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…I’ve been one of t he minorit y working behind t he scenes, quiet ly cashing in on winning bet s almost everyday. I’ve always made money on t he horses but aft er my wife and I had our first daught er Emily, I gained a new sense of clarit y t hat drove me t o really make somet hing of it . Since t hen (around 9 years ago) I’ve developed over 150 profit able syst ems, but it wasn’t unt il I st art ed looking at hist orical t rends alongside t he recent form book t hat I made my breakt hrough. By t he end of 2011 I had a mult iple set of st rat egies t hat I believed could perfom SOLID live across t he flat and jump seasons. What st art ed as Clic k Image To Vis it Site

pot ent ial, has t urned int o gold!

I st art ed raking in profit s inst ant ly aft er put t ing my TOP SECRET st rat egies t o t he t est LIVE in January 2012!

The following bet s are from a ‘newbie’ members Bet fair account just 9 days int o his bet t ing bet ween 9t h-18t h July 2013 using £20 st akes. And wit h bet s like t hese you can expect t o see your bet t ing account st uffed wit h TAX-FREE cash just like mine It only t akes a few pounds t o get st art ed and you can build your profit s t o unspeakable levels like t his: Bet ween 1-3 profit able select ions sent t o you via email t he evening before t he races and recapped on t he morning of t he races bet ween 9-11am GMT. 24/7 Personal Support from myself… any bet t ing advice about t he service or just advice in general let me know and I’ll be here t o give you a hand To decipher any possible chances of a horse running home t o vict ory it is absolut ely vit al t hat all t he variables are underst ood and ut ilised well and I do t his manually on your behalf each and every day. It ’s really as simple as placing t he recommended bet s I email you each morning and collect ing your winnings. I’ve been sending my select ions t o a privat e group of members t o see how t he communit y would receive my service. Now wit h what you see t oday as t he Winners Everyday formula I’ve managed t o provide my family wit h a real sense of securit y and a whole new world of opport unit ies. I’ve st udied t housands of syst ems t o gain insight for my own st rat egies, and ive cherry picked a collect ion of ext remely profit able and useful syst ems from my personal archive, specifically designed t o widen your knowledge and abilit ies when it comes t o bet t ing Ive covered absolut ely everyt hing from horse racing and sport s bet t ing so you’ll have t he confidence and clarit y t o profit from any bet t ing market you come across.

10 complet e syst ems focusing on st rat egies for backing/laying horses successfully and syst ems t o boost your profit s over t he flat and Jump seasons. All of t hese syst ems hold valuable lessons in learning about how and why bet t ing on horses is valuable, and were part of t he plat form t hat helped me creat e t he Winners Everyday formula. Every foot ball fans dream. Wit h t hese 10 syst ems and st rat egy guides at your disposal you’ll Learn t he secret s t o making st eady profit s from english/european leagues and Asian handicaps, mat ch fixing, There’s also a few added st rat egies t hat cover how t o make money from losers and much much more. Ever wondered how people make money out side of your usual foot ie and horse racing bet t ing? Well now you can make money from it t o wit h t his mult i pack of 10 sport s bet t ing and st aking syst ems t hat will help you invest like a wall st reet t rader and profit like one t oo! And if t his isn’t enough for you I have one more exclusive bonus for you wort h over £300 a year… yours t o t ake home t oday aboslut ely free. This unrivaled and consist ent Rat ings Service provides laser accurat e RATINGS for every single horse in every race everyday. So accurat e in fact it s produced 21,422 Top ‘A’ rat ed winners in t he past 6 years. Not hing will give you a heads up about t he qualit y of pot ent ial winners like t his. You’ll receive £300 wort h of rat ings for FREE when you sign up! Wit h t his exclusive service plus our 4 bonus bet t ing packages you’re receiving more value t han you can ever imagine for your modest invest ment ! Now, I could have charged £150 £97 £27 a mont h for t his and slept well at night , why?? because ive proven t o you t his works. Even at t hat price it would be a absolut e bargain if you t hink about what you st and t o make in winnings over your first 30 days alone. So I’m only going t o ask you t o invest a t iny percent age of t hat in your new bet t ing career. Unfort unat ely I cannot guarant ee you’ll be able t o afford t his in t he coming days. I have just opened for new members and spaces are filling fast .

There’s not room for everyone and soon Ill have no choice but t o increase t he rat es in order t o limit t he number of members so we can and t o keep our SP prices balanced To t hose wise enough t o join wit hout hesit at ion, welcome on board and get ready t o make 40+ point s profit per mont h! Here’s t o… Read more… Be Sociable, Share!

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