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David Morris MP

Proper Planning Critical for the Peninsula’s Future


Unless you have turned off the It means that effectively there is consequences of these changes will radio, unplugged the TV, cancelled no oversight as to what can be be an increased number of three the newspapers and disconnected built in many locations, with no story apartment blocks in residential the internet, you probably know permit required. Some high-density streets. Neighbourhoods will change that Victoria’s population hasthe been development, sensitively dramatically in both height and style. to ourand planning scheme will be when they see a three story Unless you have turned off radio, unplugged the TV, growing by almost 150,000 people responsibly done, can provide a cancelled the newspapers and disconnected the internet, you development going up next door. each year. welcome accommodation. I don’t believe that the Peninsula population of the Peninsula will continue to grow, and that’s probably know that Victoria’s population has been alternative growing The Sadly, history tells us that in most should be considered as part a good thing. But that growth needs to be managed. We don’t by almost 150,000 people each year. Population growth is Population growth is generally cases when a permit is not required, of Melbourne. It’s not enough want to lose the special character that is the key attraction for generally a good thing. It creates new jobs, generates new a good thing. It creates new sensitivity and responsibility go out to simply maintain the green would be visitors. As Mayor said in a economic opportunities, and contributes raising our so many residents andspaces jobs, generates new economic thetowindow. between ourour urban areas, of the consequences of these changes standard of living, it has to be opportunities, andbut contributes to managed properly. While recent statement, onealthough that’s incredibly important. raising standard ofsome living,increase but it in population The first thing manywill people know number We need to make sure that our be an will increased of three story apartment blocks in we haveour experienced on the has to be managed about Daniel changes to Neighbourhoods towns and villages don’tdramatically become in streets. will change Mornington Peninsula,properly. we have not seen anywhere near Andrews’ the residential our planning scheme will be when suburban wastelands. The Liberal both height and style. I don’t believe that the Peninsula should rate of growth that has occurred in many suburbs of Melbourne. While we have experienced some because they of see a three story is determined maketosure be development considered as partParty of Melbourne. It’s not to enough simply Unfortunately, that is likely to change a decision increase in population on the going up next door. that the special character of the by the state government to allow three-storey buildings “as maintain the green spaces between our urban areas, although Mornington Peninsula, we have Peninsula will be maintained for that’s incredibly important. Wegenerations. need to make sure thatAndrews’ our towns of right” many partsnear of the does that really not seeninanywhere thePeninsula. rate of What The population of the Peninsula will future Daniel andthat’s villages don’t become suburbanchanges wastelands. The mean? Itthat means effectively there is no oversight what and growth hasthat occurred in many continueastotogrow, a good irresponsible must beLiberal Party is determined to make sure that the special character can be built in many locations, with no permit required. Some suburbs of Melbourne. Unfortunately, thing. But that growth needs to be reversed as soon as possible, that is likely to change because of and managed. don’tof want lose irreparable is done. the toPeninsula will before be maintained for damage future generations. high-density development, sensitively responsiblyWe done, acan decision state government the special character that isAndrews’ the key irresponsible A Liberal Government changes mustwill berestore reversed providebya the welcome alternative accommodation. Sadly, Daniel to allowtells three-storey buildings “as ofa permit attraction for so many and proper as residents soon as possible, before planning irreparablecontrols damagetoisthe done. A history us that in most cases when is not required, right” in many of the Peninsula. visitors. our Mayor said willMornington Peninsula. Government restore proper planning controls to the sensitivity and parts responsibility go out the would window.beThe first AsLiberal What does that really mean? in a recent statement, one of the thing many people will know about Daniel Andrews’ changes Mornington

GOVERNMENT PLANNING CHANGES TO DEVASTATE THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA Yes, I support planning controls that protect the Mornington Peninsula and reject the Government’s changes. First Name


“The Government’s planning changes are a threat to the character of the Mornington Peninsula, and if not reversed, the lowkey residential nature of our towns will be devastated!” - David Morris MP





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