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M A G A Z I N E A HOME IN THE TREES This treehouse rental in Wadena is well worth the climb



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Well worth the climb: Tucked on the edge of Wadena is what some say is the first treehouse rental property in the state


One of Perham’s first great showhomes: A house built in 1900 by pioneer Michael Walz is now in the midst of a long restoration


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Easy ways to clean up leaves

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The threat posed by ice dams

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Prevent growth of mold and mildew in colder months


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An escape well worth the climb In 17 years, neither the price nor purpose of this treehouse rental property in Wadena have changed STORY AND PHOTOS BY MICHAEL JOHNSON For Fall Home


home among the trees at the end of a quiet avenue in Wadena has caught the attention of newspapers, magazines and TV stations since before it was even completed in 2002. Tucked on the edge of town, some say it’s the first treehouse rental ever to open in the state of Minnesota. It’s also been named one of the Top 10 places in the state to stay. With all this kind of free media coverage, the home’s owners, Will and Peggy Line, have never had to advertise their unique rental — those hoping to fulfill their childhood dream of spending a night or two in a treehouse have never had trouble finding this perfect little vacation spot. People from all over the country continue to converge upon it today, 17 years after it was built. And its price, and purpose, remain the same. CONTINUED ON PAGE 10  Signage welcomes visitors to the Line Tree House and reminds folks to respect the privacy of those staying at the peaceful escape.

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Rustic feel, modern amenities and mood lighting all wrapped up in what was originally planned to be just a simple storm shelter. This cabin in the hill now doubles as an extra space for visitors on the Line property.

Nestled in the trees at the end of Colfax Avenue in Wadena is a mystical treehouse, built by Will and Peggy Line.

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The Lines wanted a storm shelter in case weather was too rough in the treehouse. That morphed into an idea to build a ‘Hobbit house,’ which evolved into a solid cabin in the hillside, erected in 2016.

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Will and Peggy Line keep their picture in the tree house. It’s a place they both love and enjoyed living in for three years.

Logs stick through the deck holding the treehouse in place among the trees.

Peggy and Will Line stand on a landing of their treehouse.




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Introducing ERIN




“It’s not a business,” Peggy says of the treehouse. “People just donate to my cause.” Those ‘donations’ go toward upkeep of the Lines’ acres of flower gardens, lawns, the treehouse itself, and, more recently, a storm shelter. The shelter is as wonderful as the treehouse, but in a more down-to-earth setting. The purpose of this place, according to Peggy, is to be a blessing to other people as much as it has been to her and her husband. They consider it their dream home, It’s good for the soul. and love to share its peacePEGGY LINE, treehouse owner ful air with others. “It’s good for the soul,” Peggy says. The Lines bought the property the treehouse now sits on in 2000, intending to turn it into a campground for their family when their many kids came for visits (Peggy and Will each brought six children with them when they decided to marry about 24 years ago). Will owned Will’s Mills Saw Mill at the time, and the couple were living in an apartment there. It was not a very safe place for kids to be running around, they decided. So they brought a skidder onto their new property, scraped off the brush, and started assembling rock piles to make it usable. Then Will said they had time for one more little project. They were out on the property together one day when Peggy noticed that the large trees around might make for a nice treehouse. It sounded like a fun idea, they thought — for the kids, of course (wink wink). Over the next couple of weeks, they talked about what they could put into a tree house: how it could be built, what it would look like, how it would function. They felt like they were kids again. The stuff of childhood dreams was suddenly becoming a potential reality for them. “We really didn’t know what we were doing,” Peggy says, but Will quickly adds, “But that didn’t stop us!” Will, who worked as a sawyer for many years, had access to wood of all types and shapes. He has an intimate knowledge of wood, and understands which kinds of wood work best for different applications as well as how they react to weather and time. He started thinking about how each piece could come together for a treehouse. With time and resources at hand, the couple started building their dream home at the end of Colfax Avenue. After speaking with the city, they learned that if they wanted anyone to be able to stay in the treehouse, they’d need a bathroom inside. So a bathroom was added along with a kitchen, sitting area and upstairs loft area, bringing the treehouse to 420-square-feet of living space. So it was that they made their dream come true. They lived in the treehouse for three years, up until their daughter Lori, who has down syndrome, returned to live with them. At that point, they built another home to live in with their daughter. But the treehouse, they decided, was too good a thing not to be enjoyed. They began renting it out for $150 a night, which is still the rate today. PAGE 10 | FALL HOME 2019

Trying to identify all the types of wood in the tree house can keep you busy for much of the stay at Will and Peggy Line’s treehouse.

