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2011 Annual Report

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College Advancement . . . . . . . . . . 6 Supporting Students . . . . . . . . . . . 8 College Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 University Alumni Awards . . . . . . 11 College Alumni Society Awards . . 12 Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Higher Education Administration . . . . . . . . 1 Workforce Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Rehabilitation Counseling . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Student Counseling/Personnel Services . . . 5 Educational Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Education Policy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Secondary Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Educational Psychology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Curriculum & Instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Special Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Elementary Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 The Pennsylvania State University is committed to the policy that all persons shall have equal access to programs, facilities, admission, and employment without regard to personal characteristics not related to ability, performance, or qualifications as determined by University policy or by state or federal authorities. It is the policy of the University to maintain an academic and work environment free of discrimination, including harassment. The Pennsylvania State University prohibits discrimination and harassment against any person because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or veteran status. Discrimination or harassment against faculty, staff, or students will not be tolerated at The Pennsylvania State University. Direct all inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policy to the Affirmative Action Director, The Pennsylvania State University, 328 Boucke Building, University Park, PA 16802-5901; Tel 814-865-4700/V, 814863-1150/TTY. U.Ed. 12-29

Dean's Message

As people who care deeply about the field of education, the allegations about child abuse that began to emerge in early November are particularly and profoundly disturbing. The allegations are serious, and our hearts break for whoever has been harmed. It is extremely unsettling to think that our great University had any connection whatsoever with abuse, and we are gratified by the Trustees’ determination to investigate thoroughly and to make matters right. The University will respond positively, and we look forward to working closely with President Rodney Erickson to find significant ways for the College of Education to be helpful. The expertise of our faculty and students puts us in a unique position to help address issues surrounding the prevention of child abuse. We are already pursuing a new collaboration with local school districts to provide teachers, counselors, and other professional educators with the resources they need to assist the victims of abuse. You may be aware that educators have legal obligations to report on cases where there is evidence of abuse. We prepare our students to recognize the signs and to fulfill their reporting obligations. But we are also learning that making a report is the first step in a very complex and challenging social process. A teacher, counselor, or administrator who files a report often enters into unchartered territory with the student and the student’s family. Law enforcement and child protection agencies become involved, and the school/ student relationship is forever changed. We are resolved to learn more about what educators need to know about working with students who are the victims of child abuse, and we will work closely with our colleagues in surrounding districts to gain these insights. We are being guided in our efforts by the five key promises announced by President Erickson: 1. Reinforcing the moral imperative of doing the right thing, 2. Leading by example, 3. Providing transparency to the fullest extent possible, 4. Fostering the healing for the victims of abuse and awareness of the issue in our community, and 5. Supporting the investigation of the Board of Trustees special committee. We are also heartened by the major new initiatives Penn State will be launching in the next few months to prevent and treat child abuse. The best of Penn State will prevail, and the College of Education will be an active partner in all of these efforts. We are hoping for your continued support, and we will work hard to restore and maintain your Penn State pride.

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


Scholarships make a very real difference for Penn State students.

Student photos by Steve Tressler

This summer John Gilmartin, a 1965 graduate of the University, contributed $1 million to his already established John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship. This is the single largest gift toward scholarships in the history of the College. Because of his generous gift and the unique fund-matching nature of the University’s trustee scholarships, 45 students received Gilmartin scholarship funds in 2011–12.


Resolving to Reach Higher

Victoria Miller Nine-year-old Jessica [not her real name] was a shy little girl desperately missing her parents when Victoria Miller first met her at the Golden Slipper Camp in Stroudsburg, Pa. “She had never been to a sleep-away camp, and she was homesick,” said Miller, the camp’s arts and crafts coordinator. “I talked her through it, and within a few weeks she grew into a bright, social, and active camper, even returning to camp in the years since.” Miller said that making a difference in the lives of children at the Golden Slipper Camp is what convinced her to major in elementary and kindergarten education at Penn State. But paying for

college at her “dream school” was not something her parents were able to do, given that they had six other children. “I would not be a Penn State student without the help of scholarships, including the John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship,” she said. Miller, who plans to graduate next spring after completing her student teaching at a school in Belle Vernon, Pa., has made the most of her time at Penn State. Currently, she is observing and helping out in a firstgrade classroom at Tuscarora Valley Elementary in Port Royal, Pa. “I am learning many valuable lessons, both from my students and my mentor;

lessons about how to be flexible, how to manage a classroom, and how to teach,” said Miller. She also has been a member of the Penn State Blue Band Silks. “The marching band has been one of my biggest activities at Penn State,” she said. “Nothing in my life will ever compare to the feeling of walking into Beaver Stadium for a night white-out game when all that you can hear is the sound of the crowd over the drums playing. The band has provided me with leadership opportunities, my closest friends, and a place at Penn State in which I know I will always belong.”

Dana Mitchell Sometimes all it takes is the encouragement of one teacher to give a student the confidence that he or she needs to succeed. Dana Mitchell wants to be that teacher. “Being from Washington, D.C., I see many youth who don’t receive enough classroom support and encouragement,” said Mitchell, a freshman who plans to major in childhood and early adolescent education. “They have no one to tell them that they can be great. I want to be that one teacher.” Mitchell knew from an early age that she wanted to teach as a result of watching her mother teach special

education students and mentor students in extracurricular activities. “My mother’s passion for helping her students succeed really rubbed off on me,” she said. “As a girl, I would gather my friends together and pretend to be a teacher, just like my mother. But I was determined that one day I wouldn’t have to play ‘school’ anymore. Instead, I would teach in a real school.” Mitchell chose to attend Penn State after a visit to the campus during which she “fell in love with the university.” But paying for it was going to be difficult. “When I first received my aid summary I didn’t

think I would be able to afford Penn State,” she said. “Receiving the John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship was extremely helpful. And it was more than just financial assistance; it was a confidence boost. It showed me that hard work and determination pays off.” Mitchell noted that by giving her a scholarship, the Gilmartins played a role in encouraging her to go to college, to do well there, and to reach for her full potential. She remarked, “I hope to give the same encouragement to my own students one day.”

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


Alexandra Collins Instead of spending spring break 2011 lounging on a beach or visiting her family, Alexandra Collins, a senior in secondary education-mathematics, taught English to children in the Dominican Republic. The work was part of a service trip organized by the Penn State Clown Nose Club, which challenges people to take positive social risks. Collins was the club’s social chair in 2010. “I was inspired by the eagerness the kids had toward learning,” she said. “The experience taught me how fortunate I am to study at such a fine institution, something these kids may never do.” Collins credits the John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship with helping her to achieve this educational goal and for enabling her to pursue extracurricular activities. “The extra time I have that

I might otherwise have spent working at a job after class to pay for my tuition has allowed me to devote more time to helping others,” she said. In addition to working with the Clown Nose Club, Collins served as the external vice president of the Penn State Chapter of the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association (SPSEA). Among her duties was to arrange for educational speakers to visit campus. One of them was Rebecca Snyder, the 2009 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year. “I saw her talk at a conference and was inspired,” said Collins. “I wanted to share that inspiration with my fellow education majors.” Collins’s other recent activities have included serving as a captain for THON 2011; as the secretary of the Penn State Math Club; and as the

treasurer of the Penn State Performing Magician’s club, which often performs for charities. Next spring, she will participate in the College’s student teaching abroad program, student teaching for twelve weeks in Pittsburgh and then for nine weeks in Dublin, Ireland. Among her long-term goals is to become a mathematics teacher. She also hopes to serve as an advisor to a club that will give students an opportunity to participate in service trips abroad similar to the one she took to the Dominican Republic. “I enjoy being involved because it allows me to help others, something I am extremely passionate about doing,” said Collins. “I love motivating and inspiring others to reach their fullest potential. It is the main reason I wanted to go into education.”

Bret Plavchak

The desire to recapture a lost love and to change one’s past—that’s what Bret Plavchak finds so fascinating about the novel The Great Gatsby. “I think it’s something we can all relate to,” said Plavchak, who has read the book five or six times, “the wish to change a mistake you have made in the past and the pain that comes with knowing you can’t.” Plavchak said it is his love of reading and writing—along with his desire to help educate children—that made him decide to become a high school English teacher. With help from the John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship, he has been able to attend Penn


Resolving to Reach Higher

State, where he is a senior majoring in secondary education. Plavchak noted that he has seen his tuition go up roughly $400 a year. In addition, the cost of on-campus housing, textbooks, and food has increased. “This situation is especially painful for someone like me since my parents are not able to pay for any of my college education and, instead, I must take out student loans,” he said. “Although my family has had its struggles, I’ve always worked extremely hard in school because I knew that education was a way for me to overcome my disadvantages.”

Indeed, Plavchak’s hard work is paying off—he has made the dean’s list four semesters in a row. “When I saw that I had been awarded the John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship, I felt a deep sense of pride. I saw that my many years of hard work were not going unnoticed.” Plavchak, who hopes to pursue a master’s degree in education policy once he graduates from Penn State, said he looks forward to the day when he can help inspire high-school students to work as hard as he has. “Just like in Gatsby, many of the choices we make in life are irreversible,” he said. “I hope I can help students make decisions that they won’t regret.”

Meet John

Gilmartin John Gilmartin recently contributed $1 million to his already established John Gilmartin Trustee Scholarship. This is the single largest gift toward scholarships in the history of the College.

