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Tragic passing Josh, 28, mourned by Milford Haven community

THE COMMUNITY of Milford Haven was struck with sadness upon hearing the sudden but peaceful passing of Mr. Josh Harding, aged 28, at his home on Wednesday, May 1.

Josh, a resident of Stone Court, Milford Haven, was the beloved son of Jimmy and the late Trudy, and a cherished brother of James, Justin, and Jordan.

Described as a warmhearted individual, Josh was dearly loved by all who knew him, leaving a profound impact on the lives of those around him.

His passing has left a void in the hearts of many, as they come to terms with the loss of a dear friend and family member.

There have been so many tributes left on social media: Bev Jenkins fondly remembers the joyful moments shared with Josh, reminiscing about his laughter and the sound of the bus bell he often rang. Her tribute reflects the sentiment echoed by many, emphasizing the impact of Josh’s presence and the void his passing

leaves behind. Jo Patton joined the conversation, reflecting on Josh’s cheeky personality, a trait that brought laughter and joy to those around him.

Jackie Lawlor shared how Josh was adored and loved, leaving an imprint of warmth and affection wherever he went. Sally Hicks reminisced about the joyous moments shared with Josh, recalling playful memories from their time at Portfield.

Rach Jones fondly remembers seeing Josh and his carer during school runs, noting their infectious smiles and polite demeanor.

Caroline Rozblat reflected on Josh’s beautiful smile and the precious moments shared at school.

As tributes continue to pour in, the overwhelming outpouring of love and fond memories stands as a testament to the profound impact of Josh’s life.

The funeral service to commemorate the life of Josh is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 24, at 10:45am at St. Katharine’s & St. Peter’s Church in Milford Haven. Following the service, a committal will be held at Parc Gwyn Crematorium at 12:15 pm.

In a gesture of remembrance and support for a cause close to Josh’s heart, the family has requested that donations in lieu of flowers be made to Portfield School. Contributions can be made through the fundraising page set up in Josh’s memory at https://www.gofundme. com/f/josh-harding.

The passing of Josh Harding has undoubtedly left a deep sense of sorrow within the Milford Haven community, yet his memory will continue to be cherished by those whose lives he touched.

As friends and family come together to bid farewell, their collective support and fond memories serve as a testament to the positive impact he had on everyone.

Crown court drug charges

A 23-YEAR-OLD man from Haverfordwest has been formally charged with multiple drug-related offences, including the possession and intent to supply cocaine, MDMA, and cannabis.

Owen Maddocks, residing at Hywel Road, will soon make a court appearance at Swansea Crown Court to respond to the charges.

Maddocks stands accused of possessing cocaine with intent to supply on April 5 and similarly for MDMA on June 15 of the previous

year. On the same dates, he also allegedly intended to supply cannabis, leading to additional charges.

Furthermore, the allegations against Maddocks include the possession of criminal property, specifically £4,905 in cash, which was seized on June 15.

After appearing at Llanelli Magistrates’ Court on May 3, Maddocks was granted bail. He is scheduled to appear at Swansea Crown Court on May 10, where he will enter his pleas.

Scooter rider hospitalised

POLICE haven confirmed to The Pembrokeshire Herald that a scooter rider was taken to hospital after his Peugeot bike and a Lexus car were involved in a crash.

The collision, on the A4076 at Pope Hill, Johnston, took place last Monday afternoon, May 6.

The road was closed for 75 minutes.

A Dyfed Powys Police

spokesperson said that officers attended the twovehicle incident which took place at around 4.15pm.

They added: “The vehicles involved were a yellow Lexus car and a black Peugeot Vivacity 50 scooter.

“The male rider of the scooter was taken to hospital.

“The road was closed and re-opened at 5.30pm.”

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Tom Sinclair

Immigrants fearing Rwanda ‘using local ferries’

Concerns: Fishguard Port needs security upgrade

FEARS are intensifying in Pembrokeshire as it becomes apparent that daily ferries to Ireland could be exploited by migrants attempting to avoid deportation to Rwanda. There are regular sailings from both Fishguard and Pembroke Dock.

In January an investigation was launched after 14 migrants were found hidden in a trailer at a port in County Wexford. The migrants, believed to be Kurdish and Vietnamese, were found

after a vehicle exited a ferry from France at Rosslare Europort in the early hours. The nine men, three women and two girls were found to be in good health, despite making a distress call because they were finding it hard to breathe inside the truck. Gardaí and a number of ambulances were at Rosslare Europort when the ferry, from Pembrokeshire, docked.

Last week, the Welsh Government announced the need to augment customs infrastructure at Port of Fishguard following the UK’s departure from the European Union. This expansion will bolster the port’s capacity and introduce a suite of new structures: two processing buildings— one permanent and one temporary—a mechanical and electrical plant, a waste management building, two water tanks, and enlarged parking facilities for heavy goods

Current security arrangements at local ports

BOTH the Stena Line and Irish Ferries websites state that UK and Irish citizens travelling between British and Irish ports do not need a passport but they do need some form of photographic identification. Accepted forms of photo ID for both companies are, Photographic Driving License, International Student Card,

Government issued photographic ID cards, Health insurance/social security photographic ID cards, Photographic bus/ train pass, Place of work photographic ID, Birth certificates (for under 18’s with no photo ID). Identification in digital form is not a valid form of identification when travelling with Stena Line. Both websites also state that all other nationalities other

than British and Irish citizens, will be required to provide a passport. The companies urge passengers to check with their respective embassies as they may also require a visa. Stena Line and Irish Ferries both stipulate that passengers who arrive at their ports either in Britain or Ireland without current valid documentation may not be allowed to enter the country.

vehicles. A new security building is also planned.

The scale of the problem is obvious. Approximately 7,000 asylum seekers have already arrived this year in Ireland. This mirrors the nearly 7,000 who have crossed over the same period by small boat from France to England. The routes they are using are obvious, and security needs to be stepped up, Irish immigration officials are saying.

But it’s not just the ferries. Undocumented asylum seekers are reportedly paying substantial sums to board cruise ships bound for Dublin, with reports of new arrivals setting up makeshift homes along Dublin’s Grand Canal. As of yesterday, the number of tents has doubled within a week, reaching a total of 85 between Mount Street Bridge and Huband Bridge. These journeys come at a high cost, with fares reaching up to £6,750 for cruise ship voyages that include stops in Dublin. Migrants have previously

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faced charges exceeding £1,000 to cross the Channel in smaller, less secure vessels. The new tactic seems to be a bid to evade the UK’s controversial policy of deporting certain asylum seekers to Rwanda.

An Egyptian man, seeking anonymity, expressed relief upon his arrival in Ireland, stating, “In England, they will send him to Rwanda,” highlighting the perceived safety in Ireland compared to the looming threat in the UK.

The situation has prompted responses from Irish officials, with Taoiseach Simon Harris committing to address the burgeoning encampments swiftly to prevent prolonged issues.

Abdul Rashid, a 28-year-old from Afghanistan, highlighted the ease of his journey, having paid around €2,000 for a cruise ship ticket that required no passport. “It was like a hotel, and they gave us food and everything,” he


Mr. Rashid’s story is one of many from migrants who have navigated various countries and faced numerous dangers only to find themselves at the heart of a heated debate in Ireland. As the number of migrants taking unconventional routes into Ireland increases, so does the local frustration and governmental pressure to manage the situation effectively.

Volunteers like Olivia Headon are doing their part by providing essential services and support to those who find themselves living in temporary conditions such as those on the Grand Canal. However, the scale of the challenge is growing, with calls for a more structured response to the situation.

In Ireland, The Department of Integration indicates that a significant number of

male asylum seekers are currently without state accommodation, highlighting the strain on resources.

As the debate continues, both in Pembrokeshire and across the Irish Sea, the impact of the UK’s Rwanda policy is being felt far and wide, raising questions about the future of asylum procedures and the humanitarian considerations therein.

Father jailed for assaulting daughter during work trip

A FATHER has been imprisoned after he assaulted his 19-yearold daughter during a business trip in Tenby. Nathan Smith, 41, of Salcot Crescent, Croydon, was staying with his daughter, Shania Smith, at Penally Manor near Christmas. The incident occurred around 2 pm on Sunday, December 17, when, according to the prosecutor Regan Walters, an altercation broke out between the two. Ms Smith confided in a colleague that she was being annoyed by her father. Mr. Walters stated

that Mr. Smith overheard the conversation and summoned his daughter to his room to discuss her comments.

During the confrontation, Ms Smith insisted she was not disrespecting her father, who then physically assaulted her. “The defendant grabbed her by the neck using both hands,” Mr. Walters explained, noting that she could still breathe. The altercation escalated as Mr. Smith pushed his daughter against a wall and dragged her back into the room when she tried to leave.

Colleagues intervened after hearing the commotion, and although Ms Smith attempted to contact the police, she was unable to due to a lack of signal. Authorities arrived approximately four hours later.

In a statement to the court, Ms Smith expressed her disillusionment with her father’s actions, stating, “I felt so let down” and “I just don’t feel safe.”

Mr. Smith, who has a history of seven previous convictions involving 15 offences, admitted to assault occasioning actual bodily harm but

Farm mechanic admits drink driving



farm mechanic has been sentenced by magistrates after driving his vehicle at speed towards another car when he was over the drinkdrive limit.

William Griffiths was driving his Seat Leon on an unclassified road between Maenclochog and Clarbeston just before 7pm on April 22.

“Another motorist was on her way home and she slowed down when the vehicle in front of her indicated to turn right,” Crown Prosecutor Abigail Jackson told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“But she then heard the sound of screeching tyres and saw a car travelling towards her at speed, breaking heavily and swerving across the road.”

The out-of-control car was being driven by William Griffiths, 47, of Clyn, Maenclochog.

“He shunted forward and skid marks could be seen on the road,” continued Ms Jackson. “Police officers were called and when they spoke to the defendant, they could smell alcohol on his breath.”

A roadside breath

test proved positive and Griffiths was taken to a police custody suite where he gave two further breath tests, the lowest giving a reading of 67 mcg. The legal limit is 35.

Ms Jackson confirmed that during a police interview, Griffiths admitted drinking three pints of lager earlier that evening.

“It’s sad that someone at the age of 47 comes before the court with a hitherto clean character,” said his barrister, David Griffiths, in mitigation.

“This was an exceptional situation as my client had been told that one of his friends had died suddenly that day.

“Because of this, he called into a pub and drank more than he should have.”

Mr Griffiths said that his client works as a self-employed mechanic on his family farm.

After considering the facts, magistrates disqualified Williams Griffiths from driving for a total of 18 months. He was fined £440 and ordered to pay a £176 court surcharge and £85 costs.

Voyeurism offence denied

Jonathan Hughes, 32, is accused of carrying out the offence at a residential property in Pembrokeshire on November 26, 2022.

denied a charge of strangulation. His plea was accepted by the prosecution.

Defence solicitor James McKenna described the incident as spontaneous and impulsive, saying, “This is a situation that should have never ever occurred. He is appalled by it.”

The court sentenced Mr. Smith to 14 months in prison and issued a three-year restraining order to protect his daughter, underscoring the severity of the familial breach.

Hughes, of Pill Road, appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday where he denied the charge of voyeurism.

Despite magistrates agreeing that the charge is suitable for summary trial in the magistrates court,

Hughes elected for the case to be heard at Swansea Crown Court. His trial proceedings will commence on June 7.

Hughes was released on conditional bail, the conditions being that he has no contact with the complainant either directly or indirectly, he makes no contact with her home address and that he refrains from putting anything on social media relating to the complainant.

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Security risk: Immigrants in France looking to get to UK Border Force: There is a presence in Pembroke Port

Lidl will be first supermarket to sell milk from Pembrokeshire Creamery

LIDL has announced that it will soon become the first UK retailer to sell milk exclusively produced and bottled in Wales, thanks to a partnership with Pembrokeshire Creamery.

Starting from June 1, Lidl customers in Wales will be able to purchase Welsh own-label milk products, with plans to extend this to include cream shortly thereafter.

Previously, milk produced in Wales was transported to England for bottling before being sold in Welsh stores. However, with a significant £20m investment supported by the Welsh government, Pembrokeshire Creamery has now established the only bottling facility in the country certified to supply supermarkets. This development not only reduces transportation distances, thus cutting down on food miles, but also generates 80 new jobs in the local community.

The initiative is part of Lidl’s broader strategy to support Welsh agriculture and provide consumers with locally sourced products. Their range already includes Welsh bread, butter, yoghurt, eggs, lamb, and beef.

Richard Bourns, Lidl GB’s Chief Commercial Officer, emphasised the retailer’s dedication to local produce: “Our partnership with Pembrokeshire Creamery is testament to our commitment to offer Welsh shoppers the very best in homegrown food and drink.”

Mark McQuade, Managing Director of Pembrokeshire Creamery, highlighted the efficiency of the new operation. “The partnership will deliver products from farm to shelf in a more efficient way, removing the need for Welsh milk to be sent to England for bottling, before coming back to

Wales,” he said.

This news coincides with Lidl’s announcement of a £500m investment in the British pork industry,

aimed at supporting continued production amidst recent challenges such as rising costs, a Chinese import ban on

EU pork, and butcher shortages, which have significantly impacted the sector.

Lidl’s initiatives are

set to bolster not only the local Welsh economy but also the broader agricultural sector across the UK.

Lucy’s sudden passing at just 38 leaves a community in mourning

MILFORD HAVEN is reeling from the untimely passing of Lucy Wind, a beloved mother, daughter, and sister.

Lucy, aged just 38, passed away suddenly but peacefully at her residence on Sunday, April 21, leaving behind cherished memories and a profound sense of loss among family and friends.

Lucy was known for her devotion to her two boys, Ryan and Adam, aged 15 and 12.

Her passing has left a significant void in their lives, as she was not only a dedicated mother but also a pillar of strength for

her family.

Lucy’s parents, Angela and the late John Wind, and her siblings Sharon, Jason, and the late Alison, are mourning the loss of a beloved daughter and sister.

Details surrounding Lucy’s sudden demise have shocked many in the community.

Just hours before her passing, Lucy had been joyfully celebrating her cousin’s 18th birthday at a family gathering. Witnesses recount her vibrant presence on the dance floor, reveling in the company of loved ones. She left the venue early at 10:30pm to prepare for work the following day, but passed away at home. Lucy’s unexpected departure has left many grappling with disbelief.

Lucy was known for her selflessness and frugality, always prioritising her family over material possessions.

In line with her wishes, her funeral service will

be a testament to her minimalist approach to life.

The service, arranged by Newings, took place on Thursday, May 9, at 10:45am at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth.

In honour of Lucy’s vibrant spirit, attendees are encouraged to wear a splash of purple, her favourite colour.

In lieu of floral tributes, the family requested donations to support Lucy’s sons, Ryan and Adam, through a GoFundMe page set up by Lucy’s cousin, Kerryanne. The outpouring of support from the community has been overwhelming, reflecting the impact Lucy had on those around her.

For those wishing to contribute to the fund for Lucy’s sons, donations can be made through the following link: https:// lucy-wind.

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A festival for sanity in Pembrokeshire

IT’S THE start of that annual shift to a visitor economy and county. Not only common or garden visitors but some rarities are flocking our way, hungry for unique groundbreaking experiences. One such is coming to the jagged wild estuarine land in the sunny south of the county. It’s The Big Retreat Festival.

‘From the buzz of live music to the bliss of yoga and wild swimming. From woodland foraging to cookery demos and gin workshops. From high energy workouts to gong baths and meditation. We present a smorgasbord of Feel Good wonders to delight, refresh and inspire.’ proclaims the website. Yet behind all this bliss is a deeper story.

Amber, as part of the family who belong to the land, is using it to transform lives: ‘Our festival is unique as a space where mental health is central to the event’s ethos. It provides a sanctuary for those seeking solace and understanding.’ she writes. And the performers are also experts on this journey to wholeness.

Matt Johnson, journalist, songwriter, mental health advocate writes ‘For years, I battled with depression and anxiety, culminating in a suicide attempt in 2009. Since then, I’ve embarked on a profound (bumpy) journey of self-discovery, delving into the complexities of the human mind. Through introspection and encounters with remarkable individuals, like those at the Big Retreat Festival, I’ve found solace and comfort along the way. It fills me with immense pride that such a nurturing space thrives in my beloved Wales. When I first opened up about my mental health, there were no such platforms. The Big Retreat is truly heartwarming.

So many creators of the event have a back story of clawing their way out of the

mental pits and sloughs of despond. Matt continues:

“What I truly love is its everchanging nature. You can go from a Krystal facial massage to flowing through a tai chi class, then rush off to ‘fill your face’ with the best cheese toasty imaginable whilst you wait for Lucy Spraggan to light the stage. It’s like being in a sunny wellness kaleidoscope! The weekend feels like one big family reunion, where serendipity reigns supreme!”

million were referred for talking therapies but barely a third got full treatment.

So Mike set out to fill the gap. Knowing the suffocation of being left high and dry, unable to breathe the sweet air of normality, he set up Blink. The popularity of this talking therapy drop in service amazed Mike. Why? People are in a playful mood, Mike surmised, ready to try new things. Anyone can explore our solutions, without the digging of a diagnosis, the indignity of referral or the interminable wait. A session can happen privately, away from friends and family, or they can try it too. There is zero stigma. Blink also provides chill spaces with beanbags and surprisingly, jigsaws. Festivals produce the pressures of a maelstrom of stimulus. Jigsaws let you zone out, maybe talk while doing them to the empathetic focussed listeners who reassure with facts - mental illness is getting as common as the cold. There are ways out of the pain that feels like a prison with no key. People have found them.

Mike is surprised how often people who can afford therapy are too ashamed to consider it. They change their attitude after a festive fling at sharing their struggles turns out to be liberating. The door of the ivory tower creaks open.

Mike McAdam founded Blink, the roving talking therapist troupe who frequent festivals. He told me he was a Mr Fortunate with successful job, marriage and own home. When mental illness crept up, he went into denial for a long time. When it got so bad he had to seek help it was not available. The symptoms did not fit the fixed categories. Life became less appealing than death. Behind this systemic failure are shock statistics: In one year (2022) in England alone 1.9

Everyone appreciates Amber and the host team’s dedication. She is mission driven, writing: “The Big Retreat is more than just a gathering; it transcends entertainment, it’s a movement towards a more compassionate, understanding, and supportive world.”

As I write, global politics is in the grip of a terrible insanity. A genocide in our name is gathering pace. This event, offering visitors an oasis of sanity where Wales meets the global sea, is timely indeed.

Dock man avoids jail sentence after breaking vase

A DOCK man has narrowly avoided a prison sentence following a domestic incident that resulted in a broken vase of flowers

Police were called to a property in Kavanagh Court, Pembroke Dock, on the night of May 5, following a 999 call from the occupant.

There they discovered Michal Rakowski, 39.

“The complainant was clearly upset and very distressed when viewed on the police body-worn footage,” Crown Prosecutor Abigail Jackson told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“She had rung 999 to ask the police to come and arrest the defendant, and a male voice could be heard in the background shouting, ‘F*** you’.

“The whole time that the police were there, she wasn’t looking at them and had her head down. She was clearly distressed.”

Ms Jackson went on to say that Rakowski and the complainant have been involved in a tempestuous relationship for a considerable length of time

“There’s a history between the two parties and the domestic situation is continuing between the two of them,” she said.

Rakowski pleaded guilty to a charge of causing criminal damage to the flowers and a vase and appeared before magistrates after being remanded in custody. This was because the offence had been committed whilst Rakowski was the subject of a community order imposed for a similar offence.

The probation service was present in court and confirmed that the defendant’s engagement with his probation officer has been sporadic.

After considering the facts, magistrates sentenced Rakowski to an 18-month community order during which he must carry out 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours of unpaid work. He was also ordered to pay fines and charges totalling £224, including £25 compensation to the complainant.

“Today you’ve come very close to being sent back to custody,” said the presiding magistrates when imposing sentence.

“I want to make it very clear that if you trip up and don’t engage with the probation service, you know what’s going to happen to you.”

Four-figure fine because of four-legged friends

A PACK of dogs which bark persistently in a Pembrokeshire residential area have resulted in a four-figure fine for their owner.

“The lady living in the property beneath has been concerned about the noise for some considerable time,” said solicitor Jill Davies, prosecuting on behalf of Pembrokeshire County Council.

“Sometimes the dogs can be heard barking at two, three and even four o’clock in the morning,”

As a result, noise abatement notices were served on Catherine Jones, 51, of Northfield Terrace, Robseston Wathen, following numerous visits by Pembrokeshire County Council’s enforcement officers, RSPCA officers and police officers. But despite the notices, Catherine Jones’s dogs continued to bark.

“The noise abatement notices were served as a result of at least five

Tenant fined for ignoring warnings to remove rubbish

A TENANT who continued to let rubbish pile up outside his home despite receiving multiple warnings is facing a hefty court bill.

Richard Cook of Trafalgar Road, Haverfordwest, had been issued with a Community Protection Notice (CPN) following repeated incidents where refuse and household waste was left outside the property.

dogs, possibly as many as seven, barking in a domestic local authority property,” continued Jill Davies.

Last week Jones was found guilty in her absence by Haverfordwest magistrates of five charges of failing to comply with a noise abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act and three charges of failing to comply with a community protection notice.

This Tuesday, May 7, the matter was brought back to Haverfordwest Magistrates Court for sentencing; once again Catherine Jones failed to attend.

Jones was ordered to pay a total of £1,640, comprising a £440 fine and £1,200 prosecution costs to Pembrokeshire County Council. An application by the local authority for a criminal behaviour order to be served against Jones was declined by magistrates.

The situation reached a level where it was considered to be a risk to public health, safety and welfare and the rubbish was attracting rats.

Despite visits from Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) Environmental Services staff to educate and offer advice, plus warnings from Public Health officers and Mr Cook’s landlords ATEB, the situation remained unchanged.

The CPN was issued on November 29th 2023, requiring Mr Cook to remove all refuse and household waste from the front and the rear grounds of the property and

dispose of it appropriately within 14 days.

When the CPN was served there was a large accumulation of uncovered black refuse sacks containing household waste, old cardboard boxes and a smashed door left in the front of the property.

On Wednesday 13th December 2023, a PCC Public Health Officer attended again at the property and found there was still refuse/ household waste and a mass of uncovered black bags piled in a large heap at the front of the property.

The tenant had also made no effort whatsoever to clear the refuse and accumulated waste from the rear grounds of the property.

A prosecution was subsequently taken for breach of the CPN.

Mr Cook failed to attend Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Thursday 4th April 2024 and the case was proved in his absence.

He was fined £440 and must pay surcharge of £176, plus full costs of £1,235.90.

The Council will now consider direct action and charging the outstanding amount back from Mr Cook.

Cllr Michelle Bateman, Council Cabinet Member for Housing Operations and Regulatory Services, said: “Our officers and partners from ATEB have tried many times to engage with Mr Cook and try to resolve this issue without having to resort to enforcement.

“However, the requests have simply been ignored and we have been left with no choice but to use the powers available to force removal of this waste which is attracting rats and vermin.

“I welcome the court’s decision to impose a significant fine in this case.”

Lottery winning business pledges support for community projects



local business, W.B. Griffiths & Son, located in Haverfordwest, emerged victorious in the latest Pembs Lottery draw. The company, which has been an avid supporter of the lottery since its inception, was rewarded for its loyalty with a substantial win.

