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Peter Stein  of  Energy  Saving  Solutions  Explains  Why  LED   Lights  Save  Companies  Millions  

Peter  Stein,  Energy  Saving  Solutions  -­‐  If  you've  heard  of  LED  lighting  recently,  you're   not  alone.  The  truth  is,  LED  lights  have  been  saving  companies  millions  of  dollars   each  year  in  energy  costs  for  over  a  decade  now,  and  you  could  be  next  if  you're   willing  to  embrace  this  amazing  technology.  LED  lighting  is  affordable,  efficient,  and   honestly,  it's  the  wave  of  the  future.     How  Can  LED  Lights  Save  Your  Company  Money?     LED  lights  use  light-­‐emitting  diodes,  and  these  diodes  use  far  less  energy  when   compared  to  traditional  lighting  options,  including  incandescent  and  fluorescent   lights.  In  fact,  LED  lighting  can  potentially  save  anywhere  from  70  percent  to  90   percent  over  conventional  lighting  standards.  This  can  ultimately  mean  that  your   business  is  able  to  save  millions  of  dollars  per  year  depending  upon  the  amount  of   lights  and  locations  you  employ.     The  Cost  of  LED  Lighting     While  some  LED  lighting  can  cost  slightly  more  than  traditional  lighting,  the  cost   savings  in  utility  bills  allow  LEDs  to  pay  for  themselves.  What  business  owners  have   to  keep  in  mind  is  that  not  only  do  LED  lights  save  on  monthly  utility  costs,  they  also   save  on  replacement  costs.  LED  lights  typically  last  up  to  11  years  each  before   needing  replacement,  and  this  means  that  even  a  dollar  or  two  added  onto  the  cost   of  each  bulb  is  nothing  in  comparison  to  the  regular  cost  of  replacement  with   standard  bulbs.  Additionally,  because  LEDs  are  generally  protected  by  strong,  solid   plastics,  the  incidences  of  breakage  are  far  lessened  when  compared  to  glass  bulbs.     Further  Benefits  of  LED  Lighting     Furthermore,  LED  lights  don't  use  filaments,  meaning  they  are  less  likely  to  generate   fire  hazards  under  extreme  circumstances  or  power  surges.  Also,  LEDs  emit  a  lesser   amount  of  heat  when  compared  to  traditional  options,  and  this  means  that  cooling   systems  within  your  business  locations  have  to  work  less  in  order  to  keep  your   business'  temperature  regulated  during  the  warmer  months  or  during  times  of   extreme  machine  usage.  Business  owners  who  have  conventional  lighting  can  also   find  easy  and  cost-­‐effective  solutions  to  retrofit  their  facilities  with  LED  lighting   without  having  to  undergo  a  huge  renovation.  In  the  vast  majority  of  cases,  LED   lights  use  the  same  standard  plugs  and  bases  that  traditional  lighting  uses,  meaning   switching  to  LED  lighting  is  as  easy  as  installing  a  new  light.     Peter  Stein  of  Energy  Saving  Solutions  Explains  Why  LED  Lights  Save   Companies  Millions    

If you're  interested  in  saving  your  company  money  each  month  through  the  use  of   LED  lighting,  then  you  may  consider  partnering  with  a  green  energy  professional,   such  as  Peter  Stein  of  Energy  Saving  Solutions.  As  the  leader  of  Energy  Saving   Solutions,  green  energy  expert  Peter  Stein  from  Energy  Saving  Solutions  can  help   you  to  plan  out  an  LED  lighting  system  that  will  not  only  reduce  your  energy  costs,   but  will  also  improve  the  environment.  Remember,  the  planet  only  has  a  finite   amount  of  energy  resources,  so  it's  up  to  you  as  a  businessperson  to  help  conserve   these  resources  for  everyone.  By  switching  to  LED  lighting,  you  are  helping  yourself,   your  business  and  the  community  as  a  whole.        

Peter Stein of Energy Saving Solutions Explains Why LED Lights Save Companies Millions  

Peter Stein, Energy Saving Solutions - If you've heard of LED lighting recently, you're not alone. Learn more.

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