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Coonference on n Humanitiees and Sociall Sciences (IICHUSO) 20013   

15 August, 2013

Dear Peeter Chien-Y Yu, Kao

Thank you for submittting a papeer for preseentation in this comingg 9th Intern national Confereence on Hu umanities and a Social Sciences (IICHUSO) 2013 2 whichh will be heeld from Novembber 14-15, 2013 2 at Khoon Kaen Unniversity, Th hailand. The underssigned is pleeased to infform you th hat your abbstract entitlled “Jane Austen’s A Northan nger Abbeyy and its Moovie Adaptaation Revisitted” has beeen reviewed aand acceptedd for oral presentaation. You will w have 15 minutes for presentation n and 5 minutes for auddience discusssion and questionns. Electroniic devices suuch as a computer, a projector, andd an overheead projectorr will be providedd in the preseentation room m.

Please subm mit the full paper befoore 15 September, 20113. Please also note th hat only t CD-Rom m as the coonference pproceedings. In the selectedd full paperrs will be inncluded in the confereence handboook, only abstracts a willl be publisshed. The proceedings p s and the haandbook will be distributed at the confeerence. Payment of registratioon fee must be made no later thhan 25 Septtember, 20 013. The confereence and prresentation schedule will w be ann nounced viia the confference web bsite by 30 Septtember, 2013. We look foorward to weelcoming yoou to Khon Kaen Univversity in Noovember, Th hailand.

Yours sincerely, s

(Assoc.. Prof. KulthhidaTuamsuuk, Ph.D.) Confereence Chair Dean off the Facultyy of Humannities and Soocial Sciencces Khon Kaen K Univerrsity, Thailaand

Ichuso 2013 conference on humanities and social science