Pembrokeshire. W.B. Griffiths & Son’s commitment to supporting local initiatives not only enriches the community.

The gesture characterises

Director Neil Griffiths graciously accepted the £2000 prize on behalf of the business and expressed their delight in being able to give back to the community that has supported them throughout the years. Griffiths revealed that the prize money would be directed towards local community projects, thereby fostering a positive cycle of support within the area.

The Pembrokeshire Lottery team extended their heartfelt congratulations to the fortunate winners, acknowledging their unwavering support and dedication to the local community.

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Tom Sinclair Tom Sinclair

Message suggests Vaughan Gething lied to UK Covid Inquiry


GETHING came under fresh pressure on Tuesday (May 7).

Wales’s First Minister, whose reputation hangs on a thread following a donations scandal, allegedly misled the UK Covid inquiry when he gave evidence in March.


Veteran reporter Martin Shipton revealed Mr Gething’s casual approach to truth in an article for Nation Cymru.

The First Minister gave evidence under oath, saying WhatsApp messages on his phone were accidentally deleted by Senedd IT staff.

However, a message leaked to Martin Shipton contradicts his account.

Jon Coles

In a text message posted to the ministerial group chat on Monday, August 17 2020, when he was Health Minister, Mr Gething wrote: “I’m deleting the messages in this group. They can be captured in an FOI [Freedom of Information request] and I think we are all in the right place on the choice being made.”

Vaughan Gething is a solicitor. Giving apparently perjured evidence under oath to a statutory inquiry could have grave professional consequences. The political consequences could be apocalyptic.


message’s leak from a ministerial WhatsApp group suggests its source is within Labour ranks in the Senedd and was either a group member or a person connected to a group member.

Finally, the content of the message makes it clear that messages were deliberately deleted to avoid being captured by a potential Freedom of Information Act request at a future date.

And it was Mr Gething who made the deletions on that basis.


The First Minister cannot plead ignorance.

On March 11, the lead Counsel for the Covid Inquiry questioned him about the missing messages.

had gone out of his way to delete messages because he did not want them revealed to the public.

Mr Gething never corrected the record or his evidence. His discomfiture follows that of former First Minister Mark Drakeford, who denied using WhatsApp messages and only corrected the record when it was found he had.


Covid Families for Justice Cymru said they wanted Mr Gething recalled to give evidence to Baroness Hallett’s Inquiry, adding: “We look forward to hearing the response from the UK Covid Inquiry to the news Vaughan Gethin deleted his ministerial messages.

The interlocking issues for Mr Gething could not be more damaging.

If he lied to the Covid Inquiry under oath, his fellow MSs can have little faith that he is telling them the truth when he answers questions in the Senedd.

Secondly, it opens the door to questions about what else Welsh Government ministers and civil servants deleted for fear its content could embarrass them or be subject to disclosure later. For the avoidance of doubt, any other current or former ministers in the group chat who heard Mr Gething plead innocence and ignorance and stayed silent are also in the soup.

Moreover, the

Tom Poole KC said: “You would accept, would you, that it’s not just important to retain records for an Inquiry of this nature but it is important for public accountability?”

Mr Gething responded: “Indeed, it’s important the public can see not just the choices we made but why we have made those choices.”

The Senedd’s Presiding Officer was inadvertently caught up in Mr Gething’s coverup.

The day after Mr Gething gave evidence to the UK Covid Inquiry, the Conservative leader, Andrew RT Davies, raised the messages’ lss.

Elin Jones MS intervened to say that she hoped Mr Davies was not criticising Senedd IT staff.

Neither Mr Davies nor Ms Jones could have known that Mr Gething

“He said under oath that he had not.

“He might not have known there was a disappearing message function, but he definitely knew how to delete texts manually. They were a public record that could be published under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request!

“Which is exactly why he deleted them. The other ministers in the chat are complicit, too.”


Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, also called for Mr Gething’s recall by Baroness Hallett.

He said: “The cloak and dagger decisionmaking in the Labour Welsh Government is clear.

“Decisions made in these WhatsApp groups have led to lives lost and businesses shut.

“Evidence suggesting that the First Minister deliberately deleted important exchanges makes it obvious why Labour has blocked an independent Walesspecific COVID inquiry.

“In light of this, there is an even more compelling case for a COVID inquiry for Wales.”


Plaid Cymru leader Rhun ap Iorwerth MS said: “The revelation that Vaughan Gething, as the former Health Minister of Wales, deliberately deleted messages at the height of the pandemic strikes a devastating blow to those who lost loved ones and who, like us in Plaid Cymru, have long called for a Welsh inquiry to investigate Government decisions.

“We all sought transparency but were told everything was available for the UK Inquiry to see; this undermines any belief that that is the case.

“It shows blatant disregard for honesty and transparency, further undermining trust in the Labour First Minister following his donations scandal.

“The leaked message shows that the Welsh Labour Cabinet was complicit in allowing this deception.

“As chair of the Inquiry, Baroness Hallett should immediately recall Vaughan Gething to clarify what he said under oath.

“Vaughan Gething is running away from an independent investigation into a donation to his Labour leadership campaign but must not be allowed to dodge an investigation into this extremely serious matter.”

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Haverfordwest interchange scrutiny call fails

A CALL for Haverfordwest’s transport interchange to come under the scrutiny of full council was defeated by just one vote, but the project as a whole will see a cheaper version built, to the tune of more than £10m.

The second stage of building Haverfordwest’s transport interchange was backed by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet last month, with members hearing it could cost the council more to not support it.

The transport interchange, which includes an integrated bus station and construction of a new multi-storey car park, is part of a wider series of regeneration projects in the county town.

The total cost of the Welsh Government grant-supported scheme in the approved budget is £18.881m, £1.987m coming from Pembrokeshire County Council.

At the April Cabinet meeting, a report for members warned that if the scheme was not backed then Welsh government could withdraw its grant funding, with some £3.376m spent on the project to date, which could be reclaimed.

After that meeting, a successful ‘call-in’ for the matter to be discussed at the council’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting of May 7 was made by the council’s Welsh Conservative group, led by Cllr Di Clements.

It asked for “full and proper scrutiny” of the decision, saying the Cabinet decision had

“little discussion on how the ‘value engineering’ of this project will affect the project overall”.

At the May 7 meeting, deputy leader Cllr Paul Miller labelled the ‘callin’ politically motivated, saying: “The council had a car park that wasn’t very good, and we’re building a better one,” adding: “Cabinet didn’t vote for something they didn’t understand, every member in that room knew what they were voting for.

“It’s going to cost a lot more not to do this project than to do it; I think this is a purely political exercise, nonsense really, if Pembrokeshire County Council can’t rebuild a knackered carpark in its county town centre what is going on?”

Following a successful call by Cllr Aled Thomas for some confidential details of the ‘value engineering’ reductions in costs were made public; the cost of the overall project reduced by some £10m-plus, from an early estimate figure of £25m for the original scheme highlighted in the nowpublic documents.

The ‘value engineering’ includes a reduction in size of the scheme, from 320 to 290 larger parking spaces, including the removal of a ‘green roof’ and other infrastructure.

“I struggle to see how you can take £10m off a project and it fundamentally be the same project,” Cllr Thomas said.

Cllr Miller told members: “This has been an exercise in cutting our cloth, but we

think we found the right balance.”

Councillor Tony Wilcox said: “We’re getting basically the same scheme for £10m less, virtually like-forlike, it’s good all round; I only wish it was in Pembroke Dock.”

The issue of the changed figures drew the ire of former council leader Cllr Jamie Adams, who said: “Part of the scandal surrounding the project is the figures [over time] have been so wildly fluctuating, £8m then £18m, we never really had an explanation as to why that was; then up to £25m, and now down to £14.5m.

“The public are rightly asking ‘what an earth is going on?’.”

He added: “We’ve had a fait accompli and such wildly conflicting reports about how much it’s going to cost; you

would struggle to find 10 per cent of the people I’ve spoken to say they were in support of this scheme.

“We’re simply reflecting the views we’re being given; we’ve become a bit of a laughing-stock because the costs of this have gone up and down, up and down.”

Cllr Miller finished by saying: “Here we are, half way down the road to building this car park, it’s £1.9m to deliver, if we don’t deliver we’ll have to spend much more to have a gravel car park we have now.”

A call was made by Cllr Thomas for the scheme to return to full council, along with potential revisions to the scheme.

“The issue here isn’t the car park in itself, it’s the way it’s been handled; the fact is the

Cabinet meeting was done and dusted in 10 minutes.”

He formally proposed: “Given the significance of this project, the committee wish for full council to provide full scrutiny of this project at a council level before returning its recommendation to the cabinet.

“The committee request that Cllr Miller engage with the Welsh Government as to whether it is possible for a revision to be made to this project and its funding as a result of town centres changing drastically post Covid-19, and that should also be discussed at the council meeting.”

That call was defeated by seven votes to six, the original Cabinet decision standing.

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Bruce Sinclair Local Democracy Reporter

Arrest after £1,800 of items stolen from Boots

A 27-YEAR-OLD Romanian has been remanded in custody after stealing over £1,000 worth of items from Boots in Pembroke Dock.

Raj Domnu was arrested by police officers after being observed stealing the items on April 13. He appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on April 22 when admitted stealing items totalling £1,818.53.

The matter was adjourned for an alloptions probation report to be prepared prior to Domnu’s sentencing, and this week he re-appeared before Haverfordwdest magistrates court

via a video-link from Swansea Prison where he has been remanded in custody.

“The report has been prepared, but my client doesn’t understand a word of English so I’m unable to discuss it with him,” said his solicitor, Michael Kelleher.

Crown Prosecutor Abigail Jackson also stated that to sentence Domnu without the assistance of an interpreter would be judicially unfair to the defendant.

As a result, the matter was adjourned to May 13. Domnu, of Frodingham Road, Scunthorpe, was remanded in custody.

Police investigating collision


is investigating a collision on Water Street, Carmarthen, at around 7.45pm on Friday, April 26.

The collision involved a silver Mini Cooper and a pedestrian.

The female pedestrian suffered injuries to their leg.

Police are now appealing for anyone with information,

dash cam or CCTV footage, that could help them with their investigation, either online at DPPContactOnline, by emailing, or by calling 101. Alternatively, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111, or visiting

Firefighters help deliver fire engines to Ukraine

FIRE services from across the United Kingdom have rallied together to donate vital firefighting equipment to Ukraine, amidst ongoing conflicts that have seen local fire stations and firefighters come under direct attack.

The Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) was at the forefront of this international goodwill effort, donating three fire appliances and dispatching nine of their personnel to ensure safe delivery.

The initiative, coordinated by Fire Aid UK, involved a total of 11 UK fire services. Over a grueling 5.5-day journey that spanned several countries— starting from Kent Fire and Rescue Service and moving through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and into Poland—33 fire appliances were transported to a location

just 20 miles from the Ukraine border. They left Kent on April 23.

This convoy, laden with not just fire engines but also 3000 items of critical firefighting gear including cutting equipment, fire hoses, first aid kits, and generators, was a sight of resilience and humanitarian commitment.

Watch Manager Rob MakePeace, a Business Fire Safety Officer, and Watch Manager

Keith Jenkins, who is retired but still oversees part-time personnel at Haverfordwest, played pivotal roles in the operation from Pembrokeshire.

Speaking on the experience, Keith Jenkins expressed the profound impact of the mission, “It was a fantastic experience to be involved in. The convoy itself was an amazing sight, but the people we met, places we stayed and the reason we were

delivering the appliances was something we will remember for a long time.”

The donation comes at a critical time for Ukraine, where daily attacks have not only jeopardized the lives of local firefighters but have also devastated much of the essential infrastructure needed to fight fires effectively. The additional appliances and equipment from the UK are expected to significantly bolster the capabilities of the Ukrainian fire departments, providing them with the necessary tools to save lives and protect property under dire circumstances.

This act of generosity and the strenuous efforts by the UK firefighters underscore a deep commitment to aiding those in peril, transcending borders and showcasing the best of international cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

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Drunk digger driver remanded for hurling racial abuse


digger driver who hurled racist abuse at his female black neighbours on repeated occasions has been remanded in custody.

Body-worn footage captured by police officers following Ian Thomas’s arrest shows him asking the question, “Am I being done for beating up a black c***?”

Thomas, Hamilton Terrace, was brought before Haverfordwest Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after being remanded in custody, following a spate of offences committed on May 4 and May 5.

“The victim and the defendant are neighbours who reside in the same block of flats,” said Crown Prosecutor Abigail Jackson.

“Initially, when the victim first moved in, there were no issues between them, but then he started coming home drunk, shouting, swearing, and banging on her door.”

On May 4 the victim heard Thomas returning home.

“He was clearly intoxicated and appeared to have wet himself,” continued Ms Jackson.

“He started banging on her door and then she heard him shouting ‘Black bastards’. She knew it was him because she recognised his voice.”

The following day, the victim returned to her home after attending a church service.

Once again Thomas subjected her to racial abuse.

“She had placed a black bin bag outside her flat and the defendant kicked it, causing it to split, with rubbish being strewn all over the hallway,” said Ms Jackson.

A victim impact statement was read out the court

“This has left me feeling very scared,” said the victim.

“I really don’t know what he would do if he had the chance, and

since this happened, I haven’t left my flat. The racist comments really hurt me and I’m really upset by it.”

Ms Jackson said that when police arrived at Thomas’ flat for questioning, he answered the door holding a knife which he was pointing downwards. As a result, he was arrested.

“When he was taken into custody he told the officers that he had ‘black c***s’ as neighbours and asked why he was being arrested for beating up a black c***,” added Ms Jackson.

She informed magistrates that Thomas has 26 previous convictions for violence issues, public order offences and weapon offences.

She said that Thomas

is also alcohol dependent. Thomas pleaded guilty to three charges – causing his victim to fear violence; using threatening words and behaviour and racially aggravated words, affray and causing criminal damage to the bin bag.

Sentencing was adjourned until May 21 and Thomas was remanded in custody, despite a request by his solicitor, Michael Kelleher, for him to be released on bail.

“Generally, he gets on fine with the victim,” he said. “Unpleasant words were said that day, but they were not intentional.

“He is not a racist but he was clearly under the influence.”

Thomas was remanded in Swansea Prison until his sentencing.

Convicted sex offender breached register with Morocco holiday

A CONVICTED Pembrokeshire sex offender has admitted spending a month in Morocco after failing to inform police of his intention to leave the country.

Wayne Mansbridge arrived in Morocco on January 16 and remained there until February 16, despite having been placed on the sex offenders’ register following a conviction of sexually assaulting a soldier in 2014. One of the register’s requirements demands that Mansbridge notifies the police at least seven days before leaving the UK.

“But the sex offenders register states that he must notify them at least seven days in advance.”

When officers arrested Mansbridge following his return to the UK, he fully admitted the offence, claiming it had ‘gone out of his head’.

“He travelled to Morocco on January 16 and returned on February 16, so he had travelled for a full month,” continued Ms Jackson.

“He informed officers that he has been abroad a number of times since the offence, but this is the first time he has failed to comply with the sex offender’s register requirements.”

“The police received information that he’d gone abroad but he had not informed them of his intentions to travel,” Crown Prosecutor Abigail Jackson told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

Mansbridge, 57, of Oak Grove, Twycross, Saundersfoot, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with the notification requirements. Following a request by

Police appeal for information after several thefts from tractors

POLICE officers in Pembrokeshire investigating theft from several tractors, which happened overnight between April 17-18, 2024.

The tractors had been in a field near to Loch Turfin, Haverfordwest. Included in the stolen items were vehicle keys, tools and waterproof clothing.

said “Police are now appealing for anyone with information that could help them with their investigation to contact PC 772

A spokesperson

Boyt either through a direct message on

social media, online at: DPPContactOnline, by emailing or by calling 101.

“Quote reference: 24*355571”

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his solicitor, Tom Lloyd, for an all-options probation report, sentencing was adjourned to May 28 and Mansbridge was released on unconditional bail.

Three Bank Holiday shouts for Angle RNLI volunteers

THE Angle AllWeather Lifeboat sprang into action once again, answering its third call over the Bank Holiday weekend. The urgent summons came at 10:34 am on Sunday morning, triggered by a distressing 999 call from a dive vessel. The vessel reported an injured diver on board, who had taken a fall while entering the water, resulting in suspected broken ribs.

Responding promptly, the lifeboat set sail, swiftly navigating to the distressed vessel stationed near the Dakotian buoy in Dale, a popular diving locale.

Concurrently, the Milford Haven Harbour Patrol vessel and another dive boat mobilised to aid the operation. Fortunately, before the lifeboat’s arrival, reports confirmed that the injured diver had been safely recovered by another dive vessel.

Upon arrival, two skilled crew members

with expertise in casualty care were deployed onto the dive vessel to assess and administer aid to the injured diver. Following a thorough assessment, the casualty was provided with oxygen and wrapped in blankets to stave off the chill.

Once stabilised, the casualty was carefully transferred onto the lifeboat and transported to the Port Authority jetty, where the Dale Coastguard Rescue Team and a paramedic awaited their arrival, poised to continue the medical assessment. Subsequently, upon deeming the casualty fit for transfer, the paramedic assumed responsibility and conveyed the individual to the hospital for further treatment.

With the successful completion of the rescue mission, the lifeboat and

its crew were stood down and returned to base.

However, as the lifeboat was nearing its station, the crew intercepted a distress call, a Mayday, emanating from a vessel in need. Responding swiftly, the lifeboat diverted its course to assist once more.

Upon reaching the designated area near the outer pontoon at Dale, it was confirmed that a local dive vessel had already rendered assistance, preventing the yacht from drifting into peril. Investigation revealed that the yacht had encountered mechanical issues, including an overheating engine and a malfunctioning electric windlass, prompting the distress call to the coastguard.

Efficiently, a tow was arranged, and the troubled yacht was safely escorted to Milford Marina, where it found refuge alongside

the lock pits pontoon approximately an hour later. With the situation resolved, the lifeboat and its crew were stood down and returned to station, ready to respond to any subsequent emergencies.

Early this morning,

at 12:24 am, the crew received a direct page from the Coastguard, summoning their assistance for a person in distress in the waters off Haverfordwest. Both the Dale and Broad Haven Coastguard Rescue Teams were also mobilised to aid in the operation.

However, just as the crew was preparing to launch, the mission was called off as the person in distress was successfully rescued from the water.

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Friday May 10th 2024

Fundraiser to take on epic 87k steps challenge

SAM Faulkner is challenging himself to walk 87,000 steps in one day to raise funds for the Cardiac Care Unit at Withybush Hospital in memory of his father.

SAM Faulkner is challenging himself to walk 87,000 steps in one day to raise funds for the Cardiac Care Unit at Withybush Hospital in memory of his father.

Sam will be walking along the Brecon and Monmouth Canal from Brecon to Rogerstone in Newport.

Sam said: “Since losing my Dad last year, I made a personal

commitment to do something to raise money every year for the Cardiac Care Unit at Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest who looked after my Dad so well in his final days.

“I will be challenging myself to complete 87,000 steps in a day on July 20th 2024 – 1,000 steps for every year of my Dad’s life. I’ll be walking around 40 miles in about 10 hours.

“Canal walks were always a firm favourite of mine and my Dad’s, with

many days spent walking along the Grand Union in Northamptonshire when I was growing up.

“My family and I, and the unit at the hospital, would be beyond grateful for anything supporters could give. Thank you ever so much in advance.”

Katie Hancock, Pembrokeshire Fundraising Officer, said: “We’d like to say a huge good luck to Sam with his challenge. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to raise more funds for the Cardiac Care Unit.

“The support of our local communities enables us to provide services

over and above what the NHS can provide in the three counties of Hywel Dda and we are extremely grateful for every donation we receive.”

You can donate to Sam’s fundraiser here: https://www.justgiving. com/page/sam-faulkner1712508280259?newPa ge=true&fbclid=IwAR2ty VVQVea0DLQelSsrp7Ie 2CKjX0jXGnwndR_tBKLAv2kv8f5nchEolw

For more details about the charity and how you can help support local NHS patients and staff, go to www. hywelddahealthcharities.

Fourth Bank Holiday shout for Angle RNLI

ANGLE All-Weather Lifeboat was requested to launch at 5:46pmon Bank Holiday Monday to assist a small vessel in difficulty off the Angle buoy, between Angle and Dale.

The vessel had suffered steering failure, and with a large VLCC tanker inbound the casualty vessel was quickly taken under tow by a Port Authority Pilot Vessel.

As the pilot vessel was required to stay with the tanker as a specified vessel requiring a patrol, the pilot boats crew requested the lifeboats attendance.

The lifeboat launched and rendezvoused with the pilot vessel off Chapel Bay and a tow was swiftly passed to the casualty vessel.

After discussing the options with the vessels skipper, the casualties were taken under tow to their mooring at Castle Pill. Once off the narrow entrance to the Pill, the vessel was transferred into an alongside tow and

manoeuvred through the tight entrance.

Around 30 minutes after being taken under tow, the casualty vessel was placed safely on their mooring. Content that no


LAST weekend we visited Ceredigion again.

This time, there was no funeral, wedding, or gathering of the clan.

This time, it was a weekend away for me, the missus, and Mitzi the Mutt.

The weather decided to open with sarcasm. After months of seemingly incessant rainfall, the sun shone, fluffy white clouds were high in the blue sky, and a pleasant breeze took the edge off the sun’s heat.

True, there were puddles at the side of the road, and the verges looked soaked, but you might almost have confused the weather with the onset of Spring.

Booking a static caravan always carries risks.

Some owners like to label their pied-a-terre with names like “ShangriLa” and “Utopia”. You have to wonder what the miserable place in some people’s lives is like if a tin hut on bricks wedged among identical tin huts on bricks is paradise on earth.

Others like to fill them with “endearing” personal touches so that their interiors resemble an explosion in a particularly tacky seaside gift shop. Then there are the solar lights, the little windmills that light up at night and wheel away, producing those prostate-provoking trickles of water that give the wee small hours their name, and plastic plants festooned with little lights that flash all the colour of an epilepsyinducing rainbow.

Our weekend base was mercifully free of knick-knackery and tiresome illumination.

Once I’d unloaded the car and taken an eager Mitzi for a relieving walk, I returned to our weekend billet.

My darling had made a mug of

Glengettie and opened a packet of chocolate biccies. It was bliss. And then she turned on the television.

There was snooker.

My wife is quite the snooker fan. I cannot imagine why she finds the spectacle of poorlyshaven men wearing tootight trousers bending over a table to play with balls fascinating. Nevertheless, she does.

I asked if Ray Reardon was still playing, and she looked at me with barely concealed contempt and rolled her eyes. Apparently, it was someone called Kyren Wilson.

What happened to snooker players with sensible names, like Doug, Ray, Cliff, Terry, or Fred?

You know where you are with a Doug, don’t you?

Doug is a name that speaks of twenty Kensitas, a pint of Worthington E and a Workingmen’s Club in Tredegar.

Kyren - it rhymes with “siren” - sounds like a contestant on Britain’s Got the Love Island Celebrity Voice Get Me Out of Here on Ice.