“I am deeply concerned about the burden that dwindling state support for public institutions like Penn State is likely to place on students, especially those considering careers in education,” said John Gilmartin. “Our future as a country depends upon the preparation that teachers bring to our classrooms. It’s important to keep a Penn State degree affordable for education majors so that they can take on the challenging and emotionally rewarding positions that will make the biggest difference in their communities and pursue the kind of graduate studies that will help them become even more effective educators.” Because the Gilmartin scholarship was established as a trustee scholarship, Penn State will match 5 percent of the total pledge or gift, making funds available immediately for student awards. This University match, which is approximately equal to the endowment’s annual spendable income, continues in perpetuity, doubling the support available for students with financial need. Gilmartin, who earned a degree in finance from Penn State’s Smeal College of Business in 1965, is a retired chief executive officer of Millipore Corp., a worldwide provider of products and services to life sciences companies. Since 1995, he has been involved with a number of successful charter schools in Boston. His wife, Maryann Gilmartin, is a former preschool teacher with a master’s degree in early childhood education from Wheelock College. John Gilmartin’s past gifts include the John A. Gilmartin Renaissance Scholarship and the John Gilmartin Endowment for Enhancing Educational Opportunities, which supports a wide range of initiatives reaching out to students from diverse backgrounds and communities. Gilmartin said that his latest gift is also a birthday present to himself. “I turn 69 this year, and I can’t think of a better way to mark the milestone than making this gift to our Trustee Scholarship,” he said. “My education at Penn State changed my life and has helped me to reach a point where I can give back, and I am delighted to make a Penn State degree possible for education students who will go on to enrich the lives of others.”

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


College Advancement Photos by Michelle Allmon

Ribbon Cutting Celebrates New Krause Innovation Studio

Images from the ribbon-cutting ceremony: (left) Dean Monk shakes Gay Krause's hand. (top right) l-r, Dean Monk, Gay and Bill Krause. (bottom right) Gay Krause addresses the audience.

Gay and Bill Krause, whose $6.5 million gift is supporting the soon-toopen Krause Innovation Studio, were on hand October 28 for a special ribbon-cutting ceremony in Chambers Building. The ribbon cutting signaled the establishment of the College of Education’s most advanced teaching and learning resource. With their gift—the largest in the history of the College of Education— the Krauses are shaping the future of technology in education. The Krause Innovation Studio will be a haven for faculty and students who want to take advantage of powerful tools such as digital video, Web 2.0 tools, and mobile and ubiquitous computing to support their teaching and learning. “We need to change the pedagogies in our schools,” Gay told the guests who attended the ribbon cutting. She said teachers must make full use of “technology as a tool.” Bill further noted that, “education of the next generation is critical—not just here, but worldwide.” 6

Resolving to Reach Higher

David H. Monk, dean of the College of Education, stated, “We’re all challenged today to keep pace with this ever-changing world as we work hard to enhance the competitive edge of our workforce, develop future leaders, and facilitate learning for a diverse and geographically dispersed student population. Thanks to the generosity and vision of Gay and Bill Krause, the College is now uniquely poised to meet and exceed these challenges.” According to Director Scott McDonald, the Studio will operate from the standpoint of a faculty member’s needs, rather than with the arsenal of equipment to be housed on-site. Educators will be encouraged to be innovative—to think in new ways about what and how they want their students to learn, and then consider appropriate technologies to support their work. Said McDonald, “We expect the Krause Innovation Studio to become a place where our students come to

work and collaborate with faculty and each other. The space is ideal for supporting student groups working on projects such as analyzing video of practice or co-authoring class projects.” The ceremony’s attendees included members of the Penn State Board of Trustees, the College of Education Alumni Society Board, the Dean’s Development Council, and former President Graham Spanier. During the ceremony, the Krauses were presented with mementos in recognition of their membership in Penn State’s Mount Nittany Society. This prestigious society honors individuals whose cumulative lifetime giving to Penn State has reached or exceeded $250,000 in irrevocable commitments. The Krauses received their Mount Nittany Society medallions, as well as a crystal to recognize their membership in the Laurel Circle and a framed photo for their status in the Elm Circle. (continued on next page)

Message from the Director of Development and Alumni Relations Greetings Alumni and Friends: The past months have been an incredibly difficult time for Penn Staters everywhere, and we are all saddened and dismayed by the serious allegations of abuse. As Dean Monk states in his message (page 1), we are confident in the leadership of Dr. Erickson, and the College of Education is committed to helping make Penn State a better and stronger institution. I am profoundly grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement from our alumni and friends. You represent what’s best about Penn State in your own communities every day, and we thank you for your leadership as we move through the crisis. We remain focused on our mission at the College of Education: the world-class education, research, and

Ribbon Cutting (continued from page 6) Construction for the 4,000-square-foot Krause Innovation Studio should be completed to officially open during the spring 2012 semester. Gay Krause, a former teacher and school administrator, received her bachelor’s degree in K–12 elementary and special education from Penn State. She is director of the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, Calif. Bill has been a Silicon Valley executive since the early 1970s. As president and CEO of 3Com, he guided the data networking company from a venture capital-funded start-up to a publically traded, multinational enterprise with assets in excess of $1 billion when he retired. He now is president of the private investment firm LWK Ventures. More information about the Krause Innovation Studio is available at as well as at the Studio’s blog,

service opportunities that are the hallmark of Penn State. I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary with the College, and, during that time, I have witnessed the myriad ways that we fulfill this important mission. The University has invested in our infrastructure, and we now have beautiful new classrooms in the Chambers Building. I’ve also enjoyed watching the transformation of the building’s second floor into the Krause Innovation Studio. In addition, plans for the renovation of the CEDAR Building are taking shape. The College faculty continues to excel in their disciplines, receiving accolades, and we retain our high position among colleges of education. Our alumni and graduates are in high demand, reshaping the field of teaching, and working across the country and the globe to advance the field of education. We are proud to have talented new and returning students walking our halls, and we continue to be deeply committed to their success.

Continuing this tradition of excellence would not be possible without your involvement, leadership, and support. Your generosity is a driving force behind the College, and we are so grateful for the collective impact of this support. Student need and debt are reaching record levels in the United States while government assistance declines. Your contribution removes these financial roadblocks to success and ensures opportunity for bright and talented individuals. I have read countless thank-you letters from scholarship recipients, full of gratitude and emotion about these life-changing gifts. We are halfway through the For the Future Campaign, and together we have made extraordinary progress to fortify the College. With your continued partnership, I know that we’ll achieve even more in the years to come. For the Glory, Michelle K. Houser

Endowments New Endowments (7/1/10-6/30/11)

Total Endowment Market Value as of June 30, 2011:

• Heather and Robert Fleck Endowment for the College of Education


• Barbara and Barry Fry Scholarship in Education

Breakdown of Endowment Types: Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 178 Graduate: 36 Undergrad: 103 (24 Trustee) Both: 39 Faculty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 234

• SPSEA Leadership Award

• Gay and Bill Krause Fund for the Krause Innovation Studio • John W. and Nancy A. Moore Graduate Student Research Award • Harry J. Pappas and Jean Kissick Pappas Scholarship • John M. Shemick Graduate Fellowship in Workforce Education • Otto Endowment for the Higher Education Program

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


Supporting Students Endowed Funds Support Students Through Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, and Fellowships


Resolving to Reach Higher

Income from Endowments $99,420







’05–06 $467,000

’06–07 $530,000

’07–08 $553,000

’08–09 $604,600

’09–10 $571,000

’10–11 $619,300


’04–05 $383,132




’03–04 $433,593

For example, Professor Preston Green, the Harry L. Batschelet Chair of Educational Administration uses part of the income from the Batschelet endowment to support a graduate assistant. Professor Karen Murphy, the current holder

Endowed funds may be used in a variety of ways to support students. For example, this year the College is using funds from the Kenneth L. Waterbury Chair in Secondary Education to support a visiting professor in science education, who is contributing to the College’s research

We are very grateful for the vote of confidence those of you who support the College are showing in the work we do with our students. These men and women are truly the future of the field of education. Thank you for making it possible for us to do this important work, and please reach out to the College of Education development office to let us know more about the kind of student needs you are most interested in supporting.


Faculty members holding endowed chairs or professorships often use the proceeds of these endowments to create assistantships to support their graduate students’ work on research projects. This results in a dual benefit for both faculty and students, since faculty have increased capacity and efficiency, and the graduate students learn how to conduct cutting-edge research.

Several donors have established endowments that directly provide assistantship and fellowship funds. The David H. Nicholson Graduate Fellowship in Adult Education, for example, provides one fellowship each year to a graduate student in adult education. The Geraldine Brush Endowment for Excellence in Education helps support the Dean’s Graduate Assistantships program (see page 9), providing support for graduate students in the College.

’02–03 $391,635

Endowed funds also provide support to students through graduate assistantships that cover the costs of tuition and provide a modest stipend and insurance coverage in exchange for part-time work on an academically relevant project.

As you can see, the endowments created by our donors are providing significant and increasing levels of support for both our undergraduate and graduate students. While the increases we are showing are very gratifying, the need for this support is increasing even more rapidly, and for this reason we have begun to direct resources from annual gifts to the College’s Future Fund to the scholarship support of our students.


Scholarships provide needed support to undergraduate and graduate students, paying for tuition and necessary living expenses. These scholarships reduce the burden of debt for many students and their families. Scholarships help students finance their education without part-time work, which can be especially important to students during their student teaching and/or internship semesters, when a part-time job is not feasible.

and program offerings in science education, helping us prepare better science teachers for the future.

of the Harry and Marion Royer Eberly Faculty Fellowship in Education, is also using the income from the Eberly endowed fund to hire a graduate assistant to aid in her research.

’01–02 $350,908

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, the College of Education continues to grow in its ability to recruit and retain top students through various forms of assistance. Student support from endowed funds comes in the form of scholarships, graduate assistantships, and fellowships. The chart on this page demonstrates the impact of these gifts.

