Impact of Giving Report 2023

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Impact of Giving Report 2023

Year 2 Musical The Lion King
02 03 Contents Message from Our Pr incipal 04 Message from Our Chair of the Foundation Board 06 2023 in Review – Giving at a Glance 08 Giving Day 2023 10 Scholarships, Awards and Prizes at Pembroke 12 Donor Profile – Why we Give 16 Parents’ and Friends’ Association 18 Bequests 20 Indigenous Education at Pembroke 22 Our Donors – 2023 24 Foundation Board 2023 26 Ways to Give 28
“The breadth and depth of the generosity of the Pembroke community is to be commended and I am grateful for each and every gift.”
Impact of Giving Report 2023
Principal Mr Mark Staker with Senior Kaurna man Uncle Mickey O’Brien and Danielle (Yr 12) at the Yunupingu Cup 1st XVIII Boys Football match in 2023

Message from Our Principal

I am delighted to share our annual Impact of Giving report with you, our valued donors. 2023 was a wonderful year for the Pembroke School Foundation, with over $600,000 raised in donations in support of a number of priorities. The breadth and depth of the generosity of the Pembroke community is to be commended and I am grateful for each and every gift. Each donation, no matter the size, helps to ensure that our students can achieve their very best here at Pembroke.

In 2023 and thanks to philanthropy, we granted almost $290,000 to Pembroke Scholarships benefiting six deserving students. Our Building Fund, which is so important as we strive to develop and improve our campus facilities, attracted more gifts than the previous year. Lastly, I was privileged to approve distributions of almost $40,000 to support families facing hardship through the Principal’s Hardship Bursaries.

Giving at Pembroke has never been more important. Like many independent schools, large capital projects are funded separately to the recurrent operating costs that are recouped through school fees. Therefore, we rely heavily on donations from our community to help fund ambitious projects to realise our dreams.

I look with excitement to what we can achieve in 2024 and beyond as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Pembroke.

My sincere thanks to the members of the Pembroke Foundation Board and the Development Office for their commitment to growing the culture of philanthropy at Pembroke.

04 05

Message from Our Chair of the Foundation Board

I am pleased to report that 2023 was an excellent year for the Foundation with incredible and positive engagement with many of our supporters, a highly successful community Giving Day and several other initiatives embracing many aspects of Pembroke School life. It has been a year of generous philanthropic giving and for this I am extremely grateful.

In March, King’s old collegian and Pembroke Foundation Guardian, the late Neil Balnaves AO, a longstanding and deeply admired member of the Pembroke School community, was fondly remembered at the official unveiling of Balnaves2 – a selection of works by extraordinary desert artists from the private Balnaves family collection. Later in the year, we welcomed a small group of supporters to experience the artworks and to hear from Ms Amanda Bourchier on the legacy of giving at Pembroke and from Mr Mark Staker on future plans for Pembroke. We remain grateful to the Balnaves family for their incredible support of Pembroke and for allowing an opportunity for us to connect with our community through the beauty of art.

Over the course of the year, we were privileged to be able to share with many of our supporters a host of Pembroke events that inspired and delighted all those who attended. Our supporters attended with such enthusiasm and we were so proud to share such a rich range of events –bringing joy to many.

Impact of Giving Report 2023

This year, our fundraising efforts were focused on campus improvements, with an appeal in support of a Reading Corner for the Senior School Library and a Giving Day to raise funds for the redevelopment of the John Moody Centre into a brand new Middle School Café and Boarders’ Dining Room. We were thrilled to see the whole School community come together with great spirit on Giving Day with multiple fundraising events across all three campuses and gifts from 662 donors! Thanks to our incredible seed donors, the School and those who donated on Giving Day, our target fundraising goal was reached. The new café and dining room will open in 2024 and we greatly look forward to celebrating this with all those who supported the appeal with such generosity. We also look forward to seeing upgrades to the Senior School Library in 2024 and sincerely thank all those who donated.

We finished a busy year with a wonderful event held at the new Home of Archives of King’s, Girton and Pembroke. The rich variety of materials on show inspired many conversations and memories and we are thrilled to be able to share this with our community. We look forward to sharing this beautiful facility with more of you in 2024.

In 2023, we received gifts from an outstanding 970 donors. Gifts ranged from donations for our Giving Day, the Building Fund – supporting campus renewal and future building projects, our Scholarships and Indigenous Education Program, and support for the Library, Endowment and Exceptional Circumstances funds.

Our Scholarships Program continues to grow, and we are grateful to all those who have and continue to support this. We now offer several scholarships made possible thanks to philanthropic giving and in 2023, six students across Years 10, 11 and 12 were grateful recipients of this incredible support. Scholarships supported entirely by philanthropic giving are the Pembroke Community Scholarship, the Margaret Sellars Scholarship, the James and Diana Ramsay Scholarship, the Indulkaninna Foundation Scholarship and the Scholarship for the Love of Learning in the IB.

The Foundation Board farewelled Mrs Wendy Wills, Mr Nick Dunstone, Mrs Amy Bredon and Dr Darren Townsend as Board members and welcomed Mr Vincent Ciccarello and Mr Ben Wilson. My grateful thanks are extended to Wendy, Nick, Amy and Darren for their contribution to the Foundation Board.

On behalf of the Pembroke School Foundation, we express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our community for supporting the work of the Foundation in 2023.