Kyren the Siren was the favourite to win the tournament. He had all the right attributes. Kyren had the dead-eyed expression and ghastly pallor of someone who’d spent a long time in darkened rooms relentlessly practising his craft and honing his skill. A bit like Dracula, but without the million-dollar smile. There’s determination. There’s grim-faced determination. There’s the overpowering will to win. But if going around with a face like a slapped arse is an essential part of one’s career, I’ll stick to the undoubted joy and adrenaline rush of accountancy.

further assistance was required, the lifeboat and her crew were stood down to return to station where she was readied for further service by 6:45pm.

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Joy as Willow rescued by coastguard after 12-day ordeal

WILLOW a cherished family dog, has been reunited with her owners after a harrowing 12-day disappearance.

The heartwarming conclusion to her ordeal unfolded when she was discovered by holidaymakers halfway down a cliff near Penberi.

The saga began when Willow went missing, leaving her

owners distraught and launching a communitywide search effort.

Despite the anxious days that followed, hope flickered when a group of vacationers chanced upon Willow during a stroll.

Quick-thinking and resourceful, they

captured images of Willow’s precarious position, took note of nearby landmarks, and promptly relayed this vital information to her grateful owners.

Equipped with these invaluable visuals, HM Coastguard rescuers from the St Davids team were able to pinpoint Willow’s location with precision.

Upon arrival, they

called out to her, prompting the weary dog to respond with intermittent howls. Amidst the rugged coastal terrain, the reassuring voices of her rescuers provided solace until the arrival of the Coastguard team.

Led by a dedicated crew, a daring cliffside operation ensued, culminating in Willow’s safe retrieval. Greeted

by wagging tails and relieved smiles, the successful rescue mission saw Willow reunited with her owners, albeit thin and nursing a minor injury.

Expressing profound gratitude, Willow’s owners extended heartfelt thanks to the community for their unwavering support.

From spreading the word to actively scouring

the countryside, the collective efforts of friends, strangers, and local establishments played a pivotal role in Willow’s safe return.

Ella Sutton said: “We can’t thank everyone enough for your generosity, time, sharing, walking, droning, driving, thoughts, prayers and messages. Thank you to all those that have kept an eye out for her on your everyday or deliberate walks, runs and cycles, and to those that have driven around especially, hoping to glimpse a sighting. Many of you we know, but many we don’t.

“Thank you to the campsites and cafes for having posters and telling people around. Thank you to those that have called with sightings. And a huge thank you Anna who spotted her, and HM Coastguard – St Davids for bringing her back to us.

“All your help is SO appreciated. We’ve felt very supported and cared for by the community and beyond. We are so so happy to have our lovely Willow home and we’ll all sleep better tonight!

“As Willow savors the warmth of home, plans are underway to ensure her safety in the future, with a tracking collar soon to be fitted.”

A very happy ending!

Call out to dinghy in difficulty turns out to be false alarm

TENBY’S Inshore lifeboat was launched at 4.40pm on Saturday (May 4), following a report of a possible dinghy in difficulty off Pendine.

The volunteer crew made best speed to the area, some 6 miles north east of the station.

Upon arrival, the crew soon spotted the unoccupied dinghy, which was attached to a mooring buoy. It turned out to be a tender for a fishing vessel and in no difficulty.

With the shout classed as a false alarm with good intent, the lifeboat was stood down to return to station, arriving at 5.15pm.

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Pembrokeshire woman runs London Marathon for charities close to her heart


woman has raised over £13,000 for good causes after challenging herself to complete the London Marathon.

Terrie Savage put on her running shoes to take on the 26.2mile London Marathon to raise funds for the Wales Air Ambulance and Withybush Chemotherapy Day Unit. Terrie completed the marathon in a fantastic 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Terrie who previously challenged herself to a couple of half marathons, ramped up her training and set herself the challenge to double her distance. She now seems to have the running bug and has already put her name in the ballot for a place in next year’s race.

Reflecting on her huge achievement, Terrie, 27, said: “I started running last October when I signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon and I have never looked back. I was running 30-40 miles per week in January to February and then I decreased the miles in March. It was really tough to get up at 6am, before work to fit these runs in, but I really wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I absolutely loved the London Marathon, every single mile I smiled and had the best time – when I say I loved it, I really did! Speaking to the other runners really inspired me to keep going and sign up for more marathons!”

to take on the 26.2mile London Marathon to raise funds for the Wales Air Ambulance and Withybush Chemotherapy Day Unit. Terrie completed the marathon in a fantastic 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Terrie who previously challenged herself to a couple of half marathons, ramped up her training and set herself the challenge to double her distance. She now seems to have the running bug and has already put her name in the ballot for a place in next year’s race.

Reflecting on her huge achievement, Terrie, 27, said: “I started running last October when I signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon and I have never looked back. I was running 30-40 miles per week in January to February and then I decreased the miles in March. It was really tough to get up at 6am, before work to fit these runs in, but I really wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“I absolutely loved the London Marathon, every single mile I smiled and had the best time – when I say I loved it, I really did! Speaking to the other runners really inspired me to keep going and sign up for more marathons!”

split equally.

She added: “ My grandfather had a heart attack in 2021 and the Wales Air Ambulance came out to Little Haven. Unfortunately, he had passed away, but the team worked on him for a good few hours. I was really grateful for the support and care that they gave my grandad and our family.”

“I am currently on £6,500 to give to the Charity and I cannot believe the grand total, it really goes to show how worthy this cause really is. I’ve had people messaging me and talking about their experience with the Wales Air Ambulance and their inspiring stories around this wonderful charity. The life changing care these individuals deliver daily is unbelievable.”

The Wales Air Ambulance Charity relies on public donations to raise the £11.2 million required every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the road.

Wales Air Ambulance is consultant-led, taking hospital-standard treatments to the patient and if required, transferring them directly to the most appropriate hospital for their illness or injury. For the patient, this can mean hours saved when compared to standard care and is proven to greatly improve survival and recovery. It is delivered via a unique Third Sector and Public Sector partnership. The Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) supplies highly skilled NHS consultants and critical care practitioners who work on board the charity’s vehicles. Terrie, who also organised a tractor run to help with her fundraising, had a personal reason for supporting the all-Wales charity. The money raised for both causes will be split equally.

messaging me and talking about their experience with the Wales Air Ambulance and their inspiring stories around this wonderful charity. The life changing care these individuals deliver daily is unbelievable.”

She added: “ My grandfather had a heart attack in 2021 and the Wales Air Ambulance came out to Little Haven. Unfortunately, he had passed away, but the team worked on him for a good few hours. I was really grateful for the support and care that they gave my grandad and our family.”

“I am currently on £6,500 to give to the Charity and I cannot believe the grand total, it really goes to show how worthy this cause really is. I’ve had people

The Wales Air Ambulance Charity relies on public donations to raise the £11.2 million required every year to keep the helicopters in the air and rapid response vehicles on the road.

Wales Air Ambulance’s Supporter Engagement Manager, Hannah Bartlett, said: “Wow, what an achievement, a massive congratulations to Terrie for not only completing a massive physical challenge but for also raising such a huge amount of money!

“We are so grateful to Terrie for choosing to support our charity. It

is clear that our service is close to her heart, and it is always heartwarming for us to hear of people, like Terrie, who know someone who needed our lifesaving service, and are then inspired to fundraiser. Congratulations Terrie and thank you for supporting us. Your incredible efforts will help other people who need our service in the future.”

There’s still time to show your support to Terrie by donating to her Wales Air Ambulance JustGiving page

Pembrokeshire woman runs London Marathon in aid of Charity close to her heart

A Pembrokeshire woman has raised over £13,000 for good causes after challenging herself to complete the London Marathon.

Terrie Savage put on her running shoes

Wales Air Ambulance is consultant-led, taking hospital-standard treatments to the patient and if required, transferring them directly to the most appropriate hospital for their illness or injury. For the patient, this can mean hours saved when compared to standard care and is proven to greatly improve survival and recovery.

It is delivered via a unique Third Sector and Public Sector partnership.

The Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS) supplies highly skilled NHS consultants and critical care practitioners who work on board the charity’s vehicles.

Terrie, who also organised a tractor run to help with her fundraising, had a personal reason for supporting the all-Wales charity. The money raised for both causes will be

Wales Air Ambulance’s Supporter Engagement Manager, Hannah Bartlett, said: “Wow, what an achievement, a massive congratulations to Terrie for not only completing a massive physical challenge but for also raising such a huge amount of money!

“We are so grateful to Terrie for choosing to support our charity. It is clear that our service is close to her heart, and it is always heartwarming for us to hear of people, like Terrie, who know someone who needed our lifesaving service, and are then inspired to fundraiser. Congratulations Terrie and thank you for supporting us. Your incredible efforts will help other people who need our service in the future.”

There’s still time to show your support to Terrie by donating to her Wales Air Ambulance JustGiving page www.justgiving. com/page/terriesavage-1688759900496

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Tom Sinclair

Expansion for Ashmole & Co with acquisition of Jones Ward Accountants

CHARTERED, Certified Accountants, Ashmole & Co, are delighted to announce their expansion following the acquisition of JonesWard accountancy firm in Carmarthen.

Ashmole & Co Carmarthen has today taken over JonesWard who have closed their office in Lammas Street, Carmarthen. All JonesWard staff, including Ian Jones and James Ward, have transferred over to Ashmole & Co and will be based in the Old School, the Quay, Carmarthen.

JonesWard informed their clients that the administrative burden of running a practice had increased significantly over recent years due to the constant changing money laundering and tax regulations, software requirements and so on. Over the past 12 months

it had become more challenging to maintain the level of service they had been used to providing.

Ian Jones said, “We feel Ashmole & Co share the same values as us and have the necessary expertise and resources to ensure we can continue to provide the personal touch and level of service clients have been accustomed to. Myself and James are not retiring but we will be supported by Ashmole & Co’s partners and staff from now on in their Carmarthen office.”

Ashmole & Co partners Sharon George, Carwyn Morgan and Vinal Patel will strive to ensure JonesWard clients will continue to receive the high quality of service they are used to.

Vinal Patel, Partner with Ashmole & Co said, “It is our priority to make the transition as smooth as possible with all

employees of JonesWard having already transferred to Ashmole & Co and are now based in our office on the Quay in Carmarthen. We look

forward to meeting our new clients and working closely with them to meet their needs in the future.”

Ashmole & Co

Chartered and Certified

Accountants have been established since 1897 and are one of the largest accountancies and auditing practices in south Wales, now operating from thirteen offices throughout south and west Wales including Swansea, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest and Ammanford.

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Dragon LNG explores integration of LNG and CO2 liquefaction processes

DRAGON LNG, based in Waterston, Milford Haven, recently announced a significant step towards sustainable energy solutions.

The company awarded a contract to Worley, global professional services company of energy, chemicals and resources experts, to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study.

The study is focussing on exploring the potential benefits of integrating LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) regasification and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) liquefaction processes at Dragon LNG’s facilities. This integration holds promise for a more efficient operation, with the potential to reduce energy consumption, carbon intensity and the levelized cost of CO2 export not only at the Dragon site but also for Haven industry


If feasible, the technology at Dragon would support wider collaboration with RWE Pembroke Net Zero Centre, whose CO2 would be transported to the Dragon facility for processing before being shipped via nonpipeline transport (NPT) to carbon sequestration sites.

Key aspects to be addressed in the feasibility study include:

• Technical Solutions: Worley will evaluate various technical approaches to seamlessly integrate LNG and

• CO2 liquefaction processes, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and effectiveness.

• Carbon Intensity Reduction: Dragon LNG is committed to sustainability, and the study will assess how the integration

of processes can contribute to lowering the carbon intensity of operations, aligning with broader environmental goals.

• Economic Viability: Understanding the financial implications is crucial. The study will delve into the levelized cost of CO2 and other economic factors to determine the feasibility and financial benefits

of the proposed integration.

Commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson for Dragon LNG stated, “We are excited to collaborate with Worley on this important initiative. As a responsible energy provider, Dragon LNG is continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance our operations while minimizing our

environmental footprint. This feasibility study represents a significant step towards achieving those objectives.”

Worley’s expertise in engineering and consultancy services including in the CO2 and LNG sectors makes them an ideal partner for this endeavour. Their track record of delivering sustainability solutions aligns perfectly with the ambitious goals of

Dragon LNG.

This collaboration underscores Dragon LNG’s commitment to driving sustainable practices within the energy sector. By exploring the integration of LNG regasification and CO2 liquefaction processes, the company aims to pave the way for a cleaner, more efficient energy future with their ambition of a net zero terminal by 2029.

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Port of Milford Haven now official ‘a great place to work’

THE PORT of Milford Haven has been officially accredited as a Great Place to Work-Certified™ organisation. As the first Port Authority in Britain to secure this Certification™, it is a significant achievement.

“We are very proud to be Great Place to WorkCertified™,” said Vidette Swales, HR Director at the Port of Milford Haven. “It means so much that our employees have reported a consistently positive experience with their colleagues, their leaders and their jobs. Offering a positive employee experience is not only beneficial for the people who work with us but is also key for our continued business success.”

Tom Sawyer, CEO at the Port of Milford Haven added: “Our team is operating the UK’s leading energy port, and it is of the utmost importance that we do that safely, responsibly and effectively. We’re striving for excellence and aim to provide a world class service to our customers as well as supporting sustainable coastal communities for the prosperity of future generations. Our employees are clearly at the centre of this which is why I’m delighted that they feel supported in their role. I’m especially proud that this Certification™ demonstrates our core values of Safety,

Excellence, Collaboration and Sustainability so perfectly.”

“We congratulate the Port of Milford Haven on achieving their Certification™,” said Benedict Gautrey, Managing Director of Great Place to Work® UK. “Organisations which put the employee experience at the heart of their business gain their employees’ trust and, in turn, are truly able to build a great workplace culture that delivers outstanding business results.”

Find out more about careers at the Port of Milford Haven here: www.

Momentum building to secure the future of Wholefoods Newport

FOLLOWING the very successful public meeting in Newport, Pembrokeshire which was held to discuss bringing the muchloved local wholefoods shop into community ownership, a team of local residents is taking the project forward.

Over 180 people have already completed the online survey at https://bit. ly/WholefoodsSurvey which the Project Wholefoods team launched to test demand further. More than 85% of respondents say that securing the future of

Tom Sinclair

the wholefoods shop is “very important” to Newport, and 90% are supportive of a community purchase.

The business plan and funding applications are currently being finalised, and the launch of a community share offer is planned for June.

Project Wholefoods now has a website at www. and a Facebook page at projectwholefoods.

The Project Wholefoods team is working closely with the group behind the successful community purchase of Havards in Newport which became the first community-owned hardware shop in the UK in 2022.

Hugh Simpson-Wells, one of the Directors of Project Wholefoods, says “We have been delighted by the response to the project, and the results of the survey confirm that there is a big appetite for a community purchase of Wholefoods of Newport. We are now in the process of setting up a

Community Benefit Society, and finalising the business plan, funding applications and a community share offer. So watch this space!” Cris Tomos of PLANED, the charity supporting community share offers in

West Wales, says “Following the successful community purchase of Havards in 2022, it is fantastic to see so much momentum building to secure the future of Wholefoods of Newport as a communityowned shop.” Cris added “Responses to the survey are very encouraging, and I am working closely with the Project Wholefoods team to progress funding applications and the community share offer.”

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Celtic truck and classic transport show a big hit

THIS Bank Holiday weekend, the County Showground in Haverfordwest transformed into a bustling hub of activity with the Celtic Truck and Classic Transport Show. The event welcomed enthusiasts and families alike, allowing visitors to explore an impressive array of trucks and vintage cars.

The show, now in its third year, has become a highlight for the community and continues to support local charities and good causes. According to attendees, this year’s edition was particularly successful, featuring a diverse lineup of classic vehicles that captivated the crowd. Open to the public, the event provided a perfect

day out for car enthusiasts and families. Spectators had the opportunity to get up close with beautifully restored vintage cars and modern trucks, each with its own unique history and charm.

The Celtic Truck and Classic Transport Show is expected to return next year, promising even more exciting displays and community engagement.

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26 Friday May 10th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels 24 - 29 May 2024 Six Days of Extraordinary Music Tickets start at just £8 (U18s go free) For tickets: scan the QR Code, Call 01437 722002, Or visit 20% discount available for all St Davids Ward residentsEmail with proof of residence Artists include: BBC National Orchestra of Wales The Choir of Royal Holloway Emma Johnson & Orchestra St Davids Cathedral Choir Children’s Festival Chorus Young Musician of Dyfed Vox Angelica Trío Preseli Alaw GŴ yl Gerdd Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi St Davids Cathedral Music Festival Scan for Tickets!

St Davids will be filled with the sound of music

ST DAVIDS will be filled with the sound of music This May Half Term, as the St Davids Cathedral Music Festival makes a triumphant return from 24th-29th May. Following a hiatus last year, the Festival is back and as strong as ever, with six days of extraordinary music from orchestras, choirs and folk artists.

This year’s programme places Pembrokeshire musicians at its core, with the opening concert (Friday 24th) featuring 150 schoolchildren from across the county in the Children’s Festival Chorus, accompanied by a live band. Later that evening, upper voices group Vox Angelica,

alongside the Cathedral’s adult singers, the Vicars Choral and Choral Scholars, will perform a late-night candlelit concert titled ‘Seasons and Love’.

The centrepiece of any Festival programme is the annual performance by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (Sat 25th), who this year return under the baton of Martyn Brabbins for Whitland –born composer William Mathias’ Festival Overture, Brahms’ 2nd Symphony and Sibelius’ ever-popular Violin Concerto, performed by award-winning violinist, Inmo Yang. Their performance marks the first in Pembrokeshire for their new principal

trumpet and former Greenhill student Corey Morris.

The following night (Sun 26th) sees the first UK performance for Trio Preseli, who are based in Santiago de Compostela.

The horn player, Simon Lewis is also a local boy, having been a pupil at Sir Thomas Picton School, and deriving the Trio’s name from the rolling Pembrokeshire hills. Their programme also has a local flavour, with music by Welsh composer Anthony Randall, set to poems by Dylan Thomas and Haverfordwest poet, Geraint Jones, who lost his life at Normandy in 1944.

On Bank Holiday Monday (27th), the

renowned Choir of Royal Holloway make their Festival debut in a concert titled ‘Orchestral classics for choir’. The programme includes choral settings of Vaughan Williams’ Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis and Ravel’s Pavane among other works. This promises to be a scintillating programme from one of the UK’s top choirs.

Clarinettist Emma Johnson makes her anticipated return to the Festival (Tues 28th) alongside her Orchestra for the Environment in a programme of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams and Paul Reade’s music for the 1987 television series ‘The Victorian Kitchen

Garden’. The concert will also feature Emma’s own composition, ‘The Tree of Life’, written as a response to the Climate Crisis. A retiring collection will be taken for Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm, who will give a pre-concert talk alongside Emma at Twr y Felin hotel.

There are a number of morning ‘coffee concerts’ as well, with performances by the Cathedral Choristers, Choral Scholars and the Young Musician of Dyfed, pianist Raphael James. The final day of the Festival (Weds 29th) sees the Cathedral Choir performing Evensong live on BBC Radio 3, followed by a final flourish from the Welsh folk Trio Alaw,

who will be sure to get the audience dancing in the aisles (or at least tapping their feet).

Tickets start at just £8, with evening concerts starting at £15. Tickets for under 18s are free with an accompanying adult. Residents of St Davids Ward are eligible for a 20% discount on all tickets, by emailing festival@ Full programme details and Tickets are available at www. music-festival, by calling 01437 722002 TuesdayFriday, or from the Box Office on the Pebbles in St Davids from Monday 20th May, 10am-4pm. Any unsold tickets will be available on the door.

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St. Katharine’s Stratford Players’ Easter pantomime raises £1,000

THE St. Katharine’s Stratford Players’ Easter Pantomime, Aladdin, dedicated to the memory of lifetime member Viv Barrat, is a shining example of collectives power of collective action and the unwavering generosity of community spirit.

The resounding success of the pantomime, raising an impressive £1,000 including Gift Aid for the Paul Sartori Foundation, is not merely a financial achievement but a symbol of solidarity and compassion. This remarkable feat underscores the deeprooted commitment of this community to support vital services such as Paul Sartori’s Hospice at Home service, which provides comfort and care to those facing challenging times at the end of life and their family and carers.

At the heart of this success lies the tireless dedication and boundless enthusiasm of the volunteers, organizers, and supporters of St. Katharine’s Stratford Players. Their selfless efforts have not only surpassed the expectations of the event but have also touched the lives of countless individuals in our area, offering support where it is needed most.

As we reflect on the impact of this initiative, it becomes evident that the true measure of success lies not only in the funds raised but in the sense of community, of which Viv Barrat played the biggest part.

“Viv was the heartbeat of the St Katharine’s Stratford Players, an inspiration, mentor, and friend to many. With over 40 years with the drama group, Viv lead the group from strength to strength. A dedicated and committed member

of the group inspiring a generation of local talent, advocating for the youth and creating a safe and inclusive community for us all. As a drama group, we are truly heartbroken, Viv was our Matriarch,

our friend, our Viv!”

The Paul Sartori Hospice at Home Service extends its heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the St. Katharine’s Stratford

Players’ Easter Pantomime. Your generosity, kindness, and dedication have made a difference in the lives of others, inspiring hope and resilience in our community. Together, we have shown that even in the face of adversity, the human spirit shines brightest when we stand together in support of one another.

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1950s women of Wales in petition call for Public Inquiry over pensions

MORE than 8,000 people have signed a new online petition calling for a public inquiry into the 1950s women state pension scandal. Local organiser, Jackie Gilderdale said “an inquiry is necessary to expose the truth”.

Kay Clarke, the founding member of the the largest 1950s women group in Wales, “1950s Women of Wales” and posted the ‘Hold a Public Inquiry into state pension age changes for women’ petition on the petitions-parliament website. It states: “We request a Public Inquiry into their State Pension age changes for women, which we believe have left many in a state of financial and mental despair. We believe the Government has had little or no consideration of the circumstances, historic inequality, mental health and wellbeing of 1950s women.

At 10,000 signatures the petition would be entitled to a written response from the UK Government. At 100,000, it would be considered by the Petitions Committee for debate in Parliament.

After a six-year investigation, the

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) published its final report on March 21 which said that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) failed to adequately communicate changes to women’s State Pension age, and those affected are owed compensation and to date the UK Government have failed to respond to that request and failed to a request for mediation with representatives from all 50s womens groups.

As a result of its findings, the Ombudsman has asked Parliament to intervene and “act

swiftly” to make sure a compensation scheme is established.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Mel Stride MP, recently said he will return to the House of Commons “when there is something to say” about a decision on whether women born in the 1950s affected by changes to the State Pension age should receive compensation.

The Pembrokeshire and Carmarthen West 1950s Women of Wales group, lodged an official complaint with the Ombudsman & the APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) in relation to the

1950s women and the PHSO report.

Jackie said “Everyone was floored by the outcome last month, which was derisory and insulting for women born in the 1950s, the majority of whom who were not told about a change to their state pension”.

“We believe the PHSO investigation has been flawed and full of irregularities and mistakes since its inception, as it failed to take into consideration proven discrimination and only investigated maladministration, which turned out to be partial. The Ombudsman

should have been legally challenged at stage one, as they wiped out 10 years of maladministration (95 to 2005) simply because the civil service code of practice did not mention/ include the duty to inform those involved. So they couldn’t be accused of maladministration”.