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There’s a home with your name on it You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the owners’ names screwed to the side of the treehouse.

“It takes something to draw people into town that’s unusual,” Will says. He recalls the Wadena Pioneer Journal, Star Tribune, New York Times, and CBS News all coming out to talk with them about their home. “It’s quite a compliment,” he says. Following the tornado that struck Wadena in 2010, the Lines decided to strengthen the treehouse People are enjoying by adding steel beams, it and people feel though it was not hurt by the storm. They also conpeaceful and relaxed structed a storm shelter, which became another epic when they leave. It’s build on the site. almost a ministry. “Just like the treehouse, it got way, way out of WILL LINE, treehouse owner hand,” Peggy laughs. At first it was thought of as a concrete bunker, then perhaps a ‘Hobbit house’ in the side of the hill. Today, it’s neither of those, yet a bit of both. The cabin in the hill is every bit as whimsical as the treehouse, yet it’s in the earth, for a safer setting. It sports amazing woodwork, seating, sleeping and a bathroom area inside. In addition to the treehouse and storm shelter, the property boasts greenery in the summer, a trampoline, bonfire pit and grill for cooking on the large deck, and a view that overlooks Union Creek as it meanders through tall grasses. Though the property wasn’t originally planned to be a business, it turned out to be a great retirement plan for the Lines. “Plus the fact that people are enjoying it and people feel peaceful and relaxed when they leave,” Will says. “It’s almost a ministry.” The couple continues to do housekeeping and maintenance on the treehouse, so while they don’t stay the night anymore, they still stop long enough to get a taste of the relaxing feel of the place. The Lines can be contacted for tours at 218-639-8017. •

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This stately home at 357 Second Street Northwest in Perham was built by Michael and Elizabeth Walz in 1900.

One of the first great showhomes of Perham

Built by esteemed pioneer Michael Walz in 1900, the house is in the midst of a decades-long restoration project STORY AND PHOTOS BY CARTER JONES For Fall Home

ServiceMaster by Retka (218) 631-1094 PAGE 12 | FALL HOME 2019


arshall Brown was born in Detroit, Michigan, but his accent is now a hybrid of Texan and Louisianan — a distinctly twangy sound that stems from working alongside southern U.S. oil workers as a construction manager for Aramco in Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and ‘90s. When it came time for a forced retirement at age 60, Marshall, along with his wife, Cindy, started searching for homes in places where they vacationed. On the last day of their last planned vacation, while browsing a real estate magazine, the Browns stumbled upon a historical listing at 357 Second Street Northwest in Perham. Something about it caught their attention, and after spending just 15 minutes in the home, they knew they needed to buy it. That was in October 1999. Since then, the couple has worked tirelessly

to restore the large turn-of-the-20thcentury house to its original condition. They’ve come a long way, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

The “modern” vision of Michael Walz

The house was built in 1900 by Michael and Elizabeth Walz. In the 1916 publication, “History of Otter Tail County, Minnesota: Its people, industries, and institutions,” Michael is described as one of the most progressive and influential citizens of Otter Tail County. “None are held in greater esteem than Michael Walz, who has been honored with many positions of trust,” a passage states. Michael was born Oct. 13, 1852 in Stearns County. He earned a degree at St. John’s in 1868, and then moved to Perham and opened a mercantile business. In 1890, he helped found the Weber, Kemper and Walz Bank. After selling his interest in the bank, he was involved in real estate and also organized the Perham Holding Company. He was also a Minnesota State Representa-

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Michael Walz, the original owner of the home, circa 1900.

tive between 1903 and 1907. Michael married Elizabeth in 1882, and they had five children: Fred, Romeo, Arthur and twins Katheryn and Antoinett. When Michael died of untreatable anemia in 1921, the Walz children converted the home into five separate apartments so they could keep their mother in the house. The house was sold after Elizabeth died in 1959. CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 

