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Three legacies. Two centuries. One mission.

on Tradition.



Bring together top faculty. Offer a wide range of programs in high-demand fields. Add in a few centuries of tradition. You might call it the future of higher education. We’re calling it Pennsylvania Western University. Built

Here, we’re combining the resources and expertise of three top Pennsylvania universities to create a new way to educate. Built on tradition and focused on your future. Our new approach means opportunities for new and diverse experiences are no longer confined to a single campus; they’re now open to imagination.

The reach of three dynamic networks of faculty and alumni. Opportunities to learn and build your future. Comforts of a college campus picked just for you.

Here, you don’t just get the best of both worlds, you get the best of all worlds.

Welcome to PennWest.

PennWest is creating an entirely new world for higher education. Based on the traditions of California, Clarion and Edinboro and focused on providing brighter futures for all our students.


The Power of PennWest

It’s something never before seen in Pennsylvania.

For the first time ever, students have access to all the resources, programs, professors, real-world work opportunities, traditions, and offerings from three of Pennsylvania’s top universities in one place.

It’s a modern approach to meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s world.

And it’s all built on hundreds of years of educational excellence from California, Clarion and Edinboro. Put the power of PennWest to work for you.


All the resources, programs, professors, real-world work opportunities, traditions, and offerings of three top schools, now all in one University.

Second largest university in Western Pennsylvania Fall 2021 100+ Degree Programs 186,000+ Alumni 300+ Clubs and Organizations 14,000+ Total

An Innovative New Way to Learn

How we deliver classes at PennWest.

We say that we’re creating the future of higher learning at PennWest. And it’s true. What exactly does that mean?

Part of it is making sure our students have options in how they want to learn. Part of it is preparing them for what a modern workplace is like. That deserves a little explanation. Luckily, we’ve made that part easy. Here are the different types of class delivery at PennWest.

Face-to-Face — This one’s pretty easy. Students learn directly from their professor in the classroom on their campus.

Online — Again, not too complicated. The content for an online class is loaded into our learning management system where you select classes (AKA D2L), then you move through the class at your own pace. You may occasionally hear this called asynchronous learning, but the gist is: learn on your time and your schedule, wherever you are.

Multimodal — Here’s where some new stuff comes into play. These classes are delivered in the classroom from a selected campus. However, students still have the opportunity to Zoom in from another campus to take the class. This is sometimes called synchronous learning. That means that if you are Zooming into the class, you’ll need to follow the class schedule.

Why these new ways to learn?

Because it allows you to get the best from PennWest. You are no longer defined by the professors or programs on one campus; you’ll have access to our entire network of faculty. Helping you get the most from your college experience, wherever you are.


Supporting You

You want to make sure you pick a place that has the right program. A school with the right balance of comfort and challenge.

Somewhere that will prepare you for tomorrow. But it also needs to be the right place for you today.

At PennWest, we’ve built an entire support system to make sure you get the best possible college experience − whatever your path. We’ve built a university that is dedicated to community safety by providing our students with all the resources they need to feel right at home.

PennWest supports all its students through every step of their college journey.

Choosing where to attend college is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make.

Oh, The Places She’ll Take You

“Finding something else I loved and being able to add it to what I was already doing was such a great feeling. PennWest California helped make that happen.”

Lyndsey Gashie ‘22 always wanted to be a teacher.

Still does. That’s why she majored in Elementary Education.

But while at PennWest California she had an internship at the Carnegie Science Center that opened up an entirely new passion — events.

So she added another major in Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Studies, plus a minor in Event Planning and Management.

“It’s not exactly the most conventional double major, but I have a passion for both and the faculty here were so supportive,” said Lyndsey.

While she still plans to teach full time, her double major opens a whole world of possibilities to her. From planning trips to events, Lyndsey has the perfect way to spend her summers and build a business on the side.

You’ll have a team of support behind you.


Get Involved. STAT!

There is so much to get involved with here. Try things out right away. You just might find something you love to do.

Colwell ´22

One of the first things Kendra Colwell ‘22 noticed at PennWest Clarion was its nursing lab.

“I saw a facility that looked just like a delivery room. I was blown away that something like this was available to students on campus,” said Kendra.

But that wasn’t even the best part of PennWest Clarion for her.

“I was taking nursing classes right away.”

Unlike many nursing programs, students in the program participate in nursing courses and are introduced to research and critical thinking beginning in their very first semester.

Her involvement didn’t stop there. She also took part in Greek life by joining a sorority and was active with several nursing clubs. Leading her to land her dream job as a NICU nurse.

