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Man’s tragic end following partner’s death

A MAn from Pembrokeshire took his own life three weeks after the passing of his partner, an inquest was informed today, wednesday, February 21.

Malcolm John Pascoe, 64, originally from Cardiff, was found deceased in his home in Wolfscastle by police conducting a welfare

check at the behest of a concerned family member on October 26 last year. The check was requested after relatives lost contact with Mr. Pascoe for several days.

According to the coroner’s officer, PC Carrie Sheridan, Mr. Pascoe was

discovered lying in bed with two empty bottles of painkillers nearby, alongside his will and a letter addressed to his son. Neighbours had previously described Mr. Pascoe as a fit and healthy individual.

The inquest, presided over by Pembrokeshire coroner Mark Layton, revealed that Mr. Pascoe had been grappling with the loss of his partner, who had died three weeks prior. The family had plans to scatter her ashes at the end of October, a gathering Mr. Pascoe would ultimately not attend.

A post-mortem examination found “very high” levels of morphine in Mr. Pascoe’s

bloodstream, in addition to other drugs present at therapeutic levels. The medical cause of death was identified as acute respiratory depression due to drug intoxication.

Coroner Layton concluded that Mr. Pascoe had intentionally taken steps to end his life, a decision undoubtedly influenced by the recent death of his partner. He formally recorded a conclusion of suicide.

In closing, Coroner Layton extended his sincere condolences to the bereaved family of Mr. Pascoe, acknowledging the profound impact of the tragedy on those left behind.

Haverfordwest woman sentenced for drug offences

AT SwAnSEA Crown Court this week, Melissa Morris, a 30-year-old from Haverfordwest, has been sentenced to three years and nine months in prison after admitting to a series of drug-related charges. The charges include possession with intent to supply cocaine, possession of criminal property, possession of cannabis, and possession of amphetamine.

The court heard that police were called to Morris’s residence on Goat Street around 6 pm on January 10, following reports of a disturbance. Upon arrival, officers were greeted by Morris, who initially claimed to have been upset over her partner. However, a search of the premises revealed a significant quantity of drugs, including 62.238g of cocaine, valued at approximately £7,900,

11.3g of cannabis, and 1.8g of amphetamine.

Additionally, law enforcement found digital scales with powder residue, small packaging bags, and £850 in cash, which Morris attempted to dismiss as savings and holiday funds. She attributed the presence of the drugs to her ex-partner,

suggesting he had left them behind.

Prosecutor Sian Cutter presented the evidence, while Morris’s defence, led by Dan Griffiths, highlighted her struggles with substance abuse and a series of challenging relationships. Griffiths pointed to Morris’s efforts to rehabilitate, noting her completion of a detox programme while in


Judge Huw Rees, in his remarks to Morris, underscored the severity of her offences and the broader societal harm caused by drug distribution. He emphasized the need for Morris to make more constructive life choices moving forward.

Morris’s sentence includes concurrent terms for the possession of criminal property and possession of both cannabis and amphetamine, alongside the primary sentence for her cocaine charge. Judge Rees also decreed that the seized £850 be allocated to Dyfed-Powys Police for initiatives aimed at curbing drug trafficking.

This case sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by communities in West Wales in combating drug-related issues and the legal system’s efforts to address these concerns.

Lifeguard admits drink-driving A


lifeguard has found himself before magistrates after being caught driving through Haverfordwest town centre when he was over twice the legal drink-drive limit.

Police officers observed Ben Macdougall drive his BMW 1 Series along Quay Street, Haverfordwest at around 1.30am on January 21.

“Police decided to stop him as a result of the standard of his driving,” Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan told Haverfordwest magistrates this week.

“There were passengers in the vehicle and initially he didn’t stop. He was obstructive to begin with, but was then compliant.”

MS Vaughan said that when Macdougall was taken to a police custody suite, he provided breath samples which gave the lowest reading of 72 mcg of alcohol. The

legal limit is 35.

Macdougall, of Ivy Park, Burton, pleaded guilty to a charge of drink-driving. He was legally represented in court by Mr Michael Kelleher who presented District Judge Mark Layton with a character reference which he described as ‘a glowing picture’ of his client.

“He’s just finished a plumbing course in Pembrokeshire college and is now looking for an apprenticeship, although he’s still working part time as a lifeguard,” he said. “But his job prospects are going to be far more difficult now, after losing his licence.

“This is the first time he’s been stopped by police and it was a terrible mistake on his part.”

After considering the mitigation, District Judge Mark Layton disqualified Macdougall from driving for 19 months. He was find £200 and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £50 court surcharge.

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Castle School closure now certain

PAREnTS have been informed that the highly regarded Castle School, a beacon of independent education since its establishment in 2009 in Cresselly, is on the verge of closing down, with no rescue plan in sight.

The institution, which began with a mere 22 secondary-aged pupils, saw significant growth over the years, relocating to Narberth in 2015 and later to Haverfordwest.

The school, known for its broad curriculum catering to pupils from the age of three to 18, prides itself on an ‘exceptionally high academic performance’, boasting an average of 95 per cent A*-C grades at GCSE.

Despite its academic

success, the school announced earlier this month that it would be shutting its doors to the majority of its pupils come July, though it will remain operational for current GCSE and A Level students until their examinations are completed the following year.

Harriet Harrison, the headteacher and proprietor, expressed that the decision to close was made with a ‘heavy heart’ and after considerable deliberation. The news has left many parents in a scramble to secure alternative educational arrangements for their children.

A glimmer of hope appeared when Dr Mark Boulcott, a local dentist

and retired army officer with a daughter at the school, presented a rescue plan. “I am doing what I can as quickly as I can. I am doing my very best to stop the closure of a great school,” Dr Boulcott stated, signalling his commitment to prevent the closure.

The school was envisioned to transition into a charitable organisation, with Dr Boulcott collaborating with Mrs Harrison until the end of this academic year before assuming full leadership in July. Unfortunately, this plan has been rendered unviable, with Dr Boulcott disclosing that from a business standpoint, the school’s recovery from

the Covid crisis was insurmountable under the current conditions, making the prospect of taking over ‘untenable’.

In an earnest letter to the parents, which was obtained by The Pembrokeshire Herald, Dr Boulcott lamented that the challenges of establishing the school elsewhere were too great, necessitating a considerable investment and an estimated two years to navigate bureaucratic hurdles.

“It is with regret that without immediate extensive capital investment, something we do not have, school purchase resurrection or reorganisation is impossible,” Dr Boulcott concluded in his correspondence with the parents, effectively extinguishing the last embers of hope for the school’s survival.

As the community grapples with the impending loss of Castle School, the situation underscores the continuing pressures faced by independent educational institutions in the post-pandemic landscape

Friday 13 th an unlucky day for motorist driving stoned

FRIDAY the 13th proved disastrous for motorist Kai Barrett when he was pulled over by police officers in the forecourt of Llanteg petrol filling station and found to be driving with two illegal drug substances in his system.

This week district judge Mark Layton was told that the officers’ suspicions were aroused on Friday, October 13, 2023,

when they noticed one of the brake lights on Barrett’s Ford Fiesta was defective.

“The officers followed the Ford Fiesta to a petrol station and saw two males swap places,” Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan told Haverfordwest magistrates.

“But police had already seen the defendant drive the vehicle. And when

roadside drug swipes were carried out, they proved positive.”

Further blood samples revealed that Barrett, 26, of Tetsworth in Oxfordshire had been driving in excess of the specified Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol limit as well as the cocaine derivative, benzoylecgonine. He provided readings of 2.1 (Delta-9, with the legal limit being 2) and

80 (benzoylecgonine, with a legal limit of 50).

Barrett, who is a selfemployed plasterer, was disqualified from driving for 17 months. He was sentenced to a 12 month community order during which he must carry out ten rehabilitation activity requirement days and 150 hours of unpaid work. He was ordered to pay a £114 court surcharge and £85 costs.

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OPDs allowed to move planning goalposts

RESIDEnTS in rural wales have raised significant concerns about the welsh Government’s One Planet Developments (OPDs), critiquing them as hobbies for newcomers with minimal local economic contribution and questioning the fairness of permitting these developments in open countryside. Issues of enforcement and rule compliance by OPD owners, including unauthorized changes to business plans, have fueled local resentment.

OPDs require a five-

year business plan proving commercial viability and sustainability, with owners expected to live on-site in ecofriendly buildings. However, planning authorities struggle with resource and expertise shortages to adequately monitor OPDs, leading to lax enforcement and unchecked deviations from approved plans.

Some OPD owners rarely live on their properties, undermining the scheme’s residential requirements.

Despite intentions for OPDs to bolster local economies, they

predominantly appear in agricultural areas like Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, without evident economic benefits. Investigations into planning authority practices reveal a lack of specialized OPD knowledge, with training provided by individuals with vested interests in OPDs. Planning officials’ training varies across councils, with some receiving specific OPD-focused training and others including it in broader professional development.

Monitoring and

Post masters to be cleared, says UK Government

THE UK GOVERnMEnT has set out the terms of unprecedented legislation to exonerate victims of the Post Office Horizon scandalwhich includes several in wales.

Kevin Hollinrake, postal affairs minister, said the government’s legislation would immediately quash the convictions of affected sub-postmasters and Post Office employees in England and Wales.

The legislation will cover prosecutions brought by the Post Office and Crown Prosecution Service of relevant offences such as theft and false accounting.

More than 700 subpostmasters were convicted in cases

brought by the Post Office between 1999 and 2015 involving data from Fujitsu’s faulty Horizon IT system. The CPS has said it prosecuted 11 such cases.

Hollinrake said on Thursday that the government’s plans recognised the “constitutional sensitivity and unprecedented nature” of the legislation.

“The judiciary and the courts have dealt swiftly with the cases before them, but the scale and circumstances of this prosecutorial misconduct demands an exceptional response,” Hollinrake said.

He added: “We are keen to ensure that the legislation achieves its goal of bringing prompt justice.”

enforcement of OPDs largely consist of checking annual returns without thorough verification, relying on OPD owners’ honesty or local reports for updates on business plan changes. Planning authorities have a lenient approach to minor adjustments within OPDs, with substantial changes potentially requiring new planning applications.

Yet, enforcement actions against OPDs are rare, with authorities preferring informal resolutions to breaches.

The reliance on locals to report non-compliance and the ease with which OPD owners can amend unsustainable management plans point to significant gaps in the enforcement and integrity of the OPD scheme.

Despite the Welsh Government’s intentions, the current system allows for considerable flexibility in meeting OPD requirements, raising questions about the effectiveness and fairness of the OPD initiative in supporting sustainable development and community integration.

A longer version of this article is available HERE

Tim Brentnall, a young entrepreneur from Roch, Pembrokeshire, saw his aspirations crumble when an audit in 2009 revealed a £22,000 shortfall at his post office branch. This led to a chain of events that upended his life. Tim was cleared on appeal in 2021, but he will no doubt welcome the news that the remaining post masters will be cleared as he was.

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had his name cleared in 2021.
Tim Brentall

Accused of making images of children

A HAVERFORD w EST man has appeared before a district judge charged with making 74 indecent category A images of a child.

Euwyn Draper, 20, is further charged with making 102 category B images of a child and 385 category C images of a child.

The three offences are alleged to have taken place between April 25, 2022 and December 12, 2022.

Draper, of Goat Street, Haverfordwest faces three additional charges of distributing one category A image, one category B image and one category C image of a child on November 4, 2022.

All six offences are alleged to have been committed in Haverfordwest.

Euwyn Draper

appeared before District Judge Mark Layton who was sitting at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday. He entered no pleas to any of the charges. Judge Layton declined jurisdiction in the case, given the seriousness of the allegations, and the matter was sent to Swansea Crown Court, where proceedings will commence on March 22. Draper was released on conditional bail, the condition being not to have any unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 18, save ‘inadvertent contact’ in the course of his daily life.

Convicted on multiple sex offence charges

A MAn formerly from Pembrokeshire has been found guilty of a series of sex offences spanning over two decades.

Kevin Offland, 45, faced trial at Swansea Crown Court, where he was convicted of 18 charges, including the rape of three women and a child, as well as the sexual assault of two teenagers. The verdict was delivered this morning, Wednesday, February 21, after the jury deliberated since Monday.

Offland, who previously resided in Blackbridge, Milford Haven, and now lives in Nichols Road, Great Yarmouth, expressed his disbelief at the allegations, stating he was “gobsmacked” by the charges against him. Despite his denial of all accusations, the evidence led to his conviction for crimes committed in the

Pembrokeshire and Telford areas between 1998 and 2021.

The charges include three counts of rape involving different victims, the rape of a child, causing

a child to engage in sexual activity, and 13 counts of sexual activity with a child, related to two girls.

The court has adjourned the case until March 8 for the preparation of reports, with Offland being remanded in custody

until sentencing. Judge Catherine Richards, presiding over the case, indicated the gravity of the offences, suggesting that they “attract a very lengthy term of imprisonment.”

The Herald will report further following the sentencing next month.

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Offshore wind could power economic growth

UP TO 5,300 new jobs and up to £1.4 billion could be generated for the UK economy by galvanising the supply chain and infrastructure opportunities arising from the development of new floating wind farms.

The independent study, The Celtic Sea Blueprint, conducted by Lumen Energy & Environment, looked at the minimum requirements needed to deliver the first three projects outlined by The Crown Estate in December.

It also examined the gaps, such as ports deep enough for handling the giant turbines, vessels to service the sites, and export cables to transport electricity to land.

Addressing these gaps will be critical to establishing these first windfarms, and, with a further pipeline of windfarms expected in the region and rising global demand, the opportunities for ports, manufacturers and the wider supply chain could be far greater.

Action is required now, locally and nationally, to capture the opportunities associated with this fast, growing, innovative new technology. The first three floating wind farms, which will be able to generate up to 4.5GW of electricity – enough to power more than four million homes, will be some of the largest in the world.

And, as the first in the UK outside of Scotland, it marks a new phase for offshore wind in England and Wales.

The South West/ Wales has the potential to be at the forefront of driving this development with opportunities from port infrastructure to significant SME support across the supply chain.

In particular, the research highlighted opportunities for the region, from assembling the large floating platforms needed to house the turbines to building on the existing local high-skilled welding

and concrete expertise and local suppliers.

It highlighted opportunities for local ports across the region from the assembly, transport, and storage of parts during the construction and lifecycle of the sites.

At the same time, the region’s strong shipping expertise could also benefit during the development stages.

Gus Jaspert, Managing Director of Marine at The Crown Estate, said: “Floating wind is an incredibly exciting opportunity for the region and the nation. It will boost clean electricity generation by unlocking the deeper waters of the Celtic Sea not previously accessible by fixed turbines and providing greater access to wind blowing from the west.

“The benefits, though, are even more wide-ranging. They open up wider local and national opportunities for manufacturers and the supply chain, from cables to platform construction to port development, creating thousands of new jobs and skills.

“But there are also gaps in the market.

“If the UK is to make the most of the economic and environmental opportunities from the transition to renewable energy, we must be on the front foot. We must act now to develop the supply chain capability, skills and infrastructure needed to establish these windfarms and future floating windfarms in the Celtic Sea and elsewhere.

“We want to work with the industry, trade organisations, local communities and across governments to ensure we are harnessing all the available opportunities and supporting the UK in continuing to accelerate its world-leading position in offshore wind.”

RenewableUK’s Chief Executive Dan McGrail, Co-Chair of the

Floating Offshore Wind Taskforce, said: “The Celtic Sea Blueprint shows that floating wind can deliver immense industrial growth.

“Some of the world’s biggest floating wind farms will be built in the Celtic Sea, with turbines twice as tall as Blackpool Tower, platforms the size of football pitches and hundreds of kilometres of hi-tech cables.”

Jess Hooper, Director for RenewableUK Cymru, added: “Manufacturing is part of the Welsh national story. We have a proud industrial work heritage, a skilled manufacturing base, and strong links with the universities and colleges that feed into this industry.

“Retaining, upskilling and transitioning our local workforce towards offshore wind is the biggest opportunity to provide high-quality employment for decades to come.

“Only by developing our port capabilities in South Wales can we do this.

“Our ports are paramount in attracting the right anchor companies to safeguard against project delivery bottlenecks and develop our local supply chain capabilities.

“Investment in the region now is critical to delivering on that 4.5GW of offshore wind at the scale and pace required to meet our net zero targets.”

The Crown Estate is now focused on bringing

Carrying ‘sharply pointed knife’


Pembroke Dock man has been jailed by a district judge after admitting carrying what police described as ‘a sharply pointed knife’ through Salutation Square, Haverfordwest.

ability to find work,” his solicitor, David Williams, informed a district judge sitting at Haverfordwest magistrates court.

key parties together to create an action plan for developing supply chain and infrastructure capabilities in the region and across the UK.

The Crown Estate has invested in extensive spatial planning and surveys to map the environmental and physical properties of the wind farm sites, conducted environmental assessments and begun work with the Electricity System Operator on connections to the UK’s energy grid up front in the process.

It will also introduce a series of contractual commitments for developers to help drive positive social and environmental impacts for the region focused on jobs, skills and training, environmental benefits and working with local communities.

The formal tender process for the floating wind farms starts at the end of the month.

Officers were called to the square on the night of January 3 where they found Kane Stewart shouting and brandishing an imitation firearm, namely a BB gun. Further searches carried out by officers revealed he was also in possession of a sharply pointed knife and also some herbal cannabis, that amounted to 6.71g.

Stewart, of Wavell Crescent, Pembroke Dock, was convicted of an identical offence of carrying a knife and an imitation firearm in June, 2023.

This week he pleaded guilty to possessing the knife, possessing the imitation firearm, possessing a controlled drug and failing to surrender to court bail on January 23.

“When he was very young he was diagnosed as having ADHD and this has determined his education and his lack of

“But he now has a desire to be considered for the army and has a recruitment appointment later this week. This shows that he has some semblance of a plan for his future.”

Mr Wiliams added that Stewart ‘resorted to cannabis for a period of time’, however has now significantly reduced his intake.

“He has shown a prospect of rehabilitation and has taken his own steps towards this,” said Mr Williams.

But District Judge Mark Layton confirmed that because this was Stewart’s second offence for possessing a knife blade in a public place, his sentencing powers were limited.

Stewart was given an immediate custodial sentence of 21 weeks. Half of this sentence will be served in prison while the remainder will be served on licence.

He was ordered to pay a £153 court surcharge and £85 costs. A destruction order was made for the knife and the BB gun.

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Camrose woman kept 30 poodles in ‘disgusting’ conditions

A COURT has been shown ‘disgusting and filthy’ video footage of 30 poodles that were being kept in severely substandard conditions on a farm near Haverfordwest.

The dogs were being kept by Alison Denise Silk, at her home on Rath Farm, Camrose, and were:

• Matted in faeces;

• Malnourished;

• Forced to sleep on urine-soaked rugs;

• Deprived of water and

• Suffered severe dental problems.

“Each of these 30 poodles were being kept in appalling conditions,” District Judge Mark Layton said when passing judgement on Alison Silk at Haverfordwest Magistrates court this week.

“They were kept in absolutely filthy conditions, their teeth were in a severe dental state, their eyelids were matted and so was their fur. These dogs were suffering, and had been suffering for six months.”

The court was told that an RSPCA officer and a Pembrokeshire County Council dog warden visited Rath Farm on September 4, 2023..

“Alison Silk allowed them to enter her property and the officers immediately noticed a smell of faeces and urine,” explained solicitor

Fenn Richards, who was prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA.

“A large number of dogs were found in the kitchen, and all were heavily matted. More were found in cages in the conservatory, which was hot, and there were large amounts of faeces which had been trodden into the floor and their bedding was soiled.”

The officers discovered more poodles in two runs situated in the garden.

Eight dogs were found in the first run and five in the second however Ms Richards stated that

they were not being kept for commercial purposes. The cages and garden were also heavily covered in faeces and the cages were without food and water.

“The animals were being kept in an environment where there was no adequate nutrition, no drinking water, no proper veterinary treatment and no parasitic treatment,” continued Ms Richards.

“They couldn’t live in normal conditions because of the large number of dogs that was living both inside and outside the property.”

Ms Richards said

that of the 30 poodles recovered from Rath Farm, 23 were deemed to have suffered as a result of inadequate nutrition and prolonged neglect and five had severe dental disease requiring tooth extractions.

Each of the dogs were subsequently removed from the property and are now being cared for by the RSPCA. Following a question by District Judge Mark Layton, Ms Richards confirmed that all dogs have survived. Video footage and photographs were shown to District Judge Mark Layton which displayed the filthy conditions inside

the property. The RSPCA officer could be heard saying, ‘This is pretty disgusting.”

Some of the water bowls displayed green or yellowing water and the flooring was thickly covered in dog faeces. Some of the matted and malnourished poodles were seen moving towards the officers, barking loudly.

As Alison Silk, 67, watched the videos, she was seen wiping her eyes.

She pleaded guilty to three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and an additional charge of not

taking steps to ensure the needs of her 30 poodles were met. She was legally unrepresented in court.

“I don’t have a solicitor because I’ve done wrong,” she said in mitigation. “I’ll take any punishment because I know I’ve let my dogs down badly.

“I’ve been breeding and training dogs since I was 16 and I’ve had a dog at my side since I was 12.

“But in the months leading up to the RSPCA visit, I lost several family members, including my older brother who brought me up, and it all got too much.”

Alison Silk went on to say that at the time of the offence she was suffering from leg ulcers, a broken collar bone, broken ribs and muscle trauma to her shoulder after falling off a ladder.

“I let my dogs down and I’m really sorry,” she continued. “Living without them is my punishment and I would never, ever have put them through what I did if I had been well.

“Being without a dog is going to be really hard.”

Alison Silk was sentenced to 26 weeks in custody suspended for 12 months.

She was ordered to pay £10,300 in costs to the RSPCA and a £134 court surcharge. She was disqualified from keeping, dealing and transporting animals for ten years.

Police probe after screws scattered on Carmarthen roadway


POLICE have said they are conducting an investigation following the discovery of over a hundred screws strewn across a slip road near the bustling A40 dual carriageway in Carmarthen.

The incident, reported on Thursday, 8th February, took place at the overspill entrance to the Nantyci Showground, a location where vehicles frequently travel at high speeds, significantly raising the stakes for potential accidents.

Authorities are treating this as a serious public safety hazard, emphasizing the considerable danger such objects pose to all road users. This is not the first instance of such perilous conduct in the area; a similar occurrence was reported just weeks prior, leading to suspicions that this may be a targeted attempt to inflict damage specifically on police enforcement vehicles.

The police are appealing to the community for any information that may assist in their investigation. Individuals who might

have witnessed suspicious activities or have relevant knowledge are urged to come forward and share their insights.

Reports can be submitted to Dyfed-Powys Police through various channels: online at the official website, via email at 101@dyfed-powys.police. uk, or by telephoning the non-emergency number, 101. For those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech impairments, there is an option to text the non-emergency number at 07811 311 908.

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Driver was seven times over the drug-drive limit

A GOODwICK motorist who admitted driving his vehicle when he was seven times over the drugdrive limit has been ordered off the roads by a district judge.

Stephen Oldhoff, 25, appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates earlier this week when he admitted driving on the A40 near to the Corner Piece pub, Haverfordwest after consuming Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. Blood tests carried out by police officers revealed he had no less than 16 mcg of the drug in his system; the legal limit is 2.

“It was a routine stop check carried out by officers at around 1pm on September 12, 2023,” Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan told the court.

“During the conversation, officers discovered that the defendant had taken cannabis the previous evening.”

But Oldhoff’s

solicitor, Fenn Richards, said that his drug intake was a means of dealing with the sudden loss of his father.

“His father passed away suddenly in August, and this has had a devastating impact on him,” she said.

“My client lost his job as a result of his grief, and this led to him taking cannabis.

“He’s now going to start a new job where he will be regularly drug tested and will spend a great deal of time out at sea.”

Oldhoff, of Plas y Gamil Road, Goodwick, Fishguard, was disqualified from driving for three years by District Judge Mark Layton. He was fined £120 and ordered to pay £85 court costs and a £48 surcharge.

“I understand there are difficult circumstances that led to this offence,” commented Judge Layton when imposing sentence.

NHS facing unprecedented winter pressures

THE nHS in wales has been facing significant challenges this winter, with an exceptionally high number of emergency calls and delays that have put immense pressure on its staff and resources, according to the latest activity and performance statistics.

In January, the ambulance service received 5,009 red (life-threatening) calls, accounting for 13.9% of all calls. Despite a slight decrease from December, with an average of 162 lifethreatening calls per day, this figure remains the third highest on record.

The response times for these urgent calls have also been under scrutiny, with 48.8% of

red calls receiving an emergency response within eight minutes, marking the second highest achievement for this metric. The average response time for these calls was 8 minutes and 11 seconds.

The performance data also revealed that approximately 27,000 hours were lost due to handover delays at hospitals, highlighting the systemic pressures faced by the health service. Despite these challenges, nearly all health boards came close to meeting the target for 97% of patient pathways waiting less than two years by 2024, missing it by a mere 0.03%.

Nesta LloydJones, Assistant Director of the Welsh NHS Confederation, commented on the impact of the winter pressures and the exceptional demand on NHS services. “The monumental efforts of our staff have led to some improvements, such as a decrease in the number of people waiting the longest for treatment in December. However, the progress is threatened by the junior doctor strike action in January and February, which has led to a significant number of planned care procedures being postponed.”

Lloyd-Jones stressed the need for comprehensive planning and significant investment in NHS infrastructure and social

care to ensure the health service can continue to improve and meet the demands placed upon it. “Good planning alone is not enough. Without significant capital investment and a whole-nation approach to health and wellbeing, alongside substantial changes to social care funding and provision, the progress of NHS leaders will be limited.”

The Welsh NHS Confederation, which represents the seven local health boards, three NHS trusts, and other health organisations in Wales, has been vocal about the challenges faced by the NHS and the need for strategic investment and support to navigate through these difficult times.

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Tom Sinclair

My dream to be a homeowner was shattered by the Council

THOMAS SPIERS, a 55-year-old Operations Coordinator at Puma Oil Terminal and father of three, has been left without his dream home after Pembrokeshire County Council outbid him by £10,000. Mr. Spiers, a long-time resident of Milford Haven, had his heart set on a property at 63 Haven Drive, only to find his efforts thwarted by the council’s late intervention.

Mr. Spiers, who has been privately renting for a decade with aspirations of homeownership, stumbled upon what he believed was the perfect fixer-upper in January through RK. Lukas estate agents. Despite the property’s need for substantial work, he saw potential in the £100,000 ex-council house, which had been on the market for six months with two previous sales falling through. After viewing, Mr. Spiers promptly made an offer of £95,000, which was accepted by the seller.

The joy of this acceptance was shortlived. After proceeding with the necessary legal and financial preparations, including giving notice to his landlord and paying solicitor’s fees for property searches, Mr. Spiers was blindsided. Just days before the scheduled contract exchange, he was informed of a new £110,000 offer from Pembrokeshire County Council, effectively ending his purchase plans.

The council’s bid, coming after a property viewing in October 2023 and amidst a 16% hike in council tax rates, has raised questions about its timing and motives.

Mr. Spiers, who found himself in a precarious position with his sons’ housing at stake, reached out to the council and local MP Stephen Crabb, he says only to be met with unfulfilled promises of callbacks and autoreplies.

The situation highlights the challenges faced by private individuals competing in an increasingly difficult housing market.

Mr. Spiers voiced his frustrations over what he perceives as an injustice by the council, particularly in light of their late and significantly higher offer. Fortunately, his current landlord has

allowed him to remain in his rental for now, stopping him from being made homeless, but leaving him out of pocket by approximately £1,000 in solicitor’s fees.

Stephen Crabb MP told The Herald: “Mr Spiers emailed me on Monday afternoon when I was speaking in the House of Commons chamber. He received the usual auto-reply message to show that his email had been received.

“The auto-reply makes clear that all emails from constituents who request my assistance with a casework problem will receive priority attention, which normally means within a few days. I receive around 200 emails each day and have to prioritise cases according to urgency.

“Whilst I am sorry to hear about the circumstances in which Mr Spiers’ house purchase fell through, there is actually nothing

that a Member of Parliament could have done to prevent it.

“This is a private contractual matter and the questions that need to be asked are of Pembrokeshire County Council, and whether they have acted appropriately.

“It would be appropriate for Mr Spiers to contact his County Councillor who will be able to offer support with this.”


As we were going to press, Pembrokeshire County Council said that they had listened to concerns and said that they would withdraw the offer on the Haven Drive home.

A spokesperson said on Thursday afternoon: “Following hearing of this position, the Council will be withdrawing its offer on this property.”

70mph drink-driver was ‘all over the road’ on Bridge

A MOTORIST who was seen ‘driving all over the road’ as he attempted to cross the Cleddau Bridge at speeds of over 70 mph has admitted being almost twice over the legal drinkdrive limit at the time of the offence.

Police observed Dale Evans, 32, as he attempted to drive his Audi A4 along the A477 at the Cleddau Bridge soon after midnight on February 4.

“Officers asked the vehicle to stop as a result of the standard of his driving,” commented Crown Prosecutor Sian Vaughan when Evans appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates court earlier this week.

“He was all over the road and was travelling in excess of 70 miles an hour.”

After stopping the vehicle, officers smelt intoxicants on Evans’

breath which resulted in a roadside breath test. This proved positive and Evans was conveyed to a police custody suite where he gave further breath tests, the lowest reading showing 69 mcg of alcohol. The prescribed legal limit is 35, Evans, of Crud y Wawr, St Clears, pleaded guilty to the charge of drink-driving.

Imposing sentence, District Judge Mark Layton stressed that Evans’ reading was high.

“You were nearly twice the legal limit, which is a high reading,” he said. “But I’ve taken into account that you are genuinely apologetic.”

Evans was fined £600 and was disqualified from driving for 18 months. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and £240 court surcharge.

Four receive treatment from paramedics following blaze


attended to four individuals following a blaze at a property in Pembrokeshire.

In the early hours of Sunday, February 18, a fire broke out in the utility room of a semidetached, two-storey home in Walwyn’s


Fire brigades from Haverfordwest and Milford Haven were summoned to the scene shortly after 6am.

The conflagration

was restricted to the utility room of the house. Firefighters deployed four sets of breathing apparatus, a pair of hose reel jets, a covering jet, and a ground monitor to quell the flames. The teams withdrew from the premises at 7:53am.

The incident resulted

in significant smoke damage to the home. The four residents of the property received onsite treatment from the Ambulance Service. The Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has yet to ascertain the cause of the fire.

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Indies opposed to ‘huge’ Council Tax hike

CABInET proposals recommending a significant increase in Council Tax rates by 16.31% for the fiscal year 2024/25 AnD the following three years have been met with stern opposition by Independent Group of councillors, The Herald has learned.

The proposed yearor-year hikes, aimed at addressing the financial challenges faced by the cash-strapped County Council has sparked a wave of concern amongst many families who are already facing the cost-of-living crisis.

Councillor Huw Murphy, representing the Independent Group, is completely against the proposed large hikes, highlighting the disproportionate burden it would place on Pembrokeshire’s residents compared to other welsh counties.

According to the proposal detailed in the “Notice of the Meeting of Cabinet” published last week (Feb 13), a Band D property’s Council Tax would increase by £4.20 per week or £219.02 per annum, amounting to a 16.31% hike annually until 2027. This stark increase is a departure from last year’s indication of a manageable 7.5% rise over the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).

The implications of adopting such a recommendation are profound, with a Band D property owner in Pembrokeshire facing an increase of £930.68 by 2027/28 compared to a scenario where Council Tax rises by just 7.5% annually. Cllr. Murphy has criticised the Cabinet’s rationale, citing a lack of evidence to justify such an “extraordinary amount” and points out the potential for Pembrokeshire to become the highest Council Tax authority in Wales, surpassing even Blaenau Gwent, currently holding that title.

The financial strain is attributed mainly to the Social Services Department’s increasing

costs for ‘Out of County’ placements. However, Cllr Murphy told The Herald that most other departments are operating within budget, many even presenting a surplus. The stark contrast in proposed tax increases across Wales further fuels the debate, with Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, and Swansea proposing much lower increases, casting Pembrokeshire’s approach as exceptionally burdensome and potentially unfair to its residents.

Cllr Murphy says there is a broader concern regarding the impact of such increases on local households, potentially driving working families and pensioners into poverty.

The proposed tax rise starkly contrasts with the current inflation rate and projected pay increases, raising questions about the council’s consideration for the economic realities faced by its residents and the potential adverse effects on the county’s ability to attract and retain essential workers, including teachers.

The Independent Group has proposed amendments to the budget in hopes of mitigating the impact on residents but finds the reduction offered insufficient to address community concerns.

In a letter to Cllr Alec Cormack, the Cabinet Member for Corporate Finance for Pembrokeshire County Council, Cllr Huw Murphy said that there is no justification to support an annual Council Tax rise of 16.31% up to and including 2027.

16.31% Council Tax rise into the MTFP (until 2027).”There is huge concern by a majority of Councillors across the whole chamber with regards to the proposed 16.31% rise in Council Tax for 2024/25 and I am gravely concerned at your desire to now factor in an annual 16.31% Council Tax rise into the MTFP (until 2027).

“I do not want to see this authority reject a budget and the consequences this will bring upon Officers and ourselves.

this will continue rising exponentially until 2027/28? Homelessness was a topic of conversation twelve months ago. However, homelessness numbers have decreased by 24% between March and December 2023. Therefore, there will come a point when (no one knows when), ‘Out of County’ placements will

13, 2023.

“The Independent Group met the Director of Resources and proposed amendments to your budget on Feb 13, and aspects of our proposals were deemed appropriate to offer a lower Council Tax rate than 16.31%. We are grateful for the assistance provided to us at this time.

He explained the matter had already resulted in fear and desperation entering many households and will drive many working families and pensioners on fixed incomes into poverty.

He wrote: “I am informed there appears to be no likely easing of pressure on PCC in respect of funding ‘Out of County’ placements by Social Services, with the presumption

plateau if not decrease.

