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Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Remembering the Fallen Heroes

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City close to new city manager

By Dorothy Gentry

Candidates to interview in Dallas next week

Texas Metro News

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie

Special to Texas Metro News By Divine Design News Service

Dallas Police Sergeant Demetrick Pennie cried in a hallway of Parkland Hospital on that July night when he learned that five Dallas policemen and a DART police officer had been slain during a shameful night of madness on the streets of the city that they had protected, and loved. Sgt. Pennie, the president of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, was at home painting floor boards when he received a call that there had been a shooting in downtown Dallas. The caller told him that one of the officers had been killed. “My body began to shake, and I could not pull myself together,” said Sgt. Pennie, who leads a foundation that comforts the families of officers killed during the line of duty, and awards scholarships to students who pursue academic excellence, and who express an interest in becoming members

of law enforcement. “The holiday season is one of the most difficult times of the year for families of officers who have been killed,” he said. “When they are present it was a joyous time. Now, that they are gone there is a hurtful void. There is something missing. It does not seem fair,” said Sgt. Pennie, a native of inner-city Houston who spent four years in the military before joining the Dallas Police Department in June of 1999. The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation was started in 2009 by members of the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police. Five years after it was launched, Sgt. Pennie became the chief organizer and president of the organization. The foundation provides scholarships to students at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Law Magnet High School. “We ask students to write an essay and to maintain a “B” average,” he

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Next week will be an important one in Dallas’ search for a new City Manager as four of the five finalists come to town for interviews, T.C. Broadnax meet-and-greets and a tour of Dallas City Hall. The fifth finalist – Assistant City Manager Mark McDaniel –is the lone internal applicant to make the cut.

Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley

Mark McDaniel

The other candidates are: T.C. Broadnax, City Manager, City of Tacoma; Jelynne LeBlanc-Burley, President and CEO, JLB Group;



Maura Black Sullivan

Jim Twombly

Maura Black Sullivan, Chief Operating Of-

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Gala spotlights beauty industry stars


12/10/16 The Black Academy of Arts and Letters 1309 Canton St. - Dallas 214-941-0110 Health guru Dick Gregory

Jarvis Christian College freshman crowned National Top Model

HAWKINS, TEXAS -- Jarvis Christian College freshman Natasha Coleman-Ball recently was crowned National Top Model in the National American Miss Pageant in Anaheim, California. Natasha also received a cash scholarship and her photos will be featured in Pageantry magazine and also in National American Miss promotional brochures. For her community involvement, Natasha -- a Business major and also Miss Pre-Alumni -- will work with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program and participate in fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Breast Cancer Awareness. A resident of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, Natasha qualified for the national competition after winning the state title of Miss Maryland Teen in August.

Lynne Haze of KRNB-105.7 visits with this year’s special celebrity guest Bruce George from OWN-TV’s Sweetie Pie’s and Gala founder Trish Hill

The best and the brightest in fashion and beauty will come together on Sunday, December 11 for the 5th Annual Night for the Stars Beauty Industry & Awards Gala! The event will take place in Downtown Dallas at the historic Old Red Museum located at 100 South Houston Street. The evening will celebrate

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Staying Engaged and Informed FROM THE HILL by

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson After the results of Donald Trump’s victory, people in our community and across the nation alike are nervous about the future. Some others may be sad, angry, or overjoyed. These responses are natural. However, the most useful exercise and biggest challenge is determining what comes next. No matter the outcome of any election, we are lucky to live in a democracy, where transitions of power are peaceful. Now that Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress, there will be fierce political battles, whose outcomes members of my party may fear. Some of the most passionate and controversial endeavors of the Obama Presidency could be overturned or vastly changed. For those of us who supported the Affordable

Care Act, we are sad to see that its original vision will at minimum be drastically altered. Yet, while we might not agree with certain policy positions that will come from the Trump Administration and the Republicans in majority power, we know that our rights as citizens in a democracy are still as strong as ever. The Election of 2016 does not have to be considered an irreversible travesty. It was divisive and ugly but still it was passionate. And it is after controversial times like these, like the Vietnam War, that our nation moves back into itself, longing for healing, but knowing more about the emotional undercurrents that exist within our populous. No matter your opinion, your affiliation, your joy or your pain, I encourage you to become involved politically—on any level. Organize in the community, familiarize yourself with your local politicians, make calls, show up at offices, or even come to Washington to let Congress know what you stand for. Political expression is not limited to just the first Tuesday of November, once every 1,461 days. Nor is it limited to your social media feed. It is hard work and requires patient participation. In the

words of President Obama, “Democracy is not a spectator sport.” One scary thing about this election is the propensity of misinformation on the Internet. But again, navigating what news is real and what news is fake requires participation and study. Like political organizing, it is a slow and patient process. But it is an opportunity not only to guard ourselves from misinformation, but to arm ourselves with knowledge. We are afforded the great privilege of living in a democracy, where we do not have to fear for our lives as political parties transition between power. However, the price we pay for that luxury is the necessity to participate. For so many of us, was the election a loss? Absolutely. Nevertheless, moving forward, it is more important that we do not lose the lesson, as well. While there is much uncertainty for the future, the one thing we know to be true in the present is that indifference and apathy are not an option. Above all we must participate. We must educate ourselves and begin productive, difficult conversations that elevate our communities. Let us show our gratitude for the democracy in which we live.

City manager candidates to be interviewed continued from front page

cer, City of Chattanooga and Jim Twombly, Director of Administration/City Manager, City of Tulsa. One of them will replace current City Manager A.C. Gonzalez who retires in January. He or she will run the city’s day-to-day operations and be responsible for more than 13,000 city employees. More than 100 applications were received for the high profile job. Search firm Affion Public and a special council City Manager Search Committee vetted the list and ended up with 11. Those 11 names were presented to council members Monday in a closed-door meeting. “We had more than 100 people apply for the job of Dallas city manager and I believe we have selected highly qualified individuals to come interview with the City Council,” said Mayor Mike Rawlings. “We look forward to getting to know them better next week.” Next week will be a busy one for the candidates. First up is a tour of Dallas to be hosted by city staff on Monday, December 5. On the afternoon of Tuesday, December 6, they will interview with small groups of council members at City Hall. That evening, the public is invited to a meet and greet with the candidates from 6 to 8 p.m. on the second-floor atrium of City Hall. 

On Wednesday afternoon, each candidate will interview individually for an hour with the full City Council. That evening, the candidates are invited to a private meet and greet with representatives from numerous chambers of commerce and community groups. On Friday, the City Council will convene a special meeting to discuss the candidates and determine next steps in the process.  Broadnax has 23 years of city/county management experience including responsibilities in all phases of government operation and services, including serving as City Manager of City of Tacoma, Washington for the past four years. He manages the day-to-day operations of the city with over 2,000 employees and a $1.9 billion biennial operating and capital improvements budget. Sullivan, the current COO of the City of Chattanooga, spent five years as Deputy and Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Memphis, reporting directly to the Mayor and the CAO and overseeing 6,000 employees and an annual operating budget in excess of $600 million. Burley is the President/CEO of JLB Group, a consulting firm providing professional services in the areas of talent development, project management,

and leadership training. She was previously the Executive Vice President and Chief Delivery Officer for CPS Energy, the nation’s largest municipally-owned energy company providing both natural gas and electric service to the greater San Antonio Area. Twombly is currently the City Manager for the City of Tulsa, a post he has held since 2009. The City has 3,600 employees in 20 departments. The Director of Community Development and Transportation, and Directors of Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Asset Management, Communications, Customer Care, Municipal Court and Water and Sewer report directly to him. Tulsa’s FY ’17 City Budget is $768 million, of which $643 million is for operations. The internal applicant, McDaniel, has a number of accomplishments under his belt including developing the city’s first multi-year street maintenance model, including identification of funding sources and projected impacts to overall street conditions over time and leading the city’s new internal compliance task force and development/automation of a new integrated management system for perform.

Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

NCCU celebrates life, legacy of Dr. Debra Saunders-White

North Carolina Central University mourns the loss of the 11th Chancellor, Dr. Debra Saunders-White, who passed away today, November 26, 2016, after a heroic battle with cancer. Saunders-White’s tenure was filled with a number of achievements and firsts for NCCU over the past three-and-a-half years since she assumed the post as chancellor on June 1, 2013. She made institutional history for NCCU with her appointment as the university’s first permanent female chancellor on February 8, 2013. She quickly established and carried out her vision of “Eagle Excellence” that made delivering excellence in our classrooms, excellence throughout our campus and excellence in our service to the community a focus during her administration. Saunders-White, 59 years old, took a medical leave of absence on August 8, 2016. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2015. Saunders-White came to NCCU from the U.S. Department of Education after working in higher education administration at Hampton University and the University of North Carolina Wilmington, as well as in corporate marketing for IBM. In a statement sent to the university community from Dr. Johnson O. Akinleye, acting chancellor, provost and vice chancellor for Academic Affairs, it was noted the following: “Her loss is nearly immeasurable to our community, but her influence on higher education and her genuine love and dedication for NCCU, most especially the students, are clearly evident by her impact in Durham, across North Carolina and throughout our nation. Chancellor Saunders-White was a powerhouse of energy and wit; she spent her life passionately executing on her visionary and transformative strategy of using education to create opportunity.” Saunders-White is survived by two children, Elizabeth Paige and Cecil III, her mother, Irene Saunders, and her brothers, Roger, Ralph and Kyle Saunders, and their families, a number of other family members and a host of friends.

Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016


Nova Academy Prichard starts TV Broadcast Program

NOVA Academy students prepare for TV Broadcast

Students at Nova Academy Prichard recently began their TV Broadcast program with the inaugural taping on Wednesday, November 30 at 4:00 p.m. Students at Nova Academy-Prichard

have been given a chance to create a school television program, which potentially could be one of the most powerful opportunities a school can offer. Nova Academy content can be seen Saturday mornings at 11a.m. on BPEN TV Channel 30.8 and on YouTube, under the name Nova Academy TV. Nova Academy’s mission is to create a visionary program that would link students, teachers, parents, and community. It also serves as a venue to share and showcase students’ work. The show will reflect much more than news. " Nova Academy endeavors are to foster the highest level of student learning academic excellence by raising the bar through Radio Internet and TV Broadcasting,” said Donna Houston-Woods, CEO. Watch upcoming shows or previous episodes on Nova’s YouTube channel by going to www. and clicking on the TV logo.

10 out of 12 receives 10 ½ out of 12

By Felicia Shepherd Texas Metro News

Have you ever sat through a play and actually wondered what happens behind the scenes to prepare for the production you are viewing? Just me? 10 out of 12 is a play that gives the audience a front row seat on what goes on behind the scenes. “10 out of 12” refers to a technical rehearsal day that spans 12 hoursten hours of work and 2 one-hour breaks. This plays dramatizes all the technical elements of getting a production to opening day. The lights, sound, costumes, and of course the eccentric director attempting to bring all the elements together while keeping calm temperamental actors. When you arrive to the theater, you are given a headset. It is balancing game of listening to the technical team talking making you laugh while watching the actual actors on stage running through their lines. Anne Washburn, the playwright has written a sarcastically entertaining play that may not be received by all that views it. It does start out slow moving and somewhat confusing. Playgoers will need to keep an open mind because it is not the typical play one is

expecting. However, it is worth not walking out after 20 minutes. Ms. Washburn manages to toss in a love triangle in the midst of the 140-minute play. Again, the balancing act of watching the director and actors throw diva like temper tantrums and listening to the technical team in your ear making fun of them, will keep you engaged with the flow of the play. 10 out 12 receive 10 ½ out 12 as a rating scale from this playgoer. Judge for yourself. The play is at the Undermain Theater in the heart of Deep Ellum. Undermain is located at 3200 Main Street at the corner of Murray Street. Free covered parking is available at the South East corner of Trunk and Commerce - 3300 Commerce Street. All evening show times are 7:30 pm with two Saturday matinee performances at 2pm. The production will run through December 3rd. Discounts are available for seniors, students, KERA members, and groups. Tickets are available at or by calling the Box Office at 214.747.5515. Pricing is as follows: Wednesdays and Thursdays - $20 Fridays - $25 Saturdays - $30


National Endowment for the Arts Chair Jane Chu visits DBDT

Dr. Jane Chu, chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) visited Dallas Black Dance Theatre (DBDT) as part of a two-day tour of arts organizations in Dallas. Chu's first stop was Dallas Black Dance Theatre where she experienced a mini-performance by both DBDT and DBDT: Encore!, learned about DBDT programs and partici- Kevin Hurst, Zenetta Drew, Gary Gibbs, Jane Chu, Ann Williams, Nancy pated in a roundtable discus- Nasher, Gerogia Scaife, Kim Whitaker, Gilbert Gerst, Sheena Payne and sion on cultural equity and the Mark Cooks. role of the arts. are close to the students and know the Chairman Chu told the round table impact of art on them." group, "The NEA has two criteria for DBDT performed Furtherance and awarding grants, excellence and mer- DBDT: Encore! performed Opaque during it. We decide the grant amount on the the chairman's visit. "Seeing those two project, not the size of the organiza- pieces was wonderful," Chu said. "It tion." The NEA has given grants to DBDT touched our hearts." for more than 30 years. "Not only is that When asked about what might happen cool, you can thank your colleagues, be- to arts funding with the new Trump adcause people in the community make the ministration, Chu replied, "We don't specfirst round of recommendations for NEA ulate on government funding." grants," explained Dr. Chu. NEA grants Chu did say the National Endowment were awarded in every congressional dis- for the Arts empowers people to be intrict in 2016. novative. "Art is one of the best ways to In FY 2016, Dallas Black Dance Theatre bring people together and celebrate our was the only modern dance company in differences," she concluded. Texas to receive an NEA grant. Dr. Gary Gibbs, executive director for the Texas Participants in the Round Table DiscusCommission on the Arts said, "Dallas sion Black Dance Theatre is a credit to Dallas Jane Chu, chairman, National Endowment for and Texas as they are known nationally the Arts and internationally." Gary Gibbs, executive director, Texas CommisKevin Hurst, director of charitable sion on the Arts Zenetta S. Drew, executive director, Dallas Black giving for Neiman Marcus Group asked Dance Theatre about measuring outcomes. Ann Williams, founder/artistic advisor, Dallas Chu said she loved to measure because Black Dance Theatre Georgia Scaife, board president, Dallas Black it is a way to dispel stereotypes about art being exclusive. Measurement can also Dance Theatre Gerst, board chairman, Dallas Black provide hard evidence about the eco- DanceGilbert Theatre nomic impact of art. Sylvia Hougland, vice chair, Cultural Affairs ComDBDT Executive Director Zenetta Drew mission Lauren Embrey, philanthropic vision and chair, inquired about the NEA's use of data in its decision making, noting the growing Embrey Family Foundation Kevin Hurst, director of charitable giving, Neiimportance of data as evidenced by the man Marcus Group National Center for Arts Research (NCAR) Nancy Nasher, co-owner, NorthPark Center Mark Cooks, board vice president, Dallas Black at SMU and DataArts (formerly CDP). Chu said organizations should strive Dance Theatre Sheena Payne, board vice president of marketfor data visualization to make data more ing, Dallas Black Dance Theatre understandable. "Data is important, it Kim Whitaker, board vice president of developshould not be put on a shelf. We are in ment, Dallas Black Dance Theatre Clem Maddox, board vice president of governa hard evidence world," Chairman Chu explained. "We need to communicate re- ment affairs, Dallas Black Dance Theatre For more details visit search and learn from it." "I value reports from parents and and teachers just as much," said Gibbs. "They


wlett lett uite uite dson son allas llas



MALVEAUX: Will Republicans prevail in 2018?

