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Peter  Stein  of  Energy  Saving  Solutions  Ensures  Great   Savings  to  Supermarket  Chains  Who  Switch  To  LED  Lights     Supermarkets  are  known  for  stocking  many  of  your  favorite  items,  but  they're  also   known  for  consuming  a  lot  of  electricity  due  to  lighting  requirements.  Many   supermarkets  stay  open  24  hours  per  day,  and  because  many  require  high-­‐wattage   lighting  to  showcase  products  and  keep  customers  safe,  energy  bills  for  these   facilities  can  often  run  into  the  thousands  of  dollars  each  month.     Green  Lighting  is  the  Solution     If  you're  a  supermarket  owner  who  is  wrestling  with  high  energy  prices,  green   lighting  is  the  solution.  Green  lighting  options,  including  LED  lights,  can  help  you  to   save  money  and  protect  the  environment,  and  because  many  green  lighting   providers  don't  require  any  upfront  costs  to  make  the  switch,  there's  no  reason  not   to  turn  your  supermarket's  lighting  green  today.     How  Much  Can  You  Save?     Many  supermarket  owners  see  savings  between  70  and  80  percent  within  the  first   month  of  switching  to  energy-­‐efficient  green  lighting,  but  depending  upon  how   much  of  your  store's  lighting  you  change,  you  may  be  able  to  cut  energy  costs  by  as   much  as  90  percent.  Green  lighting  only  requires  a  fraction  of  the  amount  of  energy   when  compared  to  conventional  lighting,  so  even  if  you  leave  your  store's  lights  on   24  hours  per  day,  you  could  still  see  significant  savings.     Less  Heat  Means  Better  Performance     Another  major  advantage  of  switching  to  green  lighting  is  that  green  lights  only  put   off  a  fraction  of  the  heat  that  conventional  bulbs  do.  This  means  that  green  lights  not   only  last  longer,  but  they're  also  safer.  Additionally,  because  green  lights  put  off  less   heat,  your  supermarket  can  save  even  more  money  on  cooling  bills  during  the   warmer  months.     Fewer  Replacement  Costs     As  mentioned,  green  lighting  lasts  much  longer  than  conventional  lighting,  but  many   people  don't  realize  just  how  much  longer.  A  typical  LED  bulb  will  continue  to  offer   consistent  performance  for  up  to  11  years,  and  this  ultimately  cuts  down  on   replacement  costs  for  supermarket  owners.  LEDs  are  also  housed  in  durable  plastic   casings,  meaning  they  won't  break  as  easily  as  conventional  glass  bulbs.     Protecting  the  Environment      

When  your  supermarket  makes  the  switch  to  energy-­‐efficient  green  lighting,  you   can  also  take  pride  in  the  fact  that  your  supermarket  is  doing  its  part  to  save  the   environment.  Conventional  lighting  solutions  require  large  amounts  of  energy  in   order  to  perform,  and  this  means  that  power  companies  need  to  burn  fossil  fuels,   such  as  oil,  in  order  to  create  more  energy.  By  using  green  lighting,  your   supermarket  will  be  consuming  a  fraction  of  the  power  that  it  was  before,  meaning   the  power  company  will  need  to  destroy  less  precious  resources  in  order  to  give   your  store  the  same  amount  of  energy.     Peter  Stein  of  Energy  Saving  Solutions  Ensures  Great  Savings  to  Supermarket   Chains  Who  Switch  to  LED  Lights     If  you'd  like  to  find  out  more  information  about  how  your  supermarket  could  benefit   from  green  lighting,  a  green  energy  expert,  such  as  Peter  Stein,  can  help.  Green   energy  experts  can  offer  you  a  variety  of  options  for  your  store's  unique  needs,  and   with  no  upfront  costs,  you  can  be  saving  in  no  time.        


Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Ensures Great Savings to Supermarket Chains