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Volume XXX Issue 1 August 28, 2023
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The Penmen Press Embraces Artificial Intelligence: Pioneering the Future of Journalism

Disclaimer: This article was written with the assistance of Chat GPT, an Artificial Intelligence software.

As the digital age continues to transform various industries, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) emerges as a leading institution, embracing cutting-edge technology to enhance its journalistic endeavors.

The Penmen Press, the university’s student-run media outlet, is taking an innovative approach, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in writing some articles during the upcoming school year. This bold step reflects SNHU’s commitment to navigating AI and harnessing its potential to empower and revolutionize the world of technology.

Artificial Intelligence has been rapidly advancing, reshaping the way we interact, learn, and work.

SNHU recognized the significance of AI in the modern world and, rather than shying away from it, decided to leverage its capabilities.

By incorporating AI into The Penmen Press, the organization aims to maintain its commitment to providing students with exceptional opportunities for professional growth and skill development.

While the integration of AI might raise concerns about human journalists being replaced, The Penmen Press has made it clear that AI will not replace its students’ role in reporting and

storytelling. Instead, AI will serve as a valuable tool, complementing and augmenting the work of human writers.

The goal is to automate certain repetitive tasks, such as data analysis, fact-checking, and generating preliminary drafts, enabling journalists to focus on more complex aspects of reporting, like investigative journalism, crafting compelling narratives, and conducting in-depth interviews.

The Penmen Press acknowledges that AI is not infallible and that, in some cases, AI-generated content might require additional verification and editing. The organization is committed to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and journalistic integrity. Human editors will play a crucial role in ensuring the content produced by AI aligns with the newspaper’s principles and adheres to ethical guidelines.

One of the significant advantages of integrating AI into journalism is the potential to enhance efficiency and productivity. AI algorithms can sift through vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and provide valuable insights, assisting journalists in uncovering compelling stories and trends. This can significantly streamline the research process, allowing reporters to focus on developing thought-provoking content that adds value to their readers’ lives.

Moreover, AI can contribute to

personalization, tailoring content to individual readers’ preferences. By analyzing user behavior and interests, AI algorithms can suggest relevant articles and topics, providing a more engaging and tailored reading experience.

The Penmen Press, by incorporating AI, exemplifies SNHU’s commitment to staying at the forefront of educational and technological advancements.

The organization’s pioneering approach not only sets an example for other academic institutions but also showcases the power of harnessing AI to amplify human potential.

In conclusion, The Penmen Press stands on the threshold of a new era in journalism, where AI becomes a valuable ally in the pursuit of truth and storytelling. By embracing AI while remaining committed to journalistic ethics and standards, The Penmen Press is paving the way for a future where human journalists and AI technology work together synergistically.

The Penmen Press’ foray into AI is a testament to SNHU’s dedication to providing its students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world.

As AI becomes an integral part of our lives, it is essential to remember that this article was made possible with the assistance of AI, but the human element remains at the heart of the journalistic craft.

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We’re Back... Now Let’s Get Involved

The sound of students is lingering across the dining hall, frisbees are flying along the Green Space, and the taps are flowing in the pub...that can only mean one thing: we’re back. The 2022-2023 school year brought a feeling of normalcy that we as a community desperately needed. Adjusting to a post-COVID world was our focus for the better part of the year; now with with it on the back burner, it’s time that we head into the 2023-2024 school year with a bang.

As club presidents, if there is one thing we noticed from last year, it’s that while the morale of the student body is higher due to

no COVID restrictions, there is a significant decrease in campus involvement. Burnout levels are at an all-time high and social batteries are draining faster than a one-year-old iPhone battery. We get it, adjusting from school in our bedrooms to a packed schedule in a year is no easy task. Getting to that club meeting instead of your midday siesta may seem daunting, but if you do it, you won’t regret it.