From Day 1 you can take part in life-changing experiences.


Writing His Own Story

“ ”

My professors worked directly with me to build a resume and portfolio that stood out. They also prepared me for the kind of networking that I needed to land that first internship.

— Alex Ho ´19

How do you tell a story?

Just ask Alex Ho ´19.

His story began in Singapore, then he served in the Army National Guard, all before the big plot twist.

Alex was enrolled at another college when he fell in love with cinematography and film production, so he transferred to the Edinboro campus where he got the skills needed to become a storyteller in his own right.

But it was much more than just the education he gained in the classroom that helped Alex land that first job in the industry.

That first gig? A job with National Geographic. And Alex did more than just land it. He turned it into a life-changing experience. After completing his work with National Geographic, he was accepted into Disney’s prestigious Executive Incubator Program. The program is an apprentice-style, two-year rotational program at Disney General Entertainment designed to create a pipeline of next-generation network executives.

Our entire faculty will help you prepare for your starring role – whatever it is.


Investing in a college education is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make.

That’s why at PennWest, we’re dedicated to making sure it’s your most valuable investment.

The best part? Our Financial Aid Department is here to help you every step of the way. Our counselors will explore all scholarships, grants and other aid resources to ensure we develop the most comprehensive aid offer possible. We know how hard you work to pay for college; that’s why we work just as hard to make it affordable and valuable for you.

Real Value in scholarships to our students $14 Each year, we award MILLION $1,000 - $4,000 ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS can range from

We’re working just as hard as you are to make college affordable.

| P 13
95% In the past decade, 95% (8.4M) of new jobs (11.6M total) were given to bachelor’s degree holders. of new jobs go to bachelor’s degree holders 47% Bachelor’s degree holders are 47% more likely to have health insurance provided through employers. more likely to have health insurance 72% A four-year college graduate has a 72% greater likelihood of having a retirement plan through employment. more likely to have a retirement plan What’s the real value of higher education? Glad you asked. Here are just some of the reasons earning a degree makes a huge difference in every aspect of your life. It Makes Dollars and Sense 134% The annual earnings of bachelor’s degree holders are about 134% higher vs. high school diploma holders. higher earnings


report being happy

94% of people with at least a bachelor’s degree reported feeling happy or very happy with their lives overall.


We do more than just prepare you for a job. We help you find happiness in a career.

Careers and Internships

At PennWest we do more than just prepare you for a career. We help you get your foot in the door.

From Day 1, each student is paired with a Career Coach who is dedicated to getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

We’ll help you become career ready by exploring majors and careers, preparing for interviews, learning how to search for and apply to jobs, internships, or graduate school, and connecting you to networking opportunities with more than 180,000 alumni.

We offer our students 24/7 access to digital resources and technology linking you to over 500,000 job and internship opportunities from companies, nonprofits, and government organizations.


CAREERS AND INTERNSHIPS | P 17 • Allegheny Health Network • Amazon • Bayer Corporation • BNY Mellon • Busch Gardens • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh • Cigna • CNB Bank • Dept. of Environmental Protection • DICK’S Sporting Goods • Edgar Snyder & Associates • Enterprise Holdings • First Energy • First United Bank • GE Lighting • General Electric • Highmark Health • KeyBank • Maxim Healthcare Services • Municap Public Financing • Penn Highlands • Pinnacle Health • Pittsburgh Pirates • Pittsburgh Zoo • PNC Bank (Corp.) • PPG Industries • Raytheon • S&T Bank • Schneider Downs & Co. • The Walt Disney Company • Travel Centers of America • UPMC • UPMC Children’s Hospital • USDA Forest Service • USPS • U.S. Steel

The world is changing. And at PennWest we’re changing to help you succeed in it.

Education is changing.
And at PennWest we’re leading the way.

By letting our students combine programs and majors from across our campuses and schools, new opportunities for dynamic, diverse experiences are here. That’s exactly what employers are looking for. People with diverse backgrounds and skill sets who can make their organizations stronger.

And now, with the power of PennWest you can make yourself into the ideal candidate for a job you want in a career you love.

We Get You Out of the Classroom and Off Campus

We believe the best way to learn is through action and immersion. Professors construct their curriculum to prepare students for jobs in the real world. That’s why so many of our programs are built around lab work, field research, externships and work experiences. Our clubs also attend conferences around the country and offer their members opportunities to travel abroad.

And with the connections from three of Pennsylvania’s top universities all working together, the world is now your classroom.

