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Product Sustainability Software

Deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs with the #1 Life Cycle Assessment software, data and services

GaBi assesses every raw material and process in every phase from extraction to end of life right across your supply chain

Water carbon

energy Emissions

waste use of materials natural resources

Life Cycle Reporting · Environmental communication

Life Cycle Assessment

Designing products for · the environment

Optimising material & · energy use, reducing waste

Inter-company & supply chain · alignment e.g. R&D, design, production, suppliers

Life Cycle Working Environment

Life Cycle Costing · Designing products for cost reduction

· Developing manufacturing processes that address social responsibilities

· Model resource and energy cost

· Track Health and Safety metrics in the supply chain

· Standards-based reporting · LCA knowledge sharing summary reporting for internal departments, management and supply chain

40 % of the global Fortune 500 companies rely on PE

Sustainability leaders perform better 73 % of executives say sustainability is a priority for their CEO at a global level, according to a recent McKinsey Survey. Leading executives deliver financial results from improved Product Sustainability Performance in four key areas.

Cost > Optimise material energy and resource use across the value chain > Optimise internal processes



Competitive Advantage

> Compliance with regulation > Mitigate risk from materials and process of concern > Gain visibility into the supply chain


> Enhance brand and reputation

> Customer preference for sustainability labeled goods

> Appeal to employees, customers and investors

> Build new sustainable product portfolios

»Product development is a multi-year process, so looking

at EPEAT requirements and using PE’s LCA platform helps

us improve our ability to create a product development process based on life cycle information from the beginning.«

Shelley Zimmer Environmental Leadership Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard

»LCA gives us a competitive advantage be-

cause it gives us more insight into how to reduce our products’ footprints, find efficiencies and validate and explain those benefits

to customers and consumers. When we’re making more efficient designs and more effective use of the raw materials to make our products and packaging, we’re making changes that benefit

our business, the environment and our customers.« Chris McGrath, vice president for sustainability at Kraft Foods MIT Sloan Management Review

Reduce PE helps you improve your Product Sustainability

GaBi is THE Product Sustainability Software Solution

PE INTERNATIONAL is one of the world’s most experienced

GaBi for Eco Design Everything you need to get started with

sustainability software, content and strategic consulting firms. With 20 years of experience and offices on every continent, 90 %

of the worlds greenest brands now rely on PE to improve their

Sustainability Performance in a variety of ways.

1 Review: a product’s impacts (carbon, water, energy, emissions,

waste, use of materials and natural resources, social impact, costs, health and safety) across your supply chain and its entire life cycle

2 Evaluate: working with internal and external colleagues and

Eco Design, modelling software, database and scenario tools to share with a wide range of your internal and external stake-

GaBi LCA for Research and Product Innovation If you have a project team or teams working collaboratively towards product

innovation and excellence GaBi provides modelling software,

collaboration server and databases.

GaBi for rapid EPD and compliance reporting If you need to produce Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or other eco

labels and achieve compliance against particular standards

3 Optimise: implement the most sustainable product design

collaboration server and reporting templates.

reporting or EPDs

»Over the years GaBi has become a core tool for product and process-related environmental activities at

Volkswagen.« Dr. Stephan Krinke, Head of Product and Environment

»Everybody is talking about embedding sus-

tainability. But sustainability is not embedded until it is in your product. We measure this using LCA and GaBi Software.«

Ramon Arratia, Sustainability Director EMEAI


partners to evaluate different product scenarios

and communicate the product’s credentials through compliance

GaBi has everything you need to get started, including a

»The EPDs for all Zumtobel products

»Life Cycle Assessment helps us to fully

reflect our commitment to the environment. EPDs are the

understand the benefits across the life cycle and assists us in

tage in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.«

so many more opportunities for us. It really is a future proof

basis of our Eco-Design strategy and a competitive advanStefan von Terzi, Director Marketing Zumtobel

communicating these to our stakeholders. GaBi has opened up

solution.« Allan Griffin, Knowledge Group Leader Sustainability

GaBi combines modelling & reporting software, data and expertise to help save money, enhance your brand & reduce your risks. SOFTWARE


The world’s #1 product sustainability software

Comprehensive range of supporting and

consulting services

Modelling Software

> GaBi Software drives your Product Sustainability Performance during design and planning providing modelling, reporting & diagnostic tools for LCA practitioners.

> GaBi Server enables LCA practitioners to collaborate on projects, improving quality assurance, and the return on investment through the re-use of models and centralized updates.

Full service offerings if you have no or limited capacity through to support

if you want to »do-it-yourself«. The range includes:

Maintenance Software and data always

up to date with the latest methods and

Scenario Software

> GaBi Envision is an intuitive LCA tool for non-LCA experts allowing design teams, sales, marketing and others to quickly evaluate »what-if« scenarios to optimise product and process design and communicate these benefits to a wider audience. LCA & Compliance Automation

> GaBi DfX enables rapid LCA and compliance analysis of products that contain complex assemblies, reducing the time and cost of improving product sustainability.


Technical Support From best in class staff accessed through a range of different mediums

Training From introducing sustainability and LCA, through full GaBi software training to LCA coaching


The world’s most accurate, up to date, relevant and useful data

Consulting From strategy and scoping,

Encyclopaedic Data Unrivalled in the industry, unbeatable accuracy and consistency so you maintain your competitive advantage.

gap analysis to strategy delivery, including programmes for specific sectors.

Upgraded Annually Work with the most current data and methods, maintain your leadership, increase profit, reduce costs and enhance your brand.

Real World Data Over 20 years and almost 2,000 clients means the data is more accurate, relevant and up to date to support your decision making.

Over 7,000 profiles Of highly accurate and relevant data which means you can very quickly start to assess impacts, identify hotspots and start to improve your product sustain-ability performance.

Internal Consistency Work with data across a range of different sectors and industry branches confident of accurate results without having to invest time and effort deter-

Headquarters PE INTERNATIONAL AG Hauptstraße 111-113 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen Germany

Phone: +49 711 341817-0 Fax: +49 711 341817-25

See the full list of PE’s international offices at

december 2013

mining boundary conditions.

Gabi product sustainability software suite  

Deliver more sustainable products and reduce operational costs with the #1 Life Cycle Assessment software, data and services.

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