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A great town deserves great theatre. I am often asked, “What IS the Sonoma Theatre Alliance (STA)?” The Alliance is here to support our member companies with the administrative part of putting on a show. This frees each company to focus more on the creative side of their own productions. STA also fundraises for the benefit of each of our companies, and we work together to contribute to a vibrant arts community in Sonoma. I’m also asked, “Are you a community theatre?” Well, we are made up of a diverse group from the North Bay and beyond, with many an actor and director equipped with a theatre degree. We have Equity and SAG actors, actors who’ve performed all over the world, and the occasional newcomer trying this out for the first time. With you, our audience, we become “our community’s theatre” — both yours and ours.

Jaime Love

Executive Director Sonoma Theatre Alliance



Sue Martin, President Philip Sales, Vice President Monica McKey, Secretary/Treasurer Jaime Love, Executive Director



Jeff Dreyer, STA Accountant Todd Evans, Past President Nancy Vandegrift

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sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

Contents Sonoma Theatre Alliance Festival of Theatre 2013

Let’s Misbehave


– A Cole Porter Comedy Revue Photo: Owen Orser

Rotary Stage at Andrews Hall Sonoma Community Center 276 East Napa Street Sonoma, CA 95476

Thank you! Our many thanks to the Rotary Club of Sonoma Valley, the Sonoma Community Center, and the good people of Sonoma for working so hard to raise the funds to transform Andrews Hall into a beautiful renovated theatre for all to enjoy.

Sue Martin

Board President Sonoma Theatre Alliance

The Lonesome West




Picasso at the Lapin Agile


Troublesome Creek


No Sex Please, We’re British




PlayFest 2013


Sonoma Nights


Season Calendar


Season Ticket Information


Season Ticket Order Form


Let’s Misbehave A Cole Porter Comedy Revue

May 9-26 Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm

Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter Book by Tom & Sue Martin Presented by Silver Moon Theatre Directed by Sue Martin

“Let’s Misbehave” is an original comedy centered on the songs of the legendary Cole Porter. The story is about a theatre company of a certain age in a certain small town doing a musical revue of Broadway-style production numbers inspired by his songs. The humor derives from the sophisticated— and sometimes slightly naughty — style for which Cole Porter is known. The show will be the first production in the newly renovated Andrews Hall.

Silver Moon Theatre 1 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

By Martin McDonagh Presented by Narrow Way Stage Company Directed by Chris Ginesi “The Lonesome West,” by Tony-nominated playwright Martin McDonagh, tells the story of two brothers living together in Leenane, Ireland. In the wake of their father’s death, Coleman and Valene find any semblance of a peaceful life impossible, and old demons are dredged up to be reconciled through a feud that reaches near biblical proportions. A pretty young woman and a priest with issues of his own are all that stands between the two as they careen towards their inevitable fate.

June 13-30 Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm By special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.


CABARET July 12-28 Thursday*-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm By special arrangement with Tams Witmark.

Book by Joe Masteroff Music by John Kander, Lyrics by Fred Ebb Presented by ETC Directed by Cat Austin Willkommen to the Kit Kat Klub, a seedy nightclub in Berlin in the late 1920s offering a sexy world of delicious decadence, while outside, the gathering storm of Nazi oppression grows. The beguiling Emcee lures patrons in, assuring them “Whatever your troubles, you’ll forget them when you come to the Cabaret.” Filled with hit Broadway songs and a story that still speaks profoundly to us today, “Cabaret” is a knock-out, once-in-a-lifetime theatrical experience. *No Thursday performance opening week.

3 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

August 8-25

By Steve Martin Presented by M & G Productions Directed by Gerrett Snedaker Art Direction by Will Combs “Picasso at the Lapin Agile” is a delightful piece of theatrical slight of hand wherein Steve Martin creates the meeting of the century that never happened between the most influential scientist (Albert Einstein, age 25) and the most influential artist (Pablo Picasso, age 23) in a Parisian bar in 1904, a year before each made quantum leaps in their respective careers. The play is not only a hilarious romp into Martin’s genius imagination, but it also tackles the “Big Issues” that make our culture tick. It is the quintessential kick-off to the 20th century.

Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm By special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.



CREEK September 5-15 Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm This show runs for two weeks only. No performance on Sunday 9/8/13. An additional matinee performance will take place on Saturday 9/14/13.

