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HDG Series Hot Dip Galvanized

The cool aesthetics of Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel offer a fresh look for your playground. Its distinctive zinc patina gradually takes on a uniform matte gray appearance, blending in well with the styles of many different play environments— urban, sculptural, modern, industrial and more. Also, if you happen to live in a coastal area, this durable finish provides an extra level of protection against the harsh elements. WHAT IS HDG? By completely immersing (“dipping”) a product into a bath of molten zinc, the zinc reacts with the steel to form a series of multiple layers. These intermetallic layers make it highly resistant to corrosion. THIS RESULTS IN: Uniform Protection No weak points to accelerate corrosion Complete Coverage Coating protection both inside and out Longevity Any corrosion affects the zinc layers first, maximizing the life of your equipment

ALPHA® TOWER The Alpha® Tower brings height to your playground with multiple climbing opportunities and exhilarating sliding. The compact interior will have kids climbing and crawling to explore all the different activities. The Alpha Tower’s distinctive geometric design encourages imaginative play. It also gives kids plenty of unique ways to look out, while perforated and slotted panels provide visibility from the outside. Double the fun with two towers in the Alpha Link®! • Maximum fall height (ASTM): 144" (3,66 m) • Minimum area required: 34'2" x 43' 1" (10,41 m x 13,13 m) • Overall height: 20 feet • Built-in shade • ADA compliant • Patent pending • Additional models available to meet the requirements of CSA, EN or AS standards. • Choice of colors for ProShield® components, primary and secondary Permalene® panels, and polyethylene • Direct bury, with Tower posts mounted to a concrete slab #226231 2

WE-GO-ROUND™ Bringing kids of all abilities together, the patent-pending We-Go-Round™ is fully wheelchair accessible and promotes fun interaction by having all users face each other. It can be turned from the inside and outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun. • Max Fall Height: 40" (1,02 m) • Min Area Required: 20'10" (6,35 m) diameter • Available with two or three benches • Integrated speed control for fun, yet safe, rotation • ADA compliant • Patent pending • Choice of colors for Permalene® benches and polyethylene roof • Direct bury #251036 – Perforated panels #251037 – DigiFuse® panels

CRAB TRAP™ Many climbing opportunities for many kids! The inviting Crab Trap™ uses a variety of materials to add visual interest and create different climbing experiences, inside or out. • Max Fall Height: 118" (3,00 m) • Min Area Required: 33' x 36'6" (10,06 m x 11,13 m) • Keeps kids engaged with limitless climbing routes • Different climbing challenges inside and out • ADA compliant • Patent pending • Choice of ProShield® color for components and polyethylene color for rings and pods • Steel-reinforced cables are extremely durable and vandal resistant, available in black • Direct bury #251054

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VENTI® Discover 20 exciting activities within this compact Smart Play® playstructure. Nets, slides, belts and climbers provide a multitude of challenges that promote physical development and strategic thinking, while also creating hangouts where kids can take a break and connect with others.

• Maximum fall height: 87" (2,20 m) • Minimum area required: 45'2" x 39'2" (13,76 m x 11,93 m) • Compact structure • Accessible • ADA compliant • U.S. Patent number D807,978 • Choice of Permalene® color and polyethylene color • Direct bury #228068 4



Inclusivity soars to new heights. This multi-user swing encourages interactive play by inviting the whole gang along for a ride while providing valuable vestibular sensory stimulation for kids of all abilities.

This freestanding rotating climber offers climbing, turning, running, gathering and socializing fun for kids of all abilities. Plus, our proprietary, built-in progressive resistance mechanism ensures Global Motion® maintains a reasonable maximum speed.

• Accessible to enter from a wheelchair or walker • Maximum fall height: 90" (2,29 m) • Minimum area required: 26' x 30' (7,92 m x 9,14 m) • Choice of polyethylene color • Direct bury #228069

• Maximum fall height: 105" (2,67 m) • Minimum area required: 26'5" (8,05 m) diameter • U.S. Patent number 9,868,069 • Choice of polyethylene color • Polyester-wrapped, steel-core climbing cables available in red or black • Direct bury #228071

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2019 HDG Series by Landscape Structures  
2019 HDG Series by Landscape Structures