400,000 200,000 0

Income Supporting Students Via Scholarships Income Supporting Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Dean’s Graduate Assistantships Awarded to Six Doctoral Students

The graduate assistantships aid students applying for doctoral programs in the College of Education. Penn State’s Graduate School and the College of Education collaborate to fund the program which is now supporting a total of 13 students. Each recipient is funded for the first two years of graduate school with a

good possibility to receive any further funding necessary from research projects that are funded outside of Penn State.

Photo by Paul Hazi

Six doctoral students in the College of Education have received Dean’s Graduate Assistantships for Engaged Scholarship and Research in Education this year. The College established the assistantships program last year as a way to attract the most highly accomplished and promising doctoral candidates.

This year’s recipients and their areas of doctoral study are: Laura Heintz, school psychology Paolo Infante, curriculum and instruction Stephen Kotok, educational theory and policy Younhee Lee, curriculum and instruction Cindy Robinson, counselor education William Smith, educational theory and policy

Left to right: William Smith, Stephen Kotok, Paolo Infante, and Younhee Lee. Not pictured: Laura Heintz and Cindy Robinson

New Online Master’s Degree with Teacher Leadership Option

• EDLDR 802: How Schools Work

For more information, visit MasterinTeacherLeadership.shtml or contact Prestine at

Student Credit Hours 8,504






52,563 8,157







52,284 6,047 ’05–06

World Campus


56,720 3,601 ’04–05


58,202 3,598









• EDLDR 801: Introduction to Teacher Leadership

• Four of the courses in the Teacher Leadership option can be applied toward completion of the Penn State Principal Certification program.


Of the program’s 10 courses, three are new to the Educational Leadership program:

• For persons seeking the Instructional Coaching Certificate, the M.Ed. program fulfills two of the four courses required by PDE.


The program is organized around five strands of teacher leadership— responsible influence, understanding internal organization of schools, ongoing professional development, powerful curriculum and instruction practices, and practice-based inquiry—that thread through and connect all parts of the program.

The online Teacher Leadership option features five tiers of courses. While the courses within each tier can be completed in any order, students are strongly advised to complete the tiers in sequence. “Thus, the program offers students both a thoughtful and connected sequence of learning activities as well as the flexibility to participate in the program at their own pace,” said Prestine. “This way, we don’t lockstep our students into a rigid completion timeline.”

The program also accommodates in-state educators who are interested in pursuing two other certificates awarded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE):

58,638 1,877

“We believe that this Teacher Leadership option will provide the opportunities and experiences for teachers to develop their leadership potential, deepen their knowledge of schools, teachers, and student learning, and renew a passion for their work on behalf of public education in a democratic society,” said Nona Prestine, professor of educational leadership and the program’s lead faculty member.

• EDLDR 894: the program’s capstone course in which the students share their portfolios in live online presentations


Penn State is offering a new 30-credit distance education program— an online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership with an Option in Teacher Leadership. The convenience of the online program should appeal to teachers who are looking to improve their leadership skills.

Resident and Continuing Education

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


College Research New Research Projects Expected to Advance Knowledge in Various Fields of Education Supporting Early Adolescent Learning and Social Success (SEALS)

Research on the Effectiveness of a Tool to Improve Literacy Assessment

2011 Postdoctoral Ford Foundation Fellowship

Thomas W. Farmer, David L. Lee, Edward A. Smith, and Cristin M. Hall, Penn State; Jill V. Hamm, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Simon Hooper, Penn State; Susan Rose and Charles Miller, University of Minnesota

National Research Council of the National Academies

U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences $3,952,267 Start date: 7/1/11 SEALS has been shown to promote students’ academic and socialemotional success during early adolescence. Thomas W. Farmer The new study is evaluating the impact of the SEALS model with metropolitan students during the transition to middle school. Data are being collected through teacher-, peer-, and self-reports in both intervention and control schools. Constructs will include (1) students’ academic, behavioral, and social adjustment; (2) classroom social networks and perceptions of the school environment; and (3) school record data. The project calls for teachers in intervention schools to be trained immediately prior to students’ transition to 6th grade. In the control schools, teachers will continue to use traditional practices to address academic, behavioral, and social issues.


Resolving to Reach Higher

U.S. Department of Education $899,601 Start date: 1/1/12 This project builds on the previous work of Hooper and his colleagues in which they developed a software system that helps deaf Simon Hooper and hard-ofhearing (DHH) children develop their English-language literacy skills. The new project tests the effectiveness of that Web-based monitoring system, known as AvenueDHH. AvenueDHH allows teachers, parents, and students in grades 1–8 to engage in literacy monitoring activities. It addresses the unique needs of DHH children using an auditory–visual game-like environment to improve the methods and response-tointervention (RTI) processes used to monitor student literacy skills. Hooper, Rose, and Miller hypothesize that using the AvenueDHH e-assessment environment will improve children’s literacy performances, increase teacher use of data-based decision making, and stimulate using formative assessment data to inform RTI decisions.

Leticia Oseguera

$40,000 Start date: 9/1/11 Oseguera is conducting research to examine relationships between income, race/ ethnicity, and enrollment at higher Leticia Oseguera education institutions. Her research interests focus on access to and retention in postsecondary education for low-income students and other marginalized populations. Through its fellowship programs, the Ford Foundation seeks to maximize the benefits of diversity of the nation’s college and university faculties. Fellowships are awarded to individuals who, in the judgment of the review panels, have demonstrated superior academic achievement, are committed to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level, show promise of future achievement as scholars and teachers, and are well prepared to use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students.

University Alumni


2011 Alumni Fellow Award Winner

Leah Bug—Assistant Director, Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS) Tyco Electronics Foundation TE Connectivity $20,000 Start date: 7/1/11 This funding supplements a larger Universitywide project known as the Pennsylvania Wind for Schools Program Leah Bug at Penn State. That collaborative project involves schools and communities in the advancement of wind energy education, technology, and awareness. It engages rural elementary and secondary school teachers and students in wind energy studies while educating college students about wind energy applications. The role of CSATS, which is located in the College of Education, is to provide training to teachers in the schools through research-based professional development workshops and customized curriculum support. The TE Foundation’s grant will help schools realize their desire to purchase and install a wind turbine (2.4kW) to provide students with a concrete example of how wind energy works, while allowing for educational opportunities using state-of-the-art technology.

The Alumni Fellow Award is the most prestigious award given by the Penn State Alumni Association. Since 1973, the Alumni Fellow Award has been given to select alumni who, as leaders in their professional fields, are nominated by an academic college and accept an invitation from the president of the University to return to campus to share their expertise with students, faculty, and administrators.

Gerald L. Zahorchak ‘94g Edu Zahorchak is director of strategic initiatives for Allentown School District, the third-largest district in Pennsylvania. During the 2010–11 academic year, he was the district’s superintendent. Zahorchak is the former secretary of education for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He was responsible for the education of nearly two million children and administered a budget of more than $9 billion annually. In this role, he had responsibility for the Office of Higher Education and the Commonwealth libraries, and he served as the CEO of the state Board of Education, which sets and directs policy for elementary and secondary education, career and technical education, and postsecondary/higher education in Pennsylvania. Previously, Zahorchak was the Commonwealth’s deputy secretary for elementary and secondary education. In this capacity he worked on the development and implementation of support systems for public schools aiming to meet the high demands set by Pennsylvania and No Child Left Behind targets. He also has served in the North Star, Shanksville–Stonycreek, and Greater Johnstown school districts. Among Zahorchak’s numerous honors are the Distinguished Alumni Award at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP); Honorary Doctor of Laws Degrees at both IUP and the Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine; the President’s Award for Distinguished Alumnus in Education at St. Francis University; and induction in the St. Francis Athletic Hall of Fame. He recently established the Zahorchak Endowment, which provides funds for students to participate in dual-enrollment programs allowing them to earn college credits fulfilling their high school graduation.

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


College of Education Alumni Society Awards Photo by Paul Hazi

2011 Award Winners

Excellence in Education Award

Outstanding Teaching Award

M. Christopher Brown II ’97 Ph.D.

Marion Wheland ’73 E K Ed

Brown is president of Alcorn State University. He previously served at Fisk University (Nashville, Tenn.), as executive vice president and provost; and at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as dean of the College of Education. He has held positions for both the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Education.

Wheland is an instructional support teacher at Park Forest Elementary School in State College, Pa. She has worked with the State College Area School District for more than 35 years. She has served on countless boards and committees for the school district. Wheland has presented at education conferences on the state and national levels.

Leadership & Service Award

Outstanding New Graduate Award

Maggie Baker ’11 E K Ed

Jaclyn Gruber ’08 Sec Ed

Award Nominations

Roland E. Walters, Jr. ’71 Sec Ed, ’72 M.Ed. Walters is director of the Career Services Office at Ferrum (Va.) College, providing leadership for an inclusive career services office that assists some 1,500 students. He has held positions in career services at two other Virginia institutions: Radford University and Wytheville Community College. He also is a former consultant for AT&T.


Resolving to Reach Higher

Gruber teaches English at Great Valley High School in Phoenixville Pike, Pa. She has taught a variety of courses that include Standard and Honors Form of Fiction, Twentieth Century Fiction, and Basic Reading and Writing Strategies. She has developed a curriculum for twelfth-grade courses.

Left to right, front row: Jaclyn Gruber, Brittany Bonnell, Lauren Reese, and Amy Stafford; back row: Maggie Baker, Roland Walters, Paulette Lemma (winner of 2010 Excellence in Education award), Dean David Monk, Marion Wheland, and M. Christopher Brown

Outstanding Student Teaching Awards Fall 2010 Lauren Reese ’10 Sec Ed (English) Amy Stafford ’10 E K Ed Spring 2011 Brittany Bonnell ’11 Sec Ed (Math)

We are now accepting nominations for 2012 awards. To nominate College of Education alumni, please visit our Web site or e-mail Phil Hoy at

Lifetime Giving Societies

We are grateful to the following donors whose collective giving through June 30, 2011, provides vital financial support to the College. These donors are ensuring student opportunity and enriching learning experiences by establishing funds that support academic advancement, research initiatives and other activities.

