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BREED SPECIFIC FORMULATION FRENCH BULLDOG (#63) The French Bulldog was developed in France by a group of lace workers who emigrated from Nottingham, England. The dog that they brought with them was a toy sized English Bulldog. Native food supplies for this breed would have been found in both the areas of Nottingham, England (located on the banks of the Trent River) and Central France. The grain crops of both areas are very similar with sugar beets being abundant. The other main crops are wheat, oats, and barley. The meat from beef and dairy cattle raised for both tilling and food. The French Bulldog should eat foods that are a blend of beef, bison, wheat bran, oats, potato, carrot, tomato and beet pulp. Avoid feeding a French Bulldog any processed foods, soy products, avocado, or white rice.


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A dog’s nutritional and caloric requirements differs according to its breed, age and overall health. Pet Nutrition Systems™ BREED SPECIFIC and VETERINARY PRESCRIPTIVE meals are scientifically developed with this in mind. Each unique formulation is hand-crafted with human-grade ingredients carefully blended to provide the ideal nutrient balance and potency, then frozen and vacuum-sealed for freshness. © Pet Nutrition Systems, Inc. 2554 Lincoln Ave SUITE 246 Venice, CA 90291 570-266-1224

French Bulldog Breed Specific Diet Plan  
French Bulldog Breed Specific Diet Plan  

Learn the unique nutritional requirements and the ancestral food of the French Bulldog.