Texas METRO NEWS Formerly Kuumba Heritage News

MAILING ADDRESS 320 S. R.L. Thornton Freeway Suite 220 Dallas, TX 75203

The Last Word


NNPA Newswire Columnist

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Free Take One Free --Take One Editorial submissions

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux

The apprehension that I felt upon Donald Trump’s victory in the Presidential election has only increased as he has announced the appointments of his chief of staff, strategist, and cabinet members. As of this writing, he has mainly announced the selection of older white men, including the racist Alabama Senator, Jeff Sessions, to lead the Justice Department. The senator’s use of highly inflammatory racial rhetoric (including describing the NAACP as an “un-American� organization, and expressing support for the KKK) prevented his confirmation to the US District Court in 1986. Now, he will be charged with law enforcement in our nation. Equally troubling has been the selection of Stephen Bannon, his campaign chairman, as chief White House strategist and senior counselor. Bannon is the Executive Chairman of Breitbart News, a news site that has been the home of the alt-right, the source of        



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The Black Press believes that America can best lead the world away from racial and national antagonisms when it accords to every person, regardless of race, color or creed, full human and legal rights. Hating no person, fearing no person, the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief that all are hurt as long as anyone is held back.

lies, hate, nastiness and racist rhetoric. President Barack Obama had to walk away from Minister Jeremiah Wright because one of his sermons was considered racist by some whites. Trump openly embraces racists and is applauded for it. The position that Bannon will hold does not require Senate confirmation, while the position that Sessions will be nominated for does. With 54 Republicans in the Senate, Sessions is almost certain to be nominated. Hopefully Democrats have retained enough of a backbone to raise questions about Sessions’ racism. Senate newcomers Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Catherine Cortez Masto (DNV) may be among the first to raise the questions. Still Republicans will have the votes to confirm anyone they want to confirm. Welcome to the age of Trump. Will Republicans get more of an edge in the Senate when we go to the polls in 2018? Thirty-three Senate seats will be up for grabs then. Republicans hold only eight. Independents Bernie Sanders (VT) and Angus King (ME), who caucus and vote with Democrats are both likely to be candidates for re-election. A whopping 23 seats are currently held by Democrats. If some of the states that

went Republican in this year’s election can be tilted, Republicans can widen their margin in the Senate. The Trump campaign (and its affiliated SuperPacs) have as much as $60 million to spend, and can use it to build ground operations in states where Democrats closely lost this year. (Hillary and her affiliated SuperPACS may have as much as $70 million to spend). Democrats lost Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona by less than five percent. Incumbent Democrats Tammy Baldwin (WI), Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Bob Casey (PA), Joe Donnelly (IN), Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota), Joe Manchin (WV), Bill Nelson (FL), and Debbie Stabenow (MI) are all in states that Republicans won in 2016. While many of them are popular, and incumbency is a challenging thing to overcome, we’ve just seen that the right kind of Republican rhetoric can prevail. These candidates, and the Democratic Party, can’t afford to take incumbency or popularity for granted. They can’t afford to savor a polling lead and conclude that they don’t have to fight for every vote. If these folks want to go back to Washington, they’ll Please see REPUBLICANS page 7

SMITH: Send your students to us


Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016


I am appealing to educators to spread the word and share this important opportunity with their students or young people they know at work, church or in the community. I guarantee the students will benefit from this program. Also college professors, this program is especially great for students who would like help in securing internships and networking.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists (formerly the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Communicators) will present its annual Urban Journalism Workshop for high school and college students beginning in February 2015. This 12-week workshop is open to students in Dallas, Tarrant, Ellis, Collin and Denton  counties.   Students  receive  hands-on experience while spending valuable time working  with  seasoned professioals  who  have  gained  a  reputation  locally  and  nationally,  as  well  as internationally. This year’s participants will also attend the National Associa-

tion of Black Journalists’ Regional Conference, which will be held in Dallas in March, 2017.  The program, which emulates one started by George Curry, Gerald Boyd and other members of the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists in St. Louis, was started by then-Dallas Morning News editor Rochelle Riley and has graduated students who have gone on to anchor newscasts, edit newspapers, open public relations firms and produce radio shows.     Mr. Curry, who usually visits the Dallas workshop students annually to conduct his “basic training,� died from heart-related

issues in August 2016. Mr. Boyd died of lung cancer in 2006. “We’re excited about continuing the tradition that was started almost 30 years ago,� said Eva Coleman, one of the instructors for the program. “I am looking forward to working with students this year.� Ms. Coleman, who is an established journalist, will be overseeing the radio and television segments of the workshop, pulling together experts in the field.   Previous speakers have included: Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, former Dallas Mayor  Ron Kirk, Senator  Royce Please see BLACK page 11


Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

DAVIS: Slavery Made America Great

My Day

By Dr. J. Ester Davis Loud and clear… America was built with free labor and free trade. An undeniable fact. How can African Americans be so confused about their future? How are the facts so twisted? Free labor, also known as slavery is the perfect interlude to greatness, greed, profits and power. The answer to divisiveness in this country is not shades of grey, only black and white. Our African American ancestors. . . made America great with their involuntary servitude under inhumane conditions. This is a very important article and I only have a few words for this reminder to the America people, because slavery, as

dim and dark as it was, is a part of America’s history. But America has changed. Between the 1600’s and the late 19th century, the United States of America was nearly 85% white. Now hold that point. Slavery was already legal in all 13 colonies when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. So much of history dismisses the face that the invention of the cotton gin greatly increased demand for more slave labor and the south had the ideal weather and Negro slaves for fueling the rest of the states. More than one million slaves were actually sold from the upper south and taken to the deep south thus further splitting up many more families.

Common sense would further formulate that the country was constantly growing in all directions, i.e., north, south, east and west. “ Free labor” is a whole food, amorous, intoxicating, a natural stimulant, motivating great and evil deeds simultaneously. As the western United States developed, the southern state governments kept a “strategy” between the number of slaves and free states in order to maintain a political balance of power in Congress. Hold that point also. Around the 1850’s, the newly really, really rich, white men millionaires and billionaires, cotton growing southerners (with their “ free” labor). . .threatened to secede from the union. The railroad had a donor for the “steam


engine” cost. Another “ free labor project” that made America great, to move the “free labor” profit and products across country. Slavery indeed, made America great . . . for a few. In 1860 President Lincoln was elected President and in 1863 the Civil War ended legal slavery on top soil. Underground it continued. Let me quickly explore the number of slaves imported in these states. Between 1751 and 1775 the numbers were up to 85,580, an exact number. The years 1801 – 1825 bought 109,545 enslaved people to the states. Slavery ended in and around 1865, depending on the state and the political permission for the announcement of same. Much has been written about “Making-America-Great-Again,” which is an absolute insult to me and other African Americans. The African American . . . has been there. Done that. Finally, on points. Be careful America. We are not 85% white anymore and the balance of power is in quicksand. Ester Davis is an award winning writer. or 214.376.9000

JACKSON: The Obama times SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER by REV. JESSE JACKSON, SR “May you live in interesting times.” This curse, attributed tenuously to the Chinese, bespeaks a preference for order over change. We now live in interesting times and Americans are hungering for change. Yet, surprisingly, President Obama enjoys increasing popularity as he heads into the final days of his presidency. Why is the president the most popular politician in America (outside of Bernie Sanders)? As he put it, to be elected with popular majorities twice with the name Barack Hussein Obama, something has to be going right. And something has. He inherited an

economy in free fall, losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. Wall Street was on the verge of collapse. The auto companies were about to close their doors. Bush left an annual budget deficit soaring above $1 trillion. Millions were at risk of losing their homes, and millions more were losing their shirts as their homes went “underwater” — worth less than the debt owed on them. The U.S. had suffered the worst foreign policy debacle since Vietnam in Iraq. The nation had been shamed as it watched Americans left to suffer after Katrina hit New Orleans. Obama was elected because he represented change and hope. He passed the largest stimulus plan in history — and staunched the free fall in jobs. He saved the financial system and began putting sensible regulations back on

Wall Street. He rescued the auto industry that has now enjoyed its best years in history. He revived competence in government. He passed comprehensive health care reform — a flawed compromise plan but one that as provided health insurance to 20 million Americans. He raised taxes on the rich and lowered them on the working poor. He pushed a reactionary Congress to begin addressing the real and present danger of catastrophic climate change. The results are apparent. The deficit has been more than halved. The recovery has been slow and halting, but we’ve enjoyed private sector job growth for a record number of consecutive months. And now, with unemployment down around 5 percent, workers are starting to be in demand and wages have just begun to inch upward.

