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Caesars Atlantic City hosted the Gears of War Pro Circuit Open the weekend of April1st. It is the first major Esports event in the resort. At one point during the finals there were 50 thousand plus viewers on – line. A crowd of spectator’s tickets enjoyed scenes like this in the Circus Maximus Theater paying $20. for the 3 day event

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Robert Ambrose looks at the impact of ESports and its appeal to Millennials

he massing of players and fans is nothing new to the Esports coalition; however the casino industry is presently on a learning curve hosting the Esports model. I was there to feel the heat and conduct some “professor-type” research into the model. Professional gamers, fans and general spectators converged on Caesars, Atlantic City, April 1st to participate in a 3 day event for the city’s first Esports competition with the Gears of War 4 Pro Circuit Atlantic City Open. In association with the Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC,) this international team event offered $200k in prizes and a public engagement space for millennials. As both Esports and the casino industry discover how their relationship will complement each other going forward, these types of events offer


the analytics needed to determine how a massive gathering of millennials will fit into the future casino/ hospitality model. I have said this time and time again to both casino and academic colleagues. You need to attend an Esports event. You are not required to understand the games. As an observer engaged in live research you must feel the passion of the players, smell the bitter air of defeat and taste the sweetness of victory which could be worth several thousands of $ in prize money. According to a 2016 report by Super Date Research, “by years end sponsorships of tournaments, players and Esports related sites will hit $661M.” And now the casino industry has recognized the linkage and through this mainstream acknowledgment the benefits will follow for both. What better forum than an event centre packed full

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Casino LifeVolume 13 Issue 106