By Todd Evans Presented by Sonoma Stage Works Directed by Joey Hoeber Nine actors take you to the remote hills of Eastern Kentucky, 1962, where a tight-knit farm family contends with the opportunistic interests of the coal companies. Best-selling author Rachel Carson comes to town bringing her own vision of environmental sanity and defending her controversial book, Silent Spring. Divergent interests and a shadowy figure clash in a suspenseful drama, which will have echoes in modern times.  

5 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

October 3-20

By Anthony Marriott & Alistair Foot Presented by Silver Moon Theatre Directed by Nellie Cravens

Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm

This hilarious British farce is set in the 1960s in Windsor, England. A newlywed couple lives above a bank where the husband works. When the bride innocently orders Swedish glassware By special arrangement by mail, what arrives are shockingly risquÊ with Samuel French, Inc. postcards. The matter is considerably complicated by the groom’s mother, his boss, a visiting bank inspector, a police superintendent, and a muddled friend who does everything wrong in his reluctant efforts to set everything right. How this young couple survives is what kept this fast-paced comedy running in London for almost a decade!

Silver Moon Theatre


Oct 31 - Nov 17 Thursday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday Matinee 2:00 pm By special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service.

By Jose Rivera Directed by Beulah Vega Presented by Narrow Way Stage Company Marisol Perez is an ordinary copywriter in Manhattan who still lives happily in the dangerous Brooklyn neighborhood of her youth. One night, Marisol’s guardian angel appears to tell her that she can no longer protect her as she is joining other angels in a rebellion against God. This 1993 OBIE award-winning play is a frighteningly humorous carnival ride careening through faith, hope, and love towards the ultimate destination of Armageddon.

7 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

PlayFest 2013

June 1-2

A Short-Play Competition and Festival All tickets $20, sold separately for Full Stage Production in September* (not included in STA Season Ticket)Â

PlayFest presents an exciting opportunity for area playwrights, theatre artists, and our audiences to participate in bringing new works to the stage. Sonoma Stage Works has solicited new 10-minute and one-act plays from Northern California playwrights. All 84 submittals will be juried by a local panel of readers, with winning selections presented as a staged reading on June 1 and 2. After the staged readings, based on audience input, several plays will be selected for full-stage production on September 20-22.

Staged Readings Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday 2:00 pm Donation Suggested

Sept 20, 21 & 22 *Full Stage Production Friday-Saturday 8:00 pm Sunday 2:00 pm


Sonoma Nights are presented in Andrews Hall on evenings when the main stage show is “dark.” These intimate performances include a mix of music, cabaret acts, staged readings and more. All shows start at 7:00pm and prices vary. Enjoy pre-show music with musicians such as Earl Blue and Garen Patterson. Check the website for current listings. Or call the box office at 707.938.4626. May 20 & 21 at 7:00pm • Gato Cat Austin’s musical love story of adventure from Oakland to Buenos Aires then back to Sonoma. Passion, surrender, vulnerability, connection, joy seen through the transformative prism of Tango. Embrace this unforgettable evening with Cat and friends!

May 22 at 7:00pm • Higher Love The wildly popular Vox Populi is back! Songs by Steve Winwood, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Jackie Wilson, Annie Lennox, and Monty Python, as well as some surprises! Vox Populi performs with the Plan Be Band. Directed by Mark Dennis.

June 25 & 26 at 7:00pm • Later by Corinne Jacker, directed by Butch Engle. Whether you’re a mother, a father, a sister, a husband, or a friend, this heartwarming play will rekindle memories of family, tug at your heart, and touch your funny bone. With Julia Holsworth, Jaime Love, Nancy Vandegrift.

July 16 & 17 at 7:00pm • 2nd Annual All-Star Variety Show With Kathryn Del Chiaro, Jon Williams and Sonoma Valley Music, featuring an array of local favorite artists, performers, and musicians.

August 13 & 14 at 7:00pm • Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy, directed by Butch Engle. Two men sit in a New York tenement apartment: a black ex-con who claims to hear the voice of God and the white professor he stopped from jumping in front of an oncoming train. With Butch Engle and Cameron Stuckey.

Sept. 8, 9, 10 & 11 at 7:00pm • The Soldiers That Wanted to Kill Death An original opera written and directed by John Partridge. Three U.S. soldiers become separated from their unit during battle. They take refuge in an abandoned farmhouse and discover a cache of hidden wine. In a moment of drunken inspiration, they resolve to kill Death himself.