Any actual financial remedy, could be through a Parliamentary mechanism such as the CEDAW Temporary Special Measure.

The United Kingdom government has an obligation to 1950s-born women arising out of the direct discrimination exercised against them when the State Pension Age at which the pension accrues was raised from 60 years to 65 years.

The 1950s-born women were specifically targeted as the group that would bear the burden of this transition. They were targeted by reference to the protected characteristics of sex/gender and age. No notice was given to the women and, when the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) eventually did begin notifications this was inadequate, sporadic, disorganised and is recognised as infused

with maladministration. This is well substantiated.

Any proposal to ‘pay off’ the 1950s-born women with a sum that does not equate to their rightful entitlement is one inconsistent with the Equality Act 2010 and the international obligations of government and Parliament per CEDAW – the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women – signed by the United Kingdom in 1981, ratified by the United Kingdom in 1986, and the United Kingdom signing up to the Optional Protocol in 2004.

No member of government and no member of Parliament should accede to a position where she/he supports a breach of domestic law and ignores or condones ignorance of international law.

The APPG Co Chairs, Rebecca Long Bailey MP and Peter Aldous MOP have invited Jackie and Kay Clarke to a meeting on May 13th to discuss the issue further. The voices of the 50s Women of Wales have not been heard by the PHSO and further evidence needs to be presented along with the ask of Welsh Parliament.

Little and Broad Haven RNLI celebrate station refurbishment

Volunteer crew members of Little and Broad Haven RNLI were recently given back the keys to their station after an extensive refurbishment and expansion that was completed over winter. Thanks to support from the RNLI the Little and Broad Haven lifeboat crew now have a base that is fit for their modern day lifesaving service. To celebrate, a team photo was taken to present the improvements to the wider public. During the refurbishment period the station remained operational 24-hours a day in temporary accommodation, but the crew are delighted to move the lifeboat and tractor back into its permanent new home.

Lifeboat Operations Manager Andy Grey commented:

‘After many years waiting for improved facilities at Little and Broad Haven Lifeboat Station the new refurbishment has finally been completed. Suffice to say, all the crew and officers are delighted with the results. At last we have a toilet and shower facility as well as a very modern and efficient crew changing area.

‘The crew meeting room upstairs has been upgraded and suitable for all our requirements. Similarly, the external wood panelling around the new build looks the part… truly a lifeboat station that the whole community can be proud of.’

An official opening is planned at a later date this year, which will also be part of the celebrations that are taking place this year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the RNLI lifeboat service being formed. There will also be an open day on Sunday 4 August where visitors will be welcome to take a peek at the newly refurbished station.

In the meantime, the lifeboat station is fully operational and provides the volunteer crew with a modern base for their lifesaving operations that can help them respond at any given moment, whenever they are needed to go and save lives at sea.

The crew are very grateful to Edward Perkins from Castle

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Sun shines for Carew Castle Car Show

THE Carew Castle Car Show on Sunday (May 5) offered a mesmerizing day for automotive enthusiasts and families against the historic backdrop of Carew Castle and Tidal Mill. Featuring an array of classic and vintage cars, motorbikes, and military vehicles, the event drew participants from across South Wales.

Attendees enjoyed live performances by Pembrokeshire folk band ‘Razor Bill’ and funfair rides, alongside the Brilliant Birds Treasure Trail for a family-friendly educational experience. The event, weather-dependent, required normal castle admission but included car show access, ensuring a value-packed experience for all visitors.

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A seagull’s eye view of the Daniels-Trump courtroom drama

GREETINGS, fellow coastal dwellers and keen observers of the avian world! Stephen Seagull here, your trusty beacon in the ever-shifting winds of current affairs. Today, we dive into the tempestuous waters of the courtroom, where Stormy Daniels, a name not unfamiliar to many, has once again taken center stage, sending ripples across the political landscape.

The scene is set in a Manhattan courtroom, where Stormy Daniels, a former luminary of the silver screen, finds herself perched upon the witness stand. Across from her, like a brooding albatross, stands none other than the former president himself, Mr. Donald J. Trump. The air crackles with anticipation as Daniels, with wings spread wide, prepares to unleash a torrent of testimony that threatens to upend the very foundations of Trump’s lofty perch.

Let us pause for a moment to reflect on the significance of this moment. Daniels, a woman of undeniable fortitude, has long been a thorn in Trump’s side, a constant reminder of his fallibility in the eyes of the law. Yet, despite facing numerous hurdles along her journey, she has remained steadfast in her pursuit of justice, her wings beating against the gale-force winds of adversity.

But what, you may ask, has brought Daniels back into the spotlight once more? The answer lies in the tangled web of allegations surrounding Trump’s conduct leading

up to the 2016 election.

At the heart of the matter is a payment of $130,000 (£104,000) allegedly made to Daniels in exchange for her silence regarding an affair she claims to have had with Trump years prior.

As the trial unfolds, Daniels stands as a symbol of resistance against the forces of corruption and deceit that have plagued our political landscape for far too long. Her testimony, delivered with the eloquence of a soaring seabird, lays bare the sordid details of her interactions with Trump, from the whispered promises of hush money to the clandestine meetings cloaked in darkness.

But perhaps what is most striking about Daniels’ testimony is not just its content, but the

manner in which it has been received by the public. In a world where truth is often obscured by the fog of misinformation, Daniels’ words cut through the noise like a beacon in the night, illuminating the dark corners of Trump’s shadowy dealings for all to see.

And yet, for all the gravity of the situation, there is a certain poetic irony to be found in Daniels’ defiance. Here we have a woman who, by all accounts, should have been silenced long ago, her voice drowned out by the cacophony of political rhetoric and media sensationalism. And yet, like a lone seagull crying out in the storm, she refuses to be silenced, her wings beating against the currents of injustice with a fierce determination

that is nothing short of inspiring.

As the trial enters its next phase, one thing is abundantly clear: the squall over Stormy shows no signs of abating. With each passing day, new revelations emerge,

casting Trump’s oncevaunted reputation into ever-sharper relief. Whether justice will ultimately prevail remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – as long as there are birds like Stormy Daniels willing to take flight in defense of truth and integrity, the winds of change will continue to blow. Until next time, dear readers, keep your eyes on the horizon and your wings spread wide. Sqwaaaawk!

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Badger and a Festival of Failure

IT’s been twentyfive glorious years, readers.

A quarter of a century since that day in May 1999 when just over half the people of the half of the people who bothered to vote decided that Wales should have a devolved government.

There should have been street parties to reflect the Welsh public’s outpouring of joy at this signal anniversary.

And yet, and yet, readers, it all passed without much of a whimper.

Where was the bunting?

Wither the celebration of inclusive tolerance celebrating our rainbow nation?

Whither, indeed.

Twenty-five years of Wales having a devolved government making the decisions that matter for the people of Wales and zip.

Sure, there was the usual over-excited coverage on what passes for Wales’s national media. BBC Radio Wales was particularly fun. Listening in, Badger got the strong impression that poor Jason Mohammed was struggling to find anyone with anything good to say or a positive word about how much devolution had improved their lives.

The usual clinkers and clunkers from the unions and those special interest groups Labour has nationalised were full of how much devolution had done for them. But when it came to Mog and Morfa from Mydroilyn, there was little in the way of uplifting anecdotage.

Twenty-five years of devolution has delivered zip in almost every measurable and meaningful way.

People are poorer, living in worse housing, and waiting longer for healthcare. Education standards have fallen, individual life chances are curtailed, wages are lower, and public transport and infrastructure are in crisis.

The Labour Party in Wales cannot blame the Conservatives in Westminster for all of Wales’s ills. Its ministers have made the choices for Wales.

They made the choices while Labour governed in London and continue making them now.

On Wednesday, there was a vomitinducing debate in the Senedd about increasing the number of MSs and introducing a new electoral system.

The debate showed the intellectual vacuity of Senedd members on an epic scale.

There’s a little voice Badger sometimes listens to that steers him

towards the illogic in politicians’ speeches and announcements.

Here’s a good one: because the Welsh Government has more powers than ever, it needs a larger Senedd to transact business efficiently and scrutinise it thoroughly.

Badger has problems with that proposition on several levels, but the fundamental issue is simple.

The people who say that the Welsh Government is now so powerful it needs a larger parliament are the same people who complain that it does not have enough powers to do anything of any consequence.

Let’s knock one thing on the head before we continue. Wales will become independent when California secedes from the United States of America, adopts “All the Single Ladies” as its national anthem, and invades Nevada with an army of undead


Having parked the most unlikely scenario, let’s deal with the likelier one. Devolution will continue regardless of who is in power in Westminster.

The Welsh Government will not get many more meaningful powers than it already has, except the repatriation of levelling up funding to resume erecting white elephants and playing fantasy world-building games with real communities and people.

The Welsh Government can bleat about getting policing and justice powers devolved to it, but Westminster won’t play ball.

That is what matters.

Whatever powers the Welsh Government gets, Westminster gives.

You may or may not like it, but bar the glorious revolution rising across the Welsh shires

and armed insurrection, them’s the cards.

Badger does not want to be cynical, but he suspects both the Conservative and Labour parties know what a desperate bunch the Welsh Government is.

Here’s a little thought experiment, readers.

Consider the great offices of the UK state: Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, and Home Secretary. Now think which of the current Welsh Cabinet - or any past ones - would be any cop in any of them.

Yes. Quite.

Bluntly, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Paper Clips in the Paymaster-General’s office would be the ceiling for most Welsh Government Ministers.

The average Welsh Cabinet minister proves that things other than cream tend to make their way to the top.

Consider Vaughan Gething... no, that’s too cruel.

Readers, consider Julie James.

Ms James is the Cabinet Secretary for Housing, Local Government, and Planning.

That’s an important post in any government, especially in Wales.

She’s been a fixture in the Cabinet since 2017.

Julie James is a senior minister in the Welsh Government. Yet Badger can no more picture Ms James as Home Secretary than he can walk on moonbeams.

We live in a time when Nadine Dorries was a cabinet member.

Liz Truss was the Prime Minister.

Christ on a bike,

readers, Grant Shapps IS the defence secretary.

Yet picturing any current Labour Cabinet member in Wales in a Westminster portfolio is a mahoosive stretch.

Badger can only imagine the seventeen types of mincemeat Michael Gove would make of Ken Skates or Lesley Griffiths over the dispatch box.

There’s a reason for that, too.

Welsh politics is so insular and tribal that those who emerge from the general herd of party members tend to be shallow careerists, those who won’t rock the boat or the few that have reached the point when it’s Buggin’s turn.

That’s not to say MSs are not good and dedicated public servants. Many are. Many have life experiences that we should value in our representatives. They’ve had real jobs and careers and lives beyond politics.

However, like many MPs, too many are machine-tooled, interchangeable drones who believe in the party first and the nation second.

Vaughan Gething let that slip when he had his pram rattled during First Minister’s Questions.

His bosses, he opined, were the members of the Labour Party.

It’s an interesting take on the position of leading a country and its parliament, but at least it’s honest.

Mr Gething peeled off the pretence of respect for all and favouritism towards none.

Still, you can get away with “stuff the public” in a one-party state.

32 Friday May 10th 2024

Rich Hall set to ignite laughter at Torch Theatre

ExCITEMENT is building as renowned comedian Rich Hall prepares to grace the stage of the Torch Theatre with his latest stand-up comedy extravaganza, titled “Shot From Cannons.”

Following the success of his widely acclaimed memoir, “Nailing It,” Hall is back with a brand-new repertoire of rants, sharp observations, and musical interludes that promise an evening of uproarious entertainment.

The show, scheduled to debut on Friday 17th May 2024, is expected to draw comedy enthusiasts from across the region eager to experience Hall’s unique transatlantic style and his knack for delivering spontaneous laughs.

In anticipation of the event, Hall’s performances have

been receiving glowing reviews. According to The Scotsman, his show is described as “vital and hilariously angry,” while The Guardian hails it as “a blissfully funny experience.” Meanwhile, The Mail On Sunday (Event) rates it a stellar 5 stars, touting it as “two top gigs in one.”

Tickets for this comedy extravaganza are priced at £17.00 and are sure to sell out.

Comedy aficionados are encouraged to secure their seats early to avoid missing out on what promises to be an evening filled with laughter and entertainment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness Rich Hall in action at the Torch Theatre. Prepare for an evening of comedic brilliance and unforgettable moments.

Community event to mark end of popular exhibition

AN exhibition at Oriel y Parc, National Park Discovery Centre will conclude with an exciting farewell event, featuring renowned illustrator Jackie Morris and award-winning poet Mererid Hopwood.

The Geiriau Diflanedig – The Lost Words exhibition has been on display since June 2023, captivating visitors of all ages and backgrounds with its vibrant illustrations and thought-provoking poems that explore the relationship between

language and the living world.

Based on the awardwinning book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris, the touring exhibition, organised by Compton Verney, with Hamish Hamilton and Penguin Books, brought together, for the first time ever, the original artwork by Jackie Morris alongside the English language poems by Robert Macfarlane and Welsh language poems written by Mererid Hopwood.

With the exhibition now approaching its final weeks, the farewell event offers a unique opportunity to engage with two of the creators behind its magic, gaining insight into the creative processes that brought it to life.

There will also be a chance to hear about Jackie’s latest project, with a preview of her work in progress for The Lost Birds.

Manager of Oriel y Parc, Rachel Perkins, said: “The success of

the Geiriau Diflanedig

– The Lost Words exhibition has been truly remarkable, captivating audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

“It’s been wonderful to be a part of this experience, which seeks to reintroduce the fading faces of nature to our vocabularies. We hope that many have been inspired to join the fight to reverse their plight and look forward to welcoming them as we bid farewell to this memorable exhibition.”

The farewell to The Lost Words – Geiriau Diflanedig exhibition will take place at Oriel y Parc, National Park Discovery Centre on Saturday 25 May, between 2pm3.30pm. Although the event is free, booking in advance at www. pembrokeshirecoast. wales/events is essential due to limited capacity at the venue.

Further information about exhibitions and events at Oriel y Parc can be found at www.

Local talents set to perform at St Dogmaels Memorial Hall

THREE exciting local talents are bringing their acts to St Dogmaels Memorial Hall next Sunday, May 12 at 3pm.

This promises to be a wonderful afternoon of performances of original pop compositions.

Rosalind Powell, who is known both for her classical piano performances and through her singer-songwriter work, has curated the afternoon. The other performers will be Steve (Stephen P. Greenhalgh) with his Celtic folk rock music under his performance name Cariad,

and Matthew Douglas who performs under the name Drift, with pieces from his new album Ailsa. Rosalind will be performing songs from her new album Sound Eagle. Tickets will be from the door (suggested donation of £7) and refreshments will be available.

The event is a fundraiser for the local climate campaigning group Cardigan Extinction Rebellion (XR), who are raising money to help local people going to London to join the Restore Nature Now demonstration on

Saturday 22nd June. This will be a peaceful familyfriendly demonstration, joining with Chris Packham, and tens of thousands of people from a wide range of organisations such as RSPB, the National Trust, WWF, Friends of the Earth, the Woodland Trust. Coaches will be arranged from the area to take people to London and back on the day. Contact cardiganxr@protonmail. com or 07787 197630 for more information about the concert in St Dogmaels on Sunday or about the demonstration.

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Critics: The best one yet!

THE PREMIERE of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes in Hollywood on Thursday (2 May) has garnered enthusiastic early reviews.

Critics, experiencing the latest instalment in the sci-fi franchise from Matt Reeves, noted that while it may not be the pinnacle of the series, it indeed serves as a gripping continuation of the narrative.

Adapted from Pierre Boulle’s novel Planet of the Apes, the franchise delves into the saga of intelligent apes who have ascended to dominance, navigating the challenges of cohabitation with humans in a shared world. Set approximately 300 years after War for the Planet of the Apes, the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes follows young ape Noa (played by Owen Teague) on a quest for freedom, encountering

a human companion (portrayed by Freya Allan from The Witcher) along the way.

In a slew of positive reviews shared on Twitter after the premiere, Ian Sandwell, the movie editor at Digital Spy, mentioned that while the film initially takes time to establish itself, it “evolves into a compelling second act and a thrilling conclusion.”

Another critic noted that the film “takes a moment to set the stage” as it introduces new characters and a fresh timeline, but once it does, the momentum never wavers. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” is hailed as a quintessential summer blockbuster, boasting astonishing visual effects and stellar performances, setting the stage for an epic new saga. One critic even dubbed it a “worthy heir to the franchise throne,” describing it as an exhilarating

action-adventure with an expansive scope yet grounded in genuine emotion.

One enthusiastic viewer even declared it to feature the most impressive visual effects in a blockbuster since the groundbreaking CGI of Avatar: The Way of Water in 2022.

The Planet of the Apes universe spans a total of nine films, with the preceding entry, War for the Planet of the Apes, concluding with the apes mourning their leader, Caesar (played by Andy Serkis), following a gruelling battle against human adversaries. Caesar’s body is laid to rest in a place he deemed a promised land, leaving a suggestion that his legacy endures.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes hits UK cinemas on 9 May, followed by its US release on 10 May.

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dua lipa radical optimism

DUA LIPA’S career has been exciting to follow. Her breakout hit ‘Be The One’ in 2015 was just the beginning, with ‘New Rules’ truly making her a star, showing the impact of streaming on music success. ‘Future Nostalgia’ in 2020 further propelled her to fame, despite initially leaking during lockdown.

Now, with ‘Radical Optimism’, she draws inspiration from UK rave culture, blending psychedelic pop with influences from trip-hop and Britpop. Collaborating with talents like Kevin Parker (Tame Impala), Tobias Jesso Jr, and others, Lipa aims to create a timeless album

beyond just hits.

However, ‘Radical Optimism’ might feel a bit underwhelming for some listeners, despite its solid pop foundation. While tracks like ‘Whatcha Doing’ and ‘Houdini’ showcase Lipa’s growth, the album overall can seem passive at times.

Nevertheless, Lipa’s commitment to artistic growth shines through, with songs like ‘End Of An Era’ and ‘Anything For Love’ highlighting the creativity and enjoyment during the album’s creation. ‘Radical Optimism’ is a strong pop record, though it may not be the groundbreaking masterpiece some were hoping for.

bullion affection

BULLION – aka producer Nathan Jenkins – has long been a key voice in the alternative music scene.

In 2008, he released ‘Pet Sounds in the Key of Dee’, a cheeky mashup album in the same vein as Danger Mouses ‘The Grey Album’ and a nod to J Dilla’s ‘Donuts’. Credits with Nilüfer Yanya, Westerman and Avalon Emerson have since stacked up, his involvement with a project lighting up the eyes of listeners who pay as much attention to the liner notes as the love and care within the songs.

‘Affection’, then, feels particularly special for Bullion, a collection of alt-pop that deserves to be heard

by the masses. Speaking on the album’s announcement earlier this year, he discussed having to take the same advice that he gave to his collaborators: be open to adventure. ‘Affection’ is certainly that. Carly Rae Jepsen’s turn on ‘Rare’ – returning the favour after Jenkins worked on her last album ‘The Loneliest Time’ – makes for a sparkling duet, while ‘World_train’, starring Charlotte Adigéry, is similarly playful. Much of ‘Affection’ is indebted to the sounds of the ‘80s – blown-out soundscapes, booming drums – but there’s clever twists, like on the gorgeous ‘Your Father’. Over a decade down the line, Jenkins remains a vital and intriguing force.

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The next ‘Game of Thrones’?

THE TERM “Shōgun” refers to the military rulers of Japan from the 12th to the late 19th century, a time that spanned the lifetimes of figures like Richard the Lionheart and Marie Curie. It represents an era when Japan was distinctly separate from the rest of the world, not just geographically but also culturally, religiously, and economically. This period comes alive in the new series “Shōgun,” created by Rachel Kondo and Justin Marks.

The story is set in 1600, a time when Britain was nearing the end of the Elizabethan era. A Protestant sailor named John Blackthorne (played by Cosmo Jarvis) finds himself stranded on Japan’s unfriendly shores. Known to the Japanese as “Anjin,” meaning pilot, Blackthorne’s tale is not just about survival but a journey into the heart of Japan’s imperial court, which is in turmoil following the death of its ruler, the Taiko. With the Taiko’s heir still a child, powerful lords like Ishido (played by Takehiro Hira) and Toranaga (played by Hiroyuki Sanada) vie for control. Toranaga sees an opportunity in the bedraggled Englishman

to disrupt the influence of the Portuguese, the only European power in the region, over Japan’s Christian lords.

Blackthorne’s experiences in Japan reveal a world that is both foreign and familiar. The title of shōgun reflects the political challenges of Tudor England. While Blackthorne views the locals as “savages,” they see him as a “barbarian.” European settlers, like navigator Rodrigues (played by Néstor Carbonell) and monk Father Martin (played by Tommy Bastow), struggle to understand Japan’s unique attitudes towards death and destiny.

Debuting quietly on Disney+, “Shōgun” is anything but underfunded. Adapted from James Clavell’s 1975 novel (previously made into a TV series in 1980), the show may lack the built-in fanbase of other works but is treated with the same level of luxury. Featuring renowned Japanese actors like Sanada and Anna Sawai (who plays translator Mariko), the series meticulously recreates feudal Osaka.

Some may see “Shōgun” as Disney’s attempt to tap into the

Asian market after the mixed reception of the 2020 remake of “Mulan.” However, the series goes beyond mere strategy, presenting a bold narrative that blends Japanese history with Clavell’s deep interest in the country. Much of the dialogue is in Japanese (with English substituting for Portuguese), a rarity in blockbuster TV. Amidst intense scenes, philosophical conversations with Toranaga explore the title of shōgun as a relic of transition from feudalism to modernity.

Jarvis portrays Blackthorne with a mix of ruggedness and charm, standing out against his Japanese hosts. As Blackthorne’s relationships with Toranaga and Mariko develop, he navigates Japan’s changing isolation from the world. The central trio—balanced in both storytelling and performance— promises a captivating saga.

In the race to find “the next Game of Thrones,” Disney+ may have a winner in “Shōgun.” With more mature themes than usual, this ambitious series offers a well-paced, thoughtful historical epic amidst the fantasy-filled landscape of modern television.

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July18-31Gorffennaf2024 WelshNationalOperaOrchestraPeterDonohoe MarmenQuartetNationalYouthOrchestraofWales CatrinFinch&AoifeNíBhriainCadiGlwys ClaireBooth&JâmsColemanJenniferPike&JâmsColeman WelshNationalOperaChamberEnsemble ButeWindQuintetNationalYouthChoirofWales SethBye&AlexHenshawVRï NationalYouthBrassBandofWales "Awonderfullyvariedanduniformlyimpressiveseriesofconcerts" Programme&tickets: 07941510889

AH, my fellow seekers of the surreal and sublime, let’s delve deeper into the enigmatic realm of Animal Well—a Metroidvania marvel birthed from the visionary mind of Billy Basso.

This ain’t your run-of-the-mill pixelated escapade; no, this is a labyrinthine odyssey through an underground world teeming with mystery and marvel.

Imagine yourself embodying a formless blob, navigating through what appears to be an ethereal sanctuary for creatures unknown. Yet, here’s the twist: you’re as clueless as a fish in the desert until you stumble upon a map to unveil the secrets of your surroundings. Throughout the demo, Basso’s game design isn’t about tripping you up but rather about treating your senses to unexpected delights—a visual feast around every corner.

