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Peregian Springs News Inform know grow Vol 2. Issue 5

February 2017


Pic above : A drawing from a thank you card created by 8-year-old Genevieve of PSSS. Pic below left: Members of the Rural Fire Service at a Peregian Springs State School Assembly. Pic below right: Scott Brook of Valdora Yandina Rural Fire Brigade with a Certificate of Appreciation.

TRIBUTES have flowed in from locals thanking the fire and emergency services and support agencies for standing by us in the January bushfire. The closer the fire came, the more the community rallied to support each other. Welcome regular updates from emergency services and other agencies came through doorknocking, outdoor meetings and Facebook. Hot conditions are continuing and monitoring is ongoing. Our coverage of the fire starts on page 7. *See our story on local RFS Group First officer Scott Brook on our website www.peregiansprings

Peregian Springs News, February 2017

From the Ed’s desk It has been great to see the community band together to thank the fire and emergency services and support crews for their outstanding coordinated efforts in the recent fires. Our coverage begins on page 7. Expectations on the arrival of NBN are rising too with the network to be activated on March 4 . But Peregian Springs seems to have a patchwork of underground infrastructure and much of Ridges isn’t getting NBN fibre as they already have Telstra Velocity fibre – which the federal government has deemed is sufficient under its “adequate provision” policy which aims to prevent fibre installation double-ups and save government money. Read our story on what this means from page 3. We’ve got a new legal columnist from this month– Fiona Allen, Senior Associate with Noosa Firm, Connolly Dore. Fiona has acted for local residents and builders in property matters and has extensive qualifications in Wills and Estates and Succession planning. See Fiona’s Feb column on pg 22 on Powers of Attorney – one of those things it’s good to think about before you need it. Special shout out to Sunshine Coast Regional Council too for their quick action in getting some graffiti removed locally when notified of it this month. Until next month, stay safe and cool…


PSRA draws a crowd THE first General Meeting of the Peregian Springs Residents Association (PSRA) was held at the Pool Café on February 11. About 60 people attended, including Federal Member Ted O’Brien who was thanked for a $250 donation to assist the group. Cr Steve Robinson was an apology but he sent word a majority of residents had voted for a multipurpose active play space at the Coolum Ridges Sports Complex. He said the next step was to have a draft plan created for the space to be shared for further feedback. The PSRA reported having more than 200 members, with another 300 people on its mailing list, and additional 130 members on its Facebook group. To help bolster numbers the meeting carried a motion to create a new membership category of PSRA Supporter. This is no fee, no vote category, however it provides all the regular email updates that go out to full members. Key Peregian issues discussed include: Balgownie Land re-zoning app; School roundabout congestion; Traffic management once the southern bypass to the motorway is completed; Bus services; Dogrelated issues; and Duplex/dual key allotment numbers in the Ridges.

Join a local legend for Women’s Day March 8 BUSINESSWOMAN, charity worker, passionate local providore and coowner of the Local White’s IGA stores Roz White, regional winner of the 2016 Australian Institute of Management Leadership Excellence Awards, will speak on International Women’s Day on March 8 at the 2017 AIM International Women’s Day Sunshine 2

Coast lunchtime forum. Discussion will be how women lead in the workplace to energise and excite individuals towards a compelling vision of the future. Roz will join Senator Claire Moore and Feda Adra from Comlink as a guest speaker. Search for Sunshine Coast at http:// for more details of this and other events.

Local News

Countdown on for NBN NBN is coming in March and most of us are looking forward to a superfast broadband internet speed. However, will it be the magic answer to recent slow speeds experienced by many residents, no matter what cabling they’ve got underground? NBN Corporate Affairs spokesperson Kylie Lindsay said most of Peregian Springs is due to be connected to NBN on March 4. However, certain areas of Pavilions already have NBN and others such as some parts of Ridges already have fibre in Telstra Velocity and won’t be getting NBN at all. The NBN connection map (pictured) goes some way to explain what areas are getting NBN, what areas already have it and what areas won’t be getting it. The dark and light brown show what areas are about to be switched on, the purple areas show where NBN is already and the light blue area, in the original Ridges, shows the area has an “other fibre provider”. “The light blue area is an area that is considered to be adequately served already by a fibre provider, in this instance Telstra Velocity. In these cases, nbn will not overbuild our network, “ NBN Co’s Ms Lindsay said. Ms Lindsay pointed PSN to the federal government’s “adequately served” policy. The policy is aimed at reducing doubling up on building fibre infrastructure in areas deemed to be already “adequately served” by existing fibre. The Australian Department of Communication and the Arts website

