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PE INTERNATIONAL [] Montag, 5. Oktober 2009 16:08 Daniel Maier LCA and Carbon Footprint - from the shadows into the limelight

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“Best Practice in Applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting” Symposium, taking place on October 28th in Stuttgart, Germany Dear Mr Maier, Sustainability is widely accepted today as a core business issue rather than a passing trend. More and more companies are taking action – branded companies are demanding more information on the sustainability programs of their suppliers. Consumers want to know – most consumers are thinking about environmental impacts when making purchases and are willing to “buy green” if verifiable information exist. Saving cost – green efforts have clear cost-saving benefits all across the supply chain. Evolving regulations – a variety of recent or in-process regulations and legislation have reinforced the call for better environmental data and forward looking companies are now quantifying emissions before legislation goes into effect. Propelled by all of these important market drivers LCA and Carbon Footprinting (CF) have moved from the shadows into the limelight; a strategic tool for sustainability leaders like Apple, Alcan Packaging, Carbon Trust, Volkswagen, and others. At the “Best Practice in Applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting” Symposium, taking place on October 28th in Stuttgart, Germany, experts from successful companies will show you how a practical use of LCA and CF can be used to gain competitive advantages for your company. We are happy to welcome an extraordinary line-up of speakers and participants including: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Finkbeiner, Chair of Sustainable Engineering, TU Berlin, talking about Status and Trends towards Measuring Sustainability. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Krinke, Volkswagen, will speak about Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Design throughout the Life Cycle. Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Alcan Packaging, who will present how Life Cycle Thinking is implemented in a Multinational Multi-Material Packaging Company and Andy Baynes from Apple Inc., will explain his Practical Experiences in Carbon Footprint Assessment. The pressures of climate change and growing demands for transparency will continue to drive LCA and Carbon Footprinting to the forefront of your corporation’s environmental initiatives. 1

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Michael Betz Managing Director of PE INTERNATIONAL

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Arla Foods: Green from the Cow to the Kitchen Arla Foods, in Scandinavia, is worried about their impact on climate change. As one of the world’s leading market producers of dairy-products, they are specifically concerned regarding the effects of climate change on their activities related to changes in farm productivity, increased consumer carbon awareness and rising operational costs due to fossil fuel taxation, etc. Recognizing their responsibility to reduce and manage their greenhouse gas emissions, Arla Foods has commissioned PE North West Europe to complete a carbon footprint analysis on its global operations. read more

Certification of Buildings with the New German Certification of Sustainable Construction What began as some basic ideas just a few years ago is now a tangible reality in Germany: The new standard for certifying sustainable buildings – the German Certification for Sustainable Construction – was introduced at the start of 2009 and awards nearly 20 office buildings across the country. The certificate, created by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and the Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs, is granted to those constructors who’ve shown exceptional commitments to the environment, social and cultural matters within the planning phase and sound economic choices while implementing their buildings. read more

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The power of teaching and learning: GaBi Education


The new GaBi Education package is designed specifically for students and teachers and aims to introduce them to Life Cycle Assessment using the GaBi software. GaBi Education consists of fully functional GaBi 4 software and an extensive education database containing PE datasets and the free US LCI datasets. Users are able to access the GaBi Learning Centre where they can view tutorial materials, such as video tutorials and handbooks, that enable flexible individual or group learning. The best part; it’s free for students and teachers at universities and colleges! For more information please contact Douglas Helman read more

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SoFi Lifts Thyssen Krupp Elevator to a Higher Sustainability Level ThyssenKrupp Elevator (TKE) is going up green! A globally active elevator company, TKE has sales of approx. €4.9 billion and almost 43,000 employees at more than 800 locations. TKE American Business Unit will deliver its first sustainability report during the course of this year based on GRI G3 reporting guidelines. Likewise, a report will be filed to the Carbon Disclosure Project on carbon management strategy and performance. read more

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Biomass of the Future As part of PE INTERNATIONAL’s increased drive for global sustainability and clean energy, we have recently entered into close co-operation with the South African based firm Biomass Corporation in order to promote the development of biomass production facilities and applications. PE’s role is to provide expert advice and guidance to Biomass Corporation on subjects surrounding sustainability, consulting services for generating VERs from their projects and European market assessments for their products. For more information please contact Johannes Gediga


PE INTERNATIONAL Opens Office in Istanbul Sustainability is now flowing through the Bosporus. PE has opened a new office in Istanbul, the global metropolis between east and west. PE’s Matthias Reimers is convinced of the decision, ‘The reason why we are here is, that we believe that PE can give guidance and provide valuable solutions for the top 500 Turkish companies, SMEs and communities.’ read more

New General Manager at PE Australia Barbara Nebel joins PE INTERNATIONAL as general manager. She will be responsible for the Australian and New Zealand market and complements the existing managing team of Simon Whitehouse and Michael Faltenbacher. Barbara will support our dynamic company development in Australasia and globally. Barbara has 10 years LCA experience in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. After completing her PhD at the Technical University in Munich she undertook research and taught LCA at the University of Surrey (UK). For the past 5 years she worked for Scion, a Crown Research Institute in New Zealand, where she was heading a team of 5 researchers and worked for industry and government clients. She is also the inaugural President of the Life Cycle Association New Zealand.

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„Best Practice in Applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting“ Symposium October 27 to 29, 2009 – Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

Experts from successful companies like Apple, Alcan Packaging, Carbon Trust, Volkswagen, and others will show you how a practical use of LCA and CF can be used to gain competitive advantages for your company. Sign up today!

3rd Sustainable Supply Chain Summit October 15 to 16, 2009 - San Francisco, US This summit is one of the most established and highly respected forums for supply chain practitioners from forward-thinking companies who need to cut carbon out of the supply chain while improving corporate reputation, saving money, and fostering collaboration. It consists of plenary sessions on crucial green supply chain management issues, as well as full break-out sessions focusing on environmental issues specific to procurement, manufacturing, and transportation & logistics. 4

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Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint - from the shadows into the limelight  

“Best Practice in Applied LCA and Carbon Footprinting” Symposium, taking place on October 28th in Stuttgart, German - Arla Foods: Green from...

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