Clubs are not only a great way to get yourself involved, but they also provide an avenue to meet new people and add something to your resume. We all love the TikToks that joke about entry-

level jobs that require a plethora of experience. Employment experience isn’t all that is required; field-related experience is applicable as well and will show initiative to a potential employer.

Let’s get back to filling the pub for karaoke and to the Student Center being a hub for students, not just where you pick up your Amazon packages and get a breakfast sandwich. Ultimately, the college experience is crafted by the student body; it’s up to us to build a sense of community. What we can promise you is that your experience will be much better if you remember these two words: get involved!

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Homecoming 2022

American Dining Creations to Make SNHU Debut

One of the hottest topics amongst the SNHU community has been the university’s decision to part ways with Sodexo and sign a contract with American Dining Creations (ADC). This past summer has been full of transition in order to make sure that everything is ready to go for the return of the student body. Walking into the dining hall, there is already lots of changes such as new artwork, names, and options; ADC looks to start off the year strong and make a lasting first impression.

Amanda Picardi, ADC’s Resident District Manager, looks to do this with the student body and aligns her perspective with ADC’s core values.

“I’m a true believer in working for a company that I stand behind their values,” Picardi said. “Quality is number one, customer service is up there [as well]. We want to make sure that we’re engaging with the students…we want to get to know them.”

After a partnership that lasted a decade and a half, a transition with any company was surely going to be difficult. However,

the transition has been going quite smoothly according to Sue Elsass, Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Campus Strategist.

“[Picardi] is an amazing partner to work with. She’s so flexible with what she needs or if we need something…. We’ve begun this really nice partnership,” Elsass said.

Gone are the days of worrying about running out of money or spending hundreds of dollars in Penmen Place to get rid of it. With ADC’s Membership Meal Plan, students will have much more freedom. The word ‘unlimited’ has been used before, but that isn’t necessarily the case. But don’t worry, no one will be going hungry with the new meal plan.

“Students are allowed 14 swipes a day, which is a lot of swipes,” Picardi said. “You can use those swipes at Einstein Bagels, Dunkin’ Donuts, Webster, and the dining hall.”

In the dining hall, once you swipe into the building, it is a free for all, but if you leave and come back, that’ll cost another swipe. At Dunkin’ Donuts and

Einstein Bagel Bros, a swipe will encompass options like a drink and sandwich, but specifics are still being determined.

The most anticipated options for this coming year are the Dunkin’ Donuts and the Einstein Bros Bagels. Picardi has August 28 as the anticipated opening date for the Einstein Bagel Bros cafe, with no timeline in place for the Dunkin’ Donuts. While the full options may not be completed until after the beginning of the semester, there will be temporary options until the construction is complete. These temporary options include a Dunkin’ trailer and an Einstein set up in the student center.

It is no secret that a new beginning in the dining hall is much anticipated, and ADC looks to capitalize on this opportunity to win the hearts of the SNHU community.

“My goal is to show this whole campus that we want to be here; we want to be part of the SNHU [community], and we want the students to be like ‘wow, not only [do] we love coming to SNHU, but we love [ADC],” Picardi said.

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SNHU chooses American Dining Creations as next vendor (image courtesy: Chris Tutt)

Pool Space Update

There was once a day where the SNHU and greater Manchester communities could use the pool in the athletic complex. The pool was closed over a year ago when campus was closed due to COVID, but has yet to be repurposed.

Closing the pool opened the door to new opportunities for what the space can become. Campus Director of Athletics and Recreation, Anthony Fallacaro, dives into the future of the space.

“This gave us an opportunity to conduct a deep dive into potential renovations or repairs for facilities and as we examined the pool, it was going to require extensive, costly maintenance,” Fallacaro said. “The filter mechanisms needed replacing and significant attention was required for the structural integrity of the walls and ceilings. Indoor pools are always harsh on the structure itself due to the humidity and maintaining of the water itself. We conducted several usage reviews, and it was deemed that only a very small percentage of our campus students and staff utilized the pool.”