Oct. 8 at 7:00pm • Are You Ready For a Miracle? Free Spirits Gospel Choir is a wonderful group of singers with no religious agenda, just infused with traditional gospel music like I’ll Fly Away, This Little Light of Mine, Jesus on the Main Line and more! Under the direction of Cynthia Tarr, SCC Music Director.

Nov. 5 & 6 at 7:00pm • Back at the Ranch The Defying Gravity Gals are back by their own demand, ‘cause they had so much fun the first time around! An original revue by Lori Bailey, Kerry Daly, Laura Farber, Jaime Love,  Jeane MacPherson, and Monica McKey.

9 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

Calendar dates/days/times Let’s Misbehave May 9–12 May 16–19 May 23–26





5/9, 8:00pm 5/16, 8:00pm 5/23, 8:00pm

5/10, 8:00pm 5/17, 8:00pm 5/24, 8:00pm

5/11, 8:00pm 5/18, 8:00pm 5/25, 8:00pm

5/12, 2:00pm 5/19, 2:00pm 5/26, 2:00pm

6/1, 8:00pm

6/2, 2:00pm

PlayFest 2013

June 1–2 (readings)

The Lonesome West June 13–16 June 20–23 June 27–30

6/13, 8:00pm 6/20, 8:00pm 6/27, 8:00pm

6/14, 8:00pm 6/21, 8:00pm 6/28, 8:00pm

6/15, 8:00pm 6/22, 8:00pm 6/29, 8:00pm

6/16, 2:00pm 6/23, 2:00pm 6/30, 2:00pm

Cabaret July 12–14 July 18–21 July 25–28

(no show) 7/18, 8:00pm 7/25, 8:00pm

7/12, 8:00pm 7/19, 8:00pm 7/26, 8:00pm

7/13, 8:00pm 7/20, 8:00pm 7/27, 8:00pm

7/14, 2:00pm 7/21, 2:00pm 7/28, 2:00pm

8/8, 8:00pm 8/15, 8:00pm 8/22, 8:00 pm

8/9, 8:00pm 8/16, 8:00pm 8/23, 8:00pm

8/10, 8:00pm 8/17, 8:00pm 8/24, 8:00pm

8/11, 2:00pm 8/18, 2:00pm 8/25, 2:00pm

9/5, 8:00pm 9/12, 8:00pm

9/6, 8:00pm 9/13, 8:00pm

9/7, 8:00pm 9/14, 2:00pm 9/14, 8:00pm

(no show) 9/15, 2:00pm

9/20, 8:00pm

9/21, 8:00pm

9/22, 2:00pm

10/3, 8:00pm 10/10, 8:00pm 10/17, 8:00pm

10/4, 8:00pm 10/11, 8:00pm 10/18, 8:00pm

10/5, 8:00pm 10/12, 8:00pm 10/19, 8:00pm

10/6, 2:00pm 10/13, 2:00pm 10/20, 2:00pm

10/31, 8:00pm 11/7, 8:00pm 11/14, 8:00pm

11/1, 8:00pm 11/8, 8:00pm 11/15, 8:00pm

11/2, 8:00pm 11/9, 8:00pm 11/16, 8:00pm

11/3, 2:00pm 11/10, 2:00pm 11/17, 2:00pm

Picasso at the Lapin Agile August 8–11 August 15–18 August 22–25

Troublesome Creek September 5–8 September 12–15

PlayFest 2013

September 20–22 (production)

No Sex Please, We’re British October 3–6 October 10–13 October 17–20


Oct.31, Nov. 1–3 November 7–10 November 14–17 10

Purchase a Season Ticket Pass for $155! Introducing our new flexible Season Ticket Pass Buy it today and see all seven main festival shows for only $155! TAKE NOTE $155 Early Bird Pricing, one ticket per show — available only until April 21, 2013 Season Ticket Pass prices go up on April 22, 2013, to $175.