He continued: “I would be grateful for a written response providing an explanation with supporting evidence as to the need for applying a 16.31% Council Tax increase for not only 2024/25 but also for the following 3 years (MTFP), moving away from the presumption of a 7.5% Council Tax for the MTFP as recommended on Feb

“However, the reduction offered was insufficient to allay community concerns and we withdrew our proposals, leaving your Cabinet recommendation as the only current option.”

Cllr Murphy continued: “The need to consider imposing a higher than 7.5% Council Tax for 2024/25 will be debated and voted upon on March 7. However, I currently see no justification to ALSO recommend a 16.31% Council Tax rise for the following 3 years. If we go down this path I foresee significant community tension and disengagement between residents and PCC and a brief glance at social media over the last week will confirm this.

“There is huge concern by a majority of Councillors across the whole chamber with regards to the proposed 16.31% rise in Council Tax for 2024/25 and I am gravely concerned at your desire to now factor in an annual

“However, in life we sometimes have to make decisions that appear controversial, possibly unthinkable but if done in the best interests of our residents then that is what has to be done, and your recommended Council Tax rise of 16.31% is taking us to this point. Through many recent conversations it’s clear your Council Tax proposals needs to be reduced by a significant percentage to have the support of Council on March 7th, 2024.

“Therefore, should Council fail to agree a budget on March 7th, 2024 through the the loyalty of the majority of Councillors to the people of Pembrokeshire in defending them from an unaffordable Council Tax rise; then you as Cabinet lead for Finance, along with the Leader and other Cabinet members must bear full responsibility and with it the consequences as all Cabinet members voted for a 16.31% Council Tax rise in 2024/25 and the recommendation of an annual 16.31% Council Tax rise into the MTFP.

“Independent Group Councillors we are willing to work with Councillors across the Chamber to achieve the goal of protecting residents of all ages, be they rural or urban from the impact of your current proposals which will have far reaching and negative consequences if passed on March 7th”, Cllr Murphy added.

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Tom Sinclair Cllr Huw Murphy

‘Murphy’s Law’ debunked by Member for Finance

Council is in turmoil as councillors grapple with how much to increase Council Tax

• Cabinet

Member for Finance says Council Tax claims made in an email wrong

A CLAIM made in an email from the opposition “Independent” Group (IPG) to Council Leader David Simpson is ‘wrong’.

The email’s central claim that householders could be, in three years, paying an extra £1000 in Council Tax, has been debunked by Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Alec Cormack.

On the opposite page this newspaper reports on that emailed claim.

The email says that the current administration could increase council tax by 16.31% not only for 2024/25 but also increase it by the same amount in 2025/26 and 2026/27.

That claim is wrong, Cabinet Member for Finance, Cllr Alec Cormack has said.

The Council’s MediumTerm Financial Plan (MTFP), to which Cllr Murphy refers to as the authority for his claim, states that after a 16.31% rise for the next financial year, a 7.5% rise will be needed in the following two years to balance the books over three years.

A further point the email makes, referring to the current rate of consumer price inflation, is also an irrelevant and egregious point.

Former Council leaders Jamie Adams and John Cwmbetws Davies, who sit on the IPG benches, know that the consumer inflation rate has nothing to do with inflationary pressures on the Council. Those pressures are cumulative and involveamongst other things - energy prices, the cost of delivering services, staff pay rises and their accompanying pension contributions.

To pretend that the rate of inflation consumers face when buying goods in shops - and food inflation remains in double digits - has much of anything to do with the cost pressures facing employers and service providers is demonstrably false. Those making the claim either do not understand how inflation works or are disingenuous.

Giving the IPG the benefit of the doubt, the email’s author(s) are fools rather than knaves.


The email, sent by Cllr Huw Murphy on behalf of the “Independent” Group, also contains a veiled threat to throw the Council into turmoil by voting down the annual budget and Council Tax


The local authority may become insolvent if the Council cannot or councillors will not set a balanced budget. If that happens, local government commissioners will take control of the Council’s operations.

While that is an extreme event, it is not without precedent in Wales.

When Ynys Mon Council was riven by internecine strife and unable to perform its functions, the Welsh Government stepped in and took control. However, that had nothing to do with that authority’s financial position.

Local government commissioners are running several English councils after financial disasters. In those councils’ cases, speculative investments, and in Birmingham’s case, a devastating legal case, left them unable to fund statutory services.

The results have been massive service reductions, large hikes in Council Tax (from bases much higher than Pembrokeshire’s), and huge job losses.

The idea that the fault for that would lie with the Cabinet and councillors supporting the current proposal is laughable.

Suppose the Council descends into effective insolvency because councillors prefer striking poses to doing their jobs. In that case, the fault will be wholly on the IPG and anyone who supports their shameless manoeuvring.

Their ultimate goal is

regaining control of the Council at May’s Annual General Meeting. Anything they do beforehand, including at March 7’s budget meeting, serves that end.

The “Independents” know that if the Council doesn’t significantly raise the Council Tax this year, it must make much larger rises in future years.

The IPG is gambling that, by the time those budgets are set, it will control the Cabinet and avoid making those rises by their favoured method of gutting services, avoiding expenditure on essential projects, and firing workers.

An IPG leader and Cabinet will make sad noises about those and blame its predecessors.


It is not as if the IPG is without its own ideas.

Cllr Murphy’s email artlessly reveals the true position.

As things stand, no alternative budget exists before the Council on March 7.

But there could have been.

The IPG produced its own budget and discussed it with the Council’s Director of Resources, Jon Haswell.

Mr Haswell, or so Mr Murphy claims, said that some of what the IPG proposed was feasible and would result in a lower-than-proposed Council Tax increase.

They baulked when Mr Haswell told the “Independent” delegation the size of the rise their proposals would entail.

In other words, the combined brainpower of the “Independent” Group came up with a practical alternative that would have reduced the size of the Council Tax rise, balanced the books, and met the Council’s statutory

obligations but - and for entirely self-serving political reasons - pulled the plug on it.

That throws the 7.5% increase Cllr Murphy’s email refers to into stark relief.

It shows his “suggestion” is nothing more than a

meaningless gesture that the “Independent” Group KNOWS is undeliverable. It attempts to blackmail the Cabinet into agreeing to a lower rise by raising the threat of political chaos, even though the “Independent” Group KNOWS the 7.5% figure is nonsense.

The IPG would rather blow up the Council and rule the wreckage than do anything constructive.

They will not bear that shame alone. If the Conservative group supports the “Independent” Group’s game-playing, the political fallout in an election year could be highly damaging in Mid and South Pembrokeshire, a seat it hopes to win.

Doubtless, there will be behind-the-scenes scuttling as the players of political games try and get a meaningless “compromise” over the line. They face the obvious question: how many social workers, teachers, and other job losses are you prepared to countenance for the sake of a sordid deal?

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Jon Coles

Ted’s medals and beret presented to Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre

THE wARTIME story of D-Day Royal Marine Commando Veteran Ted Owens will always live on in his home town of Pembroke Dock.

This is thanks to his family who have gifted his medals, green Marines beret and Commando dagger to the town’s Heritage Centre.

The presentation was made on the opening day of the Centre’s new season and the framed display is a centrepiece of a new exhibition to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

One of Pembroke Dock’s best known

characters, Ted Owens died last August at the age of 98. Over the years he was a big supporter of and a regular visitor to the Heritage Centre. It was his express wish that his medals and Commando items be displayed at the Centre.

Making the presentation were his

brother Wyn, nieces Gloria Elford and Liz Halsted, cousin Margaret Black and close family friend Shobha Edgell. They were joined by Kevin Stanley of the VC Gallery, Pembroke Dock, with which Ted also had a special connection.

The Centre’s D-Day exhibition will run for the

whole year. It features Ted’s wartime story and that of others who, like Ted, took part in the June 1944 landings in Normandy. It includes a mannequin of an airborne soldier in full equipment and many items of uniform and kit used by both Allied servicemen and their

German opponents.

Many of these items are from the personal collection of military historian Andrew Ludlow who was recently appointed a trustee of the Centre.

The Heritage Centre is open Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 4pm.

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Tom Sinclair Pictured with the Ted Owens framed display are, left to right: Kevin Stanley of the VC Gallery, Liz Halsted, Margaret Black, Gloria Elford, Wyn Owens, Shobha Edgell, and Andrew Ludlow and John Evans, of the Heritage Trust. (Martin Cavaney Photography)

Milford Haven mourns loss of former top-cop

MILFORD HAVEn is morning the loss of a great man, following the passing of retired local policeman Detective Inspector Billy williams who died last weekend.

The funeral service will take place on Tuesday 20th February at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 3.15pm.

William (Billy) John David Williams was Born in Carmarthen in 1942, where he went on to meet his Future Wife Pam on a blind date at the Lyric cinema.

Billy joined the Royal Air-force Police in 1964, as a Dog Handler, and spent several years in the Seletar Camp, Singapore as well as Audley End, Saffron Walden, (for which his daughter Saffron is named).

On his return to Wales, in 1969, Billy joined Dyfed Powys Police Constabulary, with his first posting in Pembrokeshire, where he

raised his two daughters, Lisa and Saffron; the family eventually living above the Police Station in Charles Street, Milford Haven.

He spent time as a Traffic officer but was ‘strategically’ moved after one of the vehicles ended on its roof. He quickly passed his Sergeants exam after just 2 years in the force, and Inspectors exam after just 3 years, and later trained as a police negotiator.

Billy spent a brief time in Llandrindod Wells, returning to Milford Haven on the birth of his Grandson Daniel. Billy finished his 30 year police career in 1999 as Detective Inspector of Milford Haven Police Station.

Billy fell in love with and spent much time on the Sea. He was an accomplished diver (becoming a certified trainer), rower (receiving a commendation for services to rowing) and Sailor, with many trophies.

Billy served many years as both secretary and later Commodore of Pembrokeshire Yacht Club as well as participating in, organising and overseeing hundreds of races.

Billy spent the last 25 years of his life living in Wellington Gardens, overlooking the estuary that he loved so much.

He died peacefully at home.

Billy was the dearly loved husband of Pam, devoted father of Lisa and Saffron, adored grandfather (Grumpy) to Daniel and Katie, and much respected and loved by his extended family, including Steven and Matt.

Family flowers only, donations if desired may be sent to The RNLI, West Quay Road, Poole, BH15 1HZ.

All enquiries to Tom Newing & Sons Ltd., Hamilton Court Funeral Home, Dartmouth Street, Milford Haven. Telephone 01646 693180.

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Friday February 23rd 2024

Welsh Labour candidates face farmer protests

POwYS was the scene of a significant protest this weekend as nearly 100 tractors rolled into newtown, echoing the concerns of the farming community against proposals set forth by the welsh Government. The convoy, led by local farmers, bore banners proclaiming “no farmers, no food, no future,” a stark message against the sustainable farming scheme that threatens to reshape their livelihoods.

The protest coincided with the visit of Welsh Labour’s leadership candidates, Vaughan Gething and Jeremy Miles, who are in the running to succeed First Minister Mark Drakeford. Their attendance at a leadership debate in Newtown was overshadowed by the demonstration, which saw a substantial turnout from the agricultural sector, voicing opposition to plans that would compel farmers to allocate a significant portion of their land to non-farming activities.

Under the contentious scheme, farmers would be required to dedicate 20% of their land to

environmental initiatives, splitting evenly between tree planting and re-wilding projects. This mandate has sparked fears within the farming community, already reeling from economic pressures and the aftermath of recent inflation surges, that their industry faces an existential threat.

The candidates did not engage with the protesters, opting to leave the venue via a side entrance, a move that has drawn criticism from both the demonstrators and Montgomeryshire MS, Russell George, who stood in solidarity

with the farmers. Mr. George expressed disappointment at the candidates’ reluctance to address the crowd, highlighting the peaceful and cooperative nature of the protest, which garnered praise from law enforcement and support from beyond the farming community.

The Welsh Government has positioned the scheme as a critical component of its environmental strategy, aiming to combat climate change and biodiversity loss while ensuring food security. A spokesperson emphasised the collaborative effort in developing the Sustainable Farming

Scheme and encouraged public feedback through the ongoing consultation process, concluding in early March.

As the debate intensifies, the Welsh Government assures that no final decisions will be made until the consultation period ends, urging stakeholders to contribute their perspectives. Meanwhile, the silence from Mr. Gething and Mr. Miles post-protest has only amplified calls for a more engaged dialogue on the future of Welsh agriculture.

Samuel Kurtz MS, Shadow Rural Affairs Minister, said: “The Welsh Government simply isn’t listening to farmers and

rural communities and that is driving the frustration being felt.

“The start of the next First Minister’s tenure could be overshadowed by serious discontent in rural Wales, as neither candidate is willing to listen to the genuine concerns of the agricultural sector.

“That’s why I’m urging once again for the consultation to be paused. If it isn’t then it is only a matter of time before farmers are on the steps of the Senedd protesting, and I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.”

Also commenting, Russell George MS, who joined the farmers, said: “I was disappointed that the candidates did not come out to speak to the hundreds of farmers waiting.

“It was encouraging that the police praised those that attended for cooperating and making their points peacefully.

“This issue cuts deep across the country and support from those not directly involved in farming was clear to see.”

On Monday (Feb 19), the Minister for Rural Affairs Lesley

Griffiths said: “I meet with the farming unions regularly and I wanted to have a meeting as soon as possible after our Sustainable Farming Scheme roadshows and theirs had been completed.

“I’d like to thank them for joining me today, it was good to hear the feedback they had from their events. We will consider this in addition to the feedback we’ve noted from our events.

“Many of the issues discussed were common with those we heard from the 3,200 farmers who’ve attended the Welsh Government events.

“I reiterated to them this is a genuine consultation. It is still open, and I would continue to urge people to take part and give us their views. We will consider every individual response.

“Once the consultation is over I will receive a detailed analysis of the responses, and as I’ve said before I would expect to make changes to the scheme as a result.

“It is vitally important people take part in the consultation. Please do find time to respond as your views matter.”

Farmers’ protest grinds traffic to a halt on busy A48

DEMO n STRATI n G strength and unity, farmers across west wales have taken to the A48 in Carmarthenshire, staging a protest that dramatically slowed traffic to a crawl.

The demonstration, which occurred yesterday, saw a parade of tractors along the busy dual carriageway, signalling deep-seated frustrations with the Welsh Government’s policy plans.

This latest action follows a substantial gathering in Carmarthen last week, where approximately 3,000 farmers voiced their opposition to several policies under consideration by the Welsh Government.

Cefin Campbell, the

Plaid Cymru MS for Mid & West Wales, captured the sentiment of the crowd, stating, “Enough is enough,” highlighting the palpable frustration towards not only the Welsh Government but also Westminster on various issues impacting rural communities.

At the heart of the

farmers’ grievances is the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS), which seeks to mandate that 10 percent of farmland be afforested as a condition for funding eligibility. This scheme is poised to replace the legacy Common Agricultural Policy schemes, including the Basic Payment Scheme, from 2025.

Critics, including

Montgomeryshire MS Russell George, have raised alarms over the scheme’s potential impacts, notably a projected 10.8% reduction in Welsh livestock units, equating to a decrease of 122,200 across the sector. Additionally, an 11% reduction in labour on Welsh farms is anticipated, potentially resulting in the loss of approximately 5,500

jobs, based on current employment levels. George also highlighted the increasing regulatory pressures on the farming industry, arguing that such measures often fail to recognise the sector’s longstanding stewardship of the countryside.

The farmers’ rally cry, “no farmers, no food,” underscores the essential role agriculture plays in the Welsh culture, economy, and preservation of the language. The sector’s plea for support comes at a critical juncture, as it faces unprecedented challenges.

In response, the Welsh Government has emphasised its commitment to working in partnership with the farming sector. Officials

have assured that no final decisions regarding the SFS will be made until the ongoing consultation concludes on 7 March, signalling an opportunity for stakeholders to influence the final policy direction.

As the consultation period draws to a close, the farming community remains hopeful for a constructive dialogue that recognises their concerns and contributions to Welsh society. The resolve demonstrated by the farmers’ protest on the A48 serves as a potent reminder of the sector’s significance and the urgent need for policies that support, rather than undermine, the foundations of rural Wales.

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Tom Sinclair
18 2024

St Davids RNLI supports rugby memorial

ST DAVIDS RnLI lifeboat launched on Saturday 17th February to collect a rugby ball for The willington Slate Trophy memorial rugby match between St Davids RFC and Pembroke RFC

On 28 April 2016, father and son Gareth and Daniel Willington drowned when their boat the Harvester sank

off St Davids Head. As part of the multi agency search operation, St Davids RNLI launched Tyne, Tamar and inshore lifeboats, Angle launched its Tamar class and Fishguard launched both its Trent and inshore lifeboats.

Meeting Angle RNLI at Martins Haven, in a symbolic gesture the rugby ball was thrown

successfully to St Davids volunteers. Allweather lifeboat Norah Wortley then headed to a position just off Carreg Tri, a reef west of St Davids head, where it’s thought the two fishermen fell into the water.

St Davids crew lined the aft deck and conducted a minutes silence in honour of the

men before returning to St Davids. Coxswain Will Chant presented the ball pitch side to Darrel Willington, brother of Gareth, uncle of Daniel, and ex chairman of Pembroke RFC.

The rugby match raised money for the Fisherman’s Mission and the RNLI and ended in a 31-24 victory to St Davids RFC.

Choir’s first event of year in ‘smart new uniforms’ SMARTER than ever

– that’s the members of Pembroke and District Male Voice Choir thanks to generous sponsorship from Valero Refinery.

The ‘new look’ choristers – complete with new trousers and shirts with choir logos –staged for the first concert of the new year. This was in support of old friends, the Pembroke Ladies Lifeboat Guild, for whom the choir has performed many times over the years.

Appropriately it was held in St Mary’s Church, Pembroke, and marked two special milestones in the RNLI‘s history – the Institution’s 200th and the 75th year of the Pembroke Ladies Lifeboat Guild.

The concert was well supported and choir and audience, including Mayor of Pembroke Councillor Aden Brinn, were welcomed by Daphne Bush.

Musical Director Juliet Rossiter chose a very varied programme, ranging from Welsh items to American favourites and the powerful ‘African

Prayer’, sung in three languages. The other half of the Musical Team was Accompanist Carole Rees.

Soloist was First Tenor Peter Halifax. A singer/songwriter, Peter delighted the audience and choristers with four of his own songs, accompanying himself on

guitar. This was the first time two of the pieces had been performed in public, and earned warm applause.

MC Matthew John was in excellent form and thanked Valero for the sponsorship and congratulated the Guild on its anniversary.

Matthew also reminded that the choir’s senior member, 94-year-old Frank Harries, was


IT IS time to replace our faithful car.

For years, it cost us almost nothing to maintain. Every year, it got an annual service and an MOT that revealed no faults worse than the occasional worn tyre.

Last year, everything changed.

The service revealed many problems, and the subsequent MOT revealed a few more.

Nevertheless, with times being tough, we decided to stick with it. Thanks to its increasing rattles, roars and reluctance to start, we’ve decided to move on.

A thoughtful fellow driver made our decision a little easier.

I’m not sure how you clatter into a parked vehicle without noticing that you’ve dislodged a headlamp and left a ding the size of a dinner plate in a panel. However, someone managed it.

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So, it’s time to scout for something cheap, cheerful, and wellmaintained.

My beloved and I browsed online to seek inspiration.

My goodness, there are a lot of choices. Most of them are bad.

My darlingest one’s specifications for a new motor boil down to something cheap in mint condition that’s had one careful - preferably completely housebound - owner since new.

Being from Ceredigion, she prefers vehicles with heft, weight, height, and scythes sticking out of the wheel hubs.

father had a way with cars. If an overpriced clunker were available, he’d have to have it. Once, he bought a secondhand Peugeot estate. It didn’t even make the four-mile journey home from the dealership he bought it from before the engine gave up the ghost.

He spent years buying his cars from the same place. When he died, they put a special sticker on the most clapped-out motor on the lot in his memory.

I have two abiding memories of my late father’s motors: they were often cheap to buy but cost a fortune to run and maintain. Secondly, almost all of them are now rare and sought after.

He had an Austin 3-litre into which he packed all his tools and equipment. It wallowed like a pig in muck. It took several weeks to get from zero to sixty. Once at sixty, it took about one millisecond to slam you back into your seat as it reached light speed.

I never knew what was more bowelclenchingly terrifying. Accompanying my father on the way to a job when he floored the throttle as we hurtled around Kilpaston Bends and onward on the old road to Carmarthen, or the journey back during which he ate a sizzlingly hot curry from a container on the dashboard in front of him.

For years afterwards, I associated the smell of onion bhajis accompanying a chicken vindaloo with travel sickness and feelings of terror.

commencing his 70th year as a chorister, a remarkable achievement. He also welcomed Choir President Clive Collins and his wife, Enid, very regular supporters.

Following the concert refreshments were enjoyed by choristers and friends at the King’s Arms and thanks to the Guild were expressed by Choir Chairman John Hillier.

I’m not particularly fussed. A wheel at each corner and one to steer with will do me, especially as the Batmobile is out of our price range.

My late

As a bit of fun, I looked up the price of an Austin 3 litre. Ten grand! I nearly bloody fainted. Oh well. Back to looking in the “Heap of the Week” section.

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Tom Sinclair

Landfill told to clean up its act

In a stern rebuke from the regulatory body, the proprietors of the Withyhedge Landfill, infamously referred to as “a stink bomb on steroids,” have been mandated to ameliorate their operations. The directive issued to Resources Management UK Ltd (RML), the company at the helm of the Pembrokeshire landfill, stipulates the necessity to “contain and collect” all forms of “fugitive emissions” that have been a source of significant discomfort to the local populace.

Residents in the vicinity have reported the pervasive odour of “rotting rubbish,” with some claiming it is detectable in villages up to five miles distant. Natural Resources Wales, the overseeing authority, has criticised the firm’s initial prognosis of resolving the issue by early March as overly optimistic, subsequently imposing a more stringent deadline of 5 April.

RML has previously issued an apology for the inconvenience caused

by the malodours, asserting that efforts are underway to “rectify the issue with immediate effect.” Nevertheless, the proposal put forth by RML to mitigate landfill gas emissions has been deemed non-compliant with its operational permit by Natural Resources Wales, suggesting it harbours numerous uncertainties and potential future complications.

The regulatory body has expressed concerns that the short-term gains of diminishing the foul smell do not justify the medium to long-term risks involved. Despite the complexities surrounding the decisions to be made, a statement from the authority anticipates “noticeable reductions in landfill gas emissions and odours in the coming weeks.”

The issue has mobilised local residents, who have been vociferous in their demands for more stringent measures to address the odour

issue. Meanwhile, RML contends that the current odour problems stem from a delay in the “capping” of a waste containment cell, maintaining that these odours pose no risk to human health or the environment. The company has extended its apologies to the affected community and has pledged to implement measures to prevent such occurrences in the future.

Additionally, an enquiry into the escape of

liquid discharge from the landfill into a nearby river is currently in progress. Following its acquisition by the Cardiff-based Dauson Environmental Group in 2022, RML is authorised to dispose of up to 250,000 tonnes of waste annually at the Withyhedge site. Concerns have also been raised regarding the past conduct of an RML director, David John Neal, who was previously adjudged guilty of illegal

waste disposal at a site of special scientific interest in Newport, Gwent Levels. In May 2013, Neal received a suspended sentence

and was fined in excess of £200,000, further casting shadows over the company’s environmental stewardship.

Gething’s Withyhedge funding causes stink

OnE of the candidates to succeed Mark Drakeford as wales’s First Minister has received £200,000 from a company linked to the withyhedge landfill site.

Nation Cymru’s Martin Shipton reports that Dauson Environmental Group Ltd, based in Mr Gething’s Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, donated £100k to his campaign on December 18 2023 and a further £100k on January 11 2024.

The next largest donation, £3,000, comes from another Cardiff-based company, Tramshed Tech.

In 2013, David Neal, Dauson’s director, received a suspended prison sentence for illegally dumping waste

at a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

A year-long investigation at TyTo Maen Farm found “substantial and serious pollution” caused toxic waste to leach into a nearby watercourse.

Resources Management UK Ltd (RML), which operates Withyhedge, is a subsidiary of Dauson.

In a curious echo of complaints about the stink and environmental damage being caused at Withyhedge, Mr Neal’s conviction followed complaints about water pollution and the strong odour from a location on the Gwent Levels.

Members of Stop the Stink: Withyhedge’s

Facebook group reacted with dismay and anger to the revelations in Martin Shipton’s article.

The link between Mr Gething and a company connected to Withyhedge could embarrass Labour’s General Election candidate for Mid & South Pembrokeshire, Henry Tufnell.

Mr Tufnell, who briefly practised as a barrister before being employed by a small union based in London, is scheduled to chair a Stop the Stink: Withyhedge meeting next Monday (February 26).

He also supports Vaughan Gething’s bid to become Labour’s leader in Wales.

The Herald asked Mr Tufnell for his response to the story in light of

Mr Gething’s link to the company behind the Withyhedge site.

“Henry Tufnell told us: “Local residents need answers as to how and why the situation at the Withyhedge Landfill site has been allowed to develop. I am grateful to Natural Resources Wales and Pembrokeshire County Council for agreeing to participate in the public meeting on February 26. I strongly encourage Operators Resources Management UK Ltd to use this as an opportunity to engage openly and honestly to build back trust with the local community.

“Clearly, we need stronger regulation to prevent such incidents from happening again.

“Vaughan Gething’s leadership

manifesto is committed to strengthening enforcement action to protect the environment and pledges stricter penalties for those who break environmental rules.”

The Welsh Government has slashed NRW’s funding

in recent years. Those cuts have reduced its ability to enforce against polluters. As a result, Senedd members and committees have severely criticised NRW for giving water companies, Wales’s largest polluters, an easy ride.

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Toxic emissions ‘causing health issues’

nEw photographs have emerged this week from the withyhedge landfill site, near Haverfordwest, now dubbed “a stink bomb on steroids” by the local community. The photos, show that the dump is currently accepting hazardous and medical waste. Over the last few months, the site has become a thorn in the side of residents, and now according to them, is causing health issues.

Colin Barnett, a local resident at the forefront of the battle against the landfill’s toxic emissions, has reached out to public health officials in the NHS in a desperate plea for action. Despite presenting medical evidence from 2022 and recent compliance notices that highlight the concerning presence of healthcare waste, Barnett and the community feel ignored.

The lack of response from public health representatives, especially in light of a crucial

community meeting set for February 26, has only added to their frustration.

The community’s concerns are wellfounded, with a recent straw poll revealing significant health impacts:

31% of residents report suffering from headaches, 14% from nausea, 6% from breathing difficulties, 9% from increased anxiety levels, 19% from sore eyes, and 18% from sore noses or throats. These alarming statistics, coupled with 822 reports made to Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in January 2024 alone, underscore the severity of the issue.

The situation at Withyhedge has been exacerbated by the response from its operators, Resources Management UK Ltd (RML), who have been ordered by NRW to “contain and collect” all fugitive emissions by a revised deadline of

5 April. Despite RML’s apology and assurances of rectifying the issue, the community remains skeptical, especially given the past legal issues involving an RML director and illegal waste dumping.

NRW’s involvement has highlighted the complexity of managing landfill gas emissions and odours, with the regulatory body emphasising that short-term solutions proposed by RML may not suffice in the long term.

The community’s battle against Withyhedge is not just about the immediate stench but also about addressing potential longterm environmental and health risks.

As the community gears up for the upcoming meeting, their demands are clear: they seek not only immediate action to mitigate the toxic emissions but also longterm solutions to ensure such crises do not recur. Their fight transcends the odour issue, touching on broader

themes of accountability, transparency, and the need for a collaborative approach to safeguard public health and the environment.

The Withyhedge landfill crisis serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in waste management and the critical importance of regulatory oversight, corporate responsibility, and community advocacy.

As the residents of Pembrokeshire stand united in their demand

for a cleaner, safer environment, the outcome of their struggle could set a precedent for how similar issues are addressed across the UK, emphasizing the power of community action in the face of environmental adversity.

Natural Resources Wales said there is now evidence that a recent proposal made by the company to contain and collect landfill gas to reduce smells was not “compliant with its

permit” and was likely to “contain many unknowns with potential problems for the future.”

It considered the short-term benefits of alleviating the smell were “outweighed by the medium-to-longer term risks”.

Describing the decisions required to be made as “complex” the statement said “noticeable reductions in landfill gas emissions and odours are anticipated in the coming weeks”.

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Calls for sea defences for flood-hit village turned down

A COUnCILLOR’S call to be able to speak on a potentially muchcheaper alternative to a bypass for the flood-hit village of newgale has been turned down.

At the standards committee meeting, of February 19, Solva County Councillor – and local businessman – Mark Carter asked for urgent dispensation to be able to speak, but not vote on matters connected with long-term plans for a Newgale road diversion scheme.

Mr Carter has previously spoken as a local businessman and resident rather than as a county councillor.

Newgale was hit hard by flooding following storms in early 2014 storms, and later by Storm Dennis in 2020.

In 2014 it even saw a visit by the-then Prime Minister David Cameron, as part of a tour of the UK to “learn lessons” following storms and flooding that year.

The main A487 road was closed for about 14 days after waves breached pebble defences that year, and a Richards Bros bus was stranded in floodwater after it was hit by a high wave, leading to the rescue of around 10


In 2018, Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet backed a recommendation, long-term, for an inland highway link for the A487.

In his call for dispensation, Mr Carter said: “Following an incident with a bus being hit by a freak wave in February 2014, a study was launched into a long-term solution to

the threat of the sea defences at Newgale being breached and the connectivity to Solva and beyond alternative roads were considered and a preferred plan was formulated.

“Large sums of money, probably £2m have been spent investigating an alternative but since 2014 there have been no serious incidences,” Mr Carter, who runs business Gengard Ltd from the village, said.

“Up to now, I have commented in relation

to the Newgale scheme purely in my capacity as a business owner, but it is clear that no other residents of Newgale and further out want to change the fabric of Newgale and let it go back to wild.

“Two things have happened recently to change my perspective. Firstly, Pembrokeshire County Council has decided that should a new road be built, the old road would be removed straight away, not in some years to follow as previously planned. This

changes the outlook for the village in a far more imminent way should the road scheme go ahead.”

“Secondly a group has been formed with access to a civil engineer and they are submitting a planning application to realign the pebbles in a way that will provide protection to the road and last 50 to 80 years at a cost of approximately £150,000, compared to the estimates of £30m by Atkins and PCC.”

Stand Up for Newgale (STUN) recently

submitted an application –currently being validated by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park officers – to relocate a 570m section of the shingle bank 10m seaward to protect the local businesses and the A487.

Mr Carter added: “The group wants me to be involved as the county councillor in negotiations with PCC to get the authority to consider this alternative scheme. It is they that have elected me and as property owners there is an impact, possibly not financial, on us all.

“To be clear, if the new road went ahead and the original road closed, the village would be split in two and Gengard would probably adapt its business.”

Committee members turned down Mr Carter’s request, with four in favour of refusal, and two abstentions.

Areas of concern raised included a potential public perception that Mr Carter’s views on the subject could be viewed as biased given his business interests, adding that, as local member, he would still have the opportunity to make any representations to national park planners.

New scheme to help revitalise Milford’s town centre with paint PEMBROKESHIRE

COUnTY COUnCIL has launched a new scheme to support town centres by helping property owners to revitalise and revive their properties.

The Streetscape Paint Scheme is being launched in Charles Street, Milford Haven this month (February 2024) before it is widened to include other town centres in Pembrokeshire – details of which will be published accordingly.

Funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF), the scheme is part of the Council’s Street Enhancement Programme. It enables propertyowners in eligible areas to apply for grants to

paint the outside of their properties. The grant will provide 80% of the total capital expenditure.

Cllr Paul Miller, Deputy

Leader and Cabinet Member for Place, the Region and Climate Change, said the scheme is part of the Council’s ongoing commitment to regeneration in Pembrokeshire.

‘We want to support

our town centres in every way we can and this is just another example of support we’re making available,” he said.

“This scheme aims to help them thrive by improving the overall look of the surrounding area –

in order to boost footfall, support businesses to create new jobs, and strengthen the mix of businesses.”

Local County Councillor, Cllr Terry Davies, is supportive of the initiative.

“The aim of the paint grant is to provide an immediate and instantly recognisable uplift to the overall attractiveness of Charles Street,” said Cllr Davies.

“It is a targeted intervention running for one year so I would encourage an early response by building owners and occupiers to secure funding support whilst it’s available.”

The fund will support owners of eligible

properties and tenants/ leaseholders who have the written consent of the property owner. Grants can be used for the purchase of materials (primer, masonry undercoat and exterior masonry paint) or towards the cost of using a contractor. The maximum grant award per property is £4,999. Schemes must be completed by November 2024.

For full information on the Streetscape Paint Scheme, including details on grant eligibility and a link to apply for the scheme, please view the Council’s Street Enhancement Programme page on their website or email spfcharlesstreet@

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Bruce Sinclair Local Democracy Reporter Tom Sinclair

Welsh Conservatives challenge Sustainable Farming Scheme in Senedd

THE wELSH COnSERVATIVES have tabled a motion for debate in the Senedd, aiming to overturn the controversial Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) proposals put forward by the Labour Government. The motion, scheduled for discussion next wednesday, 28th February, calls for the abolition of the requirement for a 10% tree cover on farms and the scrapping of the current SFS proposals, amidst concerns over their impact on wales’ agricultural sector and rural communities.

According to the Labour Government’s economic impact assessment, the implementation of the SFS could lead to a drastic reduction of 122,200 in Welsh livestock numbers, the loss of 5,500 jobs, and a £199 million hit to the rural economy. These

figures have fueled the argument that the scheme could devastate rural communities across Wales.

Samuel Kurtz MS, the Welsh Conservative Shadow Rural Affairs Minister, has been vocal

in his criticism of the scheme. He stated, “The economic analysis of the Sustainable Farming Scheme speaks for itself. With the projected loss of livestock, jobs, and significant economic damage, it’s clear that the

SFS will decimate Wales’ rural communities.” Kurtz accused the Labour Government of neglecting the importance of the farming industry to Wales’ economy, society, culture, and language, and of ignoring the widespread opposition to the SFS within the agricultural community.