NBN Co map of Peregian Springs. Brown area: Build Commenced. Purple area: Service Available. Light Blue: Other fibre provider.

explains that where high speed broadband exists the federal minister has granted these networks “adequately served” status. The site says “The Australian Government has decided that nbn should not build another fibre network over the top of any existing adequately served networks in residential areas. The only exception will be if it's too expensive or too hard to go around or past an existing network rather than just build over it.” Ridges resident Peter Harris, contacted Peregian Springs News and said Velocity speeds have been slow in the last 12 months especially over the December/January holiday period. CONTINUED, PAGE 4

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local News— NBN on the way... CONTINUED from page 3 Mr Harris said he contacted the Ombudsman over his claims of woefully slow internet with Telstra Velocity in Ridges but was informed that as it was a capacity issue and not a conflict as such it was outside the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman’s service. Telstra Velocity is described as Fibre Access Broadband and was faster than ADSL offered elsewhere when first installed in Ridges. Telstra offers its own packages on Velocity and offers wholesale packages to other retail providers to on-sell data use on the FAB with a download/upload speed on offer of up to 100mbps / 5mbps. By comparison, NBN 100 plans already being promoted by other providers now offer downloads at up


to 100Mbps and uploads at 40Mbps. Under current definitions used on the NBN’s site and legislated by Government, anything at 25Mbps or higher download speed is deemed by the ACCC to be “Superfast”. A Telstra spokesman said residents in areas where the NBN network is rolled out have a period of 18 months in which to make the switch to the new infrastructure and take up a new retail package for their data before Telstra would turn off the old copper ADSL systems. The Spokesman also said speeds are affected by “a number of factors”. Michael Young, of TechTutors Peregian Springs, said plans on Velocity are limited. “Telstra have a monopoly with Velocity… with only Telstra, Exetel & Internode having the ability to provide

Local News PEREGIAN SPRINGS NEWS PATCHWORK OF INTERNET EXPLAINED Tech Tutors Peregian Springs - Michael Young busts some myths for us about what we’ve got here underground and what’s on offer in the market. ADSL1 & ADSL2+ over copper: This is found in the older parts of the estate, from Yarran Rd up to the traffic lights to the North roundabout and also the old Havana road properties. When Peregian Springs was built it was connected to Peregian Beach exchange but it is too far away to have a stable connection, so we have RIMs installed (Big green boxes) that are mini exchanges that feed back to the Peregian Beach exchange. Telstra Velocity over Fibre (Ridges): A network owned by Telstra that services early Ridges stages and the first stage of Pavilions. Telstra have a monopoly with Velocity so plans are limited, with only Telstra, Exetel & Internode having the ability to provide connections on the Telstra owned hardware. Velocity fibre is capable of 100/40 speeds and provides TV via the fibre also (which NBN doesn't provide). NBN over Fibre Newer part of Pavilions and Peregian Breeze have this which is connected directly to the exchange and isn’t effected by distance like ADSL2+ . Plans are available through a large variety Retail Service Providers.

connections on the Telstra-owned hardware,” Michael said. Local business is looking forward to the arrival of NBN. One local operator in Peregian Springs, after being fed up with what they described as inoperably slow internet over the

last year and phone drop outs took their large telecommunications provider to the Telecommunications Ombudsman to get a resolution. A Telstra spokesman said NBN will start to go live in the broader Coolum area in the coming weeks.