But ah, the challenges that

await! Picture facing off against a spectral nemesis, a blue apparition that mirrors your every move. Dodging, weaving, strategising—it’s a dance of wit and will as you strive to outmanoeuvre this otherworldly foe and ascend to new heights.

And the platforming? Oh, it’s as precise as a Zen master’s brushstroke. Every jump, every landing feels like a synchronised ballet of pixels. Tiny platforms demand exacting precision, yet you’ll find yourself halting midair with the finesse of a maestro, defying gravity with panache.

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. At first glance, the art style may seem quaint—a pixelated tapestry of underground solitude. But peer closer, and you’ll discover a tapestry woven with intricate details, whimsical creatures like colossal swans and chromatic peacocks, and a symphony of particles and physics that bring this

subterranean world to life.

And here’s the kicker: Basso hints at a labyrinth of secrets concealed within the game’s depths. Accessible? Yes. But unlocking its esoteric treasures may require a collective effort akin to cracking the Da Vinci Code. A community-driven quest for enlightenment, if you will.

If this demo is any indication, Animal Well is poised to be a cult classic in the making—a convergence of nostalgia and innovation that could rival the greats. Keep your senses sharp, friends, for this journey promises to be a tapestry of joy and discovery.

Watch for its release on PC and PS5, and prepare to lose yourself in the underground wonderland of Animal Well. Until then, stay curious, stay adventurous, and let the pixelated magic unfold. Peace and pixelated love, comrades!


something you have to nurture consciously. Right now, you aren’t spreading your energy around equally. Today, do something you’ve been neglecting for a while. Maybe it’s a hobby, maybe it’s accepting a truth, maybe it’s devoting attention to a loved one. But get yourself back in balance.


There’s a big challenge impeding your progress, and you need to start working on it today. It could be a really bad habit you need to break, a relationship that needs to end, or a person you need to set


spark in your heart. Few people realize how having fun can lead to romance, though you have always understood the connection. Your ideal partner is more likely to be someone who makes you smile than someone who makes you swoon. Remember this when you are considering which crushes to pursue. Hold off on accepting an invitation from anyone who’s coming on too strong.

LIBRA When the going gets rough today, just reach out to your friends. That’s what they are for! While they might not be able to fix your problems, they can at least figure out a way to put a smile on your face. You’ve been in a bit of a low phase, but that isn’t necessarily anything to worry about. Everyone goes through these periods. It’s part of life. You need to feel whatever you’re feeling and work your way through emotions even if they are negative.


It’s time to start recognizing all of the attention you have been getting for what it truly is: praise and admiration! You may present a humble appearance on the outside, but let yourself feel very proud on the inside. You’ve earned the respect and popularity you have gained. Those compliments you keep getting are not the kind everyone else gets. They are not given lightly either. You’re someone others are watching with an eye toward the future. Recognize the impact you have on the world.


It’s usually a great idea to have a direct manner with people, but sometimes it’s much smarter to be subtle in your communication. Drop a hint and see if anyone picks up on it. Even if all you want to do is start a conversation, let someone else be the one to start it. Plant the seed with a brief mention of a tempting topic, and the curiosity of the people you’re with will take it from there. You are capable of being provocative without being pushy right now.


Get ready to have a great day with your friends. There is a blast of high energy coming into your social circle now, and you will be loving all the good vibes bouncing around. Take advantage of any social invitations. Sharing small talk with people you know well will leave everyone in the room laughing and smiling. This is a period of bright opportunity for you, so it’s a great time for a job interview or any other situation where you want to make a good impression.


Sometimes when you plan too much in your life, you can suck all the fun right out of it. To avoid this downside, you have to let go of time and order today. Just think about what you want to do and go about doing



39 For up to date news please check our social network channels Friday May 10th 2024 FEATURE ARIES Seeking guidance is tough for you now, because you know you can do this on your own. But did you ever think that the act of asking is more valuable to the other person than to you? Think about it. When people ask for your advice, it’s flattering. By asking someone to help you, you’ll give them a huge thrill and put them in a great mood. You don’t have to do what they say. In fact, they probably won’t even care if you do what they say. TAURUS You are feeling curious right now, especially about people and customs of other countries. This could be one of the most enlightening periods of your life if you let yourself follow your desire to ask more questions and take more social risks. Keep probing into areas that confuse, beguile, or even frustrate you. If you don’t understand something, then you need to figure it out. Don’t stop until you feel educated and rewarded. It shouldn’t take too long. GEMINI You have many layers to your personality, which is good because it makes you an interesting person. But it can also be bad because each one of those layers is
you are and where you are in life will go a long way toward helping your body work at its peak. Sure, positive thinking alone can’t help you lose ten pounds or heal scrape, but it can go a long way toward helping you keep up with good eating habits and a workout regimen. You don’t know what the future holds. Don’t assume it’s full of bad things. Make your future what you want it to be.
Whatever is blocking you right now cannot (and should not) be
or it will grow into an uncontrollable mess. Your first instinct may be to attack it head-on, but a constant
offensive is the
way to go. Just
chipping away! LEO Feeling good about who
Today, someone’s brilliant one-liner will do more than tickle your funny bone. It will ignite a tiny
it. Don’t schedule things or get too obsessed with watching the clock. You have enough discipline in your life, and you certainly don’t need any more. But what you could use is a giant dose of spontaneity. Loosen things up.
you’ll be dealing with today is on the same page as you, which means that there will be minimal conflict and maximum productivity. While sometimes you have trouble working in a group, today you should find it rewarding and fun. It’s easy to work with people who see the world the same way you do, so you should try to stick with like-minded people today. You’re not in the mood to argue your points, so avoid naysayers.
gaMIng waTcH THe TraIler Here!



EMBRACE the bizarre and celebrate the unconventional as Saundersfoot Footlights proudly presents “The Addams Family, the Musical”!

In a world where “normal” is a relative term, the iconic Addams clan invites you to delve into their delightfully macabre universe. As we plunge headfirst into rehearsals, it’s abundantly clear: we’re having a monstrous amount of fun!

Their dedicated cast is pulling out all the stops, honing every song and dance number to perfection. Get ready for a spine-tingling spectacle that will leave you spellbound! With its unforgettable characters and jawdropping costumes, “The Addams Family” promises an evening of

eerie entertainment like no other.

What sets this production apart is the attention to detail given to every ensemble member. Even without uttering a word, each performer breathes life into their character, weaving a silent yet captivating narrative. The Ancestors, in particular, add a hauntingly beautiful dimension to the show, their graceful movements choreographing the chaos that ensues whenever the Addams are involved.

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of crazy antics, eccentric personalities, and a whole lot of love, especially when Morticia and Gomez take the stage for the mesmerizing “Tango De Amor”. And fear not! Our Musical

Director is dedicated to ensuring that every note sung resonates with perfection, prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our cast throughout.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, their set and props team are working tirelessly to transport audiences into the eerie elegance of the Addams Mansion. From crafting their own slice of Central Park to meticulously designing a haunting graveyard, every detail is meticulously crafted to immerse you in the Addams experience.

Of course, no Addams production would be complete without its iconic costumes. Each outfit is a work of art, breathing life into the characters and adding an extra layer of magic to the performance.

And let’s not forget our versatile tech crew, masters of light, sound, smoke, and pyrotechnics. With their expertise, they bring a touch of theatrical wizardry to every scene, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience for all.

Tickets are available NOW! Don’t miss your chance to join the madness from Monday, May 27th to Saturday, June 1st at The Regency Hall in Saundersfoot. Book online at or grab yours directly from The Regency Hall box office.

Prepare to be enchanted, amused, and thoroughly spooked as the Addams Family descends upon Saundersfoot. See you there… if you dare!

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Unlocking creativity and entrepreneurial spirit


COLLEGE says it is proud to announce the success of its innovative Destination Design Thinking Programme, launched as a pilot last September. This ground-breaking initiative targets Level 3 Creative Media learners, offering them a unique opportunity to engage in design thinking while developing critical employability skills.

The Destination Design Thinking Programme runs alongside learners’ main qualifications, aiming to cultivate a 21st-century mindset that blends creativity, idea generation,

and entrepreneurial concepts. By integrating these elements, the programme prepares learners for various career paths, whether they aspire to start their own business or pursue other ventures.

Throughout the programme, participants have benefited from direct engagement with top entrepreneurs and industry leaders from across the UK. Notable guests have included professionals from Afanti Media, Spotify, and most recently, Blue Bolt, a renowned visual effects studio. Blue Bolt’s co-founder, Lucy Ainsworth Taylor, along with her colleague Nik Birmingham, served as

inspiring role models for the learners.

Drawing from their experiences, they shared valuable insights into creativity, innovation, and business acumen.

Lucy Ainsworth Taylor emphasised the importance of tenacity and perseverance in the industry, encouraging learners to build knowledge and experience before pursuing their entrepreneurial endeavours.

In addition to mentorship opportunities, participants have gained valuable work experience, including involvement in an international extreme sports magazine and as

Creative Media Production learner Dylan shared his thoughts on the programme so far, “Working on the Christmas special as a runner was exciting. I did have imposter syndrome and it was crazy to be given the opportunity. In turn I feel more motivated, and it has opened my mind to more career opportunities and career directions.”

By engaging with such industry leaders and their stories, participants in the Destination Design Thinking Programme are not only developing

their creative skills but also learning how to transform their ideas into successful ventures.

“With Wales’s booming screen industry, it’s fitting that Pembrokeshire College has designed a programme to equip learners with the mindset and tools necessary to nurture a new generation of creative, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs,” Hayley, Pembrokeshire College.

For more information about the Destination Design Thinking Programme at Pembrokeshire College, please visit www.

More funding and consistency for children with additional learning needs

The Cabinet Secretary for Education will today (Wednesday 8th May) set out how she will ensure additional learning needs (ALN) reforms are being implemented consistently in Welsh schools and local authorities.

She will also announce a further £20m for schools to improve facilities for learners with ALN as part of a debate on ALN reforms this afternoon.

Education Secretary Lynne Neagle said:

“Excellent work is happening to support learners with additional learning needs across Wales. I have made it my

job in the first few weeks to listen to parents, schools, local authorities and the health sector to see what is happening on the ground.

“I want to act now to improve the implementation of the ALN system, focusing on the fundamental issues that are being raised with me.

“We have already extensively reviewed implementation, but I want to see further improvements to make the system more consistent across Wales.

“The extra £20m, as part of our Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme,

will continue to make a huge difference to the education of learners with additional learning needs. Every child in Wales has the right to an excellent education and it is vital to continue to invest in it for all children to succeed.”

The £20m announced today will help with building and updating sensory areas, specialist equipment upgrades, specialist classrooms and outdoor spaces as well as improving the additional learning provision through the medium of Welsh.

Over the last three years we have invested an extra £60 million in

ALN infrastructure as part of our Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme and protected our extra investment of £56.3m to implement reforms and boost resources in schools, further education and local authorities.

In 2022 Ysgol Gymraeg Gwaun Y Nant in Barry received a grant of nearly £214,000 which was used to create and equip a specialist ALN resource centre at the school. This will also increase Welsh language provision for ALN learners.

Rhydian Lloyd, headteacher at Ysgol Gymraeg Gwaun Y Nant


The additional funding has allowed us to establish a modern and dedicated Welshmedium resource base for ALN learners across the Vale of Glamorgan.

“We are noticing a significant increase in pupils presenting with ALN, particularly those with autism spectrum condition and significant social communication, interaction, anxiety, and regulation difficulties.

“By establishing our resource base, we can further support these pupils and in doing so improve the provision for some of our most vulnerable learners.”

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runners on Katherine Jenkins’ Christmas Special, thanks to Emyr Afan from Afanti.

Have your say in the Dog’s Trust National Dog Survey

The results of last year’s survey also confirmed the muchreported pandemic puppy boom, with a significant rise in the number of one and two year old dogs compared to the years prior to the Covid pandemic.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Dogs Trust, says:

DOGS TRUST is calling on Welsh dog lovers to take part in the country’s largest dog census, the National Dog Survey. With more than a third of all UK homes now shared with at least one dog, the nation’s largest dog welfare charity wants to hear from owners on everything from the most common canine behaviour traits, day to day habits, your family’s relationship with your four-legged friend, and much more.

Running until June 14, Dogs Trust’s National Dog Survey can be completed online at uk/dog-survey-24.

The results of the National Dogs Survey 2024 will be used by Dogs Trust to help shape the services and support offered by the

charity to the nation’s dog owners. In 2023, in direct response to insight gained from the National Dog Survey, the charity launched its Behaviour Support Line, offering owners free expert advice and guidance. Meanwhile, Dogs Trust has also launched pet food banks in many of its 21 rehoming centres, and in some of its charity shops, to support owners struggling with the cost of living.

Last year, 244,478 owners completed the survey, providing insights on 348,533 dogs. Some of the findings include:

• Almost 11% of all dogs owned in the UK are crossbreeds, with Labradors the number one pedigree in the UK, followed by Cocker Spaniels.

• Although still not in the top ten most popular breeds, Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds have seen a massive 85% rise in popularity in recent years.

• 7% of the UK’s dogs now regularly go to work with their owners. Meanwhile, of those who would like to take their

dogs to work, 81% told Dogs Trust that their workplace doesn’t allow dogs.

• Over two thirds of UK dog owners have taken their dog on a UK holiday with them.

• Poppy and Alfie are the number one choice when it comes to names of dogs, followed by Bella and Charlie.

“The National Dog Survey is the largest dog census in the UK, and around a quarter of a million owners responded last year. But, with over a third of UK households now owning a dog, we want to hear from even more this year so we can gain as many insights as possible about dog ownership in the UK, helping us to shape our support for dog owners and improve dog welfare.

“Dogs Trust has been around for over 130 years and in that time so much has changed when it comes to dog ownership. The insights gained from this year’s survey will ensure Dogs Trust can continue to adapt the way we support dogs and their owners, helping them to live the best lives possible together.”

42 Friday May 10th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels PROUDLY SPONSORING PETS CORNER P e TS corner Pembrokeshire County Showground, Withybush Road, SA62 4BW Tel: 01437 454663 Moorfield Road, Narberth, SA62 7AB Tel: 01834 860590 DOG FOOD • CAT FOOD • SMALL ANIMAL FOOD • TOYS • ACCESSORIES TREATS • ENRICHMENT PRODUCTS • HELP & ADVICE WE’RE OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY 9AM - 5PM The Burns celtic knot logo is a registered trademark and this is used under license from Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd.
Friday May 10

HCC climbs mountains for mental health

A dedicated team of staff from Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) and EID Cymru are set to tackle Wales’s 3 highest peaks ahead of Mental Health Week (13-19 May 2024), the theme of which is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”.

The 18 strong team will set off in the early hours on Saturday 11 May at the bottom of Yr Wyddfa, before tackling Cadair Idris and then Pen y Fan in a 24-hour period. They are also raising money for various charitable causes including mental health charity Tir Dewi, the Wales Air Ambulance and British Heart Foundation.

Leading the initiative is HCC’s Campaigns Executive Philippa Gill, who said: “Mental health affects us all in some way or another. Walking and getting out in the fresh air is a great way

to help our mental health and that’s why we’re tackling this challenge ahead of Mental Health Week.

“Not all of us move as much as we should and by getting out in the fresh air, training for this challenge with the team for many months, we are all feeling better and are enjoying the chats we have when out walking.”

HCC chair Cath Smith added: “I wish the team the very best of luck and kind weather conditions. As an organisation we care about the mental wellbeing of our team and also that of the industry.

“Through initiatives such as this one, we aim to also raise awareness of the help that is available to those who are struggling with their mental health and encouraging people to reach out, share the load and not suffer in silence.

“The agricultural industry, though

resilient, has dealt with exceptionally wet weather conditions and is facing monumental changes in the months ahead. It is even more

important now to look out for one another and point people towards help if it looks like they might need it. We have many mountains to climb in the near future, but for now, I wish the team the very best of luck with their Welsh 3 peaks challenge.”

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Sustainable Farming Scheme Ministerial Roundtable welcomed

THE FARMERS’ Union of Wales has welcomed an announcement from the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs outlining his plans to create a Ministerial Roundtable which will consider the evidence and lead on the development of a revised Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS).

In response to the statement, FUW President Ian Rickman said: “One of our key asks following the consultation was to establish a small focused SFS design stakeholder group tasked with considering details of different elements of the scheme, along with payment rates and overall budgetary requirements.

“We therefore welcome today’s announcement which outlines plans to establish such a group, providing us with a

formal platform to scrutinise and rework the scheme so that it properly delivers for Welsh farmers and our rural communities.

“However, I reiterate this message again; the scheme needs far more than touching up around the edges. It needs a radical rethink and this group must now deliver meaningful change within the timeframe presented to us.”

The Cabinet Secretary’s statement also highlights how one of the first tasks of the Ministerial Roundtable will be to look at any further and alternative proposals to achieve additional carbon sequestration within the SFS.

“This development is also welcomed given the urgent need to evaluate the science around net zero and carbon sequestration to help develop the SFS. This element needs to take into account all actions

farmers can undertake to make progress towards net zero in a sustainable way.

“The engagement

we’ve had as a Union with the Cabinet Secretary and his officials to date has been positive and this statement reflects

those discussions. The FUW is ready to burn the midnight oil to ensure we get to the right place before the end of the

year, in order that this scheme is workable both economically and environmentally.” concluded Mr Rickman.

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The latest news about the UK’s border control

After five delays over the past three years, the UK Government has finally made an attempt to introduce physical checks on EU food exports entering the UK as part of its Border Target Operating Model.

As a Union, we have, on many occasions, raised serious concerns regarding the fact that our exports, such as Welsh lamb, have faced extremely costly border bureaucracy since we officially left the EU while food producers exporting from the EU to the UK have faced nothing of the sort.

Under these changes, food, animal and plant products which present a ‘medium risk’ to biosecurity and health will now be subject to physical checks, while ‘high risk’ goods will now be checked at the border rather than at the destination.

The original intention was that between 1% and 30% of medium risk goods would be checked and 100% of high risk goods would be subject to inspection.

However, reports suggest that traffic flow is being prioritised over compliance meaning that goods are being waived through custom checks, presumably due to a lack of adequate planning and resources.

Nevertheless, fees on fish, meat and dairy products, known as the common user charge, have been introduced in full at a maximum rate of £145 per consignment. This can equate to fees in excess of £1,500 per lorry load. This is despite the fact that physical checks are not actually taking place to any real effect.

In reality what we are witnessing, yet again, is the failure of the UK Government to prepare for their own Brexit plan. These failures are directly damaging and undermining UK farmers and producers

and making a mockery of the exceptionally high animal health and welfare standards we work to whilst now also imposing significant costs upon UK importers for no good reason.

The UK Government has acknowledged that “these border checks are fundamental to protecting the UK’s food supply chain, farmers and natural environment against costly diseases reaching our shores.

“Their cost is negligible compared to the impact of a major disease outbreak, such as foot and mouth disease in 2001, which cost businesses and our wider economy more than £12.8 billion in 2022 prices.”

We wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments, but unfortunately they go completely against the negligible benefits these new checks offer in protecting our food supply chain. This comes just days after three tonnes of illegal meat was seized at the border in Dover.

We would welcome any moves that ensured both food imports and exports are subject to the same custom and standard controls which not only provides a level playing field between UK and EU producers but also significantly reduces the risk of diseases such as African Swine Fever and Bluetongue. We are, however, concerned that in reality the implementation of full standard controls have effectively been delayed for a sixth time leaving UK exporters once again at a severe disadvantage compared to our EU counterparts.

We should not be in a situation where we are limping from extension to extension because of the UK Government’s lack of planning and foresight. The result of such incompetence is that Welsh and UK businesses continue to suffer from unfair competition.

NFU Cymru responds to future farm support update

NFU Cymru has welcomed the establishment of a new stakeholder group to assess the development of the Sustainable Farming Scheme, one of a number of the union’s requests adopted by Welsh Government following a meeting with NFU Cymru earlier this year.

In a written statement today (Friday 3rd May) on future farm support, the Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs, Huw Irranca-Davies MS announced the new SFS Ministerial Roundtable, of which NFU Cymru will be a member. A group of partners will also look at further and alternative proposals to achieve additional carbon sequestration within the Sustainable Farming Scheme.

These developments closely mirror requests made by NFU Cymru President Aled Jones in a meeting with Welsh Government in February as part of a comprehensive series of key policy asks to address the concerns and worries of thousands of farmers who had attended NFU Cymru roadshows and events. Those asks

included a request for the Minister to establish and chair regular Sustainable Farming Scheme meetings in advance of the publication of the final scheme design and its payment rates, as well as for additional work to be commissioned to report back to these meetings. NFU Cymru also asked for the establishment of a science panel to look at and evaluate alternatives to the controversial 10% tree cover requirements within the current scheme design.

Speaking after today’s written statement, NFU Cymru President Aled Jones said: “I welcome the fact that the Cabinet Secretary has decided to take forward two initiatives that closely match our original request to government, alongside the commitment of the Cabinet Secretary, to continue listening and working with farmers and stakeholders to deliver on our shared ambitions.

“We must get the Sustainable Farming Scheme right, neither farming families nor government can afford to have a scheme that fails to deliver on our ambitions for the rural economy, food, nature and climate. The scheme must work for all farmers - that’s

all farm types, sectors and regions, as well as tenant farmers and for those with common land.

The scheme must deliver stability to underpin food production, our farmed environment, our communities, our language and culture for our generation and those that follow in our footsteps.

“I would urge all those that may be involved in the work that the Cabinet Secretary is establishing to take their responsibilities seriously and recognise that the livelihoods of many thousands of farming families will depend on the work undertaken, advice given and decisions ultimately made by the Cabinet Secretary.

“Mandating 10% tree cover has come across as a clear insurmountable barrier for many to access the Sustainable Farming Scheme. I’m therefore pleased that the Cabinet Secretary has agreed to establish a group that will, amongst other things, consider alternative proposals to achieve additional carbon sequestration within the new scheme. We have world class scientists on our doorstop, we need to make use of

their expertise and knowledge of Welsh farming systems, our soils, our grasslands, cropping and field boundaries to provide us with alternatives whilst maintaining our productive capacity.

“The Cabinet Secretary has rightly acknowledged the need for a prosperous industry to support farmers to produce food alongside environmental, economic and social benefits. This is why it is absolutely critical that before any further decisions are taken, comprehensive analysis and assessment is made of the impact of the current Sustainable Farming Scheme proposals on Welsh farming, rural communities and the supply chain. We must ensure that future farm support delivers at least the same level of stability as that provided by current arrangements.

“The level of concern, worry and frustration in the farming community over future farm support remains palpable. NFU Cymru is committed to working with the Cabinet Secretary and all those who care about Welsh farming to get this right.”

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The Batur Convertible – the next chapter of luxury

Bentley Motors today reveals the third coachbuilt Bentley of the modern era - the Batur Convertible.

Created by Mulliner, Bentley’s in house bespoke division and the longest standing coachbuilder in the world, the Batur Convertible follows the exquisitely handcrafted Bacalar barchetta and Batur coupe. With the Batur Convertible, Mulliner continues its long tradition of crafting truly individual cars, tailored to the wishes of each of its extraordinary clients.

