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October 18, 2013

Pennsylvania Hospital

PA H C e l e b r at e s

Grand Opening of New Outpatient Facility,

Penn Medicine Washington Square After two years of construction and anticipation, Penn Medicine Washington Square (PMWS) is officially open! The 153,000 square foot modern facility at 800 Walnut Street now serves as the major hub of outpatient care for PAH. It features leading-edge telecommunication and clinical information systems to provide patients with the most advanced level of collaborative and interdisciplinary care. “Penn Medicine Washington Square is part of the Hospital’s $61 million facilities master plan which includes the expansion of private rooms for our patients,” said R. Michael Buckley, MD, executive director of Pennsylvania

Hospital. “It’s imperative that we stay at the forefront of medical technology to best meet the current and future health care needs of our patients, and to give our providers the environment and tools they need to deliver that care.” More than 100 providers from across a wide range of services — including cardiology, concierge medicine, otorhinolaryngology, primary care, surgery and women’s health — are now available in one location along with patient pre-admission testing and phlebotomy services. The 12-floor facility is also built atop an existing parking garage, offering added convenience for patients.

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Finding the Right Words for Better Health: O c tobe r i s Health Lite rac y Month

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According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “health literacy” is “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions.” In other words, it’s not just the ability to read; it includes all aspects of a person’s ability to maintain their own health, such as scheduling appointments with the right providers at the right time, and taking correct doses of medication. Clinicians can help improve patients’ health literacy by using appropriate teaching methods such as the teach-back / / / Continued on page 3


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PA H C e l e b r at e s

Grand Opening of New Outpatient Facility,

Penn Medicine Washington Square Here’s a complete breakdown of departmental, division, and practice moves to PMWS: »» Penn Health for Women — including Penn Fertility Care, Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology, and Urogynecology — relocated from 7 Spruce to PMWS, 10th Floor. »» Spruce Internal Medicine (formerly Spruce Internal Medicine Associates) relocated from the Curtis Center to PMWS, 16th Floor. »» Delancey Internal Medicine (formerly Delancey Medical Associates) relocated from the Carriage House to PMWS, 17th Floor. »» Providers from the Zubrow, Kershbaum, Cohen practice joined the providers of Spruce Internal Medicine and Delancey Internal Medicine on the 16th and 17th Floors of PMWS, respectively. »» Penn Personalized Care — Gary W. Dorshimer, MD, relocated from the Carriage House to PMWS, 17th Floor. »» Department of Otorhinolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery relocated from 811 Spruce Street to PMWS, 18th Floor. »» Department of Surgery relocated from various locations to PMWS, 19th and 20th floors: •  The Division of Urology relocated from 299 South 8th Street to PMWS, 19th Floor. •  The Divisions of Cardiovascular Surgery and Thoracic Surgery relocated from the Garfield Duncan Building to PMWS, 19th Floor. •  The Divisions of Bariatric Surgery, Colon & Rectal Surgery, GI Surgery, and Surgical Oncology relocated from the Garfield Duncan Building to PMWS, 20th Floor. »» Penn Maternal Fetal Medicine relocated from the 8th and 9th Floors of the Spruce Building to PMWS, 11th Floor. »» Penn Care for Women relocated from the Curtis Center, Suite 220 East, 601 Walnut Street, to PMWS, 12th Floor. »» Penn Endocrine Associates relocated from the Basement Level of the Pine Building to PMWS, 14th Floor. »» Penn Ob/Gyn & Midwifery Care relocated from the Curtis Center, Suite 925 East, 601 Walnut Street, to PMWS, 14th Floor. »» Penn Care Ob/Gyn relocated from 301 Duncan Building, Suite 3D/D to PMWS, 15th Floor.

`` Detail of a new patient room in PMWS.


`` Panels in the PMWS lobby display architectural details of the rich history of PAH.

Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) and Outpatient Laboratory services are available on the 8th floor of Penn Medicine Washington Square. Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) is open daily, Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5:30 pm. The Outpatient Laboratory for phlebotomy and sample drop off services, is open: »» Mondays – 8 am to 5:30 pm

»» Thursdays – 8 am to 5:30 pm

»» Tuesdays – 7 am to 5:30 pm

»» Fridays – 8 am to 5:30 pm

»» Wednesdays – 8 am to 7 pm The building was designed around creating a better patient experience. For example, all of the waiting rooms are on the north side of the building, with a glass exterior that allows for sunlight. The exam rooms are placed toward the center of the building and there are now more consultation rooms available for physicians to talk to patients and their families. “It’s a very patient friendly, environmentally friendly and tech friendly environment and it’s a great space for providers and patients and families,” said Daniel Feinberg, MD, chief medical officer at Pennsylvania Hospital. “So far, the feedback has been very positive across the board.” The new outpatient building is also a green urban redevelopment site. The building features: energy efficient heating and cooling systems; optimized day lighting, increased wireless access; paper, metal and plastics recycling; maximized water efficiency systems in restrooms; and storm water retention through a “green roof” terrace.

PMWS FYI: You must now dial the full tendigit number to place a call to PMWS. PMWS Security Command Center can be reached at: 215.454.3690. This and other information about the operations of Penn Medicine Washington Square can be found online at http://uphsxnet. pmws.

Finding the Right Words for Better Health: O c tobe r i s Health Lite rac y Month technique, where a patient is asked to describe his or her understanding of the plan of care back to a care provider after it is explained to him or her. This way, providers can truly get a handle on just how much the patient comprehended and retained. In honor of Health Literacy Month, Pharmacy Week and Health Education Week, the Pennsylvania Pharmacy will host a “Brown Bag” Medicine Review in the PAH Elm Garden Cafe on October 24, from 11 am to 2 pm. This event is open to the community. Guests are invited to bring their medications, vitamins and other dietary or herbal supplements they are taking, to review with PAH pharmacists Jim Bobyak, RPh, and Tracy Miller, RPh. Clinicians and patients are also encouraged stop by to learn more about Health Literacy. PAH and all of UPHS are evaluating how we can increase our strength as a health literate organization.

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The Institute of Medicine defines a “health literate organization” as having the ten following attributes:

1.  Leadership that makes health literacy integral to its mission, structure, and operations

6.  Uses health literacy strategies in interpersonal communications and confirms understanding at all points of contact

2.  Integrates health literacy into planning, evaluation measures, patient safety, and quality improvement

7.  Provides easy access to health information and services and navigation assistance

3.  Prepares the workforce to be health literate and monitors progress

8.  Designs and distributes print, audiovisual, and social media content that is easy to understand and act on

4.  Includes populations served in the design, implementation, and evaluation of health information and services

9.  Addresses health literacy in high-risk situations, including care transitions and communications about medicines

5.  Meets needs of populations with a range of health literacy skills while avoiding stigmatization

10.  Communicates clearly what health plans cover and what individuals will have to pay for services

In 2009, PAH formed its own Health Literacy Task Force to focus on meeting the health literacy needs of patients. Their first project was to create a one-page, welldesigned sheet to guide the education of patients about new medications started while in the hospital. The Task Force is a multi-disciplinary group, with representatives from Pharmacy, Nursing, Quality & Performance Improvement, Nutrition, Nursing Education, and Library Services. “We also have a wonderful volunteer from the local community, Lee Gutman, who helps us understand our patients’ perspective,” said

`` Representatives from the Health Literacy Task Force of PAH

Allocations Committee of the PAH Auxiliary

Now Accepting Requests for Funding The Allocations Committee of the Auxiliary of PAH is now accepting requests for funding. As in previous years, the Auxiliary will award funds only for the purchase or provision of items, equipment, or programs that directly benefit patients. To apply for Auxiliary funds, please complete the designated form found on the PAH Intranet (http:// and return it to the Auxiliary office, Bc11, Pine Basement, no later than November 4. Please submit one form per each request. For more information, please contact the Auxiliary office at 215.829.3270 or