06 07

THANK YOU to all our donors. In 2023, we received donations from 970 individuals.

2023 in Review – Giving at a Glance 970 Donors

225 new donors

72.1% current parents (includes some old scholars)

745 existing donors

6.6% old scholars 7.7% staff

13.6% other*

$621 average gift

* Past parents, grandparents, friends of the School

Impact of Giving Report 2023


Scholarships made possible by giving

662 donors on Giving Day

08 09 Total received: $602,045 Indigenous Education (2.1%) Other (1.9%) 36% 33%
Fund Giving Day 27%
Scholarships Building
425 donors contributed to the voluntary Building Fund
Barbecue lunch hosted by boarding students Junior School Coffee Morning Hayden and Will (both Yr 8) with Principal Mr Mark Staker

Giving Day 2023

Bringing our community together for a brand new Middle School Café and Boarders’ Dining Room.

On 17 August 2023, we celebrated Giving Day, a day when our community came together with unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to support a truly worthy cause. It was a day filled with spirit and action, with many individuals contributing generously.

The results were remarkable. Together with support from our generous pioneer donors, the School and many others in the community, we managed to reach our fundraising goal, a substantial sum that will be used to help transform the John Moody Centre on our King’s Campus. This transformation will bring about a new Middle School Café and a Boarders’ Dining Room, along with the opening of ‘Yellow Submarine Too Café’ on Shipsters Road. These developments are set to make a significant impact and touch countless lives.

We were so thrilled to see each sub-school enthusiastically support Giving Day. The day kicked off with a coffee morning at the Junior School attended by many parents, staff and Board members, and our juniors raised almost $600 in cold coin donations – what a great result!

The Middle School campus was buzzing with a hot donut and popcorn sale with a percentage of proceeds supporting the cause, while Middle School staff enjoyed a delicious morning tea and gave generously in support.

Our boarding students must be commended for hosting a delicious bacon and egg roll barbecue at lunch on the Senior School campus, and a raffle and soft drinks sale across both the Middle and Senior Schools.

All up, thanks to the incredible efforts by Middle and Senior School students and staff, $1,682 was raised –another fabulous achievement.

The transformation of the John Moody Centre will happen in 2024 and we greatly look forward to its opening and sharing it with our community.

Thank you to everyone who rallied behind Giving Day –we are so proud of our community for this incredible effort and for supporting us so generously.

10 11
Render of the new Middle School Café Render of the new Boarders’ Dining Room

Scholarships, Awards and Prizes at Pembroke

Pembroke is thrilled to be able to offer the following scholarships –each supported entirely by philanthropic giving.

Pembroke Community Scholarship

The Pembroke Community Scholarship is available for families who aspire to an excellent education but are not able to fund an independent school education for their child due to social or financial disadvantage or adverse personal circumstances.

Indulkaninna Foundation Scholarship

Established by a Pembroke old scholar family, the scholarship offers remission on Pembroke Boarding fees and is offered to students facing exceptional circumstances whose principal residence is in a rural area of South Australia or interstate.

James and Diana Ramsay Foundation Scholarship

The James and Diana Ramsay Foundation Scholarship is offered specifically for low income families who aspire to an excellent education but are unable to fund an independent school education for their child.

Pembroke Scholarship for the Love of Learning in the IB

This Scholarship has been established by a generous and longstanding member of the Pembroke School community for students wishing to study the International Baccalaureate Diploma who would otherwise be unable to access a Pembroke education.

Margaret Sellars Scholarship

Established by inaugural Foundation Patron Mrs Margaret Bennett, this scholarship supports students from rural primary producing communities who may not otherwise consider attending Pembroke.

Impact of Giving Report 2023
James Long in his Year 10 Mathematics class

“Receiving the Margaret Sellars Scholarship at Pembroke was an opportunity I will be forever grateful for. Though the prospect of leaving my hometown and family to become a boarder was daunting, I was able to focus on my studies and place myself in the best position before university. I had an array of opportunities to push myself academically, and interpersonally whilst at Pembroke. At school, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the amount of support offered by dedicated and caring staff members. I was academically pushed across all my subjects, specifically Humanities subjects, and had the opportunity to commence my Law degree whilst in high school. In boarding, I developed lifelong friendships and gained independence which has largely assisted me during the transition between living in the Boarding House and living independently. I am incredibly thankful that Pembroke School offers the Margaret Sellars Scholarship, allowing country kids to experience an outstanding education and boarding life.”

– Zoe Furniss (2022)

Margaret Sellars Scholarship Recipient

“My time at Pembroke as a boarder and a scholarship recipient is something that I look back on with a great sense of pride and achievement. I come from a tiny town of 114 people called Leasingham, located in the Clare Valley. Moving from my parent’s property among the vineyards to Adelaide was a scary but incredibly rewarding experience, in which I made a bunch of friends from all over the world (many of whom I remain in contact with). I was supported by excellent teachers and given access to opportunities and experiences I could never have dreamed of back home. In Senior School, I completed the International Baccalaureate, which set me up to succeed in my education at the University of Adelaide. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Arts Advanced (majoring in Politics and International Relations). I hope the Margaret Sellars Scholarship can continue to support country kids like me to fulfil their dreams.”

– James Long (2020)

Margaret Sellars Scholarship Recipient

12 13

Each year, a number of awards and prizes are granted to deserving recipients as supported by generous gifts from the community.

