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January - March 2024

Cover Picture from Rose Coon

Board of Directors

Tom McBride: President

6724 SW Aylesbury Rd. Topeka, KS 66610

785.231.7469 /

Kurt Bossert: Vice President 7544 SW Blue Inn Pl. Topeka, KS 66610 785.224.9999 /

Jo Hunt: Treasurer

7031 SW Fountaindale Rd. Topeka, KS 66614 785.640.4490

Megan Clay

3735 SW Herefordshire Topeka, KS 66610

785.608.5315 /

Mike Morse

3941 SW Chelmsford Topeka, KS 66610 785.554.0929 /

Rob Seitz

7061 SW Fountaindale Rd. Topeka, KS 66614

785.478.1745 /

Paul Feist

3624 Blue Inn Rd, Topeka KS 66614

785-249-3928 /

Randy Forbes 7619 SW Robinhood Ct, Topeka KS 66614

John Wendling

7151 SW Fountaindale, Topeka KS 66614 785-213-3440 /

Calendar of Events

Clubhouse Rentals

March 2 – Schuster Rental

March 6 – Peterson Rental

March 7 – Peterson Rental

March 14 – Bridge Club

March 24 – Bossert Rental

April 11 – Bridge Club

April 20 – Spring Cleanup

April 28 – Beck Rental

May 4 – McBride Rental

May 5 – Morse Rental

May 9 – Bridge Club

May 11 – Bettis Rental

May 12 – Nelson Rental

May 17 – Schwarz Rental

Board of Director Meetings

March 25 – Sherwood Lake Board Meeting

April 22 – Sherwood Lake Board Meeting

Other Events

March 12 – Sherwood Improvement District

April 9 – Sherwood Improvement District

May 12 – Sherwood Improvement District


Lake Patrol Schedule:

The Lake Patrol and Lake Club Manager can be contacted to assist with 2024 registration decals if members need assistance. Lake Patrol will be on call until April 1, 2024. Starting April 1 to Memorial Day the Lake Patrol will be available 9am to 2pm, then on call. Memorial Day through Labor Day 7am to 10pm. Please call 785.221.3248 to make an appointment to meet at the ramp.


Any dock or shoreline additions or improvements must be approved by SLC. KDWR and Shawnee County Planning require a permit for any NEW improvements. Repairs or replacing existing shoreline without changing the layout do not require permits. When in doubt, give the SLC Lake Manager a call at 785-221-3248. For new docks or lifts contact Rob Seitz at 785-478-1745.

Spring Clean Up April 20, 2024

Volunteers are still needed. If interested, please contact Lake Club Manager Eric Bauer 785-221-3248 or email

Boater’s Safety Course

You can watch the video and take the quiz via the website. If you don’t have access, contact the Lake Club Manager Eric Bauer 785-221-3248 or email

2 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024

Member Wait List Marina Slip Wait List

Andrew Hinkle

Bruce Kahre

Ashley & Toni Grady

Christopher Butler

Whitney Baker

Andrew Hinkle

Lana Kennedy

John Ireland

Paul Burroughs

Luke and Jodi Foster

Chris & Jessica Likos

Letter from the SLC Board President

Relatively Quiet Winter

If you or anyone you know would like to serve on the SLC Board, please contact one of the Committee Members. The vote will take place at the SLC Annual Meeting.

The SLC Board is still working on the nagging issues of the dam and two spillways, water quality, sewer and pump station issues, silt basins, dredging and updating the Sherwood Website.

Thanks to all of you for making the 2023 Boating Season a wonderful success.

The Sherwood Lake Club, Inc. Annual Meeting was held January 23, 2024, with a full house of members in attendance. Concerns centered around the financial issue with a former employee, the water level of the lake and the ongoing saga of the dam and spillways.

The financial issue has been resolved with full restitution from the former employee; the recent rain and snow have helped a little with the lake level and the Board is exploring working with Shawnee County and the State of Kansas with recycling clean water back into the lake; the dam and spillways are in the hands of state agencies and is being closely monitored by the Board, a special Committee overseeing the project and our engineer.

Paul Feist, Randy Forbes and John Wendling were elected to a three term to serve on the Sherwood Board. Again, thank you to Aline Barrett, Kevin Beck and Kerry O’Neal for their time, energy and expertise the serving on the Sherwood Lake Club Board of Directors the last three years.

The assigned committees of the Board are already working on making the 2024 season a success. Please note in this Scene the various committees and Board Chair for each. If a particular committee appeals to you, please contact the Chair and volunteer. We need the help, please. We are also looking for a part-time Board Secretary. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact Eric Bauer or Jo Hunt.