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A Perham Enterprise-Bulletin article announcing the sale describes the house as being one of the first all-modern homes in Perham. “People came from many miles around to see it,” states the newspaper. “Mr. Walz took great pride in showing people around and pointing out the beautiful woodwork and fireplaces.” The article also mentions that the Walzes owned an orchard and stables near the house, where they kept Arabian horses, shetland ponies, racing horses and cows and chickens. Michael also reportedly owned one of the first Model T Fords in the area, using it to drive around to the farms he owned. The article estimated that if the home had been built in 1959, it would’ve cost more than $100,000. By that same math standard, if it were built new today, it would cost an estimated $800,000.

A ‘faithful’ restoration, with help from a minister When the Browns moved into the

Almost everything that was here in the original is still there. MARSHALL BROWN, current owner, on the state of the home today house in April 2000, they first worked to disassemble the existing apartments, bringing the home back to its original configuration. Marshall says the previous owners’ primary intent was to make money from the home’s rental units, and there wasn’t much maintenance done — which turned out to be a good thing for their restoration purposes, as not all that much was changed over the years. “Their principal interest was doing the absolute minimum,” Marshall says. “Almost everything that was here in the original is still there.” The first room the Browns got started on was the entryway. The original grand staircase had been removed to make living space for the apartments, but luckily some of the railings and other pieces

Original homeowner Elizabeth Walz, circa 1900.

were uncovered in the basement. With the help of Glen Allen, a family friend and Lutheran minister with experience working with wood in old churches, they were able to faithfully recreate the staircase. A massive, floor-to-ceiling mirror frames the stair landing, before the steps turn to the upper level. The mirror is original to the house, and is so large that it was never removed, according to Marshall. CONTINUED ON PAGE 16 


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The grand staircase was initially removed when the home was converted into apartments. The Browns were able to faithfully recreate it with some original pieces discovered in the basement.

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Brimming with Middle Eastern and antique decor

It’s hard to tell what’s more remarkable — the house itself, or what the Browns have decorated it with. The entire first floor is brimming with antiques, artifacts and antiquities that the couple amassed during decades of traveling, particularly in the Middle East. Overlapping Persian rugs, handmade in Iran and Afghanistan, blanket the original wood floors. Marshall describes the biggest and brightest as a hajji rug. Pilgrims making their way to Mecca would bring a rug to sell at their destination, which would in turn finance their trip, he says. Other highlights include an abundance of wicker furniture and baskets.

This hand carved lattice separates the entryway from one of the home’s sitting rooms.

A royal camel saddle, meticulously hand-covered in metal, leans against an ancient-looking door from a Saudi house. Asked how he brought this vast trove back with him halfway across the globe, Marshall says the company he worked for paid for it. “Heck, I even brought rocks back with me,” he says, chuckling. Not all of the home’s treasures are foreign, though. In the kitchen, one side of the family’s long dinner table is an antique pew from a synagogue in Fargo. The butler’s pantry also has a cabinet from the old Drahmann Store in downtown Perham. When asked about the quirks of living in such an old home, Brown says, “They’re ungodly expensive to heat.” During the first winter the Browns lived there, the boiler racked up a $600 gas bill for one month, before it was replaced by a smaller unit. Marshall also points out the lack of

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wall space in an old Victorian home like theirs. “It’s filled with windows and doors,” he says. “A modern home has a place for a bed, hutch, vanity, all this stuff — they lived a little bit differently.” Other quirks of the house reveal the high profile of its original owners, the Walzes. All of the doors in the family living quarters are eight feet high, while in the servant areas, they’re a lower standard height. The separate servants’ staircase is narrow, and made with cheaper wood than the main entryway. Of course, there’s also the possibility that the home could be haunted. Marshall says the theory is Elizabeth is haunting the home because she, “figured we were suckers enough to throw everything we had at it.” He adds, however, that he’s always felt welcome in the house. “Maybe it is old Elizabeth, if you wanna believe in stuff like that,” he says. •

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The Browns refer to the two living rooms on the left and right sides of the entryway as the men’s and women’s sitting rooms. One side still has an original decorative lattice that bridges the two rooms. The matching one on the opposite side was removed during the apartment conversion, but their minister friend was able to faithfully recreate it. With all the renovations the Browns have completed, they say there’s always more to be done. Marshall regrets not getting around to revamping the kitchen sooner, which remains untouched. “That was probably a mistake,” he says. “Frankly, at my age, it’s getting difficult to really do a lot of stuff. I’d like to get around to that. Eventually, it will be on the block.”

