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u V a e a d ll e y r a L Agricultural Showcase Project

With lush valley bottoms and micro - climates ideal for gardening created by Kootenay Lake... and valley weather patterns, it is no surprise that the history of agriculture in the Lardeau Valley is rich. Historically, the Lardeau Valley saw the rise and fall of a bustling fruit (cherry/apple) economy in the days of the SS Moyie, supported several families in beef and dairy cattle, harboured Roy Lake’s seed potato farm, had a short-lived deer farm to supplement Europe’s demand for venison after the Chernobyl disaster contaminated their usual sources, and even had a tulip farm to supplement crops destroyed in Holland during WW1. In more recent history, the Lardeau Valley boasts pioneers in the organic vegetable movement in the West Kootenay: Tipiland has Kootenay Organic Growers (KOGS) certification number 001 and McIntyre Farm has number 008!

Bon Bio Farm

is in its second year of production with Dick Martin and Brock Snyder, and other community members. The main inspirations of this farm are rooted in self-sustainability and the creation of intentional community. As Dick explains, gardening is a good way of bringing people together, and he invites visitors to come stay a few days, help, and check out what’s going on. Certified Kootenay Mountain Grown, Bon Bio uses organic, bio-intensive methods to bring the most out of the land and produce. At this stage, the main focus is on winter storage vegetables with a smaller amount of earlier produce. Bon Bio vegetables can be bought at the Argenta Fall Fair, the Lardeau Valley Harvest Festivals, farm gate sales, and Meadow Creek Store. Also, the veggies go into the delicious fermented creations of Cultural Revolution, which can be purchased at Sunnyside Naturals and local farmers markets. Contact 778-721-0553, 13349 Hwy 31, Meadow Creek, BC

Van Tuyl Farm, photo courtesy of Jim Lawrence

Further, there are community members such as Pius Bueler and Vince McIntyre who have been gardening and farming for so many decades in the Lardeau Valley that they are as much a part of the landscape as the soil they (still) work. The challenge is and has always been getting the incredible food grown in this amazing place to the markets where people can get it. With our culture beginning to return to values such as eating local, ensuring local food security, and supporting the local economy, this is beginning to change. More people than ever are seeking out their local food sources. That is why we want to make sure you know about our incredible agriculture economy in the Lardeau Valley, and where you can access the bounty!!

Owner Michael Silver has loved working and playing with plants since as long as he can remember.  Now going into the sixth year of successful operation as a certified organic food producer, Earth Temple Gardens is cultivating 25-30 varieties of plants to grow and sell on approximately 2 acres of land in Argenta and the Lake Head and Beyond farmlands in Meadow Creek. Earth Temple Gardens is committed to producing high quality, nutrient-rich organic vegetables in the most sustainable way possible to nourish our local communities while enriching and supporting the biodiversity of the land.    Produce can be bought/eaten widely: at the Meadow Creek Store; in Kaslo at the Kaslo Farmer’s Market, Bluebell Bistro, Taqueria El Corazon, Cornucopia, Front Street Market, Sunnyside Naturals; and in Nelson at the Kootenay Co-op, Ellison’s, Save-on-Foods, Tulsi Conscious Café, All Seasons, Red Light Ramen, Yum Som, Kurama Sushi, Soups in Seasons, and El Taco.  Contact: 250-366-4618

, Grandma s Farm Vacations

Funk Farm Greenhouse Operated by Trevor and Denise Funk, and now in its third season selling bedding plants (flowers, veggies and herbs), fresh mixed produce, hanging baskets, garden pots, soil, honey, and eggs. The farm stand at the Funk Farm will have these items available for sale as the season progresses, beginning in early spring right up until frost in the fall. Bedding plants, hanging baskets, pots, soil etc will be available at the farm stand and greenhouse until mid June, and is open 10–5, 7 days a week until then. Funk Farm produce can also be found at Sunnyside Naturals and Front Street Market in Kaslo.

Owner/builder, Sarah Adair practices minimum impact organic farming, striving towards permaculture. Sarah recognizes that there is a relationship between a plant and an individual in which that plant is not a commodity – “farming is an interaction that I’m just a part of.” Sarah’s farm philosophy is to respect the Earth enough to have it release its healing capacity. Sarah is selling farm fresh eggs from heritage dual purpose chickens, mixed fruits and vegetables (summer and storage), and fence posts and rails. Produce can be got from the farm gate when in season (please phone ahead). Guests at Grandma’s Farm Vacations also enjoy food from Sarah’s farm in the prepared meals served there, and are extended an invitation to u-pick veggies/berries on the farm. Contact 250-366-0041,

Contact: 250-366-4417 143 Meadow Creek Road, Meadow Creek

With great reverence for our natural environment, Half Moon Herbals is building herb gardens using permaculture principles as well as wild harvesting, and reclaiming disturbed lands using polycultures that will build soil and help the work of ecosystem restoration. From the medicinal herbs grown and gathered, medicine is made and remedies provided at the Kaslo Farmers Market, through trade and/or to CSA members in the local community. Contact: or see Half Moon Herbals on Facebook.