The Ian Hayward Memorial Award (The gift of the Public Schools Club) for Outstanding Service to the Middle School and the Award for the Co-Head Leader of the Middle School

Ariel Higgs

The Ian Hayward Memorial Award (The gift of the Public Schools Club) for Outstanding Service to the Middle School and the Award for the Co-Head Leader of the Middle School

Sasha Onuma (Terms 1-3), Tiffany Buchan (Term 4)

The Richie George Memorial Award (The gift of the SA Baptist Union) for Outstanding Service to the Middle School and the Award for the Co-Head Leader of the Middle School

Finley O’Brien

The Richie George Memorial Award (The gift of the SA Baptist Union) for Outstanding Service to the Middle School and the Award for the Co-Head Leader of the Middle School

Jeremy Yu

The Margaret Meadows Award

Year 12 Winner - Stuart Vass

Runners Up - Tony Wei, Madison Bishop, Isaac Furniss

Year 11 Winner - Lachlan Kemp

Runners Up - Adam Faisal, Tyler Ebert, Harry McGregor

Year 10 Winner - Tom Rowett

Runners Up - Zachary Yeend, Angus Townsend, Ariana Johnson

The Ross Family Leadership Award

Alice Sabine

The Margaret Bennett Award for Excellence in Visual Art (SACE)

Adele Cooper

The Margaret Bennett Award for Best Film

Olivia Barrette and JD Guterres

The Hackett Award for Girls’ Soccer

Niki Papageorgiou

The Kelly Booms Basketball Award

Alice Sabine

The Vicki Hastings Netball Award

Madi Hughes

The Sally Giles Orchestral Award for Improvement or Achievement (the gift of Mr I and Mrs E Giles in memory of their daughter and old scholar, Sally Giles)

Xavier Bursill

Impact of Giving Report 2023

The Angus Crawford Memorial Award for Exemplary Service to Pedal Prix

Harry McGregor

The Kaye M Michell Awards (the gift of CRH & DL Michell and Family) for Outstanding Leadership in and Service to the School - Year 11 Girl

Rosa Hessabi

The Kaye M Michell Awards (the gift of CRH & DL Michell and Family) for Outstanding Leadership in and Service to the School - Year 12 Girl

Elsie Holland

The Colin E Michell Award (the gift of CRH & DL Michell and Family) for Outstanding Leadership in and Service to the School - Year 11 Boy

Bode Li

The Colin E Michell Award (the gift of CRH & DL Michell and Family) for Outstanding Leadership in and Service to the School - Year 12 Boy

Olli Hallam

The Award for the Best Science Student presenting as the best candidate in any two of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (the gift of Dr M and Mrs P Koo)

Matthew Lim

The Award for the Best Mathematics Student presenting as the best candidate in Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics (the gift of Dr M and Mrs P Koo)

Jack Hudson

The Award for Business subjects (from Accounting, Business Innovation, Economics and Legal Studies)

Luke Lorenzetti

The Diana Medlin Awards for Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) - for a Girl

Ashley Wang

The John Mayfield Award for Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) - for a Boy

Everett Webb

The Enid Williss Ferrari Memorial Award for Excellence in Choral Music

Charlotte Eston

The Wood Award, presented to a Middle School Student for Outstanding Service to the School Community

Ollie Allen, Rose Parkin

14 15
Judges of the Margaret Meadows Award, Stephanie McPharlin, Richard Meadows (1974), and Head of Technology Anthony Izzo Jonte and Jack (both Yr 12) with guest speaker and old scholar Nick Muecke (2014), accepting the Margaret Bennett Short Film Award at the Unreel Film Festival in 2023

Donor Profile –Why we Give

The Kroehn Family – Anna (1991) and Andrew

What is your connection with Pembroke?

Anna is an old scholar, attending as a boarding student from 1986 - 1991. We are parents of both a current boarding student and an old scholar. Anna is currently a Boarding Parent Representative, with both of our children boarding whilst at Pembroke.

What motivates you to give to Pembroke?

Having experienced the opportunities that an education at Pembroke can provide, we feel motivated to contribute and assist future students to have the same experience. Seeing how past projects and the scholarships provided by the giving program positively impact students - and enable them to take part in new opportunities, specialist subjects and co-curricular activitiesis a wonderful experience. We’re very grateful for all the benefits that our family has received from their education at Pembroke and want to give back so other students can benefit from a similar experience.

What do you hope to accomplish through your giving?

We give in order to continue to improve facilities that support the education, personal development and everyday lives of current and future students. We both attended boarding schools and hope that these contributions will enable other rural and remote students to experience the benefits that a well-rounded education delivers. We’re committed to being part of a community that seeks to continue to benefit and improve things for future students, as previous contributions by others have benefitted our family.

If you were talking to someone else about giving to Pembroke, what would you tell them?

It’s a meaningful way to directly contribute to the extended School community, and directly benefits the students. Improvements to School facilities such as Shipsters Road, boarding facilities, the Middle School Café and the Scholarships Program all are instrumental in making a quality education available to students who live both locally and remotely.

Impact of Giving Report 2023
Anna and Andrew

“Seeing how past projects and the scholarships provided by the giving program positively impact students - and enable them to take part in new opportunities, specialist subjects and co-curricular activities - is a wonderful experience.”