The two main floor sitting rooms have matching stain glass windows.

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Easy ways to clean up leaves Autumn is marked by colorful foliage and plummeting temperatures. Once those leaves reach peak color, they fall from the branches and collect on lawns, necessitating cleanup projects. For homeowners with big yards, such a project can be tiring and time-consuming. However, there are ways to make leaf cleanup easier. One of the easiest ways to clean up leaves is to reach for a lawn mower rather than a rake. The mower will cut leaves down to smaller sizes, creating an effective mulch that can add nutrients back into the lawn. Mowed leaves also can be collected in a mower bag and added to garden beds or compost piles. For those who prefer manual raking, select a rake with tines that will not skewer the leaves in the process. Big rakes PAGE 18 | FALL HOME 2019

also can make faster work of gathering leaves into piles. The home improvement resource The Family Handyman advocates for the use of a lawn sweeper. This is a manual device that has a rotating sweeping brush that gathers up lawn debris and leaves into an attached hopper bag. Like mowed leaves, the bag can be emptied into a compost pile or distributed where needed. Raking leaves onto a large tarp is another option. Once it’s full, the tarp can be used as a funnel to put the leaves into a gardening bag or another appropriate receptacle. Leaf blowers remain a fast option for cleaning up yards, but they require electricity or gas and can be noisy. Still, they are a popular choice for large landscapes or when quick work needs to be made of leaf clean-up.


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The threat

posed by ice dams

Cold, snowy weather can present various issues for homeowners to contend with. One such problem, ice dams, can cause damage to walls, ceilings and other areas. The University of Minnesota Extension says an ice dam is a ridge of ice that forms at the edge of the roof and prevents melting snow from draining properly. A complex combination of heat loss from a home, snow cover and outside temperatures can lead to the formation of ice dams. An ice dam will be fed by melting snow above it and cause a backup at the edge of the roof. Dams can cause gutters to tear off and loosen shingles and may lead to water backing up and pouring into the home, advises This Old House. Ice dams also can contribute to soggy insulation,

making the insulation lose its protective R-value and becoming a magnet for mold and mildew. Homeowners can do a number of things to temporarily prevent the formation of ice dams. Heated cables clipped to the roof’s edge in a zigzag pattern can help prevent dams that lift shingles. Pushing snow off the roof can help, too. Laying an ice melt product in gutters to help melt the ice that forms also can prevent ice dams. More permanent solutions involve keeping the entire roof the same temperature as the eaves by increasing ventilation, adding insulation and properly sealing air leaks that can warm the underside of the roof. This may involve calling in a professional contractor. Such an investment is well worth it, as it can prevent much more costly damage down the line.

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How to protect wood floors from inclement weather Wood floors are a worthwhile investment that can improve the beauty and function of just about any room in a home. Even though wood floors are durable, and new protective treatments help seal out many of the things that may have damaged floors in the past, homeowners still need to prioritize protecting their hardwood floors. Certain seasons of the year can be more harsh on wood floors than others. For example, seasons characterized by moisture and precipitation, particularly the early spring, winter and fall, can be hard on wood floors. The experts at ServiceMaster Clean say that cold, snowy days can damage wood floors, and Lumber Liquidators agrees that winter weather can be harsh on flooring. Homeowners that live in an area that sees all four seasons need to take a few steps to keep their hardwood floors looking beautiful. • Clean up the salt. Salt that keeps sidewalks and streets clear of snow and ice inadvertently gets tracked inside a home. Hard chunks of salt can scratch wood floors, and, if left to sit, that salt can eventually cause white marks and other stains. Routinely vacuuming and sweeping up salt is necessary to protect wood floors. • Invest in shoe storage. Wet or snowy boots can create puddles around the house. Have a special mat or tray by the front door where wet shoes can be kept. A PAGE 20 | FALL HOME 2019