After examining the needs

of campus, it was made clear that the pool wasn’t something that was being used to its fullest capacity; therefore, the university deemed it wasn’t the best investment going forward.

“As we examined transforming campus to better suit our student needs, it became clear that the pool was not something they were taking advantage of,” Fallacaro said. “Therefore, I felt it wasn’t a good investment for the campus. I felt our resources could be directed to other areas of campus if needed.”

The space is getting reviewed as well for its possible use; experts are being brought in to review the structure and surrounding area.

“We have engaged with a company to review the pool and surrounding structure of the Athletic Complex to determine the best use of that space,” Fallacaro said. “Whenever you are looking at a large space and its future, it is beneficial to bring in experts on buildings and sustainability to evaluate the specific parts of it.”

All of campus is being considered when it comes to the reutilization of this space, and nothing is being left unconsidered.

“Currently the results of the structural review are being evaluated and all campus needs are being considered,” Fallacaro said. “The options are multiple, and as the stages of review progress, the best use of the space will be determined.”

Many outlets from around campus will have a say in what is done to the space during the process as it goes on to different stages.

“There will be many contributions from the campus collective and at different times during the process and its different stages. This can include facilities, campus planning, sustainability, and all levels of University leadership and the student perspective,” said Fallacaro.

Despite being unused for over a year, what the space will be remains unknown, but Fallacaro assures that much thought is being put into the process.

“There are several stages to a large undertaking like this so it is too early to say what the space may become but it will be a thoughtful process,” Fallacaro said.

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SNHU Swimming Pool (image courtesy: TeamUnify)

Baseball’s Scott Loiseau Moving On


SNHU baseball coach, Scott Loiseau, resigned as head coach of the Penmen baseball team after accepting the position as Associate Head Coach at Penn State University. The news broke on July 14 from SNHU Athletics.

Loiseau led the Penmen to a 480-209-2 record over his 14 seasons while racking up four NE10 championships, five regional championships, and contending for the national championship in each of those five seasons.

“In athletics, there is always the chance an excellent coach can move onto a new or bigger position,” Director of Athletics and Recreation, Anthony Fallacaro said. “Coach Loiseau is one of the best coaches in the country so there has always been interest from some other universities and Division I positions.”

This isn’t the first time Loiseau has left SNHU for a DI program; in 2015 he was an assistant coach at the University of Oklahoma. Loiseau’s roots are deep in Penmen Nation and the NH community, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

“I don’t think [Loiseau] was

looking but when Penn State comes along, it is a tough position to pass up. It was the right time for Coach Loiseau and his family to make this big move to Pennsylvania. Penn State is one of the top athletic programs in the country and very well supported by a national audience,” Fallacaro said.

The decision for Loiseau comes after Penn State hired Mike Gambino, former head coach at Boston College, to be the head coach for the Nittany Lions. Both northeast guys, Gambino certainly saw Loiseau’s track record and gave him the nod. Loiseau goes down as the most successful baseball coach in SNHU’s history, and his work will make the opening spot desirable. The nature of college sports is that there is always a way up, and Loiseau is getting his shot.

“Athletics is a profession that can often present new challenges and growth in your position. Coach Loiseau grew our program to one of the best in the country and was well known throughout the coaching ranks as an incredible coach but also a tremendous evaluator of talent,” Fallacaro

said. “That makes him a very attractive hire and he has had a few offers to leave for Division I positions during his long career at SNHU but they just weren’t the right fit or the right time. This position at Penn State was a very desirable position at a Power 5 school. These opportunities do not come along very often and this one was the one that [Loiseau] felt comfortable taking. It was the right fit and the right time.”

The search for a new head coach is ongoing, and with the success of the program, that position should be filled quickly.

“We are currently doing a national head coach search and have received tremendous interest from the baseball community. When you have a program as good as ours there are always people that want to lead it and good players that want to be a part of it. I am confident we will find a great head coach soon and they will be inheriting a program steeped in tradition and success. We will start on-campus interviews in early August and hope to be announcing the next head coach just as school is starting.”