Lydia Witman, MLIS, AHIP, the clinical librarian for PAH. “We currently have nearly 20 members, most of whom have completed formal training on health literacy principles and standards.” Their tailored training was sponsored by SEPAREADS, a regional program supporting the improvement of education for patients 50 and older with cardiovascular health concerns. Recent Task Force projects have included: the evaluation of navigational signage and other way-finding tools in PAH’s new outpatient facility, Penn Medicine Washington Square; and the distribution of free material to patients to help them understand and keep track of their own health needs after leaving the hospital. As an example, “We distribute a large ‘traffic light’ refrigerator magnet for heart failure patients to write down their daily weight,” explained Witman. “Each day they can use the magnet to track their status and whether they need to call their health care provider. We have also distributed scales for measuring weight, and blood pressure cuffs. In addition, we work closely with the hospital’s Patient & Family Education Committee, which focuses primarily on written educational materials.”


We are MAKING A DIFFERENCE through Penn’s Way A message from your Campaign Administrators… D e ar C oll e agu e s : We invite you to participate in the Penn’s Way 2014 campaign which kicked off October 1, and continues through Friday, November 15. Penn’s Way, the Penn Medicine and University of Pennsylvania workplace charitable giving campaign, continues to be recognized as one of the most successful and generous campaigns in the region. Unprecedented participation levels last year enabled us to exceed our $1.4 million goal for local charitable organizations. Through the combined strength of both the University and Penn Medicine faculty and staff, we are

confident that this year’s campaign will reach our goal of $1.45 million to support the communities in which we live. Our Pennsylvania Hospital goal for the 2014 campaign is $111,000, with 90 percent participation. People who work in health care have a special commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others – and we share that commitment with the more than 6,000 agencies supported each year by the Penn’s Way campaign through Penn Medicine, the Center for Responsible Funding, and United Way. All three agencies focus on the health of our community, and together we can help build stronger neighborhoods, improve the quality of life and provide options for healthier living for all people in our region. To make a contribution, or to learn more about the Penn’s Way campaign and the organizations you can support, please visit pennsway. There you will find agency information, answers to frequently asked questions, and a link to DONATE ONLINE. You may also click the Penn’s Way banner on our PAH Intranet page for the complete list of Department Captains , to track our progress and learn about upcoming Penn’s Way events – such PAH Penn’s Way Fairs. Penn’s Way Fairs are being held every Wednesday throughout the month of October in the Elm Garden Cafe. Be sure to stop by a meet the PAH volunteers who are making this campaign possible and representatives from the some of the many agencies supported by Penn’s Way.

If you have any questions, please ask your Department Captain, or one of the campaign coordinators: Susan Horne | Nurse Manager, OR Orthopaedics, Interventional Radiology & Gamma Knife Mary Pat Lynch | Cancer Center Administrator Matthew Menard | Physician Liaison/ Community Relations Coordinator Amy van de Rijn | Nursing Administrative Coordinator Through Penn’s Way, our collective generosity allows us to make a broader, more immediate impact on the vulnerable populations we serve and support the communities in which we live and work. Let us demonstrate the difference we can make by helping others in the community and giving to organizations that support our mission. Each one of us can make a difference through Penn’s Way. Your Penn’s Way Campaign Administrators Daniel M. Feinberg, MD, Chief Medical Officer Matthew O’Malley, Director, Professional Services

Support the Fight Against Heart Disease & Stroke at the 2013 Philly Heart Walk Walk alongside the Penn Medicine community, American Heart Association (AHA) and people of all ages from the Philadelphia area at the 2013 Philadelphia Heart Walk and join the fight against heart disease and stroke! Penn Medicine will once again support the American Heart Association’s Philadelphia Heart Walk, held on Saturday, November 9, 2013, at Citizens Bank Park. This year, for the 15th Annual Heart Walk, the Penn Medicine challenge is to raise $135,000 and recruit more employees, patients, friends and families to walk with us than ever before.