The Batur Convertible furthers the innovative design DNA introduced by its coupe sibling that will ultimately guide the design of Bentley’s future cars. The Batur Convertible retains the most powerful version of Bentley’s iconic W12, with a 750 PS, handassembled 6.0-litre twinturbocharged engine that has metaphorically and literally powered Bentley’s success for the last two decades. With the engine to finish

production this summer, the Batur Convertible will be one of the last ever Bentleys to use this incredible powertrain.

Bespoke two-seat grand touring Bentley has a rich history of open-cockpit cars, from the very first Bentley of 1919, through the company’s foundation years in the 1920s, to the most recent - the Bacalar. The architecture of the Batur Convertible has allowed Mulliner’s designers to seize the opportunity to create

a theme that not only blends the design of the Bacalar and Batur but includes the usability of a convertible. The designers also chose to highlight the twoseater character with a ‘wraparound’ cockpit inspired by the design of the Bacalar.

The dramatic ‘airbridge’ behind the seats and tapered cowls at the rear hark back to the barchetta sports cars of old, whilst underlining the promise of a dynamic, driver-focused

adventure in a cosseting, cocooned environment.

The airbridge and tapered cowls are not only aesthetic, but also provide a semi-enclosed luggage compartment behind the two front seats.

The convertible roof delivers an aesthetic of beauty as a modern, tactile alternative to a hardtop roof. A combination of insulation material, sealing system refinements and acoustic treatments create a cossetting environment

in a system which can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds, with the car travelling at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km/h), transforming the car from a luxurious coupe into an open-top Grand Tourer at the touch of a button.

Personal and uniquely commisioned

Mulliner’s in-house design team will help co-create every Batur Convertible with its customer, working together through a specially created Mulliner visualiser that allows any part of the car to be customised in colour and surface finish. Endless samples of unique materials bring texture to the process, and the resulting designs will be truly individual and created by the customer – limited only by their imagination.

Customers will be able to specify the colour and finish of practically every surface of the Batur Convertible, to create a car as individual as they are. Beyond the exterior form of the car lies an almost endless array of choices for each car’s future owner to make.

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o T or S

Hyundai IONIQ 5 N named world’s best electric performance car

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 N has continued its phenomenal run of success by being named the best electric performance car in the world by CAR Magazine.

CAR’s team of experts reached their verdict after conducting the title’s first in-depth test of hot EVs since 2022 at Germany’s iconic Nürburgring circuit and on the roads surrounding it. The seven-car shootout featured models from a variety of brands, including established premium manufacturers and the world’s most high-profile EV-only makers.

Despite facing models with significantly higher price tags, including one hypercar that costs in excess of £2 million, it was the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N that was acclaimed as the best buy by the test team, who described it as a thrilling hot hatchback

reminiscent of old-school combustion-engined cars.

Ben Miller, CAR Magazine Editor, said: “What a difference two years makes. The quality of the field versus 2022 defies belief, and the EV is finally starting to evolve as a driving machine. Among a host of great cars, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N proved scintillating from behind the wheel, driving like a love letter to some of the great fourwheel-drive hot hatches of the past and present, despite lacking an engine and gearbox.

“It’s a car you drive as much with the throttle pedal as the steering wheel, and it begs to have its limits explored, flattering the driver like few we’ve ever had the good fortune to experience. Turn-in is sharp and accurate, the steering precise and rich in feel and there’s magic in the chassis. Plus, it’s genius

in the way it produces a cacophonous soundtrack that really does resemble a highly strung forcedinduction petrol engine being worked hard. The IONIQ 5 N is brimming with original thinking and a sense of fun, and Hyundai deserves great praise for putting it into production.”

The high-performance model is based on the Electrified-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) of the standard IONIQ 5 – the 2022 World Car of the Year – and integrates the motorsportbred technologies and expertise of Hyundai’s N division to take driving fun to a new level.

Among a host of key technical advances is a powertrain which delivers greater power output and enhanced performance in battery cooling and braking. The IONIQ 5 N’s electric motors spin up to 21,000 RPM, providing up to 609 PS

in normal conditions, or 650 PS when the car’s N Grin Boost (NGB) feature is engaged, maximising acceleration for up to 10 seconds. 0-62mph is achievable in 3.4 seconds, while a top speed of 161mph is attainable on tracks.

Other upgrades include a strengthened steering column for improved feedback, Electronic Controlled Suspension that adapts suspension stiffness according to the drive mode, and a suite of sophisticated electronic control technology in the E-GMP platform. Highlights include N Pedal, an intelligent software function that provides instant turn-in and enhanced throttle sensitivity for exhilarating cornering, and fully variable front and rear N Torque Distribution.

The IONIQ 5 N also sets a new benchmark in terms of emotional

engagement for a performance EV, courtesy of N e-shift, which simulates the eight-speed dualclutch transmission of internal combustion engine N cars, while the addictive soundtrack that so impressed CAR’s judges comes via groundbreaking N Active Sound+ technology.

Although it has only been on sale for a matter of months, the IONIQ 5 N has already collected some prestigious accolades, including recently being crowned World Performance Car in the World Car Awards.

In December it was named’s overall 2023 Car of the Year, and it followed that it up earlier in May by being crowned Best EV Hot Hatch in the Electric Awards. The IONIQ 5 N has also made history at the Nürburgring, where it recorded the fastest

electric SUV lap time with Germany’s Sport Auto. Ashley Andrew, President of Hyundai & Genesis UK, said: “The Hyundai IONIQ 5 N was created to deliver the most exhilarating drive from an electric car, and this latest recognition from CAR Magazine demonstrates yet again what a wonderful piece of engineering it is. The fact that it is taking on and beating significantly more expensive performance EVs is a source of great pride, and it also sets an extremely high benchmark for future electrified performance cars.”

For more information on the IONIQ 5 N, which is available to order from £65,000, visit www.

CAR Magazine’s test of the world’s greatest electric performance cars features in the June issue, which will be on sale from May 8.

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51 Friday May 10 2022 72 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 X PURE AUTOMATIC, 5dr, white, 1 owner, 5k £15,500.00 2022 22 PEUGEOT 208 GT EV 18K, blue 18k ....................................................................... £18,000.00 2021 21 PEUGEOT 208 GT EV PREMIUM, 27k, yellow, £15,000.00 2021 21 FORD FIESTA 1.0 ST LINE EDITION, 5dr, black, 1 owner, fsh, £15,495.00 2020 70 MINI COOPER S ELECTRIC. 3dr, grey. 19k, 1 owner £13,995.00 2020 20 FORD FIESTA 1.0 TREND, 5dr, blue, 15k ............................................................... £12,995.00 2019 69 TOYOTA C-HR DYNAMIQUE 1,8 HYBRID, 5dr, silver, fsh, 1 owner £13,995.00 2019 19 FORD KUGA 2.0 ZETEC TDCI 4X4, red, 1 owner £8,995.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT METROPOLIS 399cc 3 wheeler trike 2000 miles £6,450.00 2019 19 CITROEN C3 AIRCROSS 1.5 BLUE Hdi Flair, 19k, ............................................... £11,995.00 2019 19 FORD FOCUS 1.5 TDCI ZETEC, grey, 5dr, 1 owner, service history £7,995.00 2019 19 VAUXHALL INSIGNIA DESIGN 1.6 TD, 5dr, service history, blue £7,995.00 2018 18 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0 GT TDI 5dr, B/motion, white,1 owner £11,995.00 2018 18 CITROEN C3 1.5 HDI black, 5dr ............................................................................... £6,450.00 2018 18 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 CDTi DESIGN ESTATE, silver, £7,995.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT 108 1.2 ALLURE, purple, 46k, £7,495.00 2018 18 CITROEN C3 1.5 HDI black, 5dr £5,995.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT 208 1.6 HDI, 5dr, grey £5,695.00 2017 67 HYUNDAI TUCSON 1.7 CRDi 2wd, grey, 1 owner, 76k, fsh £10,995.00 2017 67 FIAT ABARTH 1.4 AUTOMATIC, blue, 2000 miles, 1 owner, fsh £14,750.00 2017 67 CITROEN C1 1.2 FEEL 5dr, white, £5,595.00 2017 17 PEUGEOT 208 1.5 HDI, 5dr, black £6,750.00 2017 17 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 EXCITE, yellow, service history ............................................... £6,995.00 2017 17 FIAT 500 1.2 POP, white, 33k £6,995.00 2016 66 FORD FIESTA 1.4 EDGE Tdci 5dr, silver £5,495.00 2015 15 RANGE ROVER SPORT 3.0 AUTOBIOGRAPHY HYBRID, red, £23,500.00 2015 15 VOLKSWAGEN POLO 1.2 TSI SE, 4dr, black, 61k, .................................................. £8,495.00 2015 15 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 CDTI, 5dr, silver, choice of 2 £3,995.00 2015 15 CITROEN C1 1.0 AIRSPACE, orange, 5dr, 59k £5,495.00 2013 63 FORD FIESTA 1.2 ZETEC 5dr, yellow, £5,495.00 2013 63 CITROEN C1 1.0 VTR+ white, 5dr, £4,995.00 2013 13 AUDI A1 1.6 SPORT Tdi, black, 3dr .......................................................................... £5,000.00 2013 13 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 CDTI LTD EDITION, 3dr, red, service history £4,995.00 2011 11 AUDI A1 1.6 TDI S LINE, 3dr, white, 71k £6,495.00 2011 11 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 1.6 TDI PLUS, silver, 5dr, £3,995.00 2010 60 FORD FIESTA 1.2 EDGE, 3dr, silver, service history................................................ £3,995.00 2004 53 PORSCHE BOXSTER S 3.2 CONVERTIBLE, blue, 54k, s/history £7,995.00 1999 S BMW Z3 2.8 SPORT CONVERTIBLE, 2dr, silver, genuine low mileage £7,995.00 COMMERCIALS Prices inclusive of 20% VAT 2022 22 HARDLIFE XN 2.3 LWB MINI EXCAVATOR (KUBOTA DIESEL ENGINE) £8,000.00 2019 69 MERCEDES SPRINTER CAR TRANSPORTER 2.1 Cdi, 1 owner, 70k ................... £29,995.00 2019 19 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, yellow, 1 owner £12,495.00 2019 19 MERCEDES SPRINTER DROPSIDE Lorry, 2.1 Cdi, 1 owner, £15,000.00 2019 19 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.6 CDTI SPORTIVE white, service history £8,995.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 BLUE HDI, white, service history, 71k ........................... £9,500.00 2019 19 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 HDI, white £8,350.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT 2.0 CUSTOM Tdi, yellow, 74k, 1 owner, £13,500.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, white, 1 owner £12,500.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 HDI, white ....................................................................... £7,995.00 2017 67 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.3 CDTI CREW CAB, white, 74K £8,495.00 2017 17 CITROEN RELAY 2.0 HDI, white, 6 rear seats £8,495.00 2017 17 FORD TRANSIT DROPSIDE LORRY LWB, £10,000.00 2016 16 MERCEDES SPRINTER 2.1 Cdi FRIDGE VAN ....................................................... £6,250.00 2014 64 FIAT FIORINO 1.2 DIESEL, blue £3,995.00 2014 64 FIAT DOBLO 1.2 TURBO DIESEL, white £4,500.00 2013 63 RENAULT TRAFFIC 2.0 DCI HIGH TOP, white £5,995.00 2013 13 ISUZU TRUCK 5.2 TURBO DIESEL TWIN CAR TRANSPORTER ...................... £14,400.00 2012 62 FORD TRANSIT TIPPER 2.0 TDI, white (no vat) £5,000.00 2017/17 JAGUAR F-TYPE 5.0 V8R SUPERCHARGED CONVERTIBLE AUTOMATIC ONLY 7000 MILES, WHITE WITH BLACK ROOF

Welsh maternity team recognised for tackling inequalities

A maternity team in Wales have been recognised for their work in tackling inequalities and improving maternity care for pregnant women with learning disabilities and difficulty with everyday activities.

HHaving developed a Maternity Passport for the Hywel Dda Health Board to ensure the individual needs of the woman were understood and that reasonable adjustments were implemented, the team decided to widen their approach to tackling inequalities. Adding an additional question to the revised all Wales Maternity Handheld Record, they began asking all women what communication support they needed when using the maternity service. By asking all women inclusively, the team says it ensures that every woman using their maternity service has the opportunity to discuss reasonable adjustments to their care.

The Chief Nursing

Officer (CNO) for Wales and the Royal College of Midwives Wales (RCM) Quality Improvement award for 2024 had many worthy nominees says the RCM, but it was this initiative from Hywel Dda that has been recognised as International Day of the Midwife (IDM) approaches.

Commenting, RCM’s Director for Wales, Julie Richards said:

“This year we’ve been really impressed with the range and quality of nominations which showcase our members’ commitment to improving the safety and quality of maternity services in Wales. The Maternity Passport was co-produced with women who use the service and those who need some adjustments and support with communication to ensure they got it absolutely right - and they did. The maternity team at Hywel Dda works in a positive culture, tackling improvements head on. They also take time to learn and train together

considering inclusivity which is fundamental to improving multidisciplinary teamwork. All of this improves the quality of care they can deliver to women and their families using the service.”

The team at Hywel Dda has also hosted a series of training sessions entitled “Cuppa Conversation” to highlight challenges faced by marginalised women, the first series focused on the impact of race in maternity care and the current series is focusing on inclusivity and maternity care. These sessions are open to the multidisciplinary team and are hosted both within and outside of usual working hours to support inclusion of all staff. The RCM says the sessions also promote an open and safe environment to discuss the impact of marginalisation on pregnancy outcomes enabling staff to learn from one another and share experiences.

Sue Tranka, Chief Nursing Officer for Wales, said:

“We want to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of all our services in Wales. We expect everyone to be able to access high-quality maternity and neonatal care. Sadly, people with learning disabilities are at increased risk of poor outcomes, including pre-term birth and preeclampsia and they are also more likely to have poorer experiences of care. We are committed to delivering continued improvements across maternity and neonatal services in Wales and ensuring everyone can access equitable, high-quality care.

We congratulate Hywel Dda on their multidisciplinary team working, engagement and co-production with families in developing this excellent tool.”

Karen Jewell, Chief Midwifery Officer for Wales added:

“It is wonderful to see Hywel Dda’s initiative included within the All-Wales Maternity Handheld Records and shared as best practice with other services

across Wales. By asking the right questions, the tool ensures that all women have the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and any reasonable adjustments required to ensure they receive the care they need.”

Kathy Greaves, Head of Midwifery for Hywel Dda said:

“ I have immense pride in the teams dedication to addressing health inequalities for the women, birthing people and families of Hywel Dda. I would like to acknowledge the bravery of those affected by the inequalities who have supported the team. The impact is palpable and has spurred the team on to widen the scope of learning and clinical improvements in addressing a much broader understanding of Allostatic Load. We are excited to progress the work and see what given the support and encouragement we can influence for other families using our services.”

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Charity funds support group for head and neck cancer patients

The Hywel Dda University Health Board Head and Neck Cancer Service has been able to provide face-to-face patient support groups thanks to Hywel Dda Health Charities, the official charity of Hywel Dda University Health Board.

Generous donations to the NHS charity have enabled head and neck cancer patients to meet

face-to-face in a safe environment instead of virtually.

Hayley Owen, Macmillan Head and Neck Cancer Support Assistant, said: “We’re so grateful that charitable funds have enabled us to organise face-to-face support groups with patients.

“Our patients have said that the support groups have hugely

boosted their emotional and mental wellbeing. The feedback from group members about our face-to-face meetings is overwhelmingly positive and identifies these groups as a pivotal part of their post-cancer treatment recovery process.

“Donations to the Head and Neck Cancer Service enable the continued provision of sup-

port to head and neck cancer patients. It allows us to assist them and their families pre- and post-treatment, during their long-term recovery/ rehabilitation and provide support to our palliative patients.”

Nicola Llewelyn, Head of Hywel Dda Health Charities, the official charity of Hywel Dda University Health Board, said: “The support of our

local communities enables us to provide services over and above what the NHS can provide in the three counties of Hywel Dda and we are extremely grateful for every donation we receive.”

For more details about the charity and how you can help support local NHS patients and staff, go to www.hywelddahealthcharities.

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North Wales business leaders get direct line to Bank of England

One of the Bank of England’s monetary experts will be giving an “invaluable insight” into the economy to businesses in North Wales.

Steve Hicks, the Bank of England’s Agent for Wales, will be attending a breakfast meeting to give an off-the-record briefing to members of the Wrexham Business Professionals group at the Maesgwyn Hall on Wednesday, May 15.

The group is made up of successful businesses and skilled professionals working together to promote regional prosperity and shine a light on the enterprise and expertise that exists in the region.

Mr Hicks became Agent for Wales in June 2015 after working in Central Government where he undertook roles analysing the Labour Market, Employment Relations, Business and Regional Statistics as well as measuring National Well-being.

At the meeting Mr

Hicks will be presenting the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy report for May, but he will also be there to listen about how local businesses are faring in the current economic climate.

He said: “Meetings like this are immensely valuable for Bank of England to hear first-hand from business leaders how the economy is performing, to add real colour to official statistics and to help inform policy decisions.

“As Agents’ of the Bank, we put all the information we garner together from across the UK to form a picture of not just where the economy is likely to go but also where it’s been – often that’s half the battle.

According to Wrexham Business Professionals committee member Ian Edwards, the meeting will be like “having a direct line to the Bank of England”.

He said: “Steve is a master of his brief and I am sure he will give us

a fascinating and helpful insight into how the economy is doing and the prospects for the future.

“Everything the Bank of England does has an impact on businesses in Wrexham so it’s important that we are able to hear the latest thinking because it’s like being given a road map outlining what might lie ahead

which is important when you’re making important decisions in business.”

Fellow committee member Louise Harper added: “I am sure we will gain a fascinating and helpful insight into how the economy is performing and the prospects for the future.

“Hopefully, there will also be an opportunity for our members and clients

to venture an opinion and for our thoughts to be taken into consideration by the Bank of England.” For more information about Wrexham Business Professionals meetings, events and campaigns go to, email or ring 01978 752500.

Vice chair of regional learning and skills partnership appointed

PAUL Butterworth, the CEO of Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid, has been appointed as the new Vice Chair of the Regional Learning and Skills Partnership (RLSP) for south-west Wales.

Covering Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot, Pembrokeshire and Swansea, the RLSP is dedicated to bridging the gap between education, skills, and regeneration. It aims to ensure that the skills provision is aligned with the economic priorities and opportunities of the region, as well as tackling the new skills landscape that is happening within the energy, construction, manufacturing and digital sectors.

As CEO of Chambers Wales, Paul brings a wealth of experience and a passion for the economic and skills development of Welsh businesses with him to the board.

As the voice of the

business community with policymakers, Paul will advocate for enhanced skills training, infrastructure improvements and the creation of skilled jobs, all aimed at creating local economic growth.

Upon his appointment, Paul said: “I am determined to create a better and fairer business landscape for West Wales to ensure that the local economy has the best available skills development for future project development and the transition into the green economy and energy sector to ensure West Wales thrives.”

Jane Lewis, Regional Partnerships Manager at RLSP, said: “We are delighted to have Paul on the board. He will be instrumental in achieving our goals and look forward to the positive impact his appointment will have on the region.”

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bu SI ne
Richard Lewis

‘Sicknote culture’: why it’s up to employers to change the status quo

PRIME Minister

Rishi Sunak’s recent speech on Britain’s sick note culture highlights how something’s ‘gone wrong’ since Covid, an expert has warned.

An estimated 850,000 more people are currently economically inactive according to reports.

But Nathan Shearman, director of therapy and training at Red Umbrella and a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor, said it is a multi-faceted and complex issue to tackle.

He says: “We have known for a while that the number of people who are economically inactive has been going up. And the language around it is interesting – economically inactive suggests that you’re not contributing to the country’s economy, which misses the fact that these people in a lot of cases genuinely want to work, but simply cannot.

“Access to services is vital. That’s where the government has a big responsibility in terms of providing the services needed. And that’s where a big part of this issue

lies. For those who are off work with their mental health, the lead time to get mental health support is huge.

“In most major cities, you’re looking at a sixmonth lead time for counselling and therapy through your GP. That’s potentially six months you’re going to be signed off before you can even get any help or support to start to get better.

“We know that there have been a lot of budget cuts over the years and that mental health services are significantly underfunded as a result.

“This means that employers can now no longer rely on the NHS to help provide the solutions if and when employees need support to get over mental ill health.

“Employers must step up to fill some of those gaps and have plans in place to help both prevent and support.

“There are steps that workplaces should be taking to improve people’s wellbeing and reduce the number of individuals that are being signed off sick.”

Outlining what some

of those steps are he continued: “Education is really important from a preventative point of view, too, because if somebody comes forward and their line manager, for instance, just doesn’t know how to respond, this could be particularly detrimental.

“Knowing how to respond and having a basic understanding of mental health is key, as there is there’s a lot of misinformation out there, as well as often, an old-school mentality surrounding mental health issues.

“That’s where mental

health training becomes vital, such as Mental Health First Aid training for line managers to teach them how to support their teams.

“That’s also really crucial when people return to work after experiencing mental health issues. There’s

often an expectation that someone is just going to come back and resume working as normal, but that’s not expected with physical health issues.

“Having managers trained up to support individuals within their team effectively when they come back means that they’re less likely to need to be signed off again.

“Something invaluable that comes from mental health training is knowing how to make adjustments for people who may be struggling. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying ‘if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, just know that you can talk to me, and I’ll help you any way I can’ or just letting them know they can take a break whenever they need to.

“That means that employees are less likely to get to a point where they are feeling overwhelmed because they know they have options. It’s also about offering additional support such as employee assistance programmes or counselling and therapy services.

Tata Steel talks collapse amidst threats of immediate redundancies


between steel unions and Tata Steel hit a roadblock, leaving thousands of jobs at risk. The breakdown in talks was announced by Roy Rickhuss, the General Secretary of Community, expressing deep disappointment in Tata’s propositions.

Rickhuss criticised Tata for presenting proposals deemed “completely unacceptable” by the unions. He accused the company of prioritising profit over job security, highlighting their intention to slash jobs and penalise vulnerable employees. Despite Tata’s claims of being a responsible employer, Rickhuss asserted their failure to engage meaningfully in negotiations.

Tata’s proposals included the closure of critical facilities, such as BF 5 and BF 4, resulting in immediate redundancies. The offered Voluntary Redundancy (VR) packages fell short of expectations, with no guarantee against compulsory redundancies. Moreover, Tata’s stance on job retention and training schemes drew sharp criticism from the unions.

Rajesh Nair,

The National Trade Union Steel CoOrdinating Committee (NTUSCC), chaired by Rickhuss, issued a scathing statement following the breakdown. The Committee outlined Tata’s refusal to negotiate in good faith, focusing instead on profit maximisation to the detriment of workers and their communities.

representing Tata, faced accusations of an indifferent attitude towards the workforce. The company’s refusal to address concerns about job security and the VR package further strained relations with the unions.

Rickhuss, alongside Peter Hughes of Unite and Charlotte BrumptonChilds of GMB, asserted

unity among the unions against Tata’s uncompromising stance. They urged members to support industrial action to defend their industry and secure better terms.

The looming threat of industrial action stems from Tata’s reluctance to reconsider its plans despite the potential for widespread job losses. Unite General

Secretary Sharon Graham emphasised the detrimental impact of Tata’s proposed cuts, warning of a ripple effect across the regional economy.