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Coach Loiseau resigns his post as head baseball coach (image courtesy: Jim Stankiewicz)

Paul LeBlanc’s Vision for SNHU in 2023-2024

In the 2022-2023 school year, SNHUdents caught a whiff of normalcy in the school’s first year without a slew of COVID protocols. Although the idea of COVID still lingered throughout campus, the student body thrived and took advantage of being together.

As the days go by, life becomes less affected by the pandemic. The SNHU community heads into the second year of “normalcy,” and SNHU President, Paul LeBlanc, recognizes the impact that COVID has had on the university.

“I have to remind myself that the pandemic has a long tail of impact, and it is playing itself out in many ways....I think the team did a great job last year really listening hard to what students were saying about what would improve their experience,” LeBlanc said.

One crippling issue within society today is the mental health epidemic that has spread through college-aged students across the country. LeBlanc sees mental health as an area that the university not just wants to focus on, but needs to focus on.

“I worry a lot about mental health and wellness. I think it’s just such a frightening level of struggle that so many people are carrying right now,” LeBlanc said. “I’ve spoken with Felix Pizzi (Senior Director of the Wellness Center and Student Support Services) and Heather Lorenz (Vice President of Student Affairs and Campus-Based Initiatives) to talk about how are we moving through that work.”

To LeBlanc, having a sense of belonging in any place where students spend most of their time is important to their development, not only educationally, but on a

personal level as well.

“Students have talked [about] wanting a greater sense of belonging....There was a lot of unhappiness with food service and we listened to students. Then we changed the payment plan so that it could be a bit more affordable,” LeBlanc said. “I think people are going to be crazy happy about Dunkin’ Donuts and Einstein Bros Bagel Co.”

A major development in the world of technology is Artificial Development (AI). Rather than seeing this as a burden, LeBlanc embraces AI and sees it as an opportunity to promote innovation.

“What is the proper use of AI? I’m in the camp that says we should encourage students and everyone else to play with it...a lot. But, when we use it, we should declare it,” LeBlanc said. “We should say something along the lines of ‘hey, in this paper, I used AI, Chat GPT to help get started, or whatever, and this is how.’”

LeBlanc’s commitment to AI goes beyond just ‘playing with it.’ The university has hired George Siemens, a leading researcher on AI in education.

“We’re hoping he can really help us think through this emerging world, and we’ll do some interesting work in that space,” LeBlanc said.

An area that students will see much more focus on is sustainability on campus. “How can we move faster on our sustainability? The team’s done great work and we’ve made a lot of progress, but I think we have to do more,” LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc has always been outwardly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, and that focus will continue into this school year.

“So many members of our LGBTQ+ community feel besieged; they feel under stress. It’s a difficult time in the country. I’ve been pretty committed to how we can continue to support that community,” LeBlanc said. “I’d say if you don’t feel safe in your community...we want to help you. We’re going to work to try to support students and employees who need extra resources. There’s just a whole bunch of changes in the country right now that are troubling, and a big part of my job is to sort out our response [to] these troubling issues. It has to start with our saying loud and clear that we embrace everyone in our community.”

With the beginning of the new year upon us, LeBlanc is committed to the success of campus and working with members of the leadership team to keep student’s wellbeing at the forefront.

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President LeBlanc looks forward to the 2023-2024 school year (image courtesy of SNHU External Affairs)


The Explosion of “Barbenheimer” In Social Media

Cultural phenomenons have a unique way of making an impact, especially with the prevalence of social media in today’s society. “Barbenheimer,” the fanmade fusion of Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” and Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” is a prime example of social media creating a phenomenon. The two films were released on July 21, and have been a trending topic for months for the vast concepts of each film.

“Barbie” is a meta twist about the Mattel doll, following Margot Robbie’s Barbie traveling to the human world for the first time. The movie is all pink and brightly colored, its aesthetic being the first thing that audiences pointed out when the first trailer was released. “Oppenheimer” is a dark biographical thriller that tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and his efforts to create the first atomic bomb. To say these two films are day and night is an understatement, but their contrast is what initially sparked the social media interest.