Peregian Springs News, February 2017



Local News—

Bushfire wrap up

Thanks for a job well done WARM appreciation and beaming smiles met by firies and wildlife workers at Peregian Springs State School were a welcome change on February 3 from the hellish flames and heat of mid-January. A grateful crowd gathered at the School to thank and present the Rural Fire Service and Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast with the $1725 generously donated by the local community in the red bucket donations drive in the recent fire aftermath. When the smoke had lifted it was clear to many locals that the fires were too close to home and they wanted to thank the brave efforts of the joint firefighting operation. So Peregian Springs local, Sharon Ellis, decided to start a “red bucket” donations drive with business people, Tanya Nissen of “Get that Job” and “Resource Café” and Steve Bright owner of the “Pool Cafe” assisting the effort to ask locals to pop money into red buckets around the area at schools, cafes and the chemist, to donate to local emergency services and other assisting organisations. Participating red bucket host spots included including PSSS, St Andrew’s Anglican College, Coolum Beach Christian College, the Pool Café , Dorney & Bear, and Live Life Chemist Peregian Springs. The donations were presented at the PSSS assembly on 3 February with Rural Fire Brigade Inspector Gary Seaman and Claire Smith of Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast, each receiving a bucket containing $862.50 and drawings from local C& K Kindy children. At the

TOP: Inspector Gary Seaman and Officers Terrell & Stockton with a red bucket. MIDDLE: Volunteers from Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast as Peregian Springs SS. BOTTOM: PSRA President Bob Joubert, RFS’s Scott Brook and Peter Bromley. presentation, Red bucket donations drive organiser Sharon Ellis said fire services preferred not to take vouchers but rather to put the money toward the whole organisation. Cont. p8

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local News— FROM PAGE 7 Inspector Seaman, who has been RFS Caloundra Area Director for 11 years, thanked the organisers and the community for their “random act of kindness”, which also happened to be the theme of the school’s assembly for the day. Ms Smith said the WRSC is the only wildlife group on the Sunshine Coast operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week from below Gympie to Caboolture inland to Kilcoy comprising solely of volunteers who are trained in animal treatment whose role is to rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife. FIRE burns behind the roadworks for the She said the group worked with new Ridges releases on January 19, 2017. emergency services and Qld Parks and Wildlife to help sick and injured logistics support from many wildlife and did the “Black Walk” after organisations such as Queensland the fires to check for dead and dying Fire and Emergency Service (QFES), animals and for signs of life. She said Rural Fire Service (RFS), State the fast work of emergency services to Emergency Service (SES), Police, water bomb stopped a mass loss of Queensland Ambulance Service wildlife with slow moving animals such (QAS), Queensland National Parks, as pythons being the main casualties. and Sunshine Coast Regional Council. The PSRA also went into bat for Inspector Seaman said the operation the firies raising $500 in donations that called on approximately 120 personnel were presented at a thank you from these various agencies per day barbecue held at Valdora Community lasting several days. “Four days and a Hall on Saturday, February 11. The further five days patrolling and event was also attended by Councillor mopping up the fire perimeter,” Stephen Robinson and Federal Inspector Seaman said was the Member Ted O’Brien. The Resident’s duration of the operation. Assocation presented certificates of Volunteers made up a large appreciation to local fire crews for their percentage of the firefighting and efforts. support personnel. “75% of personnel on the fire ground were Volunteers from Rural Fire Service and SES, “ Inspector Seaman said. INSPECTOR Gary Seaman told Approximately 45 households were Peregian Springs News the fires evacuated by emergency personnel started at approximately 1pm on (none in Peregian Springs) and the Thursday 19 January. The joint operation firefighting effort fires burnt approximately 900 hectares called on emergency services and of land. As at January 31, Inspector

The fire fight


Bushfire wrap up Seaman said the status of the fire was “contained/out” but the perimeter was being monitored.

Community rallies

During the fires, Peregian Springs rallied together with many members of popular local Facebook group Peregian Springs Locals sharing The QFES sent public liaison officers out to emergency services updates, insights talk to anxious residents. into the situation in their patch, and offers of beds, food and other meshed together to provide firefighting assistance to those in need. and logistical support with Emergency Local Uber driver and Granddad Services, SES and Local Council from “Pa” Uber Jeff Watson worked hard the main post at Research Rd Coolum too to keep updates coming, especially but reached out to the local community on the situation on and behind as the fires licked at the doorstep Sandhurst Crescent and offered holding a public information post in transport to those in need. Peregian Springs to answer any Emergency services, volunteer questions locals had about the fire and organisations and local government operations.