Unite vowed to stand with Tata’s workers in their fight for a better future, utilising all available avenues to halt the company’s plans.

In response to the unfolding situation, Unite encourages media enquiries to be directed to Ryan Fletcher for further information.

The collapse of talks between steel unions and Tata paints a grim picture for the future of the industry, with job losses looming large and communities facing uncertain times ahead. As tensions escalate, the fate of thousands of workers hangs in the balance, awaiting decisive action to secure their livelihoods.

Graham underscored the availability of alternatives for Tata to consider, including Labour’s proposed £3 billion UK Steel investment fund. This fund could safeguard jobs and position the UK as a leader in green steel production.

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Council will choose a new Leader. The current Leader, Councillor David Simpson, is standing down after ably leading the Council through a very challenging period including the pandemic, lockdown, cost of living crisis and the council’s own financial challenges. David will continue to serve as a councillor for Lampeter Velfrey.

There are two candidates for Leader: Di Clements from the Conservative Group and Jon Harvey who is not aligned to a political group. I am supporting Jon Harvey, whom I believe is best able to lead the Council during this difficult time and unite councillors to serve the people of Pembrokeshire.

The council cannot hide from the serious financial challenges it faces at a time when many are reeling from the cost of living crisis due to rising prices. This includes having to pay for a large rise in the number of children coming into residential care (up from 18 to 32 in the first 3 quarters of 2023-24), more elderly

homelessness. Vulnerable children, elderly residents and homeless people all need support (and are legally entitled to it) and this has led to over £10 million additional costs during 2023-4.

Action is being taken to provide more local accommodation for children in care and more social housing. However, as the population in Pembrokeshire continues to age, we face more pressure to provide decent social care within the county. We cannot realistically expect the council taxpayer to shoulder the burden of ever increasing social care costs and the UK Government needs to step in with realistic arrangements to fund adult social care. Every political party needs to address this at the General Election.

During this difficult time there has been increased public scrutiny of some of the council’s capital spending projects, particularly in Haverfordwest where most of the capital funding comes from the UK Government’s Levelling Up funds and from the Welsh Government.

Surge of apathy for Commissioner elections

THEENTHUSIASM around the election of Wales’s Police and Crime Commissioners reached fever-pitch last Thursday (May 2) when turnout reached the giddy heights of less than 20%.

The highest turnout in Wales was in the Dyfed-Powys force area, where 19.2% of eligible electors cast their vote.

Of that 19.2%, the winning candidate, Dafydd Llywelyn, got 41%.

In other words, less than 8% of all possible voters supported the victor.

As failures of democracy go, it’s quite something.

The turnout was even more dismal elsewhere in Wales.

The council needs to carefully look at every area of spending. It will need to provide for vulnerable children who need residential care, elderly residents who need social care and people who are homeless. This has to be the priority for the newly elected Council Leader and all councillors.

If you wish to discuss these issues, please contact me at

Twitter: AlistairPembs Email:

In Gwent, the winning candidate, Jane Mudd, received 42% of the votes cast in a 15.6% turnout. Barely 6.5% of all voters supported her.

There are many lessons from such a pitiful turnout, but the key takeaway is that voters simply don’t care about Police and Crime Commissioners.

Despite the poor turnout, some interesting electoral nuggets can be sifted from the rubble.

In Pembrokeshire, a key Labour target in the next General Election, Philippa Thompson barely scraped past the Conservative candidate, Ian Harrison. In Monmouthshire, another Labour target,

the Conservatives polled the most votes.

The Conservative vote also held up well in Conwy, Powys, Denbighshire, and the Vale of Glamorgan.

In Llanelli, Labour’s tally from the in-person box vote was dismal.

As far as any conclusions can be drawn from such derisory turnouts, they indicate the Conservative vote in parts of Wales is more resilient than national opinion polls suggest.

The campaigns were mostly noticeable due to the lack of campaigning.

It’s as though even the candidates were embarrassed to seek election to a post barely anybody wants.

Labour’s victory dances in North Wales, Gwent, and the South Wales policing areas should be tempered by its failure to mobilise its vote in a crucial electoral year.

Labour should have pushed hard and swept the board to make a telling electoral point.

The party couldn’t be bothered. Whether it farmed its resources for the big one or simply took the elections for granted, Labour must improve its showing across Wales and not only where it is strong.

As far as Plaid Cymru goes, Dafydd Llywelyn’s victory shows that it still draws support from its heartlands in y Fro. Mr Llewelyn finished third in Pembrokeshire.

The Conservatives did best in Powys.

Votes from Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire carried him over the line.

A suggestion that turnout suffered because the Commissioners’ elections were not held on the same day as a Senedd or local election should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

If the post of Police and Crime Commissioner means anything, it must stand on its own merits. Moreover, turnout in local authority elections and those to the Welsh Parliament is already dire.

In Pembrokeshire, almost a third of current councillors faced no re-election contest. In those wards with an election, the number of turnouts that exceeded 50% was tiny.

Across Wales, the turnout for the last Senedd election was barely 50%. In most Labour constituencies in South Wales, turnout crested around 35%. If that election had a minimum turnout threshold of 55%, there’d be only a handful of MSs, most of them Conservative.

The failure of the political parties to engage voters in the electoral process is endemic and chronic. The Police and Crime Commissioner turnouts signify a deeper malaise and disconnection between governments and the governed.

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Gething warns of ‘fragility’ of Welsh devolution

THIS week marks a quarter of a century since the first elections to the then National Assembly in 1999, writes Jonathan Edwards MP.

I had just left University, and my first job was helping to organise Rhodri Glyn Thomas’s successful election campaign in the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency.

It’s hard to imagine, but I remember a concerted campaign by some individuals within Plaid Cymru at the national level during that election who hoped Rhodri would lose and therefore deprive the then Leader of the Labour party in Wales, Alun Michael, a Mid and West Regional seat. As it happened, Rhodri Glyn won by a country mile, and Alun Michael was elected from the list.

The rest is history, but this episode should have taught Plaid Cymru at the national level to never interfere in Carmarthenshire politics. I suspect they will be taught another one soon, come the General Election.

I come from a position of being an inherent supporter of more powers for Wales.

I would campaign and vote in favour if there was an independence referendum tomorrow.

My fundamental political belief is that the people of Wales, like any other nation, should govern itself.

After over a decade in Westminster, I have little faith that London control will ever work in the interests of Wales.

I don’t think this is a deliberate act, as some would argue. However, I think Wales, like other peripheral parts of the UK, suffers from neglect. Wealth is largely concentrated in the Southeast, and as the famous Welsh saying goes, ‘i’r pant y rhed y dwr’—the water flows to the valley.

Independence would allow a reconfiguration of power and the pooling of sovereignty across the British Isles and beyond to Europe. We, as a people, would decide where we want to cooperate. Hopefully, Wales, Scotland, a united Ireland, and England would move together based on equality and respect.

Can Wales afford independence? This is often the argument that gets thrown back.

On day one, Wales would be a mid-ranking European nation in terms of wealth.

We would undoubtedly

face serious fiscal challenges. However, just compare Welsh economic performance and the Republic of Ireland over recent decades—it will make your eyes water. I would rather take responsibility for myself than observe longterm managed decline.

As a pragmatist, I have always favoured a more gradual approach based on devolving fiscal powers to Wales so that our government has the job creation leavers and the responsibility to improve our economic performance.

Without creating betterpaid jobs in Wales, we have little hope of dealing with our multiple social problems, not least the flight of our young people.

Brexit allowed the devolution of key fiscal leavers such as VAT and Corporation Tax, but those who pushed Brexit in London were not interested in Brexit freedoms; it was always a Westminster centralisation project.

Alas, no political party will contest the next General Election on such a prospectus. That leaves politicians like me and a growing proportion of the Welsh population with nowhere to go but to argue for full-fat devolution.

While manifestoes have yet to be published, it seems safe to speculate that none of the UK parties will propose a radical devolution settlement favoured by some Labour members of the Senedd.

We will be lucky if the Labour Party forms the next UK government and devolves the youth justice and probation services to Wales.

Labour in power at the UK level will leave its Welsh flank exposed if it shows limited ambition. In Scotland, it will see turbochargers placed beneath the independence movement.

If you stand still, you fall backwards, and I fear that is the state of the constitutional

debate in Wales now.

Plaid Cymru has propped up the Labour Government in Wales and achieved nothing in advancing the Welsh national question.

Sure, they have secured Senedd enlargement. I am just not sure that it is a good argument to celebrate 36 more politicians in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis.

Personally, I am not interested in more politicians. I am in the business of winning powers.

To gain this ‘win’, Plaid have had to concede a dodgy closed list voting system, which I fear will be deeply damaging to devolution.

Electors will no longer vote directly for their Senedd Members.

Central party bureaucrats will have power over selecting Elected Members, promoting subservience and partisan loyalty over ability.

If current Plaid Cymru strategists think that the good people of Wales will use their one vote tactically in multi-member constituencies, they are completely deluded. The new system could well end up entrenching Labour power in Wales.

More worrying for prodevolutionists, I suspect that this new system will make Senedd Members completely aloof from the communities they serve.

There is a world of difference between being a directly elected politician and serving a ‘region’. I can understand the attraction. List members can disappear without trace following election day and get back in on the party ticket next time. When you are directly elected, this is more difficult.

More worryingly, this change will make Westminster Parliament members, despite a reduction to only 32 Welsh members, by far the most visible and recognised politicians in their respective


There is a growing feeling in our communities that Senedd Members are increasingly aloof and out of touch. The scrutiny of their work is minuscule, and the new electoral system will make accountability far harder.

In 1999, there was euphoric anticipation that anything would be possible for Wales.

25 years of devolution has dissipated that belief.

We must recapture those heady feelings and get Senedd Members out of Cardiff Bay.

Rather than more Senedd Members and a deeply damaging voting system, what about holding one plenary session each month in other parts of our country.

Carmarthen would be a great location for the West, Aberystwyth for Mid Wales, and Conwy for the North. This would do far more to connect devolution with the people of Wales than what is currently proposed and hopefully make the case that devolution is a project for the whole of our country and not a self-serving elite in Cardiff Bay.

Wales is on the razor’s edge. The years after the General Election should be fertile political ground for the nationalist movement in Wales.

Labour in government at the UK and Welsh levels offers nowhere for the establishment party in our country to hide.

Worryingly, it will also conversely be fertile territory for the populist Tory right that will surely emerge from the ashes of their Tory General Election defeat.

Does the nationalist movement in Wales have the thinkers of the skill and ability to chart a course through the new political landscape that will soon be upon us?

That is the question that should worry anyone who wants to see Wales develop as a political nation.

THERE are over 1,500 individual landfill sites recorded in Wales classed as operational, closed, or historic. A recent report by Natural Resources Wales (“NRW”) found that there were more than 260 coastal landfill sites currently at risk of leaking into the marine environment as a result of coastal erosion, flooding and climate change. One of the main issues is the large number of unknowns and what the issues and impacts will be from the sites. NRW are already working to identify which sites pose a risk to the environment, and last year found that 89% of Welsh landfill sites had the potential to release chemical waste. The other large problem is that prior to the 1970s there was no requirement to keep records, no records in fact kept, and there was no permitting on landfill sites.

On the issue of waste and landfill, Pembrokeshire sits as an outlier in Wales and has been the top recycling county for three years in a row now – achieving a recycling rate of over 70%. Back in April 2019 it appeared that Pembrokeshire County Council would no longer need a landfill at Withyhedge due to their recycling rate effectively eliminating landfill waste. However, rather than this achievement resulting in any closure, the landfill site has instead become a dumping ground for waste from Cardiff and England. In 2022, the site was purchased by Dauson Environmental Group, with an operating company called Resources Management UK Ltd (RML) actively running the site. Following their purchase of the site there was an increase in the amount of volume of waste being deposited, albeit still in line with their permit granted by NRW. On a recent visit to the site, I was struck by the fact that no recycling activity takes place on the landfill – instead trucks unload waste which is simply deposited in the landfill.

The problem that landfills pose to the local communities that surround them has been put into sharp relief by the ongoing situation at the Withyhedge site. Since September 2023

the local population has had to put up with a foul odour emanating from the site, and a resolution has yet to be achieved. The odour is hydrogen sulphide and is being emitted in large quantities from the site due to a mixing of biodegradable waste and calcium sulphide (plasterboard). While it is unclear how this mixing has been allowed to happen (perhaps the wayward use of a skip on a building site), the situation demonstrates the level of complexity and unknowns surrounding landfill sites and their operation. Tough regulation is crucial. While NRW have been slow to act on Withyhedge and poor in their communication with the public, they are now taking firmer action. They issued an enforcement notice in February in respect of one part of the site for compliance by 5 April, but while there was compliance it ultimately failed to stop the stink. An additional enforcement notice was then issued in respect of a separate section of the site with actions relating to gas management, further capping and improving interim cover arrangements, which requires compliance by 14 May (some actions in the notice have earlier compliance dates). It appears that the overfilling of an adjacent area meant odorous waste was simply transferred from one part of the site to another. I have been very clear with NRW that if the most recent enforcement notice is not effective in resolving the situation, then they must suspend new waste from coming on site. Furthermore, Pembrokeshire County Council are in the process of seeking a legal injunction to apply further pressure on the operating company, RML. Amid the enforcement notices and legal action, the local community are still suffering from the odour, with fears about the implications for public health. While the immediate action must be to Stop the Stink, in the longer term there has to be coordinated action taken by Government across Wales and the UK to address the environmental and public health risks posed by landfill sites.

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Plaid and Labour Pass Senedd Stitch-up Bill


of the Senedd voted to pass the Senedd Cymru (Members and Elections) Bill on Wednesday, May 8.

The Welsh Parliament will extend to 96 members from the 2026 election and end the links between MSs and constituencies.

From 2026, Welsh parliamentary constituencies will be grouped using closed candidate lists, so voters will vote for a party instead of an individual.

Instead of electors having a say in who represents them, political parties will decide who voters get. The new system is analogous to the current regional MS system, which has unearthed political giants like Joyce Watson, Joel James, and Rhys ab Owen.

An example of how party insiders can manipulate lists to settle political scores can be seen in the fate of former

Conservative MS and leadership contender Suzy Davies, who was placed so far down her party’s list for 2021 that she withdrew from consideration.

The message sent by Labour ministers during the Covid pandemic suggesting that Swansea East MS Mike Hedges should be replaced indicates Labour’s direction of travel and political intent.

It adds to the sense that this is less an act of government than a stitchup.

The Bill forms part of the Welsh Government’s Co-operation Agreement with Plaid Cymru.

Following Royal Assent, the legislation will mean that from the 2026 Senedd election: There will be 96 Members of the Senedd, who will all be elected using a proportional closed list system, with all candidates named on ballot papers.

All candidates for and Members of the Senedd must live in Wales.

Senedd elections will be held every four years (from 2026 onwards).

Counsel General Mick Antoniw said: “Over the last quarter-century, the Senedd’s responsibilities have grown, including law-making and taxvarying powers, but its capacity has not.

“Wales is the most underrepresented country in the UK—the Senedd has the fewest Members of any devolved Parliament in the country, and our UK Parliamentary seats are being reduced.

“Today, Members of the Senedd have voted to correct that under-representation and strengthen our democracy.

Sian Gwenllian, MS, Lead Designated Member for Plaid Cymru on the Co-operation Agreement, said: “As the powers and responsibilities of the Senedd have grown, we

have reached the point where our democracy needs to mature further so we can meet our ambitions for Wales. Wales should not be shortchanged democratically.”

The truth is that hardly anyone is satisfied with the new Bill, not even its backers in Plaid Cymru. Several Labour MSs also have misgivings about its content.

However, the desire to stitch up the Conservatives has triumphed over wider considerations.

Plaid has sold out its wish to secure proportional representation via the Single Transferrable Vote, while Labour has severed the tie between electors and the elected.

The Welsh Government Commission into the Senedd’s composition and electoral system did not recommend increasing the number of MSs to 96 or recommending the closed list system.

Neither Labour nor Plaid Cymru advocated those solutions in their 2021 manifestos.

There is a mandate for Senedd reform. But there is no mandate for these Senedd reforms.

The idea that those members who have directly benefited from the new system will revisit or potentially revise it after 2026 is laughable.

Darren Millar MS, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for the Constitution, said: “This is a sad day for Welsh democracy; a larger parliament, wholesale changes to the voting system, but no referendum for the Welsh people.

“The £120 million plan for more politicians, more fancy offices and a larger Senedd are the furthest thing from the Welsh people’s priorities, but that’s what Labour and Plaid have pushed through today.

“I have said it before,

and I will say it again. Wales desperately needs more doctors, dentists, nurses and teachers, not Labour and Plaid’s plans to spend millions on more politicians.”

The leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew RT Davies MS, added, “Labour and Plaid’s insistence on wasting so much time and money creating 36 more politicians is a national embarrassment.

“Our Welsh NHS is on its knees, educational attainment is collapsing, and employment numbers are plummeting, but this vanity project is Labour and Plaid’s top priority.

“The Welsh Conservatives would reverse these plans and spend the money on our health service instead.”

With no personal link to candidates and no say in who gets to represent them, persuading voters to turn up could be an uphill task.

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Aled Thomas launches campaign for new Westminster seat of Ceredigion Preseli


hopeful for the new Westminster seat of Ceredigion Preseli has officially launched his campaign, saying he will “bring a sense of hope and ambition back into politics”.

The new Ceredigion Preseli constituency joins parts of north Pembrokeshire –including Crymych and Maenclochog – with neighbouring Ceredigion.

The new constituency takes effect automatically from the next scheduled General Election, following a Westminster vote to cut the number of Welsh MPs from 40 to 32.

Candidates announced so far are Plaid Cymru’s Ben Lake – who has represented Ceredigion in Westminster since 2017, Liberal Democrat Mark Williams, formerly the MP for Ceredigion from 2005- 2017, and Welsh Labour’s Jackie Jones.

The Welsh Conservatives recently selected their candidate for the Ceredigion-Preseli seat, Cllr Aled Thomas, Welsh Conservative Group county councillor

for Johnston.

The launch event was held at the Moody Cow Farm Shop and Cafe in Llwyncelyn, near Aberaeron, where Mr Thomas told local members and supporters that he’s hoping to “bring a sense of hope and ambition back into politics”.

Mr Thomas, Welsh Conservative Group spokesman for finance, agriculture and the Welsh Language on Pembrokeshire County Council, is also a qualified agronomist and a partner in his family’s arable and livestock farm.

“It’s an honour to be able to represent the Ceredigion Preseli constituency at the next general election, and area that I hold dear to my heart.”

He added: “The people of Ceredigion deserve better, as Plaid Cymru, a party I once respected has now prioritised propping up Welsh Labour in the Senedd over the priorities of the people of Ceredigion.

“They have happily enabled them to introduce

damaging policies such as the Sustainable Farming Scheme to the rural communities and businesses across Wales.

“I’m not afraid to speak up for the people of Ceredigion and North Pembrokeshire and make sure their voices are heard loud and clear on a council, Wales and national level.”

Fellow hopefuls for the seat have previously outlined what they intend to bring to the table.

Ben Lake said: “My priorities were I to be elected as the Member of Parliament for Ceredigion Preseli are clear – a fair deal for rural communities, investment in infrastructure and increased funding for public services, and a thriving, sustainable economy that has the needs of communities rather than those of large corporations as its focus.”

Liberal Democrat Mark Williams said: “I too am looking forward to putting forward my party’s message on the doorsteps of Preseli, and across Ceredigion, not least our measures

Welsh Lib Dems urge Welsh Gov to protect asylum-seeking children

IN the Senedd on Tuesday (May 7), the Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on the Welsh Government to protect children seeking asylum in Wales.

According to the Refugee Council, lone child asylum seekers are often at a greater risk of being wrongly classified as adults by the Home Office and then sent to Rwanda under the UK government’s controversial policy.

In 2022, two-thirds of children deemed adults by the Home Office were later confirmed as children by local authorities.

“Our nation’s reputation as a haven for those fleeing hardships is under threat from the UK Government’s cold-hearted Rwanda policy.

This immoral approach towards what is essentially a humanrights crisis represents a serious threat to our most vulnerable residents, those being unaccompanied children.

According to the Refugee Council, lone child asylum seekers are more likely to be wrongly classified as adults which places them at a greater risk of being forced onto flights and expelled.

to help people with the cost-of-living crisis, and promote the agricultural sector. There is a battle for hearts and minds across our new constituency, and I believe I have the energy and experience to win it.”

Welsh Labour’s Jackie Jones said: “We desperately need a Labour government in Westminster and a strong voice for Ceredigion Preseli. After 13 years of the Tories’ mismanagement of the economy, prevalent corruption and neglect we’re all dealing with the cost of food in our shops up, the cost of fuel up and energy prices still skyhigh.”

The new constituency has the unusual situation of part of it currently occupied, to the north, by Plaid Cymru, and, to the south, part of the current Conservative-held Preseli Pembrokeshire.

The latter seat, occupied by Tory MP Stephen Crabb, is to disappear; Mr Crabb standing in the adjoining new seat of Mid and South Pembrokeshire.

The Welsh Lib Dems have urged the Welsh Government to ensure that children seeking asylum in Wales, especially those on their own, are granted protection as part of Wales’ role as a nation of sanctuary.

Commenting, the Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Jane Dodds MS said:

We here in Wales, both as a Nation of Sanctuary and under the Social Services and Well-being Act 2014, have a moral and legal duty to protect lonechild asylum seekers. We cannot allow the Conservatives to trample our values, nor the universal rights owed to children fleeing trauma.”

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death notices

Colwyn Pembroke PARSLE y


Pembroke Colwyn John Parsley passed away peacefully at home, at Wogan Road, Pembroke on Tuesday 30th April

2024 Beloved husband of Ann, loving father and father-in-law of Clare and William, Christian and Lisa, Jansen and Emma. Much loved grandfather to Aaron, Callum, Ciara, Mea, Louie and Indy. The funeral service will take place on Friday 17th May 2024 at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 11.30 am. There will be family flowers only with donations in memory of Colwyn, for The Salvation Army and The Paul Sartori Foundation which may be sent c/o E. C. Thomas and Son Funeral Directors, 21, Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS (01646) 682680 & Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth SA67 8QH (01834) 831876 or www.ecthomasandson.

Eric Smith

SMITH Eric Blackbridge, Milford Haven (Formerly of Solva) Eric Smith passed away peacefully at home on 1st May, 2024. Beloved husband of the late Glenys, father to Nigel and Noel, father in Law to Linda and Karen, Dadchu to Jonathan, Sarah FFion and Erin and

great grandad to Lockie George. The funeral service will be held at St. Davids Church, Whitchurch, Solva on Tuesday 14th May at 11am. There will be family flowers only but donations to Paul Satori are welcome. Enquiries to W.G.Bernard Mathias & Daughter, Funeral Directors, St. Davids 01437 720537

Lynn Rees Edwards

EDWARDS Lynn Rees Lamphey Lynn passed away suddenly but peacefully at his home on 20th April aged 73 He will be sadly missed by his wife Caroline, brother Philip, close family and friends The funeral service takes place on Thursday, 23rd May 1.00pm at St. James Church, Manorbier followed by committal at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 2.30pm There will be family flowers only with donations in memory of Lynn made payable to either Hong Kong Police Welfare Fund or Alzheimer’s Society c/o Funeral Directors Messrs W & M J Rossiter & Sons Ltd The Old Rectory, The Norton, Tenby, SA70 8AB or via www.rossitersfunerals.

