosures and powered by a solar panel, battery and battery charger. These systems were often complex, prone to breakdown, and were often only rated for Class I, Division 2 hazardous environments when they were located on wellheads that were classified Division 1. With a single unit, the VC10 provides Class I Division 1 control at the wellhead resulting in the first ever fully automated wireless wellhead. The VC10’s primary function is to actuate a pneumatic valve by controlling pressure to and from the valve supply line. The line pressure is controlled by actuating a two-way latching 12V solenoid using progressive pulse control. The solenoid can either vent the control line pressure to close the valve or apply pressure to the pneumatic valve through the control line to open the valve. The integrated pressure sensor can confirm whether the control line is pressurised or not and automatically re-tries the actuation if necessary. By using the shortest possible pulse for solenoid actuation and the feed-back mechanism of the integrated pressure sensor, the unit is able to operate for extended periods and is capable of 50,000 actuations before a battery change is required.

Figure 2 Wireless Wellhead Included in the VC10 are two digital inputs, the first of which includes a counter function for monitoring plunger arrival with the second configured for any discreet input application including sand erosion monitor or proximity sensors. The entire all-in-one unit is contained in a Class I Division 1, explosion-proof housing. Consider the example of a wellhead using plunger lift. The sales valve is closed to allow pressure in the well to build. The wireless casing and tubing pressure sensors (GP10 wireless sensors) are monitored by a base radio and local remote terminal units (RTUs). When enough pressure is built up, the RTU tells the VC10 to actuate the solenoid valve which pressurises the control line to the sales valve

18 Official Show Daily 2012

causing it to open. With an integrated pressure sensor the VC10 confirms the control line is pressurised, and if not, automatically retries the actuation. The well begins flowing with a mixture of gas and liquid brought to the surface with the plunger; its arrival is sensed by the plunger arrival sensor in the VC10 and gas continues to flow until pressure drops below optimum flow conditions. Once the RTU senses the drop in pressure it tells the VC10 to shut-in the well by actuating the solenoid valve. The control line connected to the sales vale is vented causing it to close. With its integrated pressure sensor the VC10 confirms the control line is closed and re-tries if necessary. Combined with the GP10 wireless pressure sensors, the VC10 creates a completely autonomous wireless well-head. By far the most tangible benefit of the VC10 system is simplicity. Where before operators had to worry about installing line power or maintaining complex systems of solar and battery power, the VC10 is designed with energy management as a prime goal and with the capability of 50,000 actuations before battery replacement is required, provides an exceptionally long maintenance free period. Since the VC10 is an all-in-one unit, installation costs are significantly reduced with a single unit replacing what was once I/O radios, enclosure, mounting pole, solar panels, battery and battery charger. Many well operators are looking to restrict the amount of wiring around the well-head and associated separators, tanks and flow measurement equipment found at a distance to the pad. The only physical process connections for the VC10 are the line in and line out pressure connections. With minimal physical connections the VC10 is easy to install and can be installed repeatedly for applications on multi-well pads. The VC10 also provides benefits in efficiency. The integrated arrival sensor eliminates the need for an additional discrete input counter with the second digital input allowing for enhanced monitoring and diagnostics of the wellhead. With detailed information on any error that has occurred, plus the ability to verify that the control line is pressurised or not, and therefore operating correctly, greatly increases the operators diagnostic capabilities. Verification of control line pressurisation also makes for more efficient use of the battery and combined with its patent pending ultra low-power electronics allows the VC10 to provide years of maintenance free operation on a single battery pack. In the event the battery does need replacing, it requires the simple change of the 4 D-cell lithium battery pack. While the VC10 provides significant improvements in simplicity and efficiency, its most unique feature is the intrinsic safety of the solenoid and the explosion-proof electronic technologies that allow it to be classified for Class I Division 1 hazardous environments. While offering a reduced cost to other installations, the VC10 meets the highest classification of hazardous environments. The VC10 is part of the Accutech product offering and has its own data window within the Accutech Manager that allows for complete monitoring of the field unit operation and for local or remote configuration. Until recently, autonomously-powered wireless sales valve control was a distant possibility. The Accutech VC10 valve controller has brought that possibility into reality by creating the capability for the first completely autonomous wireless wellhead. Bringing battery-powered wireless control to the wellhead promises to significantly change the level of control and efficiency to the innumerable remote installations in the industry. Schneider Electric, Telemetry & Remote SCADA Solutions, is a global supplier of remote automation solutions for SCADA systems in oil and gas, water and electrical utilities applications. Solution components include Accutech wireless instrumentation, SCADAPack Smart RTUs, Trio long-range data radios, and ClearSCADA enterprise software. All products are engineered to operate in harsh, unattended environments delivering higher productivity and efficiency while reducing operational costs across a wide area infrastructure. For more information visit:

G185 Mobile Generator from Doosan Portable Power All Doosan mobile generators have been designed for continuous use in harsh environments, making them the perfect choice for demanding applications. The G185 mobile generator is rated at 183 kVA with a kW rating of 146. The generator offers both three-phase and single-phase voltage selection capabilities with the ease of a switch, for power voltages from 208 to 480 for three-phase applications, and power voltages from 120 to 277 for single-phase applications. The G185 mobile generator is powered by a John Deere 162 kW (216 hp) engine that is certified to EPA Tier 3 requirements. The G185 features 24-hour on-board fuel capacity with a 960 liter (254 gal) fuel tank and an environmental containment system that contains and prevents spillage of 110 percent of all fuel, oil and coolant volume. The fuel tank complies with Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act* (TDG) and regulations in mobile generators with fuel tanks over 450 liters (G90 and larger). The rugged enclosure is built from heavy-gauge steel and finished with a 13-stage powder-coat process to provide the ultimate in corrosion protection while ensuring quiet operation with a low 68 dBA noise level. An operator-preferred analog control panel simplifies control and monitoring of the generator and features remote start/stop capability standard. Doosan Portable Power outdoor booth #3726 *Diesel fuel Class 3 UN 1202 PG III is classed as dangerous goods by Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (TDG) and Regulations. Diesel fuel tanks that are integral to motorized equipment (that are not self-propelled), such as mobile generators and portable air compressors, to be transported over Canadian roads in any manner with fuel tanks larger than 450 L are required to comply with Transport Canada’s TDG.

Over 85% of the Heavy Oil Operations in Alberta Contain Honeywell Systems and Equipment Honeywell improves your business performance by providing solutions to enhance safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability for your heavy oil refining, oil sands mining, extraction, upgrader or InSitu, SAGD projects. Honeywell, has the largest portfolio of integrated solutions including field instrumentation, building and process control, safety systems and equipment, physical and cyber security, environmental solutions, business solutions and project and lifecycle services for the lowest total cost of ownership and best performance.

Local Presence + Global Resources = Ability to Deliver Regardless of the Economic Fluctuations Honeywell has a strong local presence in Alberta as well as access to extensive global resources to support the project implementation and support needs of the oil and gas industry. Honeywell is adding to its presence in Edmonton and Calgary by opening its new offices in Fort McMurray next month. Honeywell has been improving the business performance of Canadian oil sands pioneers for 25 years, and currently over 85% of the heavy oil operations in Alberta contain Honeywell systems and equipment.

New Technology New technology to look for in the Honeywell booth # 1124 is the next generation, Experion PKS featuring the best IO solution in the business, the simplest to implement, completely virtualized solutions, the fastest batch controller, most intuitive HMI solution, and more tightly integrated SCADA. Employing the new innovations you can improve project efficiency up to 15% and save 1000’s of hours in engineering time. You can improve production by up to 13%, improve batch throughput by 3%, reduce operator-related incidents by 40% and lower total cost of ownership by 30%. More information at www. Also new this year is Honeywell’s Intuition™ Executive, a complete solution for enterprise-wide information management that delivers a unified view of data assets so that business and industrial processes can co-exist seamlessly. It combines information and graphics to help users make better decisions and drive intelligent operations. With visualization, data connections, modeling, collaboration, workflow and reporting tools, users can make the right decisions and take the right actions. Intuition Executive extends Microsoft® SharePoint® with Honeywell’s industry domain expertise to deliver a unique solution to information management in the process industries. Learn more at The Maxon XPO™ Ultra Low Emissions indirect burner is also new at the Global Petroleum Show. It’s simple design, available in five sizes, reduces air emissions to single-digit NOx levels and provides up to 8MBtu. It is also easy to install and retrofits easily into many existing applications. The Maxon XPO burner provides the maximum in safety, reduced maintenance, and environmental assurance. Find out more at: Visit Honeywell at Booth 1124

What are you doing at the GPS this year?

Roy Mason, Industrial Solutions Network Ltd. “I came here to meet up with old contacts and make some new ones. This is my third time and there’s always something new.”