Education Circle of Distinction

$100,000 or more cumulative giving to the College of Education Anonymous Mary Ann Landis Alexander* Warren H. & Eunice N. Askov Paul F. Bartges* Harry L. Batschelet* Lois High Berstler* James S. & Suzanne Williams Broadhurst Harvey F. & Margaret* Brush Eugene S. Carrara* Joan Royer Cotterill & David Cotterill William E.* & Francesca* Diefenderfer Rose K. Drexel* Harry L. & Marion Eberly Floyd B.* & Naomi Anderson Fischer Conrad Frank, Jr.* Blake & Linda Gall Glenn W. & Nancy Saylor Gamble A. Joseph* & Phyllis K. Garner John A. & Maryann Gilmartin Kathryn A. Glenn* Robert T.* & Helen Mallalieu* Golder Miriam E. Gray* Richard R. Hinkel Wayne K. & Anita Woolfolk Hoy Charles E. Hunnell Jackie & Tom* Jenkins Gilbert* & Donna G. Kahn Gay & William Krause Eugene A. Larson D. Jeanne Leonhard William E.* & Wyllis Leonhard Vincent N. & Lois W. Lunetta John Martinson Paul R. McCleester* Joyce Koch McLean & Vincent R.* McLean Lavanda Pepple Muller* Doris M. Niebel* Carl J.* & Matilda Onachilla Nitsche Allan W. & Roberta Hutchison Ostar Harry J. & Jean Kissick Pappas Theodore C. & Mary Prettiman Thomas I. Puksar* Alice B. Raub* Reed B. Riker Marilyn J. Ruffner Bernard N. & Beatrice Winn Sandson Jay & Frances* Smink Louise Ashburn Stethers* Deno G.* & Theola F.* Thevaos William A. & Estelle Graessle Turney Kenneth B. Waterbury* Dorothy Wentroble* John B. & Micheal Mihm West Donald J.* & Catherine F. Willower Frances „Nickie“ Wilson William E. Wise*

The Chambers Society

$25,000–99,999 to the College of Education Anonymous Grace McCloskey Bardine Janet Feaster Blew John B. & Barbara Butler Brackbill Susan Mann Breedlove & Mark H. Breedlove Ira W. & Marcy Chotiner Bushman Meyer A. & Janice Charlene Bushman Arlene Borneman Butts Margaret Keller Carleton Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton & Pres. William Jefferson Clinton Barbara J. Crenshaw* Donald W. & Joan Menzel Dieter Deborah Newell Duffield Robert N. & Beth Felder Eisman Stanley N. & Esther Greenes Eisman Karl V.* & Joanne Beaver* Erdman William E. & Sally Swing Farrell Charles M. & Mary Ellen Fischer Robert H. & Heather F. Fleck Sidney* & Helen Sevel* Friedman Pauline Watchorn Gilleland Erma M. Hefferan* Bernard H. & Mary Stark* Henderson Robert O.* & Carol McGuire Herrmann C. David & Florence R. Hoffritz William D. & Patricia A.* Horton John P. & Gina F. Ikenberry

Stephen M. & Ellyn Goldberg Karp David M. & Barbara Nardi Kucharski Albert F.* & Nancy Kuhn David B. & Joyce Williams Lee Alfred C. & Marilyn Borgia Maiello Susan Ingham Martin & Charles H. Martin Sebastian V.* & Carrie Martorana Edward L. Mattil Thomas N.* & Geraldine M.* McCreary Susan R. Mendelsohn Mary Yoder Miller Dorothy Irwin Mitstifer David H. & Pamela A. Monk C. Oscar & Diedree Bray Morong Robert E. & Virginia L. Mountz Murry R. & Elizabeth R. Nelson Robert F. & Donna Comnale Nicely Henry W. & Sara C. Parks Alfred A. & Lorraine A. Piergallini Paul H. & Marjorie Dyer Price Rodney J. & Vernell A. Reed Charles W. & Annette Searson Rohrbeck Edwin L.* & Helen Rowntree* Rumpf Fern Strine Rumpf* Priscilla Hunt Sandrus* Ronald H. & Mary Ellen* Scott Donald V. & Jane L.* Shattuck Dorothy Shemick Robert G. Shorr* R. Mae Shultz* Robert E. & Karen Bell Shute Anthony J. & Heand Johns Silvestri Stephen R. & Eileen Baumgarten Smith Richard L. & Dorothea Gerber Stover Donald B.* & Mary Louise Elder* Tait David L. & Joyce Mack Tressler Eric P. & Louise Grauer Whorral Ronald J. Zdrojkowski & Mary Ann Colbaugh


$5,000–24,999 to the College of Education Bennett L. & Carol Perlmann Aaron Audine T. Adams* Joseph V.* & Helen L. Alessandro Matthew C. & Sharon Thornton Allen Douglas A. & Claudia Anderson James H. & Pamela Reese Arbuckle Walter M. Arnold* Edward H. & Mary Anne Aurand Charles E. & Katherine Reid Bailey Gertrude A. Barber* Russell P. & Rachael L. Bear Coleman C. & Pauline Rexford Bender Patricia L. Best & Thomas E. Ray Alfred A. & Margaret Rizza* Billian Byron B.* & Dorothy V.* Blank John R.* & Rachelle Bonfield Charles F.* & Mary Keller* Brewer George* & Betty S. Burton Agnes B. Buzzard* Kenneth F. & Linda J. Chaffee Ann M. Cimino* Larry E. Condon Rosemary Staropoli Connor* Sara Hartman Culbertson* Leslie C. Derenfeld Wayne L. & Kathryn W. Detwiler James E. & Ann S. Deveney Ralph & Joyce Muir Difranco Clarence A. & Jackolyn Rae Dittenhafer Martha M. Dohner* William J. & Mary A. Donovan Jeanne Baker Driscoll Victor L.* & Mary Miles Dupuis Mark A. & Cynthia S. D‘Urso Sandra J. Ebert* Carol L. Ettenger John H.* & Ann B. Evans Edgar I. & Barbara W. Farmer Geoffrey C.* & Evelyn Wasson* Farnum Barrett C. & Luanne Breuer Fischer C. Herbert Foutz* Sanford L. Fox James P. & Barbara Waska Frawley Joseph L. & Margaret G. French John F. & Beverly Glickman Gallagher Michael D. Zisman & Linda J. Gamble John A. & Christie Young Gartman Ross H. & Vicki Greene Goodman Kenneth C. Gray & Barbara Hopkins Grabowski Warren H. & Mary Houser Groff Jay R.* & S. Rhoberta* Gross

Mrs. Harold M. Grout, Sr.* James R. & Grace Schilder Gunn John C. & Joyce Conklin Haas Nancy J. Hadfield Robert T. & Francella Cheslock Hamecs Robert W. & Claudene Hazel Harkins Donald E. & Martha Worthington Harris James T. & Mary Kurdila Harris Eugene S. & Lois Sheaffer Harsh Ralph T. & Marcia J. Heimer Robert M. & Linda J. Hendrickson Edwin L. & Patricia Herr E. Gregory Holdan H. Grace Baer Holderman Raymond W. & Deborah Snell Hoover Herbert R. Imbt* Abigail Lorant Johnson Claire Ferguson Joseph Jerome J.* & Lorraine T.* Kapitanoff Joan Mehan Kaplan Irving Kaplan* M. Annetta Kauffman* Lawrence A. Klein Guy V.* & Catherine Wible Kresge Harry B. Kropp & Edward J. Legutko Robert F. & Susan Huston* Lakin William J. & Barbara A. Leary Rich & Jenny R. Lee Marcus & Yvonne T. Lingenfelter J. David* & Mary Rowland* Lockard Richard E. & Doris L. Lundvall Marion Lewis MacKinnon George J. & Judith Watson Marshalek J. Daniel Marshall & Tara Fulton Aaron J. & Jean Truxal* Martin Steven J. & Margaret Collins Michaels John R. & Elizabeth Skade Middleton Robert M. & Gail Rolle Miller Joan Hunter Miller Ben D. Mills, Sr. Ben D. Mills, Jr. Phillip J. Minella John W. & Nancy Ann Moore Stanley* & Gertrude K. Moorhouse Cheryl Kulp Myers James A. Naddeo J. Bonnie Newman Benjamin E. Niebel Victor H.* & Rachel P.* Noll James B. & Janice Hewlett O‘Connor Kevin B. & Susan Opel O‘Leary Ralph N. & Patricia P. Pacinelli Virginia Matthews Packard* John L.* & Betty Garis Palmer Margaret Bittner Parke* Lewis E. & Janice L. Patterson Catherine L. Pellek Sara J. Peter Gwendolyn Allen Peyton Terry D.* & Carolyn Davey Piper John P. Pommersheim Ralph D. & Ana Valencia Posmoga Stanley A. Prey* Steven C. & Pamela Miller Ramsey David D. & Therese A. Ream Robert A. & Rosemary W. Reed Edwin & Elizabeth Robson Joan K. Ruth Thomas N.* & Joanne D. Ryder Sandra Snyder Sapa Allen & Nancy Green Satenberg Martin J. & Marcia Bronstein Satinsky David A. & Louise A. Sauerland Donald A. & Donna Warfel Schoenly Carolyn Wetterau Seitz George L. Settlemyer* Mark E. Setzer Twyla Shear Nancy A. Shemick Dorothy J. Skeel* Alex & Sondra Levitt Smith Gerald B. Smith* Jennifer L. Sova Irwin S. & Lorraine Siegle Spiegel James & Jeanette E. Spires William D. & Audrey Gray* Sprenger G. Alan & Margaret E. Sternbergh Grace Tomlinson Stevens* Barbara H. Suddarth & David Reile W. Donald & Beatrice Trolier* Sullivan William E. & Jean B. Toombs Georgia A. Townsend* Emogene Whitaker Truxal Elery H. & Carolyn C.* Walizer Frederick G. & Patricia Lord Welch Paul W. & Mary M. Welliver John C.* & Cora Williams Edward J. & Susan Beck Wilson Mabel A. Wilson* Pauline A. Wilson* Howard E. & Helen Dickerson Wise Richard E. & Kathrine Keller Wise Herbert E. & Margery Gay* Woodruff