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local News—

Fire prevention

Inspector Seaman said QFES attends mainly in the urban areas of Coolum, Nambour, Maroochydore, Caloundra and Noosa involving urban incidents . The Inspector said the RFS Sunshine Coast up to Noosa has 37 Rural Fire Brigades with over 1200 volunteers and part of that is managing the risk profile of small local communities, ensuring local management committees have the resources they need to run with support and ensuring the rural fire brigades are resourced and trained. Inspector Seaman said the RFS’ primary role is managing vegetation fires in rural areas and supporting Fire and Rescue personnel in emergency situations such as fire, flood and cyclones, along with providing


logistical support to urban brigades. Another RFS role is fire hazard mitigation and support. As we walked the January edition to letterboxes on the weekend of the fires one resident Peregian Springs News spoke to asked why backburning behind her house in Sandhurst Crescent hadn’t appeared to have been done in the many years she had been living there. Council’s Peter Nagel, Team Leader Natural Areas, told Peregian Springs News on the same day at the emergency services information post set up in Peregian Springs, that Council had a bushfire management division and managed the fire breaks behind Sandhurst Crescent and Thompson Place. He said the area behind Thompson Place was Council responsibility but behind Sandhurst

Bushfire Crescent, Council could only deal with the width of Heron Rd, approx 20m, because the vast area of land beyond Heron Rd was privately owned. Inspector Seaman said private landholders, regardless of how large the block of land is, are responsible to reduce fire load on their property and implement their fire reduction plan and may call on the RFS to assist them. Inspector Seaman said the RFS meets approximately twice a year with stakeholders such as Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Unity Water and others to discuss areas identified as target areas for hazard reduction. He said backburning is not the only way to control loads and in many places animals are used to keep the load down and slashing can also help. Backburning is not an easy job, Inspector Seaman says as many don’t

Council’s decision to keep the 20m of the road clear as a fire break along the Heron Rd route helped to beat the fire. like smoke interfering with roads or daily life. “It’s hard to balance the risk versus the mitigation,” he said. Police have yet to determine the cause of the Coolum and Peregian Springs fires. Sunshine Coast Wildlife Rescue are on 0432 310 556 or 0415 839 554 or via the internet at

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local Profile

Local turns 100 years young “IF only the good die young, I must have been very, very naughty” says Mona Davies who celebrated her 100th birthday on January 18. Mona celebrated the milestone at her residence in Arcare Peregian Springs with daughters Wendy and Susan and nephew Ian, all pictured right. Other family, friends and Arcare staff joined the party along with Local State Member for Noosa Glen Elmes who came to meet Mona and present a framed certificate and a letter of congratulations from Queen Elizabeth II – an honour reserved only for centenarians. “I can’t believe I reached 100 so quickly,” Mona said looking around at the balloons, gifts, flowers, champagne, lavish cream cake and smiling faces of the party-goers. Mona’s children, Wendy and Susan, shared with Peregian Springs News some of the key points of Mona’s life before moving to her Arcare home. Born on the 18th January, 1917 in Wollongong, Mona is the middle child in a family of three. Along with her older sister Frances and younger brother Jack she had an active and adventurous childhood spent on the beach, playing golf, socialising and motor bike riding. The outdoors also featured indoors with her family having a pet magpie called “Maggie” that followed them around the house sat on their shoulders and knocked at the door at night to sleep in the bathroom. It seems Maggie was mischievous and while sitting on Mona’s knee he’d destroy Mona`s knitting. But the family 12

said he was a good guard bird, attacking any strangers to the house. On finishing school Mona studied to be a shorthand typist, landing her first job at Metal Manufactures in Port Kembla where she made great friends and later became the head typist. She became involved in the Seamen`s Mission which assisted in providing supplies and support for soldiers during World War 2. The mission held regular social dances and it was at a dance where Mona, “always immaculately dressed and a very graceful dancer”, met Richard, a merchant ship fireman and pay master. After romantically proposing, they married on 11th November, 1950. Two years later, they had moved to Geelong and their first daughter, Susan, had been born. The family moved back to the Illawarra area and daughter Wendy was born.

