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WELCOME TO ETI_MUSIC Music education is the simplest and most efficient way of creating a smarter future. Inspired by Albert Einstein’s relationship with music, educating the whole mind through physical movement and mental stimulation has positive, proven scientific results for social and academic achievements. ETI_Education Through Inspiration Pty Ltd is proud to be your choice for social/academic development through music. ETI_Education Through Inspiration Pty Ltd, is a privately owned company that prides itself on inspiration, influence and encouraging students to broaden their minds and lives through education and music. ETI’s mission is to create a passion for learning and education through creating a passion for music.

ETI provides an environment that encourages a sense of fun and adventure in learning. In addition to high quality educators and lesson plans, ETI provides inspiration through access to world class musicians. ETI currently provides learning opportunities for students across South Australia that include individual and group tutoring with experienced tutors (including the Principle), performances, clinics and individual lessons with top Australian and internationally acclaimed musicians.

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WHAT IS THE ETI_DIFFERENCE Whole brain teaching & whole brain learning. Our ETI Educators are very passionate and skilled musicians and fulltime music educators. Along with all of their own music accolades, our ETI Educators continually undergo specific training to deliver the ETI Difference. Understanding the learning style of each student is essential to efficient education, and this being only one of many things that make our educators excellent teachers and positive role models. Along with specific programs that only ETI delivers, we are unrivalled when it comes to music education. Our tutors are engaged in regular education in such things as learning styles, human motivation, leadership and contemporary music practice. Not only are they world class and inspirational but they enjoy what they do!


DO MORE THAN JUST LEARN. BE INSPIRED and CREATE YOUR FUTURE! ETI Music offers students a unique learning platform of music education with world class musicians plus unique industry development experience. Lessons Clinics

Extra benefits for ETI students/members


ETI is a successful music education company that is consistently developing and expanding. ETI Music has Education Studios and suites across Adelaide, South


Australia as well as further abroad towns and cities.

Expos Gigs Recording

As a passionate musician, the Director, Pete Barter is dedicated to ensuring that people have access to high quality education for the musical instrument of their choice. Become a member now by visiting ‌


ETI Founder and Directors Many people have asked us, when and how did ETI start? That is a complex and lengthy story to tell, however I’ll tell you the short version of the ETI Story. Our story starts about 5 years ago when Pete Barter, ETI CEO and Founder was teaching drums in his studio in the backyard of his home. Pete thought to himself that teaching music this way undervalued what he did and went and joined a professional Music Studio where he could reach more students and teach in a professional environment. He tried two or three studios that provided him with many students, however he knew he could do better for his students. The studios that he worked at didn’t seem to provide the inspiration or focus on the quality of teaching that he thought the students deserve. There was something missing…. so Pete packed up his kit and said “If I can’t join a Music Education Studio that I’m really proud of, I will create one!” Around the same time Pete met his business partner, Michelle Holland, a corporate strategist, and he was studying Executive Leadership. This gave him the confidence and the know how to create something different that he’d been looking for. And that’s exactly what he did. In 2011 Pete started ETI Music and developed a unique and inspiring platform for any student to be involved in. Very soon, a steady stream of students came looking for inspiration in all areas of music education. It was then that Education Through Inspiration Pty Ltd was born.


Michelle and Pete now run Education Through Inspiration together and provide music education, performance coaching, corporate training, group music lessons, school holiday programs, to over 200 people each week in 6+ site across Adelaide and the suburbs. ETI's vision is to enable everyone who has a desire to be a musician, actor, stage performer, corporate star or speaker to cultivate their passion and find their purpose. We will continue to grow and develop more ways of engaging and inspiring people to be their best and follow their dreams.

Once upon a time many children, young and not so young, dreamt of learning to sing, to act, or to play an instrument. Every day they trudged along to boring and uninspiring music lessons and drama classes, and their parents were forced to continually remind them to practice before the next dull lesson. Until one day they found Education Through Inspiration and they discovered that learning music, drama and performing was exciting, fun and inspiring! ETI changed the face of music and performing arts education forever, and because of that the children felt inspired and wanted to go to their lessons, and because of that they learnt the love of learning and their parents saw the glow of happiness in their face. Until one day after experiencing the ETI difference, they found their purpose and passion and became an inspiration to others. -Michelle Holland

Pete & Michelle’s Kids Jaxson, Keigan, Riley, Trae & Connor


ETI_MUSIC EDUCATION PROGRAM ETI Music Education offers the following One to One Music Education With a qualified ETI educator.

Instrument specific clinics and workshops Facilitated by world class musicians.

During school hours lessons and workshops Weekly lessons for junior primary, primary and high school students.

School performances / visits Have an ETI Educator and/or students visit your school to inspire.

Mentoring for individuals and bands Understand the passion, set the goals and plan the steps.