16 17
Andrew Kroehn The Long Lunch in 2023 Attendees enjoyed a live auction at The Long Lunch in 2023

Parents’ and Friends’ Association

The entire Pembroke community extends its gratitude for the incredible fundraising efforts of the Pembroke Parents’ and Friends’ Association.

In 2023, the P&F Committee, ably led by Patricia Melzer, ran a series of highly successful fundraising events with $20,000 raised at the annual Mother’s Day Luncheon and an impressive $60,000 at the Long Lunch. The Long Lunch raised more than any other P&F fundraising event held at Pembroke.

Having raised significant funds for the Yellow Submarine Too Café, which will open in 2024 on the Middle School Campus, the P&F Association turned their fundraising focus to providing funding for landscaping for the new Middle School Café. We look forward to celebrating its opening in 2024.

In 2024, the P&F Association is aiming high to raise funds for brand new Junior School playground facilities.

Our thanks to all who volunteer their time to plan fundraising events and initiatives as part of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association.

18 19


A gift in your will has the power to transform the lives of young people. It will also help to sustain Pembroke into the future.

Pembroke welcomes bequests and is honoured to have been considered in the wills of several generous benefactors.

Their gifts have enabled us to develop facilities such as Dorothy Yates Hall and the DD Harris Wing of the Boarding House.

Girton teacher Mrs Dorothy Loughead generously bequeathed a property to the School, the sale of which allowed for development of the Girton Arts Precinct and supporting families with financial need.

If you notify the School that you intend to leave a gift to Pembroke in your will, you automatically join the Claridge Harris Club, established to honour and celebrate the enormous contributions of Dorothy Ward (née Claridge, Girton 1939) and DD Harris to, respectively, Girton Girls’ School and King’s College. As a member of this group, your pledge and support of the School is acknowledged during your lifetime.

For a confidential conversation or to find out more about leaving a gift in your will, please contact or call +61 8 8366 7094.

Impact of Giving Report 2023
ELC students engaging in their lesson Dorothy Yates, Headmistress of Girton Girls’ School from 1941-64
20 21 lesson outside

Indigenous Education at Pembroke

The Pembroke community is rich in cultural heritage. First Nations Australians are but one group which forms our remarkably diverse cultural landscape. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholars have been educated here since the 1960s – at both King’s College and Girton Girls’ School. In 2007, conversations with Pembroke Foundation inaugural Patron and Girton old scholar, Mrs Margaret Bennett (née Sellars, Girton 1939) led to a donation which allowed the establishment of the Indigenous Education at Pembroke Program (IE@P).

Artworks by artists from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands displayed at the Middle School Art Exhibition in 2023

Funding, scholarships and leadership opportunities are offered by the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) managed by The Smith Family, and this offers an entry point for young Indigenous students wishing to attend Pembroke and to participate in the IE@P program. Since its inception, over 40 young First Nations scholars have graduated Year 12 through this program.

In 2023, we received several donations in support of the program which supports Indigenous students experiencing a funding gap to support their educational and boarding expenses.

We thank all donors who support the development of this important program.

Abbey (Yr 11) undertaking work experience ‘on country’ in North East Arnhem Land with the Dhimuru Aboriginal Corporation Tasting native ingredients during Year 8 Kaurna Language class

Our Donors – 2023

Thank you to the following donors for supporting Pembroke in 2023. All gifts, no matter the size, are greatly appreciated.