Thank you

Tom McBride

Sherwood Lake Club Board Committees 2024 Committee Board Member Staff Support





John Wendling Shanna Zimmer

Kurt Bossert Eric Bauer *

Megan Clay Eric Bauer

Jo Hunt Eric Bauer *

Docks/Lake Fronts/Fishery Rob Seitz Eric Bauer


Off Lake Facilities

On Lake Activities

Randy Forbes Eric Bauer *

Paul Feist Eric Bauer

Mike Morse Eric Bauer

*Eric until we hire a Board Secretary/Office Manager

January-March 2024 • 3

Lake Manager's Report

1. The 2024 decals are ordered, I hope to receive them this week.

2. The Lake Patrol and I will have access to member status with their identification and the boats registered for all members.

• Proper stickers will be installed by lake patrol.

• Members will be denied access to the lake until all fees are paid.

• Members who have winterized their watercraft at their dock shall come to the lake beach to get proper lake identification stickers installed by Lake Patrol during acceptable times.

• All non-motorized watercraft. You can get your registration stickers from Lake Patrol.

3. A 2024 vessel safety inspection along with invasive species inspection will be performed every time the vessel is launched.

This will be performed by Lake Patrol and documented.

The Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pledge will need to be signed by members before any watercraft launches. The Lake Patrol will have these forms available.

The lake manager will possess an updated boat registration list.

We recently sent out notification to all watercraft members who are currently registered, if a member has a change of any type, please email office@

• The Lake Patrol and Lake Club Manger can be contacted to assist with 2024 registration decals if members need assistance.

• Lake Patrol will be on call until April 1, 2024.

• Starting April 1, 2024, to Memorial Day the lake patrol will be available 9am to 2pm then on call. d. Memorial Day through Labor Day 7:00am to 10:00pm.

The Lake Patrol Boat is currently having the patrol boat fixed after winterizing this year cracks were noted. Fannin welding is currently repairing cracks.

Spring Clean Up April 20, 2024

1. Volunteers are still needed. If interested, please contact lake club manager Eric Bauer 785-221-3248, or email me at I would like to thank anyone who has already signed up to support the community.

2. If you have a rake or wheel barrel, it would be very much appreciated if you could bring these items to

remove debris and mulch bags.

3. We will be constructing new horseshoe pits out of the material that is stored. Sand will be brought in for pits and volleyball area.

4. We will be painting the beach house, color to be determined.

• Any professional painters in the community willing to assist are welcome. I plan to power wash the beach house prior to painting.

• We will be removing wires and cables on the beach house to help with curb appeal before painting.

• I will bring my personal equipment to make the spring clean up easier for everybody.

• We are installing a new modem for the cameras at the beach property. We had issues connecting to the Wi-Fi last year. The replacement is scheduled for spring.

Tennis Courts/Pickle Ball Courts

1. Tennis courts resurfacing, stripping to include pickle ball courts are currently out for bids.

Construction at Sherwood

1. Sewer Line repairs are ongoing on the south side of Nottingham from 37th to northeast side of the dam.

• This has been caused partially by disposable wipes. It is causing tremendous blockages and plugging of the pumps. This will affect community infrastructure in the future. Please assist in being proactive in disposing of these items.

Lake Club Manager Eric Bauer 785-221-3248

I have been employed since the end of September 2023. This year I intend to ensure that we are transparent.

4 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024

Members will have access via the website at Please visit the website and view all the quick links.

1. Members will have access to review the availability of the clubhouse and/or beach pavilion.

2. If available, you can request the date and time you want to reserve.

3. Applications will be sent to you with the amount due, after we have received the completed form with payment,

4. Confirmation will then be sent to you via email.

I hope I have an opportunity to meet all of you in the upcoming year.

Lake Water Testing

Water samples will be collected. May, June, July, August. Samples will be sent in for lake quality evaluation. Randy McAllister and Jeff Handley will assist me with this task.

Lake Patrol

On the coldest day of this year, the Lake Patrol and I retrieved a pontoon boat that escaped from its dock and found in Dancaster Cove. The cove was partially frozen already, we had a few failed attempts however we prevailed by Kyler taking a kayak through the ice and attaching a rope to the boat. I had contacted neighbor Jane to request permission to secure the boat to her dock temporarily. She was so understanding and gave us permission. A special thanks to neighbor Joe for providing his fishing gear to help in the efforts. Kyler and Travis went above and beyond in their efforts. Thank you to everyone involved.

Stocking the Lake with Walleye



Lake Club Manager

January-March 2024 • 5
November the lake was stocked with approximately 1600 8-inch walleye to help control the fishery. The fish limits will continue as posted until the next test is done in April.

Sherwood Lake Club Fishing Regulations

The following creel, possession and slot limits shall apply to all fishing on Lake Sherwood. Individuals that violate these limits shall be suspended from all Lake Club Privileges for one (1) year from date of violation, in addition to “Penalties” as may be determined under the Sherwood Lake Club Rules and Regulations which may be amended or updated from time to time.


