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“Maycomb was Got questions? an old town, but it was a 1680 Main Street tired old Maycomb, AL 10301 town...” ADDRESS






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A Condensed Travel Guide to: Maycomb




Welcome to Maycomb! We thank you for visiting the number one traditional vacationing destination in the entire state of Alabama. Maycom is well known around the world for its square faced stores and steep roofed houses, aside from its raceinfluenced traditionalism that makes things just the way they are in Maycomb. Maycomb, is also the home of many celebrities such as

While on Maycomb, don't forget to include in your top must-do's at least one visit to the residential area; this place not only houses hundreds of people, but it also is the site were the mighty Ol' One Shot saved the town from that hideous mad dog once.

Atticus Finch - State Legislator Maudie Atkinson - World Famous Elementary

We call the residential area to "Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose's house two doors to the north of the Finch residence, and the Radley Place three doors to the south." 

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Also, while visiting, take a look at Maycomb's Front Lawn Gardens, it a wonderful masterpiece that each neighbor of the town elaborates carefully, sometimes, these gardens tell us the inner story of the owner. 



Teacher Braxton Bragg Underwood - Founder and owner of the world famous Maycomb Tribune

While on Maycomb, be sure to visit the Courthouse Square: were "Giant monkey-puzzle bushes bristle on each corner" and our kind people will welcome you with open arms. But if your thing is shopping, Maycomb counts with "A larger square of stores that surround the courthouse square". Maycomb has lots to offer, including:

There's more to Maycomb than just Downtown, The Residential Area, tradition and culture. Trust us, there's so much more to discover! We just can't pack this glorious smorgasbord of a city into a brochure. Here are other things you can visit in Maycomb: They Radley Place The "Tree Hole"

The Architectonic Maycomb Jail - "a miniature

Maycomb's School

gothic joke one cell wide and two cells high

Maycomb's Courthouse

complete with tiny battlements and flying

Maycomb Tribune Headquarters


Finch Residence

Atticus Finch's Office - "in the Maycomb Bank building"

A Condensed Travel Guide to Maycomb