Foundation Governor Anonymous Foundation Guardian

Ms M L Mellen and Mr Y V Mohan-Ram

Foundation Benefactor

Mr I C and Mrs R C Budenberg

Mr N J and Mrs S E Dunstone

Mrs E J and Dr P A Game

Indulkaninna Foundation

The Jones Family

James & Diana Ramsay Foundation

Chris and Jane Smerdon

Foundation Partner

Mr S Huang and Ms J Zhao

Mr C M and Mrs S D Meulengraaf

Foundation Fellow

Ms N M Agostino

Ms A H Bourchier

Mr G K and Mrs J Brennan

The Cadzow/Vass Family

Dr G D Carter

Dr R Cheng and Ms C Lee

Dr P M and Mrs T L Drysdale

Mr S D and Mrs Z B Elvish

Mr M G Evans KC and Mrs J A Evans

Dr T L Gray

Mrs S H L Haan and Mr N M Haan

Mr P J and Mrs C R Holmes

Dr J P Hurst and Dr M K Nixon

Dr P N and Mrs L L Ingham

Mrs M and Dr M Kha

Mr M L Lamb AM and Mrs M F Lamb

Mr K A Lawry and Ms A E Lindsay

Dr S F and Dr H E MacLaren

Dr S K and Mrs N Mazumdar

Mr S J and Mrs J L M Miller

Mrs J and Mr G Mitolo

Mrs A D and Dr M J Naylor

Dr G Newbold

Mr G D Norman and Ms J von Thomann

Mr J R and Mrs N A Orchard

Ms C L Oster

Prof I C Roberts-Thomson and

Prof K F Roberts-Thomson OAM

Mr N H G and Mrs E M Ross

Dr P R and Mrs C E Sage

Prof W T and Ms D A Sarre

Mr G D Standen and Dr M J Nottage

Mr B and Ms J M Steele Scott

Hon J R Sulan KC and Mrs A M Sulan

Dr M and Dr J T Teo

The Newton Foundation

Mr C S and Mrs J S C Thomas

Dr D M and Mrs A M Townsend

Mrs W V Wills and Mr G Bradley

Mr I Wood and Mrs S Wood-Renaudin

Foundation Member


Mr G and Mrs K Ambrose-Pearce

Mr K J and Mrs W Andersen

Dr P Angus and Dr J Thiel


Mr K Bei and Ms H Xu

Mr D J Bentley and Ms T M Sulan

Mr S C R and Mrs H E Berry

Mrs K and Mr J Bishop

Dr J and Dr S Black

Mr S D and Mrs C A Blackman

Dr S J and Mrs J M Boase

Mr B J and Mrs A L Bock

Mrs H E and Mr C Bone

Dr M J and Dr A J Bourke

Mr G D and Mrs C M Bowden

Mrs E and Mr A Bradshaw

Mrs V E Bradshaw

Mr C E S and Mrs J L Bray

Mr R J and Mrs A L Bredon

Dr K and Mrs A M Brewerton

Dr J D Brown and Dr B M Russ

Dr K L Brown and Ms A G Horseman

Mr W L and Mrs H Brown

Mrs L and Mr R Bryant

Mrs K J and Mr C I Bull

Mr M J and Dr K A Bush

Dr Z Cai and Ms Y Jiang

Mr R H Cameron and Ms J M Hooper

Mr B G Campbell and Ms V J Robertson

Dr D J and Ms S D Carman

Mr G M and Mrs L A Carr

Mrs M and Mr D W Carter

Mr M Chan and Mrs H Wong

Mr Y Chen and Ms J Wong

Ms Y Chen and Mr X Cai

Mr B K H Chong and Ms P Cheung

Mr V and Mrs S Ciccarello

Mr A L A and Mrs E C Clark

Mr S Clark

Mrs N A and Mr J R Cleggett

Dr J R and Dr E Coldwell

Mr R A Comber and Ms V J Borissow


Mr T W and Ms K E Cox

Mr S and Mrs C E Crowhurst

Mr P D Cudmore

Ms Y Cui and Mr M Zhu

Mrs C and Dr G L Drogemuller

Mrs T L and Dr P M Drysdale

Mrs S R and Mr A L Dubrich

Dr M C and Mrs G J I Dunbar

Mr A Dundas and Ms D Penaluna

Mr M A Emery and Ms J M Ryan

Mr B P and Mrs S A Emmett

Ms J M English

Prof R G Eston and Prof C G Parfitt

Mrs S J and Mr N Fairfax

Mr E Fan and Mrs A Ji

Mrs Q Fan and Mr K Gu

Dr K A and Mrs A M Fernando

Mr M C and Mrs G Ferrier

Mr N J and Ms R E Floreani


Mr D J and Mrs S K Fotheringham

Mr J D A P Freesmith and Dr K S Hodgetts

Ms W Fu and Mr K Lee

Mr D J and Mrs R E Furniss

Mr B F Gallard

Dr A and Dr P L Ganesan


Mrs M L and Mr R A Gilder

Mr D and Mrs M T Glavas

Mr J Halpin and Mrs K R May-Halpin

Ms P C Harries

Dr S M A and Mrs A Hassam

Ms A L Hayes and Mr C M Harford

Dr J P Henschke and Ms J Deng

Dr C G and Dr A C Hercus

Mr D M and Mrs E V Hill


Ms R M Holman


Mr J H Huang and Ms A Y Chong

Ms J Huang

Mr A J Hudson

Mr B S and Ms S Hutton

Mr T Huynh and Mrs P Tran

Mr L H Jackson and Mrs J L Selth

Mr J S Jamieson and Mrs L L May-Jamieson

Mr P A and Mrs L Jankowski

Dr Y Ji and Mrs R Qu

Mrs W Ji and Mr Y Le

Mr O and Mrs J Johnston

Mr M E P and Mrs G B Jolly

Dr P Kang and Mrs M Vo