The president has governed with grace. His rhetoric informed and lifted us. His family provided admired role models. He suffered insult and obstruction with patience and dignity. As he would be the first to admit, none of this is sufficient. Our politics remain polluted by big money. Our economy is still rigged to favor the few. Our trade deficit remains extreme. The banks are still too big to fail. Workers still don’t capture a fair share of the profits and productivity they help to produce. The tax evasions of the corporations and rich reach grow ever more obscene. People of color were the biggest victims of Wall Street’s housing frauds, with many yet to recover. The racial wealth gap keeps growing. Please see JACKSON page 11

h c 1



Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Community Calendar

The South Dallas Cultural Center is located at 3400 S. Fitzhugh Ave. Dallas, Texas 75215. For more information or to schedule a tour for your group call 214-670-1998. Admission is FREE ***** Free Reading Tutoring - Dallas Public Library; 1515 Young, Dallas 75201. Learn to read better program for adults. 214-671-8291; ***** Community Lawyering Center Open for Business - Mondays – Saturdays; days and evenings by appointment. 4716 Elsie Faye Heggins, Dallas, 75210. For info, call: 469-351-0024 or x0025

Garland Civic Theatre presents the hilarious update of the classic fairy tale in Cinderella: The Musical. Tickets: $27 available at, 972-205-2790 or in-person at the Granville Arts Center Box Office, open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and two hours before each performance. Nov. 25-Dec. 17, Granville Arts Center - Small Theatre 300 N. Fifth Street, downtown Garland

December 1

3016 N. I-35E, Lancaster at 8p.m. Tickets $10 Inspirational Speaker - Imam Mohamad Ramadan, author of “The Political Participation of American Muslims” For more info, call 214 -460-7672


The award-winning Potter’s House choir and renowned Joyous Celebration of Durban, South Africa will record its first ever joint live album entitled “Heal Our Land” at The Potter’s House of Dallas. WHERE: The Potter’s House, 6777 W. Kiest Blvd., Dallas, Texas WHEN: at 7 p.m.


10th Annual Tour of Homes includes a tour of the Lancaster Visitors Center and State Auxiliary Museum and is a presentation of the Lancaster Texas Heritage Park Foundation. For more information, call 832-385-3732 ***** Discover Dallas ISD at District Wide School Fair! 9am - 4pm Ellis Davis Field House 9191 South Polk St. Dallas, TX 75232 Come Discover Dallas ISD

December 4 Join Teresa Gilbert @ THE NTHEKNOW TOY DRIVE 6pm-10pm Jam Box 3965 Belt Line Addison, TX 75001 http://www.ntheknow. online/ntheknow-toy-drive.html

December 2 DART “Stuff a Bus” Benefits Those in Need Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) bus operators and police officers will be collecting “Stuff a Bus” donations of adult socks, blankets, canned food and unwrapped toys for children. The annual event benefits hundreds of Dallas area children, elderly and families in need. Bring your donation to the DART stuff a bus at the Mockingbird Station parking lot, 5465 E. Mockingbird Lane, Friday, Dec. 2, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Two DART employee campaigns, “Santa Cops” and “Comforting of the Souls,” benefit as a 40-foot long bus is filled with your donations. The Northwest Bus Division’s “Comforting of the Souls” donates the new adult socks and blankets to area nursing homes while toys and food help families in need through the DART Police Department’s “Santa Cops.” KKDA-FM “K-104” sponsors DART’s “Stuff a Bus” campaign and will be doing a live broadcast at the Mockingbird Station event.

December 3 National Black United Front Dallas Chapter presents Standing on Principles to Advance Human & Civil Rights with keynote speaker Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Gray’s Event Center

December 5 South Dallas Concert Choir’s annual free Christmas Concert, is open to the public, at Oak Cliff Presbyterian church. 7:00 PM, Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church, 6000 S Hampton Rd, Dallas, TX

December 6 Jay Leno, the popular host of the top-rated “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” will entertain the audience for one night at 8 p.m. at the Winspear Opera House, downtown Dallas Arts District. ****** Public asked to take survey and weigh in on next Dallas City Manager Dallas - We want to hear from you! What would you like to see in the next Dallas City Manager? Please take the survey to help with the selection of the best candidate. To take the survey visit affionpublic. Residents will also have the opportunity to meet the candidates for Dallas City Manager from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday Dec. 6 at Dallas City Hall, second floor atrium area. To attend, enter through the Dallas City Hall main lobby (near the reflecting pool).

December 7 Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce

BUILDING A BETTER BOARD w/ Sharla H. Myers A Highly-Interactive Workshop Helping nonprofits to achieve success through a strong and responsible board of directors. (10:30a-1:30p) GO Federal Credit Union Bldg 3200 W. Pleasant Run Rd-1st Floor Lancaster TX 75146 LUNCH Ticket Chamber Members $15 Non members $25

December 9

Dallas Black Dance Theatre presents its annual holiday Black on Black Mingle & Jingle Dallas Black Dance Theatre brings you a holiday party like no other. Join us for Black on Black – a complete dance and holiday experience guaranteed to bring good tidings and cheer on Friday and Saturday, December 9-10, It all takes place in the creative space of DBDT’s studios, 2700 Ann Williams Way in the Dallas Arts District. Enjoy the artistry, creative talents and innovative works choreographed by DBDT and DBDT: Encore!. 6:30 pm Mingle at the reception with complimentary light bites & cocktails on us! 7:30pm Enjoy the choreography & talented performances of DBDT & DBDT: Encore! DBDT dancers Claude Alexander III, Kayah Franklin, Sierra Jones, Keon K. Nickie, Zion Pradier, Sean J. Smith, Jasmine White-Killins, Christen Ashley Williams, McKinley Willis and Kimara Wood will showcase their choreography talents. 8:30pm Jingle at the free after-party with DBDT dancers & Live DJ. Take home holiday memories from our photo booth or a caricature sketch. You must be 21 years and older to attend. Ticket details

New Mount Zion Baptist Church will hold its annual Christmas Gala at 7p.m. at the HIlton Lincoln Center Hotel, 5410 LBJ Freeway, Dallas. Tickets are $65. The keynote speaker is Dr. Zan W. Holmes. The Red Carpet Reception starts at 6p.m. For tickets, call 214-341-6459


December 10

Get Healthy for 2017! He’s helped people lose thousands and can help lead you on a path to healthier living! Dick Gregory w ill be the speaker at the inaugural Health Awareness Explosion at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters. In addition to Mr. Gregory’s presentation, you will hear

from financial experts, ministers, community activists, journalists, health practitioners, chefs and fitness experts. There will be vendors and entertainment, but more importantly, you will leave empowered and equipped to lead a healthier life. You cacn get tickets for Mr. Gregory’s lecture at ticketmaster or through The Black Academy of Arts and Letters box office. Call 214-941-0110 for tickets or vendor information. ****** Grace and Taste Gala Masquerade Ball will be held from 8pm1am at The Chocolate Mint Foundation, 201 Executive Way, Desoto, TX 75115. Live Music by Paul Cannon and The Band along w/DJ Freestyle Steve. Tickets are $40 or bring 2 unwrapped toys valuing $35. All donations and toys will benefit The Chocolate Mint Foundation Christmas Candyland 2016. For more information and tickets, visit or call (972)224-7200.