Studio coaching and producing Have your own studio coach, getting the best from your performance in the studio by a studio professional. Team building workshops Sustainable teambuilding exercises for students and teachers.

Out of school hours and school holiday programs Be inspired by having lessons at professional studio facilities. ETI music education near you As ETI Expands at a rapid growth, we are opening Education Hubs across the state. Phone to find a location near you.

ETI_INSPIRE IN SCHOOLS PROGRAM ETI Inspire In Schools can provide all of your schools Music Education requirements. By choosing ETI as your music education provider, you will have one point of contact for administration, event coordination and tutoring correspondence. Tutors are armed with a proven and tested music curriculum that cover many aspects of their instrument of choice, from tuning to live performances, hard rock to jazz. Whether you’re an ETI student enrolled through your school or enrolled at an ETI endorsed studio or suite, you will have access to all of ETI’s extras at little to no additional cost. Be sure to keep an eye on to keep up to date with up coming events. Your school also receives the assurance that your students are receiving the best education that they can in a supportive and safe environment with all tutors having appropriate clearances and an understanding of current legislation in child protection and mandatory reporting. ETI offers during school hours, out of school hours (OSH) and vacation care music programs. ETI can develop the program to suit your school. 8

ETI_PARTY If you or your child is bored with other party options like Bowling, Play Cafes etc. Then look no further, ETI offers this unique party platform that is fully customisable based on your budget! From a karaoke party to a full performing and interactive band with lights camera and action!!! ETI_Party is your one stop shop. We supply props, Music Equipment, Music Educators, Party Hosts, Rockstar Photography settings and the ability to create an atmosphere that will leave all of your party guest remembering for a long time after!! ETI_Party is great for kids of all ages!! For the preschoolers, we run rhythmic workshops where everyone is dressed like a rock star and learns simple patterns on a drum and after a few minutes or so, the rockstar performers put on a show!! For the 6 - 12 age group, we dress everyone up and play dancing and musical games with realistic instruments, filmed / photographed the fun for everlasting memories. Also included is a Pro DJ, great lighting and an interactive party host to get everyone involved in the fun. For the 12 - 15 age group, we run a mini rave party with spectacular lights and sound! Live entertainment combined with a Pro DJ playing all the current hits that everyone will love. Also available is a Dance instructor / Choreographer to work with your party guest. Enabling them to perform some funky dance moves!!


Or if you are already a Performer and have some Music abilities, how about your very own support band to play all the tracks with you live at your very own Party / gig event? We can arrange Staging, Lighting, Sound and session musicians with many years of performing ability to back your singing or instrument abilities!! Be the star of your own show!!

MUSIC AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT In addition to improving creativity, learning music cultivates many skills that will continue to be useful to your children throughout their lives. The following are some of the skills that listening to music and taking music lessons

Relaxation More and more, music therapy is being used to complement more traditional

help develop in children ‌

forms of medicine. Researchers acknowledge that certain types of music can aid relaxation by lowering heart rates and blood pressure.

Concentration Learning a musical instrument will help your child develop concentration, as they must focus on a particular activity over extended periods of time. Developing

Patience and Perseverance In order to learn a musical instrument, children must develop

concentration in this way also will help them when they must focus their attention on other subjects at school.

patience and perseverance, which will help them later in life when they must tackle other more difficult challenges.

Coordination Practicing musical instruments improves hand-eye coordination. Children develop important motor skills when playing music just as they do when playing different sports.

Self-Confidence The act of learning and playing an instrument, the encouragement of a teacher and the enthusiasm of a proud parent, will build in a child a sense of pride and confidence. Moreover, children who practice self-expression and creativity often become better communicators later in life.


WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY “ETI is the dream combination of practical education and true inspiration. As the father of a three-year-old, university level teacher and professional drummer for most of my life, the level of musicianship and raw excitement about music I witnessed in these students is unprecedented.” Mark Schulman Drummer Author, Speaker, Producer, Teacher, Father “My son has been having drum lessons with Pete for almost a year now and he is becoming quite the accomplished drummer for 9 year old! Pete has a fantastic style that engages really well with kids (of all ages) and encourages them to stretch themselves just that little bit further.

“The ETI Educators are always full of positive

He also has amazing contacts in the music industry and as a consequence is able to provide opportunities and experiences for his students that go beyond your standard music lesson. Thanks Pete - love your work!!”

It is with no hesitation that I recommend ETI Music to other schools.”

Tami Norman

energy which enhances our welcoming atmosphere in the school. Their patience and commitment in encouraging children to achieve and reach their full potential is to be commended.

Sarah Mulholland SSO, Para Hills JP School “The lessons have enabled my son to progressively improve his skills. We are happy with the service that ETI provides and are happy to recommend them to others.” Ian Burge


BE INSPIRED AND BECOME AN INSPIRATION! Enrol with ETI to be inspired and receive the ETI Difference!

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“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music.” -Albert Einstein

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