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“Spring has sprung & we have everything you need to tackle your garden!”

Pruning Time

Pruners, loppers, ladders, sprayers. All that is needed to prepare your trees & shrubs for a healthy season

Lawn & Garden Tools

• lawn seed • soil • manures

Wire fencing, posts, gates

Flower & vegetable seeds, flats, inserts, pots, domes & more!

Early bedding plants from Four Seasons Greenhouse

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Pollination Tips Cherries & Plums: Sour cherries are self-pollinating (Evans, Montmorency, Northstar and the Romantic series fall into this category). Plums and cherry-plums require cross-pollination. It is essential that the varieties bloom at the same time. Varieties that bloom mid-season will cross-pollinate both early and late-blooming varieties, as well as other mid-season bloomers. Many chokecherries also aid in cross-pollination. The closer the relationship between species, the larger and more abundant the fruit will be.


European apricots are self-pollinating. Manchurian and Siberian apricots fruit more dependably when

other apricot varieties or Nanking cherries are nearby.

Apples & Pears:

In order to have fruit from apple and pear trees, you often need a second tree for cross-pollination. As long as the second tree is within 500 feet (150M) pollination should occur. Within city limits, most apple and pear trees will be pollinated by insects carrying pollen from the neighbours’ trees.

Grapes (Vitis):

Grapes are self-pollinating. Regular pruning is essential for fruit production. To do this, remove all suckers from the base of stems after the end of June. Remove ends of canes two to three leaves past the last fruit cluster and all non-producing canes.

G roo m & Bloom


Blueberries are self-pollinating, but two or more varieties that bloom at the same time will result in better yields and larger berries.

Currants and Gooseberries:

Currants and Gooseberries are self-pollinating. Excellent fruit production can be obtained with just one plant. If currants are grown near gooseberries or josta berries however, yields can be even better! Black currants perform better when different cultivars are grown together (black currants will not cross with red or white currants and reverse).

Haskap (Honeyberry):

They require 2 genetically different varieties blooming at the same time to produce both the largest and highest quantity of fruit – both plants will produce in about 3 years.

Kiwi Fruit:

Issai is a hardy self-pollinating variety. Both male and female plants are needed to produce fruit. Plants must be 2 to 3 years old before they will produce fruit.

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Goji Berries & Saskatoons:

They are all self-pollinating.

~ Dig Garden Centre


TF224 The weight and size of this tiller makes it extremely easy to handle, maneuver, transport and store. This machine is perfect for homeowners who want to prepare garden patches and flower beds without using a spade. And that’s just the beginning, with this tiller you can do so much more. Powered by reliable, easystart Husqvarna engines, the TF224 is equipped with carrying handles for easy handling before and after use. $649.99

Clean Up Time!

TR 317D One of the few dual rotating tillers on the market, the Husqvarna TR 317D offers the advantages of both a forward rotating cultivator and counter rotating deep soil tiller. The Husqvarna engine is powerful and able to handle the conditions a homeowner might experience. The TR 317D has a sealed transmission for long life and a sturdy frame. $1149.99

We have the rakes, pruners, loppers, shovels… Everything you need!

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If your fruit trees are not performing well, refer to this troubleshooting list: •

• •

• • •

Cool, rainy weather conditions during flowering: Unfortunately bees and pollinating insects do not fly during cold, wet and windy weather. Generally, apple and pear trees have a productive life span of about 30 to 40 years. Trees older than this should be replaced. Trees can be rejuvenated by removing old, unproductive growth and allowing new growth to replace it. Some apple varieties have a tendency to perform biennially, with a large crop one year, not much the next, and a large crop again the third year. It is best to pollinate fruit trees of the same genus with each other – apples with apples – as long as both trees bloom at the same time. Pears and apples can cross-pollinate, but are not dependable. Some but not all crabapple trees work for cross-pollination. A few varieties are sterile. If you have a lack of pollinating insects, such as bees, try planting flowerbeds. Most flowers attract bees. The annual herb “Borage”, and the perennial “Beebalm” are especially good because their flowering times coincide with those of many fruit trees. Trees of the same variety will not pollinate each other. eg: a Fuji apple with another Fuji. Fertilize trees, top dress with manure and use azomite minerals yearly. Use dormant spray in early spring to kill over-wintering pests & stop fungus. Dig Garden Centre

Garden Plants for a Bee Sanctuary: Flowers Aster Rudbeckia Bleeding Heart Clover Columbine Cosmos Cornflower (weedy) Crocus Goldenrod Heather Hollyhock (not doubled) Lupine (wild) Marigold Pansies

Penstemon Poppy Echinacea Salvia Sedum Scented Geranium Sunflower (not doubled) Verbena (not red) Veronica Violets Wild Rose (and Rugosa) Yarrow Zinnia

Herbs Basil Bee Balm (Bergamot) Borage Catnip Cilantro Chives Comfrey Fennel Hyssop Lavender Mints Oregano Rosemary Sage Thyme

Veggies Eggplant Peppers Pumpkins Squash Tomatoes Watermelons Also, when left to flower: Broccoli Carrots Garlic


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Groom & Bloom Apr. 2, 2019  

Gardening in the Kootenays with emphasis on pollination and attracting bees.

Groom & Bloom Apr. 2, 2019  

Gardening in the Kootenays with emphasis on pollination and attracting bees.