Estate gifts, and other planned gifts such as gift annuities, life insurance and charitable trusts, ensure continued growth and achievement for the College of Education into the future. We extend special thanks to these donors who have made provisions in their estates and supported us with other giving vehicles that allow us to continue strengthening the College and providing an unparalleled education for our students. Robert J. Adler Grace McCloskey Bardine Russell P. and Rachael L. Bear Alfred & Margaret Rizza* Billian Robert H. & Barbara Elser Boyer Harvey F. & Margaret* Brush Arlene K. Butts Robert E. & Barbara Bennett Byrd Margaret Keller Carleton Pauline I. Case Linda Huston Clement Donald M. and Virginia Miller Cook Paula M. Donson Richard H. & Beverly Dorman Harry L. & Marion Eberly Stanley N. and Esther Greenes Eisman Todd K. & Annette M. Fetterolf Joseph B. & Beth A. Filko Charles M. & Mary Ellen Fischer Robert H. and Heather F. Fleck Ronald L. & Grace Thomas* Francis James P. Frawley and Barbara Waska Frawley Barry J. Fry Glenn W. & Nancy Saylor Gamble John A. & Maryann Gilmartin Victoria G. Guarrieri George B.* & Annie Campbell Harvey Edwin L. & Patricia Herr C. David and Florence R. Hoffritz E. Gregory Holdan Raymond W. & Deborah Snell Hoover Jacquelyn Wengert Jenkins Andree Ward & Michael D. Keebaugh Lawrence A. Klein Gay & William Krause David B. & Joyce Williams Lee Patricia E. Lee Joseph J. Ligenza Marcus & Yvonne T. Lingenfelter Edward Mattil Robert M. and Gail Rolle Miller John W. & Nancy Ann Moore Gertrude K. Moorhouse Richard L. Moreland Robert F. & Donna Comnale Nicely Matilda Onachilla Nitsche Dr. Kristine K. Otto Harry J. and Jean Kissick Pappas Catherine L. Pellek Terry D.* & Carolyn Davey Piper John P. Pommersheim Theodore C. & Mary Prettiman Reed B. Riker Charles W. & Annette Searson Rohrbeck Marvin J. & Carolyn W. “Raven” Rudnitsky Bernard N. & Beatrice Winn Sandson Alan G. & Patricia Dickey Sheffer Nancy A. Shemick Robert E. & Karen Bell Shute L. Jean Spagnolo Kathleen L. Spicher G. Alan & Margaret E. Sternbergh Richard L. & Dorothea Gerber Stover Margaret A. Sulkowski Joseph V. & Elizabeth O‘Shea Tipping Joyce Trigiano Turley-Nicholas & Fred* Nicholas Francis J.* & Ruth St. Clair Vastola William S. & Mildred A. Vitori Catherine E.* & Charles E. Voltz P. Duane & Doris J. Walker Roger L. Williams & Karen Magnuson Edward J. and Susan Beck Wilson Frances “Nickie” Wilson Howard E. & Helen Dickerson Wise Catherine F. Willower Herbert E. Woodruff Robert L. Wright


Penn State College of Education Annual Report


Annual Gifts

Alumni and friends of the College of Education provide necessary operating support through annual gifts at all levels. Their sustained commitment provides core funding for our improvement and progress at the College.  We gratefully acknowledge these generous contributors who gave to the annual fund or made additional contributions to established funds between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Dean’s Council

$1,000 or more annual gifts to the College of Education James H. & Pamela Reese Arbuckle Warren H. & Eunice N. Askov Edward H. & Mary Anne Aurand Grace McCloskey Bardine Cameron F. & Judy Bausch Patricia Burnham Berkey & Scott A. Berkey Patricia L. Best & Thomas E. Ray Donald K. & Marilyn Boswell Susan Mann Breedlove & Mark H. Breedlove Ira W. & Marcy Chotiner Bushman Meyer A. & Janice Charlene Bushman Wayne L. & Kathryn W. Detwiler Mary Miles Dupuis Stanley N. & Esther Greenes Eisman Edgar I. & Barbara W. Farmer Joseph B. & Beth A. Filko Barrett C. & Luanne Breuer Fisher Joseph L. & Margaret G. French Blake D. & Linda J. Gall Glenn W. & Nancy Saylor Gamble John A. & Christie Young Gartman Harry D. & Barbara Knight Gerber Carla A. Gibson Pauline Watchorn Gilleland Kenneth C. Gray & Barbara Hopkins Grabowski James R. & Grace Schilder Gunn Nancy J. Hadfield Robert W. & Claudene Hazel Harkins James T. & Mary Kurdila Harris Noela A. Haughton Robert M. & Linda J. Hendrickson Edwin L. & Patricia Herr Wayne K. & Anita Woolfolk Hoy Charles E. Hunnell Brook P. Hunt and Diane Marie Hunt John P. & Gina F. Ikenberry Abigail Lorant Johnson Marvin & Phyllis Kaplan Joan Mehan Kaplan Lawrence A. Klein Harry B. Kropp & Edward J. Legutko David M. & Barbara Nardi Kucharski Robert F. & Susan Huston* Lakin D. Jeanne Leonhard David B. McNaughton & Janice C. Light Marion Lewis MacKinnon Susan Ingham Martin & Charles H. Martin Edward L. Mattil George O. McClary Joyce Koch McLean Susan R. Mendelsohn John R. & Elizabeth Skade Middleton Dorothy Irwin Mitstifer Merle E. & Jane L. Mittel Robert E. & Virginia L. Mountz Joseph A. & Sandra Zerby Niebel Kevin B. & Susan Opel O’Leary Allan W. & Roberta Hutchison Ostar Ralph N. & Patricia P. Pacinelli Harry J. & Jean Kissick Pappas Lewis E. & Janice L. Patterson John P. Pommersheim Steven C. & Pamela Miller Ramsey Joan K. Ruth Sandra Snyder Sapa David A. & Louise A. Sauerland Ronald H. Scott Carolyn Wetterau Seitz Dorothy D. Shemick Nancy A. Shemick Robert G. Shorr*


Resolving to Reach Higher

Robert E. & Karen Bell Shute Anthony J. & Heand Johns Silvestri Stephen R. & Eileen Baumgarten Smith Jennifer L. Sova George R. & Louise Terpak Sterner Richard L. & Dorothea G. Stover William E. & Jean B. Toombs William A. & Estelle Graessle Turney Frederick G. & Patricia Lord Welch Lawrence J. & Carol A. Wess John C.* & Cora Williams Howard E. & Helen Dickerson Wise

Education Associates $500–999 in annual gifts to the College of Education

Kyle L. Peck & Catherine Augustine Charles E. & Katherine Reid Bailey Peggy Crumling Bierach Janet Feaster Blew Isaiah D. & Nancy Burkholder Bomboy John W. & Priscilla Nichols Bowman Larry R. Brenneman Mary Brewer Kenneth F. & Linda J. Chaffee John R. & Mary Yeagley Connelly Alan D. & Pamela Cressman James E. & Ann S. Deveney William J. & Mary A. Donovan J. Thomas & Marjorie M. Eakin Clarence R. & Kathleen Robb Fahnestock Patricia L. Ficcaglia Vito A. & Marie I. Forlenza John C. & Pamela McNew Foster Ronald L. & Sharon Francis Mark A. & Nancy D. Franson Jeffrey L. & Ursala Gilmore James C. & Carol Letcher Hahn Donald E. & Mary W. Hartzell Ruth Gilton Hohenstein Darla & Michael R. Homan Richard D. & Pauline Wright Hupper William W. & Audria Capello Jennings Robert J. & Ann Raynock Karotko Charles W. & Diane Eltonhead Kipp David M. & Rita Pilacinski Kiser James F. & Loretta G. Koennicke Jason E. Lane Lisa R. Lattuca Jeffrey D. & Marjorie McGarey Lohr Marjorie Washington Long Richard E. & Doris L. Lundvall Daniel L. & Judith R. McNabb Marcia J. McGoey Rick L. & Beth Deardorff Mohler Richard E. & Carol Hollinger Moyer Larry R. Myers Craig S. Pritcher David D. & Therese A. Ream William H. & Ann Bikle Reilly Louis F. & Frances Guido Scalise Robert B. & Elizabeth Zoda Schenck Donald A. & Donna Warfel Schoenly Mark E. Setzer James P. & JoAnne S. Shaughnessy William D. Sprenger William P. & Holly Stevens Diana E. Sutter Eric P. & Paula Rossen Taylor Donna Johnson Terribile James W. & Elaine Benadom Thomas Mark A. & Lynn Nissley Waldman Robert F. & Penny Jones Weakley Paul W. & Mary M. Welliver Gerald L. Zahorchak