Nolan’s film was announced in September 2021, and a month later it was announced that it would hit theaters on July 21, 2023. In April of the following year, Gerwig’s project was announced to be hitting the theaters at the same time. The movies were initially planned to be counterprogramming, a strategy that is used in various fields of media to attract different audiences that a project’s (usually more popular) competitor would have. Instead of a rivalry brewing between the two contrasting films, social media decided to support

both films as a “double feature.”

“Barbenheimer” was first used on social media back in April 2022 by X (formerly known as Twitter) user Matt Neglia, who was the editor-in-chief of Next Best Picture. A year later, however, the term would gain more popularity to note the differences between the films through X, from memes, and commentary, to fan-made posters and t-shirts that would be sold online through shops like Etsy. The “Barbenheimer” hashtag on TikTok has over 813 million views. These videos showed excitement for the films and their star-studded castings, while others talked about what outfits they’d wear at the premieres or which films they’d see first.

I took a poll on Instagram on August 1 with one question: “Barbie” or “Oppenheimer?” I let the poll sit in my story for twentyfour hours, and the results were not too close together. With 68% and 31 votes, “Barbie” won the poll. “Oppenheimer” had 16 votes and 34%. This trend reflects the double feature’s box office numbers. “Barbie” has earned around $774 million dollars globally while “Oppenheimer” has earned $400 million.

In the realm of social media, “Barbenheimer” continues to stand tall as a cultural phenomenon. Thanks to its impact, the films continue to do well in the box office and bring people together. Both films are currently playing in theaters.

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“Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” became dubbed as “Barbenheimer” to fans.

Taylor Swift Releases an “Enchanted” Experience with Her Latest Taylor’s Version

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her album, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” on July 7. It’s a rerecording of her earlier album, “Speak Now.”

The record consists of familiar tracks like “Back to December,” “Dear John,” and “Enchanted.” Along with these, Swift included 6 unreleased (“From the Vault”) tracks, like “When Emma Falls in Love” and “I Can See You,” a song that began trending on TikTok and was dubbed as the “best vault track of all time” by many fans on the platform.

The original “Speak Now” was released in 2010 as her third studio album. She was on her Fearless tour while writing for this album and was riding off of the success of her two previous titles. The album separated itself from the others as it was a farewell to adolescence and a hello to adulthood.

During the first Nashville show of her sold-out Eras tour on May 5, Swift announced that she would be releasing “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version.)” It quickly trended on social media and was highly-anticipated by fans.

“Taylor’s Version” was coined by Swift herself in 2019 after she was blocked by her former record label, Big Machine Records, from purchasing her own music. She began rerecording her original music, releasing both “Fearless” and “Red” in 2021. This is the third record to be getting the “Taylor’s Version” treatment.

The album has seen a lot of transformation growth, and hints of nostalgia. One of the more notable ones is the lyric change in “Better Than Revenge (Taylor’s Version.)” The original lyrics are questionable themselves: “she’s better known for the things she does on the mattress.” It was seen as shaming women, which goes against Swift’s moral compass, as she is an active advocate for women. In the new version, the lyrics change to “he was a moth to the flame, she was holding the matches.”

This lyric change is one of the many signs of transformation in the album, though it sparked debate amongst fans. Many were pleased to see her make an active change like this.

“[This] is an infinitely more eloquent and intelligent way to rephrase and reclaim the line in a healthier way,” said a Twitter user.

Others preferred the original lyrics to the newer, expressing their opinions on Twitter as well, bringing up a similar experience to the band Paramore.

“If Paramore can perform ‘Misery Business’ in the year 2023, then Taylor Swift can keep the lyrics to ‘Better Than Revenge’ the same,” said the user. Paramore’s song had a similarly hateful lyric in their song, with the only difference is they never rerecorded it.