By participating in the Heart Walk, you will help fund groundbreaking research to develop new therapies and better treatment options for cardiovascular disease and stroke. To become a team captain, register as a walker or make a donation, please click here, [please look for the PAH Heart Walk button on the PAH Intranet Homepage: http://uphsxnet. heart_walk/index.htm] or contact Kate Balog, Business Development Director for the American Heart Association, at 215.575.5241 or

The PAH fundraising goal for this year’s walk is $135,000 and a recruitment goal of 1310. PAH Penn Medicine Heart Walk team leaders are Danielle Heffner and Joanne Ruggiero. Contact them at danielle.heffner@uphs.upenn. edu or If you are already registered, you are encouraged to view the Heart Walk Participant Tool Kit for fundraising ideas and resources. Employees who sign up are also eligible for the 2013 incentives. Learn more about the Heart Walk Incentive Program today!

PAH We l c o m e s

New Physicians to Professional Staff Murad AbdelSalam, MD Pennsylvania Hospitalist Associates

Caroline Kerner, MD Gastroenterology

Olga Achildi, MD Psychiatry

Sarah Kim, MD Gynecologic Oncology

Raza Ahmad, MD Delancey Internal Medicine

Emily Ko, MD Gynecologic Oncology

Rizwan Akhtar, MD Neurology

Pamela Levin, MD UroGynecology

Lalitha Anand, MD Pennsylvania Hospitalist Associates

Brian Minarcik, MD Anesthesiology

Tawia Apenteng, MD Neonatology

Myriam Mondestin-Sorrentino, MD Maternal Fetal Medicine

Ari Brooks, MD Surgical Oncology

Mark Morgan, MD Gynecologic Oncology

Steven Cannady, MD Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Lori Noble, MD, Spruce Internal Medicine

Lama Chahine, MD Neurology Mario Cristancho, MD Psychiatry Tamara Danilewitz, MD Spruce Internal Medicine Andres Deiks, MD Neurology Joyce Epelboim, MD Delancey Internal Medicine Raymond Fabrizio, MD Interventional Radiology David Michael Goldberg, MD Pennsylvania Hospitalist Associates Benjamin Hammelman, MD Interventional Radiology

Matthew Reid, MD Emergency Medicine Skandan Shanmugan, MD Colon and Rectal Surgery Stephanie Sober, MD General Gynecology Meredith Spindler, MD Neurology Kate Temme, MD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Brett Victor, MD Cardiovascular Diseases Allison Willis, MD Neurology Miltiadas Zgonis, MD Orthopaedic Surgery – Sports Medicine

Employee Flu Campaign is U nderwa y ! Over the past four years, 99 percent of UPHS employees have been vaccinated for seasonal influenza. Getting the flu vaccine reduces the risk of illness for our staff and helps keep our patients, colleagues, and families healthy and safe. UPHS has been recognized by the State of Pennsylvania for this key patient safety initiative. Seasonal influenza vaccine is provided free of charge to all Penn Medicine staff. Annual vaccination is necessary for maximal protection of our colleagues and patients. The 2013/2014 influenza vaccines will protect against three or four of the virus strains most likely to be circulating this year. The 2013 Penn Medicine Employee Flu Campaign is well underway. More than 1450 flu vaccines have been administered since the campaign launched on October 1. That’s over 40 percent of PAH employees who have been vaccinated, but we still have a way to go! From now until Thursday October 31, employees can get their flu vaccine — no appointment necessary — in the Employee Health Office, Suite B07, Basement of the Duncan Building, between 9-11 am and 2-4 pm. Nursing Administration Coordinators, starting Saturday October 20, until December 1, will be vaccinating on 2 Cathcart weekdays and weekends from 1-3 am and weekends 1-2:30 pm. All employees and faculty MUST come prepared with their bar coded forms to receive a flu vaccine. Please visit the PAH Intranet page or the UPHS Intranet under “What’s Hot” for details on how to easily access your bar-coded form. Just look for the Flu buttons. Any employee that receives the flu vaccine outside of Pennsylvania Hospital’s Employee Health will be required to submit proof of vaccination that includes lot number, expiration date and manufacturer number. This proof should be attached to your pre printed bar coded consent form and submitted to Employee Health.