In their home on the picturesque Lake Illawarra, they spent many happy years. Mona revelled in growing fresh vegetables and had a stunning flower garden and yard brimming with fruit trees. She preserved and pickled and sewed and knitted for her family. With Richard, she shared the hobbies of playing golf, enjoyed a beer every evening and discovered her great love of fishing. “And boy, did Mona know how to cook a great blackfish,� her daughters said. Sadly, when Richard was planning to retire and sail around the world, he passed away at only 50 years of age leaving Mona to re-adjust to a life without her best friend and partner. In the meantime, her two daughters had completed their studies, become teachers, and left home. Mona remained in the family home with the chickens and the dog and gradually developed friendships with other women in the neighbourhood

with whom she would go on holidays and bus trips. Her travels took her down the Murray River, into Central Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Vanuatu and Fiji. Mona became a grandmother when Susan`s son Timothy and Wendy`s daughter Lisa were born. Both now live in London and visit when they can. With Susan living overseas and Mona’s health and ability to maintain a large house and garden deteriorating, Mona chose to move to the Sunshine Coast in low care, to be closer to her daughter Wendy. Now in High Care, and with the passing of the years, Mona has remained in reasonable health and maintained mental clarity. She still loves a joke with the carers and sings verses from the songs she remembers and loves Nat King Cole.

Peregian Springs News, February 2017



Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local News

Free legal information online ELECTORATE UPDATE with Glen Elmes MEMBER FOR NOOSA Phone: 5449 8988 AS State Member I am often approached for help in legal matters and whilst I am not a lawyer I find myself listening to many constituents who are struggling to deal with new circumstances and who feel overwhelmed and in the dark when it comes to the law. Up until now the first port of call was Legal Aid but now there is another way to have some of your legal questions answered and it’s free and just a click away. The Queensland Law Book, previously only available in hard copy and for a fee, is now online for all to access and will no doubt be a life line for so many in this community when they need it most. Even if you don’t own a computer you can visit your local library or internet café to find out your


legal rights and responsibilities. The Queensland Law Book is an exhaustive guide to the law written by more than 50 legal experts in plain English, and levels the playing field by removing one of the biggest barriers to justice; and that is affordable access to information. This gamechanging initiative by Brisbane based Caxton Legal Centre will help local Mums and Dads, Seniors, business owners and victims of crimes navigate their way through life’s emotional and challenging events. If you or someone you know is looking for reliable information and guidance regarding marriage and divorce, parenting after separation, work matters, contracts and consumer law, victims of crime, domestic violence, wills and estates visit Glen can also be contacted at or via

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local Heart


* REAP Sunshine Coast Update from Michele Lipner, Chapter Coordinator. The regional arm of the national food rescue program OzHarvest – has just rebranded itself as OzHarvest Sunshine Coast. The name change reflects the success of the REAP model nationwide. Since inception in August 2014, OzHarvest Sunshine Coast has rescued almost 60,000kg of excess good food—equalling about 180,000 meals—and redistributed that food to local schools, charities and community organisations. The community has generously supported OzHarvest Sunshine Coast in the past with the annual pantry drives at Peregian Springs State School and a year-end school disco pantry drive at St. Andrews and the Christmas hamper drive sponsored by Peregian Springs Shares and Cares, the Pool Café and OzHarvest. To celebrate its rebranding and launch its first fundraising event of 2017, a 5 course degustation dinner is on Friday, 24 March


at the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant & Bar. With some of the best food on the Sunshine Coast, guests can also bid on many fabulous items donated for auction. For example, the owner and head chef of the Restaurant will be auctioned off for a 3 course dinner (for up to six people) to be prepared at the home of the lucky bidder. * HAVANA NIGHTS PEREGIAN SPRINGS MARKETS on at the Rec Club carpark on the 2nd and 4th Saturday each month from 4-8pm. Live music, amazing food, art, craft and homewares is on offer. The next Markets are on February 25, March 11 and March 25. Follow them on havananightsperegianspringsmarkets *ABCD Scramble a singing, dancing and story based playgroup encouraging literacy for kids 0-5 years is on Thursdays from 10am at Holy Spirit Anglican Church Coolum Hall. Morning tea provided. $3 per child or $5 for 2 or more. Phone Carol