Mr C N and Mrs A S H Kelly

Mrs T and Mr S Kent

Dr M and Mrs M Kha

Mrs W Khalifi and Mr Y Ouaziz

Dr V Kochiyil and Dr K Valeriparambath

Mrs P M F Koo

Dr J D and Mrs N J Kosmas

Mr K Kot

Mrs A L and Mr A Kroehn

Mrs N K Kuchel

Mr G R and Mrs T J Lamerton

Dr P W and Mrs N D Larkin

Dr C D and Mrs P M T Le

Mrs A and Dr I Lebedev

Mrs M E Lee and Mr D Kang

Ms S Lee and Dr G Sakarapani

Mr R J Leue and Ms S E J Powell


Mrs J Li and Mr P Hu

Mr J Li and Mrs Z Tu

Mr R Li and Ms D Wang

Mr Y Liang and Mrs A Wang

Dr K Lim and Mrs H Cheng

Dr P Lim and Dr C Hew

Ms H Liu

Mr J Liu and Mrs Y Ma

Ms X L Liu and Mr R Zhou

Mr K F Lodge

Ms J London and Mr M Bendyk

Mrs H Lu and Mr Z Gu

Mr Y and Dr L Lu

Mr Z Luo and Mrs W Chung

Mr M L Ma and Mrs H L Wei

Mr J R and Mrs A T Macdonald

Mr T D and Mrs K R Maitland

Mr M J and Mrs S J Major

Ms F Marika

Mr H D and Mrs S M H Martin

Mr L M and Mrs M McCarthy

Dr M and Mrs K McCleave

Mr W A M and Mrs Y McEwin

Mr S J W and Mrs A L McGregor

Mrs T and Mr A McPhail

Mr A F McPharlin

Ms P N Melzer

Mr H J H and Mrs B L Michell

Dr D A Miller and Ms J S Donaldson

Mr S S A Milutin and Ms V Del Medico

Mrs S M Mintz

Mr K P Mitchell and Ms K M Bourne

Mr R and Mrs M Mitchell

Mr H T A Mohamed and Mrs I F A Shoaib

Dr P Molaee and Dr K Tai


Mr M R Moore and Dr M Azimi

Mr P I and Mrs E Moschakis

Dr D S and Mrs S E Mosler

Mrs S and Mr W Moukachar

Mrs A and Dr A Murray

Mr S N Murray

Mr K W Neilson and Ms C E Ponsford

Mr A and Mrs R Newman

Dr K L Ng and Dr K Yang

Mrs T Nguyen and Mr T Hoang

Ms L Nie

Dr P R Noblet AM and Mrs J Noblet

Ms G H Norman and Mr B P R Wilson

Prof M K and Mrs A Oehler

Mr D J O’Mahony and Ms A M Romanos

Mr S M and Ms K Ormsby

Dr L and Dr N Osei-Tutu

Mr C J and Mrs M St L Paech

Mr D F and Mrs L S Paley

Mr D Pan and Ms L L Wang

Mr B R Parise and Mrs J Wang Pembroke School Inc

Ms R Perrett and Mr N Ridler

Dr J Pham and Dr H Le

Dr A C Philpott and Dr J G Walker

Mr Z Pi and Mrs Y Zhang

Mr G E and Mrs A A Piggott

Mr J R and Mrs P A Piper

Mr M G and Dr P T Pole

Mr M and Mrs E Potter

Dr F Qazi and Dr N Khan


Ms E K Rainsford

Dr K C and Ms M L Roberts-Thomson

Impact of Giving Report 2023

Dr S E Roberts-Thomson and Dr R A Hill

Mr P Robins

Mr A J and Mrs M A Rohrlach

Mr J C and Dr L A Rollison

Mr R S and Mrs A K Ross

Ms M E Rowett

Mr R and Mrs B Russell

Prof P and Dr M H Sanders

Prof H S Scott and Ms T Occhiodoro

Mr J A and Mrs M A Seears

Mr J Shen and Mrs Y Liu

Mr M Siddique and Mrs S Rahman

Mr R K and Ms R J Singh

Mr W J Smith

Mr M B and Mrs S A Smith

Mr N and Mrs M M Spiliopoulos

Mr M R Staker and Mr G Pappalardo

Mrs P Stansell and Mr A Heaslip

Ms J M and Mr B Steele Scott

Ms A E Steven and Mr I J Hodgson

Mr G L and Mrs T A Stock

Mr B V and Mrs E C Sugars

Mr V and Mrs A M Sukacz

Mrs W Sun

Mr A G Sutherland and Mrs N B Carr

Mr J K K Tan and Dr C Lim

Dr K Tan and Ms K F Foo

Mr Y Tang and Ms L Guo

Mr A J and Mrs L S Taylor

Mr Y Teng and Mrs F Mo

Mr B Thompson and Ms J Disher

Assoc. Prof G A Thurnwald AM

Mr J L Timmis and Ms Z G McLean

Dr G W Toh and Ms J S Belet


Mr P and Mrs V Tziavrangos

Mr P J Van der Linden and Ms A S Bosboom

Mr W Y Wallace and Ms K M Wearing

Dr R B and Mrs K Wallace

Mr A A T and Dr K A Walsh

Mrs W Wang and Mr Q Han

Mr E Wang and Ms G Liu

Ms H Wang and Mr X Chen

Mr Y Wang and Mrs Q Sun

Mr Y Wang and Mrs Y Lu

Mr J K and Mrs T Warren

Mr C J and Mrs A Webber

Mr A and Mrs G Wen

Ms W Wen Juan and Mr Y Fung

Mr Y Weng and Ms X Jiang

Mr S Whetton and Ms K I Duerrwald

Mr G D and Mrs A C Wilckens

Mr D L and Mrs M J Williams

Mr G R and Mrs N Wiseman

Dr D Y L Wong and Ms W Kan

Ms A W Wood

Mr P L and Mrs K M Wood

Mrs Z Xia and Mr G Yang

Mr J Xin and Ms J Wang

Mr W Xu and Mrs W Liu

Mr C and Ms B Yang

Mr Q Yang and Ms Y Jiang

Dr R A S Yeend and Dr J A Kaye