New this year!

New & Improved e-Star The new e-STAR upgrade with improved features and a new interface is now fully completed. Employees can now access their schedules, time accrual balances and time card punches “at-a-glance,” as well as access actions, reports and request time off — all from a single screen. Brief online tours tours designed for employees, managers and schedulers are available in Knowledge Link and the e-Star website at any time. If you have any questions, email the Penn Medicine Academy at

• Employees, who submit their completed flu bar-coded consent form by November 1, will be entered into the raffle and eligible to win one of three prizes. Prizes include a Kindle Reader, Ipod Shuffle, and a gift basket with Penn memorabilia! • F or the first time, FDA-approved egg-free vaccines are available for staff members who are egg-allergic. The UPHS Influenza Vaccine Policy is unchanged from last year. Please contact your HR generalist if you have any questions. For all other questions, please contact the Employee Health Department at 215.829.6461.


WHAT’S H a p p ening

Y o ur r e s o urc e f o r e v e n ts a n d happ e n i n g s thr o u g h o ut PA H a n d P e n n M e dici n e

For complete events listing, please visit What’s New on the Inside Penn Medicine web site at:

Oct/Nov October 18

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Memorial and Candle Lighting

October 19

PAH Team Hope at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

October 26

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Annual “Light the Night” Walk

November 1

Deadline for 2014 MLK, Jr, Community Involvement Recognition Awards

October 24

Free Brown Bag Medicine Review at PAH

Welcome to UPHS:

Chester County Hospital and Health System The Chester County Hospital and Health System (TCCHHS) is now as a new member of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. TCCHHS includes a 245-bed hospital complex in West Chester and satellite locations in Exton, West Goshen, New Garden, Jennersville, and Kennett Square. The new affiliation will expand current strategic programs between Penn Medicine and TCCHHS, such as membership in the Penn Cancer Network, and foster additional collaboration to identify new programs and technology that can be brought to the community. “With Chester County Hospital and Health System becoming a member of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, we hope to further expand the depth and breadth of quality health care services that Penn Medicine provides to the greater Southeastern Pennsylvania region,” said Ralph W. Muller, chief executive officer of UPHS. “As one of the world’s leading academic medical centers, dedicated to the missions of medical education, biomedical research, and excellence in patient care, we plan to provide unparalleled access and support to both patients and staff at TCCHHS.” TCCHHS currently offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient medical/surgical services, including interventional cardiovascular services, open heart surgery, oncology, radiation oncology and comprehensive maternal/infant health services. TCCHHS also offers home health and hospice care; skilled nursing care; occupational and employee healthcare; professional and technical education; outpatient laboratory; radiology and physical therapy services; prenatal care and gynecological care centers for the underserved; and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. “For 120 years, we have served our community with the highest quality health care,” said William W. Wylie, Jr., chairman of The Chester County Hospital and Health System Board of Directors, “and now, as one of Penn’s prestigious hospitals, we will have the resources, knowledge and expertise of one of the top academic health systems in the country right here in Chester County.”


November 2

“Periop Jam 2013”— 4th Annual PPMC Nursing Perioperative Conference

November 2 & 3

Penn Medicine Appearance & Identity Conference

November 3

National Brain Tumor Society Race for Hope 5K Walk/Run

November 4

HAP Achievement Awards Presentation at PAH

November 9

2013 Penn Medicine Heart Walk

November 18

10th Annual Nursing Conference at PAH

November 21

The Great American Smoke Out

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