The motion

presented by the Welsh Conservatives outlines the significant concerns surrounding the SFS, including the estimated reductions in livestock numbers, job losses on Welsh farms, and the consequent economic downturn. It also highlights the agricultural community’s

strong opposition to the scheme and cites a poll commissioned by the Country Land and Business Association in Wales, which found that only 3% of Welsh farmers trust the Welsh Government’s handling of the issue.

In a bid to address these concerns, the motion calls on the Welsh Government to remove the tree cover requirement and to scrap the current SFS proposals. Furthermore, it urges the government to re-engage with the farming sector to develop a new scheme that garners the support of the farming community.

The debate, which is a crucial moment for the future of farming in Wales, is set to commence at approximately 5.30 pm on Wednesday, 28th February, in the Welsh Parliament. This marks a significant effort by the Welsh Conservatives to align with the farming sector and challenge what they see as detrimental policies towards rural Wales.

New X-ray equipment plan at Tenby Cottage Hospital revealed

X-RAY services at Tenby Cottage Hospital are to receive a major boost thanks to an investment of £625,000 in brand new equipment which is being installed at the Hywel Dda Health Board-run site over the next few weeks.

The equipment, funded by Welsh Government, will allow the unit not only to provide the highest quality images but will also mean patients with reduced mobility or advanced clinical needs can be more easily accommodated.

However, in order to install the new equipment, x-ray services will be temporarily unavailable in Tenby Cottage Hospital until Friday, 19April 2024.

Over the next few weeks, imaging for GP patients will be provided on an appointment only basis at South

Pembrokeshire Hospital in Pembroke Dock between 9-5pm.

Patients attending the Minor Injuries walkin centre can still attend Tenby Cottage Hospital but may be sent to Withybush if an x-ray is required. Alternatively, patients can choose to attend Withybush Emergency Department directly.

John Evans, Pembrokeshire County Director for Hywel Dda said: “We are delighted that Tenby Cottage Hospital will be receiving brand new and up to date x-ray equipment thanks to this investment from Welsh Government.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused over the short period of time while the equipment is being installed but look forward to providing an improved level of care for Tenby community

patients into the future.”

Patients needing further help or information should contact the radiology departments at Withybush Hospital on 01437 773385 or South Pembrokeshire Hospital on 01437 774018.

The health board is reminding people not to attend busy A&E departments unless they have a critical, lifethreatening emergency and asking people to choose their healthcare services very carefully, so that only people with urgent or emergency care needs are being seen in A&E.

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Money linked to Bluestone National Park Resort could soon stop

A CALL to end a legal agreement for financial contributions associated with the creation of Pembrokeshire’s Bluestone national Park Resort has been submitted to the national park.

In a submitted application to Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planners on behalf of Bluestone Resorts Ltd, legal firm Red Kite Ltd asks for a cessation of a previous Section 106 legal agreement.

In a supporting statement, it says: “In 2004, a legal agreement was discussed and reached in 2008 with interested parties including Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, and Sir Edward Dashwood to take forward the development of Bluestone National Park Resort.

“This was a public rights of way Section 106 agreement, which is a common agreement made with local authorities and developers throughout the UK to deliver acceptable planning terms.

“In this case, the money has been used to pay towards various projects including enhancements to footpaths and bridges. This arrangement included a payment of £75 per annum index linked to the number of accommodation units at the resort.”

It says most agreements of this type are time limited, and “today such an arrangement without a time-frame would likely not be considered acceptable by either side”.

“However, no such

end date was placed on this one. More recently, it was agreed between the parties that the payments would cease in 2025, also known as a ‘statement of common ground.’ This is why a formal agreement now has to be made by each of the parties involved.”

The statement says that, since the agreement was made, Bluestone has paid nearly £280,000 through the agreement, adding: “As part of the Statement of Common Ground, it was agreed by Pembrokeshire County Council, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Authority and Bluestone that a final fee of £113,000 would be paid, spread over 2023, 2024, and 2025 in annual payments of £38,000.”

It also says a later £24m ‘Phase 4’ investment at the 500acre Bluestone resort, for a ‘Platinum Lodge’

development of 80 units alone led to a one-off payment of £87,516, which supported an extension to a multi-user path between the A4075 and the A40, along with works to a bridge.

The application will be considered at a later date.

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Pembrokeshire 20mph speed limit discussion calls withdrawn

A CALL for a Pembrokeshire working party to discuss the 20mph limit by area rather than the “blanket” roll-out has been withdrawn as a council scrutiny group will consider the matter.

The Welsh Government passed legislation last July which saw the speed limit on residential, built-up streets reduced from 30mph to 20mph, other than agreed exceptions, throughout Wales from September 17 of last year.

Welsh Government says the 20mph default speed limit is expected to result in 40 per cent fewer road collisions, save six to 10 lives every year and avoid 1,200- 2,000 people being injured.

A Notice of Motion before Pembrokeshire County Council’s February Cabinet meeting, by Pembroke Dock Bufferland councillor Michele Wiggins said: “The Welsh government have agreed to work collaboratively with local highway authorities to reflect on the application of the guidance in different parts of Wales.

“As a councillor for

Pembrokeshire I agree with the 20mph, but not a blanket roll-out.

“I would like to put a Notion of Motion together for a working party to discuss areas as a large proportion of Pembrokeshire residents and businesses do not agree with the blanket limit and this is a democracy.”

Earlier this year, members of the county council’s Cabinet backed a series of exemptions in the county, where the 30mph limit is retained.

A report for Cabinet members recommended that any decision on a working group was deferred.

The report concluded: “Extensive work has been undertaken to date to introduce the 20mph and there is recognition there has been concerns raised by some motorists in Pembrokeshire. It has also placed significant workload on officers to deliver the work, and that work still continues in terms of introducing buffer limits.

“Given the scale of this

scheme, council resources have been very stretched, and there is no spare capacity within the team to either consider new requests, or to support extensive review work.

“Normally, when new speed limits are introduced, the council’s

time-scale is 12 months post implementation for any review, to allow time for any new scheme to ‘bed in,’ or the full extent of issues to be evidenced.”

At the February meeting, Ms Wiggins withdrew her motion, saying she was content

the council’s services overview and scrutiny committee would be considering the matter once modelling on the buffer zones had been completed, expected in late March, and a Welsh Government review undertaken.

20mph speed limit on the majority of 30mph roads in Wales sparked protests and sign vandalism in many areas, including Martletwy, Crymych, Hermon and Mynachlogddu, with signs daubed with paint.

Monkstone beach access to remain closed due to safety concerns

THE IMPACT of increased rainfall in recent months continues to cause issues along the Pembrokeshire coast, with access to Monkstone Beach to remain closed due to safety concerns.

Following heavy rainfall last November, the steps on the public footpath leading to Monkstone beach were damaged and dislodged. A series of cracks had also appeared in the surface of the footpath, indicating movement of the slope.

The footpath was deemed unsafe for pedestrian use, and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority made a temporary closure to restrict public access, and signage and barriers were put in place.

Speaking of the closure, the Park Authority’s Director of Nature and Tourism, James Parkin, said: “The National Park Authority has sought specialist advice to assess the damage and have been advised that the public footpath should remain closed due to the instability of the slope.

“Our concern for public safety remains the priority and it’s expected that the existing closure order will need to be extended when it expires in May as the longer-term options for the public footpath are assessed.”

While the closure is still in place it means there is no safe way to exit the beach from Monkstone and anyone walking at

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February 23rd 2024 news
The introduction of the default low tide on the foreshore from Saundersfoot or from Tenby will need to be aware of this when planning their walk. Signage at key points will be put in place to notify the public, as well as updates on the Authority’s website and social media channels.

Saundersfoot Beach voted among world’s most sustainable shores

SAU n DERSFOOT BEACH has been recognised among the world’s most sustainable beaches by TripAdvisor users. This Welsh treasure finds itself in prestigious company, sharing the spotlight with stunning sandy stretches from locations as diverse as Sicily, Australia, India, South Africa, and the UAE.

The announcement comes as part of TripAdvisor’s esteemed Best of the Best Beaches for 2024, unveiled within the framework of its annual Travellers’ Choice Awards. These awards, celebrated for highlighting the crème de la crème of global travel destinations, derive from an exhaustive analysis of tens of millions of reviews submitted by TripAdvisor’s vast community of international travellers over the past year. Specifically, this year’s rankings have been meticulously compiled based on both the quality and quantity of ratings for beach experiences, spanning several

for activities ranging from paddle boarding to rockpool exploration. The beach’s adjacent promenade, replete with an array of shops and cafes, further enhances its appeal.

Testimonials from recent visitors have been overwhelmingly positive, with one user praising the beach for its cleanliness and accessibility: “A really tidy beach with plenty of parking close by, we really enjoyed walking along the beach with some great views to see.” Another review highlighted its pristine condition: “Very lovely beach, nice and clean.”

categories including the top beaches worldwide, the premier beaches in Europe, and, notably, a new subcategory dedicated to recognising the best in sustainable beach destinations. This innovative sustainability category is evaluated through a combination of inputs from BeCause, via the renowned Blue Flag program, and TripAdvisor traveller feedback. It honours beaches that exemplify exceptional commitments to sustainability, with a focus on practices such as sustainable transport options, efficient waste disposal mechanisms, and superior water quality standards.

Although Welsh beaches were notably absent from the top 10 list overall, Saundersfoot Beach emerged as a beacon of sustainability, securing the third spot in its category. TripAdvisor lauds Saundersfoot as “a sandy beach with clear blue waters,” ideal

Sarah Firshein, Head of Editorial at TripAdvisor, reflected on the significance of the 2024 awards, stating, “Last year, TripAdvisor received millions of reviews for beaches—it’s clear that our community absolutely loves them. But as our Travellers’ Choice lists reveal, there’s no one-size-fitsall ‘beach day’.” She also noted the dominance of European beaches in this year’s top rankings, a testament to the growing preference among travellers for the unique coastal experiences offered by the continent, over the traditionally favoured Caribbean destinations.

The list of the Top 10 Beaches in the World for 2024 showcases a diverse array of locations, with Europe’s shores leading the way, while the Top 10 sustainable beaches highlight global efforts towards maintaining the beauty and integrity of our planet’s coasts, with Saundersfoot Beach proudly representing the UK alongside Sandbanks Beach in Dorset.

This recognition not only celebrates Saundersfoot’s natural beauty and the community’s dedication to preserving it but also positions Pembrokeshire as a must-visit destination for eco-conscious travellers from around the globe.

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Mark Drakeford’s special visit to Pembrokeshire Scout group

THE FIRST Minister of wales, Mark Drakeford MS, visited 3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts yesterday afternoon, Friday 16th February 2024, following an invitation made during UK Parliament week 2023 by Scout Seb Smith. Mr Drakeford, who attended the Pembrokeshire Scouts Parliament week event virtually, for a Q&A session to promote young people’s involvement in democracy, wanted to have a closer look at Scouting, what it offers to young people and adult leaders alike, and was keen to take up the invitation.

3rd Pembroke Sea

Scouts Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, who meet at Pembroke Dock Youth Centre, and Explorer Scouts from Pembroke Dock Viking Explorers, were thrilled to meet Mr Drakeford in person. The First Minister observed a number of activities and information stations including First Aid training, craft skills, kayaking, coracle building, and map reading, which led to him joining in with a game of human battleships, used to help teach scouts grid references for map reading! Mr Drakeford spent time engaging with all of the children and young people, taking an

interest in all stations, and asking plenty of questions to test the knowledge of Scouts and learn more about their interests and enjoyment of the very many activities and opportunities that Scouting in Pembrokeshire has to offer.

Sharing tea and cake, Mr Drakeford also met with Scout Leaders including the Area Commissioner, Linda Wilson, and Vikki Phillips, Assistant Area Commissioner, who explained the extent of training that all Leaders receive in order to provide all the activities and experiences for children across the County and throughout Wales. Progress through

the Leaders Wood Badge and onto specialist training in specific skills such as archery, rock climbing, kayaking, and power boating, were discussed, and the First Minister commented on the value adult Leaders bring to the young people and community. Linda Wilson commented, “There can be a lot involved in being a Scout Leader, but it is incredibly rewarding, and well worth getting involved in. I’ve volunteered for a number of years and I haven’t looked back. I am proud of what Scouting offers young people.”

Mr Drakeford, a former Scout in his youth, was also invested into 3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts by Group

Leader Ian ‘Skip’ Rogers, along with new Beaver, Indie, and Assistant Beaver Leader Ashleigh Jackson, making his Scout promise in front of the Group and watching parents, and was then given his own necker, tied with the friendship knot. Now part of 3rd, the First Minister was invited to come along any time to volunteer as a Leader.

Mr Drakeford commented, “I have really enjoyed my visit, I am delighted to have been invested into 3rd Pembroke and to be part of this great Group, and it was lovely to see some familiar faces from Parliament Week.”

Organiser of the events, Scout Leader Jackie Thomas, said “We

were so lucky to have the First Minister join us for UK Parliament Week, for Mr Drakeford to reach out to me, asking to visit the Group in person, was just fantastic. The children and young people have got so much out of this visit, something that many of them will never forget. It is a great experience for all of us, one which I hope encourages the children to have an interest in democracy, current affairs, and the wider world into the future, which is the aim of our involvement in UK Parliament Week.”

Other Leaders supporting the visit were Julian Orchard, Donna Maiden, and Iestyn Nevatte from Scouts Cymru.

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Volunteers sought for independent custody visits in Pembrokeshire

THE OFFICE of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys is reaching out to the community in search of volunteers to join the Independent Custody Visitor (ICV) scheme in Pembrokeshire. This initiative is crucial for ensuring the welfare and rights of detainees within police custody.

Independent Custody Visitors are tasked with making unannounced visits to local police stations, at any hour of the day or night, to assess the conditions and treatment of detainees. These volunteers, working in pairs, play a pivotal role in providing an independent check on the wellbeing of those in custody, highlighting any issues directly to police inspectors and the Commissioner.

The ICV scheme, supported and represented by the national organization ICVA (Independent

Custody Visiting Association), has been recognized for its excellence. Recently, the Dyfed-Powys scheme was awarded the prestigious Gold standard at the ICVA Quality Assurance Awards, signifying its commitment to high standards of visitation and volunteer management. This accolade was celebrated at a ceremony in Birmingham, marking the scheme’s significant impact since its establishment in 2001. Over the years, thousands of visits have been made, ensuring the safety and transparency of the detention process.

Sarah Francis from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office emphasised the importance of the ICV scheme in promoting detainee welfare and operational

transparency. She also extended an invitation to potential volunteers in the Haverfordwest area, highlighting the opportunity to contribute to this vital community service.

For those interested in learning more about the role and impact of Independent Custody Visitors, a YouTube video featuring current volunteers is available. It offers insights into the importance of their work and the difference they make in safeguarding detainee rights.

This call to action is not only an opportunity to contribute to the community but also a chance to be part of a nationally recognized scheme that upholds the highest standards of custody visiting and volunteer management. The Police and Crime Commissioner’s Office is keen to welcome new volunteers to their team, encouraging anyone interested to reach out and make a difference

in Pembrokeshire.

For further information or to express interest in joining the scheme, individuals are encouraged to

contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dyfed-Powys. This initiative represents a unique opportunity to

ensure the safety and fairness of the detention process, reflecting the community’s commitment to justice and transparency.

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New restaurant without planning permission incurs council’s wrath

Retrospective plans to convert a workshop and offices in a south Pembrokeshire village to a restaurant, office and therapy room have incurred the ire of the local community council.

An application before Pembrokeshire Coast National Park planners, by Amber Lort-Phillips, of Potting Shed Retreats Ltd, seeks permission for the change of use of The Old Potting Shed, Lawrenny.

The retrospective works were undertaken in October 2021, the application states, adding: “All neighbours approached and involved in discussions to ensure they are happy with plans.”

The application, to be considered by Park planners at a later date, earned the ire of local community council Martletwy when it considered the scheme.

A statement before park planners said: “Councillors unanimously expressed

disappointment at receipt of another retrospective planning application. Especially with regard to this application in light of the works having been completed.

“There was general consensus among councillors at their dissatisfaction with regard the continued blatant disregard for planning process. Councillors were mindful of the consent already given with regard to 39 additional properties in the village of Lawrenny and the traffic assessment required during the application process for this enlargement of the village.

“There were unanimous concerns regarding the need for a traffic assessment for the current application, and any additional impact to the village. It is believed this application will create a great deal more transient traffic which will

make the highway much busier.

“Martletwy Community Council unanimously agreed they cannot support this application until further information has been provided,

especially with regard to the impact of the additional traffic linked to this application.”

Initial concerns to the scheme had been raised by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Highways, recommending refusal

on the grounds of a lack of adequate parking, with fears of potential congestion on the narrow nearby road.

Amended plans led to a change in recommendation, to conditional approval, as

the number of parking spaces was increased to 13, including one disabled parking space and two cycle stands.

The application will be considered by national park planners at a later date.

Urdd celebrates centenary of Welsh Women’s Peace Petition to America

THIS wEEK (Feb 19), wales’ largest youth organisation, Urdd Gobaith Cymru has announced that this year’s Peace and Goodwill Message will celebrate the centenary of welsh women’s remarkable Peace Petition, and continue the call for peace a hundred years later.

Exactly 100 years ago today, on 19 February 1924, an oak chest containing a petition signed by 390,296 Welsh women was presented to the women of America at the Biltmore Hotel, New York by a peace delegation from Wales.

The petition was a campaign for co-operation and world peace and has inspired the Urdd to encourage a group of young women to come together to help write this year’s Peace and Goodwill Message, which will be shared with the world in May.

The Creative Director of this year’s Message is

poet and singer Casi Wyn. Casi will write the words following workshops with young female ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students from Cardiff and Vale College along with some of the Urdd’s staff, apprentices, and volunteers.

Siân Lewis, Chief Executive of the Urdd, said: “The Urdd is keen to pay tribute to the generation of Welsh women who arranged a truly remarkable Waleswide, door-to-door campaign in their effort for peace and equality. Unfortunately, the reality is that a century later, we’re still asking for peace.”

Mererid Hopwood, on behalf of the ‘Hawlio Heddwch’ (transl. Pursuit of Peace) Committee added: “The original peace petition was an act of hope, one that had a firm view of the future, and one that

acknowledged opportunity and responsibility to create a world without war. Academi Heddwch Cymru and its ‘Hawlio Heddwch’ project, which celebrates the centenary of the Appeal and its extraordinary petition, is therefore particularly pleased to see that the 1923-24 Petition has inspired Urdd members in 2024 and motivated them to consider its message and accept its challenge.”

Casi Wyn added: “It was a pleasure to accept the Urdd’s invitation to direct this year’s Peace and Goodwill Message. Being able to bridge the historic petition written back in 1924 with the vision of today’s Welsh women during a series of workshops was inspiring. In due course Efa Blosse Mason, my artistic partner for years, will be bringing the words to life in her own unique way.”

The Urdd will publish the words of this year’s Peace and Goodwill Message on International

Women’s Day (8 March), before releasing the Message in short film form on Friday, 17 May.

The Urdd’s Peace and Goodwill Message is unique to Wales. For over a century every May the young people of Wales have thrown a spotlight on themes that are important to them whilst

sharing a message of peace to the world. Last year’s anti-racism Peace Message was seen in 50 countries, shared in over 50 languages, and supported by celebrities and hundreds of schools across Wales and beyond.

Since last year the oak chest and the 1924

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February 23rd 2024
Welsh Women’s Peace Petition are back in Wales and reside at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth where specialist staff have been involved in the conservation and digitisation of seven miles’ worth of Petition content to enable public access. Tom Sinclair

A squalid day in Parliament

SQUAwK! what a day, me hearties, what a day!

The halls of our grand ol’ parliament were more like the stormy cliffs of Pembrokeshire than the dignified chambers of debate and decision we’re told they be. The air was thick, not with the salty breeze of the sea, but with the squalid squabbles of politics at its most disingenuous. Ah, squawk!

They preached from their high perches, did they, about noble ideals and lofty goals, all the while dabbling their talons in the muddiest puddles of political gamesmanship. Crocodile tears they shed, by the bucketful, for the more than 29,000 souls lost in Gaza, yet the wee babies’ bodies, shielded are we from such decorum-breaking sights. Remember, the loftier the sentiment, the sharper the hidden stiletto. Squawk, indeed!

But hold your feathers a moment, before we dive beak-first into the skulduggery of

Westminster’s procedural mazes. Debating they were, over what seemed like tiny, insignificant verbal pebbles that wouldn’t save a single Gazan life lost yesterday. And not just here, no, but in the Knesset too, with Benjamin Netanyahu squawking about “an overwhelming majority against the attempt to impose on us the establishment of a Palestinian state”. United diplomacy and muscle, that’s what’s needed, me hearties, in the face of such stubbornness. But here? Here, it was naught but a game, a jockeying for position with an eye on the next election. Squawk!

And what of Sir Lindsay Hoyle, eh? A respected figure he was, across the aisles, seen as dull but dutiful, a proper speaker after the fireworks of John Bercow’s Brexit saga. He tried, oh he tried, to keep the proceedings fair, allowing every motion its chance in the spotlight. But the cunning use of the rulebook, the procedural traps, they were all laid

bare yesterday.

The SNP, aimed their motion like a fish straight at the heart of Labour, with Brendan O’Hara’s rousing speech calling for a ceasefire. But, squawk, it was a sharp knife aimed at Labour’s tenderest spot, blaming Israel for “collective punishment” and risking the UK’s standing with its allies. The Tories, sneaky as they are, used ancient

procedures to knock Labour’s motion out of the sky, forcing a choice between supporting the SNP or facing rebellion.

And what a hullaballoo followed! Labour’s motion passed, and Starmer, that sly fox, seems to have navigated the turbulent waters with some skill, not yet captured by the adamant advisors of old. But honor? None was found in this squabble.

And then there’s Hoyle, creeping back to apologize for breaking parliamentary convention, pressured by tales of threats to MPs and their families. A sinister new low, indeed, when the fear of physical intimidation sways the votes of our representatives.

Squawk, me hearties, pause and think on that. In the raucous cries

and flapping wings of parliament, it’s clear the storm hasn’t passed. The cliffs of Pembrokeshire may be rugged and wild, but even they don’t see the squalid squabbles that darken the doors of Westminster. Until next time, keep your wings strong and your beak sharper than the stilettos hidden beneath the cloaks of high sentiment. Squawk off!

32 Friday February 23rd 2024


TAX, the feeble pun HMRC used in the 1990s, doesn’t have to be taxing.

Badger pauses here so his readers can seek medical attention for their splitting sides at the witty play on words.

Some say taxation is little more than legalised theft.

That naughty government! Having it away on its pins to fund old age pensions, the armed forces, and the NHS.

You know, the trivial stuff.

Council Tax is different.

Firstly, the money provided to local authorities comes from Westminster. It already contains money raised by general taxation.

An outdated formula bearing little relation to reality dictates how much money the Welsh Government gets from Westminster.

Westminster sends the money to Wales for the Welsh Government to useand this is important - AS IT WANTS.

Westminster does not dictate how and where the Welsh Government allocates the money it provides to Cardiff Bay. The Welsh Government has autonomy to spend the Westminster money in areas where it has devolved responsibilities.

Those responsibilities include funding the Welsh NHS,

local government, transport, and housing.

An outdated formula bearing little relation to reality dictates how much money local councils get from Cardiff Bay. The difference is that the Welsh Government tells Councils where they must spend much of the money they get.

That leads to the second point about Council Tax.

The money Councils get from Cardiff Bay does not meet all their budget demands.

Support provided to Councils by the Welsh Government accounts for about 62% of their revenue. In 2008, that figure was around 74%.

No matter how you cut it, the funding provided to Councils has fallen over the last fifteen years.

At the same time, demand has risen for the services Councils provide.

When The Pembrokeshire Herald was first printed in 2013, Pembrokeshire County Council spent around 60% of its annual allocation on education and social care. It now spends over 70% of its allocation on those vital services.

And it does so with, in real terms, a lot less money from the Welsh Government. That means there is a lot less money to spend on other services.

The money to plug the gap and maintain services must come from somewhere.

Pembrokeshire’s spending profile is not that much different from those of other Welsh local authorities. It pays the same proportion of its money for most of its services as other councils. The big difference is that Pembrokeshire County Council spends much more on social care than others.

That means it has less money to spend on other services, for example, leisure centres, planning services, libraries, and road maintenance.

There are a few additional complicating factors.

Pembrokeshire gets less than it should because of a budgeting wheeze the old IPG pulled when it was attached to “the lowest Council Tax in Wales” like a barnacle to a hull.

That was an avoidable mistake, and it was a mistake, but Pembrokeshire’s Council Taxpayers were happy enough as they paid much less for shittier services provided on the cheap.

We still feel the consequences of that Faustian bargain.

Other local authorities raised their budgets with extra spending on things like paying professional staff the going rate

and providing more services at a subsidised price. That meant that when austerity bit, they had some leeway to absorb its worst effects.

Pembrokeshire did not. However, for the nine years following 2008’s financial crash, Pembrokeshire remained married to a model of service provision that meant the Council Taxpayers who’d enjoyed “the Lowest Council Tax in Wales” now had to spend more money than before on fewer and shittier services.

And so we come to the third fact about Council Tax in Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire’s Council Taxpayers STILL pay “the Lowest Council Tax in Wales”.

If Pembrokeshire’s Council Tax went up by 25%, they’d STILL pay “the Lowest Council Tax in Wales”.

Several years ago, Badger remembers that Jon Haswell, now the Director of Resources, offered a candid assessment of the size of the Council Tax rise needed to prevent the current situation.

Imagine swallowing a twentyodd per cent rise before Covid, before increased interest rates, and while inflation bobbed along at two per cent.

He was right, of course. But nobody would wear it.

However, the

failure to keep pace with similarly-sized local authorities over a quarter of a century means that even a much higher rise than Jon Haswell said was needed wouldn’t close the gap between what Pembrokeshire needs to provide services without cuts and what it costs the Council to provide them.

Let’s consider another factor. Now, this is tricky. It’s so difficult that many of Pembrokeshire’s county councillors either cannot understand it or refuse to embrace reality.

Councils are allocated money by grants and competing for Welsh and UK Government funds. Those grants can only be spent on what they are allocated for. The funding gained by competing for it must be spent only on the projects submitted in competition with other local authorities.

There is no leeway. In addition, more importantly, perhaps, if that money isn’t spent as allocated, not only will it be clawed back, but the Council will not get money from similar sources in the future.

Think about it: would you give money to a delivery party that didn’t deliver?

The next bit is even trickier. It’s so tricky that even the idiot briefing the Conservative Group in the Senedd doesn’t understand it. Or, if they do, they are

deliberately deceitful about the point.

Councils must keep a reserve fund.

Balancing the annual budget by drawing on general reserves may be a legitimate short-term option. However, deploying reserves to finance recurrent expenditures, such as bolstering service budgets, is not normally prudent.

The Chartered Institute for Public Finance & Accountancy says Councils should be particularly wary about using reserves to deal with shortfalls in current funding.

That is because spending reserves can be done only once; the reserves must be rebuilt, and the risk of using reserves to shave a quid a week off the Council Tax is exceeded by not having enough contingency funding for an emergency.

Reserves for specific projects and spending (called “Earmarked Reserves”) can’t be spent, nor can those be put aside for designated capital projects or those relating to allocated grant funding from the Welsh or UK governments. Anyone offering an opinion on local government finance ignoring those facts is either a fool or a knave.

One of the reasons that English councils are going bust is that - to make up for

34 Friday February 23rd 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels

spending cuts - they bet they could make a return on investments in solar farms, green energy projects, and massive new shopping centres. They tried speculating to accumulate. And failed. That meant their reserves couldn’t meet the forecast demand on their budgets, and the revenue they could raise wouldn’t bridge the gap in their funding.

Local government is a basket case in England. Westminster caps Council Tax rises but not the demand for Councils’ services.

It’s not much better in Wales. But it’s not the utter chaos of the English shires, with its patchwork quilt of unitary and district councils.

Using reserves to bridge funding gaps delays the inevitable.

Events such as the floods and severe weather episodes, the COVID-19 pandemic and the current cost of living crisis emphasise the need for authorities to be prepared for major unforeseen events.

Appropriate reserves enable authorities to manage those demands in such circumstances. Any gap between the reserves available to be deployed and future demand guarantees a much larger future Council Tax increase.

Reserves are built to meet future demands and absorb risk. Spending them reduces a Council’s ability to meet future obligations - even where the spending is essential.

Imagine a flood breaches the sea wall at Newgale or Amroth and washes out the road, so it needs massive repairs.

The Council must contribute towards paying for

emergency relief operations, reinstate the road, and adjust its spending plans to manage the future risk of similar events.

The Council isn’t even responsible for funding sea walls or coastal flood defences; that’s for Natural Resources Wales. The Council could end up wasting millions maintaining a road that NRW have no intention of defending.

Imagine how Cllr Mark “Cnut” Carter would react if the Council couldn’t fix the road through Newgale because of 50p/week less on the average Council Tax bill funded by chipping reserves.

A hearty guffaw and a shrug of the shoulders?

Badger thinks not.

Cllr Carter would

be purple with rage. And quite rightly so. However, dipping into the reserves comes with such dangers.

When Pembrokeshire County Council sets its Council Tax on March 7, some councillors will want a much lower Council Tax rise than the Cabinet endorsed.

Badger has a plan.

He often does. You might, too, readers.

But Badger’s is a belter.

For some people, including county councillors, their hair shirts are far comfier than yours and Badger’s because they’ve got silk vests.

If even deeper cuts than forecast must come because most councillors vote

for a 7.5% or 10% Council Tax increase, Badger thinks it only fair that those councillors and their electors get to wear the hairiest of hair shirts.

If Badger were looking for cuts, he’d start in the wards represented by those councillors whose voters will most appreciate their representatives’ efforts to save them money.

Never mind bin collections every three weeks. The electors’ reward for their councillor’s budgetary prudence will be bin collections every six weeks.

After all, their representative knew what was most important to them.

You could reduce road maintenance in those wards because potholes are better

what they want for all of us. Therefore, they can take their medicine’s full dose.

That won’t happen.

It won’t happen because the people responsible for setting the Council’s budget don’t treat local politics as a game.

And it won’t happen because those councillors who think the public should dine on moonbeams are too cowardly or inept to propose an alternative budget.

All they can do is oppose because they have nothing constructive to say.

than paying to have them resurfaced.

Why not close a school? Cut the number of teaching staff? Why not end free transport provision?

Why stop there?

Cut funding for domiciliary care for older and vulnerable people in those councillors’ wards.

Their voters’ gratitude to Cllr 7.5% would be bottomless.

Just think of all the fun you could have fucking over those councillors who think libraries, leisure centres, parks, and decent school buildings benefit only the hoi-polloi.

Badger can almost see those moon faces turning purple with splenetic rage. But that is

There’s an old saying that 90% of chess is tactics. That’s probably true. If you are not tactically aware, you will lose a lot of chess games. Tactics are almost all that matters until you get to moderate strength as a chess player. Nonetheless, unless you have a sound foundation in strategy and good technical knowledge, relying on tactics will get you nowhere in more demanding games against stronger opponents.

Council members Badger likes have the failings of a weak chess player. They see only two-move tactics and lack longterm vision.

Thinking only a move and a half ahead got Pembrokeshire to the position it is now in. The position is not lost. There is a way out of it. However, it needs cold calculation and a clear strategy. It also needs a good few of them to grow up fast and remember that whatever being a councillor is, it’s not a game.

35 For up to date news please check our social network channels Friday February 23rd 2024 FEATURE

Nestled near Neyland, the Honeyborough Industrial Estate stands as an undiscovered shopping haven, waiting to be explored by those seeking unique finds and exceptional services. Unveiling an eclectic mix of businesses that cater to diverse interests, this industrial estate seamlessly blends coastal charm with a vibrant shopping experience. Whether you are a car enthusiast, an interior design aficionado, or a lover of all things spicy, Honeyborough has surprises in store for every discerning 40-year-old shopper.

At the heart of the estate lies West Coast Wheels, a sanctuary for car enthusiasts and DIY mechanics alike. Offering top-notch car parts, West Coast Wheels is the ultimate destination for those pursuing automotive excellence. Whether embarking on a restoration project or seeking an upgrade, this establishment promises a haven for all things automotive.

Adjacent to West Coast Wheels, Shoreline Interiors beckons with bespoke

craftsmanship that transcends the ordinary. From tailor-made cupboards to innovative camper van conversions, their skilled artisans turn dreams into reality. Shoreline Interiors is not just a store; it’s an experience where functionality meets aesthetic appeal, providing a touch of luxury to your living spaces.

For those with a penchant for handson projects, Sunbelt Rentals offers a comprehensive range of tools and equipment for rent. Whether undertaking a DIY home improvement task or a professional construction project, Sunbelt Rentals has you covered. Their extensive inventory includes everything from power tools to heavy machinery, making it a one-stop-shop for all your rental needs.

Step into the world of warmth and culinary delight with Stove Spares, a haven for those who appreciate the art of wood-burning stoves. Offering an array of high-quality stove parts, this establishment ensures your cozy haven stays in top-notch condition.

36 Friday February 09th 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels

Whether you’re seeking replacements or upgrades for your wood-burning stove, Stove Spares is dedicated to providing the essential components for a seamless and delightful experience.

Venture further into the estate, and you’ll discover the Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm – an indoor oasis bursting with fiery flavors. This unique farm specialises in cultivating and selling a variety of chillies, bringing a dash of spice to your culinary adventures. Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and bold aromas of their indoor farm, where every visit is an exploration of taste.

Cleddau Memorials, nestled within the estate, is more than just a monument shop; it’s a testament to craftsmanship and heartfelt remembrance. Specializing in monumental masonry, Cledau Memorials offers personalized services beyond traditional headstones. Their skilled artisans craft enduring memorials that celebrate life, creating a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

For the car enthusiasts who believe

in the mantra “All Out Car Care,” the estate proudly hosts a haven for car valeting and detailing. All Out Car Care stands as a testament to meticulous attention to detail and a passion for keeping vehicles in pristine condition. After a shopping spree, indulge in a visit here to pamper your car and elevate its aesthetic appeal.

