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pernille folcarelli GREEN AT HEART

GREEN AT HEART Being in nature has always filled me with great joy and inspiration. To me, plants represent memories of places, scents, moods and emotions. Wherever I go, I always study nature. I love collecting plant memories when traveling abroad or when making trips in my local area. I really treasure the beauty and diversity of botany - the world of plants has always been close to my heart. “For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” I couldn´t agree more with this statement written by Martin Luther many years ago. The quote is just as relevant today, where an increasing number of people have become aware of how important nature is to our well-being. Nature makes us relax and feel comfortable and it reminds us of the simple beauty we are surrounded by. A beauty that we can bring into our homes and daily lives. The process behind my artworks starts by collecting plants in the wild or in my garden. I use the plants in the printing process where I make handmade graphic imprints with different techniques. Based on the unique artworks, I create collections of prints that add an authentic, natural and artistic touch to contemporary homes and spaces. With this collection I hope you will find inspiration to decorate your own botanical, green and hearty space.

Designer & founder


Prints 70x100 cm, 50x70 cm and 30x40 cm

Prints A5

FRESH FROM MY GARDEN Having a garden is a great source of daily joy. Immersing ourselves in a garden environment requires us to slow down and it has been shown to improve our health, both physically and psychologically. In fact, not only does engaging in gardening have beneficial effects, the same goes for merely looking at a garden or natures design. Many of the plants used in my artworks are collected from my own garden. I especially love the fig trees, which enrich me with tasty fruits and beautiful leaves for printing. If you do not own a garden yourself, it is easy to create an indoor green garden atmosphere with plant prints on the wall. It is maintenance free and it will last for years.


EUCALYPTUS On a trip to Australia, I was fascinated by eucalyptus and the great diversity of trees I saw. Inspired by this journey, I have created a series of eucalyptus prints in various shades of green. INFO: Eucalyptus is a genus of over seven hundred species of flowering trees, shrubs or mallees in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae. Along with other genera in the tribe Eucalypteae, they are commonly known as gums or eucalypts. Plants in the genus Eucalyptus have bark that is either smooth, fibrous, hard or stringy, leaves with oil glands, and sepals and petals that are fused to form a cap or operculum over the stamens. The fruit is a woody capsule commonly referred to as a ”gumnut”.


Prints A5



Prints 70x100 cm, 50x70 cm and 30x40 cm

PURE PLANT LOVE The elegance and grace of a straw, a branch or a leaf reminds me of nature’s inherent splendor. A world full of poetic beauty lies right in front of us if we turn our attention to it. My aim is to capture a moment of nature’s grace and ornamental characteristics. And to add a certain kind of natural aesthetics and tranquility to spaces that are the background of our beautiful everyday life.


THE PROCESS OF PRINTING All my original artworks are handcrafted in my workshop and atelier. I use various techniques to create direct imprints of plants and natural elements that have been carefully collected in nature. It is in this process that I find my way to the essence of the plants and their unique forms. Using the imprints created, I develop collections of prints that provide a soft, botanical and artistic feeling to the room. 10

Prints 70x100 cm, 50x70 cm and 30x40 cm


ART WALL COMPOSITION STEP BY STEP 1. Select your artworks There are different things to consider when selecting your artworks. Find a common thread in your theme to get the most harmonious result and expression. It can be a color theme, a theme consisting of specific motives or a deliberate mix of different stylistic directions. But most importantly: choose your artworks with love! You can’t go wrong with that. 2. Choose your frames Is your wall white or colored? Are you looking into using different frames or do you want a simple look with the same type of frames? If your motives are very different, using the same type of frames will give a unifying and harmonious look. However, if the motives are thematically alike, choosing different frames can add dynamics to the composition. 3. Measure your wall 4. Make your composition Find an area of your floor similar in size to your wall and place your artworks on the floor. Start by placing the biggest artworks and then proceed with the smaller ones. Place the pictures of biggest size at the bottom, this will give a solid base in the composition. Keeping the same distance between the frames will give a harmonious general impression. 5. Test the composition Measure the sizes of the artworks and test their dimensions on the wall by taping papers, corresponding to the actual size of the artwork on the wall. You can now see how the composition looks before hammering nails into the wall. 6. Hang the artworks on the wall 7. Enjoy!


Prints 70x100 cm, 50x70 cm and 30x40 cm



Prints 50x70 cm and 30x40 cm

CHOOSE YOUR FRAMES Choosing the right frames for your prints will complete the overall impression. Colored frames will add a beautiful touch of tints to the wall and it is a perfect way of underlining a specific color theme in a room. A colored frame can also highlight the nuances of an artwork in a very fine way. If the artworks are thematically alike, different colored frames will add dynamics to an art wall composition.


Grass green wall hanging 100x140 cm

ADD THAT SOFT TOUCH Textiles on the wall improve the feeling of well-being and comfort. Our linen wall hangings will add that extra soft touch to your home and will furthermore reduce disturbing space acoustics. The wall hangings are available in two different sizes and they come with a wodden stick and leather string ready for hanging.