Education Partners

$250–499 in annual gifts to the College of Education John C. & Susanne Blough Abbott Donald E. Allison & Alison D. Snyder Robert H. & Barbara Ent Allison Susan R. Banks Michael S. & Belinda B. Basca Mark R. Bell Dale C. & Denise Barner Brooks Michael S. & Linda Magaro Burg John H. & Louanne Hopkins Carnwath Tara M. Benedict Eric T. & Beth Reside Christner Ellen M. Clemens Susan Lewis Colten William J. & Kathryn Mitchell Condon William J. Condon Warren F. & Catherine Herbert Cooke Dorothy J. Cressler Barbara Fraser Csavinszky John B. & Dorothy E. Dalbor Daniel DeFranceschi Scott A. & N. Katherine Bard Deisley James E. & Julie E. Diehl Connie Goodman Dilucchio Joan B. Elliott Todd K. & Annette M. Fetterolf John E. & Jacqueline D. Fibbi Jonathan D. Fife Daniel H. & Colleen Ford Fledderman L. William & Elizabeth Scott Fox Raymond C. & Deborah A. Freisheim *Daniel M. & Maria Chutko Friday Peter H. Garland Victoria G. Guarrieri Kenneth R. & Marilyn Minor Haas Richard J. & Patricia M. Hankinson Richard A. & Miriam Kenny Hartman William T. & Peggy L. Hartman Trudi T. Haupt Richard J. Hazler & JoLynn V. Carney William H. & Mary Merkle Hellen William S. & Elizabeth Evans Hennings Joseph P. & Joan K. Hickey Robert E. & Karen Hare Hildebrand William S. & Nancy Stewart Holbrook Gerry L. Hollinger Leonard Loren Holt Brandon B. Hunt James R. & Anne Johnson Norman L. Johnson John K. & Patricia R. Johnston Louis M. Kardonsky & Nancy Blank Kardonsky Denise Labuda King Edward M. & Sheri Belaga Land James F. Nolan & Rocky Landers Victor D. & Mary M. Lesky Ina Miller Lidsky Daniel G. & Sandra P. Luongo Karen Mack Pamela S. Macomber Ruth F. Major Ira G. & Gillian Mary Masemore Gregory J. & Denise Scovel McCarthy James L. McCarthy Dennis R. & Rita S. McMullin James R. Bowerman & Sally J. McNelis Susan Albert McQuillan Steven J. & Margaret Collins Michaels Leonard M. & Carolyn Stupar Miller Robert A. & Catherine Montgomery Richard W. & Helen Brandenberger Muir Gary S. & Patrice Mulrine Ronald R. & Sandra Macandrew Musoleno Paul B. & Teresa Cullen Nelson Carolyn Clark Newsom Peter C. & Darci Niestroy Gloria Featherman Nieweg Francis J. & Judith Krouse Pallischeck Joseph D. & Susan Oertel Patton John & Joanne M. Pitman

John C. & Marcia G. Pomeroy Joseph F. & Denise M. Potts Karen M. Raudenbush Robert & Andra Reason Robert A. & Rosemary W. Reed John B. Ringer Thomas B. & Nancy S. Robinson Steven K. & Lisa J. Rock Louis R. & Kerrie L. Roth Kenneth E. Ruch Martin J. & Marcia Bronstein Satinsky William E. & Carol Cooper Schall David R. & Kathleen Barris Schmidt James C. & Gertrude Hooven Schuhl Anthony J. & Gail W. Sciolla Ami Scott Michael J. & Bonnie Bhagwat Sickinger Stephen R. & Jami L. Simon Bradford R. Smith Irwin S. & Lorraine Siegle Spiegel Kathleen Burkhart Stevens Dana A. & Maryalice Stoffregen Daniel G. & Mary Ann B. Tempestini Eberhard & Audrey Thieme Susan Wexler Tillis Capt Robert Francis Tomon & Catherine Ryndock Tomon Janet L. Duncan William S. & Bunny Vitori William G. & Linda Hammond Wagner John R. & Ruth Lehman Whitaker Burton O. & Patricia King Witthuhn Gustave W. Wolf Donna M. Wolfinger Claire T. Wyandt Charles A. & Deborah Wilson Yartz John R. & Betty N. Zerby

Century Club

$100–249 in annual gifts to the College of Education John H. & Marie Winrick Abbott Ralph L. Abbott David J. Ackerman Don C. & MS. Brenda Adams James D. Adams Nancy Christmas Adkins Patricia A. Ahrens Donald L. & Nancy Holibaugh Albacker Donald C. & Dixie Lee Albright Timothy E. Aley & Cynthia L. Couchman J. Thomas & Kathryn Mills Allen John H. & Patricia Troxell Althouse J. Nathan & Sasha L. Althouse David H. Alwine James M. & Sharon E. Anasiewicz Joseph H. Anthony Robert S. & Joan Flinn Appleby Kevin M. & Lori C. Appleby Frederick H. & Marie A. Appold Paul & Elizabeth M. Archer Brian W. & Joan McCarthy Armet David W. & Carol M. Arnold Barbara Ranck Ashenfelter Gary Neil Asteak & Barbara Shleifer Asteak Francis W. August Nancy Cooper Austin Susan McNeely Austin G. William Glidden & Martha Bachman Jack S. & Jean Detweiler Badger David & Marion Dunlap Baldauf Michael A. & Christine M. Banks Diane Edelman Bardman Judith L. Murley William M. & Barbara A. Barnhart Scott W. & Helen C. Barrier Kenneth E. & Kathleen Fowler Barto Wayne A. & Jacquelyn Lawton Barton Robert J. Baskwill Francis X. & Madelyn Walters Bauer Bonnie L. Baughman Harry & Sherry Waryanka Baxter John P. & Margaret Patrilak Beckwith Thomas M. & Patricia Sue Bedick

Scott A. & Rachelle L. Beinhower Dean E. & Tanya M. Belitskus Christopher L. & Jennifer L. Bennear Timothy K. & Debra House Benner Christopher & Jennifer S. Bennett Malton J. Bensen Richard L. & Judith Scheid Berglund James L. Berkebile Rodney L. Berkey Carol A. Berzowski Richard J. & Kathy Bialek Sally Genszler Bibza Carole A. Biemer Karl R. & Mary Claypotch Bierley Frederick L. & Marilyn Sweeney Bierly Edmond S. & Linda Kalinger Billingsley George J. Bimler J. H. & Mary S. Black Jean Bachman Blakesley Irene C. Blatt Robert W. & Marilyn Mango Blocher Gytelle Faber Bloom Barbara Carter Blossom Judith A. Bollinger George & Jo-Anne Mastandrea Boone Robert E. & Katharine Plummer Booth June Kircher Boyd Robert H. & Barbara Elser Boyer David J. & Susan Newcomb Boyer Kathleen Boyle Thomas R. Bradrick Alan F. & Barbara L. Breininger Daniel L. & Charlene M. Brennan Orr N. & Linda B. Brenneman Kenneth P. Bricker Shelley Rieber Brietling Kathleen A. Britt Richard E. & Catherine M. Brokaw Beverly Balliet Brooks Robert F. & Hazel J. Brown Kenneth W. & Eileen A. Brown Mary Hunsecker Brown Tracy B. Bryan Dennis D. Bryon Sandra K. BuckMoyer David J. & Anne Moody Buckthal Tarek M. & Elizabeth T. Bugaighis Larry Bull & Katherine Bull Barbara J. Burchill Jean G. Burks Jack L. & JoAnne Cobb Burley Heather L. Spyker Richard W. & Janet Myers Buthe Lewis P. & Rosemary J. Caffo Jan Calhoun & Diane Calhoun Patrick F. & Vicki L. Callahan Julie Bower Cappiello Shari L. Capriola Eugene & Christine Siepiela Carey John J. & Roberta C. Carey Patricia A. Casasanta Gilbert & Patricia Vaughan Casterlow Samuel S. Castiglione George L. & Carolyn Cates Luz Helena Gomez Chandeck Robert J. & Adeline A. Charlton Gary R. & Nancy Beecher Christy Mary Cianni Michael A. & Linda L. Ciavarella William J. & Elaine Cickavage Ann Franckle Clark G. Christopher & Karen B. Clark Edward W. Claudius Carolyn R. Clavelli Linda Huston Clement James P. & Anne Walton Coffman Bruce A. & Debra Leshay Cohen H. Todd & Gail Schwenk Colfelt John R. & Mary Ann Gbur Collett Terry & Barbara Kalin Collins John F. Collins John K. & Celia A. Colsher Robert W. & Donna Weaver Comfort Judith Vandenbroek Condo George W. Constantine

David H. & Trudi Sack Cooper George W. & Lien T. Corbin Nelson J. & Lorraine J. Cordova Francis J. Cornelius Stephen T. & Kathryn G. Correia Robert W. Cover & Bonnie Lepoff John K. & Karen Collins Coyle Frances N. Crawford Richard G. & Barbara Creasey Clarence E. & Lois Crider Gary E. & Donna L. Crowell Zelda Curtiss Suzanne Walton Dalesandro Frances M. D’Angelo William D. & Susan Watson Daughtry James T. & Linda Y. Davis William M. & Prudence Perry Davis Rocco E. De Piro Joseph L. & Judith A. Deblase Anthony D. & Sharon L. DeCasper Norma Bendistis Delong Maryann Demchak George N. Demshock Joseph M. & Viola Denham William G. & Tonya DeVecchis-Kerr Dileep G. & Jeanne Martin Dhavale James T. & Carol Morgan Dildine Lawrence A. DiMichele Joseph E. & Anna Jean Larson Dinich Franklin R. & Sandra L. Dippery William E. & Lois M. Dittenhaffer Keith A. & Wanda Darnell Dixon David J. & Carolyn Dolbin Robert W. & Kathleen Fagley Dollar Thomas J. & Marilyn Aberbach Doluisio Gail Bear Donahue Keith L. Donati Erica J. Douglas Thomas C. & Jean M. Dow Gregory & Florence A. Bream Howard R. & Sandra Drake Alex J. & Judith L. Dubil Frederick L. Kurst & Elizabeth M. Dugan Joe Bob & Lanna Tweedy Duncan Steven J. & Kristen L. Durning Ronald B. & Anita S. Dutton Jack Earle & Catherine Hodgen Earle Paul J. Edwards Terry L. & Joyce Eidell James C. & Paula Sterner Elliott Hazel Brown Emerick Bryan & Margaret G. Ensinger Louise Valerio Johnson Ensz Michael G. & Nancy Budnovitch Erwin Linda E. Estep John G. & Mary-Katherin Estock Daniel S. & Ruth Porreca Eubanks Eileen M. Eustace *John H. & Ann B. Evans Geoffrey F. Evans Arnold G. & Paula Betters Eversole Thomas A. Evitts Elias & Joanna Ruhe Exacoustos Charles E. & Patricia Bomberger Eyler John J. & Georgiana Fabian Margaret Beling Fackenthal Anthony R. & Amy M. Febbo Mary A. Fedrick Jason D. & Susan M. Fehr Marilyn Kriebel Felter Phillip M. & Leslie Sandra Fenster Gary W. & Denise Keene Ferguson Daniel R. & Mary J. Ferrari Louis & Linda J. Ferretti Anne Nitrauer Fetherman Patrick J. & Barbara Day Fillette Curtis R. & Karen Spicer Finch Carole Brown Fine Kerensa C. Simington William M. & Eleanor A. Fleming Natalie Forbes Charles W. & Barbara Marie Ford Jon A. Forman Dennis H. & Debbe Kay Foust Margaret A. Thompson Fowler