Meadow Creek Organics Owner and operator Rachel Dugdale got into organic farming because she believed it was “the one thing not harmful to the rest of the planet.” With a deep and reverent love of the Earth, Rachel strives to honour the land she works with as much as possible, and has been doing so since the farm was started six years ago. Meadow Creek Organics focuses on mixed seasonal vegetables and a small selection of flowers, which can be enjoyed through the Meadow Creek Organics Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program from June to October, and from the Meadow Creek Store. Rachel Dugdale is also a strong supporter of the Lardeau Valley Sunday Market, and can be found there every Sunday selling her produce. Contact: to sign up for a local CSA.

Vince McIntyre

Owner/operator Vince McIntyre came to the Lardeau Valley in 1973, where he was inspired by the old time farmers such as Jim MacNicol and Roy Lake who were farming cattle, potatoes, and small patches of grain. Vince has followed this tradition, and has inspired many young farmers over the years to pursue agriculture as a living. He cultivates a number of acres around Argenta. Vince does much of his farming in partnership with animals, using horses for planting and plowing and raising cattle to fertilize his fields. He sees that farming with animals is a perfect complement: “It’s simple and it works.” Vince grows in rotation, letting some of his plots rest, cultivating some for hay, oats and peas to feed his animals, and the rest for growing certified KOGS organic winter storage vegetables. Produce can be bought: in the Lardeau Valley at the Meadow Creek Store, the Argenta Fall Fair and the LV Harvest Festival; in Kaslo at Cornucopia, Front Street Market, and Sunnyside Naturals; and in Nelson at the Kootenay Co-op, Ellison’s Market and the Cottonwood Market in the fall. No contact available.

Tesla Spring Farm

“Don’t Panic, Eat Organic!” Recognizing the pressure of increasing population on the global environment, Jens Haagerup has chosen to follow his father Bent Haagerup’s legacy of farming to contribute to the provision of organically grown and disease free foods. In that spirit, Tesla Spring Farm practices seed collection, strict quality/disease control, and supporting/buying as local as possible.     Tesla Spring Farm has been operating for 18 years, going through several phases in that time, from a focus on chickens and organic eggs, to now focusing primarily on hard neck Russian Red Garlic.  Currently there are 4000 heads of garlic planted for seed and sale, and it can be bought at Front Street Market in Kaslo, the Lardeau Valley Farmer’s Market, and the Lardeau Valley Harvest Festival.  Contact

The Pig Farm - Thomas Lunde and Eyn Khalsa Lang Thomas Lunde got into raising pigs after being inspired by an article on pastured pigs. He started out with six pigs, which has now grown to about 40 head of Large Black,and Eyn Khalsa Lang has partnered with Thomas in the managing of this herd. Large black are one of the original heritage breeds in Canada, and the one claimed to have made Canadian bacon famous. These pigs are raised on a combination of commercial feed, compost from local groceries, and pasture. An E-license allows the Pig Farm to sell 1/4s, 1/2s and full carcasses. Farm gate sales and deliveries within RDCK regional district D. Contact: 250-366-4261,, 214 McLauchlin Road, Cooper Creek Willet Peak Organics

Willet Peak Organics is run as a family business by Lila and Swen Birch. They were inspired by the cultural value for agriculture that they observed while travelling in Europe and strive to be part of that movement in Canada. Willet Peak Organics is a certified organic seed and table potato farm located on the Lake Head and Beyond Society farmlands in Meadow Creek. They have been operating now for 4 years. Another major motivator for Willet Peak Organics is acknowledging climate change and the extreme weather experienced in many of the places we currently import food from, and the importance of being part of a secure local food system. In that spirit, Willet Peak Organics is working on developing seed potatoes adapted to local climate and its changes, and thus has a diverse variety of seed and eating potatoes. Willet Peak Organics is also working towards establishing grain in rotation with potatoes to provide further feed, food and straw in the future. For potatoes contact:

Tipiland Organic Produce

Tipiland has been a pioneer in the organic agriculture movement in the region, as evidenced by their Kootenay Organic Growers (KOGS) certification number of 001. Tipiland was founded in 1989 by Sarah Ross when there was very little market for organic produce. Tipiland persevered through these times, now owned and operated by Gary Diers and Inanna Judd for the past 22 years, and run successfully with the business goal of providing a modest income in right livelihood, employing local people at a decent wage, and operating within the present economic system while staying true to these values and sound organic farming practices. Currently there are 3 garden areas on the Argenta Land Co-op in Argenta, totalling 2.5 acres. Tipiland specializes in organic garlic, mixed veggies which are delivered fresh to market in Kaslo and Nelson every Thursday from spring to fall, and a huge variety of cut flowers. Produce can be found in Kaslo at Cornucopia, Front Street Market, and Buddy’s Pizzeria; and Nelson at the Kootenay Co-op, Save-on-Foods, Ellison’s, Kootenay Bakery Coop, Bella Flora; and in Argenta at the Argenta Fall Fair. Contact:

Hay & Manure Cord Bauer

Cord is seeking to make a sustainable living in the Lardeau Valley outside of forestry, with an intention of contributing to the ability of his neighbours to raise their own meat animals. Cord is selling grass hay from July 1st through winter while supplies last. Specializing in round bales – u-pick up, we load. Square bales also available to order and load off the field. Contact 250-366-4394.