Herbert Rees

REES Herbert Sadly on Tuesday 23rd April at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Herbert of Johnston. Beloved father,

Bampi and brother. Funeral service on Saturday 11th May at Llanrhian Church at 1pm followed by interment at Llanrhian Cemetery. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu if desired, made payable to the ‘RNLI’ c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 9BB. Tel: 01348 873250.

Mari Vaughan

VAUGHAN Mari The family of the late Mari Vaughan of Erw Deg, Letterston, extend their heartfelt thanks to relatives, friends and neighbours for the kindness and sympathy extended to them following their recent sad bereavement. To the Rev Geoffrey Eynon for conducting the funeral service at Penybont Chapel Wolfs Castle; assisted by the Reverends Adrian Vaughan and Jill Hayley Harris, and organist Mrs Gillian Raymond. To all who attended the service and to Paul Jenkins & Sons for the funeral arrangements. Thanks for the care and support of Fishguard Surgery and Goodwick Pharmacy. Special thanks go out to Julie Humhreys for her devoted care and friendship. Thanks also to Marilyn Griffiths and Gwyn Harris for their faithful support over many years.

William Monty Squelch

SQUELCH William Monty

Peacefully on Sunday 28th April at Withybush Hospital, Monty of Haverfordwest. Beloved husband of the late Hilda, loving father of Nicola and Mark, much loved grandfather and great grandfather of Vicky and Matthew, Shannon and Rhys, Jason and Nia, Frankie, Lewis, Dewi and Maeve, and a dear brother. Funeral service on Wednesday 15th May at the Chapel of Rest, Feidr Castell, Fishguard at 2pm followed by interment at Prendergast Cemetery. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu if desired, made payable to ‘Chemotherapy Day Unit, Withybush Hospital’ c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 9BB. Tel: 01348 873250.

Ieuan Morris

MORRIS Ieuan (Yanto) of Sardis Yanto passed away peacefully at home on the 29th April, 2024 aged 62 years. Dearly loved, he will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Funeral service, Wednesday 15th May, 3.15pm at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. Family flowers only. Donations in memory of Yanto for Paul Sartori Foundation can be sent to Paul Sartori House, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, SA61 1RP. All enquiries to Roy Folland & Son Funeral Directors (01437) 763821.

William David


JOHN William David (Dai) Solva In loving memory of our very special Dad who passed away 10 May 2007. A daily thought, a silent tear, a constant wish that you were here, Never more than a thought away, loved and remembered every day. Forever in our hearts. Jan, Sandie, Maggie, Cath and families.

Joseph Glanmore Lidbury

LIDBURY Joseph Glanmore Lampeter Velfrey 7/2/1936 - 30/4/2024 The death occurred peacefully at home of Joseph Glanmore Lidbury Penlan Farmhouse, Lampeter Velfrey, aged 88 Beloved husband of Marilyn, devoted dad, granddad and great granddad and fatherin-law, will be sadly missed by all family and friends The funeral service takes place at 11.30am on Thursday, 16th May at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth. The funeral cortege will leave Landsker House Funeral Home at approximately 11am, then will proceed around Narberth High Street enroute to the Crematorium. Family flowers only, donations in memory of Joe made payable to Cancer Research, Wales c/o

Funeral Directors Messrs W & M J Rossiter & Sons Ltd Landsker House, 21 Station Road, Narberth, SA67 7DR or via www.

g illian Phelps (née Richards)

PHELPS Gillian (née Richards) Lamphey The death occurred suddenly at home on Friday 19th April 2024 of Mrs. Gillian Phelps, aged 84 years formerly of Station Road, Pembroke. Dearly loved Mum to Allison, Robert and Daniel. Much loved Mother-in-law to Tim. Cherished Nan to Andrew, Joe, Izzy and Logan. Treasured great Nan to Daisy. Gillian also leaves behind many other family and friends. The funeral service will take place on Tuesday 14th May 2024 at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 1:45pm. There will be family flowers only. Should you wish to make a donation in Memory of Gillian, please kindly forward direct to The Maisie Moo Foundation. The funeral arrangements are being carried out by E.C. Thomas & Son Funeral Directors, 21, Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS (01646) 682680 & Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth SA67 8QH (01834) 831876

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S & no TI


Dear Sir

Major new research from charity RNID has revealed the negative attitudes and behaviours that deaf people and people with hearing loss experience on a regular basis.

The research of 8,151 people found that more than a quarter (27%) of deaf people and people with hearing loss are ignored by most people in public settings.

More than two thirds (67%) told us they have experienced negative attitudes or behaviours in the last year, and almost half (48%) said they also experience this from their own family members.

54% said people tell

them ‘It doesn’t matter’ when they struggle to understand, which we know can make people feel like they don’t matter. 47% have experienced people shouting at them.

The impact of this can be huge: people tell us they feel excluded, lonely, and disrespected. Often these experiences cause people to withdraw, to avoid others, and even hide that they are deaf or have hearing loss.

We want people across the UK to stand with us and say that the way deaf people and people with hearing loss are treated really does matter. We know the public want to help, so we’re urging people to follow our three simple tips to be more inclusive, and learn some simple BSL phrases for everyday conversation.

To get involved, visit


Dear Sir

I am writing to express my thoughts on the suggestion of Religion, a topic that often stirs contemplation and debate. As humans, when we ponder our existence within the vast universe, it’s natural to consider whether there’s a grand design guiding our lives—a notion that resonates with many.

Consider the simple analogy I often use: imagine a child observing a painting and recognizing the deliberate strokes

and colors, intuitively understanding that someone must have created it with a purpose in mind. Similarly, many of us perceive a design in the universe, leading us to believe in a Creator.

It seems absurd to imagine multiple creators behind this grand scheme. Instead, it’s reasonable to conclude that names like Jehovah, God, and Allah represent different interpretations of the same Creator—a concept even a child can grasp. Therefore, it follows that no adherent of these beliefs should harbor hostility towards others who worship under a different name.

However, it’s disheartening to witness how adults, despite acknowledging the unity of their faith’s origins, succumb to the divisive nature of human ego. Rather than embracing

our shared reverence for a higher power, we fracture our religions into sects, each claiming superiority.

Surely, if there is a Creator, they understand the complexity of the human mind and the tendency towards discord. Yet, any divine design surely forbids the hatred and animosity that arise from these divisions. Instead, it calls for justice and compassion for all, regardless of faith, condemning the hypocrisy that allows savagery in its name.

In our pursuit of understanding and connection with the divine, let us remember the fundamental principles that bind us— love, empathy, and the quest for truth. Only then can we hope to honor the essence of any true divine design.

C. N. Westerman

62 Friday May 10th 2024
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TFather and son combination are Tigers’ terrific cup heroes

JOHNSTON emerged victorious in a thrilling Division 2 Cup Final clash against Monkton Swifts 2nds, with the father and son duo of Scott and Alfie Crawford stealing the spotlight under the floodlights at Ogi Bridge Meadow on Wednesday evening.

In a riveting encounter on Wednesday (May 1) witnessed by a sizeable crowd, the Tigers displayed their mettle, clinching a well-deserved victory against Monkton Swifts’ second string side.

The match ignited from the outset, with Johnston seizing an early lead courtesy of a Craig Bendall header. However, Monkton Swifts swiftly retaliated as Will Davis found the net, leveling the score. Undeterred, Johnston regained control with Scott Crawford’s clinical finish, propelling them to a 2-1 lead at halftime.

The second half intensified with both teams fiercely contesting every inch of the pitch.

Midway through, Monkton Swifts’ Jordan Kilby stunned Johnston with a spectacular long-range strike, equalizing the score. Yet, the Crawford family’s synergy proved decisive as 16-year-old Alfie Stotter capitalized on his father Scott’s assist, securing the cup with a composed lob over the Swifts’ goalkeeper.

Despite Monkton Swifts’ spirited efforts, including a disallowed goal early in the match, Johnston’s resilience ultimately prevailed, clinching the coveted trophy.

Scott Crawford and Steve Allen, joint managers of Johnston, were jubilant alongside League Council chairman Mike John as they received the silverware, marking a momentous triumph for the Tigers.


Johnston: Craig Bendall, Scott Crawford, Alfie Stotter

Monkton Swifts 2nds: Will Davis, Jordan Kilby


Johnston: Anthony Bevans, Geno Cleal, Marcus Allen, Lewis Boswell (Kieran Walker 70’), Craig Bendall, Kieran Blundell, Thomas Richards (Joshua Knapp 69’), Scott Crawford, Alfie Crawford (William Davies 88’), Joey George

(Captain), Steve Allen. Monkton Swifts 2nds: Jay Kilby, Alex Lewis, Jordan Kilby, Ryan Hughes, Ben Phillips, Will Davis, Liam Butland (Captain), Josh Sture (Ben Steele 60’), Lee Duignan, Rhys Sture.

Match Officials: Referee: Stefan Jenkins Assistants: Keith McNiffe

The Johnston faithful erupted in joy as the final whistle blew, heralding their team’s triumph and etching a memorable chapter in the annals of Pembrokeshire football.

Milford Haven clinches thrilling victory in KO Cup Plate Final

IN a gripping showdown at Heywood Lane, Tenby on Wednesday (May 1), Milford Haven emerged victorious in the 2024 KO Cup Plate Final, edging past a resilient Whitland side by a narrow margin of 24-21. The clash, witnessed by a fervent crowd, showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, culminating in a nail-biting finish that saw Milford Haven secure their first-ever Plate trophy in the club’s


The Mariners took an early lead through a penalty courtesy of winger James Trueman, swiftly countered by Whitland’s full back Geraint Jones. However, Milford surged ahead with the first try of the match, as No 8 Dewi Williams powered over the line from close range, with Trueman adding the extras.

Despite Whitland’s efforts to claw back into contention with two penalties, reducing the halftime deficit to a single

point, Milford Haven remained composed. The second half witnessed a relentless display from the Mariners, capitalizing on their dominant pack to create scoring opportunities.

James Trueman showcased his prowess with a spectacular try, expertly set up by swift passing from James Williams and Dan Jenkins. Trueman’s accurate kicking extended Milford’s lead further, before Scott Buirds crashed over for their third try, sealing a

commanding advantage.

Yet, Whitland refused to concede defeat, launching a spirited comeback with tries from Owyn Griffiths and Dom Davies. Despite their valiant efforts, Whitland fell short in their pursuit of victory, with a crucial penalty attempt rebounding off the post in the dying moments.

Milford Haven’s Ollie Rothero was rightfully awarded the ‘man of the match’ accolade for his composed performance, epitomizing the team’s resilience throughout the contest. Rothero’s versatility and steadiness in the No 15 shirt proved instrumental in Milford’s triumph, despite stiff competition from Trueman’s impressive place-kicking and memorable try.

In the end, Milford Haven emerged as worthy victors, their victory a testament to their tenacity and unity on the field. As the final whistle blew, the Mariners celebrated a hard-fought triumph, etching their names in the annals of KO Cup Plate history.

The club said after the match on their Facebook

page: “All the players, coaching team and committee would like to thank everyone that came over to Tenby to support the boys tonight. It really meant a lot to us as a club and no doubt the town!”

Line-ups: Milford Haven: Ollie Rothero, Robbie Jones, James Williams, Dan Jenkins, Jamie Trueman, Efan Morgan, Dan McClelland, Aaron Mayne, Luke Ryan, Jimmy Buirds, Jay Goodall, Zac Davies (Capt), Ryan Mansell, Ieuan Davies, Dewi Williams. Replacements: Dai. Sweeny, Ben Jenkins, Ben Groves, Scott Buirds, Ethan Aldred, Lee Riley, Dean McSparron. Whitland: Geraint Jones, Morgan Lewis, Jamie Goldsworthy, Dom Davies, Owyn Griffiths, Jonathan Thomas, Trystan Rees, Dafydd Walters, Marc Jones, Trystan Bowen, Benjamin Kirk, Dan Bennett, Lewis Tingay, Cian Evans, Zac France-Miller. Replacements: Ceiron Evans, Charlie Watson, Jack Worthing, Thomas Iraia, Geraint McCoan.

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SP or
& Ioan Nevatte Fourth Official: Mark Hicks Johnston 3 – Monkton Swifts 2nds 2

Milford Haven RFC celebrates Mini’s Section Presentation


HAVEN RFC once again showcased its commitment to nurturing young talent as it celebrated its Mini’s Section Presentation on Sunday (May 5).

The event, held with much enthusiasm, marked a significant moment for the club, reinforcing its dedication to the development of rugby at all levels.

The Mini’s section, a cornerstone of the club’s community engagement, witnessed a remarkable turnout, a testament to its growing popularity year by year. The event not only recognised the efforts of the young players but also extended gratitude to the invaluable contributions of coaches, parents, and supporters, whose unwavering support is instrumental in shaping the future of rugby in Milford Haven.

not just a rugby club but a tight-knit community.

As the event concluded, echoes of “Up the Mighty Mariners” reverberated through the grounds, encapsulating the spirit of determination and unity that defines Milford Haven RFC. With the Mini’s section flourishing and the club’s unwavering commitment to its development, the future of rugby in Milford Haven looks brighter than ever.

With each passing year, Milford Haven RFC continues to uphold its legacy as a nurturing ground for young talent, a beacon of sporting excellence, and a source of pride for the entire community.

The presence of the

A special acknowledgment was reserved for Abbo, Paula, and Leanne, whose steadfast support has the Mini’s section, ensuring its success and growth. Their dedication and tireless efforts have played a significant role in fostering a nurturing environment for the young athletes to thrive.

Zac, and Vice Captain, Jimmy, added a touch of prestige to the occasion. Their attendance and active participation in presenting trophies to the Mini Mariners underscored the club’s ethos of unity and

Laugharne crowned champions

DESPITE Pembroke

Dock Harlequins’ commendable efforts, with standout performances from Jack Price and Ben Hathaway, Laugharne proved too formidable. Even the most ardent supporters of the home team couldn’t deny the impressive display from the newly crowned champions.

Leading the charge for Laugharne was Liam Price, who notched two tries, bringing his season total to an impressive 30.

Nico Setaro also played a pivotal role, adding 18

points to his season’s tally, which now stands at an astonishing 353 points. However, perhaps the most heartwarming moment of the match came when 48-year-old Gavin John took to the field as a replacement, eliciting the loudest cheer of the afternoon and symbolizing the collective spirit of the club. The celebratory atmosphere reached its peak when Delyth Summons, representing the WRU District H, presented Laugharne with the engraved bowl, marking their official

title win. The jubilant scenes that followed truly encapsulated the sense of achievement and camaraderie within the club.

Laugharne’s triumph not only highlights their dominance on the field but also underscores the dedication and teamwork that have propelled them to success. As they bask in the glory of their well-deserved victory, Laugharne stands tall as champions of the National League Division Three West (A), ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

groups. Such gestures not only inspire the budding players but also instil a sense of belonging and pride in the larger Milford Haven RFC community.

In his remarks, Zac emphasised the and unity within the club, where every member, regardless of age or experience, feels valued and supported. Such values lie at the heart of Milford Haven RFC, reinforcing its status as

As the red and white colours of the Mighty Mariners continue to soar high, so too does the spirit of camaraderie and passion that binds the club together, ensuring its continued success on and off the field.

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Welsh hopefuls 2024

Paris Olympics 2024 - 26th July - 11 August 2024

WITH just two and a half years elapsed since the Tokyo Games, the anticipation mounts for the forthcoming Olympics and Paralympics set to grace Paris.

The delayed event in Tokyo has considerably shortened the wait for the subsequent Games, marking a return to Europe for the first time since the resounding success of London 2012.

In 2021, the prowess of Welsh athletes shone bright as 11 returned home adorned with medals from the Olympic Games. As the countdown ticks down until the Paris Olympics, we offer a glimpse into the potential stars of the summer.

Micky Beckett

Hailing from Solva, Pembrokeshire, sailor

Michael Beckett stands as the premier Welsh athlete officially selected for the Paris Olympics.

Aged 28, Beckett has solidified his stature among the globe’s elite ILCA 7 sailors, securing a European title in 2021 and clinching a world silver in 2023. With accolades such as twice conquering the prestigious Trofeo Princesa Sofia regatta, Beckett, undeterred by previous setbacks in Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, eyes Marseille as his stage to shine and aims to transcend mere participation.

Matt Richards

Swimmer Matt Richards etched his name into history during the Tokyo Games, where, at a tender 18, he, alongside compatriot Calum Jarvis, propelled Great Britain to gold in the men’s 4x200m freestyle relay. Their triumph marked Wales’ return to Olympic swimming glory since Irene Steer’s women’s 4x100m freestyle relay gold in 1912. While Jarvis has retired postTokyo, Richards, now 21, continues his ascent, clinching the men’s 200m freestyle world title last year, outpacing even Olympic champion Tom Dean. Poised for another Olympic stint, Richards sets his sights on individual glory this time around.

Emma Finucane

Track cyclist Emma Finucane emerged as a revelation in 2023, embarking on a meteoric rise that saw her clinch four national titles before ascending to European Championship podiums and ultimately seizing her maiden world title. Her crowning achievement as Britain’s first women’s sprint world champion since Becky James in 2013 has thrust her into the limelight, with Paris looming large on her horizon. Crowned BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year, Finucane eyes

a triumphant campaign across three events –women’s sprint, team sprint, and keirin – with gold firmly within her grasp.

Josh Tarling

Teenage prodigy Josh Tarling exceeded all expectations in his inaugural season on the World Tour, swiftly establishing himself as one of the premier time trialists on the circuit. The 19-year-old prodigy clinched British and European titles and secured bronze at the World Championships in Glasgow, with only cycling luminaries Remco Evenepoel and Filippo Ganna outpacing him. As he dons the colours of both INEOS and Great Britain, Tarling sets his sights on scaling even greater heights this year.

Jeremiah Azu

Hailing from Cardiff, 22-year-old Jeremiah Azu stakes his claim as Wales’ fastest man in history. Azu shattered Christian Malcolm’s iconic men’s 100m record in 2023, clocking a blistering 10.04 en route to clinching gold at the U23 European Championships, a title he also seized in 2021. Despite falling short of expectations at the World Championships, Azu’s pedigree as one of Britain’s finest remains unscathed, as he eyes a pivotal role in both the

men’s 4x100m relay and the individual event in Paris.

Jade Jones

Jade Jones, prior to Tokyo, enjoyed an unblemished record at the Olympic Games, securing Britain’s inaugural taekwondo gold as a teenager at London 2012 and successfully defending her title at Rio 2016. However, her quest for a historic third gold was derailed by a shock defeat in the opening round to Refugee Team contender Kimia Alizadeh. Undeterred, Jones relocated to Croatia under new tutelage, clinching five major titles in 2023 and cementing her berth for Paris as she continues to pursue her dream of Olympic immortality.

Rosie Eccles

For Caldicot boxer Rosie Eccles, the journey to qualifying for Tokyo 2020 was fraught with adversity. A debilitating virus inflicted nerve damage in her arm, casting doubt over her career’s trajectory. Despite a setback in the Olympic qualifiers, Eccles emerged triumphant, clinching gold for Wales at the 2022 Commonwealth Games upon her return to full fitness. With her Paris berth secured, she now aspires to emulate compatriot Lauren Price’s historic Olympic triumph in Tokyo.

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THE 2024 Olympics in Paris, France promise to showcase the pinnacle of global sporting talent.

The Olympics embody moments of triumph and sportsmanship, as athletes from across the globe vie for the prestigious Olympic gold. While most athletes do not clinch victory, their participation immortalises them in the annals of Olympic history.

Unlike the World Championships held more frequently— every one to two years— the Olympics occur only once every four years, lending them unparalleled significance. Great Britain has enjoyed notable success at the Olympics. At London 2012, they secured third place in the medal

standings with 29 golds; at Rio 2016, they claimed second with 27 golds; and in the most recent iteration, they secured fourth place with 22 golds. However, at Paris 2024, they will not contend for gold in football, as was the case in Rio and Tokyo. It can be perplexing for many when they realise that one of the footballing powerhouses of the world does not field a team. This leads us to explore why Team GB lacks a men’s football team.


Team GB did not seek qualification with a men’s team due to an impasse among the four home nations, fearing potential repercussions on their standing with FIFA and

UEFA. Unlike the World Cup and Euros, which are governed by FIFA and UEFA respectively, the Olympics fall under the jurisdiction of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Consequently, the constituent nations—England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland—are amalgamated under the banner of Team GB for the Olympics. There exists apprehension in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland that endorsing Team GB for football might jeopardise their autonomy in future FIFA and UEFA events. Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland favour maintaining autonomy in major football tournaments. The prevailing sentiment in these nations is that endorsing Team GB could lead to FIFA and

Rees-Zammit impresses


Rees-Zammit has caught the attention of legendary NFL coach Andy Reid during his initial training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs, showcasing a promising transition from rugby to American football.

Rees-Zammit, formerly a star in Welsh rugby, participated in the Chiefs’ rookie minicamp over the weekend, donning the team’s distinctive red, gold, and white colours. Equipped with a helmet and pads, he adeptly ran routes and fielded punts alongside fellow rookies, acquainting himself with the Chiefs’ comprehensive playbook.

UEFA mandating its use, a concern they have harboured for decades, dating back to London 2012. Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter had reassured them during his tenure that this would not transpire.

England has often spearheaded efforts to assemble a unified team. In 2015, Dan Ashworth, the FA’s Director of Elite Development, articulated a policy valuing the Olympic tournament as pivotal for young players’ development. Attempts were made to field a team for Rio 2016, only to be rebuffed by the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish associations. This narrative encapsulates the enduring complexities surrounding this issue over the years.

The 23-year-old, who recently signed a three-year contract with the reigning Super Bowl champions, faces a rigorous summer of training in pursuit of a spot on the Chiefs’ active roster for the upcoming season.

His journey from rugby to American football has been nothing short of remarkable. Rees-Zammit withdrew from rugby just before the Six Nations and swiftly emerged as a standout prospect in the NFL’s International Player Pathway (IPP) programme, attracting interest from over a dozen franchises.

Having relocated to America permanently last month, Rees-Zammit has been honing his skills, training with star quarterback Patrick

Mahomes in Texas. Despite inevitable challenges, Coach Reid has expressed deep admiration for ReesZammit’s dedication and progress.

“This camp was pivotal for him,” remarked Reid to reporters following the mini-camp. “He had ample opportunities to learn and integrate with the team. Louis is incredibly diligent and driven towards mastery in every aspect. I’ve been impressed with his growth.”

Reflecting on his experience during the mini-camp, ReesZammit acknowledged the differences between American football and rugby, noting the complexity of the playbook in the NFL compared to the more fluid nature of rugby.

While still acclimating to his new sport, ReesZammit hinted that a return to rugby might not be on the cards, having achieved his ambitions with Wales and Gloucester. “I fulfilled all my rugby aspirations,” he explained. “Now felt like the right moment to pursue American football, inspired by my father’s passion for the sport.”

The transition for Rees-Zammit from rugby to the NFL continues to captivate observers, with his determination and aptitude earning respect within his new team as he strives to secure a place on the Chiefs’ roster.

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Welsh hopefuls for this summers games


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