Eve Friedman Fox Jeremiah Friday Jere W. & Myrna Paynter Fridy Eugene M. & Darleen Szeles Fritz Barry J. Fry Virgilio M. & Pamela K. Fuentes Betsy Futterman Alan D. Gamble Dorothy Johns Gard Thomas P. & Nadine M. Garvin David A. Geanette Philip & Christina J. Gelso Edwin R. Gerler Richard L. & Judith Toland Gerson Thomas E. & Ruth Hamilton Gibson John G. & Anita Schneider Gierlach Daniel A. & Joyce Farrow Gifford Gerald E. & Virginia Gipp Scott W. Given E. Ann Gladden Charles R. Glean Jonathan A. & Debra S. Gleit John W. Glenn Charles B. Brill & Lynn Godmilow Richard R. & Rita Zieve Goldberg Steven H. Cohen & Nancy B. Gold James W. & Pearl N. Gould Ralph A. & Carol Mann Graf David G. & Marianne Brown Grantz Dolores Pombo Grapsas Richard M. & Linda A. Graziani Joseph S. & Melody L. Greenberg John H. Gregory & Lola L. Brant William A. & Dawn M. Gregory Jon Gribbin & Ruth Ann Thomson Gribbin Frederick G. & Jane Detwiler Griech Andrew J. & Jodi K. Griffin Mark A. & Joanne E. Griffith Warren H. & Mary Houser Groff Charles D. & Janet B. Grover Wade S. & LeeAnn L. Gurysh James & Leanne Godlesky Guy Edward F. & Gloria Bindie Gwiazdowski Scott D. & Brenda L. Haag Dean L. & Karen Lacy Haas James C. & Patricia Rife Hagan Thomas W. & Cynthia Bierly Hall Robert J. & Anna Hamera Martin & Jill Granat Handelsman Robert D. & Barbara Hirleman Hann Richard C. & Elise Frey Hann Todd L. & Melissa J. Harbold Peter F. & Arlene Harrington Elias E. & Arlene Fox Harris Jeffrey L. & Virginia P. Harris James P. & Jeanne Stricklin Hartman John J. & Margaret Frazier Hartnett John E. & Katherine Hartshorn Linda S. Hartsock George B. & Annie Campbell Harvey Paul G. & Ann Harvey Katherine Goschy Haselton Mary M. Havican Richard S. & Jane Ward Hawk Steven R. & Lynn Ellen Hayden Richard R. & Helen M. Heckman David P. & Barbara Fine Heilveil Louis E. & Sherry Serfass Heinbockel Rodney E. & Pauline Heininger Lynne Betelle Heins Warren E. & Ann Stone Heiss Donald E. Heller & Anne M. Simon Jean T. Heller Mary Beth Henning Edward A. & Suzanne L. Henninger Walton G. Henry Richard M. Herbert John W. & Nancy Ann Herdman Scott E. & Molly L. Herman J. Benjamin & Nancy Quatrini Herrera Howard S. & Jeri Fox Hessan Kathryn J. Heusinkveld Judith Z. Heydt William F. Hibschman Joyce Neubeck Hiester

Mark M. & B. Ann Schnappauf Higgins Blanco T. & Cynthia Booth High Ernest J. & Katie L. Hinderliter Herbert R. & Marcia J. Hinman Gary S. & Margaret Brown Hinson Charles Hishta Aaron & Lora Novatkoski Hobart Hugh A. Hodge Webb J. & Janell Westrick Holtz Stephen Hopkins David M. & Lauren H. Horowitz Peter T. & Terry S. Horstman Nancy Dura Horvat Michael L. and Michelle K. Houser David L. & Sharon L. Howell Ronald J. & Grace K. Hrinda Kenneth P. & Marjorie Ludwig Hubert James L. & Valerie Innes Hutton John P. & Kimberly Paucke Imrisek Michele L. Irvin William H. & Martha Woodward Isler Michael W. & Kerri A. Jack Jayne Payne Jackson John M. Javor Jan V. & Jennifer Rowles Jedrych Robert E. & Mary Dorothy Jenkins David D. & Carole Jochen John G. & Sharon T. Johnson Richard A. & Patricia Stuart Johnson Robert R. & Gail Olitzky Johnson William E. Johnson Corine Smith Jones Dennis M. & Cindy Thomas Jones William C. & Mary Kerns Jones Marlene Smith Joseph Madelon Kaplan Edward J. & Barbara J. Karlovich Jared S. & Marcy Lynn Kaufman William H. & Patricia Kaufman Kathleen Burke Kazimi Michael H. & Constance Gordon Kean John C. & Mary Hrapchak Keenan Tom & Christine L. Kehan C. Robert & Marjorie E. Kehler Janet Kehrli Kevin R. & Maryann Cameli Keith Daniel C. & Saundra V. Keller John S. Keller Louis A. & Suzanne Grubb Keller Richard N. & Patricia Leighton Kellerman Gregory P. & Susan Moyer Kelley Paul & Elizabeth C. King Donald N. & Barbara Kirby Joshua E. K. & Jodi Yanosik Kirby William M. & Margaret Bush Kirkey Joel J. & Marilyn Kirschbaum Andrea Kitch David A. & Sandra Gutshall Kline Matthew & Susan Strauss Klyman Bruce D. & Darlene Knapp Frank L. & Jane Williams Knarr Lawrence & Cheryl D. Kneiss Charles W. Knox Carole Slaugenhaupt Koch Joseph A. & Lisa Kohan Mark E. & Pamela Kohan Jeanne Ripley Koller Robert J. & Marianne Hustosky Konior William F. Koslick David W. & Anita R. Kraft Gregory J. & Janet Gesregan Krall Frederick M. Kramer Jane A. Krepp Stuart S. Krissinger & Melissa A. Melhorn James A. & Judith Kuhagen Robert C. & Barbara Labar Richard J. Lamberski David A. & Janice Lamm Charles A. & Joan L. Landis William D. & Joann Sottile Lang Jeffrey A. & Deborah Lasala Alice Whittaker Latimer Sharyn Morgan Lavelle Todd K. & Erin Lavin Carolyn J. Layzer

Penn State College of Education Annual Report


Albert S. & MaryGrace Lee Michael J. & Susan Petrisek Lee Ronald & Sandra Shogren Lenthall Ronnie F. Lesh David W. & Jan B. Leslie Morgan V. & Maureen P. Lewis Richard H. & Karen R. Light Stanley B. & Anita Page Lindner George J. Lindt P. David & M. Jane Link-Pangburn Dennis P. & Barbara J. Livrone Harold R. Lockard Lona Loman Frank A. & Patricia L. Lombardo Robert M. & Hope Longwell-Grice Frederick D. & Christine A. Loomis Aldan J. & Madaline M. Lori Gerald R. & Susan Simon Lotierzo James L. & Elizabeth Stoner Lovejoy Eric F. & Jane Cubberley Luce Heinz H. & Celia Luebkemann Matthew T. Lyons Peter R. & Leslie Oliva-MacDougall Joshua & Rachel Dillon Machen Roger G. Maclean Kenneth C. & Mabel F. Madden Candace D. Miller John J. & Sally Lapan Mahon Ravi Sethi & K. Dianne Maki David A. & Patricia D. Manzo Stephen E. & Susan Hendee Markwood Robert B. & Enid Marshall James S. & Jennifer W. Martineau Elisamuel Martinez Antone & Julia Martinez Antonetty Michael E. Maruschak John M. & Mary Patrene Maslanik Joseph B. & Norma Mateer John & Jody A. Mateyak Regis W. & Irene Howie Matlak Janet Raudenbush Matson Karl F. Mauger Daniel & Beverly Clancy McDonell Steven J. Mc Griff William & Janet Hurlbert McKay Thomas B. & Carol Bansner McCord Joseph P. & Carolyn M. McCullough William G. & Louise C. McDaniel-Hine John J. McDermott Maria Theresa McKelvey John E. & Mary Patricia McKie Michael J. & Connie McNamara Frank O. McQuarrie Wallace L. & Susan L. Mealiea Diana Dobson Mebane David E. & Barbara J. Michael Paul B. & Patricia Richter Michaels Stephen R. Mourar & Dawn E. Middleton Virginia Kennedy Migrala Betty J. Miller Dennis C. & Jo-Ann Werstler Miller John F. & Dorothy L. Miller Robert M. & Gail Rolle Miller Laurance W. & Roberta Frost Miller Lauren E. Miller Theodore H. & Loren M. Miller Peter S. & Bonnie Benner Miller Larry & Carole Pantone Mitchener Jeremy D. Moeller Laura J. Molettiere Jennifer B. Moore John A. & Sue Morrissey Moore Gertrude K. Moorhouse Dennis L. & Esther Rockwell Morgan Julia Morgan James D. & Jodi L. Morris Constance Jones Morrissette Richard L. & Penelope Uplinger Morrow John P. & Corinne Marko Murawski Colleen S. Murphy Gary R. & Susan Murphy Timothy A. Murphy Julianne Horton Murray Israel & Mary Feld Myers Patricia A. Myers