And, as a delightful cherry on top, the estate features a Domino’s Pizza – the perfect spot to unwind and refuel after a day of shopping indulgence.

The Honeyborough Industrial Estate has been thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the surrounding residential areas, taking cues from Neyland’s rural seaside charm. The strategic placement of units ensures minimal impact on visibility, even at the traffic-heavy roundabout. Embark on a shopping odyssey at Honeyborough Industrial Estate, where hidden gems await your discovery amidst the coastal allure of Neyland.

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w H a T’ s on

Aled Jones to perform at the Torch

EQUALLY at home on the classical stage,or starring in musical theatre productions in London west End, his credits include lead roles in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Irving Berlin’s white Christmas. As a singer, Aled is in demand globally and has performed in the world’s most iconic venues, from London’s Royal Albert Hall to the Sydney Opera House.

A favourite with the Royal Family, he even gave a private performance to King Charles III in Kensington Palace. He is an awardwinning television broadcaster and radio presenter who’s interviewed hundreds of A-List stars over the years. He heads up BBC’s Songs of Praise and his own Saturday and Sunday morning shows on Classic FM. Now, after 40 years in the business, he’s looking back on a remarkable career with a one-man show, that will feature never-beforeheard music, tales from the decades and for the first time, his story told in his own words. It’s time to come Full Circle.

Full Circle is the title of both his new book, out in March, and his new tour, which will celebrate his life. Fans can enjoy that unmistakeable voice, as well as amusingly-told stories from the man who’s synonymous with Classic FC, BBC Radio 2, and BBC TV’s Songs Of Praise.

Having recently been to Number One on the Classical charts with his latest album, One Voice, which paired boy-Aled with man-Aled, he’s looking forward to telling his story.

Aled’s achieved that rarest of feats – he’s somehow managed to sustain a level of success across four decades. There are plenty who enjoy fame as kids, or as stars on talent shows, but they’re frequently here-today

and gone-tomorrow. Aled has broken that mould. Having enjoyed a remarkable four years as a kid, during which he became the most interviewed guest on TV’s Wogan talk show, forming a close bond with the ace BBC presenter, he forged a new career.

He became a star in the West End, in Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Joseph, while teaming up with Lorraine, as co-host on ITV’s Daybreak.

“I’ve always felt lucky, having the career I have, but as I get older, I feel that I am so honoured to be living this life. I love what I do for a living. I have been so fortunate to be a part of people’s lives for so many years. In fact, I feel almost teary when I think about it,” said Aled.

The fun part came when he was hanging out with Royalty and singing in the Royal Albert Hall, year after year, as a boy.

“It felt like being the heavyweight boxing champion of the world and until you get knocked out it’s great. I knew that my boyhood was to be short lived but for those four years I crammed in as much as I could. Maximum singing and maximum fun! The fun bit was down to my mum

and dad, really. When I was back at school, it was interesting, to say the least!” added Aled.

His relationship with the Royal Family has endured over many years. He shared the same hairdresser as Princess Diana and was invited to sing for Charles and Di while still a boy, as Aled explains:

“The highlight was the private performance for Prince Charles and Princess Diana in their home in Kensington Palace. The Palace rang my dad at work and my dad put the phone down thinking it was someone from his work playing a practical joke. Then an equerry rang back and said the call was for real!

“Prince Charles apparently loved my voice and wanted to hear me sing before my voice broke. How would Thursday evening be? My dad said: ‘Yes, that will be fine.’ So off I went from North Wales, with my mum, and my pianist, and I arrived at Kensington Palace. We knew the butler well, because he was a friend of my great uncle, and I remember sitting in their private front room in Kensington Palace. I sat on one sofa and my

“The wedding was utterly beautiful. I remember standing with Bob before he went into the church. He wanted everything to be just perfect. I sang my songs, and I remember looking into the congregation and seeing a sea of famous faces all smiling enjoying the music. After the service I was sitting by the organ with Jess and I remember Simon Le Bon, who was best man, coming up to me, and saying to me: ‘I loved your singing, but more than anything, I love your socks.’

accompanist from North Wales, Annette Bryn Parri, who’d never been to London, much less Kensington Palace, sat on the other, with my mother also in the room.

“We waited in silence, until the Prince entered first. ‘Mrs Jones, or can I call you Nest?’ He said: ‘What would you like to drink?’ And I could see my mum thinking: ‘Does he mean water, or coffee, or tea?’ It was as though time had stood still. And then he placed a hand on her knee and said: ‘You’ll join me in a gin and tonic, won’t you?’ And she breathed out a sigh of relief and said yes. And Diana came bounding in after that. She’d got wet hair because she’d been swimming. I knew her quite well anyway, by that point, so we had a hug. I sang for an hour, whatever songs they wanted.”

And then there was the performance at the celebrity wedding of the year when Bob Geldof married Paula Yates and rock royalty descended. Aled was photographed next to David Bowie, before following the members of Spandau Ballet around for the day in case they wanted him to join.

“Let me tell you about my socks. At my school, at the time, there was a fad for wearing luminous socks, one orange and one green, and I wore those for the wedding. What was I thinking! Simon led me upstairs to the house where about 20 of the guests had gathered for the official photo. I was told to go and stand behind a big chair. And so was born one of the most iconic wedding photos ever. I had no idea at the time that the man sitting in front of me, whose shoulder I had my hand on was the one and only David Bowie! I couldn’t take it all in!

“Bob Geldof suggested we all went out to play baseball, or rounders. It was Paula’s team versus Bob’s team. I was on team Bob if I remember correctly. There were pop A-listers playing rounders in their tuxedos. Light started to fade and I heard Bob shout: ‘Al, take off one of your socks, will you?’ And we put one of my luminous socks on the ball so that we could still see it as it started to get dark. It was all surreal. Then there was massive fireworks display and a free bar, with the party going on into the early hours. As you can imagine the live band at the party was out of this world. Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Lulu etc all sharing the mic. I didn’t sing then! It was all quite incredible. My dad was an engineer at the time and my mum was a primary school teacher and there

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we were, the three of us were, rubbing shoulders with A-List celebrities. My parents had the time of their lives because it was so incredible. It was the most extravagant and spectacular thing I’d ever witnessed. Bob and Paula were so kind to me that day and at subsequent meetings too. I was honoured to sing on their big day.”

He sang for Leonard Bernstein, a man he likens to Mozart, and became great friends with Judy Dench. He played alongside Julie Andrews, and won an Ivor Novello, an Emmy, and an MBE –not that he can remember

where any of those are. And then he became one of the nation’s best and most loved interviewers and presenters – so much so that Michael Parkinson told him there was nobody else better, well, apart from himself.

One of the best moments was working with Julie Andrews:

“There’s a video of Julie Andrews and me I singing Edelweiss and at the end, we put our heads together and she gives me a kiss. That was probably the most overwhelming thing I’ve ever done. For me, she’s one of the greatest, if not the greatest, film

stars of my generation. Growing up, I Ioved those films, like Mary Poppins or The Sound of Music. A brilliant actress with a sublime voice.

To get the invitation to interview Julie Andrews on her tour was just a dream come true. It was a pinch-me moment.

“Julie was so lovely to me. She wrote me a hand-written letter at the end of the tour. I have it framed in my office. Working with her is one of the highlights of my career. It wasn’t just that we performed together onstage. It was also the time we spent backstage, where we were as thick

as thieves. She had a wonderful team around her of genuine people who’d been around her for years and years and for them to allow me to get into that inner sanctum was very special.

“I was completely transported. I was singing Edelweiss with Dame Julie Andrews. It doesn’t get any better than that. It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

And now he’s come Full Circle. He’s hitting the road and sharing his stories during evenings of song and stories and will visit the Torch Theatre on Wednesday 27 March at 7.30pm.

A spellbinding performance of Verdi’s Macbeth

TRAGEDY, ambition, and supernatural intrigue as Verdi’s Macbeth takes centre stage at the Ffwrnes, Llanelli on the 19th March in Mid wales Opera MainStages Tour.

In a thrilling celebration of Shakespearean drama, Mid Wales Opera proudly presents Verdi’s Macbeth, transporting audiences into the captivating world of tragedy, ambition, and supernatural intrigue. This powerful operatic rendition brings the timeless tale of the Scottish Play to life in a spellbinding production presented in English and performed in four enthralling acts.

Mid Wales Opera are pleased to their production of Verdi’s Macbeth to the Ffwrnes theatre, Llanelli this March; the perfect blend of live performance and music for those who love Shakespeare, as well as for those who love opera.

One of Shakespeare’s greatest plays is also one of Verdi’s greatest operas. Experience a gripping tale of power, manipulation and tragic descent as Macbeth, a valiant general, succumbs to his wife’s persuasion, leading to a ruthless quest for the Scottish throne. Verdi’s magnificent score, with its sweeping melodies and intricate harmonies, propels the psychologically thrilling narrative, whilst Act 4

introduces a modern twist with the haunting chorus of refugees. Sung in English, accompanied by Ensemble Cymru and with a large cast, supplemented by community choruses, Mid Wales Opera presents its first-ever production of Verdi’s Macbeth as the culmination of its Shakespeare Season.

The opera features a huge cast of 17 professional singers, led by Canadian baritone Jean-Kristof Bouton as Macbeth, Welsh soprano Mari Wyn Williams as the demonic Lady Macbeth, Welsh tenor Robyn Lyn Evans as Macduff and Welsh bass baritone Emyr Wyn Jones as Banquo. As always, MWO are joined in

the pit by the fabulous Ensemble Cymru, performing conductor Jonathan Lyness’s newly created orchestration of the opera. The opera will be performed in the celebrated English singing translation by Jeremy Sams.

Music Director and Conductor Jonathan Lyness expresses his enthusiasm for bringing Verdi’s Macbeth to the MainStages Tour: Of Verdi’s three Shakespearean operas, Macbeth is the one that I believe will seriously resonate with all of our audiences today, with its extraordinarily powerful and stirring music and for the remarkably contemporary themes that pervade this timeless

drama surrounding a military general’s existential greed for power.W

Join Mid Wales Opera on this unforgettable journey into the heart of Shakespearean tragedy as Verdi’s Macbeth takes centre stage. The MainStages Tour will head to Llanelli on the 19th March 2024.Tickets are available from: or from the box office: 0345 226 3510

This production is made possible with generous support from Arts Council of Wales, The National Lottery, The Gwendoline and Margaret Davies charity, and the Fidelio Charitable Trust

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Michael Sheen’s ‘The Way’ is a Welsh triumph

WHILE filming clashes between steelworkers and riot police in his hometown of Port Talbot, Michael Sheen could not have anticipated that 2,000 jobs at its steelworks would be at risk by the time his creation, The way, premiered.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Sheen remains optimistic about the three-part BBC drama, originally conceived in 2016, emphasising that it is a fictional story and not specifically about the Tata steelworks.

Reflecting on the town’s deep connection to the steelworks, which he describes as the “spiritual centre of the town” and “part of our DNA,” Sheen expressed his sadness at the news of job losses, acknowledging the devastating impact on the community. The Way, directed and starred in by Sheen, is set against the backdrop of growing

concern over the future of the steelworks, leading to protests and later evolving into riots.

The cast includes talented Welsh actors, such as Steffan Rhodri, Mali Harries, Sophie Melville, Callum Scott Howells, and Mark Lewis Jones, bringing the story to life with their performances. The premiere at Port Talbot’s Reel Cinema was a significant event, showcasing the town’s resilience and creativity.

Sheen, who hails from Port Talbot, has a personal connection to the town and its people. His decision to make The Way a political story is rooted in the town’s history, acknowledging the insecurities and anxieties surrounding employment that have persisted throughout his lifetime. He believes that the portrayal of discontent and frustration in the drama reflects the reality of people feeling unheard

and undervalued.

Having turned himself into a “not-for-profit” actor in 2021, using his earnings to fund projects, Sheen is known for being vocal on various issues, including children in care and Welsh independence. His commitment to making a positive impact extends to The Way, where he explores the importance of people having their voices heard.

Returning to Port Talbot for his TV directorial debut, Sheen described the experience as “very personal,” feeling connected to the town and its ongoing challenges. Currently residing near Port Talbot with his partner Anna Lundberg and their two children, Sheen finds endless inspiration in the town, considering it the source of all his imaginative explorations.

As ‘The Way’ premiered on the BBC, Sheen dedicated the

screening to Godfrey Evans, a drama teacher who played a crucial role in shaping generations of actors through the West Glamorgan Youth Theatre, and to Port Talbot’s steelworkers. Expressing his hopes for those fearing job losses, Sheen emphasised the importance of support, communication, and connection during times of anxiety about the future.

Michael Sheen’s perspective on The Way is one of understanding, empathy, and a deep appreciation for the town of Port Talbot and its resilient community. Despite the challenges depicted in the drama, the negative reviews from the English media, he remains positive, hoping for support and connection for those facing uncertainties in their lives.

’The Way’ is available now on BBC Iplayer.

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Friday February 23rd 2024

Bish brings the bass to the Tunnel

PREPARE for an epic night of pure Drum and Bass as Bish, the maestro of beats, claims the spotlight at The Tunnel in Haverfordwest, 1st March!

With over a decade of rocking the scene, Bish, a Born On Road resident, has solidified his position as the ultimate force in Bristol’s music scene, and now he’s ready to blow your mind.

From sharing the stage with the legendary Andy C at a sold-out Wembley to snagging Radio 1’s ‘rinse out track of the week’ for the smash hit ‘Techno On My Mind’ alongside Mandidextrous, Bish is on fire. Let’s not forget his jet-setting 6-week tour of New Zealand with BOR, proving he’s a name you need to know.

Starting as the favorite resident at nights like Bristek & Rumble in the Jungle, Bish honed in on that unmistakable Bristol sound. His DJ

skills are off the charts, spanning various BPMs and genres, delivering cutting-edge, bassfocused music. Bish effortlessly crafts sets that take you on a wild journey, evolving from DJ to producer and creating a style that’s uniquely his own.

Armed with killer dubplates, Bish’s name echoes from club to club, rave to rave, all over the country. He’s left his mark on major European shows like Glastonbury, Boomtown, and Outlook, plus countless international gigs.

With a growing arsenal of killer releases and headline shows, Bish is the undisputed champion of forward-thinking DJproducers in the UK. And the party doesn’t stop there – a handpicked lineup of local talent will keep the vibe alive and the dancefloor sizzling.

Tickets are as rare as gold dust, limited to 120 for this unmissable event. Secure your spot in advance, because we can’t guarantee there’ll be tickets at the door. Get ready to experience Bish’s electrifying beats at The Tunnel – it’s going to be legendary!

Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes IV

EXPERIEnCE the captivating encore of Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes at the Torch Theatre on March 1, 2024. Priced at just £21.50, this fourth and final installment promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Building on the resounding success of the 2016, 2018, and 2021 shows, Owen Money returns with a talent-packed

live performance. Immerse yourself in the music featured on his popular BBC Wales weekend radio shows, complemented by Owen’s signature style of comedy and ‘Welsh Whit.’

Joining Owen on stage is his exceptional band, led by the talented M.D. Ian Kimber. Together, they will deliver breathtaking tributes to music legends that have graced the

industry. Stay tuned as the exciting lineup is set to be revealed soon.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the final chapter of this massively popular theatre series, which has consistently played to sold-out audiences across Welsh theatres.

Owen Money’s Jukebox Heroes IV promises a night of entertainment that will leave a lasting imprint on your musical memories.

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wHaT’s on
Friday February 16th 2024


CRUISInG Pacific Drive takes me back to a British army recruitment ad from 20 years ago. Picture this: soldiers in a Land Rover, tearing down a dark road, enemies on the horizon. It’s like a scene from Ironwood’s survival game, but swap the Land Rover for a rusty station wagon and the military drama for a run from paranormal weirdness.

But here’s the twist, these paranormal gigs are a positive change, yeah? Forget extraterrestrial stuff, we’re talking anomalies from hush-hush research in the US wilderness –green radioactive clouds, glowing pink fungus, wonky UFOs, turbo-charged scrap metal tumbleweeds, and a bunch more.

Mate, it’s dark more often than not, and your headlights, if they’re not already smashed, are dimmer than a candelabra. So, when you’re racing against a radiation storm, there’s a chance you’ll get stuck on debris or roll down a muddy slope after taking a gamble on a cross-country sprint. But you do it anyway, as if a sergeant’s next to you yelling, “Get off the road!” because it’s one hell of a ride. The car’s fragility is the real star – sliding, bouncing, chassis screaming,

lights panicking – especially in the mission finale, where you gun for a teleporter beam while a deadly energy chases you.

Now, unlike those army ads with their epic endings, Pacific Drive’s sprint finishes are a bit anticlimactic. In the quiet moments on the road or back at your workshop, you’re stuck fixing the mess caused by driving a barely roadworthy wagon.

Despite nailing the solo driving and survival vibe, Pacific Drive can be a bit fussy, long-winded, and maybe a tad mean-spirited. It could use some shortcuts, both on the road and in the garage, to keep the excitement without getting bogged down.

Take repair putty, for instance. After each wilderness jaunt, your car’s a wreck, and the go-to fix is this craftable putty. Problem is, one of its ingredients is chemicals, which are rarer than a four-leaf clover. Your workshop has a stash of other materials, but chemicals? Nah. So, you end up building new doors instead of fixing the busted ones. And when you do get the putty, it’s slower than a snail’s race.

I’m all for games simulating manual labor, but spending 20 minutes prepping for a trip, especially when the controls are

waTCH THe TraIler Here!


Pisces Feb. 19-March 20

On the 24th, there will be a full moon in your relationship house, and it is meant to bring not only big emotions but also big consequences. As you become more clear about what’s important to you, it’s crucial that you also take ownership of how you do what you do and your motivations for doing it. Whether or not the people you’re dealing with are cleaning their side of the road, it’s important that you take responsibility for you, Pisces.

Aries March 21-April 19

If you look deep within yourself, you’ll find the answers that you need, even if they aren’t the ones that you want. This week may find you wrestling with some difficult truths. You may be struggling with dueling impulses to preserve the peace and assert some much-needed boundaries. You don’t need to forgo diplomacy as you prioritize your inner peace, Aries. Be kind and patient with others as you take care of yourself.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Just because you’re right, doesn’t mean you have the right-of-way. This week, you may find yourself in a situation where you are technically correct, but by forcing your will, you end up in power struggles that do you very little good. There may be more than one “right” way of doing things. Consider your impulse to prove yourself or get validation from others before you unintentionally stir the pot, Taurus.

Gemini May 21-June 21

The full moon in Virgo on the 24th is likely to kick up some pretty intense anxieties for you. While it’s really useful to think critically about your life and the world, to consider what may go wrong, and to be practical in organizing your efforts to prevent those things from happening, when you allow anxiety and fear to motivate you, you may still end up feeling scared, worried, and stuck. Whenever you get overwhelmed this week, affirm your agency, Twin Star.

Cancer June 22-July 22

Don’t let your anxieties stop you from investing in the things that are truly important to you. It’s all too easy to compare yourself to other people, but it’s a huge waste of your very precious energy. Spend some time reflecting on what’s most important to you, and consider how you can make adjustments to better reflect your priorities. Just because your path is winding, doesn’t mean you won’t get where you want to be, Moonchild.

finicky, drains my enthusiasm. It’s worse if you don’t make it back safely; you lose almost everything, and it’s back to square one. Garage time could be a sweet cooldown, but it feels more like prepping for a holiday – checking everything, filling up petrol, and making sure the neighbor feeds the cat (not the last one, obviously).

Upgrades that could make life easier need heaps of resources and might break, limiting your post-trip tinkering to slightly stronger panels and tougher tires. Spending an hour on the road, with no save and quit option, is a bit much. Few maps can be crossed quickly, and if you want a good haul, you’re stopping to forage, taking detours for safety. As the game progresses, driving four maps for a key objective lacks variety, and having to redo a whole trip after missing a teleporter is downright frustrating.

In a nutshell, Pacific Drive’s got loads of atmosphere, a gripping premise, and nails the feel of driving an old clunker. But it’s trapped in a tedious setup, with gathering, crafting, and story progression riddled with annoying bumps and detours. Cheers to the ride, but watch out for the potholes, mate!

Leo July 23-Aug. 22

Consider your priorities, and make sure that your life reflects them, Leo. In order to make room in your life for the things that you want, you may need to let go of some of the habits, dynamics, projects, or even relationships that are taking up space inside of you or in your day-to-day life—but that aren’t actually helping to advance what’s important to you. You may need to make some difficult decisions this week—just make sure they reflect your conscience and not your impulses.

Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22

There will be a full moon in your sign on the 24th, and it will inevitably bring up some big emotions about what is and isn’t working in your life, Virgo. You may feel pretty overwhelmed, and that’s okay. Just make sure that you are doing your best to identify what’s out of balance, and let go of what isn’t serving you. Chief among those may be guilt, perfectionistic thinking, and fixation on things that are out of your control. Learn from the past, don’t obsess on it.

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22

This isn’t a great time to start new things, even though it is a wonderful week for exploring ideas and considering possibilities. Do your best to cultivate patience as the full moon on the 24th is likely to reveal to you what’s truly important. You may need to make some meaningful adjustments in order for your actions to better reflect your values, and if that’s the case, it will be wise to take your time and come up with a plan, Libra.

Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21

It may feel really challenging to act in collaborative ways this week, but that’s the assignment. Instead of trying to force your will on situations, consider not only what you want but also how it will impact the people around you. You may need to figure out how to finesse your approach (so that it is more collaborative) without watering down what’s most important to you, Scorpio.

Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21

The full moon on the 24th is an invitation for you to explore uncertainty, indecision, and even the unknowable, Sagittarius. You are not the most patient in the zodiac, and yet this is a moment that calls for you to sit in the discomfort of what you don’t know while buoyed by the things that you do know. Explore possibilities without rushing into action or converting exploration into fixed plans this week.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This week is a good time for you to take some risks, as long as they point you in the direction of living in greater accord with your values. The challenging part is to make sure that you are approaching whatever it is that you do with patience and grace. Otherwise, you run the risk of feeling really overwhelmed and stressed, which will lead to insecurity. It’s not just what you do; it’s also how you do it, Capricorn.

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18

This week may find you finally coming into understanding of something important or admitting a truth to yourself that you have been struggling to accept. This is all really powerful stuff! You run the risk, however, of trying to act too quickly based on these insights. Allow yourself to sit with any realizations that occur, or you may find yourself inadvertently starting something that you’re not ready to finish, Aquarius.

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wITH eddIe THe game guru

Monty Don

Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens BBC2, 8pm

Despite recently saying that he will be quitting Gardeners’ World in the next few years, Monty Don has no plans to hang up his TV trowel just yet. On the contrary, he is now launching another new show in which he explores some of Spain’s pristine designs considered among some of the prettiest outdoor spaces in Europe.

bid farewell to Tuscany with an emotional farewell party. Last in the series.

9.00 Would I Lie to You?

9.30 Not Going Out. (R)

10.00 BBC News at Ten.

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 The Graham Norton Show.

11.30 Scrum V Classics. (R)

1.00 Live NBA. Philadelphia 76ers v Cleveland Cavaliers (Tip-off 12.30am). 3.10 BBC News. 3.15 Weather for the Week Ahead. 3.20 BBC News.

6.15 Homes Under the Hammer.

(R) 7.15 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 8.00

Sign Zone: Inside the Factory. (R)

9.00 BBC News. 12.15 Politics UK.


Impossible. (R) 1.45 The

Tournament. (R) 2.30 The Farmers’

Country Showdown. (R) 3.00

Saved and Remade. (R) 3.30

Murder, Mystery and My Family.

(R) 4.15 Gordon Buchanan:

Elephant Family & Me. (R) 5.15

Flog It! (R)

6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games. Mark Chapman, Will Kirk, Amanda Lamb and Rachel Parris take part.

6.30 Rick Stein’s Food Stories. Rick spends a second day in London, visiting a Ukrainian restaurant staffed by refugees.

7.00 The One Show.

7.30 Weatherman Walking. (R)

8.00 Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. New series. The presenter visits gardens in the Central region of Spain.

9.00 Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling.

9.30 Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing. (R)

10.00 QI. (R)

10.30 Newsnight.

11.00 Film: Benediction. (2021) Biopic of war poet Siegfried Sassoon, starring Peter Capaldi.

1.10 Sign Zone: Hamas’ Secret Financial Empire – Panorama. (R)

1.40 Gladiators. (R) 2.40 Our Flag Means Death. (R) 3.05 This Is BBC Two.

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00

Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning.

12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV

Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55

ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point.

5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

7.00 Emmerdale. Rhona is painfully aware how she’s letting her family down. Jimmy and Nicola realise there’s nothing more they can do. Tracy is defeated.

7.30 Live Women’s International Football. England v Austria (Kick-off 7.45pm). Laura Woods presents all the action from the friendly at Estadio Nuevo Mirador in Algeciras in Spain.

10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather.

10.35 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

10.45 Film: The 40 Year-Old Virgin. (2005) A man who has never had sex is set up on a series of dates, only to fall for a woman who does not want a physical relationship. Comedy, starring Steve Carell and Catherine Keener.

12.45 Shop on TV. 3.00 Wheel of Fortune. (R) 3.50 Unwind. Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection. 5.05 Jason Atherton’s Dubai Dishes. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Codi Hwyl America. (R) 12.30 Heno. (R) 1.00

Ar Werth. (R) 1.30 Y Fets. (R) 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Dylan ar

Daith: Thomas Picton. (R) 4.00

Awr Fawr. (R) 5.00 Stwnsh. (R) 6.00 Ralïo+. (R) 6.30 Parti Bwyd Beca. (R) Newyddion S4C. 7.00 Clwb Rygbi Rhyngwladol. Ireland Under-20s v Wales Under-20s (Kick-off 7.15pm).

9.20 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 9.55 Am Dro! (R) 10.55 Jonathan. (R) 12.00 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. (R) 6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House

Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00 Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News. 8.00 National Trust: My Historic Home. 9.00 Gogglebox.

10.00 The Last Leg. 11.05 Micky Flanagan: Back in the Game. (R) 12.40 Film: Charlie’s Angels. (2000) 2.20 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. (R) 3.05 Come Dine with Me. (R) 5.15-6.10 The Pennines: Backbone of Britain. (R)


Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine. 11.15 Storm Huntley. 12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends. 1.40 5 News at Lunchtime. 1.45 Home and Away. (R) 2.15 Film: A Deadly Influence. (2024)

4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5.

6.00 Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. The presenter visits the Peak District. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.

7.00 Coastal Devon & Cornwall with Michael Portillo. This final part of Michael’s adventure begins on Hope’s Nose. (R)

7.55 5 News Update.

8.00 Cruising with Susan Calman. The comedian enjoys a helicopter ride over the Big Apple, then takes a tour of her new home onboard ship before setting sail for Newport, Rhode Island. (R)

9.00 Sue Perkins: Lost in Alaska. The presenter flies over the mesmerising Kennicott Glacier, and parts of Alaska unreachable by road. Last in the series.


When TV Goes Horribly Wrong. Moira Stuart narrates a compilation of TV news disasters. (R)

12.05 Police Interceptors. (R) 1.00 PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00 Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1994. (R) 4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05 Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30 Entertainment News.

5.35 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

BBC Four 7.00 Top of the Pops 9.00 Prince and the Revolution: Live 10.20

Prince: A Purple Reign 11.20 Film: Purple Rain (1984)


5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00

Superstore 9.00 Film: Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) Comedy, starring Jason Bateman. 11.15 Family Guy


3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat 8.00 Doc Martin 10.00 Trial & Retribution 11.30 Wycliffe


12.45 Live Snooker: Players Championship. The concluding quarter-final. 4.30 Nijinsky’s Triple Crown 4.40 Minder 5.45 BattleBots 6.45 Live Snooker: Players Championship. The opening semifinal. 10.15 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite


4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 Modern Family 8.00 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 9.00 Film: Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) Sci-fi adventure, starring Jeff Goldblum. 11.25 Naked Attraction Film4

2.50 Dad’s Army (1971) 4.40 Daleks’ Invasion Earth: 2150 AD (1966) 6.25 Hidden Figures (2016) Fact-based drama, starring Taraji P Henson. 9.00 Wild Rose (2018) Drama, starring Jessie Buckley. 11.05 Beast (2017)



Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel BBC1, 8.10pm

The comedian hosts the game show, as contestants take on a colossal spinning wheel and answer questions in the hope of securing a cash prize. Celebrities experts offering advice are Liza Tarbuck on art, Rachel Riley on maths, Trevor Nelson on disco, GKBarry on celebrities, Gabby Logan on the Six Nations and Chris McCausland on Back to the Future.

6.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Saturday Kitchen Live. 11.30 The Great Food Guys. (R) 12.00 Football Focus. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.15 Six Nations Sin Bin. (R) 1.45 Money for Nothing. 2.45 Escape to the Country. 3.45 BBC News. 3.55 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 4.00 Live Six Nations Rugby Union. Scotland v England (Kick-off 4.45pm).

7.10 Gladiators. Bradley and Barney Walsh host a revival of the competition show. Nitro finally meets his match on the Wall, Diamond sparkles in Duel, and Viper’s left hissing in The Gauntlet.

8.10 Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel. The comedian hosts the Saturday-night game show, joined by Liza Tarbuck, Iain Stirling, Rachel Riley, Trevor Nelson, GKBarry, Gabby Logan and Chris McCausland.

9.10 Casualty. Stevie is haunted by troubled memories of her past in 1990s Belfast, and becomes convinced a patient’s boyfriend may have caused injuries she claims are the result of a fall.

10.00 BBC News; Weather.

10.20 Match of the Day. Highlights of the latest Premier League matches.

11.40 Film: The Gift. (2015) Thriller, starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Bateman.

1.25 Weather for the Week Ahead.

1.30 BBC News.

6.20 Hey Duggee. (R) 6.25 Go Jetters. (R) 6.40 Grizzy and the Lemmings. (R) 6.45 Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! (R) 7.00

Danger Mouse. (R) 7.10 Shaun the Sheep. (R) 7.20 Boy Girl Dog Cat Mouse Cheese. (R) 7.30 Pokemon: Sun and Moon – Ultra Legends. (R)

7.50 The Football Academy. (R)

8.20 Blue Peter. (R) 8.50

Newsround. 9.00 Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. (R) 10.00 12 Puppies and Us. (R) 11.00 Sort Your Life Out with Stacey Solomon. (R) 12.00 The Hairy Bikers Go West. (R) 1.00 Nadiya’s British Food Adventure. (R) 1.30 Film: The Red Shoes. (1948) 3.40

Bringing Up The Baby: Natural World. (R) 4.30 Final Score. 5.15 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. Megan McKenna and James Argent search for bargains in Cambridge. (R)

7.00 Weatherman Walking. Derek Brockway visits Laugharne on the Carmarthenshire coast. (R)

7.30 Rugby League World Club Challenge. Wigan Warriors v Penrith Panthers (Kick-off 8.00pm). Coverage of the match between the reigning Super League and NRL champions, which takes place at DW Stadium.

10.15 Film: The Commitments. (1991) Comedy, starring Robert Arkins.

12.05 Classic Soul at the BBC. (R)

1.05 Film: In This World. (2002)

2.35 This Is BBC Two.

6.00 Love Your Garden. (R) 7.30 Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. (R) 9.25 ITV News.

9.30 James Martin’s Saturday Morning. 11.40 Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen. 12.40 James Martin’s French Adventure. (R) 1.10 ITV News; Weather. 1.25 Six Nations Live. Ireland v Wales (Kickoff 2.15pm). 4.30 The Chase Celebrity Special. (R) 5.30 ITV News; Weather. 5.45 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

6.00 Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. With AJ Odudu, Gok Wan and Charlotte Church.

7.00 Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. New series. The duo return with the entertainment show, with Stephen Merchant acting as Guest Announcer and Simon Cowell becoming the victim in an edition of Undercover.

8.35 The 1% Club. Quiz, hosted by Lee Mack.

9.35 The Jonathan Ross Show. With Noel Fielding, Ray Winstone, Katherine Ryan, Eddie Kadi and the Vaccines.

10.35 ITV News; Weather.

10.50 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Jeremy Clarkson hosts the bigmoney quiz. (R)

11.50 Heathrow: Britain’s Busiest Airport. Airside officer Ian has a close shave out on the runway. (R)

12.20 Shop on TV. 3.00 Ukraine’s War: The Other Side. (R) 4.40 Unwind. 5.35 Karen Carney’s Leaders of the Pack. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 8.00 Stwnsh Sadwrn: Stwnsh Sadwrn Byw. 8.05 Seligo. (R) 8.30 Oi! Osgar. (R) 9.10 Larfa. (R) 9.25 Prys A’r Pryfed. (R) 9.35 Prosiect Z. (R)

10.00 Taith Bywyd. (R) 11.00 Cymry ar Gynfas. (R) 11.30 Bois y Pizza: Chwe’ Gwlad. (R) 12.00 Y Fets. (R) 12.30 Am Dro! (R) 1.30 Clwb Rygbi Rhyngwladol. Ireland v Wales (Kick-off 2.15pm). 4.45 Ralïo+. (R) 5.15 Hen Dy Newydd. (R)

6.15 Mynyddoedd y Byd. (R)

7.15 Newyddion a Chwaraeon.

7.30 Prosiect Pum Mil. (R)

8.30 Cyngerdd Heddwch Berlin. A performance of Karl Jenkins’ A Mass for Peace. (R) 9.40 Stryd i’r Sgrym. (R) 10.25 Deuawdau Rhys Meirion. (R)

11.30 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.10 The King of Queens. (R) 7.20 Cheers. (R) 8.40

Everybody Loves Raymond. (R)

9.40 The Simpsons. (R) 12.10 The Secret Life of the Zoo. (R) 1.15

Film: The Spiderwick Chronicles. (2008) 3.05 Four in a Bed. (R) 5.40 Location, Location, Location. (R)

6.40 Channel 4 News. 7.10 New Zealand by Train. 8.10 Lost Temples of Cambodia. 9.10 Film: Monster Hunter. (2020) 11.15

Film: Commando. (1985) 12.55

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. (R) 1.45 Couples Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.40 Grand Designs New Zealand. (R) 3.30 Undercover Boss USA. (R) 4.20-6.20 Hollyoaks Omnibus. (R)

6.00 Milkshake! 9.50 SpongeBob SquarePants. 10.15 Entertainment News. 10.25 Friends. (R) 11.50 Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly. (R) 2.50 Happy Campers: The Caravan Park. (R) 4.50 When Camping Goes Horribly Wrong. (R) 6.15 5 News Weekend.