Eucalyptus moss blush wall hanging 70x100 cm


PAPER PRINTS Printed on 265 gram high quality art paper 30x40 cm 50x70 cm 70x100 cm 100x140 cm

Price: 22/55 €, 160/399 DKK, colli: 4 Price: 38/95 €, 280/699 DKK, colli: 2 Price: 63/168 €, 470/1179 DKK, colli: 2 Price: 109/269 €, 800/1999 DKK, colli: 1

Grass green 32004 30x40 52004 50x70 72004 70x100 22004 100x140

32034 30x40 with frame 52034 50x70 with frame 72034 70x100 with frame 22034 100x140 with frame

Horsetail crisp green 32005 30x40 32035 30x40 with frame 52005 50x70 52035 50x70 with frame 72005 70x100 72035 70x100 with frame 22005 100x140 22035 100x140 with frame


Price with frame: 42/105 €, 310/779 DKK, colli: 4 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 70/175 €, 520/1229 DKK, colli: 2 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 119/299 €, 870/2179 DKK, colli: 2 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 240/599 €, 1800/4449 DKK, colli: 1 (oak wood or black wood frames)

Eucalytus 1 green 32001 30x40 32031 30x40 with frame 52001 50x70 52031 50x70 with frame 72001 70x100 72031 70x100 with frame 22001 100x140 22031 100x140 with frame

Eucalytus 2 green 32003 30x40 32033 30x40 with frame 52003 50x70 52033 50x70 with frame 72003 70x100 72033 70x100 with frame 22003 100x140 22033 100x140 with frame

Fig 1 dark teal 32006 30x40 52006 50x70 72006 70x100 22006 100x140

Fig 1 green 32007 30x40 52007 50x70 72007 70x100 22007 100x140

32036 30x40 with frame 52036 50x70 with frame 72036 70x100 with frame 22036 100x140 with frame

32037 30x40 with frame 52037 50x70 with frame 72037 70x100 with frame 22037 100x140 with frame

PAPER PRINTS Printed on 265 gram high quality art paper 30x40 cm 50x70 cm 70x100 cm 100x140 cm

Price: 22/55 €, 160/399 DKK, colli: 4 Price: 38/95 €, 280/699 DKK, colli: 2 Price: 63/168 €, 470/1179 DKK, colli: 2 Price: 109/269 €, 800/1999 DKK, colli: 1

Price with frame: 42/105 €, 310/779 DKK, colli: 4 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 70/175 €, 520/1229 DKK, colli: 2 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 119/299 €, 870/2179 DKK, colli: 2 (see frames on page 18) Price with frame: 240/599 €, 1800/4449 DKK, colli: 1 (oak wood or black wood frames)

Eucalytus 1 moss blush 32002 30x40 32032 30x40 with frame 52002 50x70 52032 50x70 with frame 72002 70x100 72032 70x100 with frame 22002 100x140 22032 100x140 with frame

Gypso ochre 32010 30x40 52010 50x70 72010 70x100 22010 100x140

Fig 2 ochre 32008 30x40 52008 50x70 72008 70x100 22008 100x140

Grass dark blush 32009 30x40 32039 30x40 with frame 52009 50x70 52039 50x70 with frame 72009 70x100 72039 70x100 with frame 22009 100x140 22039 100x140 with frame

32038 30x40 with frame 52038 50x70 with frame 72038 70x100 with frame 22038 100x140 with frame

32040 30x40 with frame 52040 50x70 with frame 72040 70x100 with frame 22040 100x140 with frame


PAPER PRINT A5 14,8x21 cm Printed on 300 gram paper Price: 2/5 €, 15/40 DKK, colli: 12 Price with envelope: 2,5/6,25 €, 18/45 DKK, colli: 12

Grass green 12004 12034 with envelope

Eucalyptus 1 green 12001 12031 with envelope

Eucalyptus 2 green 12003 12033 with envelope

Eucalyptus 1 moss blush 12002 12032 with envelope

Grass dark blush 12009 12039 with envelope

Horsetail crisp green 12005 12035 with envelope

Fig 1 dark teal 12006 12036 with envelope

Fig 1 green 12007 12037 with envelope

Fig 2 ochre 12008 12038 with envelope

Gypso ochre 12010 12040 with envelope

12050 1 colli assorted prints - 80 pieces (8x10 different motifs) Price: 160 €, 1200 DKK 12080 1 colli assorted prints with envelopes - 80 pieces (8x10 different motifs) Price: 200 €, 1440 DKK

FRAMING OPTIONS Wooden frames with glass. Available in the sizes 30x40 cm, 50x70 cm and 70x100 cm

Soft teal wood

Dusty rose wood

Cashmere grey wood

White wood

Black wood

We make reservations for printing errors, color differences, changes in the collection or sold out products. Photos: Sofie Helsted, Laura Zayan, Oliver Folcarelli and Pernille Folcarelli Styling, art direction and layout: Pernille Folcarelli Oak wood 20

Dark oak wood

Prints A5


Gypso khaki wall hanging 100x140 cm


TEXTILE WALL HANGINGS Printed on 100% linen, mounted with wooden stick and leather string 70x100 cm Price: 80/199 €, 600/1499 DKK colli: 1 100x140 cm Price: 144/359 €, 1080/2699 DKK colli: 1

Gypso khaki 92001 1 78/195 580/1449 70x100 cm 92011 130/330 980/2449 100x140 cm

Grass green 92002 1 78/195 580/1449 70x100 cm 92012 1 130/330 980/2449 100x140 cm

Fig ochre 92003 1 78/195 580/1449 70x100 cm 92013 1 130/330 980/2449 100x140 cm

Eucalyptus moss blush 92004 1 78/195 580/1449 70x100 cm 92014 1 130/330 980/2449 100x140 cm


pernille folcarelli Bomose Alle´ 7B, 3200 Helsinge, Denmark phone: +45 26372304 instagram: @pernillefolcarelli facebook: PernilleFolcarelli

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