Despite the lyric controversy, the changes on this album remain mostly positive. It was originally released when Swift

was 21 years old, which followed the themes of young love and heartbreak. She is now 33, and the metamorphosis can be seen not just through the lyrics, but in the maturity and strength in her voice. The new version follows its predecessor’s country roots while mixing pop-punk sounds, creating a new experience for fans.

“Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” received over 120 million streams on Spotify within its first day on the platform. According to the streamer’s Instagram post, it broke the record for “most-streamed album in a single day.” It also broke the record for most-streamed album in a single day by a female artist. Fans have already began to speculate and wonder what the next rerecording could be. Thanks to the “I Can See You” music video that debuted July 8, the chatter points to “1989” being next. At the end of the music video, Swift gets into a van and drives away, and the last shot is a sign that reads: “1989 TV.”

Whatever comes next for Swift, whether it is another “Taylor’s Version” or a new concept completely, fans will be kept on their toes, waiting for the day new music comes to them.

“Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” can be streamed on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify, and downloaded on iTunes. Physical copies can be purchased in stores or online at

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The Penmen Press Presents an Amazing maze

140 by 160 orthogonal maze

Generated maze (image courtesy:

The Penmen Press | 13


SNHU 2023-2024 Sports Preview

SNHU’s 2023-2024 fall sports season is here. Pre-season practices start mid-August, with teams coming back on campus early for conditioning and meeting the new players this year. The teams starting their seasons in the coming fall are:

Women’s soccer, men’s soccer, volleyball, field hockey, women’s cross country, men’s cross country, women’s tennis, and men’s golf. The winter sports (women’s basketball, men’s basketball, ice hockey, women’s indoor track and field, and cheer) heat up towards the middle of fall and carry through the winter and into early spring. The spring sports (baseball, softball, women’s lacrosse, men’s lacrosse, women’s outdoor track and field, and men’s tennis) start to warm up in January and February with the season to follow.

Taking a look back at the 22-23 seasons athletic accomplishments:

President’s Cup Recipient

NE-10 Regular Season Championships:

Women’s tennis, men’s basketball, men’s tennis, and baseball.

NE-10 Championships:

Women’s tennis, women’s cross country, women’s indoor track & field, men’s tennis, and women’s outdoor track & field.

NCAA East Regional Champions:

Women’s cross country, women’s volleyball, and baseball.

NE10 Coaches of the Year, Greg Coache (women’s tennis), Rich Marcello (women’s cross country), Jack Perri (men’s basketball), Lex Butler and staff (women’s indoor track & field),

Scott Loiseau (baseball), and Lex Butler and staff (women’s outdoor track & field).

Anthony Fallacaro, Director of Athletics and Recreation, is excited for this season to start where SNHU’s athletic prowess continues to grow to top levels.

“This is one of the most exciting years for Penmen athletics....We are coming off the most successful year the athletic department has ever had,” Fallacaro said. “We repeated as the winner of the NE-10 President’s Cup (signifying the best overall athletic program in the NE-10 Conference), and we achieved our best ever Learfield Directors Cup finish of 23rd in the country out of 251 Division II Universities. Our 481 Learfield Cup points was the highest tally of all East Region athletic programs. Eclipsing last year’s record setting year will be a tall

task but that is what athletics is about: always trying to be better.”

It’s not just athletics that SNHU athletes were excelling in, but the classroom as well.

“First and foremost was our achievements in the classroom,” Fallacaro said. “Our studentathletes had a record setting year in the classroom with 238 athletes earning fall NE-10 Academic Honor Roll status in the fall and 242 in the spring. That means those athletes carried a 3.00 GPA or higher and we had 25 perfect 4.00 GPAs in the spring and 62 in the Fall which was tops in the NE-10. The student-athletes also increased its already lofty graduation rate for the 7th consecutive year.”

For up-to-date information on the SNHU athletic teams, go to: calendar?vtype=list

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SNHU Soccer Field (Penmen Press)
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