Real learning opportunities in the real world.

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It also doesn’t just happen in the classroom.

Application available after August 1 at, or use the Common Application at and search for PennWest.


We’ve made applying to PennWest easy.

Decisions are made based on a combination of:

• Official high school transcripts

SAT/ACT scores (optional)*

• Recommendations (optional)*

We operate under rolling admissions, which means you can apply on your own schedule. Once your application is complete, you’ll receive a decision on your admission within two to three weeks.

Still have questions? Our Admissions staff is here to help. Feel free to reach out any time at or visit

*required for select programs






With more than 100 degree programs available, students can now create their own unique path − and then go out and conquer it.

are no longer limited to the classes available on their individual campus; they can access programs across the entire PennWest network.

And the best part?



PROGRAMS | P 25 We’ve combined the strengths of California, Clarion and Edinboro universities to provide you with more.
We’ve built
help our students navigate all we have to offer. • College of Arts & Humanities • College of Natural Sciences & Engineering Technology • College of Business, Communication & Information Sciences • College of Education • College of Social Sciences & Human Services • College of Health Sciences



ANTHROPOLOGY Anthropology (BA) ALLIED HEALTH Allied Health (AS) Allied Health Leadership (BS) Health Sciences (BS) Pre-Athletic Training Pre-Physical Therapy
PHYSICS Applied Technology (AAS) Aeronautic Science Digital Media Technology (AS, BS) Electrical Engineering Technology (AS, BS) Computer Engineering Technology (AS, BS) Robotics Engineering Technology (AS) Mechatronics Engineering Technology (BS)                     ART Applied Media Art (BFA) Animation Digital Film & Photography Graphic and Interactive Design Studio Arts (BFA) Ceramics Drawing Jewelry/Metals Illustration Painting Sculpture Wood/Furniture Design BIOLOGY Biology (BS) Environmental Biology Mortuary Science (Cooperative) Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Fisheries and Wildlife Biology (BS) Pre-Medical Science Pre-Chiropractic Medicine Pre-Medicine Pre-Podiatric Medicine Pre-Optometry Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Pre-Pharmacy Pre-Dentistry Pre-Veterinary Science Veterinary Technology (AS,BS)                                                                                                                                             Find a Program Right for You. Program locations available at campuses marked as:     California Campus Clarion Campus Edinboro Campus Global Online


Accounting (AS, BSBA)

Business Administration (BS)

Business Administration (BSBA)

Economics (BSBA)

Finance (BSBA)

Financial Planning Management (BSBA)


Human Resource Management

Intelligent Enterprises

Parks and Recreation Management

Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Studies

Marketing (BSBA)

Paralegal Studies (BSBA)


Chemistry (BS)





Communication Studies (BS)


Communication Sciences Disorders (BS)


Applied Computing (BS)


Gaming Programming

Robotics Programming

Computer Information Systems (BS)

Computer Science (BS)



Criminal Justice (AS) Criminal Justice (BS) Corrections Criminology Cyber Forensics

Forensic Investigation Homeland Security Law and Justice

Digital Media Journalism Strategic Communication                                                                                                                                                         Turn the page for more program options!


Early Childhood (AS)

Early Childhood and Elementary (BSED)

Early Childhood and Elementary / Deaf Education (PK-12)

Early Childhood and Elementary / Special Education (PK-12)

Middle Level Education (BSED)



Social Science

Secondary Education (BSED)

Art Education (K-12)

Biology (7-12)

Chemistry (7-12)

Computer Science (7-12)

English (7-12)

General Science (7-12)

Health and Physical Education (K-12)

Mathematics (7-12)

Social Studies (7-12)

Technology Education (K-12)

Special Education (PK-12) (BSED)

Applied Behavior Analysis



Environmental Science (BS)

Environmental Geosciences Geology (BS)


Exercise Science (BS)

Exercise Physiology

Human Performance and Wellness

Nutrition and Fitness

Professional Golf Management

Physical Therapy Assistant (AAS) Sport Management (BS)

Professional Golf Management HISTORY History (BA)


Arabic Language and Cultures (BA)

MATHEMATICS Mathematics (BS)

Actuarial Science

& Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (AA, AS,

BA, BS)                                                                                                                                                                    




The workplace has changed dramatically, requiring professionals to collaborate with colleagues near and far, both in-person and remotely.

At PennWest, we’re committed to ensuring you’re prepared. For that reason, all students should expect to take some online courses.

in-person or online,

For the most up-to-date listing of academic programs, scan code or visit

This was the university’s program listing at the time of publication. As always, there may be some changes as the list is refined.

