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Ocean Approved is dedicated to bringing diners the freshest, healthiest and most delicious kelp on the market. Domestically grown and harvested, it’s safe, readily available and easy to use. Our kelp is fresh frozen, not dried – with nothing added.

#347290, 10/16 oz

From appetizers to desserts, this superfood brings new life to your menu. It will become your secret ingredient in everything from smoothies and omelets to pizza and baked goods. Our process ensures consistency of cut, texture, appearance and flavor. You will never find dyes or additives in anything Ocean Approved.

Premium Fresh Frozen Seaweed Sustainably Farmed and Harvested from the Cold Clean Waters of Maine.

Kelp the Earth Imagine a sustainably managed crop that requires no fresh water or arable land to grow. One that is local with a trusted pedigree traceable to the cold clean waters of Maine. Your commitment to health and sustainability is determined by the ingredients you choose. Serve Ocean Approved kelp products for true quality assurance.

Kelp Health Kelp naturally contains the one nutrient missing in almost every other food—iodine, a mineral vital to maintaining hormone balance. It has more bio-available calcium than any other green vegetable and it’s packed with magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron—all essential for good health.

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provisions January/February 2018

Provisions January/February 2018  
Provisions January/February 2018