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BBM Broadcast Don’ts - Dexter Tittil Last year I wrote an article on bbm do's and don'ts. Tips such as using the phone calls only or vibrate function when in public settings or looking at where you are going when walking in town! (not getting bounced down) In this article I'm going to attempt to lay some ground rules/ guidelines for broadcasts so we all can live at peace with each other and not have to delete our friends over something as petty as a broadcast.

1. Why are you sending broadcasts while we are sleeping? Do not send them after 10pm 2. Thou shall not beg for friends! Don't send broadcasts asking for people to share your pin or to add your "sexy" friend... If you or they are "sexy" trust me they won't be begging! 3. Sending out false info! No Ian Alleyne didn't die in a plane crash!!! Check out your info before

you rebroadcast! BTW there are news channels for that, just turn on your radio or tv ok? 4. Sending out stupid broadcasts about bbm will charge 30c per message or donate toward real! These messages have been going around since hotmail days....THEY ARE NOT REAL 5. If your car is stolen how can bbm help? Go to the police please! Again that comes back to my above points about verifying info and sending stupid messages… 6. God won’t give you extra blessings for sending a broadcast. God is not on BBM (my guess is he would have an iPhone… just saying) 7. Send a broadcast to get new emoticons? Are you kidding me! Go to app world and update your BBM like everyone else. All in all I think I covered most here but if you find something else needs to be added send us an email at or add bb pin: 20868C0F ps. If you add me try your best to follow these guidelines.

Featured Model: NicoleLatoya George Justin Carrington met back up with featured model Nicole-Latoya George recently to follow up on what she‟s been up to since we featured her back in 2011. Q. How much have you learned over the past year? A. My development from my previous appearance in the mag to my present has been tremendous! I‟m now a young entrepreneur of a blossoming accessory business and I‟m on my final year of my BM Degree. Q. From last year, would you say you‟ve achieved any of your goals, and what are they? A.Yes I surely have! My two major goals were to open and run my business and to qualify for my Masters in BM. Thus far I‟ve completed my business aim and I‟ve already qualified for my Masters starting year end.

Q. Would you say Carnival in Trinidad raises the bar for everyone else? A. Definitely! Carnival will continue to raise bars yearly on a permanent business as there‟s always new and upcoming designers, bandleaders, local talents and potential tourists just to name a few. Carnival is our culture and its my favourite season. Q. I heard you are with a band, what‟s your current position with that band? A. I‟m a promoter and marketer for Dream Team Carnival Events. Our theme is UnTamed, we consist of 12 eye catching, radiant, unique sections. Don‟t hesitate to check us out on Picton Street, Port of Spain for group and individual prices. Q. With the way things are now, how do you plan to see yourself in the next year? A. I plan to do modelling on an international level and complete my masters within the next year.

Nicki Minaj To Send London in A Frenzy With Mini-Tour This February. Nicki Minaj has confirmed that she will be coming to London for a mini tour in February. The YMCMB first lady stirred up London when she visited last year. The star sent fans into a frenzy and left a trail of chaos in her midst. Well..London town…hold on to your pink wigs, things are about to get crazy when Nicki returns next month. “Its official. I reunite with the barbz and roman empire from feb 20th – feb 29th…(Leap Year)…in the UK…,” she wrote on her Twitter page. Nicki‟s visit to London follows the release of her much-awaited second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which drops on February 14. We have a feeling Roman and Martha will be coming along too!

Shurwayne & Popcaan Deliver Soca Remix- Shurwayne Shows No Signs of Slowing Down Who ever said Caribbean unity was far fetched, hadn‟t met Shurwayne Winchester. His determination to bridge all gaps when it comes to music is overwhelmingly refreshing and his method of doing it has garnered the appreciation of many people, spanning the Caribbean‟s diverse music industry. Today, Winchester‟s voice will be heard alongside that of dancehall‟s newest superstar, Popcaan. The pair recently completed the remix to Shurwayne‟s single, Nobody Badda Dan We or Shorty as it‟s referred to, which, even before its remix, was considered a very strong single, worthy of tremendous attention.