December 11 The African Children’s Choir Garland, Texas - Upendo Baptist Church Time: 10:00 am. Address: 916 N Jupiter Rd - Venue phone: (214) 868-6007\\ The African Children’s Choir Plano, Texas - First Christian Church Time: 6:30 pm. Address: 813 E 15th St Plano, TX 75074 - Venue phone: (972) 423-3260

December 13 Fellowship of Professional Women Luncheon with Debby Efurd and Vocalist: Peggy Frazier O’Connor Park City Club 5956 Sherry Lane 17th Floor Dallas, TX 75225

December 15 Best Southwest Partnership 30th anniversary luncheon 11:30 am at Hilton Garden Inn, 800 N. Main Street. Speaker - Dale Hansen - Unplugged. For tickets call Cedar Hill (972)291-7817, DeSoto (972)224-3565, Duncanville (972) 780-499 and Lancaster (972) 227-2579


Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Fallen Heroes,

continued from front page

The foundation provides scholarships to students at the Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Law Magnet High School. “We ask students to write an essay and to maintain a “B” average,” he said. “It is one of the ways that our fallen heroes are honored. The scholarship is extremely important to students and to members of the police department, and the city government.” Sgt. Pennie remains in contact with family members of officers who have been slain in Dallas. “I was close to Officer Norman Smith who was killed in 2009. Like the other officers, he was a wonderful person, and had pursued a career in law enforcement because he wanted to help people.” Growing up in Houston, Officer Pennie and his friends did not have pleasant relationships with police officers. “We saw them as our foes,” he said. “But that all changed when I witnessed how they responded to me and my family when my older cousin, Jacqueline, was killed shortly before her wedding day.” Sgt. Pennie said that his cousin, whom he adored,

was killed by an acquaintance of the family when she attempted to stop an argument. “I was coming home from school when I heard the shot, the killer ran right pass me, and I saw my cousin laying on the ground, barely holding on to life.” The experience changed his perception of the police and he decided that he wanted to be like them, assisting families just as they assisted his during the murder of his relative. “There was nothing that I could do to bring my cousin back to life,” he said, “just as there is nothing that I can do to bring back the lives of my fallen brothers and sisters. But I can be there for those that they leave behind. I can become a member of their extended families. And that is what I am committed to doing.” Sgt. Pennie said that during the holiday season and throughout the year, he prayed that the people of Dallas would remember those who had given their lives serving people whom they took an oath to serve. “We must not forget them or their families,” he said. “We must ensure that their memories live on forever.”

Will Republicans prevail in 2018? continued from page 4 learn from the Hillary Clinton loss and work indefatigably, starting now, to keep their seats. They’ll make lots of visits back home, host town hall meetings, and make sure their votes understand what their contributions have been and what challenges they face. If Trump and his team can brag of results, if his actions are perceived as “making American great again”, then incumbent Democrats may be in trouble. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, also on the ballot, has described Democrats in the Senate as the “emergency brake” on Trump’s policy pro-

posals. I expect them to vocally take Trump and his team on when they revert to the racist rhetoric and proposed racist, misogynistic, and jingoistic policies that Trump promoted during the campaign. Will they? They may not want to be perceived as obstructionists (though Republicans surely didn’t mind being obstructionists with President Obama), and they will certainly need to pick their battles carefully. But they must speak out. Mid-term election turnout is always extremely low – it was just 36 percent in 2014, the


lowest level in 70 years. Democrats must start now to educate and encourage people to turn out for the mid-term elections. And voting rights organizations must begin now to reverse the voter suppression that kept millions from voting on November 8. If Democrats don’t get busy now, Republicans will, indeed, prevail in 2018. So let’s stop wringing our hands and moaning. Let’s get busy! Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist. Her latest book “Are We Better Off? Race, Obama and Public Policy” is available via



Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Who is the media rep for your organization? Are your events and programs getting coverage? Find out:

HOW TO GET IN THE NEWS WITHOUT COMMITTING MURDER with the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists

Saturday, December 10, 2016 2-4p.m. The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, 1309 Canton St., Dallas

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Financing with approved credit. Lender may require down payment. Payments based on $1000 down, 72 months at 3.9%. All rebates and incentives assigned to dealer.

Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016


Stars honored at Gala continued from front page

Scenes from last year’s gala

the icons and legends of the beauty industry in high style with a red carpet procession, musical entertainment and fashion show! Top honorees for the evening include: Tiffany Luong, Make-Up Artist,;Edmond Flewellen, The

“Godfather” of Barber Styling; James Thomas, legendary barber to entertainment icon Steve Harvey; J. Bolin, Celebrity Fashion Stylist; and Hype Hair Magazine, one of the leading industry publications focusing on fashion, hair and beauty! “We believe that our fifth year is without a doubt our biggest and best gala to date,” says Night for the Stars Founder and Salon Nvious owner Trish Hill. “There will be something for everyone at the gala. From fabulous fashions, delicious food, musical entertainment and a red carpet where everyone can feel like a star, this is a night not to be missed!” Also being honored are: Ben Adams, Owner and CEO of the B. Adams Corporation; Dr. Linda Amerson, Trichologist; Graham’s Barber College; LaSondria Aaron, Instructor and Russell Chew, leading entrepreneur and creator in hair care products and distribution. The gala and awards ceremony is also an opportunity for Hill to give back to the community. “I have been so blessed in my life and my career, and it’s really important to me to put back into the community that has given me so much over the years,” she said. “As a professional woman, business owner and entrepreneur, I feel a responsibility to set a positive example and be a role model to young people and serve as a living example that business ownership is attainable and that their possibilities are endless.” This year’s recipient is the Where R You? Homeless Outreach. Tickets are on sale now at or call 214-457-4038.


You are invited (and encouraged) to attend the CAAPCO & Friends Holiday Party and Charity Drive -the biggest event in DFW for our professionals this holiday season. Guests will enjoy assorted appetizers amidst mingling with colleagues, while listening and dancing to popular music and holiday tunes, benefiting our Toys for Kids drive with our chosen Children's charities.



My man stole from the church

Ask Alma: by Alma Gill

NNPA News Wire Columnist

Alma Gill’s newsroom experience spans more than 25 years, including various roles at USA Today, Newsday and the Washington Post. Email questions to: Follow her on Facebook at “Ask Alma” and Twitter @almaaskalma.

Dear Alma: I can’t give you all the details, but let’s just say my boyfriend is doing something that makes a lot of money, but it’s illegal. If he gets caught, “we” could go to jail. I love him and I’ve always supported him. He was there for me when I didn’t have anyone and helped me financially complete my degree and purchase my condo. I don’t want to leave him now that I’m gainfully employed, but I do worry about him getting caught. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a double life. Now that my feet are firmly planted and I’m making a good salary, I would like for him to go legit, but he’s not having it. He says the money’s too good. How can I get him to see, we can leave that life and do well and have a good life? Signed, Down for My Man Dear Down for My Man, Some people will sell their soul for a diamond-crusted, fried bologna sandwich, while others will work

hard, all day long at doing what’s right. The road to righteousness is long, undoubtedly unfair and ruthlessly rough. The sidewalk leading to half-baked shenanigans won’t let you stand up on a slippery slope. You have to decide which path is best for you right now, today and tomorrow, not yesterday, six months ago or the year before. Honestly girl, if your Mr. Do Right is doing wrong and you know it and support it, you’re Mrs. Do Wrong your dang self. Don’t start trippin’ now that you have a degree. Who you think you’re fooling? You’ve been in this from the jump. Your condo won’t keep you out of jail. Your degree won’t prevent you from serving time. You can’t dissect, analyze and redirect this negative into a positive now, because you’re getting an authentic paycheck. Get yourself out of this mess, before it’s too late. When it all comes crumbling down, and it will, you’ll be on your way to lock down, for love’s sake. Here’s my question to you: Is it worth it? Alma

Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

God's Grace or Evil Stalking You Spiritually Speaking by James A. Washington

I have often found myself wrestling with the concepts and the realities of good and evil. It stands to reason that if you believe in God and His goodness, power and the righteousness of Jesus Christ, then it follows that you must also believe in Satan and his earthbound inherent ‘evilness.’ If this is true, then it is the height of ignorance or hypocrisy that we as human beings follow a course of action consistent with one belief and act totally inconsistent with and contrary to that same belief. We concede to the reality that evil exists. As a matter of fact, our civil laws and subsequent penalties are there to protect us against criminal, abhorrent and yes even evil behavior. Hence, what I am merely recognizing here is that the counterbalance of this fact ought to be a set of behaviors, or at least a set of professed beliefs, that confirm the reality of God, the good stuff. Unfortunately, it has been my experience and at times my behavior, that evil demands action, while ‘Godness’ gets a whole lot of lip service. I believe this is true because with all of our flaws and faults (sinfulness), we’ve gotten used to functioning in a world somewhat controlled by the evil one. Christians do recognize, must recognize that satan has power in the secular world.

Thanks to him, many of us have become numb to those things that demonstrate his existence in this world where we temporarily reside. Fortunately when we come to Christ, we are able to put some perspective on all of this as we begin to see the contrast between good and evil in our own lives. That’s when I believe you finally get it. By putting ourselves in perspective to Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, it becomes clear where we fit in this struggle between good and evil. We are the ultimate prize. To the victor goes us. Fortunately for us,

Now we are armed and ready for the struggle. We are prepared and fortified against the evil that would destroy us. We now have a reference point for current and future behavior. We know the difference between good and evil. we have some say in the clubhouse celebration. Once you accept the truth of good and evil in the context of God and the devil, the rules of engagement are clear. In this game the ball (us) has a say in who wins the game. Can you imagine any athletic event where the ball actually participates as an independent active component? Well, the truth is we are that ball

in this high stakes game for our very own souls. Imagine that. We can stack the deck in our favor. But it can’t be happenstance. It must be deliberate and we must be constant in making sure that the ball takes favorable bounces throughout the game. To be sure, with this in mind, Christ has given us the game plan we need to insure victory. “He who believes in me….shall never die.” John 11:25-26. That’s it. It’s all about belief. When Jesus says in John 16:8-9, “when He (the Counselor/Holy Spirit) comes, He will convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment: in regard to sin because men do not believe in me…” He is telling us that the biggest threat to our own salvation is disbelief. You see belief in Christ brings about condemnation of satan and satan-like things i.e., evil. It must follow. Now we are armed and ready for the struggle. We are prepared and fortified against the evil that would destroy us. We now have a reference point for current and future behavior. We know the difference between good and evil. More importantly, we can now recognize our weaknesses in relation to evil and our strengths in relation to good. No contest worth anything is without risks. But for now, let’s play and may God forgive your fumbles and bless your recoveries in the name of His Son, Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

May God bless and keep you always.


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Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

Obama’s interesting times continued from page 5 Workers — white, people of color, the young and women — all struggle against the odds. Stunningly, the life spans of white male workers are declining, as drugs, despair, sickness and suicide take an increasing toll. The U.S. is still mired in wars without victory across the Middle East. We still invest



too much in making smart bombs and too little in developing smart children. The climate grows more dangerous as global warming accelerates. The president who hoped to bring us together instead was hit by the bitter racial enmities that still divide us. Donald Trump captured the Republican nomination by stoking fear and anger. Both candidates have been plagued by scandals, real and invented. Contradictions result. The country hungers for a change in course but is fearful about what comes next. The two candidates for the presidency offering

change are looked on with unprecedented disfavor, while the incumbent president enjoys rising popularity. President Obama has suggested that a president is something like a sprinter in a relay race. No one racer can determine the outcome. Your job is to run your part of the race as well as you can — and then hand on the baton to the next. It’s more complicated than that, of course. The best presidents change the direction of the race to insure that their successors have the wind at their backs. One thing is clear today. Barack Hussein Obama came to office facing harsh economic and political tempests. And he will leave office handing the baton to a successor with the wind at his back. More and more Americans are beginning to appreciate that now. And we will appreciate it even more in retrospect.

Black Journalists, continued from page 4 West, Star-Telegram  editor and columnist Bob Ray Sanders, former-city council member Domingo Garcia, Dallas Morning News columnist Norma Adams Wade, Our Texas Publisher Gemeral Berry, PR gurus   Lyria Howland  and  Rose Gafford Blair, NAHJ’s Gary Pina, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer  Irwin Thompson, K104’s  Sam Putney, 97.9’s Gary with the Tea, Dallas Examiner Publisher Mollie Belt, Producer Haile Gerima, former NABJ President Will Sutton and Dallas Weekly Publisher James A. Washington.   At the conclusion of the workshop, the students will participate in a closing ceremony where they will present a newspaper, television and radio broadcasts, a website and a special project. It is true that every young person who participates in the program decides that the field of journalism is not for him or her. It is so much better to learn now than later after they have spent thousands of dollars on college courses. I have yet to find any alumni of the program who says the program was a total waste of time and they didn’t benefit from the many life les-

sons and opportunities that are part of every session. I wish a program like this one had been around when I was a teenager, or ever fresh out of college. To meet so many in the industry and spend time with them, well, that was not happening where I was. The program is also rewarding for the professionals who come back year after year. We get a chance to share our experiences and hopefully help others navigate through some very challenging circumstances. I tell the students that they may not want to be journalists, BUT, if they are successful in life, at some point someone is going to stick a microphone in their face. We can help prepare them for that moment. For more information about the workshop, please go to After you have reviewed the application, and should you still have questions, call 214-941-0110. Applications must be turned in by December 31, 2016. Pastors, organization and community members, parents, and alums, spread the word. Help other benefit from this program.

Prepare for a Healthier Life!

Healthy Living Expo 2016 Dec. 10, 8am-8pm

The Black Academy of Arts and Letters 1309 Canton Street, Dallas



Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

LEARN ABOUT YOUR BODY AND HOW TO BE HEALTHIER! Get your tickets and come hear Mr. Dick Gregory talk about health and answer your questions!

Sat., Dec. 10, 2016 9a-12n at TBAAL Get your tickets at Ticketmaster

MISSING Two Women One Man 10 Years Later

Resume:, (214) 514-9553 or

Taalibah Islam and Typhenie Johnson are missing and dated the same man, Chris Revill. According to reports, they were both last seen with Chris in Tarrant County. Revill is awaiting trial for kidnapping Johnson. Where are these young ladies? Help find them!

Do you know this man? Come on PEOPLE! Don’t you CARE? Will it matter when it is your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother or maybe YOU?