6.20 Secrets of Buckingham Palace with Alexander Armstrong. A look at the final days of Queen Victoria’s reign. (R)

7.15 Kensington Palace: A Royal Residence. A look at the palace in central London that has been a private home to the royal family for more than 300 years, a place where Queen Victoria spent her childhood. (R)

9.10 One Foot in the Grave: Funniest Moments & More. A celebration of David Renwick’s classic sitcom, featuring interviews with Richard Wilson, Angus Deayton and Doreen Mantle.


10.35 Bradley Walsh: All My Best Bits. The TV star gives a personal and honest account of his own life. (R)

12.00 TV’s Biggest Gameshows: 50 Years of Fun. (R) 1.00 PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00 Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1995. (R) 4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05 Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30 Entertainment News.

5.40 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.50 Mixmups. (R)

BBC Four 7.00 Raiders of the Lost Past with Janina Ramirez 8.00 South Pacific 9.00 Prisoner 11.00 Film: Quo Vadis, Aida? (2021)


3.25 Film: Space Jam (1996) 5.15

Film: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) 7.00 Film: Dolittle (2020) 9.00 Film: We’re the Millers (2013) 11.10 Family Guy


2.35 Foyle’s War 4.50 Midsomer Murders 6.45 Live Snooker: Players Championship. Jill Douglas presents coverage of the second semi-final. 10.15 Endeavour 11.55 Wycliffe


1.00 ITV Racing: Live from Kempton. Coverage from Kempton, Southwell, and Newcastle. 4.05 The Best of the 70s 4.20 Film: MacArthur (1977) 6.55 Film: Uncle Buck (1989) 9.00 English Football League Highlights 10.30 Film: Assault on Precinct 13 (2005)


3.40 Film: Peter Rabbit (2018)

5.30 The Big Bang Theory 6.30

Film: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) 9.00 Celebrity Gogglebox 10.00 Gogglebox


2.45 Megamind (2010) 4.40 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) 6.55 Home Alone (1990) 9.00 Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015) 11.40 The Masque of the Red Death (1964)

For up to date news please check our social network channels 44 Friday February 16th 2024 We’ll buy any type of property in any condition including: Houses, flats, bungalows, apartment blocks, short leases, inherited, portfolios, HMO’s, land and property in need of modernisation or redevelopment ✔ Vacant, rented or occupied on any type of agreement: Sitting tenants, assured, regulated, HMO and AST’s ✔ Confidential house buying service with no “for sale” sign ✔ No selling fees and we pay your legal costs too ✔ A guaranteed sale within your chosen timetable A certain, hassle-free property buying service We’ll buy your property quickly www openpropertygroup com CALL FREE ON email: info@openpropertygroup com 0800 157 7476 INSTANT, FREECASHOFFER FRIDAY’S TV 23.2.24 BBC1 BBC2 ITV1 WALES S4C CHANNEL 5 DIGITAL CHOICE 6.00 Breakfast. 9.30 Morning Live. 10.45 Animal Park. (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather. 1.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 1.45 Father Brown. 2.30 Clean It, Fix It. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 3.45 The Repair Shop. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R) 6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather. 6.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 7.00 Six Nations Sin Bin. Singer Wynne Evans and Scottish international Stuart Hogg guest on the show. 7.30 Celebrity Mastermind. Paul Burrell, Natalie Ann Jamieson, Amber Butchart and Dean McCullough compete. 8.00 Here We Go. Rachel attempts to throw Robin and Cherry the best “hag do” on Earth. 8.30 Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job. The duo
Listings supplied by PA Media
Michael McIntyre

Ralf Little

Death in Paradise BBC1, 9pm

While investigating an island-wide blackout, Neville and the team discovers an electrocuted dead body. Their investigation leads them into a hidden world of data mining, crypto currency and stealing electricity. The only problem is that all three suspects were together at the time of the victim's electrocution. So if it was murder, how on earth did they do it?

Paradise. The discovery of an electrocuted dead body leads to a hidden world of data mining.

10.00 BBC News; Weather.

10.25 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.30 Match of the Day 2. A review of the day’s Premier League action.

11.05 Scrum V Six Nations Special. Lauren Jenkins presents analysis and reaction to the third round of the Six Nations. (R) 12.05 Film: The Last Right. (2019) 1.45 BBC News.

MONDAY’S TV 26.2.24

6.40 Countryfile. (R) 7.35

Breakfast. 9.00 Wild About Your Garden. (R) 9.45 Saturday Kitchen Best Bites. 11.15 Young MasterChef. (R) 12.15 Nadiya’s British Food Adventure. (R) 12.45

Butterflies: A Very British

Obsession – Natural World. (R)

1.30 Omar Sharif: Talking Pictures. (R) 2.00 Film: Doctor Zhivago. (1965) 5.05 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Scrum V Six Nations Special. Lauren Jenkins presents analysis and reaction to the third round of the Six Nations.


Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job. The duo bid farewell to Tuscany with an emotional farewell party. Last in the series. (R)

7.30 Weatherman Walking. Mike Peters from the Alarm is Derek Brockway’s guide in the hills above Prestatyn. (R)

8.00 Inside the Factory.

Gregg Wallace visits a Farrow & Ball factory in Dorset. Last in the series.

9.00 Film: The Rescue. (2021) Premiere. The 2018 rescue of boys from the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Thailand.

10.45 Film: Chappaquiddick. (2017) Thriller, starring Jason Clarke.

12.25 Sign Zone: Question Time. (R) 1.25 Waterloo Road. (R) 2.25 Great British Menu. (R) 3.25 This Is BBC Two.

6.00 James Martin’s Great British Adventure. (R) 6.30 James Martin’s Spanish Adventure. (R)

7.30 James Martin’s Saturday Morning. (R) 9.25 ITV News. 9.30

Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh. 11.30 Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens.

12.30 ITV News; Weather. 12.45 Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. (R) 2.15 Six Nations Live. France v Italy (Kick-off 3.00pm). 5.30 Tipping Point: Best Ever Finals. (R)

6.00 ITV News; Weather.

6.15 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

6.30 Dancing on Ice. The remaining six celebrities perform routines to their guilty pleasure songs.

8.00 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Jeremy Clarkson hosts the bigmoney quiz.

9.00 Trigger Point. One of the terrorists is spotted by an off-duty policeman.

10.00 ITV News; Weather.

10.20 The Dry. Karen apologises for putting too much pressure on Shiv.

10.50 EFL Carabao Cup Highlights. Chelsea v Liverpool.

11.45 English Football League Highlights. Action from the latest matches. (R)

1.05 Shop on TV. 3.00 Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens. (R)

3.50 Unwind. 5.05 Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 8.50 Penblwyddi Cyw. 9.00 Mynyddoedd y Byd. (R) 10.00 Y Fets. (R) 10.30 Y ’Sgubor Flodau. (R) 11.30 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol. (R) 12.00 Dan Do. (R) 12.30

Tir Cymru. (R) 1.30 Ffilmiau Ddoe. (R) 2.05 Ty am Ddim. (R) 3.05 Ar Werth. (R) 3.35 Cefn Gwlad. (R) 4.10 Clwb Rygbi Rhyngwladol. 5.55 Pobol y Cwm

Omnibws. (R)

7.00 Newyddion a Chwaraeon.

7.15 Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol.

8.00 Am Dro!

9.00 Gogglebocs Cymru. (R) 10.00 Cân i Gymru: Dathlu’r 50. (R) 11.00 Y Ditectif. (R)

11.35 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.20 Cheers. (R)

7.40 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 8.30 The Simpsons. (R) 9.30 Sunday Brunch. 12.30

The Simpsons. (R) 2.30 The Dog House. (R) 3.35 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.35 Dream Life for the Same Price. 5.40 Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It: Brilliant Builds. (R) 6.10

Channel 4 News. 6.40 Ancient Egypt by Train with Alice Roberts. (R) 7.45 The Great Pottery Throw Down. 9.00 Concorde: The Race for Supersonic. (R) 10.00 Gogglebox. (R) 12.00 Walter Presents: Pandora. 1.00 Remarkable Places to Eat. (R) 1.55 24 Hours in A&E. (R) 2.50 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. (R) 3.35-6.10 Come Dine with Me. (R)


Milkshake!: 9.50 SpongeBob SquarePants. 10.15 Entertainment News. 10.30 Friends. (R) 12.00

Inside the Tower of London. (R)

3.00 The Fall of Anne Boleyn. (R)

4.55 Internet Scams: Don’t Get Caught Out. (R) 5.55 5 News Weekend.

6.05 When Award Shows Go Horribly Wrong. Julian Clary narrates a compilation of disasters from award ceremonies, including moments from the Oscars, the Brits, the Golden Globes and the Grammys.

8.00 Bargain-Loving Brits in the Sun. Mark Ellis prepares to debut a drag show in the guise of his alter ego Ruby Rox at a new venue, while Nicky Chapman organises a gig for the local motorcycle group.

9.00 Into the Congo with Ben Fogle. Ben witnesses a riteof-passage ceremony for boys on the cusp of adulthood.

10.00 Police: Suspect No 1. (R)

11.05 Film: Kong: Skull Island. (2017) A secret mission to a mysterious island descends into chaos when the wildlife proves far from welcoming. Action adventure, starring Tom Hiddleston.

1.20 PlayOJO Live Casino Show.

3.20 Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1996. (R) 4.45 House Doctor. (R) 5.10 Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.35 Entertainment News. 5.40 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.50 Mixmups. (R)

BBC Four


Woolly Mammoth: Secrets from the Ice 8.00 Inside Classical 9.10 BBC Proms: Homage to Nina Simone 11.00

Nina Simone: Live at Montreux 1976


3.55 Film: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013) 5.50 Film: Matilda (1996) 7.45 Film: Hairspray (2007) 10.00


Attwood: Getting Filthy Rich 11.00

Family Guy


3.50 Foyle’s War 5.55 Rosemary & Thyme 8.00 The Larkins 9.00

Joanna Lumley’s Home Sweet Home – Travels in My Own Land

10.00 Trial & Retribution 11.30 Where the Heart Is


4.00 Football League Legends 4.10

The Car Years 4.40 Monster Carp

6.45 Live Snooker: Players Championship. Rishi Persad presents coverage of the evening session of the final. 10.00 River Monsters 11.00 Minder


7.00 Lego Masters New Zealand

8.00 Film: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

10.25 The Inbetweeners 11.35

Derry Girls


2.40 Shrek Forever After (2010)

4.35 Roman Holiday (1953) 6.55

The Greatest Showman (2017) 9.00

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) Action thriller sequel, starring Tom Cruise. 11.55

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)


The Way BBC1, 9pm

With the town under martial law, Dee and Geoff try to find Owen who, denied medication, is hallucinating in an isolation camp. Thea discovers that a new security unit at the police station is trawling footage of the protest, and she notices that Owen is being singled out. Husband Dan is increasingly concerned about getting his family out. Starring Michael Sheen and Steffan Rhodri.


6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather.

6.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

7.00 SOS: Extreme Rescues. A man needs to make a tough decision.

7.30 EastEnders. Kat worries Phil isn’t being honest.

8.00 Wynne’s Welsh 80s. Wynne Evans looks back at quirky and memorable stories from 1983, including the Welsh artist who combined her job operating railway signals with creating beautiful designs on silk.

8.30 Royal Mail: Where’s My Post? – Panorama. Current affairs report.

9.00 The Way. Owen is denied medication, and starts hallucinating.

10.00 BBC News at Ten.

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 Waterloo Road. Kim and Nicky find Schuey in a precarious situation.

11.40 Domino Day. Overwhelmed by her powers, Domino turns to the coven for help. (R)

12.25 The Graham Norton Show. (R) 1.15 Celebrity Mastermind. (R) 1.45 BBC News.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. (R) 7.15 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: The Hairy Bikers Go West. (R) 9.00 BBC News. 12.15 Politics Live. 1.00 Impossible. (R) 1.45 The Tournament. (R) 2.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown. (R) 3.00 Saved and Remade. (R) 3.30 Murder, Mystery and My Family. (R)

4.15 Equator from the Air. (R)

5.15 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games. With former winners Nihal Arthanayake, Jay McGuiness, Lucy Porter and Jan Ravens.

6.30 Rick Stein’s Food Stories. The chef visits Kent.

7.00 The One Show. Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas present topical stories and celebrity chat. (R)

7.30 Mastermind. The second semi-final of the quiz.

8.00 Only Connect Specials: Champion of Champions 2011. (R)

8.30 University Challenge.

9.00 The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth. Nasa faces criticism for its flawed safety culture and management failures. Last in the series.

10.00 Our Flag Means Death.

10.30 Newsnight.

11.10 Weather.

11.15 Film: Apostasy. (2017) Drama, starring Siobhan Finneran.

12.45 Sign Zone: Countryfile. (R)

1.40 Great British Menu. (R) 2.40 The Way. (R) 3.40 This Is BBC Two.

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00 Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55

ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point.

5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

7.30 Emmerdale. Jimmy and Nicola worry for their daughter.

8.00 Coronation Street. Tim orders Tracy to come clean to Steve, Emily tries to convince Dee-Dee Joel is a good man and Adam quizzes John about his whereabouts on the night of Natasha’s murder.

9.00 Fire and Ice. Documentary following two female firefighters as they embark on an expedition to the South Pole with a mission to challenge gender stereotypes.

10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather.

10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

10.45 Peston. Political magazine show, hosted by Robert Peston.

11.40 English Football League Highlights. Action from the latest matches. (R)

12.55 Shop on TV. 3.00 Martin

Clunes: Islands of the Pacific. (R)

3.50 Unwind. 5.05 Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours. (R)

6.00 Cyw. 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Wil ac Aeron: Taith Rwmania. 12.30 Ralïo+. 1.00 Caeau Cymru. 1.30 Dan Do. 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Stryd i’r Sgrym. 3.50 Bwyd Epic Chris. (R)

4.00 Awr Fawr. 5.00 Stwnsh. (R)

6.00 Arfordir Cymru: Sir Benfro. (R)

6.30 Rownd a Rownd. (R)

7.00 Heno.

7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

8.00 Y Byd ar Bedwar.

8.25 Y Fets.

8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

9.00 Cefn Gwlad.

9.30 Sgorio. 10.00 Gwesty Aduniad. (R) 11.00 Ar Werth. (R) 11.35 Diwedd. Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. 6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News

Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00 Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News. 8.00 George Clarke’s Remarkable Renovations. 9.00 The Jury: Murder Trial. 10.00

Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping.

11.05 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. (R) 12.05 Married at First Sight Australia. (R)

6.00 Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine. 11.15 Storm Huntley.

12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends.

1.40 5 News at Lunchtime.

1.45 Home and Away. (R)

2.15 Film: Danger in the House. (2023) 4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00

5 News at 5.

6.00 Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. The presenter explores the New Forest. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.

7.00 Police Interceptors. The firearms squad approach a man suspected of having a loaded crossbow in his flat. (R)

7.55 5 News Update.

8.00 Traffic Cops. A manhunt begins for a van driver who allegedly drove into pedestrians.

9.00 Inside the Force: 24/7. New series. Behind the scenes at Middlesbrough’s police station.


Casualty 24/7: Every Second Counts. Cold winter weather causes a spike in admissions at Barnsley Hospital. (R)

11.05 999: Critical Condition. A patient is rushed in after suffering a cardiac arrest. (R)

12.05 Traffic Cops. (R) 1.00

PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00

Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1997. (R)

4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05

Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30

Entertainment News. 5.35 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Catchphrase Celebrity Special 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00 Superstore 9.00

Family Guy 10.00 G’wed

11.05 Family Guy 11.35

American Dad!


3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat

8.00 Vera 10.00 Trial & Retribution

11.30 Endeavour


3.55 Minder 4.55 The Professionals

6.00 BattleBots 7.00 Live FA Cup

Football. Coventry City v Maidstone United (Kick-off 7.45pm). 10.00

Film: The Rock (1996)


4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big

Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

Married at First Sight Australia 9.30

Married at First Sight UK: Reunion Special 11.05 Life After Love Island:



3.20 Zulu (1964) 6.10 Independence Day (1996) Sci-fi adventure, starring Will Smith. 9.00 London Has Fallen (2016) Action thriller, starring Gerard Butler. 10.55 Minority Report (2002) Sci-fi thriller, starring Tom Cruise.

45 For up to date news please check our social network channels Friday February 16th 2024 wHaT’s on We’ll buy any type of property in any condition including: Houses, flats, bungalows, apartment blocks short leases inherited portfolios HMO’s land and property in need of modernisation or redevelopment ✔ Vacant, rented or occupied on any type of agreement: Sitting tenants, assured, regulated, HMO and AST’s ✔ Confidential house buying service with no “for sale” sign ✔ No selling fees and we pay your legal costs too ✔ A guaranteed sale within your chosen timetable A certain, hassle-free property buying service We’ll buy your property quickly www openpropertygroup com CALL FREE ON email: info@openpropertygroup com 0800 157 7476 INSTANT, FREECASHOFFER SUNDAY’S TV 25.2.24 BBC1 BBC2 ITV1 WALES S4C CHANNEL 5 DIGITAL CHOICE 6.00 Breakfast. 7.35 Match of the Day. (R) 9.00 Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg. 10.00 Politics Wales. 10.30 Sunday Morning Live. 11.30 Love, Faith and Me. (R) 12.15 Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News. 1.10 Weather for the Week Ahead. 1.15 Songs of Praise. 1.50 Lifeline. 2.00 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.00 Film: Missing Link. (2019) 4.30 Wynne’s Welsh 80s. (R) 5.00 SOS: Extreme Rescues. (R) 5.30 BBC News. 5.50 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 6.00 Countryfile. Archive stories from across UK castles. 7.00 Antiques Roadshow. Fiona Bruce presents the show from the grounds of Brodie Castle in Scotland. (R) 8.00 Call the Midwife. Joyce receives an unexpected visitor from her past. 9.00 Death in
9.30 Morning Live.
Animal Park. (R) 11.15 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC
at One; Weather. 1.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 1.45
2.15 Clean It, Fix It. 3.00
to the Country. 3.45 The Repair Shop. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless.
BBC Four
Shuttles ITV2
Earth II 8.00 Art of
9.00 Thatcher: A Very British Revolution 10.00 Film: The Challenger (2013) Fact-based drama, starring William Hurt. 11.30 The Horizon Guide to Space
PA Media
supplied by
Steffan Rhodri

TUESDAY’S TV 27.2.24



6.00 Breakfast. 9.30 Morning Live.

10.45 Animal Park. (R) 11.15

Homes Under the Hammer. 12.15

Bargain Hunt. (R) 1.00 BBC News at One; Weather. 1.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15

Clean It, Fix It. 3.00 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.45 The Repair Shop. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R)

5.15 Pointless. (R)

6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather.

6.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

7.00 The One Show. Alex Jones presents another mix of nationwide reports and live studio-based chat.

6.35 Rick Stein’s Food Stories. (R)

7.05 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 7.50 Sign Zone: Winterwatch. (R) 8.50

Lifeline. (R) 9.00 BBC News. 12.15

Politics Live. 1.00 Impossible. (R)

1.45 First Minister’s Questions.

2.45 The Tournament. (R) 3.30

Murder, Mystery and My Family. (R) 4.15 Equator from the Air. (R)

5.15 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games. With Nihal Arthanayake, Jay McGuiness, Lucy Porter and Jan Ravens.

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00

Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning.

12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point.

5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

6.00 Cyw. (R) 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Sain Ffagan. (R) 12.30 Heno. (R) 1.00 Cymoedd Roy Noble. (R) 1.30 Cefn Gwlad. (R) 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Am Dro! (R) 4.00 Awr Fawr. (R) 5.00 Stwnsh. (R) 6.00 Bois y Pizza: Chwe’ Gwlad.

6.30 Sgorio. (R) Newyddion S4C.

7.00 Heno.


Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine.

11.15 Storm Huntley. 12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends. 1.40 5 News at Lunchtime. 1.45 Home and Away. (R) 2.15 Film: Cut, Colour, Murder. (2022) 4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5.

6.00 Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. The comedian heads to the south Cornish Coast in her campervan. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.


BBC Four 7.00 Frozen Planet 8.00 To the Manor Born 8.30 Yes, Prime Minister 9.00 The Boleyns: A Scandalous Family 10.00 Saving Venice 11.30 The $50million Art Swindle


5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00

Superstore 9.00 Family Guy 10.00

New Model Agency

Channel 4, 10pm

Following the young, diverse and dynamic cast of models represented by Zebedee Talent - the leading inclusive model agency for disabled, visibly different, non-binary and trans models. One of the agency's most sought-after models, Shem, receives a call from Fred Perry, and successful model Jasroop is booked for a dream job shooting magazine covers in Venice.

Shem Boarders

BBC1, 10.40pm

Five talented black teenagers receive scholarships to a prestigious boarding school, only to discover they're only there to improve the school's image after a problematic scandal. Jaheim is soon warring with troublemaker Rupert, while Leah runs into conflict with the headmaster. Omar will do whatever it takes to prove a secret society is real.

7.30 Match of the Day Live: The FA Cup. Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United (Kick-off 7.45pm). Coverage of the fifth-round match at Ewood Park, where the Championship hosts are looking to upset the Magpies.

10.00 BBC News at Ten.

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 Kin. Viking is put in an impossible position, the police move closer to the Kinsellas, while Amanda loses trust in part of the family and the consequences begin to boil over.

11.30 Kin. Bren openly seeks out Anna against Michael’s wishes, Amanda looks global for business opportunities, and Viking’s allegiances are tested when the police interrogate Nikita.

12.20 Ambulance. (R) 1.20 BBC News.

6.30 Rick Stein’s Food Stories. Rick cooks profiteroles, osso buco, and explores Glasgow’s food scene.

7.00 The Hairy Bakers. Simon King and Dave Myers delve into the world of celebration cakes. (R)

7.15 Match of the Day Wales Live. Republic of Ireland Women v Wales Women (Kick-off 7.30pm).

9.30 Planet Earth: A Tale of Three Bears. (R)

9.45 David Mitchell’s Outsiders. It’s the Outsiders’ last day living together in the wild. Last in the series. (R)

10.30 Newsnight.

11.10 Weather.

11.15 Film: Loving. (2016) Factbased drama, starring Ruth Negga.

1.10 Sign Zone: Garden Rescue. (R) 1.55 Animal Park. (R) 2.40 Great British Menu. (R) 3.40 This Is BBC Two.

6.30 Escape to the Country. (R)

7.15 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 8.00 Sign

Zone: Amanda & Alan’s Italian Job. (R) 8.30 Robson Green’s Weekend Escapes. (R) 9.00 BBC News.

11.15 Politics Live. 1.00

Impossible. (R) 1.45 The Tournament. (R) 2.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown. (R) 3.00

Saved and Remade. (R) 3.30

Murder, Mystery and My Family. (R) 4.15 Equator from the Air. (R)

5.15 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games. With Nihal Arthanayake, Jay McGuiness, Lucy Porter and Jan Ravens.

6.30 Rick Stein’s Food Stories.

7.00 Great British Menu. Chefs from north-west England cook canapes, starters and fish dishes.

8.00 Great British Menu. Chefs from north-west England serve up main and desserts.

7.00 Emmerdale. Charity issues a heartbreaking ultimatum. Tom gives Belle the silent treatment. Suzy and Vanessa have a flirtatious encounter.

7.30 Live FA Cup Football. Luton Town v Manchester City (Kick-off 8.00pm). Laura Woods is joined by Roy Keane and Ian Wright to present coverage of the fifth-round match at Kenilworth Road.

10.20 ITV News; Weather.

10.50 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

11.05 Sharp End. Discussion on the latest developments in Welsh politics, covering issues arising from the Welsh Parliament, Westminster and Europe. Presented by Rob Osborne.

12.05 On Assignment. 12.35 Shop on TV. 3.00 Gymnastics: A Culture of Abuse? (R) 3.50 Unwind. Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection. 5.05 James Martin’s Spanish Adventure. (R)

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00 Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning.

12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point.

5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

7.00 Emmerdale. April continues to struggle. Rhona reveals she intends to plead not guilty at her trial. Tom makes Belle feel as if she is the one to blame.

7.30 Live FA Cup Football. Liverpool v Southampton (Kick-off 8.00pm). Mark Pougatch is joined by Ian Wright and Roy Keane to present coverage of the fifthround match at Anfield.

10.30 ITV News; Weather.

11.00 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

8.00 Pobol y Cwm.

8.25 Rownd a Rownd.

8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

9.00 Stryd i’r Sgrym. 9.45 Ffilmiau Ddoe. (R)

10.15 Pêl-Droed Rhyngwladol.

11.15 Astrid: Murder in Paris.

12.20 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. (R)

6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody

Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House

Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00

Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4

News. 8.00 999: On the Front Line.

9.00 The Jury: Murder Trial. 10.00 New Model Agency. 11.05 First Dates. (R) 12.05 Married at First Sight Australia. (R) 1.35 Film:

Pacific Rim: Uprising. (2018) 3.25

Undercover Boss USA. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 11.00 Dysgu Gyda Cyw. (R) 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Bois y Pizza: Chwe’ Gwlad. (R) 12.30 Heno. (R) 1.00 Gwlad Beirdd. (R) 1.30 Parti Bwyd Beca. (R) 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Y ’Sgubor Flodau. (R) 4.00 Awr Fawr. (R) 5.00 Stwnsh. (R) 6.00 Cefn Gwlad. (R) 6.30 Rownd a Rownd. (R) 7.00 Heno.

7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

8.00 Pobol y Cwm.

8.25 Dan Do.

8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd.

9.00 Gogglebocs Cymru.

10.00 Bois y Pizza: Chwe’ Gwlad. 10.30 Y Byd ar Bedwar. (R) 11.00 Dim Byd i’w Wisgo. (R) 11.35 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. (R)

The Pet Psychic: What’s Your Dog Thinking? Beth meets a sad camel, a potential future telling dog and a cat in pain.

7.55 5 News Update.

8.00 Dogs Behaving (Very)

Badly. Graeme tries to help end the war of two Chihuahuas in Scotland.


Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild. Ben visits Scott and his young family at their offgrid cabin in Chile.

10.00 The Man Who Took Shannon Matthews. The case of Michael Donovan, who abducted Shannon Matthews in 2008. (R) 11.30

Murdered for Revenge. Detectives investigate when a couple escape from a burning car. (R)

12.30 Criminals: Caught on Camera. (R) 1.00 PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00 Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1998. (R) 4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05 Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30 Entertainment News.

5.35 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

6.00 Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine. 11.15 Storm Huntley. 12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends.

1.40 5 News at Lunchtime. 1.45

Home and Away. (R) 2.15 Film: Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation. (2023) 4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00

5 News at 5.

6.00 Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. The comedian takes her vintage camper van to the Wye Valley. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.

7.00 Shop Smart, Save Money. New series. Gaby Roslin joins the show seeking out the best shopping deals.

7.55 5 News Update.

8.00 Identity Theft: Don’t Get Caught Out. Alexis Conran speaks to people effected by new AI scams.

G’wed 10.35 Family Guy 11.30

American Dad!


3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat 8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.00 Trial & Retribution 11.30 Wycliffe


3.05 Minder 4.15 Live Women’s International Football. England v Italy (Kick-off 5.00pm). 7.20

Dramatic Finishes 7.30 River Monsters 8.00 World Superbike Highlights 9.00 Film: The World’s End (2013) Sci-fi comedy, starring Simon Pegg. 11.15 All Elite

Wrestling: Rampage


4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

Married at First Sight Australia 9.15

Teen First Dates 10.20 Celebrity Gogglebox 11.40 Gogglebox


3.10 El Dorado (1966) 5.55

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Shia LaBeouf. 9.00 The Departed (2006) Gangster thriller, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon.

BBC Four 7.00 Frozen Planet 8.00 Cold War, Hot Jets 9.00 Rise of the Nazis: Dictators at War 10.00 Claire Bloom

Remembers Anna Karenina 10.15

Anna Karenina


5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00 Superstore 9.00 Family Guy 10.00 G’wed 10.35 Family Guy 11.35 American Dad!


3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat

8.00 Midsomer Murders 10.00 Trial & Retribution 11.50 Endeavour


4.00 Minder 5.05 The Professionals

6.10 River Monsters 6.45 Live FA Cup Football. Chelsea v Leeds United (Kick-off 7.30pm). 9.50

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 BBC Wales Live. Weekly show featuring hard-hitting stories and in-depth interviews.

11.10 Boarders. Five talented black teenagers receive scholarships to a top boarding school, only to discover they're only there to improve the school's image. Comedy drama, starring Derek Riddell. (R)

12.00 Boarders. (R) 12.45 Michael

McIntyre’s The Wheel. (R) 1.45 BBC News.

9.00 Bring the Drama. The aspiring actors visit Birmingham to compete on the set of Peaky Blinders.

10.00 Inside No 9. (R)

10.30 Newsnight.

11.10 Weather.

11.15 Unspun World with John Simpson.

11.45 The Space Shuttle That Fell to Earth. (R)

12.45 Sign Zone: Make It at Market. (R) 1.30 Antiques

Roadshow. (R) 2.30 Miners’ Strike: A Frontline Story. (R) 4.00 This Is BBC Two.

11.15 The British Airways Killer. Documentary examining the disappearance of Joanna Simpson in 2010, telling the story of an investigation that changed British legal history and led to a tragic discovery.

12.10 Shop on TV. 3.00 Murdered at Home – Tonight. (R) 3.25 Big Zuu’s 12 Dishes in 12 Hours. (R)

4.00 Unwind. Daily escape designed to calm the mind and encourage relaxation and reflection.

5.05 Extreme E Highlights. Action from race one of the Desert X Prix. (R)

6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00 Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News. 8.00 Kirstie and Phil’s Love It or List It. (R) 9.00 The Jury: Murder Trial. 10.00 Alice & Jack. 11.05 999: On the Front Line. (R) 12.05 Married at First Sight Australia. (R)

9.00 Air Fryers: The Easy Way to Lose Weight. How the kitchen gadgets can be used to make low-calorie meals.


Ambulance: Code Red. A hay bale lands on a farmer’s head in a remote location. (R)

11.05 999: Emergency Call Out. Paramedic Ayshe and special sergeant Hannah respond to two calls. (R)

12.05 Motorway Cops: Catching Britain’s Speeders. (R) 1.00

PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00

Britain’s Favourite Songs: 1999. (R)

4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05

Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30

Entertainment News. 5.35 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

Film: Cobra (1986) Action thriller, with Sylvester Stallone. 11.40 All Elite Wrestling: Collision E4

4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

Married at First Sight Australia 9.10 Jimmy Carr’s I Literally Just Told You 10.10 Celebrity Gogglebox 11.15 Gogglebox


2.50 Henry VIII and His Six Wives (1972) 5.10 Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) 6.55 My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Romantic comedy, with Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney. 9.00 The Father (2020) Drama, starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. 11.00 Legends of the Fall (1994)

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Aruna Jalloh

Darren McGarvey

Darren McGarvey: The State We’re In BBC2, 9pm

Social commentator, Orwell Prize-winning author and rapper Darren McGarvey describes himself as a ”cultural terrorist”, and over the past few years he has written and spoken powerfully about social deprivation. In this new three-part series, he takes a look at the state of Britain today, beginning by exploring our justice system.


Olly Alexander

Eurovision 2024: Graham Meets Olly BBC1, 10.40pm

Olly Alexander is preparing to fulfil one of his biggest life ambitions – to represent the United Kingdom in the much-loved Eurovision Song Contest. Ahead of the Grand Final in May, Olly joins fellow Eurovision lover and commentator Graham Norton to talk candidly about competing in Sweden.

Pointless. (R)

6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather.

6.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

7.00 The One Show. Live magazine show, hosted by Alex Jones and Roman Kemp.

7.30 EastEnders. Kat realises Nish is aware of her plan.

8.00 Dragons’ Den. Entrepreneurs pitch their money-making ideas selfmade millionaires Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies and Steven Bartlett.

9.00 The Apprentice. Lord Sugar tasks the candidates to launch a new Formula E Team.

10.00 BBC News at Ten.

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 Question Time. Fiona Bruce hosts the political debate.

11.40 Newscast. A weekly roundup from Westminster.

12.10 RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus the World. (R) 1.20 BBC News.

6.15 Homes Under the Hammer. (R) 7.15 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 8.00

Sign Zone: Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. (R) 9.00 BBC News.

12.15 Politics Live. 1.00

Impossible. (R) 1.45 The Tournament. (R) 2.30 The Farmers’ Country Showdown. (R) 3.00 Saved and Remade. (R) 3.30

Murder, Mystery and My Family. (R) 4.15 Equator from the Air. (R)

5.15 Flog It! (R)

6.00 Richard Osman’s House of Games. With former winners Nihal Arthanayake, Jay McGuiness, Lucy Porter and Jan Ravens.

6.30 Rick Stein’s Food Stories. Rick is given a tour of Leicester’s best Indian food.

7.00 Great British Menu. The top two chefs from north-west England cook their sixcourse menu again.

8.00 Monty Don’s Spanish Gardens. Monty Don visits four contrasting gardens across southern Spain.

9.00 Darren McGarvey: The State We’re In. New series. The author and rapper takes a look at Britain’s public services.

10.00 The Apprentice: You’re Fired.

10.30 Newsnight.

11.10 Weather.

11.15 Slammed: The Eighties. (R)

12.15 Bring the Drama. (R) 1.15

Sign Zone: Dragons’ Den. (R) 2.15 Wilderness with Simon Reeve. (R)

3.15 This Is BBC Two.

6.30 Bargain Hunt. (R) 7.15 Clean It, Fix It. (R) 8.00 Sign Zone: Inside the Factory. (R)

9.00 Armchair Britain. (R) 9.30

Brown. 2.30 Clean It, Fix It. 3.15 Escape to the Country. 3.45 The Repair Shop. (R) 4.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 5.15 Pointless. (R)

6.00 BBC News at Six; Weather.

6.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

7.00 Amy Dowden’s Dare to Dance. New series. The Strictly star coaches north Wales firefighter Richard.

7.30 EastEnders. Jade has some difficult news to tell Dean.

8.00 EastEnders. Things turn sour between Stacey and Suki.

8.30 Here We Go. Rachel’s competitive sister comes to stay.

9.00 Siân Phillips at 90. The actress reflects on her remarkable life and career.

10.00 BBC News at Ten.

10.30 BBC Wales Today; Weather.

10.40 Eurovision 2024: Graham Meets Olly. Graham Norton catches up with performer Olly Alexander.

10.55 The Big Eurovision Party. A musical celebration, direct from the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.