World famous salmon fishing & wildlife adventures in BC’s remote Haida Gwaii. Visit us at Booth 1816 for more info. Untitled-1 1 1.800.668.7544 12-06-08 10:48 AM

June 13th, 2012


Big Business at GPS 2012

Fiberspar New Large Diameter Spoolable Pipe with Greater Reel Capacity Fiberspar Corporation, a producer of spoolable fiberglass-reinforced line pipe, has introduced its newest large-diameter LinePipe™ product offering twice the reel capacity of similar spoolable products. Ideal for large-diameter trunk lines or higher capacity gathering/ injection applications, the new LinePipe LPI is available in a 6.5” configuration that allows twice the continuous amount of pipe on a single spool – reducing installation time, connections and costs. “LinePipe offers 20% lower total installed costs than welded steel, ” says Peter Quigley, Fiberspar’s CEO. “LPI will help push those costs even lower by further reducing the time and resources required for installation.”

PrizE DrAWS Enter to win daily draws for great prizes! New iPad Drawn Every Hour! Win a 4 Day/3 Night Trip for 2 Win $1,000 Credit on Your Next Travel Booking

Visit the Prize Draw Centre at Booth 8062 in Hall F. Powered by:

The LPI design permits 1,200 ft of pipe per spool while meeting safe load restrictions, allowing for longer runs between connections and thus lower installation costs. When connections are necessary, they are easily installed in less than a half hour. Made of nickelcoated carbon steel or stainless steel for corrosion protection, Fiberspar-patented connectors use mechanical compression and O-ring seals without needing glue, epoxies or threads cut in the laminate. LinePipe LPI, which meets or exceeds all industry standards and qualifications, is suitable for sour or sweet gas, oil, or multi-phase gathering applications and high-pressure water or CO2 injection. It is available in operating pressures from 750 to 1,500 psi and operating temperatures up to 180°F (82°C). Visit Fiberspar at Booth 3749

FLIR Introduces Automated Thermal Monitoring Breakthrough FLIR Systems introduces the A310f and A310pt, two new remote monitoring systems for fully automated thermal event detection. The FLIR A310pt is a pan/tilt unit designed for automated fire and catastrophic event prevention that simultaneously provides full thermal perimeter security functionality. Typical applications include electrical substation monitoring, fire prevention for coal or wood chip piles, and flare stack monitoring. It’s the first remote temperature measurement system that can plug and play into existing CCTV networks and IPTV security networks. A precision pan-tilt mechanism gives operators accurate pointing control while providing fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality. The FLIR A310f is a fix-mounted system featuring an A310 thermal camera protected by an IP66 environmental housing. Visit Flir at Booth 2208

June 13th, 2012


Macleod Trail Ride the CTrain free with your badge during show days!

Erlton LRT Station

Big Four Upper Level (4,000 series)

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Tough application, ingenious solution


When it comes to Oil and Gas drilling operations and moving from site to site, time, reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance. You also need robust systems with the highest tolerances you can depend on to operate around the clock and stand up to the toughest and most extreme environments. Rexroth’s powerful and reliable drive and control solutions deliver you power where and when you need it. Thanks to the small outer diameter and the light weight of Rexroth drives, you save valuable weight and space on the entire rig. Making the rig lighter, increases mobility for easier access to harsh locations and remote mountain sites. With a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products and solutions together with an extensive array of global and field proven installations, we will provide expertise to increase your drill production efficiency. Contact us today to find exactly the solution that achieves your specific application requirements.

Bosch Rexroth Canada

Visit us at

GPS 522,0Ha1lls2D and E Booth 70




Take Action. We Did. Explore our latest innovations. Driven by industry need. And yours. • Introducing Duralast™ patent-pending fluid end technology, engineered to double the life of SPM® fluid ends without the need to change fluid end materials • The SPM® Destiny™ QWS 2800 Frac Pump, introduced with high horsepower and advanced Duralast™ fluid end technology designed to deliver robust performance and low operating costs • SPM® Gladiator™ Water Pump with enhanced design features • SPM® Gladiator™ Slurry Pump designed for long-lasting performance • Stampede™ Swellable Packers, where simplicity, reliability and integrity are required • Meet the experts behind the action at Weir with booth presentations on engineered solutions for your most critical challenges

Weir in Action

Excellent Oil & Gas Solutions 1.800.342.7458

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