Community Groups Roth on 5446 5334 for information. *PEREGIAN SPRINGS STORY TIME 3-6 year olds and their carers enjoy different books, themes and activities each week in a fun, friendly environment. The group is back on. See groups/841394885961335/ for updates * JUSTICE OF THE PEACE ASSOCIATION A JP service is offered Mon, Wed, and Fri, 9am-4pm at the Noosa Court House, Langura St. JPs can also be found at Noosa Library (Wallace Drive) on Tues and Sat from 9am-NOON and at Noosa Fair (Lanyana Way) next to the Reject Shop on Thurs 10am-2pm. Ph: 0409 629 118. * PEREGIAN LADIES COFFEE GROUP Kicks off for 2017 on Thurs 16th Feb then monthly on the 3rd Thurs of the month. This year the group will hold its coffee mornings in a private home. They’ll continue funraising for local families and

will hold a raffle each month. If you are interested in attending, email Di at * OVER 30s WOMENS SOCIAL GROUP a range of events on offer in a fun group established by Wendy Wilson see *PEREGIAN SPRINGS BOARD GAMING GROUP Have fun and meet new people playing some well known and rare board games. Beginners welcome! Call Darrel and Sue for more info on 0428 348 965. *Kabi Kabi Traditional Owners (Women Telling the Dreaming)- Get along to this free event for Womens Week on Sunday 12 March at Stumers Creek Park from 9am. For more information or to help out on the day, contact Gen Jones and see the Events flyer on our website at

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Local Profile ... Tanya Nissen

Working to help others IT’S not often you meet someone who, when faced with “impossible” , can help you look at the “im” and see what’s “possible” and connect you with those new possibilities. Tanya Nissen, pictured right with her eldest daughter Caitlyn, is one of those people. In everything from helping people get new jobs, helping business connect with more customers, even helping people find new friends and sell old stuff she has a gift for making it easy to look at where a person is and where they want to be and help them with practical ways to get there. Her businesses, “Get that Job” offering a resume, cover letter and interview coaching service for individuals and “Resource Café”, offering businesses Facebook and Social Media writing and posting services, data entry, typing, appointment setting, webpage design, newsletters, bookkeeping, recruitment services and more, help connect people and businesses with new career paths and new customer avenues and reach. Her volunteer roles also help make connections. She assists in the administration of the popular local Facebook page “Peregian Springs Locals” which helps connect people with new friends and groups and sell old stuff and move on from that. She also helps her daughters’ Ausfunk team with fundraising and team programmes. When they won a place in the Varsity All Star Cheerleading Championships recently to go to Hawaii in February she 20

boosted the fundraising efforts to make the trip a bit easier. With an extensive background in recruitment and administration and entrepreneurial skills as a small business person, she can help anyone looking for a job, wanting a different job or business owners looking to build their online presence or get new employees or customers and more, all at a cost effective rate. Tanya will have a chat with you and see where you are and want to be and see where she can help “I don’t want to take people’s money if they don’t need a service…it might just be a matter of doing a cover letter now and a resume later,” Tanya said. For more information on how Tanya can help call 0469 380 439 or contact her on email at JOB SEEKERS TIP: from “Get that Job” – Especially for School Leavers: “Get your best clothes on and take some copies of your resume to places you’d like to work at. Leave your resume with them and take a business card from the business and follow up with an email to the Manager a week later . It’s amazing how the personal approach can work.”