12.30 Live NBA. Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks (Tip-off 12.30am). 3.15 Weather for the Week Ahead. 3.20 BBC News.

Live Athletics: World Indoor Championships. Coverage of the morning session on day one from Emirates Arena in Glasgow. 2.15 Impossible. (R)

3.00 The Farmers’ Country Showdown. (R) 3.30 Murder, Mystery and My Family. (R)

4.15 St David’s Day Celebration with Bryn Terfel. (R) 5.15

Flog It! (R) 5.45 Rick Stein’s Food Stories.

6.15 Richard Osman’s House of Games. With former winners Nihal Arthanayake, Jay McGuiness, Lucy Porter and Jan Ravens.

6.45 Weatherman Walking. (R)

7.00 The One Show. Live magazine show, hosted by Alex Jones and Roman Kemp.

7.30 Scrum V Live. Edinburgh v Ospreys (Kick-off 7.35pm).

9.30 Would I Lie to You?

10.00 Martin Compston’s Norwegian Fling.

10.30 Newsnight.

11.00 Weather.

11.05 St David’s Day at the BBC. (R)

12.05 Coast. (R) 12.45 Darren McGarvey: The State We’re In. (R)

1.45 Sign Zone: Royal Mail: Where’s My Post? – Panorama. (R)

2.15 Gladiators. (R) 3.15 Our Flag Means Death. (R) 3.45 This Is BBC Two.

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00

Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55

ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point. 5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

7.00 Emmerdale. Rhona has a decision to make. Chas reveals the cause of her cancer to her family. Belle feels regretful.

8.00 Coronation Street. Daisy feels there’s still a spark between her and Daniel, Nick and Leanne discover that Harvey is planning an appeal and Tracy breaks the news of her fling to Ken and Amy.

9.00 Stories from the Strike. Andrea Byrne presents a programme featuring personal experience of people involved in the 198485 miners’ strike.

10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather.

10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

10.45 The British Airways Killer. Robert Brown confesses and leads police to where Joanna Simpson was buried.

11.45 All Elite Wrestling: Rampage. Hard-hitting wrestling action. (R)

12.40 Shop on TV. 3.00 Monster Carp. (R) 3.50 Unwind. 5.05 Extreme E Highlights. (R)

6.00 Good Morning Britain. 9.00 Lorraine. 10.00 This Morning.

12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV Lunchtime News; Weather. 1.55 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. (R)

3.00 Lingo. (R) 4.00 Tipping Point.

5.00 The Chase.

6.00 ITV News Wales at Six; Weather.

6.30 ITV Evening News; Weather.

7.00 Vanished Wales. Featuring a millionaire’s mansion that changed lives.

7.30 Emmerdale. Belle is left confused by Tom’s attitude.

8.00 Coronation Street. Daisy is angry with Daniel for failing to warn her about the article. Nick tells Dee-Dee about Harvey’s appeal. Steve is intrigued to learn that Tommy has accepted a job in Spain.

9.00 Beat the Chasers – Celebrity Special. With Carol Vorderman, Joel Dommett, Adrian Chiles, Samia Longchambon and Simon Weston. (R)

10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather.

10.30 ITV News Cymru Wales; Weather.

10.45 Film: Rocky. (1976) Oscarwinning boxing drama, starring Sylvester Stallone.

12.45 Shop on TV. 3.00 Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. (R) 3.50 Unwind.

5.05 1987 FA Cup Final: Coventry v Tottenham – ITV Football Classics. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Sgwrs Dan y Lloer. (R) 12.30 Heno. (R) 1.00 Arfordir Cymru: Sir Benfro. (R) 1.30 Y Byd ar Bedwar. (R) 2.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Tir Cymru. (R) 4.00 Awr Fawr. (R) 5.00 Stwnsh. (R)

6.00 Y Fets. (R)

6.30 Dan Do. (R)

7.00 Heno.

7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 8.00 Pobol y Cwm.

8.25 Rownd a Rownd.

8.55 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 9.00 Pawb a’i Farn.

10.00 Chris a’r Afal Mawr. (R)

11.00 Cymoedd Roy Noble. (R)

11.35 Diwedd.

Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. (R) 6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody

Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00 Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News. 8.00 The Dog House. 9.00 The Jury: Murder Trial. 10.00 Alice & Jack. 11.05 Gogglebox. (R) 1.00 Married at First Sight Australia. (R) 2.20 The Simpsons. (R) 2.45 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. (R) 3.30 New Model Agency. (R)

6.00 Cyw. (R) 12.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 12.05 Codi Hwyl America. (R) 12.30 Heno. (R) 1.00 Ar Werth. (R) 1.30 Y Fets. (R) 2.00

Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 2.05 Prynhawn Da. 3.00 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 3.05 Dylan ar Daith. (R) 4.00 Awr Fawr. (R) 5.00 Stwnsh. (R)

6.00 Cymry ar Gynfas. (R)

6.30 Parti Bwyd Beca. (R) 7.00 Heno.

7.30 Newyddion S4C a’r Tywydd. 8.00 Cân i Gymru: 2024. 10.15 Colli Dy Dafod. 10.45 Maes B 2023. (R) 11.50 Diwedd. Channel 4: 6.10 Countdown. (R) 6.50 Cheers. (R) 7.40 3rd Rock from the Sun. (R) 8.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 10.00 Frasier. (R) 11.00 The Great House Giveaway. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Sun, Sea and Selling Houses. (R) 1.05 Find It, Fix It, Flog It. (R) 2.10 Countdown. 3.00 A Place in the Sun. (R) 4.00 A New Life in the Sun. (R) 5.00 Chateau DIY. 6.00 Come Dine with Me. 6.30 The Simpsons. (R) 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.30 Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix Qualifying Highlights. 9.00 Gogglebox. 10.00 The Last Leg. 11.05 Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum’s Head. (R) 12.05 Film: Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. (2003) 2.00 Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA. (R) 2.50 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.55 Food Unwrapped. (R) 5.20-6.05 The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes: Season by Season. (R)

6.00 Milkshake!: 6.35 Odo. (R)

6.45 Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine.

11.15 Storm Huntley. 12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends. 1.40 5 News at Lunchtime. 1.45 Home and Away. (R) 2.15 Film: Murder at Blackthorne Manor. (2023) 4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5.


Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. The presenter heads to the coast of Northern Ireland. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.


Cannon Hall: A Yorkshire Farm. New series. A celebration of farming across the country.

7.55 5 News Update.


Somerset: Wonder of the West Country. New series. Celebrating the best and most picturesque slices of Somerset’s landscape.

9.00 The Mighty Mississippi with Nick Knowles. The television presenter travels along the Mississippi River.

10.00 Killer at the Crime Scene. An elderly woman murdered in a small north Wales community. (R)

11.05 Neighbours at War: Caught on Camera. (R)

12.05 Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords. (R) 1.00 PlayOJO Live Casino Show. 3.00 Film: The Man Who Invented Christmas. (2017) 4.40 House Doctor. (R) 5.05

Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.30

Entertainment News. 5.35 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

6.00 Milkshake!: 9.15 Jeremy Vine. 11.15 Storm Huntley. 12.45 Alexis Conran & Friends. 1.40 5 News at Lunchtime. 1.45 Home and Away. (R) 2.20 Film: Mummy’s Deadly Son. (2022) 4.00 Shoplifters: Caught Red Handed. (R) 5.00 5 News at 5.

6.00 Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out. Susan and her campervan head for the Shropshire Hills. (R)

6.55 5 News Update.

7.00 Air Fryers: The Easy Way to Lose Weight. How the kitchen gadgets can be used to make low-calorie meals. (R)

7.55 5 News Update.

8.00 Cruising with Susan Calman. As the ship heads into Canadian waters, the presenter and her cruising companions stop off in Halifax, Nova Scotia to visit Peggy’s Cove. (R)

9.00 The Mighty Mississippi with Nick Knowles. Part two of two. The presenter visits Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans.


Live Championship Boxing: Eggington v Baraou. Sam Eggington v Abass Barrow.

12.05 Police Interceptors. (R)

1.05 PlayOJO Live Casino Show.

3.05 Britpop: The Music That Changed Britain. (R) 4.25 House Doctor. (R) 4.50 Wildlife SOS. (R) 5.15 Entertainment News.

5.25 Fireman Sam. (R) 5.45 Paw Patrol. (R)

BBC Four 7.00 Frozen Planet 8.00 Film: The Red Shoes (1948) Powell and Pressburger’s drama, starring Moira Shearer. 10.10 Film: Doctor Zhivago (1965) Epic drama, starring Omar Sharif and Julie Christie.


5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00

Superstore 9.00 Family Guy 10.00

G’wed 11.05 Family Guy 11.35 American Dad!


3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat 8.00 Vera 10.00 Trial & Retribution

11.50 The Royal


3.40 Minder 4.50 The Professionals

5.50 BattleBots 6.55 The Motorbike Show 7.55 The Chase Celebrity Special 9.00 Film: The Rock (1996) Action thriller, starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. 11.45

Film: The World’s End (2013)


4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

Married at First Sight Australia 9.00

Celebrity Gogglebox 10.00

Gogglebox 11.05 First Dates


2.55 Decision at Sundown (1957)

4.30 Strategic Air Command (1955)

6.45 Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) Scifi adventure, starring Patrick Stewart. 9.00 Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) Action thriller sequel, starring Tom Cruise. 11.55 12 Years a Slave (2013)

BBC Four

7.00 Top of the Pops 9.00 Queen: The Legendary 1975 Concert 10.05 Freddie Mercury: A Life in Ten Pictures 11.05 Queen at the BBC ITV2

5.00 Dress to Impress 6.00

Celebrity Catchphrase 7.00 Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win 8.00 Superstore 9.00 Film: We’re the Millers (2013) 11.15 Family Guy ITV3

3.45 Foyle’s War 5.55 Heartbeat

8.00 Doc Martin 10.00 Trial & Retribution 11.55 The Royal ITV4

11.45 Live Darts: UK Open. Coverage of the opening session on day one from Butlin’s Minehead. 5.00 Great Racehorses 5.20 River Monsters 5.55 BattleBots 7.00 Live Darts: UK Open. Coverage of the second session on day one from Butlin’s Minehead. 11.00 All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite E4

4.00 Young Sheldon 5.00 The Big

Bang Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30

Married at First Sight UK: Reunion Special 9.00 Film: Ghost in the Shell (2017) Sci-fi adventure, starring Scarlett Johansson. 11.00

Naked Attraction


2.35 40 Guns to Apache Pass (1967) 4.30 Roman Holiday (1953) 6.50 Suffragette (2015) Period drama, starring Carey Mulligan.

9.00 Con Air (1997) Action thriller, starring Nicolas Cage. 11.15 Dune (1984)

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Eisteddfod Ryng-Golegol yn Dychwelyd i Abertawe

MAE disgwyl i dros 500 o fyfyrwyr Cymraeg o brifysgolion Cymru heidio i Abertawe ar 1-2 Mawrth wrth i’r Eisteddfod Rynggolegol ail-ymweld â Phrifysgol Abertawe am y tro cyntaf ers 2019.

Bydd diwrnod o gystadlu yn dechrau yn Neuadd Fawr y Brifysgol ar Gampws y Bae am 10am fore Sadwrn, 2 Mawrth, gyda’r cyflwynydd a chynfyfyrwraig Abertawe Siân Thomas yn Feistres y Ddefod.

Y comedïwr Noel James o Gwmtawe, a chyn-Swyddog Materion y Gymraeg Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Abertawe, Tom Kemp, fydd yn llywio’r diwrnod.

Mae’r cystadlaethau’n cynnwys perfformiadau

llwyfan a chystadlaethau gwaith cartref - o farddoniaeth i ryddiaith, ac o gelf i wyddoniaeth.

Mae cystadlaethau

penodol hefyd i fyfyrwyr sy’n ddysgwyr Cymraeg.

Ysgol Gyfun Gŵyr sydd wedi creu’r Goron, ac Ysgol Gyfun Bryn Tawe sydd wedi creu’r Gadair.

Cyn y cystadlu Eisteddfodol ar y Sadwrn, cynhelir cystadlaethau

chwaraeon ar brynhawn Gwener 1 Mawrth, gan gynnwys twrnamaint rygbi 7 bob ochr, pêldroed a phêl-rwyd. Bydd y penwythnos yn cloi ar y nos Sadwrn gyda gig yng nghlwb nos Undeb y Myfyrwyr, sydd newydd ail-agor ar Gampws Singleton wedi buddsoddiad o £1.3 miliwn. Bydd y bandiau Gwilym, Mellt a FRMAND yn perfformio. Dywedodd Macsen

Davies, Swyddog Materion y Gymraeg Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Abertawe: “Rydyn ni yn Undeb Myfyrwyr Abertawe mor falch o groesawu’r Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol ‘nôl i’r Brifysgol.

“Mae’n fraint i mi fel Swyddog Materion y Gymraeg i fod yn rhan o’r trefniadau gyda chefnogaeth staff Academi Hywel Teifi ac rydyn ni’n edrych

ymlaen at sicrhau bod myfyrwyr Cymraeg Cymru a thu hwnt yn mwynhau penwythnos o gystadlu a chymdeithasu ymysg ei gilydd. Bydd hi’n benwythnos bythgofiadwy ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe!” Meddai’r Athro Gwenno Ffrancon, Cyfarwyddwr Academi Hywel Teifi: “Bydd dathliadau Gŵyl Ddewi ar gampysau Prifysgol Abertawe yn hynod fywiog

eleni gyda channoedd o fyfyrwyr prifysgolion Cymru yn ymweld â ni ar gyfer cystadlaethau chwaraeon a’r Eisteddfod Ryng-golegol.

“Rydyn ni’n edrych ymlaen yn fawr at estyn croeso cynnes i bawb i ddinas Abertawe a darparu llwyfan arbennig ar gyfer cystadlu brwd, cymdeithasu â ffrindiau hen a newydd, a dathlu’r diwylliant Cymraeg a Chymreictod.”

Honiadau ‘manteision Brexit’ yn chwerthinllyd”

MAE Llefarydd

Plaid Cymru dros Fasnach a Busnes yn San Steffan, Hywel williams AS, wedi ymateb i adroddiad newydd gan Goldman Sachs sy’n dangos bod economi’r DU wedi “tanberfformio’n sylweddol” i gymharu gydag economïau datblygedig eraill ers refferendwm yr UE yn 2016.

Dywedodd Mr Williams fod “honiadau Llywodraeth y DU o ‘fanteision Brexit’ yn gwbl chwerthinllyd” yn sgil y newyddion. Mae’r adroddiad yn amcangyfrif bod yr economi wedi tyfu 5% yn llai dros yr 8 mlynedd diwethaf na gwledydd tebyg eraill, gyda llai o fasnach, buddsoddiad busnes gwannach, a

lefelau is o fewnfudo o’r UE yn ffactorau allweddol ar gyfer y diffyg.

Dywedodd Mr Williams: “Wyth mlynedd wedi’r refferendwm, mae’r effaith ar fusnesau

i’w gweld ym mhobman: cau ffatri 2 Sisters Group yn Llangefni; gostyngiad o 34% mewn

trafnidiaeth nwyddau drwy Gaergybi; a bargeinion masnach ddinistriol i’n sector amaeth.

“Mae honiadau Llywodraeth y DU o ‘fanteision Brexit’ yn gwbl chwerthinllyd yn y cyd-destun hwn. Yn wir, rhagamcanir y bydd Brexit yn lleihau gwerth allforion Cymru tua £1.1bn.

“Mae newyddion heddiw yn ei gwneud yn gliriach nag erioed bod aelodaeth o’r Farchnad Sengl a’r Undeb Tollau yn gam cyntaf hanfodol i wella ein heconomi difrodus.

“Byddai ail-ymuno yn lleihau’r baich ar fusnesau sy’n ei chael hi’n anodd ac yn rhoi hwb anferth i aelwydydd gyda’r argyfwng costau byw.”

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SFS branded as ‘illogical’

nFU CYMRU’s Rural Affairs Board has branded the welsh Government’s plans to omit designated sites, such as SSSIs, from the Sustainable Farming Scheme Universal Baseline Payment as “illogical”.

The Welsh Government’s ‘Sustainable Farming Scheme –Keeping Farmers Farming’ consultation was considered at their recent board meeting. This sets out how the Basic Payment Scheme is to be fully phased out by 2029 and replaced by the Sustainable Farming Scheme in 2025, with farmers who wish to participate receiving a Universal Baseline Payment in return for delivering 17 Universal Actions and two scheme rules.

Under the Welsh Government’s proposals, farmland designated as SSSI will be excluded from the habitat maintenance element of the Universal Baseline Payment. Welsh Government say that

support for these sites will be prioritised for inclusion in the Scheme’s Optional Action Layer, but this will be subject to the development of a Management Plan with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and the Optional Action Layer of the scheme is to be introduced later and subject to further engagement and budget availability.

Commenting after the meeting, NFU Cymru Rural Affairs Board Chair, Hedd Pugh said: “Farmers will be perplexed by the latest Welsh Government Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS)

proposals which will see protected sites such as SSSI’s ineligible for the maintenance component of the Universal Baseline Payment.

“Given that there are some 1,070 SSSIs in Wales currently, many of which are located on farms, it is incomprehensible that these sites are to be excluded from the Universal Layer of the SFS, particularly when we know that it is going to take time to get the Management Plans with NRW in place and a lot more work is going to be needed to get the Optional Action Layer of the scheme operational.

“Some farms support extensive SSSI designations, and the Welsh Government’s proposals will feel especially punitive to these farmers. These sites are supposed to be the best examples of our natural environment, reflecting positive management practices by farmers over generations.

“Current proposals are even more surprising given that the Welsh Government’s biodiversity ‘deep dive’ undertaken in 2022 recommended that the Sustainable Farming Scheme was designed to ensure that farmers were

rewarded for appropriately managing protected sites.

Mr Pugh added: “The central focus of the deep dive was the so-called 30 x 30 target – this refers to protecting and effectively managing at least 30% of Welsh land, freshwater and sea for nature by 2030. It is deeply concerning that the Welsh Government wants to extend the land area under some form of designation but can’t even provide the most basic support for the existing sites.

“NFU Cymru has long argued that future agricultural policy must fairly reward farmers for the environmental/ public goods they already deliver and will continue to deliver in the future. You would hope there will be widespread agreement that the Welsh Government’s current policy position concerning SSSIs is untenable.”

To have your say on the SFS proposals, please visit the NFU Cymru website for more information on how to respond to the consultation.

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Farmers’ confidence in WG at rock bottom

A POLL commissioned by the Country Land and Business Association in wales (CLA Cymru) has found that just 3% of farmers trust the welsh government.

The poll comes amid rising tensions between the Senedd and rural communities as Cardiff develops new post-Brexit funding schemes for agriculture.

Now, with the power to determine its agriculture policy, the Welsh Government has been developing funding schemes to replace the previous subsidy model with mechanisms to pay farmers for environmental improvements.

While similar schemes have already been rolled out in England, slowly securing the support of farmers there, the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) is only at the formal consultation stage.

The same poll also found that 87% of farmers believed SFS would neither support their business nor deliver positive environmental outcomes. Just 6% said they would opt into the schemes in their current form, which many consider unnecessarily prescriptive and complex.

CLA Cymru Director Victoria Bond said: “This is damning evidence, but it only proves what we already know – rural communities feel ignored and let down by the Welsh Government.

“The next First Minister must govern for all of Wales – not just the urban and industrial parts.

Rural Wales is as much a part of our national culture as our cities, steelworks and former mining communities.

“As farmers, we work tirelessly to produce high quality food, and we are on the front line in the fight against climate change and nature decline. It is perfectly

reaasonable to expect the government to work with us constructively in the national interest.”

Victoria points to schemes in England, which have been improved by constant collaboration between Defra and rural organisations.

She added: “With

a new First Minister, we can hit the reset button. We know that schemes to support environmentally friendly land management practices can work when developed in a spirit of mutual respect.”

The Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs, Samuel Kurtz MS, said: “This survey result is a damning indictment, yet isn’t too surprising, given how the Welsh Government has treated farmers over the last few years.

“The Welsh Government gave up being a government for all of Wales long ago. Their urban-focused policies and continuous attacks on rural Wales have led to trust in this Welsh Government being at rock bottom.

“Farming is in desperate need of a friend, and only the Welsh Conservatives have the policies to restore trust and be that friend to farming.”

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Avian Influenza: Bird gatherings ban relaxed in Wales

THE BAn on gatherings of Galliforme birds such as pheasants, chickens and turkeys has been lifted in wales, Chief Veterinary Officer for wales, Dr Richard Irvine has announced.

In November 2021, in the face of Great Britain’s biggest outbreak of Avian Influenza, a ban on poultry gatherings was introduced to help prevent the spread of the disease and protect flocks.

After more than two years of not allowing gatherings, the second part of 2023 brought a change in the disease picture, with fewer Infected Premises and

findings in wild birds. There have been no Infected Premises in Wales since April 2023.

However, the risk levels are still considered to be too high for gatherings of Anseriforme birds such as ducks, geese and swans, which will remain prohibited.

From today, Galliforme bird keepers arranging a fair, market, show, exhibition or other gatherings will be required to follow and meet all requirements of a general licence. Details can found on the Welsh Government website at and


Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales, Dr Richard Irvine said: “Poultry keepers have worked hard to protect their birds from the risks of avian influenza by implementing strong biosecurity and other measures, and I want to thank them again for all they have done.

“I am pleased we are now able to allow gatherings of Galliforme birds to resume. This is a welcome development, enabled by the support and cooperation of the poultry sector.

“This means, from today, gatherings of all types of birds,

except Anseriforme birds, will be permitted across Wales, provided keepers follow and meet all the requirements of the general licence.

“This does not mean the risk of avian influenza has disappeared. Scrupulous hygiene and biosecurity are essential to protect flocks from the threat of disease, and it is important bird keepers continue to complete the biosecurity selfassessment checklist.

“All of our mitigation measures, including restrictions on bird gatherings, are kept under constant review, to help ensure the national flock is protected.”

HCC bring consumers closer to Pork with new campaign

A nEw campaign that aims to bring consumers closer to Pork from wales is being launched by Hybu Cig Cymru –Meat Promotion wales (HCC) this spring.

The overarching objective of the campaign - How far is your fork from our porc? - is to raise awareness of the availability, benefits and propensity to purchase Porc Blasus to a Wales-based consumer audience.

The campaign follows the highly successful summer

trade campaign, which called on pork producers and butchers using pork from Wales to ‘Put your best sausage forward’.

HCC’s Campaigns Executive Philippa Gill said: “This new campaign encourages consumers to support local farmers and enjoy the best quality, taste, and variety of pork products. It will help showcase new ways to cook, enjoy pork, and learn more about the industry.”

HCC is actively helping people find and source their pork

locally, wherever they are in Wales.

“We are helping consumers buy from the amazing producers in Wales who are passionate about their craft and their animals. Whether you are looking for fresh cuts, sausages, bacon or ham, you can find a local supplier using our interactive producer map,” added Philippa Gill.

From Pembrokeshire’s coastal towns to Gwynedd’s mountainous terrain,

COnTInUInG our quest for change

This week again sees us, as an Union, at the forefront of activity surrounding the controversial Welsh Government Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFS) consultation. We’ve travelled the length and breadth of Wales in recent weeks, speaking to farmers, offering advice, listening to their concerns and emphasising the importance of responding to the consultation so that we can persuade the Welsh Government of the need to change their proposals.

A detailed letter sent to all FUW members and their families, gave an insight into the issues faced and provided a guide for them to use when responding to the consultation. As always our team at Head Office and in the Counties are on hand to support you, should you require further guidance on how to respond to the consultation.

Looking across the UK, the Scottish Government’s confirmation that direct farm support will continue in Scotland highlights the fundamental flaws we see in the Welsh Government’s proposals.

Scottish First Minister, Humza Yousaf, told NFU Scotland’s spring conference recently that 70% of future support will constitute direct farm payments to support food producers. The remaining 30% will be targeted at environmental measures, a ratio similar to current Scottish arrangements.

restrictions and paperwork.

This would mean that we, as Welsh farmers, would be competing at a huge disadvantage compared to our Scottish counterparts, despite both countries having a similar proportion of disadvantaged land where only livestock farming is possible.

Who will lead Wales?

At a time when we are in the midst of the Welsh Labour Leadership election, we look in envy at the common sense approach shown towards our fellow farming Celts. This period of political uncertainty at the top of the Welsh Government is not helping the agricultural industry at this moment in time.

Some of the debates seen in recent days shows a remarkable lack of understanding of rural Wales and the crucial importance of agriculture from both candidates aspiring to be our next First Minister

You may recall that the FUW was a principled opponent of Brexit and after the vote to leave in 2016, argued for a robust replacement for the Common Agricultural Policy that minimised such unfair competition between UK nations. This was apparent in our comprehensive Filling the Void paper published in July 2018.

The future of Wales’ farms, society, culture and economy?

Denbighshire’s lush valleys to Anglesey’s rugged beauty, Porc Blasus is abundant all over Wales.

“By buying local pork, you are supporting not only the local economy and the environment but also your own health and well-being. Pork is a versatile and nutritious meat that is rich in protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins, and can be enjoyed in many ways, from roasts to stir-fries, pies to salads, as part of a healthy balanced diet,” she added.

He stated that this approach reflected the fact that 85% of land farmed in Scotland is deemed to be less favoured - but that figure is 80% in Wales compared to only 17% in England. So why do the Welsh Government appear to be following the English way forward rather than looking towards Scotland’s path?

Wales costly restrictions and requirements

Here in Wales, however, the Welsh Government’s proposed SFS, due to be introduced next year, would bring direct farm payments to an end whilst introducing a mountain of costly

This very sensible and economically advantageous move by the Scottish Government needs to be reflected by the Welsh Government when it considers the vast number of improvements that must be made to its current SFS proposals. What is proposed at present is destructive and economically naive, and would be a massive own goal for Wales’ farms, society, culture and economy.

At a time when emotions are running high within the industry, we continue to press for unity within the sector, to push for change at Government level and to support each and every one of our members concerned at this crucial juncture. Mewn undod mae nerth!

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Family sentenced in illegal puppy trade crackdown

SIX men from South wales have been jailed following an RSPCA investigation, which unveiled a distressing £300,000 scheme involving the advertisement of dogs under false pretences. The case culminated

today, wednesday, February 21, at Swansea Crown Court, where eleven members of the McDonagh family faced justice for their roles in a deceitful operation that spanned over a decade.

The six men and

five women involved, all part of the extended McDonagh family, admitted to charges under the Fraud Act and the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The court heard how the defendants engaged in what was described by their

legal representatives as an “unsophisticated conspiracy.” However, Judge Geraint Walters highlighted the “carefully coordinated action” that exploited multiple properties, vehicles, veterinary practices, and fabricated advertisements to deceive unsuspecting buyers.

The investigation, dubbed Operation Earth, led by the RSPCA’s Special Operations Unit, focused on the transportation and sale of puppies, many of which were illegally imported, stolen, or sold under the guise of being healthy, home-bred pets. In reality, these animals were often bred in poor conditions or sourced from abroad without the necessary health checks, vaccinations, or documentation.

Over £300,000 worth of dogs, including popular breeds like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pugs, and French Bulldogs, were sold through misleading adverts on major pet selling sites.

The operation unveiled a complex network involving 41 residential addresses, 47 mobile numbers, and 39 email addresses, many of which were not directly linked to the McDonagh family.

The court’s findings revealed a disturbing pattern of animal neglect and fraud, with the convicted individuals exploiting the trust of families seeking to welcome a new pet into their homes. The six men received prison sentences and a 15year ban from keeping dogs, while the five women were handed community orders and a 10-year prohibition on dog ownership.

This case sheds light on the dark side of the pet trade, where profit is prioritised over the welfare of animals. The RSPCA’s meticulous investigation, supported by Gwent Police, veterinary practices, and other partners, underscores the importance of vigilance and due diligence when purchasing pets. As the RSPCA and other agencies continue to combat animal cruelty and exploitation, this case serves as a stark reminder of the need for prospective pet owners to research thoroughly and use resources like the Puppy Contract to avoid supporting unethical breeding practices.

The successful conclusion of this operation marks a significant victory for animal welfare advocates and sends a clear message that illegal and inhumane activities in the pet trade will not be tolerated.

54 Friday February 23rd 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels P e T s C orner
SPONSORING PETS CORNER Pembrokeshire County Showground, Withybush Road, SA62 4BW Tel: 01437 454663 Moorfield Road, Narberth, SA62 7AB Tel: 01834 860590 DOG FOOD • CAT FOOD • SMALL ANIMAL FOOD • TOYS • ACCESSORIES TREATS • ENRICHMENT PRODUCTS • HELP & ADVICE WE’RE OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY 9AM - 5PM The Burns celtic knot logo is a registered trademark and this is used under license from Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd.

Sport science support a ‘game-changer’ for para-triathlete


Darren williams has a goal of representing Great Britain at the world Para-Triathlon Series events. He is currently being supported through a partnership between welsh Triathlon and the University of wales Trinity Saint David.

Part of this package involves sport science support provided by UWTSD’s Exercise Physiologist Geraint Forster and his students on the BSc Sport and Exercise Science degree.

Alongside regular physiological testing such as VO2max testing, Darren has received underwater swim analysis, strength and conditioning support, and sport therapy treatments.

Darren says the expert advice he has received about managing his training alongside the stresses of life has been a ‘game-changer’.

He said:

“I have been tracking Heart rate Variability since the beginning of 2023, it’s proven to be a game changer in my consistency in training. I can now monitor how

my body is reacting to the stressors not only in training but life’s stressors as a para-athlete. I can make adjustments to the intensity/volume to make sure I stay on track and consistent. Up until I started using the HRV tracker, I was overtraining and would often be run down and ill.”

UWTSD’s Exercise Physiologist Geraint Forster explains: “Heart-rate variability

is a measure of the gaps between each heartbeat. It tells us a little bit more than just taking resting heart rate. If taken regularly every morning, it gives an indication as to whether the body is well rested and recovered or is still fatigued or stressed.

“It not only takes into account training stress, but also things like how well you have slept, whether you are feeling anxious, whether you

might be fighting off an illness, the quality of your diet, alcohol consumption, etc. It gives an overall idea of your ‘readiness’ to train.”

He added:

“It is tempting for athletes to always train hard and to have a ‘no pain, no gain’ attitude, but research tells us this is not the most effective method - it tends to result in poor performances, injury and burn-out.

“In all athletes, but even more so with paraathletes where day-to-day tasks such as dropping the kids off at school can be more taxing, it is very important to listen to the body. Tracking HRV allows you to know when you should push hard in training, and when you should ease back. This then hopefully results in being able to train more consistently and get better results. This is what Darren is now finding since we introduced him to HRV.”

Employability is a key aspect of the Sport and Exercise Science degree at UWTSD. Giving students the opportunity to work with athletes like Darren is vital in order to give graduates the best chance of gaining relevant employment. Along with small group sizes, personalised support, embedded vocational qualifications and an Academy of Sport, UWTSD Carmarthen aims to provide a high quality pathway into a career in sport and exercise for West Wales. For further information please contact g.forster@

Promising composers given unique opportunity

IMAGI n ATIVE contemporary classical music will be composed and performed as part of a revolutionary new project led by Aberystwyth University.

CERDDWN will create a world-leading hub for musical experimentation and innovation in midWales by connecting upand-coming composers with orchestral musicians, allowing them to test experimental concepts and hone their musicmaking skills.

Funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Tŷ Cerdd, the project will allow composers to work closely with the Aberystwyth community orchestra, Philomusica, and the leading professional chamber orchestra, Sinfonia Cymru.

Aberystwyth University’s Director

of Music, Iwan Teifion Davies, explains: “This is a really exciting project which will cultivate some of the untapped talents in Wales and allow those who may not normally have the chance to work with musicians.

“The project will break away from standard approaches to writing for the orchestra by providing hands-on opportunities for composers to work with orchestras throughout every stage of the compositional process.

“This career-defining

opportunity will give these emerging composers the space to experiment and evolve their work, test radically new and risky ideas - to fail, retry and improve.”

Following an open call for applications, four emerging composers have been selected and presented with a bursary.

Over the coming months, Gerard Cousins, Heledd Evans, Michelle Maddock, and Kian Ravaei will be allowed to experiment with the orchestras while receiving

mentorship from an established composer.

In a second strand of the project, the four established composers providing the mentoring are also being commissioned and supported to compose new works. The new compositions, varied in style and scale, will represent Wales’s diverse musical landscape.

Finally, the project will commission a groundbreaking and substantial orchestral piece from Tredegar-born composer

David John Roche, the world premiere of which will be performed by Philomusica.

Composition Coordinator David John Roche said: “I am excited and proud to be part of CERDDWN.

“The project is testament to the quality and ambition of arts organisations in Wales. CERDDWN will nurture new audiences, grow talent, and be a starting point for a new legacy of orchestral music in Wales.”

edu C a TI on

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eduC aTIon

Adventure starts here as KGM Motors UK launch all-new Torres

KGM Motors UK is delighted to announce the launch of the all-new Torres, available in dealer showrooms now. The C+ segment SUV is the first model to reflect the brand’s new design philosophy ‘Powered by Toughness’ whilst maintaining KGM’s distinctive and authentic SUV characteristics

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, Torres is available in two trim levels–the entry-level K30 and the high-spec K40. The AWD K40 and Torres is expected to be launched in the UK this summer, following the launch of the pure-electric Torres EVX in April.