Resolving to Reach Higher

Albert T. Nagata Anna L. Neal Keith E. & Joyce Schaeffer Neal Paul E. & Carol Weiger Neumayer Debra A. Nickey Robert L. & Nancy Heyl Nielsen Barry M. & Ronna Bergstein Nudelman Richard J. & Carol A. Obrecht Karl M. Ocepek & Marcy J. Hessinger James F. & Jean West Oglethorpe Stephen A. & Gretchen Vanmeter Oley Linda K. Olivero Jack Ondelacy Charles R. & Marrianne Orndoff Leticia Oseguera John H. & Carol A. Osman Kristine K. Otto Kevin J. Pail Marie Petronchak Parks James R. Bosnik & Diane L. Pastella Charles E. & Constance R. Patterson Robert L. & Sandra L. Peace Catherine L. Pellek Theodore T. Peshkopia Jason Petula Joel C. Pheasant Duane I. & Shirley Phillips Gregory J. Pilarski Nicholas V. Pinto & Eileen P. Beale Mark S. Piven & Alison Altman Martha E. Planutis Thomas E. Platt Joseph W. & Luana Krull Pleszkoch Lynette K. Poole David R. & Christina Nolan Poorbaugh Paul J. & Karen Popadiuk William H. & Nancy K. Pope Gary M. & Katherine Chern Portnoy Steve & Carole Beaver Posavec Charles L. & Joan Williams Powell Lori L. Powell Leighton A. & Dorothy B. Price Rita Sweeney Prickitt Wayne M. & Mary Shipe Proud Dwight F. & Ann Cunningham Putman Thomas N. & Carolyn Houser Quickel Gregory R. & Helen M. Quinn Margaret Pipas Quirk Catherine A. Radcliffe Bruce A. Ramirez Elizabeth M. Randolph Edward & Tina Rantanen Barbara K. Rea Richard R. & Gale K. Reeve Thomas K. & Janice Pearlstein Reeves Michael H. & Sherron E. Regauld John V. & Elizabeth Reilly James E. & Linda Schucker Renney James B. & Phyllis A. Renninger Donald R. & Patricia Thomas Rentschler Gene E. & Priscilla A. Rexford Joseph A. Reznick Ralph & Susan B. Rhoads Sally Lessig Richards Martha Kline Richardson Charles O. & Nancy Greninger Richardson John Barnes & Susan R. Richardson Richard A. Riddle Leroy E. & Joan E. Rieck Mary Jean Rimbach Douglas R. & Marsha Packard Ripkey Myron W. & Alice M. Ritter Francis J. & Edith Mohr Robacker Craig L. & Frances Eckstein Roberton Priscilla D. Roehm Franklin II & Melanie Fleischer Roelke Thomas C. & Maura Kelly Rogers Bruce A. Romanish Joyce A. Romanowski Theodore & Patricia Hall Ronsvalle Bradley S. Rosenau John K. & Fern Kaufman Rosenberg Marianne Rosenberg Robert J. & Joanne Ross Jay P. & Cheryl Rowe

Frank E. & Lugenia Putt Rozman Peter A. & Susan J. Rubba Janis Rush Alfred S. & Lynda M. Rushatz Christopher Russell Harold D. & Dee R. Rutter Dorothy L. Ruyak Bonny S. Sadler Joseph P. Salvo Ronald P. & Barbara F. Saricks Allen P. & Barbara A. Sauvelpahkick Daniel H. Schaeffer David Schantz Richard F. & Betty J. Schantz Lynn W. & Frances Ann Scheirer Richard J. & Brenda Lola Schissel Geri Schlegel Maria J. Schmidt Eric R. & Cathy J. Schoener Jason A. Schoenfelder Stephen W. & Jennifer Schoonover Barbara Davis Schultes Harvey William Wall & Chriss A. Schultz Paula Killen Seacrist Patricia A. Seibel Kevin J. & Tracy L. Sensenig Blake & Elizabeth A. Seward Jeffrey G. Shaffer Michelle A. Shaw Virginia Howard Shenk Rick S. & Carole Kersh Sheviakov William K. & Paula Demchak Shoemaker Denise Marcon Shrock Sherwood E. & Anne E. Shughart Terry V. Shultz Irwin H. Siegel George J. & Paula Latagliata Silowash Irene Drury Simon David C. & Marilyn Wilson Skelly Edward P. Slavinskas Marion Berman Slone R. Bruce & Jeane Smay David M. & Luann M. Smith John H. & Kathleen M. Smith William & Margaret A. Smith Michele A. Smulley Jan G. & Cathe Czeck Snedeker Howard S. & Susan L. Snider Maurice E. & Caren Huff Snook Jill Fuller Snyder Mona Steel Snyder Anne Davis Soriero Timothy J. & Ellen Ossip Sosinski John F. & Lillian Melko Spangler James T. Spaulding Mary C. Spence John G. & Mary Sockman Spence Mary A. Spencer David & Virginia Horner Spencer Marcia S. Spiers David J. & Donna Danks Spinda James & Jeanette E. Spires Karl R. & Rhonda Sprenger D. Christopher & Debra A. Springer David W. & Beverly Foust Staman George W. & Jeanne Mather Stamm Robert E. Staresinic Joseph Paul & Kelly L. Stasik James C. & Cynthia Walker Stemple Rita Beerman Stern G. Alan & Margaret E. Sternbergh P. Jane Russo Huestis Robert J. & Patricia L. Stevens Thomas F. & Patricia L. Stich Benuel & Sally A. Stoltzfus John W. & Amylinn Bauer Stone Leon J. & Dolores Altmyer Stout John F. & Marianne Hennessey Straub Carleton O. & Jill Malinowski Strouss David J. & Ruth Shuman Strunk Alan J. Sturtz Luke H. Suereth Joseph A. & Kathryn Kersh Sutka Marilyn N. Suydam Frank D. & Ellen Clair Svitek

Paul N. & Sandra Swanson Edwin K. Swartz T. Christopher & Carol Rudy Sweeney Earl K. Tanner Dennis A. & Miriam Amend Telleck Thomas R. & Linda Lukens Terry Caryn C. Terwilliger Kenneth R. & Cynthia Middleburg Thomas John C. & Barbara A. Thompson Barbara Bean Thornton David R. Tidman Laurence C. Tomak John Tomko Eugene J. Toni Jared T. & Nikki L. Torgan Judith Shadden Terrance William A. & Judith Getchell Trach James F. & Mary Ellen Trainer Hayes E. Treasure Deborah M. Treese Philip & Ellen J. Treiman A. Lorraine Troutman Heidi L. Rickloff Victor H. & Judith Miller Tynes Emery J. & Hilary Uhl Udvari James S. & Geraldine Guzik Valone Robert E. Vandoren William J. & Sally Henry Van Pelt Mary Anne Varga Randy L. & Jennifer L. Varner Joseph M. & Margaret Terry Vavra Leonard J. & Beverly A. Vender G. Patrick Vennebush & Nadine Block Joseph J. Victoria C. Maureen K. Volker John A. & Mary C. Volpe Samuel B. & Sylvia Grube Wagner Robert H. & Ellen Barber Waldeck Roland E. Walters, Jr. Susan V. Walton Eric G. & Kelley-Ann Warner Karen L. Wassinger Kevin L. & Margaret Wassner Edrie J. Watson Robert W. & Nancy W. Weikert Joel Wagoner & Jennifer B. Weinstein Lynn A. & Nellie L. Weller Wilma M. Wells David J. & Pamela K. Wentling Allen A. & Kathleen Briar Wenturine Richard C. & Bonelyn Wenzel Daniel J. & Linda J. West Sherry Book Wester Alma E. Wetzel Mark T. Whalen Catherine Wheeler Rodney W. & Barbara J. Whitaker Jack R. & Dorothy Smith White Timothy P. & Susan G. White Clark V. Whited & Dr Frances MoroneyWhited Chester P. Wichowski Margaret E. Wiggins Amy N. Wineland Warren G. Witmer Irwin S. & Carol Hait Wolosky Scott A. & Amy J. Woomer William R. & Diane P. Worley James G. & Susan Sickel Wulf William L. & Kathy Myers Wunder Roger P. & Betty Jean Wurst Craig M. & Barbara Brubaker Wyke Robert A. & Susan M. Yanckello Gerald E. & Judith Wenner Yeatman Vivian S. Yenika-Agbaw David P. & Mary Alice Plichta Yens Nancy A. Young William H. & Brenda G. Young John S. & Henrietta P. Zabrenski Deborah Stanko Zacherl Rose M. Zbiek Deborah King Zerbe Tracy M. & Elaine Barnett Zimmerman Stanley R. & Eleanor Levitt Zimmerman Ken E. & Christine L. Zirkle

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2011 Annual Report - Penn State College of Education  

Report on donors and giving from 2011. Also includes student scholarship winner profiles and statistics on student funding and credit hours...

2011 Annual Report - Penn State College of Education  

Report on donors and giving from 2011. Also includes student scholarship winner profiles and statistics on student funding and credit hours...