POLICE have not apprehended “Pookie” the serial rapist. We know he has attacked members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and there is a $5,000 reward offered by Crime Stoppers. If you have ANY information, PLEASE call Crime Stoppers


Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The Bounce Back


Evaluate Your Love Life

Review By Eva D. Coleman Texas Metro News

Pretty people don’t always have it easy in love. No matter how society portrays it, it’s just not true. Here is one fact. Shemar Moore is fine. Period. As executive producer and star of The Bounce Back movie, his beauty and complications of relationships are brought into full perspective. Moore’s character, Matthew Taylor, is a relationship expert on the talk show and conference circuit promoting his book, The Bounce Back. While women are fired up to listen and attend events to see him in person, a therapist with media appeal and attention in her own right is not impressed. Kristin Peralta, played by Nadine Velazquez, finds pleasure in refuting Taylor’s claims of the power of self-reflection and evaluation to get over the pains of past loves. Yes, you guessed it. Taylor falls for Peralta. Their oil and vinegar don’t

Bill Bellamy and Shemar Moore at Dallas screening

mix, however, make for a tasty romance. The movie has many funny moments, mostly delivered by Taylor’s sidekick Terry, perfectly cast and played by comedian Bill Bellamy. Terry’s disdain for the destined romance between Taylor and Peralta

Photo: Eva D. Coleman

will make you laugh out loud, as you watch him cleverly pursue a love of his own. Woven into the movie are a variety of themes, from strained ties with an ex-spouse to joint custody and parenting after divorce. Again, viewers may ask, “How can

13  you not love Shemar Moore?” Those who remember Moore’s acting days on the daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless, will totally appreciate the over-acted scenes, including one that dramatically unfolds with a single tear, or the car accident with little to no injuries that bounces back into lovey-dovey mode. No matter how unrealistic they may seem, the reality from this film is that love is a work in progress, and self-realization of the part you play in your happiness charts the course for your life. During the Shemar Moore and Bill Bellamy Q & A after the Dallas screening, one moviegoer boldly asked what she felt other women in the audience were thinking regarding Moore’s onscreen love interest not being African American. Moore, who is of mixed heritage, proudly proclaimed his blackness and shared that it was not the focus when casting for that particular role. The film, however, is very diverse among it’s characters. “There’s a bunch of color on that screen, and I’m proud of that,” Moore said. There was also mention that who one falls in love with goes beyond color. A look at recovering after being hurt from love is this film’s goal. “When it comes back and it’s the right time, you gotta open up to that,” Bill Bellamy said. The Bounce Back is a reflective and refreshing film that has the viewer evaluating their own love interests, past and present. Check it out in theaters December 9th.



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Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016

HBCU Homecoming...

The HBCU Homecoming events go beyond the football game and halftime show. For the uninitiated, you can expect some of the livest activities for students and alumni from step shows to talent shows, pep rallies to parades, concerts to comedy shows. Traditional events include the Homecoming coronation and Fall convocation. There is something for everyone. 10/1/16

Clark Atlanta vs. Benedict @ Atlanta, GA CAU CLARK 24 BENEDICT 14 Delaware State vs. Florida A&M @ Dover, DE 2:00pm ET FAMU 41 DELAWARE 27 Edward Waters vs. University of Faith @ Jacksonville, Fl EDWARD WATERS 45 FAITH 6

SC State vs. Delaware State @ Orangeburg, SC Oliver SOUTH CAROLLINA 30 DELAWARE 3

West Virginia State vs. Virginia-Wise @ Institute, WV 1:30pm ET VIRGINIA-WISE 39 WVS 37

Hampton vs. Morgan State @ Hampton, VA 2:00pm ET HAMPTON 21 MORGAN 12

10/8/16 Alabama A&M vs. Alcorn State @ Huntsville, AL Lewis Crews Stadium 2:00pm CT ALCORN STATE 42 ALABAMA A&M 19

Kentucky State vs.Miles @ Frankfort, KY Alumni Stadium KENTUCKY 28 MILES 24 Langston vs. Bacone @ Langston, OK W.E. Anderson BACONE 33 LANGSTON 32 Lincoln (PA) vs. Elizabeth City State @ Lincoln University, PA ELIZABETH CITY 28 LINCOLN 10

Texas Southern vs. Jackson State @ Houston, TX BBVA Jackson State 21 Texas Southern 13

Cheyney vs. Lock Haven @ Cheyney, PA 1:00pm ET LOCK HAVEN 51 CHEYNEY 12 Chowan vs.Bowie State @ Murfreesboro, NC 3:00pm ET BOWIE STATE 21 CHOWAN 14 Lane vs. Benedict @ Jackson, TN Lane Field 2:00pm CT LANE 19 BENEDICT 18 Lincoln (MO) vs. Saint Joseph's @ Jefferson City, MO 2:00pm CT SAINT JOSEPH’S 27 LINCOLN (MO) 17 Livingstone vs. Saint Augustine's @ Salisbury, NC 1:00pm ET SAINT AUGUSTINE’S 38 LIVINGSTONE 27 2 OT Miles vs. Central State @Fairfield, AL 1:00pm CT MILES 36 CENTRAL STATE 0 Prairie View A&M vs.Alabama State @ Prairie View, TX Blackshear Stadium 2:00pm CT PRAIRIE VIEW A&M 24 ALABAMA STATE 17 OT Virginia Union vs. Lincoln(PA)@ Richmond, VA 1:00pm ET VIRGINIA UNION 39 LINCOLN (PA) 6 10/15/16 Alcorn State vs.Texas Southern @ Lorman, MS ALCORN 23 TEXAS LORMAN 20 Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs.Alabama A&M @Pine Bluff, AR ALABAM 40 UAPB 7 Bowie State vs. Virginia State @ Bowie, MD BOWIE 38 VIRGINIA 37 Central State vs. Lane @ Wilberforce, OH McPherson CENTRAL STATE 27 LANE 10

NC Central vs. Savannah State @ Durham, NC NORTH CAROLINA 33 SAVANNAH 3

Southern vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff @ Baton Rouge, LA SOUTHERN 49 UAPB 17 Texas College vs. Wayland Baptist @ Tyler, TX Rose Stadium WAYLAND 41 TEXAS COLLEGE 14

Tuskegee vs. Kentucky State @ Tuskegee, AL Cleve L. TUSKEGEE 36 KENTUCKY 7 Virginia State vs. Lincoln (PA) @ Ettrick, VA Rogers Stadium VIRGINIA STATE 69 LINCOLN 7 10/29/16 Bethune-Cookman vs. Delaware State @ Daytona Beach, BCU 41 Delaware State 10 Elizabeth City State vs. Virginia Union @ Elizabeth City, N.C. ECS 24 VU 21

Tennessee State vs. Eastern Kentucky @ Nashville, TN TENNESSEE 35 EASTERN KENTUCKY 28

Fayetteville State vs. Livingstone @ Fayetteville, NC Fayetteville 43 LVI 28

Winston-Salem State vs. Saint Augustine's WINSTON SALEM 45 ST. AUGUSTINE 10

Grambling State vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff @ Grambling, LA GRAMBLING 70 UAPB 0

10/22/16 Albany State vs.Clark Atlanta @ Albany, GA ASU Coliseum ALBANY 17 CLARK 7 Benedict vs. Morehouse @Columbia, SC 2:00pm ET BENEDICT 13 MOREHOUSE 10 Florida A&M vs. Hampton @ Tallahassee, FL Bragg Mem FANU 31 HAMPTON 14 Fort Valley State vs.Central State @ Fort Valley, GA Wildcat FORT VALLEY 30 CENTRAL STATE 28 Howard vs. NC A&T @ Washington, DC 1:00pm ET NORTH CAROLINA 34 HOWARD 7 Miss Valley State vs. Grambling State @ Itta Bena, Miss. GRAMBLING 59 MISSISSIPPI 10 Morgan State v. NC Central @ Baltimore, MD Hughes NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL 21 MORGAN 17 Saint Augustine's vs. Fayetteville State @ Raleigh, NC FAYETTEVILLE 39 ST. AUGUSTINE’S 16

Jackson State vs. Prairie View A&M @ Jackson, MS PV 28 JSU 14 Johnson C. Smith vs. Saint Augustine's @ Charlotte, N.C. JOHNSON C SMITH 34 ST. AUGUSTINE 8 Morehouse vs. Ft Valley State @ Atlanta, GA 2:00pm ET FT. VALLEY 24 MOREHOUSE 16 NC A&T vs. Florida A&M @ Greensboro, NC Aggie Stadium NORTH CAROLINA A&T 42 FAMU 17 Norfolk State vs. Morgan State @ Norfolk, VA NORFOLK 27 MOREHOUSE 14 Savannah State vs. Howard @ Savannah, GA Theodore SAVANNAH STATE 31 HOWARD 27 Shaw vs. Winston-Salem State @ Durham, NC Durham WSSU 30 SHAW 23 11/24/16 Alabama State vs. Miles @ Montgomery, AL ASU Stadium 3:00pm CT 93rd Turkey Day Classic / Internet Webcast - ESPN3




Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016


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Reader Advisory: The National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the above classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer employment but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it is illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. Toll free numbers may or may not reach Canada.