Torres represents a departure from the brand’s traditional design with the introduction of a sleek and modern exterior, proceeding the brand’s reputation for strong, practical lines. This design’s bold direction sets it apart within the company’s lineup and draws inspiration from iconic SUVs on the market.

Kevin Griffin, managing director of KGM UK, said; “Torres is the first to reinterpret our future design vision, which draws heavily on our unique heritage. Its launch marks an exciting, new era for design, performance, and product with all models moving forward adhering to this new approach.

“The SUV market is continually expanding and subdividing, and with Torres, we are filling the gap between semi-mediumsized SUVs such as Korando and large SUVs like Rexton. This move will create an additional segment in the market and open new opportunities for us as we continue to develop our product offering that adds value and originality.”

Built on a new platform designed for multiple drive trains, Torres offers drivers the freedom to expand their lifestyle by harnessing the brand’s reputable SUV and 4x4 heritage while experiencing the fusion of innovative and advanced technology with bold shapes and essential functionality to truly experience the adventures of the great outdoors.

The 1.5 turbo engine gives a best-in-class torque

of 280Nm and a maximum output of 163ps. This gives a 10% improvement in acceleration from a standstill compared with the same engine currently fitted in Korando, while the acceleration from 60120km/h is also improved by 5%, to deliver exceptional performance under realworld driving conditions.

The exterior projects a rugged and tough aesthetic, while the interior offers a delicate, comfortable, and contemporary space. Seamlessly integrated into the ergonomic design, Torres’ interior has been designed to maximise comfort and convenience for all onboard.

The wide yet slim dashboard creates a spacious feel, providing an uninterrupted view of the road. Aside from being stylish, the four-spoke flatbottom steering wheel offers

integrated audio controls for quick access. Metal accents and ambient mood lighting add a sophisticated touch to the leather upholstery.

Information is presented on a user-friendly, twinpanoramic 12.3” digital display cluster and infotainment controls. Standard features include Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, DAB radio, and front USB & and AUX ports, accompanied by six cabin speakers.

Torres offers convenience from the moment you step inside with ample cabin and load space to maximise accessibility. With a width of 1,890mm, Torres offers space for passenger comfort and a load area that sets an industry standard, ranging from 703 to 1,662 litres, presenting an expansive

luggage capacity suitable for a mid-size SUV, while also having the best-inclass luggage space and numerous useful storage spaces.

Adding to its versatility, Torres features a discrete and concealed space beneath the load floor, enhancing both space efficiency and security. This substantial and practical storage area caters to various needs, making it exceptionally convenient for both daily activities and road-trip adventures.

The towing capacity of Torres is up to 1.5 tonnes with a braked trailer, and 750kg for an unbraked trailer. It also offers a competitive approach and departure angles for safer, stress-free driving in more challenging or off-road situations. In the event of a trailer snaking while being towed, the trailer sway control function takes over to help the driver regain control when this alarming phenomenon starts to affect the steering and directional stability.

Combining cuttingedge intelligent technology into an authentic-looking SUV, Torres provides a comprehensive suite of state-of-the-art driver safety and assistance features. This positions Torres as not just one of the safest but also one of the most relaxing vehicles to drive.

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57 Friday February 23 TOYOTA AYGO - 2012 1.0 VVT-I FIRE AC 3d 67 BHP ** PETROL......5 SPEED......YES ONLY 60,065 MILES FROM NEW.......SERVICE HISTORY 9 STAMPS.......2 KEYS........2 PREVIOUS OWNERS.........£0 ROAD TAX.........LOW INSURANCE GROUP 3.. £4,495 SUZUKI ALTO - 2011 1.0 SZ2 5d 68 BHP **PETROL....£20 ROAD TAX....LOW INSURANCE GROUP....LOW MILEAGE - 43,934 MILES....64MPG....REMOTE CENTRAL LOCKING.. £3,295 DACIA SANDERO - 2019 0.9 COMFORT TCE 5d 90 BHP ** PETROL......5 SPEED......YES ONLY 53,589 MILES FROM NEW....... 1 PREVIOUS OWNER.......2 KEYS.......LOW INSURANCE GROUP 10..........57 MPG. £7,395 KIA SPORTAGE - 2014 1.7 CRDI 2 ISG 5d 114 BHP ** DIESEL....SIX SPEED....54MPG....CRDI 2 EDITION....MAIN DEALER SERVICE HISTORY - 7 STAMPS....TWO KEYS.... PANORAMIC ROOF....SIDE STEPS £6,995 FORD FIESTA - 2015 1.5 TITANIUM TDCI 5d 74 BHP ** DIESEL....5 SPEED....ONLY 26,122 MILES...MAIN DEALER SERVICE HISTORY - 6 SERVICES....£ZERO ROAD TAX....78 MPG. £7,995 KIA CEED - 2014 1.6 CRDI 2 ECODYNAMICS 5d 126 BHP **DIESEL.......ESTATE......6 SPEED......87,389 MILES.......SERVICE HISTORY 4 STAMPS......2 KEYS.....,.£35 ROAD TAX.......64 MPG.......SPORTS WAGON .... £6,295 BMW 1 SERIES - 2013 1.6 116I SE 5d 135 BHP ** PETROL........8 SPEED AUTOMATIC.......2 PREVIOUS OWNERS........YES ONLY 68,313 MILES FROM NEW....... SERVICE HISTORY 4 STAMPS........2 KEYS.........£150 ROAD TAX..........50 MPG.... £8,995 SMART FORTWO COUPE - 2010 PASSION MHD ** PETROL......AUTOMATIC......YES ONLY 59,859 MILES......... SERVICE HISTORY 8 STAMPS.........£20 ROAD TAX........74 MPG........PASSION EDITION.......AIRCON.. £4,995 TOYOTA AYGO - 2015 1.0 VVT-I X-CLUSIV 5d 69 BHP ** PETROL.....5 SPEED.......YES ONLY COVERED 36,629 MILES FROM NEW........FULL SERVICE HISTORY 8 STAMPS........2 KEYS........£0 ROAD TAX... £7,995 MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS2015 1.5 A180 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY SE 5d 109 BHP **DIESEL....6 SPEED.....£0 ROAD TAX.......74 MPG.......2 KEYS....... SE EDITION.......HALF LEATHER SPORTS SEATS.......MEDIA SCREEN... £9,995 CITROEN DS4 - 2012 1.6 HDI DSTYLE 5d 110 BHP ** DIESEL......6 SPEED.....2 PREVIOUS OWNER........96.829 MILES........SERVICE HISTORY 6 STAMPS.......£150 ROAD TAX.......60MPG.........2 KEYS........ DSTYLE EDITION..... £4,995 DS DS 3 - 2016 1.6 BLUEHDI ELEGANCE S/S 3d 98 BHP ** DIESEL.......5 SPEED...... ONLY 81,373 MILES......2 PREVIOUS OWNERS.......2 KEYS........£0 ROAD TAX.......83 MPG..... £6,495 HYUNDAI TUCSON - 2016 1.7 CRDI SE NAV BLUE DRIVE 5d 114 BHP ** DIESEL .......6 SPEED.....1 PREVIOUS OWNER........SERVICE HISTORY 10 STAMPS ALL MAIN DEALER.......2 KEYS.... £8,495 VAUXHALL CORSA - 2012 1.2 ACTIVE AC 5d 83 BHP 88 PETROL.....5 SPEED......1 PREVIOUS OWNER........YES ONLY COVERED 38,510 MILES FROM NEW........2 KEYS.......£150 ROAD TAX.. £4,995 MERCEDES-BENZ C-CLASS - 2014 2.1 C220 CDI AMG SPORT EDITION 2d 168 BHP ** DIESEL.......COUPE...... AUTOMATIC 7 SPEED.......YES ONLY 83,149 MILES........£180 ROAD TAX........53 MPG........AMG SPORT EDITION.......HALF LEATHER £9,495 CITROEN C4 GRAND PICASSO 1.6 E-HDI AIRDREAM EXCLUSIVE PLUS 5d 113 BHP ** 7 SEATER.... DIESEL....6 SPEED....£20 ROAD TAX....70 MPG.......EXCLUSIVE PLUS EDITION.......HUGE SPEC... £7,495 VOLVO XC60 - 2011 2.4 D5 R-DESIGN AWD 5d 212 BHP ** DIESEL.......AUTOMATIC......ESTATE......4 WHEEL DRIVE......ONE PREVIOUS OWNER.....SERVICE HISTORY 10 STAMPS......R DESIGN EDITION £6,995 BMW 1 SERIES - 2010 2.0 118D SPORT 2d 141 BHP ** CONVERTIBLE.....DIESEL........6 SPEED.......2 PEVIOUS OWNERS.......YES ONLY 91,740 MILES FROM NEW.......SERVICE HISTORY 8 STAMPS... £4,995 VOLKSWAGEN UP - 2013 1.0 ROCK UP 3d 74 BHP ** PETROL.......5 SPEED.......YES ONLY COVERED 42,131 MILES FROM NEW........FULL SERVICE HISTORY 5 STAMPS........2 KEYS........£20 ROAD TAX.......60 MPG.. £6,995 DACIA LOGAN MCV - 2015 0.9 AMBIANCE TCE 5d 90 BHP ** PETROL.......ESTATE......ONE PREVIOUS OWNER.......5 SPEED......£20 ROAD TAX .......LOW INSURANCE GROUP 8.........57 MPG......AMBIANCE EDITION..... £4,995






ZETEC 3dr, silver, 56k, £5,495.00

2011 11 PEUGEOT 107 1.0 ENVY, 5dr, red.............................................................................

2010 10 BMW 710 DIESEL M SPORT 4dr SALOON, black, £7,995.00

2010 10 FORD FIESTA EDGE 1.4 Tdci, 1 owner, fsh, silver £4,250.00

2004 53 PORSCHE BOXSTER S 3.2 CONVERTIBLE, blue, 54k, s/history £7,995.00


Prices inclusive of 20% VAT












72 TOYOTA AYGO 1.0 X PURE AUTOMATIC, 5dr, white, 1 owner, 5k £15,500.00
21 FORD FIESTA 1.0 ST LINE EDITION, 5dr, black, 1 owner, fsh, ........................... £15,995.00
70 MINI COOPER S ELECTRIC. 3dr, grey. 19k, 1 owner £14,995.00
20 PEUGEOT 108 1.0 COLLECTION, black, 8k, 1 owner, 5dr, £8,995.00 2020 20 FORD FIESTA 1.0 TREND, 5dr, blue, 15k ............................................................... £13,595.00
69 TOYOTA C-HR DYNAMIQUE 1,8 HYBRID, 5dr, silver, fsh, 1 owner £14,995.00
19 CITROEN C3 AIRCROSS 1.5 BLUE Hdi Flair, 19k, £11,995.00
19 VAUXHALL INSIGNIA DESIGN 1.6 TD, 5dr, service history, blue £7,995.00 2019 68 FORD FOCUS 1.0 125 ZETEC, 5dr, silver, 43k, 1 owner, fsh ................................... £11,995.00 2018 68 BMW I3 600cc RANGE ENTENDER, blue, 21k, 1 owner, fsh £16,495.00
18 CITROEN C3 BLUE HDI FEEL 5dr, grey, 1 owner, £6,495.00
18 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2.0 GT TDI 5dr, B/motion, white,1 owner ......................... £11,995.00
18 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 CDTi DESIGN ESTATE, silver, £7,995.00
18 PEUGEOT 108 1.2 ALLURE, purple, 46k, £7,495.00
18 VAUXHALL ASTRA 1.6 CDTi DESIGN ESTATE, black, fsh £7,995.00
67 HYUNDAI TUCSON 1.7 CRDi 2wd, grey, 1 owner, 76k, fsh £11,995.00
67 FIAT ABARTH 1.4 AUTOMATIC, blue, 2000 miles, 1 owner, fsh £14,750.00
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17 FIAT 500 1.2 POP, white, 33k ..................................................................................... £7,650.00
66 FORD FIESTA 1.4 EDGE Tdci 5dr, silver £5,495.00
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63 CITROEN C1 1.0 VTR+ white, 5dr, £4,995.00
13 RENAULT CLIO 1.2 DYNAMIQUE, yellow, £3,750.00
13 AUDI A1 1.6 SPORT Tdi, black, 3dr £5,000.00
13 VAUXHALL CORSA 1.2 CDTI LTD EDITION, 3dr, red, service history £4,995.00
62 FORD FIESTA 1.4 EDGE Tdci 5dr, silver .................................................................. £4,250.00
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S BMW Z3 2.8 SPORT CONVERTIBLE, 2dr, silver, genuine low mileage.................. £7,995.00
£12,495.00 2019 19 MERCEDES SPRINTER DROPSIDE Lorry, 2.1 Cdi, 1 owner, £16,000.00 2019 19 FIAT DOBLO 1.6 16v MULTIJET, white £8,495.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT 2.0 CUSTOM, yellow, 74k, 1 owner, ............................................ £12,995.00 2018 68 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, white, 1 owner £13,500.00 2018 18 PEUGEOT PARTNER 1.6 TDI, white, £7,995.00 2017 67 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.3 CDTI CREW CAB, white, 74K ........................................ £8,495.00 2016 16 MERCEDES SPRINTER 2.1 Cdi FRIDGE VAN £6,250.00 2014 64 CITROEN BERLINGO 1.6 HDI, white, service history £5,450.00 2013 63 VAUXHALL COMBO 1.3 CDTI, white, choice of 2 .................................................. £4,250.00
19 FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2.0 Tdi, yellow, 1 owner

THH eal

Councils pilot innovations in domiciliary care

nEw ways of delivering domiciliary care are being trialled in several local authority areas to provide greater independence and control for people receiving care.

On February 15, the Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan, announced the Welsh Government will provide £380,000 in innovation funding.

The money will support two projects utilising technology to change how domiciliary care is delivered in Wales.

SBRI Centre of Excellence and the Welsh Government will support collaborative projects for the public, private, and third sectors to address core domiciliary care challenges by developing innovative solutions and services to help people remain active and independent in their homes for as long as possible.

A total of £180,000 has been awarded to an initiative in the Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board and Bridgend County Borough Council area, which aims to help people independently manage their medication using a digital device, including those suffering from a level of cognitive impairment.

The YOURmeds device reminds people to take their medication at a programmed time. It sends notifications to an identified friend or family member if medication is missed or taken incorrectly. Life Sciences Hub Wales is also supporting the project.

A further £200,000 has been awarded to test a new, modernised domiciliary care delivery model in Torfaen, Gwynedd and Denbighshire, underpinned by a purpose-built IT system.

Called “’From Time and Task to Fulfilled Lives – a new domiciliary care system for Wales”, it aims to deliver a whole-system approach to bring together the health and care professionals managing and delivering care to the person in a joint approach.

A new IT system will aid information sharing and facilitate the care delivery model. The project’s ambition is for improved and joined-up services for people, with an increased focus on empowering and enabling people to have a greater say in how and when their care is delivered.

Deputy Minister for Social Services Julie Morgan visited Gwynedd to hear more about the scheme.

She said: “Social care and health continue to face increasing demands and challenges, including an ageing population.

“We must adapt to deliver a system fit for the future.

“That includes making it easier for health and social care to work together in a joined-up way and for us to respect

the vital role of family members and friends as unpaid carers, and innovation is key to this.

“I am excited to see how these two initiatives can harness the power of technology to test if this will help us reach these goals.

“Both projects fit in with our objective in A Healthier Wales to help people to remain active and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.”

Albert Heaney, Chief Social Care Officer for Wales, said: “I am always inspired by the new and innovative ways we enhance the delivery of care across Wales to meet the needs of our communities.

“Domiciliary care is a key service a passionate, committed and skilled workforce provides.

“Trials like these will allow us to understand how we best maximise technology to complement the skills of our workforce.”

Thomas Sauter, Clinical Lead Pharmacist for Bridgend Community Services at Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, said: “Integration of health and social care is vital to ensure people in our communities get the best and most appropriate care for their needs.

“By introducing new, innovative digital solutions to support people in managing their medication, we can help people to lead healthier and more independent lives.”

Councillor Dilwyn Morgan, Cyngor Gwynedd Cabinet Member responsible for the Adults,

Health and Wellbeing Department, said: “As a Council, we are committed to supporting residents to live independently and with dignity for as long as possible in their communities. We see the creative use of new technology as key to this.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with the Welsh Government and the independent sector on this exciting trial, which will support people in remaining in control of their lives and care needs for as long as possible.

“This opportunity to explore how new domiciliary care IT systems can ensure that the individual’s needs come first is very welcome and will hopefully and importantly offer extra peace of mind for families and carers.”

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HPV vaccinations massively reduce cancer risk

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a common virus that infects around 8 out of 10 people during their lifetime.

The HPV virus, which lives on the skin, is usually harmless and can be easily eradicated by the immune system in most infected people.

However, for reasons not totally known, the virus can persist in some people. Over time, this can lead to malignant changes that cause cervical, penile, anal, vaginal and vulval cancers, as well as certain types of head and neck cancer.


There are over 100 different strains of HPV, only some of which are “highrisk”’ and have the potential

to cause cancer.

The main ones that can lead to cancer are HPV 16 and HPV 18.

The good news is that the current HPV vaccines also protect against “lowrisk” strains HPV 6 and 11. These strains cause genital warts, the most common sexually transmitted disease in the UK, which can be difficult to treat and are often physically and psychologically distressing for sufferers.

Over 95% of all cervical cancers are caused by HPV.

Since 2008, all schoolgirls in Wales have been offered the HPV vaccination from age 12. Since 2019, this has also been extended to include boys in year 8.

The HPV vaccine is highly effective. Numerous studies that have followed

the first cohorts to be vaccinated have shown a reduction in HPV-related cervical cancers and precancerous changes of up to 90%.

All young women up to 25 and young men born on or after 1/9/2006 are eligible for immunisation against HPV if they have not already received the vaccine.



Head & neck cancers caused by HPV, medically known as oropharyngeal cancer, mainly affect the soft palate at the back of the mouth, throat and base of the tongue.

The incidence of HPVrelated oropharyngeal cancer has grown steadily over recent decades.

An important study, funded by Cancer Research

Wales and conducted by clinicians and scientists in Cardiff, was the first to show the impact of HPV on rates of head & neck cancers in the UK.

The study found rates of head & neck cancer caused by HPV had trebled in the last 25 years. These cases mainly affected younger men between the ages of 30 and 60, with no previous history of common risk factors such as heavy drinking and smoking.

The study was presented to policymakers and the UK Government Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), contributing critical evidence towards the decision to provide the HPV vaccine to boys and girls to prevent cancer.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, NHS Wales worked tirelessly to restart school vaccination programmes for new pupils and those who missed out due to the disruption caused by the lockdowns.

Additional out-of-school catch-up clinics provided further coverage.

This hard work paid off as the uptake of the first dose was 66%, 61% and 75% for pupils in Years 8, 9, and 10, respectively. Despite these

credible efforts, room for improvement remains.

The uptake of the HPV vaccine lags behind other immunisations for childhood infections, such as PCV for prevention of pneumococcal disease, which has around 95% uptake.

For schoolchildren, the HPV vaccines were typically administered on a two-dose schedule, with the first dose given in Year 8 or 9 followed by a second dose a year later.

Recent evidence indicates that one dose is sufficient to provide up to 93% protection against the HPV strains that cause more than 70% of all cases of cervical and head and neck cancers.

Since last September, HPV vaccinations have used a single vaccine dose for everyone under 25, including those who may have missed the opportunity to receive the vaccine the first time around.

Around 500 HPV-related cancers occur in Wales each year.

Since the HPV virus can cause penile, anal and vulval cancers as well as cervical and head & neck cancers, getting vaccinated is a simple, safe and effective way of massively reducing the devastating impact these cancers can have.

Call for urgent action to combat social care staffing crisis in Wales

A social care champion has called for urgent action to combat the staffing crisis affecting care homes across wales.

Mary Wimbury, the chief executive of Care Forum Wales, says one of the main reasons for the shortage is underfunding of private and third sector run care homes and domiciliary care agencies which means they can’t afford to pay competitive rates.

She is urging local authorities and health boards to set realistic fees for the coming financial year to ensure that front line staff can be paid what they deserve.

According to Ms Wimbury, even supermarkets can offer higher entry level wages, making the retail sector a better financial option.

The problems in recruiting and retaining staff in the social care sector were also having a disastrous, knock on effect on the NHS.

Welsh hospitals are at breaking point because

of so-called bed-blocking with patients unable to be discharged after their medical treatment has been completed.

As a result, there are very few hospital beds available for incoming patients, many of whom have to endure being kept in ambulances outside or on trolleys for hours on end.

Ms Wimbury said: “Social care is a people business. We need people to care for people and enable them to live the best lives they can with the best care and support.

We need people with the right values and it can be a really rewarding job because you are engaging with people’s lives and helping them enjoy those lives as much as possible.

“However, it’s difficult to keep up with the entry level wages offered by supermarkets and the like who can offer higher pay.

“The majority of care in Wales is commissioned by local authorities and health boards.

“We’ve obviously got the

commitment from the Welsh Government that, at least, the Real Living wage should be paid but we’re currently discussing what the fees for local authorities and health boards are going to be paying across Wales for the coming year.

“We know they’re feeling pressure on their budgets but it is vitally important the fees they received by care homes and domiciliary care companies reflect the actual

cost of providing care so that we can pay our staff what they deserve.

“It’s making sure that money gets through, gets to the front line and enables us to reward people for the valuable jobs they’re doing as well as possible and to keep them in the sector then they’re facing their own cost of living crises.

“Health and social care are flip sides of the same coin so social care is about

that care and support that people need that can keep them out of hospital in the first place and enable them to come out of hospital more quickly when they’ve been in as well.

“Both parts of the system need to work together in order to keep people flowing through the system but also, enable people to have the best quality of life that they can.”

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IBusiness hub opens third shop in west Wales to meet customer demand

TRADERS are enjoying start-up success with the support of Antur Cymru Enterprise.

Entrepreneurs, makers, and independent producers in west wales are benefiting from the organisation’s Cymorth Busnes Lleol / Local Business Supportprogramme.

After opening retail units in Aberystwyth and newcastle Emlyn, a space has now been unveiled on Cardigan High Street.

Loren nash is the owner of Under the Laurel nature-inspired jewellery accessories and homeware, now based at the bustling store having launched during the pandemic.

She began making items in lockdown to improve her mental health; however, increasing demand led to customers across the area and online, so she decided to take the leap and join the Local Business Support community earlier this year.

“I started making items just for myself, but after requests from friends and

family ended up creating an Etsy store, which is when it really started to take off,” she said.

“As my customer base grew, I felt I needed a proper space to make and to sell, which is when Antur Cymru stepped in to help. They have been so incredibly helpful, imparting their knowledge and advice, which has been invaluable.

“They have also assisted me with social media, helped myself and other traders understand what grants are available and how to apply for them, and even demonstrated how to how to put together table and window displays.”

Loren added: “The response since opening has been wonderful and local people have been incredibly supportive, telling us how nice it is to see small businesses getting a chance to get their products out there.

“Eventually I would love my own shop here on the high street with my partner and also run free art workshops where all supplies are provided by us and the space is welcoming and accessible – that’s the dream, but for now I am

excited to be here and looking forward to the future.”

Among the other start-ups are Funky Fairy jewellery and keyrings, artist Titus Sharp, and Andrea Edwards, whose model venture Amaze Me 3D is reaping the benefits of having a physical presence in the town centre.

“This started as a hobby, gifting to my friends and family, and progressed just a few months ago,” said Andrea.

“I make 3D models out of a material called PLA (Polyactic Acid) which is environmentally friendly as it’s made from natural materials like corn starch and sugar cane. Dinosaurs and dragons have been particularly popular with the shoppers, and being here in this shop has shown me the true potential of my business.”

Talented artist Titus Sharp, whose Tonnau Glas (Blue Waves) venture is already picking up commissions and demand for bespoke glass creations cast from beach and sand ripples, was in agreement.

A former health and

social care worker, he is proud to be part of the group and said: “I am here at the shop as much as possible, drawing, learning more about business and selling my work, which has been very positive.

“I’ve had several sales and commissions, and being part of the community has given Tonnauglas more exposure, which is great – everyone has been very supportive.”

Andrea Stinton and her Funky Fairy start-up combine the making of jewellery and keyrings from various metals sea glass and crystal beads with dreamcatchers and suncatchers woven from feathers, natural crystals, and crystal glass. She echoed his words and has enjoyed a similar experience.

“What was a hobby and something I enjoyed doing with my daughter turned into demand for items from friends and family, then their friends and then it was craft fairs and more!” said Andrea.

“Antur Cymru identified this might be a good move for me and they were right. My dream is to have my own store

one day and now I’m on the way to that thanks to them.”

Funded by UK Government and driven by LevellingUp via Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire councils, the project also includes guidance for new and start-up businesses across the region via a team of skilled and experienced mentors and advisors.

The other outlets in Newcastle Emlyn and Aberystwyth have enjoyed regular footfall and community support, and Project Manager Julie Morgan said that has already been the case in Cardigan.

“The shop has been busy since day one, the town has really got behind us and given these small businesses real encouragement,” she said.

“The lessons we have learned at our other two retail spaces have given us a firm foundation to build on here, and with plans for further pop-up stores this year we are confident of giving startups and entrepreneurs in west Wales even more opportunities in the future.”

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Beware the Drop Bear Invasion

KEEP a wary eye out above the supermarket aisles - a sneak attack from Drop Bears is imminent. The elusive Australian marsupials related to the Koala are gearing up to stealthily launch an invasion of Tescos across wales where 3 of their beers are available, lager is the latest.. Last month they started the drop into Planet Organic right across London with all their available beers.

The brewery’s furry mascots will tiptoe through the rafters on a crucial mission - stocking shelves with Drop Bear Beer Co.’s highly coveted core range of one lager, one pale ale, one IPA, and one stout.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to give more people across the UK the chance to try our craft beers,” said Drop Bear Joelle, Co-Founder of

Drop Bear Beer Co. “But I must warn shoppers to be on high alert for Drop Bears lurking above. You never know when one might pounce to deliver our award-winning beers right into your shopping basket!”

Starting February 16, approximately 64 locations across Wales will be “attacked” by Drop

Bears depositing 4-packs of New World Lager, Yuzu Pale Ale, Topical IPA and Bonfire Stout. All 13 Planet Organic stores across London have joined in the beer pandemonium. The Aussie-inspired brewery is expanding its core lager range’s distribution into the UK after gaining a cult following.

“Our vision was simple - create a universally refreshing alcohol-free lager with a delightful finish,” said Drop Bear Joelle. “It needed to be the perfect post-work beer you could enjoy on a hot Aussie day.”

Drop Bear Beer Co. launched its new brewery in Swansea last month.

“We couldn’t keep up with demand - every can

would sell out instantly,” said Joelle. “We realised this was more than just a passion project and we needed to seriously scale up”.

“We have a fiercely loyal following here in Wales, but that has now expanded to other countries, including Hong Kong, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Canada and North America”.

“Our beers have gained a reputation for being full-flavoured crowd pleasers,” said Joelle.

“It just seemed natural to begin sharing them with more of the world.”

The brewery is known for its mischievous personality and cheeky sense of humour.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Beer should be fun!” said Joelle.

“Our core customers really respond to that playful attitude.”

Drop Bear leans into its reputation by adorning its cans with the fictional marsupials.

The mythical creatures stem from Aboriginal Australian folklore. As legend has it, Drop Bears are large, vicious koalas that inhabit the branches of trees and drop down to attack unsuspecting passersby.

“We have a lot of fun with the caricature of Drop Bears being these carnivorous beasts lying in wait to surprise you,” said Joelle.“It fits perfectly with our goal to unexpectedly delight people with our beer.”

While Drop Bears aren’t likely to be found in UK treetops, the brewery promises its impish mascots will be hiding in plain sight on store shelves.

“No worries if you spot a Drop Bear or two along the way - they only bite if you don’t buy!”

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sP ol ITIC


to many. Living standards have fallen in recent years for many households as energy prices rose, along with the price of food, mortgage and rental costs. Indeed everything we spend our money on, in our day to day lives. And if you are on benefits, life is even more difficult. Council Tax goes up above inflation every year and we get cuts to services.

The Conservatives talk of tax cuts in the March Budget at a time that almost every public service is in a worse position than they were in 2010, when the Conservatives were elected to office. Yes, tax cuts are to be welcomed. But surely at a time when public services are doing well and we get good services, once again.

The writing is on the wall for the Conservative Government, confirmed by the 2 by-election massive wins for Labour, last Thursday. Sunak tries to convince us they still have a chance of winning the next election. Yet it seems everyone is crying out for change.

The Liberal Democrats are sharing their premanifesto policies, focusing on the Fair Deal we’re championing in key areas.

The pre-manifesto is an early version of the party’s manifesto for the General Election, setting out our core values and vision. More details on these policies, and how they will be implemented, will be outlined when the full manifesto is published.

Here’s a snapshot of our plans for political reform.

Why we need a Fair Deal for Political Reform

Our political system is broken.

The voting system is unfair and power is too centralised.

Meanwhile, Conservative cronyism, rule-breaking and sleaze has eroded trust in politics. From the disdain of Boris Johnson, to the recklessness of Liz Truss, the Conservatives have taken the British public for granted, and nothing has changed under Rishi Sunak.

Our Fair Deal is about making politics work for everyone again by reforming politics to its core.

A fair voting system

First Past the Post leaves

many people feeling powerless as their votes do not count.

We will:

Introduce proportional representation for electing MPs and local councillors in England to ensure fairer representation and better accountability.

Scrap the Conservatives’ voter ID scheme to stop millions of people becoming disenfranchised.

Give 16- and 17-yearolds the right to vote.

Restoring public trust in politics

Ministers should be held to the highest standards and our political system should be free from corruption and distortion by outside forces.

We will:

Enshrine the Ministerial Code in legislation to hold Government Ministers to account for corruption and sleaze.

Take big money out of politics by capping donations to political parties at £10,000 a year.

Make it a national security priority to protect UK democracy from any threats or interference.

ower to the people

As liberal democrats, we believe in empowering individuals because people know what works best for them. In turn, regions and local areas know what is best for their residents so they should have a greater say over their lives.

We will:

Transfer greater powers away from Westminster and Whitehall to the nations and regions of our Union.

Introduce a written constitution for a federal United Kingdom, with a strong voice for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We will ensure a strong union with Scotland by opposing both a second independence referendum and independence.

Enhance the powers of local government in England within this new federal settlement.

The Prime Minister keeps accusing Labour of not having a plan. Well, the Tories supposedly have plans, but they all seem to fizzle into nothing or go spectacularly wrong. And as you can see, the Liberal Democrats DO have plans. Future articles here will include other areas of our Fair Deal.

If you have any issues or comments, please contact me


Mark Drakeford

• First Minister undoes any good from emergency talks with unions

• Sustainable Farming Scheme “a bargain”, Drakeford claims

• Local MS will stand “shoulder-to-shoulder” with farmers if they protest

AS AnGER at the welsh Government rises across rural wales, farming union leaders met with Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths this Monday (Feb 19).

The meeting came after fierce criticism of the Welsh Government’s approach to rural policy, including the proposed Sustainable Farming Scheme.

With frustration and resentment at boiling point in rural communities, the talks were the best hope of achieving a compromise between the Welsh Government and Wales’s farmers - or at least calming down the febrile atmosphere in which mass protests seem inevitable.


After the meeting, FUW President Ian Rickman called for cooperation and partnership.

“As farmers, we understand our members’ current strength of feeling and frustration.

“We expressed these deep concerns and the resentment felt by our members and the wider rural community to the Minister in no uncertain terms today.

“We have called for an independent assessment to take place on the socio-economic impact and bureaucratic burden of Welsh Government agricultural policies, to

include the SFS, bovine TB and the Control of Agricultural Pollution ‘NVZ’ regulations.

“This time must also be used for a series of regular meetings involving the Minister for Rural Affairs and her officials with both farming unions to rethink the proposals through genuine co-design.”

NFU Cymru President Aled Jones hailed the talks as constructive but stressed the urgency of working together to stabilise the rural economy and plan for the future.

“We have asked the Welsh Government to undertake a socioeconomic assessment of the SFS that assesses the impact of the current proposals on Welsh farming, rural communities and the supply chain.

“No decisions on the next steps for the SFS should be taken until that assessment is complete.

“If necessary, the SFS should be paused and delayed until we can be sure that the SFS can deliver the same level of stability to the whole agrifood supply chain and rural Wales as the current support arrangements.

“The current pressures go beyond the SFS. Therefore, I have asked the Minister to consider establishing an Independent Review Group to consider the cumulative burden of regulations and policies on Welsh farming businesses. That process

must also consider the wider economic and political factors affecting the Welsh agricultural industry at this time.

“The meeting was constructive, and I was pleased that the Minister listened to our concerns and recommendations to the Government.

“I now look to her and the Welsh Government to take forward our proposals.

“I have asked the Minister to commit to a series of meetings to ensure that moving forward, the design of the SFS and the payment rates attached to it can be a genuine co-design between Welsh Farming and Welsh Government.”

Promising words. But there was no statement from the Minister on the talks.


It didn’t matter.

Shortly afterwards, Mark Drakeford torpedoed whatever good the meeting did at addressing farmers’ concerns.

He undermined any good work by Lesley Griffiths in a rant delivered during a press conference.

The First Minister’s tineared approach to rural policy and desire to play to urban and suburban voters spilt over under questioning.

Mr Drakeford ludicrously suggested that farmers wanted £300m

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Drakeford disaster: First Minister pours fuel on the flames as unions talk to Minister

inflames rural tension

of public money to spend as they please, with no strings attached.

Nobody is suggesting that, as the First Minister knows.

It appears that in the home straight of his time in power, Mr Drakeford has ditched the “doctor’s persona” and shown his ideology-driven, partisan, and intolerant real one.

The warm words of farmers’ leaders turned to ashes in their mouths as the extent of the First Minister’s ignorance became apparent.

Why the First Minister cannot just come out and say he and his Government regard rural Wales with contempt is a matter for him. However, in a General Election year, it’s not too much to suppose that Labour candidates hoping to win rural seats on the back of UK-wide polls will be troubled by his cackhandedness.

The following day, Mr Drakeford dug in.

