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“It ’s so easy for my family and friends t o cruise for less, it feels like t he cruise lines are paying t hem t o t ake a vacat ion! While t hey spend pract ically not hing, I just shake my head in ut t er disbelief as I wat ch what ot hers just like you are spending for your cruise vacat ion. But now, t he shocking t rut h will be exposed in my revolut ionary guide on how t o cruise for less – t he same guide t hat has t he cruise indust ry t rembling at t he knees.” …unt il I was forced t o quit because I no longer want ed t o t rick passengers int o spend obscene amount s of money! I t ook a st and and my job was t hreat ened. Clic k Image To Vis it Site

Wit h my ext ensive indust ry knowledge, I’m int roducing t his ast onishing, one-of-a-kind guide on how you can save a boat load of money on every cruise you ever t ake – t he secret s t hat could only come from someone wit hin t he indust ry.

I am absolut ely cert ain t hat once you’ve read my guide, you will be left COMPLETELY SHOCKED AND SPEECHLESS at just how much you’ve been misled, overcharged and even flat out deceived by t he cruise lines. I guarant ee you t hat t his informat ion will absolut ely t ransform t he way you cruise like not hing else out t here. Keep on reading t o discover why cruise lines are frant ically ringing t he alarm bells in an at t empt t o prohibit t he public from having access t o any of t his informat ion! Also, keep in mind t hat t his guide will work wit h any cruise line, any ship, and any it inerary worldwide! My Personal Promise: My sole object ive is t o save YOU money. I have vowed t o overcome every hurdle in my quest t o provide you wit h t he insider cruise savings knowledge t hat cruise lines are t errified about . This info is unlike anyt hing you’ve ever come across before. If you’re expect ing some boring list of useless t ips and point ers, like t hose available at bookst ores or writ t en by inexperienced cruise passengers, you’re in for an honest shock. “Wit h t his guide t here is no way we will over-spend on our next cruise. We are ready t o save more money t han we ever t hought possible. ” One cruise line even t ried t o hire me earlier t his year by offering me an absurd 20% salary increase in a last -dit ch effort t o st op me from revealing t his explosive informat ion. “Not a chance!” was my reply. I spent 10 years working 6-mont h cont ract s, 12-16 hours a day, dedicat ing my life t o t his indust ry. But now, let me have a chance t o be on your side. Here is just a t iny glance of t he powerful insider informat ion t hat you will discover in t his vacat ion-t ransforming guide: The t wo vit al rules t hat guarant ee you’ll be t reat ed like royalt y and be spoiled like a superst ar by every crew member. Tap int o a t reasure chest of savings t hat even t he most experienced cruise passengers don’t know exist . I’ll expose t he 6 lit t le-known met hods t hat allow you t o CRUISE FOR FREE for t he rest of your life…ot hers are using t hese met hods every day, so don’t be left out !

Inst ant ly slash t he cost of every spa and salon t reat ment by 50% so t hat you can pamper yourself over and over again. I’ll expose t he dirt y hidden t rut h about cruise lines’ shore excursion programs. Let me warn you: You will be left shaking your head in complet e disgust wit h t his one. A full list of 57 expert t ricks t hat will guarant ee you are t he most well-prepared and educat ed passenger on your ship. For t he first t ime, I’ll reveal exact ly what t he crew members t hink and say about t he passengers. You’ll t hen discover how t o use t his essent ial informat ion t o become t he most favored passenger on any ship in t he world. Save an insane amount of money on every t our and act ivit y in every port of call. I’ll uncover t he false myt hs and you’ll inst ant ly save up t o 75% on everyt hing you want t o do. How t o exploit a loophole in cruise line’s casino policies t hat will act ually boost your airline frequent flyer miles in seconds! A Mast er Cruise Packing List t hat reveals every it em you should t ake wit h you on your cruise as well as t he essent ial st eps you need t o follow before you even leave home. Discover t he only way t hat you can guarant ee your cruise vacat ion get s off t o a perfect , worry-free st art . One magical t rick t o get t ing an amazing bouquet of fresh flowers in your cabin every single day for absolut ely free while everyone else spends a fort une for just one rose! How t o st ay far away from t he money-sucking t raps cruise lines use t o t ake advant age of unprepared passengers. A fool-proof met hod for becoming a member of a cruise line’s Loyalt y Program even if you’ve never cruised before. Inst ant ly receive every discount and benefit of a vet eran cruiser.

The one vit al act ion you must t ake as soon as you board your ship…it t akes 20 seconds and it will complet ely t ransform your vacat ion. Do you plan on shopping during your cruise? I’ll let you in on t he st art ling secret s about cruise ship ‘Shopping Programs’ t hat nobody in t he indust ry want s you t o know. You’ll end up saving a fort une on jewelry, souvenirs, elect ronics and more. The hard-t o-believe… Read more… Be Sociable, Share!

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