Shurwayne‟s focus when it comes to music has changed considerably in the past year. His aim now is to produce and keep producing, write and keep writing and never stop pushing for global acceptance of his style. He understands the power of collaborative work and teaming up with Popcaan – an artiste whose style is adored by young Caribbean movers and shakers, is definitely a good move on Winchester‟s part. The pair is likely to perform the single when Shurwayne hits the stage at events this season. Check out Shurwayne‟s carnival itinerary at .

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Fay Ann Lyons

ASA Organisers Making it Fit For The All lusive Crowd Too!

Soca artistes across the board are excited to perform pected to put on an incredible show- this after making it clear

SA Fete on February 4th. They understand that once

that the rest of the season belongs to the patrons of fetes like

rformances get the response they yearn for from pa- these, who crave the true enjoyment of carnival. Recently, WASA Fete, their season is as good as gold.

Lyons- in an interview with local entertainment media website, ETCETERABUZZ.COM, noted that the real feting dy-

Promotions is hopeful tht patrons from across the

namic had changed. She said she was amazed by how pa-

and breadth of T&T will come out in support of this

trons would come out dressed up to pose for pictures, rather

e of the traditional ‘Big Fetes’ in T&Ts carnival festi-

than truly enjoy the good music by dancing, jumping and

patrons don’t support these fetes, we’ll eventually lose waving, like years ago. “ The authentic carnival vibe is slowly

s real about the Greatest Show on Earth,” said a Tri-

dying,” she had mentioned, noting that she felt the artistes on

omotions spokesperson. Many agree that with the

stage at events in carnival were the persons expected to be

ction of the new-age, all inclusive fetes that call on pa- most dressed up, when the reality was usually the opposite pay upwards of $500 a pop to attend, the traditional

ave been feeling the pinch. In an effort however to

with patrons wearing heels and carrying clutch purses at big fetes in the season.

this, the organising team is offering patrons three

when it comes to feting at the Eastern ‘big fete’ on

At WASA Fete revelers come out to truly ‘get on bad’ – not in

ry 4th.

a negative sense but more so in a feel-good, enjoyment

l be the regular general area, a VIP area and a VVIP way. They understand that shorts, t-shirts and comfortable

s year. It is our hope that by catering to the needs

footwear are a must and so, no one attending WASA ever

nts of patrons who usually attend the all-inclusive

comes daintily clad. This year, Tri-Star Promotions is encour-

e’ll see a restoration of the traditional WASA Fete, to aging all real Trinbagonians to make their way back to the

s when tens of thousands would show up for a night

“Big Fete” dynamic, assuring that safety, security and enjoy-

eting enjoyment,” said the organiser.

ment will not be compromised.

fete in 2012 will feature a number of entertainers.

For more on WASA Fete, visit, keyword,

ayne Winchetser and his band Y.O.U. who have prov- WASA Fete 2K12.

they’ve got just what it takes to entertain massive

, will be there. Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann are also ex-

AARON BIOGRAPHY My name is Aaron Marcelline. I was born 16th September 1986

in Southern Trinidad, where I lived moving from different locations starting from Sobo Village La Brea ending in Pleasantville San Fernando. My family at a certain time didn't own a television, we would therefore spend all our time listening music, singing and dancing just to entertain ourselves. By that time my mother noticed I had something in common with her, a voice. She then started coaching to the best of her ability even though she herself had no formal training that continued up until puberty. I guess thatâ€&#x;s when my mother migrated to start her cancer treatments and my voice started changing. It was impossible to get out a good note and with a broken heart from my mother leaving, I eventually lost the zeal I once had. Years passed before I started loving music again and by that time I had to start from the scratch with my voice. I had no knowledge, no idea there were people qualified to train my vocals, no knowledge of music at all. I would just sing to myself or for whoever wanted to hear me. Eventually I picked up modeling and was invited to participate in a male show called ON POINT, held as part of the Point Fortin's Borough

