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Whole Food Diets Supports Your Pet始s Natural Health Systems

Pet Whole Food

Recent I was chatting on Linked In discussing the value of feeding pet companions a whole food diet. Several participants (processed food company reps and a few pet owners that were inclined to believe them) professed to believe the processed food available at the pet store was more than adequate to meet all the nutritional needs of our pets. “They are balanced, nutritional sound and pet have been eating it for years.” They went on to say that they believed a raw or whole food diet was some how deficient in nutrition and had other health risks. The true shock was that there were a few veterinarians in the discussion group saying these people were right. One vet who obviously hadn’t crack a book open since the early 80’s said that live enzymes had nothing to with nutrition and were not present in food, just the body of the animal. A computer literate child could Google live enzymes and

find out how wrong the doctor was. When did kibble become the natural food source for cats and dogs? Was Mother Nature wrong and Proctor and Gamble set her straight? Nutritionists know that it is an ongoing challenge to find the proper selection of whole foods in the right proportions of ingredients to achieve optimum health. Each pet is a unique individual and its diet plan should be as well. Unfortunately, everywhere in which one turns there are people giving animal nutrition tips. This flood of information, or most likely misinformation, makes it hard to know what to feed your pet; whole foods, raw meat and bone, no raw meat, kibble, no kibble, canned food, no cans, whole grain, no grain, supplements, no supplements‌ It’s all so confusing that it is understandable when many quit working toward their plan to feed their pet companion pet what is best for them to live a long healthy life. It is a worthy goal and one you should see through. Everything you feed your pet either builds their body up or tears it down. Wheat, corn, gluten and chemical laden treats or food are good examples of things that just harm their body while providing zero health benefits, even if there are claims on the label. Instead, it is as easy to find fresh species specific food that is good for your pet

and offers real nutritional benefits plus aid in natural weight loss or natural weight maintance. You are not likely to find them in a pet store. Calories do count, so make sure that they count for your pet, not against them. Those empty calories in biscuits, fake meat treats and free feeding a wheat-corn based kibble work against your body’s natural digestive system. On the other hand, nutrients from plantbased foods fortify the body and promote natural weight loss. The good news is that it is now relatively simple to gain more productive nutrition from fewer calories with nutrient dense, concentrated whole foods. Dehydrated or frozen fruit and meat are much better treats for you’re pet and are easy to make. Eating nutrient dense, concentrated whole foods allows the body to absorb nutrients rather than use up energy on trying to digest dead processed food. This eradicates a lethargic feeling after eating, while providing more energy, stamina, endurance and strength.

Natural Foods and the New Pet Health Drinks with Live Enzymes Are Good Energy Boosters If you have an over weight pet with energy slumps and want a surefire boost to get them up and moving, focus on feeding all natural foods and pet health drinks. We all become lazy and fall out of the ritual of exercising regularly and our pet suffer from this inactivity as well.

So, if your pets need a jump-start to get back into healthy habits, try this natural approach.

By adding more “live”, all natural foods to your pet’s diet and feeding less processed food and treats, dead foods, your companion will begin to feel like a run around the block is necessary just to burn off all the excess energy. The term “live foods” means they contain active, living enzymes. Often overlooked by the average consumer, these live enzymes are an important component of raw, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. They are the “life force” in all natural and health drinks made with whole food ingredients. Different from processed foods and drinks, these energy boosters are not “enhanced” with isolated man made vitamins and minerals, but instead contain nutrients in their whole food structure.

Your pet’s body will literally wakes up when it starts consuming more whole foods that are closer to their natural state. Steaming, crushing or blending in a food processor is best for the bioavailability of the fruits and vegetables. (for a more comprehensive description of how your pet digests its food read: Better Food For Dogs and Better Food For Cats. Enhancing your pets water with the juice of cranberries, blueberries or blackberries that contain live enzymes and antioxidants will give an even bigger boost. This works best if you avoid adding store bought sugary fruit drinks. More companies are producing healthy water and health drinks for pets. Look for health drinks made with whole food ingredients that are carefully formulated to keep those plant enzymes alive and actve.

By adding something powerful to your pet’s water you are boost their immune system, fight free radical, combat toxins in the air, park, in your home and in your pet’s body. Keep your pet’s body clean will effect it’s ability to absorb nutrients. Those living plant enzymes are the catalysts that speed up the processes allowing your cells to take in vitamins and minerals. Some of these products give you cat & dog better hydration and more energy, faster. If you are buying foods that have been heated, baked or pasteurized in the processing, packaging and/or canning process, then it is more likely that the live enzymes have been destroyed. Cooking whole foods for too long at high temperatures, or heating them in a microwave, may destroy the valuable nutrients as well.

2 Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Body While there are numerous characteristics of a healthy body, these three ingredients are essential starting points. Keep them in mind to maintain youthful energy, avert premature aging and stay healthy for life. 1. Feed enough raw meat – Experts recommend a ratio of 70% for dogs 85% for cats raw meat to only 30% for dogs and 15% combination of vegetable, fruit, organ meat, ground bone and healing oils forming foods for optimal health. Do you know your pets breed or combination of breeds? Read Better Food For Dogs for a breed specific recipe. 2. Stay closer to nature – Choose more all natural or organic whole food. Consider using minimally processing methods to prepare your meals or buy from a catering/ handmade company that do not use any artificial ingredients. All-natural foods are not “enriched” with isolated vitamins and minerals made in a laboratory. They do not include ingredients such as refined sugars, refined flours, milled grains,

hydrogenated oils, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners, dyes or, flavorings. Many veterinary nutritionists agree that a diet consisting of mostly allnatural foods will give you pet a better chance of preventing health challenges such as obesity, allergies, organ failure, diabetes, cancer, and joint problems. In this time of heavily processed pet food and treats it’s not always easy to make the best nutritional choices. Think carefully about what you are feeding your pet’s Body. Ask your self would you eat the food you are

putting into their bowl? (if it were cooked) Look beyond the nutrition fact labels to be certain that they are getting the highest quality ingredients for true optimum health and a sound body.

Secrets to Natural Pet Weight Loss with High Fiber Foods When bile gets absorbed through the bowel, turns into cholesterol. So, when you feed your pet more fiber in

your diet, you push the bile out of them, and their cholesterol drops automatically. It’s a great tool if you want your pet to lose weight because it makes them feel full. This is a good illustration of why natural weight loss occurs more often when there are enough high fiber foods in your pet’s diet. Let’s look at some healthy high fiber food to feed your dog or cat for natural weight loss: * Apples provides as much as 5 grams of fiber * Beans are high fiber foods for natural weight loss with as much as 12g of fiber per 1/4 cup of dry beans. * Whole grains are wholesome high fiber foods. Each serving of whole oatmeal can include up to 7g of fiber. Nutritional a whole food diet and plenty of exercise is the best way to obtain and maintain optimum health in your pet. For more information contact:  


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