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Pet Whole Food on a Budget Starts Your 32 Day Program

How To Create A Whole Food Pet Diet On A Budget

Welcome to the first pet nutrition program designed to give you all the knowledge, skill sets and tools needed for your pet to flourish on a whole food specie specific diet. It doesn’t matter if you are 100% whole food, 100% raw, raw & whole food or whole/raw food and processed kibble combination feeder. This program will show you how to best meet your pet companion’s nutrition and wellness needs while on a budget using any one or all of the current feeding categories to meet your goal. Pet Nutrition Systems will give you all the tools you need to accurately access your pet’s health, over come any nutrient deficiencies, obtain optimum health and succeed while meeting your budget. This program takes a holistic approach to pet nutrition. Pet Nutrition Systems will teach you how to create a cost efficient holistic diet plan that your pet(s) will live a long happy & healthy life on. You will learn how to formulate recipes that meet all your pet’s unique nutritional requirements, how to easily buy what you need, where to find inexpensive, high-quality meat & produce, how to prepare and store the food in a way that stretch your dollar, and how to embrace the joy a whole food diet can bring to your pet’s life!

In this program you will learn: * How to DETERMINE your pet’s nutritional needs * How to CREATE and SUSTAIN a Budget! * How to COMPARE the available premade foods

* How to make WHOLE FOODS work for you! * How to make your BUDGET work! *How to sustain PET HEALTH on your budget! * To improve the WAY YOU SHOP for pet food! *The Science of PET NUTRITION! * How to STORE and PREPARE whole food in ways that save you money! • The TRUE Price of PROCESSED FOOD!

You will RECEIVE: Access to 3 PNS ebooks: Canine Nutrition Guide, BioNutrition Analysis Guide and Breed Specific Diet Guide * A Pet Health Challenge program guide * On-line post, supporting articles, current clinical studies and inspirational interaction with others sharing their thoughts and experiences. * Special interview and nutrition consultation with nutritionist J. Daryll Chester to discuss diet planning and transitioning to a new whole food diet. * Social media Support Group Meetings each week on our FaceBook page. * Low-cost recipe (s), food preparation instructions and food prep equipment lists.

Dr. William Pollak D.V.M, says that 74.7% of common  diseases in dogs and 63% of common diseases in cats  can be eliminated without medical intervention over a  period of one year with proper diet modifications and  an understanding of the healing process as exhibited  through healing episodes. Approaching disease from the  perspective of health is the most powerful means of  eliminating disease". According to holistic vets, even the  top quality kibble or canned pet foods with the very  best nutrients are still cooked, processed and dead food  that  have  no  health  or  life  enhancing  nutritional  qualities.      Dr. Dennis Risner, DVM ‐ "The most common and most  visible  symptoms  of  nutritionally  caused  deficiencies  are allergies of one kind or another. Because many   commercial  pet  foods  are  woefully  deficient  in  key  nutrients,  the  long‐  term  effect  of  feeding  such  foods   makes the dog hypersensitive to its environment.       A  balanced  &  varied  nutritional  plan  is  the  key  component for maintaining your pet's healthy   immune  system,  healthy  body,  clear  mind  and  resistance  to  disease.  Pet  Nutrition  Systems  recommends  that  you  have  a  nutritional  plan  for  your  pet (s) that has a rotation of several recipes formulated  to  provide  all  the  elements  necessary  for  optimum  health.  No  one  formula,  dish  or  formulation  is  going  to  provide  all  the  nutrients  needed  for  peak  health. 

Feeding high‐end  commercial  food  may  provide  the  required  AAFCO  MINIMUM  daily  requirements  but  not  what is required for optimum health.    Here’s how to Sign Up! Sign up for the BUDGET LOVE program newsletter HERE! Join the Whole Pet Food Budget group on the our facebook page! First, you will need to join the forum ( After you “LIKE” our page click on the message tab and send us your contact info. We will contact you to set up a FREE consultation to learn about your pets needs, your goals and your targeted budget numbers. Then we will a link to the program manual from the Pet Nutrition Systems and get you started. Get the program textbook, Whole Pet Food on a Budget, and start TODAY! Tell your friends about this program! Friends don’t let other friends feed their pets harmful processed food!


Feed ing your pet a natural or organic whole food diet to achieve optimum health, wellness and life extension does not have to be expensive....

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