week celebrations. This show was the pathway for me to showcase my talent to a wide audience. That night I sang “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell. I was extremely nervous nothing could explain the fear and excitement. It was unlike anything I ever felt before, I sang at other shows before but none as large scale as this one. That night I received a standing ovation from the audience, they even called for an encore. After the show ended and I found out I didn't win, my one comfort was the compliments on my voice and performance and even better was hearing my father's surprised reaction to my ability he had no idea about. I now have a new goal on my agenda; I am going to be heard. I then stopped modeling and started focusing on music solely. I was informed about an audition for a program provided by the Southern division of the Ministry of Youth and Sport Affairs, the Young Entertainers Showcase. After performing my rendition of another of Maxwell's songs, “Fistful of Tears,” I was accepted. I met and interacted with various song writers, performers, engineers, radio hosts, disk jockeys and most importantly my vocal coach. My preferred genre of music at that time was R&B. However, after some time, I made the decision to follow the local musical culture of Trinidad, Soca Music. Being trained by Mr. Ash-

ford Joseph, the very same man that trained our most popular and recognized soca artiste, Machel Montano, I started to work on my first material. My first recorded track, „Closer‟, was done in late 2011, and written by Kendal Romany (although I do also write my own songs). The music was produced by one of the engineers at the Y.E.S. Program, Mr Reuel Lynch. However, the recording, mixing and mastering was done at Jahlight Records in Pleasantville, San Fernando. My goal in the world of music is to become a household name. My aim is that my music would touch and move people from all over the world. I plan to still do RnB music. However, I hope to travel the world and carry the torch for Soca Music.

Nisha B is unstoppable for 2012. There seems to be no slowing down for one of the Caribbean music industry’s most hard working singer-songwriters. Nisha Bissambhar aka ‘Nisha B’ who for the better part of the last decade has become almost synonymous with the Chutney-Soca genre has certainly made her presence in the hectic 2012 Carnival season. For the love of performing for her fans she has no intention of cooling down the pace. Most recently Nisha turned heads with her powerful vocals and riveting onstage moves at the prestigious UWI Fete. She also charmed several audiences with outstanding performances at Angostura‟s Kingdom of Rum and Girls Gone White, and turned up the energy at „Seven‟ the new party initiative by urban radio station Red 96.7fm. Most notably, the beautiful, Chutney-Soca diva had government ministers, attorneys and corporate executives breaking loose with her appearance at the popular Dr. Fuad Khan and Friends all-inclusive entitled „Hott Samba Nights‟.

Nisha B she is fo Althoug ed not t increasi craft.

In addit lead fem jeweller artistic

Before see the inclusiv Blood B

Follow B/2185

B is a firm believer in constant growth and development and for 2012 ocussed on elevating herself as an entertainer and as an individual. gh she has spent countless nights in the studio recording, she has decidto release any new material for C2K12 but rather to place emphasis on ing her musical arsenal and perfecting other aspects of her performance

tion to releasing new, original music later on in the year, the talented male vocalist of the band Karma is preparing to take her „Crown Jewelsâ€&#x; ry line to a new level of creative excellence and aspires to expand her brand with a fashion line as well.

the season comes to an end Chutney and Soca fans will get a chance to dynamic Nisha B performing on various stages including the ultrave LIME at the Hyatt, the ever popular Mania, and the Friends of The Bank Annual Fund Raising Fete.

Nisha B on Facebook:

Divas, Legends and R Superstars to Bring tr Enjoyment this Weeke

The calls of Trinbagonians and visit for an event that converges both artistes teryear and today‟s soca heavyweights, is answered this coming weekend. On Satur night artistes like All Rounder, Super Blu Black Stalin and Ronnie Mc Intosh will m St John‟s Hall to hit the stage with Nadia and SASS, Roy Cape and the All Stars, JW Blaze, Denise Saucy Wow Belfon, Farmer Shal Marshall, Tony Prescott, Terri Lyons Matthews, Patch, Pelf and the boss, Neil George. The event is dubbed, Divas, Leg and Superstars and according to organise concept has been in the making for quite time.