Adopted 05/2021

6 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024

LQEC Wattle Deployment

For the fourth year, the placement of wattles over 179 storm drains that feed directly into the lake has proven to be extremely effective in reducing the amount of roadway sand, organic matter such as leaves, and other debris from entering the lake over the winter months. Lake Club volunteers deployed the wattles on November 4. They will be monitored by LQEC over the season, replaced or repaired as necessary, and will be removed at the time the streets are cleaned in early spring. We appreciate the financial commitment of Sherwood Improvement District and Mission Township in sharing in the cost of the wattles.

Please report missing or damaged wattles to Steve Dodd. His contact information is 913-481-0911(cell) or

A special thank you is extended to the following 23 dedicated and willing volunteers for their help in placing the wattles on Saturday, November 4: Lake Club Manager Eric Bauer, Kevin Beck, Bob Bobo, Paul Bossert, Nelson Dean, Joy and Steve Dodd, George Hopper, Al Hunt, Mike Kongs, Jeff Lolley, Tracy Lynch, Ryan Mohwinkle, Jeff and Lori Moser, Mike Morse, Mike Munson, Jeff Peterson, Dave Quarnstrom, Skip Russell, Harold Ramsey, Stan Stegelman, and Travis Stryker. Trucks and trailers were provided by Eric Bauer, Nelson Dean, Steve Dodd, Tracy Lynch and Todd May.

January-March 2024 • 7

Sailing Club

The sailing club held its annual season awards banquet in December at the lovely home of Dana and Chuck Towle. A great time was had as we welcomed three new sailors in 2023. The season consisted of 15 races, plus 3 Commodore Cup Regatta races. Counting the crews, 21 different people participated in the races this year. A special thank you was extended to the Lake Patrol for their expert monitoring of the club’s races and to Jan and Stan Stegelman, our Race Committee Boat Captains, who ran 16 of the 18 races. Thanks were also expressed to Chuck Towle and Al Hunt for the free sailing lessons they provided in June, w¬hich we plan to continue in 2024 (more news to follow).

8 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024

As you may know, we lost two beloved members in the Fall of 2022. As a tribute to Charlie Hoch and Ron Gwaltney, the sailing club created two new traveling trophies (shown below) for the winners of each season’s first and last race, which Charlie and Ron both won respectively in 2022. The 2023 season winner of the first race, the “Charlie Hoch Award,” was Jo Hunt, and the winner of the last race, the “Ron Gwaltney Award,” was Chuck Towle.

January-March 2024 • 9

Rescue Mission Donation

In December of 2023, a group of members came up with the idea of doing a clothing drive for the Topeka Rescue Mission. The idea revolved around providing an easy opportunity for the lake membership to come together and help benefit the greater community of Topeka.

As you may have seen, an email was sent out that asked members to look through their closets and bag clothing that was in good condition but no longer used and then leave them on their front porch for a crew of volunteers to pick up. Not only did members find old clothes to donate but many even went out and bought new clothing to help contribute to the cause. After an evening of picking up all the clothing our lake community was able to pick up enough bags of clothing to fill up the bed and cab of two trucks.

The clothing was then all donated to the Topeka Rescue Mission where the TRM team graciously welcomed all the donations, nearly 1,000 articles of clothing. The TRM team was overwhelmed by the support and gave us many thanks to share with members who chose to donate.

The effort made by the lake membership far exceeded the expectations of what we thought was possible. This goes to show how powerful we can all be when we team together to benefit a singular cause. The team of volunteers is very interested in putting on similar drives in the future to benefit many of the great charities we have in Topeka. If this is something you are interested in helping with or have an idea of a charity that would benefit from our lake membership’s support, please reach out to Bradley Hopper at We look forward to utilizing the many blessings we have been given in life to benefit others positively.

Thank you very much to those who helped create a positive impact this year. We look forward to

Annual Meeting Member Packet

January-March 2024 • 11 

Annual Meeting Member Packet

12 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024 continued
January-March 2024 • 13 

Annual Meeting Member Packet

14 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
January-March 2024 • 15 

Annual Meeting Member Packet continued

16 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
January-March 2024 • 17 

Annual Meeting Member Packet continued

18 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
January-March 2024 • 19 

Annual Meeting Member Packet

20 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
January-March 2024 • 21 

Annual Meeting Member Packet

22 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
January-March 2024 • 23 

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January-March 2024 • 25 

Annual Meeting Member Packet continued

26 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024

Annual Burning of the Dam.

On Sunday February 25, Mission Township Fire Department performed a controlled burn training exercise through assisting the Sherwood Lake Club in our annual burning of the grasses on the dam. Thank you to the firefighters of Mission Township!

January-March 2024 • 27

Sherwood Lake Club Board of Director Minutes:

All the minutes can now be found on the website. Members can use the links below to retrieve them.

2023-12-18 Board Minutes

2023-11-29(30) Board Minutes Email Meeting

2023-11-27 Board Minutes

2023-10-23 Board Minutes

2023-09-25 Board Minutes

2023-08-28 Board Minutes

28 Sherwood Scene • January-March 2024
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