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Friar’s Club, NYC, April 22nd, 12:30pm

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Dear Gothamites & Honored Guests, We would like to thank everyone in the Gotham City Networking family for allowing us this opportunity to organize, produce and promote the 2010 Gotham Green Awards event. It is an honor to help celebrate the outstanding sustainable organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs receiving these prestigious awards, and to host this year's event at the famous Friars Club in New York City. Since "green" is what it's all about, we've thought of everything: from this carbon-neutral e-program, to the organic flowers and delicious organic food on the tables, all with the hope that everyone will enjoy a meaningful and momentous Earth Day celebration. We look forward to sharing the day with you on the 22nd!

Sincerely, David L. Marks, Co-Founder Shades of Green Network™

Peter van Geldern. Co-Founder Shades of Green Network™

shades of green network


the green economy network

2010 Gotham Green Awards Luncheon, Thursday, April 22nd Gotham City Networking is holding its second annual Gotham Green Awards event on Thursday, April 22nd, at 12:30 pm. This year looks to be a great one with some fantastic organizations and companies receiving the esteemed awards.

Join our winners for a delicious luncheon at the Friars Club, Thursday, April 22nd, at 12:30 pm.

Sign up for the event and RSVP by April 16th, 2010 here:

I Want to Be Seen At Gotham Green

About Gotham Co-founders Fred Klein and Nancy Schess formed our first networking group in New York City in January 1997. The intent was to bring together service-oriented professionals in complementary fields to share not only contacts, but also ideas and resources. The format of each meeting included a brief presentation from each participant on their background and services as well as an explanation of any networking accomplished since the last meeting. Each participant was asked to explain how the group may be able to help them, whether in business or otherwise. In addition, members were encouraged to bring guests to each meeting, which we have found to be the lifeblood of our organization. The group was immediately successful. In order to spread the wealth of the Gotham to more participants, a second group was started in October 1997 with the same basic parameters. Each group has developed its own personality and style but each is committed to our Mission Statement and networking philosophy, as follows: "To forge a virtually cost-free partnership steeped in the spirit of fraternity (or sorority as the case may be) that goes beyond matters of immediate concern. This spirit is best served by fostering a climate characterized by Gotham's mantra: "It's better to give than receive, but what goes around comes around!" Said another way, we are all non-salaried, non-commissioned sales people for each other! Thus, we seek to create a family/tribal environment stimulating mutual growth: business, social, creative, intellectual, artistic or otherwise. Our endeavors should enrich each participant through altruistic acts undertaken with a genuine concern for the welfare of our fellow networkers and the world."

About GOtham GREEN GOtham GREEN is for people interested in the green business sector. GOtham GREEN was formed in spring 2007 to bring together business people interested in the green business sector in New York City. With green “consciousness” on the rise, there is a great need for business people with a green perspective to find like-minded people, share resources and information, and to support one another. A definition of a green business from the nonprofit organization Co-op America is, “Green businesses operate in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems. These businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment.” Glen Friedman

The preliminary mission of GOtham GREEN is:

Group Coordinator for GOtham GREEN.

• allow green business people in the New York City metropolitan area to network with and provided support for other like-minded people • offer educational opportunities on green business topics, such as green marketing, funding opportunities or alternative energy, through the use of featured speakers at meetings • become another voice for green business concerns in our community

A special thanks goes out to Glen for his continued efforts coordinating the group. Glen is

owner of an NYC sustainable franchise called Cartridge World. More about Glen

GOtham GREEN is a general group, with a green focus, that has members from all industries and professions including service-oriented professionals, trades, entrepreneurs and professional services firms as well as nonprofit members. General group members include men and women of all ages and industry experience. View meetings scheduled for this group.

Fred C. Klein

Gail Koelln

Gotham Founder & Co-chair, GOtham GREEN

Co-chair, GOtham GREEN

Chair, Formica I, Bandit,Bandit Too, Commerce, Long Island, Israeloff, Gay & Lesbian Groups, Green Group Co-chair, Mentor Program, Diversity Group, Lefty Group, LI Healthcare, President, Gotham Foundation, Blogger

Gail Koelln is the President of GK Grant Writing. As the former Development Director at Queens Theatre in the Park in New York City, Gail has many years of experience researching sources of funding and preparing proposals and reports for foundations, corporations and government agencies. She also worked as the Grants Specialist for Queens Borough President Claire Shulman, where she provided technical assistance regarding fundraising to nonprofit organizations in New York City’s borough of Queens and processed grant awards from the Borough President to Queens nonprofits. Gail also has a Master’s degree in Zoology and a passion for environmental causes. She is a former Chair of the New York City Sierra Club’s Endangered Species Committee and also a former docent for the Wildlife Conservation Society, volunteering at the Bronx Zoo. In a previous career, Gail was a computer animator and computer graphics artist. She is married to Jim, a clinical psychologist in private practice, and has one daughter, Emma, who is in elementary school. They live in Queens with their dog and cockatiel. Gail is also a member of Gotham Queens.