We are looking for order pullers, loaders & unloaders for Terrell, TX. Taking applications 9:00am - 12:00pm Tuesday-Friday. Please apply in person @ Action Logistics 301 E. Apache Trail, Terrell, TX 75160

IVS CALL NOW and ask about Next Day Installation.




COMPUTER PROBLEMS? We will Fix Your Computer TODAY! | 24/7 Emergency Service Available |

Fighting for Your Social Security Disability Benefits for Over 20 Years!


I could not be happier about the job performance of BGA. They have proven that they are there to help unfortunate people who are in need of a helping hand. America should be proud to have them represent those in need. I would recommend them -Gil B. to anyone

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Call for your free copy of “The 7 Insider’s Tax Secrets the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know.” If you’re facing thousands of dollars in penalties, bank levy, tax lien, audit, missing/unfiled returns or wage garnishment, you could save thousands of dollars on any amount you currently owe.

it’s too late.

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Bill Gordon & Associates, a nationwide practice, represents clients before the Social Security Administration. Member of the TX & NM Bar Associations. Mail: 1420 NW St Washington D.C. Office: Broward County, FL. Services may be provided by associated attorneys licensed in other states.

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Healthy Living

EXPO Healthy Living EXPO



Dallas, TXFREE 8am-8pm





LECTURE and Q&A $20





SONG & A STORY 9am-noon $20A9am-noon $20




Vendors include:FITNESS & Come join us and get FINANCE TLC





Living EXPO 2016

8A-8P EDUCATION Saturday, December 10, 2016


Jene Spa Come joinAsh usBritt and get

Dick Gregory A SONG & A STORY featuring


Come join us and get














’t on


MEDIA Tax Info This ly, Financially, Spiritually, A STORY HEALTH TIPS WORKSHOP Recipes n $20 EXPO




Socially and Mentally



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wealthier and wiser?

Physically, Financially, Spiritually, Socially and Mentally





WEIGHT LOSS A day of INFO FREE workshops, y, physically, empowering VEGAN DIETS ntally sessions and entertainment for the entire family.

e healthier, AVAILABLE



and Mentally


A day of FREE workshops,






For tickets orREGISTRATION more information, call GARLAND






! em — th s rn ge bu brid t to nd no me n he nd w ,a d an ss n cro he , w ild g , bu in ow id kn , avo h y — ac ntl pro rta ap po to im en ost wh tm g bu owin Kn Eva











r leb

e li



0 ! n2 E ho P Y e H Don’t Believe the 16


B n’t Do pr





’s ith


Internet Radio Broadcasts






 MEDIA JournaL










n ho




WEIGHT LOSS A day of INFO featuring Exercise Classes will For tickets or more information, call 214-941-0110 ormation, call Financially, spiritually, physically, WEIGHT LOSS FREE workshops, Authors VEGAN DIETS BETHEL help! LYNNE socially and mentally HAZE SCREENINGS INFO empowering 
 Boot Camps KRNB’S JOURNAL DIVA WITH THE VOICE ! JOHNSON JournaL E HYPE Internet Radio Broadcasts sessions and YP e H Don’t Don’t you to AVAILABLE be healthier, FITNESSDIETS & Believe thewant 
 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES GARLAND th HAIR CARE AND VENDOR VEGAN e Banking v JOURNALMessenger wealthier and wiser? entertainment for l ie FINANCE Messenger Be GETDon’t FIT FOR 2017 the entire family. AND SO MUCH MORE!!! HYPE VOTER Financially, Spiritually, Socially and Mentally and get Physically, featuring



Financially, spiritually, physically, socially and mentally





m lS




Financial tips

li Be Ce


Don’t Believe the

FIT 214-941-0110


stions answered

d Q&A






! PE







9am-noon $20


n ho



Lecture and Q&A

214-941-0110 ! em — th s rn ge bu brid t to nd no me n he nd w a d s, an ros n c he , w uild g in , b ow oid kn , av h y — ac ntl pro rta ap po to t im en os wh m g t bu owin a Kn Ev


Get your healthfeaturing questions answered

Physically, Financially, Spiritually, Socially and 9am-noon $20 Mentally Financial tips socially and mentally featuring it’s time A day ofInfo SS & Tax This Spiritual Enrichment BOOK HAIR BETHEL FREE For tickets toCARE getor more information, call SCREENINGS workshops, NCE Recipes EXPO Health ScreeningsSIGNINGS JOHNSON empowering OICE yourself FITNESS & Exercise Classes HAIR CARE will Entertainment VOTER 
 FINANCE sessions GARLAND Don’t you want to be healthier, Authors together? SORSHIP AND VENDOR OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE entertainment help!for LYNNE HAZE VOTER Come join us and get Testimonies EDUCATION Messenger JOURNALMessenger JournaL Boot Camps EDUCATION KRNB’S HYPE the entire family. wealthier and wiser? TESTIMONIES REGISTRATION Food ring DIVA WITH THE VOICE REGISTRATION



Health Guru





The Black Academy of Arts & Letters VOTER 1309 Canton 1309 Canton Street, Dallas Street MEDIA EDUCATION SEMINARS

Heroes House Dallas, TXFREE WORKSHOP 8am-8pm REGISTRATION Karrington & Co. WEIGHT LOSS Pan African Connection WORKOUT Are you INFO SESSIONS Getting ready for 2017! MEDIA The Dock Bookshop saying featuring physically, Financially, spiritually, Vendors VEGAN DIETS WORKSHOP it’s time Black Business sociallyDirectory and mentally BOOK Spiritual Enrichment Health Guru Street Boot Camps KRNB’S to get SIGNINGS MOCCA Cosmetics HEALTH Dallas,TIPS TX 8am-8pm FREEWITH THE VOICE DIVA Health Screenings WEIGHT LOSS Internet Radio Broadcasts yourself WORKOUT HealthNUTS Dick Entertainment you wantGregory to AVAILABLE be healthier, SPONSORSHIP AND VENDOR Don’t OPPORTUNITIES INFO TESTIMONIES Banking together? SESSIONS Get your health questions answered wealthier and wiser? Are you Testimonies MARION AND SO MUCH MORE!!! Lecture and Q&A Getting ready for 2017! Financially, spiritually, physically, Food SCREENINGS Comerica Bank saying A SONG & A STORY VEGAN DIETS HEALTH TIPS

VENDORS This and Recipes EXPO LETTERS TESTIMONIES 8A-8P Exercise ClassesDecember 10, 2016 Saturday, will SEMINARS featuring The Black Academy of Arts & Letters Authors 1309 Canton help! LYNNE HAZE 1309 Canton Street, Dallas OF ARTS Tax Info


LECTURE and Q&A $20


Healthy Living EXPO 2016




Week of NOVEMBER 30, 2016





GetQ&A your health questions answered Lecture and WWW.TEXASMETRONEWS.COM



answered Dick Gregory

Get your

Are you 16 SEMINARS Getting saying ready for 2017! Vendors it’s time Spiritual Enrichment to get WORKOUT Health Screenings SESSIONS yourself Entertainment SATURDAY together? Testimonies 12/10/16 ASK DICK



healthfeaturing questions

h et h’s













A day of FREE workshops, empowering sessions and entertainment for the entire family.




! em — th s rn ge bu brid t to d no men n he d w an d s, an os n cr he , w ild g in d, bu oi ow kn av — h, ly ac nt ro ta app por to t im n os whe tm g bu win Kno Eva











B n’t :











Bo h e rity t e ev e li mith’s wl-



Don’t Believe the








A day of FREE workshops empowering sessions and entertainment fo the entire family

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