Why purchase a Season Ticket Pass? • Flexibility to plan when you want to see each show • Choose your dates now or wait until later • NEW! Reserved Seating is available. Select your seats online or via phone. Premium seating configuration varies per show. • Priority seating section for Season Ticket Pass holders. Please select seats early for best selection. • Save up to 20% over single ticket prices • Season Ticket Pass holders enjoy a complimentary beverage at each show Three ways to order: 1) Online: purchase at (your personalized Pass Code sent by email) 2) Mail: complete the attached order form (your personalized Pass Code will be sent by mail) 3) Call: Sonoma Valley Box Office to place your order 707-938-4626 x1 (your personalized Pass Code sent by mail) How to order online: • Go to • Purchase your Season Ticket Pass • Your Pass Code will be delivered via email • Choose your show dates and seats (or wait until later) • On payment screen click on “REDEEM BENEFITS” button • Enter your Pass Code on next screen

11 sonoma theatre alliance • festival of theatre 2013

Season Ticket Pass Order Form Sonoma Theatre Alliance Festival of Theatre 2013 Season Ticket Pass: $155 per season ticket for all seven shows (one ticket per show). (price goes up to $175, April 22–May 26, 2013) Order by mail using this form, purchase online at, or call the Sonoma Valley Box Office, 707-938-4626 x1. Please find enclosed my request: _____ Season Ticket Passes @$155 each = $_______ TOTAL = $_______ Name: ___________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________ City/ State: ______________________ Zip: ______________ Phone: _____________________ Email: ___________________________________ Enclosed check made payable to: Sonoma Community Center Visa MasterCard Expiration date: _____ / _____ (MM/YY), 3 digit CVV: _____ Signature: _____________________________________________________ Mail this form to: SCC-Tickets, 276 E. Napa St. Sonoma, CA 95476 Choose your dates now by checking one date for each show. (or… you can leave this section blank, and select dates at a later time) Let’s Misbehave The Lonesome West Cabaret Picasso at the Lapin Agile Troublesome Creek No Sex Please, We’re British Marisol

THU 5/9 8pm THU 5/16 8pm THU 5/23 8pm THU 6/13 8pm THU 6/20 8pm THU 6/27 8pm (no show) THU 7/18 8pm THU 7/25 8pm THU 8/8 8pm THU 8/15 8pm THU 8/22 8pm THU 9/5 8pm THU 9/12 8pm

FRI 5/10 8pm FRI 5/17 8pm FRI 5/24 8pm FRI 6/14 8pm FRI 6/21 8pm FRI 6/28 8pm FRI 7/12 8pm FRI 7/19 8pm FRI 7/26 8pm FRI 8/9 8pm FRI 8/16 8pm FRI 8/23 8pm FRI 9/6 8pm FRI 9/13 8pm

THU 10/3 8pm THU 10/10 8pm THU 10/17 8pm THU 10/31 8pm THU 11/7 8pm THU 11/14 8pm

FRI 10/4 8pm FRI 10/11 8pm FRI 10/18 8pm FRI 11/1 8pm FRI 11/8 8pm FRI 11/15 8pm

SAT 5/11 8pm SAT 5/18 8pm SAT 5/25 8pm SAT 6/15 8pm SAT 6/22 8pm SAT 6/29 8pm SAT 7/13 8pm SAT 7/20 8pm SAT 7/27 8pm SAT 8/10 8pm SAT 8/17 8pm SAT 8/24 8pm SAT 9/7 8pm SAT 9/14 2pm SAT 9/14 8pm SAT 10/5 8pm SAT 10/12 8pm SAT 10/19 8pm SAT 11/2 8pm SAT 11/9 8pm SAT 11/16 8pm

SUN 5/12 2pm SUN 5/19 2pm SUN 5/26 2pm SUN 6/16 2pm SUN 6/23 2pm SUN 6/30 2pm SUN 7/14 2pm SUN 7/21 2pm SUN 7/28 2pm SUN 8/11 2pm SUN 8/18 2pm SUN 8/25 2pm (no show) SUN 9/15 2pm SUN 10/6 2pm SUN 10/13 2pm SUN 10/20 2pm SUN 11/3 2pm SUN 11/10 2pm SUN 11/17 2pm 12

Sonoma Valley Box Office 707-938-4626 x1

*Season Ticket Pass prices go up on April 22nd

Just $155 for all 7 shows*

Order by April 21st

Save up to 20% over single ticket prices


Buy your NEW flexible Season Ticket Pass

Set sail for a full season of theatre!

Festival of Theatre 2013

Photo Š Adrian R. Hyman

Sonoma Theatre Alliance P.O. Box 539 Sonoma, CA 95476

Sonoma Theatre Alliance 2013 Brochure  

Sonoma Theatre Alliance, Festival of Theatre 2013

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