nice bench in the entryway makes it easy for residents and guests to remove their shoes until it’s time to go back outside. • Use water-wicking mats. Homeowners will probably need a few extra mats around to tame errant drips and wipe shoes. Any entrance that might be used by people or pets should be protected. Try to avoid petroleum-based, rubber-backed mats, as they could discolor the wood floor. • Control humidity indoors. Cold, dry air in a home can be problematic because the moisture in the wood can eventually evaporate into the air. The heat will suck that moisture from the flooring, causing it to shrink, creak and splinter and become more brittle. Think about investing in an in-line humidifier for the home’s HVAC system that can keep a moderate amount of humidity in the home. Hardwood floorboards are installed to accommodate minor temperature and humidity fluctuations. This is typically a range of between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity range of 35 to 55 percent, advises ServiceMaster. • Use the right cleaning products. Avoid excessive water to clean wood floors, and select soaps that are specially designed for wood flooring.

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Prevent growth of mold and mildew in colder months

Mold and mildew are not only unsightly, but unhealthy. These fungi grow readily in damp areas and are found in the air breathed both indoors and outside. If left unaddressed, mold and mildew can threaten the health of a home’s inhabitants. Mildew is a type of mold that remains relatively flush with the surface it grows on. Other molds can grow puffy in appearance. Molds serve the purpose of destroying organic materials, but in high amounts, these microorganisms can cause respiratory problems, sinus congestion, throat irritation, headaches, and other issues, particularly when mold grows unchecked indoors, says Better Homes and Gardens. As a result, it is essential to address mold before it becomes problematic. The wet season in winter is when molds often grow and expand. Mold can break down the integrity and strength of the surfaces where it grows. Homeowners can employ the following strategies to prevent mold growth: • Keep all surfaces clean, using proper cleaning products. Diluted bleach solutions are highly effective at killing microscopic fungi, viruses and bacteria. • Reduce moisture and humidity by ensuring sufficient air circulation in rooms, particularly bath-

rooms and kitchens. An exhaust fan will help remove moisture quickly. • Fabrics covered in mildew that can be laundered should be carefully removed and washed in chlorine bleach and hot water. An oxygen bleach product also can be effective. • Invest in a dehumidifier that can reduce moisture in the home in problem areas, such as damp basements or garages. • Fix plumbing leaks as soon as possible. • Remove damp leaves and snow from areas around the foundation of the home. Ensure that gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and can shuttle water away from the house effectively. • Replace cracked or defective mortar in basements. • Make sure all seals on windows and doors are not compromised and are in good working condition. • Be sure an HVAC in-line humidifier is adjusted to the right setting and isn’t pumping too much moisture into the heated air; otherwise, the added humidity can contribute to mold. • If there is a flood or water infiltrates a home in other ways, hire a professional service to help clean and dry the home effectively.

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Hello again, old trend: Wood paneling is back and better than ever

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Design trends come and go, but some have a funny way of resurfacing years after they first became popular. In fact, one of the more derided home decor trends of yesteryear has slowly crept back into style, albeit in moderation. Wood paneling is back and better than ever, advise many design professionals. It’s the formerly ugly duckling that filled homes starting in the 1950s, creating drab dens and faux-wood family rooms. Paneling had long been an element of choice because it is relatively easy to install and can camouflage problem walls in a home, like those covered in boisterous wallpaper prints. Wood paneling reached the peak of its popularity in the 1970s, and since then homeowners have been tearing down these faux offenders for years or masking them in paint to brighten up spaces. However, experts report that wood paneling in shades of brown are making a comeback in cozy spots such as dens or studies. The warm tones of wood panel-

ing elicit a retro vibe. But unlike their fake predecessors, today’s paneled walls are being outfitted in real wood, making them more eco-friendly and stylish than ever before. Designers have flocked to reclaimed wood and veneer panelings to incorporate them into design elements. And while wood paneling used to be hung vertically, designers now experiment with hanging paneling in different directions. Many people no longer use paneling to cover an entire space. Paneling is used sparingly as an accent wall or another feature for character. Wood walls can be stained in a rich mahogany to look upscale, or be weathered and rustic. Homeowners ready to re-embrace wood paneling can choose to enhance one wall in a room. Think about the space above a fireplace or a strip of wall behind a sitting chair and side table. Paneling also can serve as a headboard behind a bed in a master suite. Painted horizontally, paneling can add dimension and texture to walls, even in a bathroom.

