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Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby Shares an Overview of Premise Liability Owing a piece of property brings along a sense of responsibility on the owner because if the owner somehow fails to provide safe conditions on the property; result could be an accident. Perhaps, this is the reason that law has drafted a law for such premise ownership. According to it, anyone getting injured for no fault on someone else’s premises can hold that owner liable for the injuries. In this article, an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby will share an overview of what exactly is premise liability and how to deal with it. Traditional Approach: According to an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby, firstly it is important to know the traditional approach used to establish liability in a premise liability case. Traditionally, the law states that any accident taking place on someone’s premise makes the premise owner responsible for the injuries and damages. However; there are certain key points that can be used as defense by the premise owner. For instance, the law may take the whole matter differently in case of a trespasser tried to invade the premise and gets injured. Or if the invitee to a premise got injured due to his or her own negligence; then the case can be counted under comparative and contributory negligence and as a result damage compensation may be denied or reduced. So, basically, there are a couple of factors kept in mind while throwing the liability on the premise owner for any such injury and accident. Types of Premise Liability Accidents:Now, let us acquaint you with some of the most commonly occurring types of premise liability accidents: 1. Dog Bites or Animal Attacks:The first common premise liability case takes place when a visitor or guest is attacked by a pet animal owned by the property owner. Dog bites are the most common example of such accidents. As per a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby, it is the duty of the premise owner to warn the visitors to beware of the pets at home and if despite the warning a pet injured the visitor, then too the liability somehow falls on the pet owner because the accident took place at his or her premise. 2. Slip & Fall Accidents:Be it at home or office, the owner of a property is responsible if anyone slips and falls for no self fault. Usually, such incidents take place when there is a broken or wet staircase, defect in the building design or an obstacle placed on the way that becomes the reason for someone’s slip and fall. 3. Security Lapse:As per an expert Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby, third major type of premise liability accident can occur due to some security lapse. As per a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Whitby, this happens when the premise owner fails to ensure sufficient lighting and hiring security guards on the property. If due to this lapse, the visitors, tenants or the employees get injured; then a premise liability case can be easily filed.

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Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville Throws In sights on Pedestrian Accidents No matter, whether you own a vehicle or not, you have equal right to use the road. Being a pedestrian often makes people an easy victim for traumatic accidents. Every day, we get to hear news of pedestrians hit by cars, trucks and motorcycles on the busy roads of the world. Thankfully, the law has a provision that allows such victims to sue the defendant for their injuries after a pedestrian accident. Fetch sufficient insights about a Pedestrian Accident from a well qualified Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville in this article.

Negligence Factor: According to a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville, it all again starts with negligence of the defendant that ends up injuring the innocent pedestrian. However, sometimes, even the pedestrians seem to contribute for their own injuries by being negligent in some way like not crossing the road at the proper crossways. So, it is important to examine that after all whose negligence resulted into a pedestrian accident. Common Causes:As per an expert Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville, there could be many causes for pedestrian accidents to take place all around the world and some of the most common causes are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Distracted driving. Breaking traffic rules and jumping the red lights. Drunken and driving. Taking right turns in a hurry without noticing the pedestrians on that side. Wrongly parked cars hitting pedestrians while coming out of the no parking area. Over-speeding and overtaking.

Common Injuries:Whether the pedestrian is at fault or not, chances are high that he or she is the one that will carry the burden of the pedestrian accident, both physically and emotionally in terms of injuries. According to a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville, some of the common injuries taking place in pedestrian accidents include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Spine injuries Fractures Ligament and muscle breakage Amputation Traumatic Brain Injuries Whiplash Injuries Scratches and Wounds

Filing a Lawsuit:Even if the injury is minor, it brings along a lot of pain and suffering for the pedestrian and therefore, he or she has the right to sue the defendant through a legally filed lawsuit. As per an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville, one must file a lawsuit to seek justice in such an accident case and for this the following things should be done: 1. Note down all the details of the accidents like date, time, place of accident along with the details of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian. 2. Record of evidences in form of photographs, videos and notes. 3. Testimonies from the witnesses present at the accident spot. 4. Medical report stating your injuries due to the accident. 5. A list of damage and expenses incurred by you after the accident. 6. An informing letter to the defendant and insurance companies in which all the details of the accidents and what you seek are clearly mentioned.

7. Will Injury Lawyer in Port Hope Explain How to Avoid Auto Accidents? 8. Although, the impact of auto accidents can’t be minimized once it has already taken place; every big to small effort can be put to prevent them at the first place! For this, it is important that we act as a responsible citizen and follow some rules and safety tips to avoid auto accidents that may be dangerous not just for us but for some innocent people on the road. Read on and learn about some useful tips to avoid auto accident as explained to us by a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Hope. 9. Detect and Minimize the Distractions:Whether you agree or not, but as per an experienced Injury Lawyer in Port Hope, the number one cause of auto accidents is distracted driving. This distraction can be in any form be it in the form of a cell phone, billboards on the roadways, multi tasking during driving and even by checking out your appearance in the rear view mirror. So, the effort should be to first detect all kinds of distractions and minimize them to avoid such accidents. 10.Follow Safety Rules:Even small kids are taught in schools to follow safety rules and the same still applies to us adults also. No matter, where you live; you must strictly abide by your state’s traffic rules. Breaking any such rule may ultimately risk your life in form of an accident. 11.Stick to your State’s Speed Limit:As per a Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Hope, one easy way to avoid auto accidents is by sticking to the prescribed speed limit. A majority of accidents on roads take place when cars are trying to over speed and overtake each other. So, why take such a big risk when you can easily control the speed right from the beginning and drive sanely and safely on the road. Moreover; one should always try to drive in a single lane because frequent lane changing is another common reason for auto accidents in Ontario. 12.Don’t Drink and Drive:Another thing to keep in mind to avoid auto accidents is to avoid driving when you are drunk or under the influence of any drug. In fact, according to a professional Injury Lawyer in Port Hope, one should always judge whether or not he or she is in the right position to drive or not. Else, hire a driver or a cab or ask someone known to drop you at your destination. 13.Seatbelt is a Must: Lastly, remember that those seatbelts are not merely there to make your vehicle beautiful; they are there to ensure your safety. It all depends on you how you use this very essential part of your auto the moment you step in to drive or get driven to some place with a driver. You never know if your auto meets an accident and you might get ejected out of the car if you forget to put on that seatbelt.

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