The Grange Farm

Believing in supporting the local economy and local food sources, The Grange Farm has been selling composted cattle manure for 5+ years to countless contented local gardeners and farmers. Farm gate sales – u-pick up, we load. Available spring and fall. Hwy 31, Meadow Creek. By appointment. Contact: 250-366-4699

Up The Lake Farm

Owners/operators Fiona Daniels and George Nenzel have square bales of grass hay for sale, available year-round. This hay is enjoyed by the horses of Fiona Daniels’ riding school. The horses are also the producers of natural and chemical-free composted horse manure, which is bagged and for sale at the farm gate. Contact: 250-366-4119; , 12837 Hwy 31, Cooper Creek

Van Tuyl Farm

Van Tuyl Farm has been operating since 1978, and currently has 31 cattle on 196.5 acres in Meadow Creek. Owner/operator Manon Van Tuyl took over the running of the farm in 2011 after her husband Hank passed away. She has been running it since then despite having a career as an accountant because, “that is what I wanted to do, and you cannot live on a place this size without farming it!” Currently available for sale from the farm gate are square/round grass hay bales and manure.

Contact: 250-366-4381, 13261 Hwy 31 Meadow Creek.

Agriculture Adjacent Businesses/Societies Argenta Greenhouse Stemming from years of construction and organic gardening experience, Argenta Greenhouse sells and installs made-to-order greenhouses designed to withstand the elements and provide an optimal growing environment for plants and crops. Contact: 250-552-7416 or 250-366-4223,

Lardeau Valley Farmers Market Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society: Lardeau Valley Sunday  Market, in the LINKS is a non-profit society with a purpose to promote and heart of Meadow Creek on Highway 31, facilitate the social, economic and environmental interests 38 km north of Kaslo, runs from mid June of residents of the Lardeau Valley. The society has a mandate until mid September. Now in its tenth to assist individuals, groups, and organizations who wish to year of operation, this gem of a market develop projects, services or businesses of balanced benefit to has provided a selling platform for many the Lardeau Valley. In a community survey conducted by LINKS, of the local farmers and food producers. agriculture was identified as the primary economy residents Contact: saw for the future of the Lardeau Valley. As one can see by the number of agriculture businesses already Meadow Creek Store operating in the Lardeau Valley, it truly is a bread basket in Meadow Creek Store always tries to or Facebook the West Kootenay, and farming is a livelihood for many buy locally when possible, as they too lardeauvalleymarket/ community members living up the lake. In that vein, LINKS has depend on local support. Among their Lakehead and Beyond made promoting the agricultural economy of our area a focus, other products, currently they are sell- Produce Society ing potatoes and carrots from Vince The purposes of the society are to: grow, through projects such as The Agriculture Incubation Project McIntyre, produce from Meadow Creek promote and encourage sustainable ag- which distributed wage and infrastructure subsidies to eligible Organics and Earth Temple Gardens, lo- riculture for distribution to members of farmers in Area D for 2017 and 2018 (funded by RDCK and CBT, cal eggs, and veg/flower starts from local the Lardeau Valley and beyond. Also, to with huge thanks), and this Lardeau Valley Agriculture Showcase gardeners. Owners Kris and Mark are al- assist and educate community members project (funded by CBT CIP/AAP). LINKS administrator, Chelsey ways happy for people to come and ask if in sustainable agricultural practices. They Jones, has also become a council member for LINKS on the their produce can be sold at the Meadow currently hold a long term lease on 20+ Central Kootenay Food Policy Council to serve as a community Creek Store. acres in Meadow Creek, which can be advocate and representative for food security and sound food Contact: 250-366-4216, leased to local food producers for a very policy for the Lardeau Valley. 13312 Hwy 31 downtown Meadow Creek reasonable rate. Please feel free to contact LINKS any time: 250-366-0075,, PO Box 194, Meadow Creek. Contacts: PO Box 14, Meadow Creek, Also on Facebook. BC, V0G 1N0 A Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society community project:

Lardeau Valley Agriculture  

Farms and Food producers of the Lardeau Valley, BC Canada

Lardeau Valley Agriculture  

Farms and Food producers of the Lardeau Valley, BC Canada