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Form, Balance, Potency, Freshness

The New Benchmarks in Pet Nutrition

Welcome to the NEW AGE of PET NUTRITION Introducing Pet Nutrition Systems, Inc., an innovative, green-focused, pet nutrition service company that specializes in combining the best veterinary science, zoology and culinary arts. We offer three nutrition systems: Veterinary Prescriptive Nutrition, Breed Specific Diet planning and a hand-crafted organic and natural whole food retail product line. Each are designed with the core philosophy that optimum health begins and ends with proper nutrition. After extensive research , we have incorporated four elements into our systems that are the standard by which all of our nutrition and wellness programs are designed and measured. They are: “Form, Balance, Potency, and Freshness.”

About Your Pet’s Health Studies regarding “nutrient – cell & gene interactions” have been produced for over three decades now and they have proved very valuable in teaching us how to meet our pets nutritional requirements. These studies also show us how each nutrient work and how they effect cells and genes. Our research and development team as has applied these strategies for over 14 years and the results have been tremendous. This is the core knowledge needed to obtain and maintain optimum health for any species.

The fact is, you need to assure that the natural tools your pet’s bodies need to sustain optimum health are being provided for. Pet Nutrition Systems helps you, help your pet to recover tissues, organs and maintain good cellular growth through nutrition that your pet's body can digest, process, absorb and use. This is the best way to empower your pet. Our Veterinary Prescriptive Nutrition department is helping veterinary clinics all over the world treating pet companions whom are not responding well to allopathic medical intervention. We understand that the nutrient-cell/gene interactions are so precise that if the nutrients aren’t supplied in the precise quantity, by the correct source and in the exact concentration the gene systems are not activated. This means the gene systems involved in health maintenance, disease prevention and cellular rejuvenation are turned on by these nutrients and turned off by the lack of these nutrients. It is a precise science and cannot be applied by reading the labels on the pet food bag or can. Processed kibble, canned food and unbalance raw formulations cannot and do not and do not deliver all the nutrients in the right combinations for the unique individual requirements of your pet. This is why we are seeing a spike in the food supplement market. The sources of these nutrients are as important as their bioavailability and the concentration they are delivered. The labels on each bag, can or tube of frozen food list the ingredients and concentration of nutrients but that does not mean each pet is able to absorb those nutrients or they are in the correct amount for your unique pet. When this happens, your pet(s) become vulnerable to immune deficiency, illness and/or disease. The right nutrients (every breed has it’s own unique nutrient requirement. No two breeds have the same requirement for any one nutrient.), from the proper source, delivered in the most precise concentration is the benchmark of any good nutritional plan.

FORM How your pet’s food is made is equally as important as is the quality of ingredients used. The trend in modern RAW frozen pet food manufacturing is to have machines process water, meat and vegetables into a slurry that is forced into hotdog and sausage casings or formed into tubes to be cut into round medallions. This is not the best way to assure the bioavailability of your pet’s meals. At PNS each ingredient is prepared independently and properly to provide the maximum bioavailability and optimum absorption of all nutrients in each formulation.

BALANCE No one nutrient can work by itself. It needs a least one other nutrient to help it perform its task. Too much of the complementing nutrient and it may cancel its effect and to little will not allow it to work. Canines need a minimum of 60% meat protein and Feline need at least 82% meat protein. When either the protein levels or the nutrient levels are out of balance there needs to be some form of supplementation. 0ver 95 of all frozen, Raw, canned and bagged pet food is out of balance.


POTENCY The most respect veterinary nutritionist all agree that the nutrient levels of each formulation must provide the maximum level of essential nutrition or the animal will have to get too many empty calories and run the risk of obesity. This is very common in today’s pet population.

FRESHNESS Once food is prepared it starts losing its potency, available nutrients and freshness. There are three ways that food losses all of these elements. Heat, Light and Air. When choosing frozen fish or meat, would you rather it in a plastic bag developing freezer burn or the naturally preserved vacuum sealed food?

PNS meals are protected by being vacuum sealed, and wrapped in freezer butcher block paper to shielded the all food from air, light and variations in temperature. PNS provides pet companions everywhere with the choice of veterinary prescriptive nutrition services, individually designed diet services and the best holistic pet care retail line. Below you with find three links to our PNS PROGRAM GUIDES. Feel free to call or email us if you need as assistance or would like to learn more.


The New Benchmarks In Pet Nutrition  

Welcome to the NEW AGE of Pet Nutrition. Optimum health begins and ends with proper nutrition. Form, Balance, Potency, and Freshness are t...