Fred C. Klein is the co-founder of the Gotham City Networking Association and Managing Partner of the law firm of Klein Zelman Rothermel L.L.P., a boutique law firm specializing in Labor-Employment and Communications law. Fred sits on the Board of Directors of the Friars Club, where he is Treasurer. Fred's community service is highlighted by his work with the Friends of the High School for Leadership and Public Service, which he co-founded. The Friends assist in a collaboration between Fred's alma mater, Syracuse University, and the New York City High School for Leadership and Public Service to mentor students and foster higher education. Fred also serves as Treasurer of The Christopher Morley Knothole Association. For more information, please contact us.

Read more about GailKoelln




2009 Awards flash back M







1. Nadine Cino & Arina Vikdorchik stand behind one of StemNYC’s beautiful creations 2. Last year’s award recipient Robert Politzer of GreenStreet Construction leads his Village Green band. 3. David Marks is working the mic. 4. Executive Director, Miquela Craytor, of Sustainable South Bronx. 5. Joe Chadabe, president of EMF, basking in the glow of winning. 6. Gail Koelln introduces the guests. 7. David Alexander and Jeff Rumpf, Clearwater Executive director, looking on, 8. Paul Sladkus of is on hand and full of smiles with the helpful staff from the Friars Club.





And the 2010 Award Winners Are...

the science and art of software systems

1. For Green Business or Green Initiative - Gotham Member: Opal Computing (David Alexander, President)

2. For Green Business or Green Initiative - Non-Gotham Member: Partnership for The Environment (Jeff Schleider, Managing Dir.)

3. Green Community-based Non-Profit Organization: iLAND, Inc. (Estelle Woodward Arnal, Interim Executive Director)

Event Program Welcome: David Marks and Peter van Geldern Gotham Welcome: Fred Klein Award Presentations Introduction: Gail Koelln For Green Business or Green Initiative - Gotham Member Opal Computing Presenter: David Alexander, President Introduction: Peter van Geldern For Green Business or Green Initiative - Non-Gotham Member Partnership for the Environment Presenter: Jeff Schleider, Managing Director Introduction: Joel Chadabe Green Community-based Non-Profit Organization iLAND, Inc. Presenter: Estelle Woodward Arnal, Interim Executive Director. Final Notes and Thank You: David Marks and Peter van Geldern

the science and art of software systems

Dedicated to helping societally-beneficial organizations including: Environmental, Healthcare, Educational, and Not-for-Profit organizations Opal Computing has been providing software services since 1986, and currently leads a family of companies that includes Green Wave Email Marketing and These three entities, led by David Alexander, provide software development services, online marketing, and environmental content for organizations and companies that wish to help society through their missions or through targeted initiatives. Opal Computing has made a significant impact in streamlining clients' information, in providing greater visibility of their accomplishments and offerings, and in allowing expanded interaction with their clients and community members.

DAVID ALEXANDER Opal Computing / / Green Wave Email Marketing

David Alexander, President of Opal Computing, is a developer of leading-edge integrated software systems and Internet marketing solutions. To fulfill his personal mission of helping companies thrive using the Internet, he has implemented e-newsletter / e-vite emailing services, online credit card acceptance and event registration, search engine optimization, social media, and Web site integration, all to support online business activity.

David feels that technology can provide some of the keys needed for increased collaboration, improved efficiency, and reduced waste, towards creating a "greener" world. He has presented at a number of conferences and user groups. In his free time, he practices and teaches Tai Chi Chuan.

the science and art of software systems Love your Planet...Know your Planet

green a e

Email Marketing

Partnership for the


The Partnership for the Environment is a membership-based organizationof hospitality businesses committed to sustainable practices. Members each demonstrate this commitment by participating in an independent audit of their environmental policies and by actively working together towards a cleaner and healthier planet, one step at a time. Partnership for the Environment supports members by providing each acustomized step by step guide to become greener, one area of theirbusiness at a time. Â Once a business has taken sufficient steps in any of the 9 areas, they qualify for certification in that category.

Partnership for the Environment 1 800 207 3391 419 Lafayette Street 2nd Floor New York, NY, 10003

JEFF SCHLEIDER Miron Properties / Partnership for the Environment New York City Jeff Schleider is the co-founder and managing director of Partnership for the Environment. Prior to his work with Partnership, Jeff, a Columbia University alumnus, worked in the green building arena, where he led the creation of the first interactive map of green buildings in New York City, consulted to the USGBC on the LEED for homes in NYC Subcommittee and was a featured green building expert on MSNBC. With Partnership, Jeff aimed to create a simple system for business to become more sustainable and a credible system for consumers to choose environmentally responsible businesses to support. In less than two years, they have added over 275 locations.

Today, Jeff has delegated much of the work of both Partnership for the Environment and Miron Properties to trusted partners and is constantly on the lookout for new ventures that are both financially profitable and socially responsible.