The cast of entertainers exemplifies the b range of local talent that is available for t ing in T&T, according the show‟s coordin and their decision to utilise the St. John‟s lance hall facility was made based on a de create a central space for all patrons to fe fortable coming to. “ This is an event peo Port-of-Spain, Diego Martin, St. James, M San Juan, Santa Cruz and even patrons in East and South, can come to easily,” said ordinator. He mentioned that tickets had

Real rue end

tors alike of yesbeing rday ue, The meet at Batson W and r Nappy, s, Devon Iwer gends ers, the e some

broad the picknators Ambuesire to eel comople in Maraval, n the one cobeen

kept at the reasonable price of $175 to encourage a large outpouring of support from the feting public. “ This is one time we‟re saying, „parents come fete with your adult children.‟ It‟s that kind of vibe. Nobody will be coming to this fete to cause mayhem or destruction but more so to truly dance the night away with good music, tremendous enjoyment and a real sense of carnival sweetness,” said the organiser. Tickets have been strategically placed at a number of outlets across the country, inclusive of All Cache clothing outlets, Bobby‟s Bar in Curepe and In Excess at Aboutique Mall in Port-of-Spain. Patrons who want further information can also contact the promotional team at 687-8542 or 756-4722. “With artistes like The Black Stalin, Ronnie and SuperBlue and not forgetting All Rounder, you‟ll get a slice of how carnival enjoyment was and then we‟re bringing patrons up to the time with some of the best acts this season like Farmer Nappy, Iwer, Nadia and her all female band, SASS, and we can‟t forget Shal Marshall and Denise Belfon along with so many others. This fete will be one of a kind- truly one of a kind,” said the very ex-

cited organiser.

The event has been kin ib, Fan Plus and Dufry ers say thanks to their k event will quite possibl most memorable event

For more information cebook, keywords- Div


ndly sponsored by Cary Trinidad, and organiskind support, this ly be one of carnivalâ€&#x;s ts in 2012. on the event, visit Fa-

vas, Legends and Su-

South Fetters To Receive 'Sexy Soca' This Saturday! Southerners will experience the start of their Carnival this weekend as a fete that truly surpasses all other takes place at Paria Suites car park in La Romain on Saturday night. Billed as the sexiest carnival fete ever, acts like JMC Trivini‟s KI, Karma with Ravi B and Nisha, Super Jigga TC, Kees and his band, Farmer Nappy, K-Rich and Kerwin Du Bois are heading to the Southland to invigorate the vibe among the feting population for this weekend‟s Sexy In Black carnival affair.

and enjoy Sexy In Black,” said the event coordinator representing Tropix Entertainment.

In this, its second year, Sexy In Black is being raved as South‟s big fete. Patrons will be afforded the choice of a general admission or VIP experience, with VIP patrons receiving a premium level of treatment with free drinks and food all night long. “ We‟re really going all out to ensure that everyone who comes out has a great time. We‟re encouraging all patrons to be safedesignate a driver and observe the Ahead of the event, the organising laws,” said the organiser. committee is assuring that there will be nothing but pleasure at this On the acts for the night, the fete. “What‟s nice about this event Tropix representative said, the aras we‟ve said over and over is the tistes were chosen based on their fact that patrons of the Southland capabilities this season and the can come out knowing that they‟re songs they have. “ We sought out close to home. They can come free some of the best artistes of the up and take in the carnival action season for this event. K.I. has one that can be found anywhere in of the biggest songs this year in Port-of-Spain or in the West, right „Single Forever‟ and Kees, well, his in their backyards. That in itself is repertoire of hits is endless,” said a reason for them to come free up the coordinator. Young artiste, K-

Rich is has sto nival sc Farmer and Ka Bois ha well.

Tickets very we they are a massi Black a receivin ested p can say anteed ally not in Sout event o

For mo Facebo


another rising star whose music ood its ground on the 2012 Carcene. The other entertainers like r Nappy, Super Jigga TC, Ravi B arma and hitmaker, Kerwin Du ave all been in high demand as

s for the event have been selling ell, according to organisers and e looking forward to welcoming ive crowd at the annual Sexy In affair this weekend. “ We‟ve been ng calls from a number of interpersons about the fete and all we y really is that everyone is guara great time on Saturday. It‟s ret an event that anyone who lives th, should miss,” stressed the official.

ore on Sexy In Black, log on to, keywords- Sexy In

- Carnival’s Sexy Fete.

Pellau Magazine Issue 25  

Pellau Magazine February 2012's issue

Pellau Magazine Issue 25  

Pellau Magazine February 2012's issue