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How to keep a pet-friendly home clean

Sixty-eight percent of American households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association. Dogs, cats and other companion animals can be wonderful to have around, breathing energy into a family. But they do tend to be a little messy. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to have a pet and maintain a clean home. Homeowners just need to take a few extra steps to help things along. • Manage pet fur. One of the persistent issues pet parents face is fur. Grooming the pet regularly (preferably outdoors) will help tame some of its fur. Covering sofas and other places where pets like to lounge with an old sheet can contain some of the fur where it can be shaken off outdoors and laundered frequently. • Upgrade your vacuum. You’ll need a vacuum with strong suction to pick up fur, dirt, dander, feathers, birdseed, and any of the other debris that can accumulate thanks to pets. A vacuum with good brush action can dig in deep to carpets and upholstery to really clean thoroughly. • Pause for paws at the door. Keep a small container of water by the front door. When return-

ing from walks, dip the dog’s paws into the water and dry before entering the house. This keeps dirt (and salt in the winter) from being a nuisance. • Get the right cleanser. Pet owners must contend with accidents. Look for an enzymatic cleanser that will treat stains and odors so that pets do not return to the soiled area again and again thinking this is an acceptable potty location, says Modern Dog magazine. Test an area of the carpet or floor being treated for colorfastness before applying. Address accidents promptly. • Choose the right upholstery. According to Martha Stewart Living, look for top-grain, semi-aniline leathers, as scratches are disguised on such pieces. In terms of fabric, microfiber or microsuede are better suited to pets because the fabric is tightly woven and may be more resistant to fur and soiling. • Launder pet items. Regularly wash bedding and other belongings that pets use. This will help tame indoor odors. • Keep nails neat. Clipping dog and cat and other small animals’ nails may help avoid scratches on furniture and floors. If you do not feel comfortable doing it, take the animal to a groomer.

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Protect your plants from winter weather

Winter might not be conducive to gardening, but the arrival of cold weather does not necessarily mean a gardener’s work is done for the year. Taking steps to protect plants from winter weather is an important part of maintaining a healthy garden that thrives from year to year. Timing is of the essence when winterizing a garden. The online gardening resource Get Busy Gardening! advises gardeners that the best time to winterize is after the first hard freeze in the fall. A hard freeze occurs when temperatures dip below freezing overnight. When that occurs, annual plants and vegetables are killed off and perennial plants, which grow back year after year, begin going dormant. Better Homes and Gardens notes that perennials are the easiest plants to prepare for winter, as they require just a little cutting back and mulching to be safe from cold weather. But no two perennials are alike, so homeowners should consult their local gardening center for advice on how to prepare their particular perennials

for the coming months. Cool-climate annuals should be covered with polyspun garden fabric when light frost is in the forecast. In addition, Better Homes and Gardens recommends pulling dead annuals and adding them to a compost pile after a killing frost. Any annuals that developed fungal disease should be discarded. Mulch annual beds with a three- to four-inch layer of chopped leaves or similar materials, spreading the mulch only two inches thick over self-sown seeds you want to germinate in the spring. Get Busy Gardening! notes that the bulbs of tender plants like dahlias and tuberous begonias can be dug up and overwintered in their dormant state. All dead foliage should be removed after the bulbs have been dug up, and the bulbs should be allowed to dry out a little before being stored. Container gardeners can overwinter their tender bulbs in their pots inside, but be sure to remove their foliage and store them in a dark, cool place that maintains temperatures above freezing.


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2019 Edition. A HOME IN THE TREES: This treehouse rental in Wadena is well worth the climb Plus... A PIONEERING SHOWHOUSE OF PERHAM ...and...

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2019 Edition. A HOME IN THE TREES: This treehouse rental in Wadena is well worth the climb Plus... A PIONEERING SHOWHOUSE OF PERHAM ...and...


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