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has developed a unique line of products that will enhance your sides, small plates, appetizers and bar menu offerings. Our traditional culinary techniques, fresh ingredients and customized machinery enable our customers to create scratch quality dishes.

Think familiar with a new spin, comfort food with a twist!

337310 Asiago Arancini Fz 337293 Lobster Arancini Fz 337299 Italian Sausage Arancini Fz 337295 Butternut Squash Arancini Fz 337382 Sweet Corn Masa Cake Pork Fz 337349 Macaroni & Cheese Fonduta Fz

144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz

337340 Beef & Arugula Meatballs Fz 337306 Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Fz 337319 Chicken Spinach Meatballs Fz 337357 Duck Stuffed Meatballs Fz 337364 Shrimp & Lobster Stuffed Fz 337366 Sweet Potato Tots Fz

144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 144/1 Oz 192/.75 Oz

Stuffed Foods Appetizers  
Stuffed Foods Appetizers  

BIte size appetizers with bold flavors. Available at PERFORMACE Foodservice NorthCenter.