Mission iLAND Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance investigates the power of dance, in collaboration with other fields, to illuminate our kinetic understanding of the world. iLAND, a dance research organization with a fundamental commitment to environmental sustainability as it relates to art and the urban context, cultivates cross-disciplinary research among artists, environmentalists, scientists, urban designers and other fields. Contact Us 140 Second Ave. #501 NY, NY 10003 Telephone 212 375-8283 Cell 917 860-8239 e:

JENNIFER MONSON Artistic director, choreographer, performer, iLAND Jennifer Monson uses choreographic practice to discover connections between environmental, philosophical and aesthetic approaches to knowledge and understandings of our surroundings. As Artistic Director of iLAND she creates large-scale dance projects informed and inspired by phenomena of the natural and built environment. Her project BIRD BRAIN (2000-2011) includes the theatrical work Flight of Mind (2005) and four migratory tours: Gray Whales (Spring 2001); Ospreys (Fall 2002); Ducks & Geese (Spring 2004); Northern Wheatears (Fall 2011). Each tour followed the migrations of animals offering performances, workshops and panel discussions on navigation, migration and conservation. In addition Monson/iLAND supports and mentors creative residencies for movement based artists, scientists, environmentalists and others on collaborative projects that engage with NYC ecologies. To learn more about the iLand tours & Jennifer read her bio online at the iLand website here:

About Ear to the Earth "Modern ecologists may have reached a limit on how effectively they can convey messages to the public, and they may now need to draw upon the emotional vibrancy offered by the arts." - Mark Moffett, ecologist, prize-winning photographer for National Geographic, recipient of the Lowell Thomas Medal from the Explorers Club and Rolex

Joel Chadabe Founder of

Ear to the Earth and EMF

All Proceeds Will Be Given To Last Year's Non-profit Category Winner Proceeds go to Gotham member, Joel Chadabe and his initiative, Ear to the Earth ( and the promotion of Water and the World events this year.

Ear to the Earth 2010: Water and the World It is obvious that directly and indirectly, in the course of our daily activities and in the support of distant life forms, water is crucial to our lives. Yet we are heading towards a crisis in managing the waters of the world. To address the crisis, we need to reach an understanding of the issues we face with water. And we need to become aware of the ways we use water in the context of the physical realities of our changing environment. Ear to the Earth 2010 is about understanding the current states of water in the world and our social and cultural attitudes towards water. We're interested in the sounds of water and/or sounds or performances that will make us aware

of water. We want to direct attention to environmental issues relating to water, among them drinkable water, melting ice, rising sea levels, polluted rivers, overfishing, storm intensity, and salinity, to name a few. The festival will take place during October 2010 in various venues throughout New York City and throughout the world. There'll be documentary field recordings, instrumental and electronic compositions, performances, installations, interactive websites, and other forms of experimental audio with imagery and multimedia. The festival will include panels and forums with scientists, composers, and soundand multimedia artists.

Join us!

2010 Water and the World EMF :: Arts Electric :: EMF Productions :: Ear to the Earth :: CDeMusic :: EMF Media :: EMF Institute

Thank You to our Sponsors.... Please consider their services as a way of saying thank you.

Olympus Center

for Holistic & Integrative Medicine

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the green economy network

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Want to Get Your Name Out There and Do Some Good? We are now accepting sponsorships and donations for this year's event. Donations are tax deductible and made to the Gotham City Networking Foundation as a 100% pass-through contribution. The foundation will also provide some additional matching funds. All proceeds will be given to last year's non-profit category winner and Gotham member, Joel Chadabe and his initiative, Ear to the Earth. ( All donors will receive honorable mention in our event program. Contact: David Marks

A Special Thanks To All Those Helping to Create and Implement the Gotham Green Awards Program....

Fred Klein Nancy Schess Gail Koelln Glen Friedman David Marks Peter van Geldern Josh Zinder Greg Barber Debra Lindner

About Shades of Green Network - This

years event producers and promoters

The Shades of Green Network™ mission is to stimulate the growing green economy. It takes a network to succeed in the new green economy. Contact us or visit us online and see how we can work together for any of your funding, promotion, or business development needs. Contact us.

Mitch Tobol Friars Club staff

Go Green with e-publications like this one Contact us.

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Green Team Recruiters’ mission is to provide honest assessments, evaluations and feedback to help find the "right fit" for you - our clients and candidates in the green space. is a division of CuttingEdge jobs. 1201 Broadway 903A, New York, NY 10001 between 28th and 29th Sts. 646.935.1920

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Thank you Greg, A special thanks goes to Greg Barber of Greg Barber Environmental Printing & Paper ( and EcoFriendly Printer ( for donating the printing of this year’s program. We highly recommend Greg’s companies because of the exceptional quality, and their smart environmental choices, but also because Greg is a really nice guy.

Sincerely, GOtham GREEN

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ls, ial oo erc h sc m m s g in o g rv & c ldin e s ls ui te b ho

.clients Learn about the various market sectors we service.

Learn about and participate in our Grassroots Entrepreneur Movement. If you are looking to save money, energy and the environment or if you are interested in a lucrative career in the green space, contact us today. 866.9sav.nrg (972-8674)

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See you there.

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