Ms K Yeoh

Mr J Yin and Ms C Wang

Mr Y Yuan and Mrs W Zhang

Mrs S Yue Chou and Mr T Yue

Mr W Zeng

Mr E Zhang

Mr G Zhao and Mrs J Zuo

Mr G Zhao and Mrs C Mao

Ms Q Zhou

Mr F Zhou and Ms X Wu

Mr X W Zhou and Mrs B J Li

Ms Y and Mr Z Zhou

Mr B Zhuang and Ms R Li

Foundation Donors

Mr S Abbas and Ms D Shahwar

Mrs J Aberle

Mrs M and Mr P B Abraham

Mr J K Adcock

Mr D C Allert

Mr B Alwarappan and Mrs V Alwarappan Babu

Mrs A and Mr K Andrejewskis


Dr P Armenores and Dr L Dzeladini

Dr L J Barratt


Mrs T D Bartholomew


Mr G C and Mrs R J Bates

Mr V Bednikov and Ms L Huang

Mr M Bendyk and Ms J London

Miss C C Benson


Mr A P and Mrs M C Bond

Dr A J and Dr M J Bourke

Mrs A and Mr J Brennan

Mrs H B Bricher

Mr C I and Mrs K J Bull


Mr J and Mrs M Capobianco


Ms M Catalano

Ms C Chan and Mr D Gautier

Mr N S Chapley

Ms A K Chappell and Mr J Brook

Mr D Chen and Ms Y Cui

Mr J Chen and Mrs Y Shao

Mr B Chien and Mrs D Tse


Mr T W J Clegg

Dr E and Dr J R Coldwell


Mrs R and Mr V Colwill

Mr M T Cook

Ms R and Mr P J Coombs


Mrs C Cox-Tuck

Miss R A Craske

Curler Moes Popcorn/Fairy Floss

Ms S Curran

Dr M L Damin

Mr T W Damin

Mrs K and Mr D Daniel

Mr S Dauris and Mrs M Ranftl

Mrs D and Mr G Davidson

Ms N L Davis and Mr B Taylor

Mr P H and Mrs D Daw

Mr R P Derrington

Mrs C R Draysey

Dr G L and Mrs C Drogemuller

Miss A M Duddy

Mr M S Duff

Mr A L and Mrs M J Dunn

Ms A B Feldhoff and Mr S Hoepfl

Ms S Feng

Mr C R Fennell

Ms W K Fennell and Mr B Maddern

Miss C E Ferrier

Mr M G and Mrs S Fleet


Dr J Fong and Mrs A Li

Dr C and Dr B Frawley

Mr J M Friend

Mr D M Fry and Ms G M Corbett


Mr Y Fung and Ms W Wen Juan

Dr M S Garcia Martinez and Mr T C Farrant

Mrs V and Mr M N George

Mr T R Giesecke

Mr J Giner Correas

Mrs M R and Mr M Goco

Prof A L Goldsworthy

Ms D Green and Mr B Martin


Mr Z Gu and Mrs H Lu


Miss E M Hamilton

Mr M J Hannan

Ms C A Harding

Mr N G Harper and Ms C H Rounsefell

Mr R A and Mrs P E F Harris

Dr E and Dr I Harvey


Dr M L Herrera and Mr P Le Leu



Ms H Hoang



Mr M J and Mrs L J Holland

Mr G C Hopwood and Ms H A Butler

Mr B G and Mrs M J Howard

Mrs C V and Mr J L Howarth


Ms H Hsu and Mr K Ho

Mr P Hu and Mrs J Li

Dr M D Huebl


Ms S and Mr B S Hutton

Dr C Huynh and Dr C Ky

Mr T Huynh and Mrs Q Duong

Miss W C Ireland

Mr O Jamal

Mr W Ji and Mrs X Xu

Ms Y Jiao and Dr Y Zheng


Mr G H T Jones

Mr N H and Mrs S E Jones

Dr R Joshi and Mrs S Mohapatra

Mrs M N Judson

Mr A Karagiannis and Ms S Mammone

Mr C T Keane and Ms S Meldrum

Mr D J and Mrs P J Kluska

Mr P R Knights

Mr H D Kroehn

Dr N Kun and Mrs T Pann

Mr Y K Kwan

Ms W Kwan and Mr L Chan

Mr M and Mrs J Lawson

Mr J K Y and Mrs A P S Lee

Mr M Lee and Ms W Sun

Mr W M H and Mrs S Legoe

Mr H F and Mrs J A LeMessurier

Mr J M Lentakis

Mr J and Mrs A Li

Ms R Li

Mr V Q Lim

Mr B Lin and Mrs H Dai


Ms Y Liu and Mr M Lin

Mrs J Liu and Mr X Wei

Mr K and Mrs L Liu

Ms P Liyanage

Ms S Luong

Mr M J Lygo

Mr C and Ms L Marlow

Mr C and Mrs N Marshall

Mrs S and Mr C Martin

Mr D and Mrs D Matthews



Mr T J McCormack


Mr S M McGrath and Ms S C Pfitzner


Mr H L and Mrs N J McPharlin

Mr B C and Mrs E C Monaghan

Dr A R and Mrs S M Morris

Mr E J and Mrs B Morris

Mr W and Mrs S Moukachar


Mr G Murdoch and Ms D M O’Connor


Mr M and Mrs M Nakashima

Mrs S J Neave

Mrs C B and Mr L Neil-Dwyer

Dr L S and Dr S J Ng

Mr R W M Ng and Ms J M W Wong

Mrs T M Nguyen

Mr J Ni and Mrs T Zhang

Dr M Ninan Chunkathil and Dr A Ninan


Mrs K J and Mr T M Northover

Ms K Novak and Mr J Barrette

Mr M D Nunn

Mr G E Oborn and Ms S J Keil

Mrs J L O’Halloran


Mr J O and Mrs J H Orr

Mr C N and Mrs J A Paltridge

Mr N Panagopoulos and Ms S Di Blasio

Mrs S and Mr B Parkinson


Mr D and Mrs A Peisley

Dr C and Dr P Phillips

Mr J T and Mrs A R Phillips