At First Minister’s questions, he told Conservative Leader Andrew RT Davies: “There is a bargain here. That is the bargain that the sustainable farming scheme represents. It’s why we’ve had a sevenyear conversation with farmers in Wales about getting that bargain right.”

Which rather begs questions about future funding and why so much

of the consultation is uncosted or data-deficient.

That was not the First Minister’s biggest misstep.

Ignoring the fact that it was Labour’s Welsh heartland voters that backed Brexit most emphatically, Mr Drakeford laid the blame for Brexit on Wales’s farmers. It’s a slur so tired that even his most loyal party hacks must groan when he trots it out. Mr Drakeford further undermined Lesley Griffiths.

Since the Welsh Government published its financial analysis showing the disastrous consequences of the Sustainable Farming Scheme, the Rural Affairs Minister has backed and filled by claiming the figures are outdated and subject to revision.

Not according to the First Minister.

Mr Drakeford said the figures published would inform the consultation.

If the figures are outdated or redundant, it is hard to see the value of such data or how they can inform anything.

As things stand, and the First Minister refused to answer when pressed, Wales faces a huge hit to the nation’s economy, armageddon for the rural economy, and job losses at twice the scale of Port Talbot in areas where jobs are hardest to replace.


Andrew RT Davies MS, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, said: “Labour’s plans for agriculture would be ruinous for so many farmers, and would dissolve rural businesses that have been providing food and looking after our countryside for generations, hardly a ‘bargain’.

“Labour must scrap this policy, which amounts to green blackmail, before they do irreversible damage to our farming communities.”

Local MS Sam Kurtz, the Shadow Rural Affairs Minister, added: “The start of the next First Minister’s tenure could be overshadowed by serious discontent in rural Wales, as neither candidate is willing to listen to the genuine concerns of the agricultural sector.

“That’s why I’m urging once again for the consultation to be paused.

If it isn’t then it is only a matter of time before farmers are on the steps of the Senedd protesting, and I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with them.”

Plaid Cymru spokesperson for Rural Affairs, Llyr Gruffydd MS, said: “The First Minister’s comments show yet again how out of touch Labour are with our farmers and rural communities across


“Instead of patronising the sector, the First Minister and his Government should work with the community to show that their voices and concerns are being listened to.

“This kind of outburst will only deepen the despair felt by so many in the industry, adding to the mental health crisis that’s now emerging in so many farming communities.

“Nobody knows more than farmers that they have a big part to play in helping tackle the climate emergency. That’s why the industry has pledged to achieve net zero by 2040, earlier than the Welsh Government’s target.

“Farmers stand ready to meet the challenge, but that transition has to be a just transition for those working in agriculture in the same way as it has rightly been demanded for other sectors such as the steel industry.

“Plaid Cymru has argued time and time again that investing in our farming industry is an investment for Wales, with a return of £9 for every £1 that goes into the industry.

“From the economy to producing food, safeguarding our culture and language, and being a key partner in tackling climate change – Labour must realise that Welsh farmers are vital to Wales’s success.”

MAJOR elections are looming. we will finally get the chance to vote our verdict on 14 years of Tory failure at a General Election, hopefully before november’s US Presidential elections. In May, we have Police and Crime Commissioner elections. Before that, welsh Labour Party members will choose a new leader, who will become the First Minister of wales. I’m backing Vaughan Gething. He has the attributes and experience a leader needs for the challenging years ahead.

Top of those challenges is the cost of living. The Conservatives have left the UK much worse off after 14 years. Households will, on average, be £1,900 poorer at the end of this parliament than at its start. Disposable income per person is expected to fall by 1.5% this year. It affects people in every income bracket – but those who have the least the most. Just look at food banks. Before the Conservatives came to power they were a marginal service: 41,000 threeday packages were handed out by the country’s largest food bank charity, Trussell Trust, in 2009-10.

By 2020-21 it had reached 2.6 million. The number of parcels for children in Wales has increased by 83 per cent in the past 5 years. Shocking.

Being poor costs more. Research shows that the poorest families in the UK must spend an average of 63p in each pound to meet basic food and energy needs. That is why the

Welsh Government is doing everything it can to help, with policies and schemes that put money back in people’s pockets. Around three quarters of households are expected to be supported in some way – but nearly twice as much will go to households in the bottom half of income distribution than those in the top half, and three times as much to those in the bottom fifth than those in the top fifth. Helping most those who need it most.

Some benefits, like primary school free meals and free prescriptions, are universal. Others are means tested. Make sure you claim your entitlement. According to recent research by The Bevan Foundation, around £73 million of Welsh benefits per year is left unclaimed. You can check at: https://

In this election year, tackling poverty should be the top priority. Last month, the Welsh Government launched its Child Poverty Strategy. It will address the harmful effects on children living in poverty and look to improve opportunities for these young people. Over 3,000 children, young people, families and organisations have helped to create the strategy, helping to make sure the focuses and priorities are in the right place. The Welsh Government is determined to use all their powers to bring about change. Hopefully it won’t be too long before a Labour UK government can do the same.

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Are you ready for the country?: Welsh farmers could mirror European protests

Recession = Tory Wipeout

THE nEwS that the UK is officially in a period of economic recession has huge political implications.

It is a further nail in the Tory General Election coffin.

The Shadow Chancellor, Rachel Reeves, could barely hide her glee in declaring the economic news ‘Rishi’s Recession’.

The UK’s economic performance is dire, with inevitable consequences for living standards.

We have been getting relatively poorer for over a decade, and there is no indication that the malaise is about to end.

GDP per capita has collapsed by 4.2%

compared to its precost-of-living crisis path, meaning the average person is around £1,500 worse off compared to only a few years ago.

We are experiencing the longest period of successive quarterly falls in personal wealth since 1955.

To date, the answer of the Tories has been to cut personal taxes to stimulate growth. However, this strategy is clearly failing, and the inevitable consequence will be the need to further reduce investment in our public service and support for the most vulnerable in society.

Don’t look to the opposition parties for salvation.

A change of Government will change only the elevator muzak as the economy heads to the basement.

Both Labour and Plaid Cymru accept the fiscal rules that constrain the room of the Treasury for movement and the tax and spending plans for the Tory UK Government.

Labour has abandoned its one radical policy of investment in green technologies. When Labour says it has a “plan for growth”, it will have to do much better than putting a rose on the Chancellor’s Budget Red Book.

Meanwhile, Plaid Cymru Leader Rhun

ap Iorwerth outlined his economic plan last month, which cut and pasted a Bill I presented to Parliament in the summer of 2019.

Although I am flattered, it is a bit worrying that there has been no evolution in Plaid Cymru’s economic thinking since I left the party despite a global pandemic followed by an inflation explosion and a cost-of-living crisis.

Economists talk about the differences between endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) influences.

All the establishment political parties seem to have given up on domestically stimulating economic growth and

real wages and geographical wealth imbalances.

One way forward would be to revise the self-imposed budgetary straight jacket of the fiscal rules.

In accepting these, Labour has fallen for a Tory trap, meaning the General Election will quickly fall into a debate on who the public wants to administer the next round of austerity.

Instead, the fiscal rules should be amended to maintain day-to-day public spending at the tax receipt level but to free up capital spending to boost economic growth.

Given the dire state of matters, Hutton estimates that we should aim for a public investment level of 3% of GDP.

The critics will say, look at what happened when Truss and Kwarteng strayed outside the ‘rules’.

They offered a totally different proposition of slashing taxes whilst maintaining public expenditure.

It wasn’t credible, and no wonder global financial investors took fright.

are reliant upon external factors.

In this context, Brexit is a complete disaster, as its very essence has been to increase trade barriers.

An end to Russia’s war in Ukraine would indeed have a very positive impact on economic growth. However, most military analysts envisage the current quagmire lasting for quite some time.

As Will Hutton wrote powerfully in the Observer over the weekend, the UK suffers from an investment drought that has lasted decades, resulting in crumbling public services, chronic low productivity, stagnating

The next British Government should also do whatever it can to improve economic relations with the European Union.

It can’t use its Brexit freedoms without putting up barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Stormont collapsing again.

Furthermore, with the Republican party in the US adopting an isolationist anti-NATO position, the UK will have to increasingly work with our European partners on defence and security matters in the face of Russian aggression.

While we do so, we may as well reintegrate economically.

Now, that would be an example of exogenous economic growth theory.

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MS’s great-grandmother on peace petition

In FEBRUARY 1924, four welsh women landed in new York, clutching a bunch of daffodils, a bound ‘memorial’ containing an appeal for peace, and a petition signed by 390,296 welsh women calling on the women of America to use their influence to encourage the US government to join the League of nations as a means of avoiding future conflicts.

On 21 February 1924 – exactly 100 years ago this Wednesday –those women had a very special appointment with President Calvin Coolidge in the White House, where they showed him the Appeal for Peace and extracted a promise that the signatures would be kept in the Smithsonian museum in perpetuity.

Of those 390,296 signatures, one has particular significance to a current Welsh politician, Sioned Williams MS. Bessie Evans of Price Street in Rhymney is Ms Williams’ great-grandmother, and her name can be seen on the petition alongside her two eldest daughters.

For Ms Williams, it sends an “important,

clear message” that “it’s ordinary people, like my great-grandmother, who pay the high price of war” and that “Wales needs to raise its voice as a nation on the world stage today, just as it did a century ago.”

Sioned Williams MS marked the occasion by leading a debate in the Senedd celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the event and asking what significance it holds for Wales’s role in speaking up for peace today.

Sioned Williams MS said: “Seeing my greatgrandmother’s signature with the names of her two eldest daughters, my grandmother’s sisters Miriam and Elizabeth, was a thrilling and emotional experience. It was also an important and clear message from the past - the voice of my foremothers calling to me through the decades and answering my questions.

“They signed this petition because they understood that it was ordinary, poor people like them who pay the high price of war worldwide. Their belief in the importance of international cooperation and working for a peaceful resolution

to conflict demanded that they act. And they understood that Wales needed to raise its voice as a nation to this end on the world stage.

“The remarkable and proud history of the petition sends us a message in Wales today, about the importance of taking action, about the importance of taking a stand, and about the long and proud tradition of Wales, and Welsh


THIS wEEK I will be joining my welsh Conservative friends in Llandudno at our annual conference. Like most conferences it is a great opportunity to share ideas and build relationships, whilst addressing the topics of the day.

One of the topics will undoubtedly be the future of farming in Wales. The current administration in Cardiff seems hellbent on destroying the agricultural heart of Wales, with their unjustifiable attacks on farmers. Leading the attack is non other than the First Minister.

When asked this week if his government could be trusted, when they had ignored previous concerns from farmers, his response was alarming. His reasons for introducing changes were due to the farmers voting for Brexit. So, according to Mark Drakeford the blame for an expected £200 million loss to the Welsh economy and job losses to be in the thousands are entirely the fault of farmers. He also dismissed it as “alarmist nonsense” When he speaks like that it is no surprise they don’t trust him.

They are dismissed as “individual voices”, and he insists that the policy will remain in place.

The two candidates seeking the job as First Minister are no better. When faced with a peaceful gathering of farmers and children they ran away. If that is how they are “listening” then we all should be worried. It is farmers who know how to work the land to deliver sustainable practices which produce high quality food and looks after the environment.

This is, of course, on top of the M4 relief road debacle, huge problems with the NHS, and extra Senedd members that no-one wants. It is clear that Welsh Labour will not listen to the public and will reject any objections without a debate. In this election year these issues will be debated and whilst Labour will almost certainly argue that all the problems are the fault of the UK Government it needs to be remembered these are all devolved matters.

women in particular, of speaking up on international affairs and calling for peace.”

Ms Williams added: “We should not look at this petition as a mere piece of history without examining its significance and inspiration today. The words of the appeal resonate so much because they are as important today as they were a century ago.”

This lack of trust has been highlighted in recent poll of Welsh farmers found that only 3% trust the Welsh Government It also revealed that 87% of them believe that the Welsh Government’s plans would not neither support their business nor deliver positive environmental outcomes.

He claims he is taking notice of consultations and listening to the public. Currently, there are 470,000 signatures on the Senedd petition to scrap the blanket 20 mph law. Is he listening to their concerns? No.

The General Election is not the only vote taking place this year. In May we will be given the opportunity to vote for the Police & Crime Commissioners. And in Dyfed-Powys it is time for a change.

The reports into Dyfed-Powys Police are damming and show a disregard for victims. When the HMIC states that Dyfed-Powys Police “doesn’t achieve appropriate outcomes for victims” it highlights problems throughput the Force.

I am looking forward to discussing these issues, as well as meting up with some incredibly talented and good friends at our conference.

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death notices




OWENS Cllr. Reginald Sidney ‘Reg’ Herbrandston Reg passed away peacefully at home, in Herbrandston, with his family at his side on Saturday 10th February 2024, aged 77 years. Beloved husband of Josie, devoted father of Nichola, Lucy and Rhys, loving grandfather of Euan, Gregor, Mostyn, Elwyn, Millie and Merryl, cherished father-in-law of Joe, Neil and Michelle and dear brother and brother-in-law to Eira and Mike. Reg was loved dearly and highly respected in the local and wider community, he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. The funeral service will take place on Friday 1st March 2024 at 10:15am at St. Mary’s Church, Herbrandston, followed by committal at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 12:15pm. Family flowers only. All enquiries to Tom Newing & Sons Ltd., Milford Haven. Tel: 01646 693180.


EDWARDS Rhiannon

Ruthina Maenclochog

Yn sydyn nos Fawrth

13eg Chwefror yn

Ysbyty Llwynhelyg, hunodd Rhiannon yn

dawel. Priod y diweddar Dilwyn, mam Buddug a Geraint, mamgu Guto, Mared ac Aled a chwaer annwyl. Cynhelir angladd hollol breifat yn ôl ei dymuniad. Ymholiadau

I Dennis Jones Trefnwr

Angladdau, Efailwen, Ffôn 01994 419561 Saundersfoot.


LOW Hilary of St. Davids. Passed away at Withybush Hospital on 11th February. Beloved wife of Ronald. Dearly loved mother of David and Timothy and a much loved grandmother of Ashley. Funeral service on Friday 23rd February. 11.00 am at St. Davids Cathedral to be followed by interment in St. Davids Cemetery. No flowers, donations if desired for Shalom House Palliative Care kindly received by W.G. Bernard Mathias &

Daughter, 62 New street, St. Davids SA62 6SU



Florence The death occurred peacefully but unexpectedly at Withybush Hospital on Thursday 1st. February, a well known and respected local farmer, Mr. Ian Richards of St. Florence. He was 71 and will be greatly missed by all his family and many friends. The funeral will take place on Monday 19th February with a service at St. Florence Parish Church at 12.00. noon, followed by interment in the Churchyard. All further enquiries may be made to John Roberts & Son, Funeral Directors, 51, Bush Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6AN, Tel. 01646 683115, who are carrying out the arrangements.


GRIFFITHS Thomas Wolfscastle 1938 2024 Passed away peacefully on Friday 16th February 2024. Beloved husband of Heather, loving father

of Grace and Kevin, father-in-law to Mark and Phoebe, and much loved grandfather of Elin, Anwen and AvaMay. Funeral service to be held at Pen-y-Bont Chapel, Wolfscastle on Wednesday 28th February 2024 at 1.00pm, followed by interment at the Chapel Cemetery. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu, if desired and in support of Withybush Hospital Cardiac Care Unit, made payable to “Hywel Dda Health Charities” Charity No.: 1147863, c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 0BB, Telephone: 01348 873250.


PATTENDEN John Saundersfoot The death occurred at Withybush Hospital on 11th February 2024, of Mr John Vincent Pattenden of Saundersfoot, after a short illness. He was aged 78. Cherished husband of Ann, devoted father to Joanna, Emma and Ben and father-in-law to James, adored ‘Pappi’

to granddaughters Alice and Lucy. John was also a beloved brother, uncle and friend. The funeral service will take place at St Mary’s Church, Tenby on Friday 1st March 2024 at 2.30pm, followed by private cremation. Family flowers only. Donations may be made to the Salvation Army or Action Aid, c/o E.C. Thomas & Son Funeral Directors, Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth SA67 8QH (01834) 831876 & 21, Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4JS (01646) 682680 or via www.



DELLER June Marian

The family of June Deller are very sad to announce her death. The funeral will be held at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth, Tuesday 27th February, 11.30 am, with reception afterwards at Castlemartin Hall.


HOWELLS John Dinas

Cross Peacefully on Friday 9th February at Parc y Llyn Nursing

Home, John of Dinas Cross. Beloved husband of Rosemary and a loving father, grandfather and great grandfather. Funeral service on Friday 1st March at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth at 2.30pm. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu, if desired, made payable to ‘Paul Sartori Foundation’ c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 9BB. Tel - 01348 873250.


HUGHES David Dinas Cross Peacefully on Tuesday 6th February at Withybush Hospital, David of Dinas Cross. Beloved husband of Charmian, loving father, grandfather and great grandfather. Service of thanksgiving at St Brynach’s Church, Dinas Cross on Saturday 2nd March at 2pm. Family flowers only. Donations in lieu if desired, made payable to ‘Parkinson’s UK’ or ‘RNLI’ c/o Paul Jenkins & Sons Funeral Directors, Feidr Castell, Fishguard, SA65 9BB. Tel: 01348 873250.

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le TT ers & no TIC es

oF THe weeK!



The present understanding of Politics, the Government of Nations, is Personality Politics, steadily forced upon foolish electors by all forms of public information, newspapers, TV, Social Media, with increasing dishonesty and aggression. Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher were contrasted Tory PM’s, which might explain terms like ‘Thatcherism’ and ‘Blairism’, as shorthand for conflicting policies, but that obliterates real comprehension of Politics, in educated, meaningful terms, so absent today.

Starmer changed his 2021 estimate, of the money he hoped to allocate to ‘Green Policies’, so he is held guilty of Interest Rate increases, while

he was in Opposition. Starmer is condemned for waiting two days, before ejecting Azhar Ali from the Labour Party. Should Starmer have such power within any Party, to reject a candidate without consultation, or giving Ali a chance of defence? The same unreasonable abuse of MPs of all Parties, is seen by many dullards, as being the substance of Politics, hatred of persons, a hopeless, ‘populist’ distortion of intelligent discussion. Personality Politics endangers the world. Thousands of TV commentators have told us that we must not have a ceasefire in Ukraine, for the reason that Putin is mad. I have no knowledge to question that, but that seems the best possible reason for a ceasefire, for everyone, including Ukrainian children. I seriously question the sanity of persons so determined, lacking any self-criticism, or sense of their own responsibilities. I hoped

that the barbaric, greater horrors of Gaza, and the likely consequences, from that, for the next five generations, might influence those who disagree with me about Ukraine. I suggest that Personality Politics, the perspective of children and bigots, ‘We are the Goodies, and they are the Baddies.’, is the poison we feed each other.

Name and address provided



The BBC presents a TV programme explaining to today’s audience, the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930’s, well worth watching, and may be the most suitable method to reach present UK adults, who can only see Personality Politics, interpreting history

through selected persons, loving flamboyant liars like Trump and Johnson, rejecting boring honest politicians, Starmer and Davey.

Fascist Spain and Italy slowly moved from Monarchy to Dictatorship, while Hitler, Goering and Himmler extended that to the Third Reich, conquest of lesser nations, which should last a thousand years.

Under Fascism, the State may demand the citizens’ lives. Under Nazism, the State murdered 6 million innocent citizens, for any reason it invented, from Jews to Jehovah’s Witnesses and Gypsies, partly by pretending that the Concentration Camp for gassing babies, was only an Internment Camp, where Work would ‘make us free’.

The BBC explained not only the victory of evil men, but also the surrender of weak men in authority, who facilitated that victory over any semblance of

Justice. To comprehend fully, it really is essential for each adult today, to devote his life to finding that distinction between beliefs. Does Justice exist, a Truth as real as myself?

And, to achieve that clarity of vision for your mind, you need to recognise something of that progression through centuries. Nietzsche was a brilliant philosopher of the 19th century, who attacked the spineless weakness of Christ, who should be discarded, with all his compassion and sympathy, for us to worship Strength and Determination of Purpose. The Swastika is a twisted Cross.

80 years later, Hitler used the beliefs of a dead, clever man, to commit the greatest crime in history. The lesson for us is to search for higher purposes.

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C. n westerman
PICTure carew Castle by Tina Friday February 23rd 2024 For up to date news please check our social network channels 71 leTTers

























01834 482022



To adVerTIse In THe loCal serVICes seCTIon email

Ts P or


One change for this weekends match-up

wARREn GATLAnD has unveiled his wales squad for the upcoming Six nations showdown against Ireland, introducing one key change from the team that faced England at Twickenham.

Heading into round three of the Six Nations, Gatland’s strategic decision sees Sam Costelow stepping in at flyhalf, replacing Ioan Lloyd in the starting XV. Lloyd, having been on the front lines against England, now takes a spot on the bench for the upcoming clash.

Despite facing defeats in their initial two games, Wales demonstrated resilience and determination in a closely contested

match against England, narrowly missing victory by a mere two points. Acknowledging the commendable effort, Gatland has opted to maintain the majority of the lineup, rewarding the players for their performance.

Tomos Williams joins Costelow in the half-backs, while the formidable back three comprises Rio Dyer, Cameron Winnett, and Josh Adams. The midfield is anchored by George North and Nick Tompkins.

In the forward pack, the front row features Gareth Thomas, Keiron Assiratti, and Elliot Dee. The second row is led by skipper Dafydd Jenkins and Adam

Beard, with the dynamic loose forward trio consisting of Alex Mann, Tommy Reffell, and Aaron Wainwright.

On the bench, Dillon Lewis makes an appearance as a replacement following Archie Griffin’s injury against England. Cardiff Rugby’s Mackenzie Martin steps in for Taine Basham, who has been released from the squad.

The highly anticipated clash against Ireland is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Saturday, February 24, at the iconic Aviva Stadium in Dublin. For live updates on the team announcement, be sure to stay tuned.

wALES XV: Cameron Winnett, Rio Dyer, George North, Nick Tompkins, Josh Adams, Sam Costelow, Tomos Williams; Gareth Thomas, Elliot Dee, Keiron Assiratti, Dafydd Jenkins (Captain), Adam Beard, Alex Mann, Tommy Reffell, Aaron Wainwright.

Replacements: Ryan Elias, Corey Domachowski, Dillon Lewis, Will Rowlands, Taine Basham, Kieran Hardy, Ioan Lloyd, Mason Grady.

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ROUND 3 THIS WEEKEND! What’shappeningelsewhere?

IRELAnD’S head coach Andy Farrell made six changes to his squad for the clash against Italy, showcasing the depth and versatility of his team following their commanding win over France.

The tactical rotation not only demonstrated the squad’s strength but also resulted in an impressive 36-0 triumph in Dublin.

Of particular note was the fact that Ireland prevented Italy from scoring any points, marking the first occasion since 1987 that they have held an opponent scoreless in the tournament. This defensive prowess adds an extra layer of confidence as Ireland seeks to make their mark in the Six Nations.

Fly-half Jack Crowley, who notched the opening try, delivered another standout performance, prompting comparisons to the legendary Johnny Sexton in his ability to control the game. Six Nations Rugby Special analyst Davies praised Crowley, suggesting that, given the current trajectory, he could evolve into a world-class player.

“In that side and the way they are playing at the moment, Crowley could grow into a worldclass player,” remarked Davies, emphasizing the young fly-half’s confidence and game awareness that belie his early career stage.

With the upcoming fixture against Wales scheduled for 24 February in Dublin, Farrell’s side aims to maintain their momentum and stay on course to achieve the rare feat of back-to-back Grand Slams in the Six Nations. Welsh fans and rugby enthusiasts alike are eagerly anticipating this crucial clash between two formidable sides.

FRAnCE secured a dramatic 20-16 victory over Scotland, with Louis Bielle-Biarrey’s late try proving to be the decisive moment. The win marked a crucial turnaround for Les Bleus, who suffered a 38-17 defeat to Ireland in their opening match last weekend.

The game saw Scotland take an early lead through Ben White’s seventh-minute try, putting the French team in a precarious position. However, Bielle-Biarrey’s inspired play in the 70th minute allowed France to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, complementing Gael Fickou’s earlier contribution in the first half.

Despite the Scots’ late rally and a contentious decision not to award them a try in the final moments after a thorough TMO review, France emerged victorious. The hosts, already without key back-three players Blair Kinghorn and Darcy Graham due to injuries, faced further challenges when wing Kyle Steyn withdrew due to the impending birth of his child. The uncapped Harry Paterson was called in to start at full-back, while Kyle Rowe shifted to the wing.

Scotland’s initial lead, crafted through a wellexecuted try by Duhan van der Merwe, Paterson, and Huw Jones, set the tone for an intense battle. Toulon scrum-half White’s resilience in holding off French defenders secured the early advantage for the Scots. However, France slowly closed the gap, with Thomas Ramos converting a penalty in the 12th minute and Fickou’s try narrowing the scoreline.

Despite a couple of Finn Russell penalties extending Scotland’s lead, the French threat remained evident. Fickou’s second try in the 31st minute, with Ramos converting, brought Les Bleus within three points of their hosts, setting the stage for a gripping contest that ultimately swung in France’s favor.

STEVE BORTHwICK’S England narrowly secured victory against a spirited welsh side. Despite setting the goal of making Twickenham an intimidating venue for opponents, England found themselves challenged as wales appeared more comfortable for substantial periods of the match.

The turning point came in the 72nd minute when George Ford secured England’s first lead with a successful penalty, taking advantage of Mason Grady’s yellow card for a deliberate knock-on. However, England’s triumph was not without a tense defensive struggle, as Wales fiercely pressed in the dying moments.

Maintaining an unbeaten record, England now sits atop the table following Scotland’s narrow loss to France. Yet, it’s the youthful Welsh team that garnered praise for their courageous performance, having lost their first two matches by a mere three-point margin.

Warren Gatland’s side demonstrated resilience, experiencing defeats with a combined total of three points, highlighting the razorthin margins in this Six Nations championship. England’s win, characterized more by containment than domination, is noteworthy. Borthwick’s team has already equaled the total wins of the past three Six Nations campaigns.

Looking ahead, the real test awaits England in the upcoming rounds against Scotland, Ireland, and France. Having not defeated Scotland, Ireland, or France in the Six Nations since 2020 and 2021, respectively, these upcoming matches will reveal the true standing of England’s rebuilding phase.

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Goodwick win again as Mice hammer Cosh

MOST games fell foul to the weather last weekend with pitches saturated after all the rain we’ve had.

Five games however did go ahead, including two senior cup ties. As Goodwick booked their place in the next round after another impressive win.

Senior Cup

Goodwick United 5-0


Will Haworths excellent hat-rick put the tie to bed for the hosts before half time. Despite having a good season in division two Herbie were unable to pose any real threat to Goodwick senior cup run. Jones and Delaney added two more for O’Sullivans men in the second half. The excellent form continues and we

await to see who they’ll face in the next round.

Camrose 2-3 Johnston

A five thriller goal thriller between two mid table division two teams, ended with the Tigers progressing to the next round. The visitors came back after finding themselves 2-0 down after a Chalmers brace for the hosts. Joey George started the late comeback with a goal after 79 minutes, Richards soon added the equaliser, before Kieran Blundell got the vital goal to send his team into the next round.

Elsewhere in league action St Ishmaels hammered Cosheston who’s recent form has been good. Brennan Devonald was the man of the match with a hat-rick for the Mice. Tish’ league form in 2024 is now three

wins out of three and they climb to sixth with a fair amount of games in hand over the teams above them.

In the third division

Morgan Elliott’s hat-rick kept Solva’s promotion charge on track. The hosts beat St Florence 3-1, and Solva now sit second just two points off table

toppers Lawrenny. In the fourth division Angle came out on top of an eight goal thriller when they hosted St Ishmaels reverses. A brace a piece for Niall

Brunton and James Potter ensured the points for the hosts, which leaves them in fourth place and with an outside shot of promotion as it stands.

Leeds in the pink as they humble brave Swans

BEInG a Leeds United fan for fifty years and Swansea City holding a soft spot in my heart as my local football league team, it was a perfect fixture for me last week ( Feb 13) for me to visit the Swansea Stadium. The game ending in 4-0 to the visitors Leeds United.

This also being the first time I was fortunate enough to be in the Swans magnificent hospitality suite made it a really special occasion for me.

There is something unique about a rainy midweek floodlight game and this game did not disappoint.

Following a three course meal in salubrious surroundings, I climbed the steps to the arena just above the halfway line to await the protagonists. With a late kick-off at 7:30pm. Leeds are currently second in the table with an unblemished record in 2024 whilst Swansea are struggling.

Both teams colours are white so Leeds, as the visitors appeared in a shocking pink outfit and quickly proceeded

to shock there opponents racing to a two nil lead within ten minutes.

Strikes from Summerville and Swans old boy Joel Piroe send their noisy travelling army of fans into early ecstasy.

By half time a shell shocked City outfit had leaked another goal, thanks to the diminutive and explosive Willy Gnonto .

I, genuinely am not being bias when I say the football from the visitors from Yorkshire ranged from slick to utterly breath taking and a joy to watch.

With the game already won by half time, Swansea went for damage limitation in the second half.

The enigmatic Gnonto completed his brace in the second period and even the appearance of local Pembrokeshire boy Joe Allen, a second-half sub, was not going to alter the outcome.

This is a transition period for the Swans under new boss Luke Williams, but, I am sure he will get there. Whilst,

Leeds head coach Daniel Farke has done it all before with Norwich City and aims to take Leeds back to the top flight at

the first time of asking. I left the stadium a happy man, but was left hoping at the same time the Swans can bounce

back to their former glory. From their compact and modern stadium and their passionate fans Swansea have the

ingredients in place for future success and its not every week they will face a side like Leeds who are on the top of there game.

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manderwood PembroKesHIre league results

10th february


24th february 2024

Division 1

Clarbeston Road v Hakin United

Neyland vGoodwick United

Pennar Robins v Kilgetty

Tenby v Fishguard Sports

Division 2

Broad Haven v Camrose

Carew II v St Clears

Johnston v Herbrandston

St Ishmaels v Monkton Swifts II

Division 3

Goodwick United II v Clarbeston Road II

Kilgetty II v Letterston

Pembroke Boro v Pendine

St Florence v Neyland II

Division 4

Camrose IIv Tenby II

Fishguard Sports II v Carew III

N Hedges & Saundersfoot v St Ishmaels II

Newport Tigers v Milford Athletic

Prendergast Villa v Milford United

Division 5

Letterston II v Manorbier United

Narberth II v Broad Haven II

St Clears II v Haverfordwest CC II

79 For up to date news please check our social network channels
February 23rd 2024 sPorT DIVISION 1 P W D L GD Pts Goodwick United 14 12 2 0 +52 38 Hakin United 16 11 3 2 +23 36 Merlins Bridge 16 7 4 5 +17 25 Clarbeston Road 16 8 1 7 -9 25 Milford United 16 7 3 6 +3 24 Monkton Swifts 18 6 5 7 +3 23 Tenby 15 6 4 5 +3 22 Pennar Robins 16 4 6 6 -10 18 Carew 15 4 3 8 -1 15 Kilgetty 12 4 1 7 -15 13 Neyland 17 3 4 10 -41 13 Fishguard Sports 13 0 4 9 -25 4 DIVISION 2 P W D L GD Pts Monkton Swifts II 17 14 2 1 +50 44 Herbrandston 16 10 3 3 +20 33 Merlins Bridge II 19 10 3 6 +2 33 Narberth 15 9 2 4 +27 29 Hakin United II 19 7 4 8 -7 25 St Ishmaels 14 7 3 4 +22 24 Camrose 18 6 6 6 +9 24 Johnston 13 5 3 5 +9 18 Broad Haven 16 4 4 8 -24 16 St Clears 17 2 5 10 -22 11 Carew II 18 2 3 13 -29 9 Cosheston 14 2 2 10 -57 8 DIVISION 3 P W D L GD Pts Lawrenny 12 12 0 0 +29 36 Solva 17 11 1 5 +11 34 Goodwick Utd II 15 10 1 4 +31 31 Neyland II 15 7 4 4 +7 25 St Florence 14 7 1 6 +3 22 Pennar Robins II 18 7 0 11 -13 21 Clarbeston Road II 15 6 0 9 -1 18 Haverfordwest CC 12 5 1 6 -11 16 Pembroke Boro 15 4 3 8 -10 15 Letterston 15 4 2 9 -10 14 Kilgetty II 13 3 1 9 -25 10 Pendine 11 3 0 8 -11 9
DIVISION 1 St Ishmaels 7 1 Cosheston - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -DIVISION 2 Solva 3 2 St Florence - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -DIVISION 3 DIVISION 4 DIVISION 5 - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -Angle 5 3 St Ishmaels II - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -for more county sport please visit
DIVISION 4 P W D L GD Pts Camrose II 16 14 0 2 +48 42 N Hedges & Sfoot 13 11 0 2 +30 33 Angle 19 10 1 8 +17 31 Newport Tigers 13 9 1 3 +18 28 Tenby II 12 8 3 1 +24 27 Monkton Swifts III 15 6 1 8 -5 19 St Ishmaels II 15 5 2 8 -2 17 Prendergast Villa 14 4 2 8 -25 14 Fishguard Spts II 17 4 1 12 -40 13 Carew III 15 3 3 9 -38 12 Milford United 14 3 1 10 -9 10 Milford Athletic 13 2 3 8 -18 9 DIVISION 5 P W D L GD Pts Hundleton 16 14 2 0 +88 44 Pembroke Boro II 18 11 2 5 +49 35 Narberth II 15 10 2 3 +25 32 Haverfordwest CC II 17 10 1 6 +31 31 Johnston II 16 9 3 4 +32 30 St Clears II 16 9 2 5 +21 29 Herbrandston II 18 8 1 9 -10 25 Manorbier United 14 7 3 4 +29 24 Broad Haven II 15 5 3 7 -23 18 Letterston II 18 3 4 11 -43 13 Milford Athletic II 16 3 1 12 -66 10 Lawrenny II 16 2 2 12 -54 8 Cosheston II 13 0 0 13 -79 0 - - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - - -
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