Local News

Have your say on elder abuse laws PEOPLE have until February 27 to have their say on proposed changes to laws that aim to safeguard and protect older persons from misuse or abuse by formal or informal carers, supporters, representatives and others. The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) released a Discussion Paper in December for its Elder Abuse Inquiry, Elder Abuse (DP 83) and is calling for comments and feedback on 43 proposals for law reform including key proposals around powers of investigation for public advocates and public guardians, enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardianship; family agreements, banking, aged care and social security. Practical reform suggestions include:  An online national register for enduring documents, and tighter witnessing and reporting requirements  Expanding the role of public advocates and public guardians in responding to elder abuse  Requiring banks to take reasonable steps to prevent financial abuse

Allowing tribunals to hear disputes within families about assets-forcare arrangements—providing a low cost and less formal forum for dispute resolution  For aged care, strengthening the compulsory reporting scheme by providing for independent oversight of complaints of abuse, enhancing employment screening processes, and the introduction of an official visitors scheme ALRC President Professor Rosalind Croucher AM, Commissioner-incharge of the inquiry, said, balancing autonomy of older persons with appropriate protections and respecting older persons choices while safeguarding them from abuse is the essence of the proposals. The ALRC invites submissions in response to this Discussion Paper, which is available free of charge on the ALRC website — in html, PDF and as an ebook — at https:// Submissions are due to the ALRC by 27 February 2017. The ALRC final report will be with the Attorney-General in May 2017.

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Legal Matters with ... Enduring Powers of Attorney in Queensland LEGAL MATTERS with Fiona Allen BCom, LLB, LLM, TEP Phone: 5302 7933 WITH the rise of Dementia-type diseases, there is more need for Enduring Powers of Attorney. EPA’s allow a person (the Attorney) to make legally binding decisions for another person (the Principal) who is alive but has lost capacity (the ability to make decisions for themselves). Capacity is a complex issue and often requires a trusted doctor’s opinion and other evidence to assess. EPA’s allow Attorneys discretion to make decisions for the Principal during their lifetime (compared to a Will which activates after death). While restrictions can be placed on how much power an Attorney has, a high degree of trust is placed in them. At times, this trust can be misplaced. Attorneys must act in the Principal’s best interest, keep records and can’t profit from the role, but some Attorneys breach these duties – to the detriment of the Principal. This is a form of Elder Abuse. While there can be both civil and criminal legal consequences if an Attorney breaches their duties, it’s

best to try and prevent the possibility of an Attorney acting improperly. More than one Attorney can be appointed and Attorney’s can be required to act together. As a guide, if the Principal doesn’t trust the Attorney, the Attorney should appoint another Attorney too. Interstate EPAs may need to be reviewed to ensure they still best serve the Principal who has moved to Queensland. The Australian Law Reform Commission is considering ways to try and prevent rogue Attorneys. One consideration is to register EPAs. Registration would make it easier to determine if an EPA is current, however a single Attorney could still make decisions that benefit themselves and not the Principal. For example, it’s difficult to stop an Attorney regularly taking small sums from the Principal’s bank accounts and using that money for the Attorney’s costs and expenses and not the Principal’s. Submissions can be made to the ALRC until 27 February 2017. Fiona is a Senior Associate with Connolly Dore Lawyers. The information in this article is general and for specific advice on your Wills and Estate situation call Fiona on 5302 7933.

Peregian Springs News

Inform know grow

ADVERTISING DEADLINES FOR NEXT EDITION: Copy and advertising art is due by NOON, March 6. Email

Copies are delivered to letterboxes in Peregian Springs* and Peregian Breeze without no junk mail signs, the Pool Café, and the shopping centre.

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Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Centrelink impact of renting the former home for new Aged Care residents WEALTH NEWS with Tom Wigzell & Aaron Cross Patersons Peregian Springs Phone: 5409 6120 RESIDENTS who move into residential aged care from 1 January 2017 and rent their former home will receive less generous Centrelink/DVA assessments due to changes that are now effective. The rental income from a former home will be included as assessable income in the Centrelink/DVA income test for people who enter residential aged care on or after 1 January 2017. The asset test exemptions will also only apply for up to two years unless a spouse is still living in the home. * The new rules to calculate Centrelink/DVA entitlements If a person enters residential care from 1 January 2017, regardless of how they pay the accommodation payment they will remain a homeowner under the assets test for a maximum of two years. At the end

of this period (or when the home is sold) the person becomes a nonhomeowner and the net market value of the home is included as an assessable asset. If the former home is rented, the taxable rental income is assessable income under the income test — no exemption period applies under the income test. What it means for clients? The new rules may reduce the amount of pension otherwise payable to residents who keep their former home. This adds more pressure on cashflow and may make it more difficult for people to afford residential care. Anyone who finds themselves in this situation may be interested in looking at other financial strategies to maintain a steady income. We would encourage you to come and have a chat about your options with us here at Patersons Peregian Springs as we are Accredited Aged Care Specialists and might be able to help..