Ms S and Mr M W Pugh

Mrs X Qin and Mr K Li



Mrs S and Mr J Redmond

Mrs J Ren and Mr H Cheng

Mr T J Reynolds and Ms P L Turbill


Mr M C and Mrs S K Robinson

Mr P Robinson

Miss P A H Robinson

Ms A C P and Mr C J Romanos

Mrs T and Mr J Rossi

Mr D Rowe


Mr C C L Rutt

Mrs P and Mr V Sagar

Dr L Samaraie and Dr N J Carter


Dr S Satish and Mrs N Lokeshbabu

Mr M D and Mrs M Schaefer

Mrs S and Mr M Schilling

Mr T R Schinckel

Mrs C M and Mr J Semmler

Mr V and Ms A Sharma

Mr S J H and Mrs S E Sharman

Mr A W and Mrs A J Shaw


Mr P A and Mrs E Sidwell


Mrs S and Mr B Simons

Mr G R Skeates and Mrs K A Holloway


Mr J Sreckov and Ms M Petkoff

Mr H Stadler and Ms Y Zurawska

Ms D J Stoic

Mr G J Stone

Dr S and Dr K Sujeeve

Mr P M and Mrs R Sulicich

Mr C Sun and Mrs Y Hu


Miss Z R Sutton

Mrs C Tang

Mrs G Tang and Mr X Du



Mrs C M and Mr M Thompson

Assoc. Prof S K Thompson

Dr W R Thompson and Ms L J Virgo

Dr P K Tibrewal and Ms D Bhasin

Mrs P Tonkin

Dr T M Tran

Mr J R and Mrs C Trezona

Mr B P Turner

Mr S and Mrs K Usher

Dr C C Veale and Dr S Fairbanks

Mrs G M Walldorf-Davis

Mr Z Wang and Mrs Y Chen

Ms Z Wang and Mr X Hong

Mr M Wang

Mrs D Wang and Mr W He

Ms D Wang and Mr R Li

Mrs C Wang and Mr J Liu

Mr W Wang and Mrs J Zhang


Mr G and Ms D T Watson


Mr T J and Mrs M L Wedd

Ms X Weng and Mr W Chen

Mrs A R and Mr T Weston


Mr I G and Mrs S M P Williams

Mr M J Williams

Mr L H J Wong

Dr C M Wood


Dr R and Mrs K J Woods


Mr P Wu and Mrs L Tong

Mr W Wu and Ms R Lin

Mr J Xie

Mr S Xu

Mr Z Xu and Ms Y Yuan

Mrs Y Xu and Mr Y Guo


Mr J Yang

Mr H Yang and Mrs H Song

Mrs H Yao and Mr J Ye

Anonymous Mrs Q Yuan and Mr Y Li


Mr H Zhang and Ms J Li


Mrs M and Mr Z Zhang

Miss I Z Zhao

Mrs J Zheng and Mr Z Yang

Mr P Zhou and Mrs S Lin

Mr H Zhu and Mrs J Zhang

Mr Y Zou and Mrs S Liu

24 25
Student Leaders at the Commencement of Year Ceremony in 2023

Foundation Board 2023

The Foundation Board brings together the skills and expertise of our wider community, including current and past parents and old scholars who work to ensure that all decisions are made with integrity.

Mrs Julia Steele Scott (Chair since 25 November 2019)

Mr David Minns

Mrs Amy Bredon (retired November 2023)

Mr Nick Dunstone (retired February 2023)

Mr Nick Ross

Dr Darren Townsend (retired November 2023)

Mr Jason Huang

Mr Mark Staker

Mr Vincent Ciccarello (joined June 2023)

Mr Ben Wilson (joined August 2023)

Mrs Wendy Wills (and Secretary – retired April 2023)


Director of Advancement: Mrs Hannah Bone (until June 2023)

Director of Community Engagement & Indigenous Education:

Ms Amanda Bourchier

Finance Manager: Mrs Angeline Naylor

Philanthropy Manager: Mrs Catriona Neil-Dwyer

Inaugural Patron

Mrs Margaret H Bennett (née Sellars) 1924-2017, Girton (1939), Life Member of the School

26 27

Ways to Give

There are many ways to support Pembroke and giving options can be found on our website at

The Pembroke School Foundation

Donors who contribute $1000 or more are automatically welcomed as Foundation Members. Members enjoy many benefits including invitations to special events and opportunities to participate in the wider School community.

Impact of Giving Report 2023
Middle School Swimming Carnival 2023

Foundation Levels

Member $1,000 or greater, but less than $10,000

Fellow $10,000 or greater, but less than $50,000

Partner $50,000 or greater, but less than $100,000


$100,000 or greater, but less than $500,000

Guardian $500,000 or greater, but less than $1m

Governor $1m or greater, but less than $2m

Patron $2m or greater

To contact us, please email or call +61 8 8366 7094

28 29
Impact of Giving Report 2023 342 The Parade Kensington Park SA 5068 +61 8 8366 6200
Year 8 Camp at Old Watulunga

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