Medical Imaging Sciences (BS) Radiologic Technology (X-ray Tech) Diagnostic Medical Sonography Medical Imaging (Degree Completion) (BS) Diagnostic Ultrasound Medical Dosimetry Nuclear Medicine Radiation Therapy NURSING Nursing* (ASN) Nursing (BSN) Accelerated Nursing (BSN) RN to BSN (BSN Degree completion (RN-BSN) program)
Commercial Music Technology (BS) Commercial Music Business Theatre (BA) Musical Theatre Design & Entertainment Technology POLITICAL SCIENCE & LAW Political Science (BA) Jurisprudence (BA) PSYCHOLOGY Psychology (BS) PROGRAMS | P 29                
Social Work (BSW) SOCIOLOGY Human Services (AA) Human Services and Rehabilitation (BS) Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation (BS) Intellectual Disabilities (BS) Pre-Occupational Therapy (BS) Sociology (BA) Social Deviance                                                                                            
we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.     * Only offered at PennWest Clarion Venango and Somerset campuses.

What Can You Do After PennWest?

Make a real impact on the world. Teach the world.

Shape the world.

Heal the world. Or, create new ones.


At PennWest, you can choose from three unique campuses, each nestled in the definition of a college town.

• Picturesque, vibrant college town

• Riverside campus

• Some of the best campus housing in the nation

• Dining options to fit any appetite, including locally sourced selections and plenty of choices for coffee lovers

• Biking and hiking trails, kayaking, and some of the best fall foliage around

• 45 minutes from Pittsburgh

• Mascot: Blaze the Vulcan

college town in a forest setting

• Two Rivers U! The Clarion and Allegheny

• Diverse campus housing options

• Dining options to fit any appetite, including locally sourced selections and plenty to choose from for coffee lovers

Biking and hiking trails, kayaking, and some of the best fall foliage around

90 minutes from Pittsburgh

Mascot: Ernie the Eagle

While each campus is distinctly different, they all share the same goal: Offering you the best experience, both in and outside of the classroom.

| P
33 • Charming

Beautiful, bustling college town

• Lakeside campus

• Contemporary campus housing options

• Dining options to fit any appetite, including locally sourced selections and plenty to choose from for coffee lovers

• Biking and hiking trails, kayaking, and some of the best fall foliage around

20 minutes from Erie and 90 minutes from Pittsburgh

Mascot: MacCato the Fighting Scot

@ Jim Prokell

Faculty from California, Clarion and Edinboro campuses — not teaching assistants — lead you every step of the way. They make sure your degree is just as high-quality and valuable as the ones from our brick-and-mortar schools.


to help



extends outside the

| P 35
PennWest’s Global Online program is designed to help you get to where you want to be, from wherever you are.
support, mentorship and advising
And with our Graduate Programs and opportunities for advanced certifications, we can help you continue to grow throughout your career. • Start or complete an undergraduate degree • Earn advanced credits • Gain credentials or certificates • 100% online asynchronous delivery • 53 undergraduate online degrees available Wherever you are, we’re here for you. PennWest’s campuses have been offering nationally recognized online programs for more than 20 years.



Ready to don a varsity uniform? Prefer intramural bragging rights? Just looking to stay active and healthy? Each of our campuses offers state-of-the-art athletics facilities. • 48 Varsity Athletic Teams • 49 Intramural Programs • 24 Club Teams PLUS • Indoor Running Tracks • Climbing Walls • Indoor Pools • Miles of Trails for Hiking, Biking and More! Plus, each campus has many other unique features to help you stay active. So no matter your speed, we have what you need to keep you in the game. No matter the speed of your game, we have the right opportunity for you.

MEN’S Baseball Basketball Cross Country Football Golf Soccer Track & Field

Intercollegiate Athletic Programs


Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Softball Swimming

Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

Clarion NCAA Intercollegiate Athletic Programs

MEN’S Baseball Basketball Football Golf Swimming & Diving Wrestling (Division I)


Basketball Cross Country Golf Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving

Tennis Track & Field Volleyball

Edinboro NCAA Intercollegiate Athletic Programs


Basketball Cross Country Football Swimming Tennis Track & Field Wrestling (Division I)


Basketball Cross Country Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis

Track & Field Volleyball

COED eSports Wheelchair Basketball

California, Clarion and Edinboro Intercollegiate Athletics compete in


unless noted.

California NCAA
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