Need help navigating the aged-care maze? Our comprehensive Aged Care Advice Package can help. Talk to one of our Accredited Aged Care specialists today.

Tom Wigzell (07) 5409 6120

Aaron Cross (07) 5409 6100

Patersons Peregian Springs, Suite 4, 2 Balgownie Drive, Peregian Springs 4573

Patersons Securities Limited ABN 69 008 896 311 AFSL No. 239 052


Local Connect 8 spots per page: Price $40 for 1 spot, $75 for 2 spots. EACH SPOT: 6.2cm wide by 4cm high Email:

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


Aussie Coolum: We’re open!! MORTGAGE MATTERS with Trevor Ryan Aussie Coolum Phone: 0411 211 401 WELL, with a lot of hard work and organisation we are finally here. A brand new Aussie store – in Coolum! We are so glad to have finally opened our doors and are looking forward to serving you better in our first Aussie franchise store. We are easy to find – if you know Birtwill St in Coolum you will find us next to the chicken shop. Seems to be the one place everyone has heard of – best chips in town! It will still be business as usual for me – but now I have another broker, Lee Heath, available at the store to help you too! We also have a great new team working with us and we will introduce them properly in next month’s edition.

Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and by appointment after hours. The great thing about having a store is that it’s easy for you to pop in and have a chat. We will still do appointments at your home too if that’s what you prefer.

Come in or drop us a line at 26

Peregian Springs News, February 2017


“Safe, Inclusive and Connected Neighbourhoods and Online Communities” February 2017 update


HAPPY New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season and enjoyed having the children home for the summer break. I was lucky enough to have a family holiday in the USA which was amazing but definitely brought it home how lucky we are to live here. From being told I was the “worse driver in LA” (much to the amusement of my teenagers), to being pickpocketed in Union Square, I still enjoyed every experience, especially watching my teenager’s faces when we arrived somewhere new. One thing I did take away was how fortunate we are to have police officers here that want to make our community a connected and safe place. It would be rude not to acknowledge the work of our QFES and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to keep us safe during the recent fires. I had walked up Emu Mountain the evening of the fires planning to catch the sunset but instead saw a line of flames from Coolum to Peregian Springs. It was frightening to see the size of the fire and I was definitely concerned for our community. The hard work of QFES and the volunteer firefighters was phenomenal and our community is eternally grateful. Thanks also to QFES and Qld Police media for keeping us informed during the fires.

Area Coordinators: Treasurer: Secretary:

Paula Lyall Leigh Boggis Bob Joubert Vivienne Collins

You can contact us at: or at For immediate police assistance Phone Police on 131 444 or in an Emergency call 000

Now that the children are back to school please remember to watch out for children walking to school. If you have children at Peregian Springs State School you may have noticed the Police and Volunteers trying to assist with the flow of traffic. Thank you to everyone that assisted us by taking a safer route to the Rec Club car park. After one afternoon assisting I was shocked to see how busy it has become around the school, in 30minutes I saw two near misses in front of the school zone (near the Rec Club), reaffirming why we are trying to change where pedestrians walk. Once the weather cools down we will look at getting the walking school bus up and running, starting with walking to the Rec Club car park. We will need help so please let us know if you can assist when we put the call out. Until next time… Leigh

POLICE STATISTICS 2/12/16 to 12/02/17 - Total 20 Offences

Unlawful entry x 4; Theft x 2; Drug Offences x 8; Other Property Damage x 3; Fraud x 2; Traffic Offences x 1;


Peregian Springs News February 2017  

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